Jeff “I’m 100% convinced you have a twin playing this game. I wish you guys the best!”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 10-04-54-313
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9:50am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Vanessa, Steve, Clay, Becky, Jason, Johnny Mac and Meg are in the kitchen. Steve comments that the HOH lockdown will be in one hour. Audrey takes a peasant shower for the first time. Up in the HOH room – Austin says James is throwing it today. Vanessa says the only people we need to worry about (winning hoh) are Jason, Meg and Jackie. Austin asks what about Johnny Mac. SO Rogue. Such a wild card. Maybe he will throw it to us because we have that deal with him. My only worry is Jackie coming out for vengeance because Jeff probably programming her right now. That’s why as soon as he leaves I might want to tell her that story about what he said about her. If we need to! Vanessa says to de-program her. Austin says I don’t want to use his strategy but we may need to. De-program her. It would be a start. And then Meg and Jason I am hoping hoping, hoping would target Clay and Shelli before us. But its tough. I’m hoping. I’m thinking they all think Liz comes in next week. Vanessa says Julia you mean. Austin says yeah, I think they think that. Vanessa says it might be. Austin says we just need to get through this week first. And America’s Player sh*t is just too much! Austin leaves.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 10-25-13-708

10:30am HOH room – Vanessa asks Shelli – Do you think Jackie will honour our deal that if I didn’t put her up this week she wouldn’t put me up next week. Shelli says hopefully she will honour that deal if she wins but if she starts talking about it I will talk to her. And if she is thinking that I will know. Anyone that comes up to talk to the HOH would have that chance.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 10-32-29-370

10:35am Jeff and Liz head into the cabana room. Jeff comments on how Austin will probably come in and get mad we’re together? Jeff tells Liz I am 90% sure I’m out the door. I thought Austin was going to vote for me but now I know he’s a little bit*h. One of the things that you brought to my attention that was a rumour and I just wanted to revisit it. I never talked sh*t about you and Jace. I said you can tell a persons character when they’re backed into a corner and they’re against their friend. Austin squeeled like a little bit*h when he was backed into a corner against his friend. Honestly I would rather have Liz on my side than Austin because he was willing to sell his friend out and he didn’t even give him a sympathy vote. Which is another piece of sh*t trait. Austin is a little bit*h. And he can know that I said that. And for whatever reason I stay in the house he can know that. I gave him so many opportunities and second chances to do me right and all he would do is do me wrong. One thing I want you to know is that people are starting to notice that about him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 10-52-37-026

Jeff says Austin will become a target and it will be a lot sooner than you. Granted there is a lot of speculation about you and the whole twin thing. And Liz you don’t have me fooled I 100% know you have a twin. You can never tell me otherwise. I am 100% convinced you have a twin that is playing this game. That’s fine. And I don’t care. I’m about to leave and I don’t even care if I was going to stay. I knew it wasn’t going to affect my game and I might be batsh*t crazy by saying that to you but if you do have a twin I feel like you’re the nicer one. Liz laughs. And your sister is cool and everything but maybe she just isn’t as down to earth. I’m just throwing that out there. I wish you guys the best. I hope you go far and kill it. Honestly there’s no reason for you to admit anything to anyone because honestly there’s so much speculation but who cares because they’re going to leave it at that because no one has the balls to come up and tell it to your face. You know Austin knows about it and has been talking about. Vanessa knows about it. Audrey knows about it. Liz asks Audrey knows about it to?! Jeff says everybody in this house knows about it but you. I am telling you I am 100% convinced I have been studying you for a while. Johnny Mac noticed one of you has a crown on your number 9 tooth. We had different types of professionals looking in to it. Jeff says you’re cute and I would have flirted with you more but you have a psychopath clinging to you so I just can’t. Liz says I know. Liz says it sucks because I don’t feel the same way. It sucks because I am aligned with him. It sucks because I would want you to stay over James. He promised he would keep me, Vanessa and Austin safe and then two hours later I heard he is going to throw the HOH. Jeff tells Liz to watch out for Vanessa.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 10-56-46-464

10:47am Big Brother switches the live feeds to the live feed highlights for the HOH lockdown.

12:40pm The feeds are still blocked.

1pm – 1:25pm The live feeds return. Jeff climbs into bed with Meg. He tells her that he wants to take his time and say goodbye to the people he cares about. Meg starts crying and says I hate today! He asks why she is always so cold. Meg says because I have a cold heart. Jeff says all my friends are voting against me.. its sad. Even Clay is voting against me. I talked to him last night.. I think he feels bad like he wants to vote for me but Shelli wasn’t about it. Jeff is whispering really quietly and blocking his mic. Jeff says everyone is throwing my name under the bus. If I don’t get the votes don’t trust them. Jeff says you learn a lot about people when you’re about to leave. People true colours come out. I know if I got to stay they know it would be really bad. A lot of people games would be in trouble. Stay close to Jackie. I’ve made it very clear with Becky my main concern is Audrey and Austin. Jeff asks did James know all along that I was the plan to go home? Meg says no. You’re being paranoid. Jeff wonders if Liz would vote for him. Meg says she won’t because of how close she is to Austin. Jeff says I was working her (Liz) so hard today. How are you going to feel when you vote against me today? Meg says stop! Jeff says I have 3 confirmed votes. Do you have a good idea with who you are going to vote for me or James. Meg says I feel like James would take me further. This is just game related. Jeff asks why? Meg says because you’re closer to Jackie. Jeff says James doesn’t have connections like I do. If you keep me you get Jackie too. James doesn’t have a sidekick helping him. Austin’s like her daddy always checking in on her. I asked her about it. I was just so curious about their relationship. I asked her if her and her dad had a good dinner last night. She was like shut up! I was like I saw you cuddling last night .. did you guys seal the deal. She said she is terrified of him. I think its because her sister really does like him. I told Austin that one of them that’s into you and the other sister is into me. You need to stop getting jealous about it. So basically we’re going to have to take terms f**King with her. I’ve been f**king with her. I’ve been saying things like you’ve been really hot and cold with me. It’s like you have a split personality. Its like you’re two different people. Meg says oh my god. Jeff says she would never admit it though. Yesterday I thought I had a chance but then every time I turned around I had to extinguish a fire someone set. I got in big big trouble for not relaying conversations. That’s why Clay and Shelli don’t trust me because I didn’t relay conversations. Honestly its better to just play like Steve and not say and just keep your f**king mouth shut and not have a friend.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 13-10-03-792

1:45pm Bathroom – Austin comments on how Jeff was crying about being blind sided but he called out Jace for crying when he really was blind sided. Vanessa says a true mans character is when you’re at you’re worst not at when you’re at your best. Austin says if he tries to say some speech to attack me I am not going to let it happen. Julie is going to have to tell us to sit down. Vanessa says well don’t hit him. Austin says I won’t, I’ll just tell him to stop. His tactic is to bully people. Vanessa says you should just go sit in the room with him so he can’t talk sh*t. Austin says I can’t stand being in a room with him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 13-45-13-794

1:50pm In the kitchen – Austin tells Audrey there would have to be a lot of people lying for him to stay. Audrey says I think it would be really stupid to do that. He is really convincing though. Austin says I don’t think so. Audrey says well you and I see right through it but other people don’t. Austin says it just made me sick when he was crying.. because week one he called Jace a pu$$y for crying. Audrey says I think we should just be around him so he can’t talk. Austin says except I can’t because then I would do something I’m not allowed to do.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 13-54-08-481

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“Sleeper cell” is not gonna make it far if the other side wins HOH this week. And I think Austin would flip to whoever is in control of the game this week

Pinicchio Obama

Austin is only loyal to Liz…… and Clay Aiken.


Austin a super cool clique, womanizing, badass, FAKE wrestling sous he. I’m sure Jeff could take him.


I wouldn’t say “sleeper cell” really i feel like only austin and liz and maybe Vanessa. I feel like the only real time that clay and shelli will be targeted is if Jackie wins and im sorry i dont see her winning in this game at all unless its a luck competition. Next week good be good bc jason and meg want Austin and Vanessa gone Slepper Cell execpt Shay want Jason and Meg out. Shay wants Audrey out. I kinda want Jason and Meg or Jason and Clay to win so they can stop with Slepper Cell. Shay needs to realize that Vanessa is using them because they are a couple. Next week i want Austin or Vanessa to be gone. I really want Austin more tho


Wouldn’t you like to see Meg and Steve win HOH
I would love to see who they would put up.

Eric CA

I think Meg would put up
Austin/ Clay… she does not to be an HoH really if she wanted it Jackie and Liz/Julia (hoping to get the weaker twin.
Get Liz up there and backdoor either Austin or Audrey… using Liz would guarantee the other side and the votes she would need to get out Audrey and may tempt people to evict Liz… If the PoV is used on Jackie.
If it is used on Liz… she would put up Audrey. If people didn’t vote out Audrey it would show who is lying and who is telling the truth.

I think Steve would put up Jason and James… maybe Audrey and Jason. He has NO desire to be an HoH at the end of the week… even more than Meg would not want to be one yet. He may need it more than anyone else.
If he stayed as HoH and the PoV was used it would be done on Jason… If it was used on James he would be in a pickle… probably he would freak out and put up Meg only because he wants Jason out more. If it was used on Jason he would do the same thing put up Meg… Jackie might be a logical choice but Steve likes her… I would feel very sorry for Steve if he was HoH… he would just lock himself in the HoH and never go out… it would be hell.

Pinocchio Obama

I would like to see Meg get a HOH but I think Steve would put everyone to sleep if he won HOH.


I cannot stand vanessa austin shelli or clay. At this point Audrey is my favorite. But I’m willing to savage this season if literally any other person wins this game except those people

Austin's the Worst

Austin is the last person I’d want to make it to jury, he’ll vote for whoever he’s crushing on instead of who played a better game

Captain Crunch

Austin really thinks he’s God’s gift to women, idk what woman would want to be with this controlling psychopath. Who’s he gonna hate on next for talking to Liz? JMac, Steve?

Twistin' for the win!

He is definately a “Caleb” without the swag. At least you could consider Caleb in a romantic way…Austin? I’d rather eat tree bark.


rather shit in my hand and clap

Butters Mom

I laughed so hard when I read Audrey had said that….. it was just as funny when you repeated it…. haha awesome!!


I’d rather shit in my hand and slap Vanessa.


So Liz is afraid to admit she doesn’t like Austin to Vanessa because he’s so crazy that he’s going to target her himself if she admits she doesn’t like him. Poor liz has to pretend she’s somewhat interested in him. She’s not stupid she remembers what Caleb did to Amber Lol!


You knew something was up when Liz said she was in love with Austin’s personality. bawhahahaha

Please let Jason and Jackie win HOH and let’s have a shift in power please!


Sorry, but I think Liz is a total C+ck Tease!!! Guys get batty like Austin and Caleb, because of teases like Liz! I don’t care if it is a game, these are humans with feelings!!!! You see how pissed Austin was when he saw Jeff and Liz in bed and then he blames it on Jeff???? Saying, “I hate what he did to you!” And CT Liz just said, “I knoooow” in her stupid voice. Instead of saying, “I DO NOT LIKE YOU!!!!!” If you think it’s true she can’t/won’t tell Austin the truth because then he will target her, that is the definition of a whore!!! I’m a woman, so save it! I never, ever, led a guy on like that…


so you were on big brother trying to win 500,000 when you told these guys you didn’t like them?


When BB began, Liz admitted this would be her strategy. The men in the house are behaving like fools; if they get suckered into her game, that’s on them. Austin’s feelings developed when Liz and Julia would switch in and out. It’s his own delusions that are making this into something more.
Last year, Amber tried to give Caleb the message that she wasn’t into him, and it was the downfall of her game.


That just the problem with some guys, if a girl is pleasant and nice and smiles at them, the guy automatically thinks she’s his property. I think it’s a little harsh to say if a woman isn’t giving every guy the stink eye, then she’s a whore.


woah, that is actually not the definition of a whore and there really isn’t good reason to call a woman a whore….it’s just a game, Liz is just playing a game. I take it you are either single, maybe recently been cheated on, but BB isn’t real life.


Wake up … Liz is playing both of them


Oh I so know Liz is smart enough to use her sexuality with Austin to keep her & sis safe. Austin said it himself: he wants to play the hero. Seriously this guy is super douche! Liz had no prob getting under covers with Jeff, because she actually liked Jeff & enjoyed flirting. Austin is so stalker like that Liz realizes he has lost it before & will again & she can’t lose her guard dog before/after her twin comes into the game. I want whackjob Austin gone pronto. Can’t stand his bag full of crazy!

I think its funny

how people on here act like Vanessa and Austin have been running things for SOOOOOOO long. guys…its been a week. one week. you will be BEGGING for a break from Jason very soon….


Glad Jeff told Liz about Austin. Now let’s see if she is wise enough to heed it.
Still would like to see Shellie and Vanessa on the block. Can’t save both of them. 😉

Member of the Ant Farm

Better be careful about calling Austin a bitch and not caring if he knows…he just may make you his bitch!! Just another way to say sour grapes, Jeff…you were played!!


I’ll say this for Jeff: he’s scrappy. Like that he didn’t roll over and die.


Like Day??


Jeff thought he was really telling Liz some info that would flip her vote lmmfao.

“I know you have a twin and I’m only one that will come to you and tell you. Vanessa knows. Austin knows” What restraint by Liz not to laugh till she turned blue when he said this.

Get this clueless pathetic fool outta there already. There has been some real clueless pathetic losers on this show over the years but this guy….lmmfao.


Liz: “I knowwwwww-uhhhhh. It sucksssss-uhhhhh. I don’t want you to goooooo-uhhhhhh.”




Wow, not much interest today. No comments in 40 mins.


Sometimes we fall behind moderating the comments


Oh, ok. I get it. Not being rude. Just thought there really wasn’t anyone posting. I love this site and all you do. I only read the site and watch on live nite. ( dvd’d so I don’t have to live through the commercials)


I don’t think anyone can deal with them 24/7. I’d need a break.


I can’t believe Vanessa keeps adding fuel to Austin’s already huge fire for Liz! She keeps having talks with Liz to find out what she feels for Austin.. Vanessa needs to stop playing match maker to please her one true member in her alliance. She’s being just as bad as him by cornering Liz and making her feel she needs to feel something. I see Liz is playing it smart and trying to be as nice as possible with the whole Austin thing. It’s just crazy how Vanessa is on this whole women power thing but yet it making Liz feel like If she’s not into Austin she will be at risk.. And ok Liz is a flirt it’s part of her game play but like really all these dudes will go against her if she doesn’t choose only one man to flirt with! I don’t like how they all talk about Liz and her flirting will cost them their game. Vanessa is aligning herself with Audrey that will most likely cause her whole 6th sense alliance to tank. I thought I liked Vanessa and Austin but seeing how they are making this whole Austin crush thing of importance is disappointing.


Vanessa sees that Ausin’s strategic actions are based primarily on one of two things, removing potential male romantic competition or drawing the girls he finds attractive into his orbit. She is neither of those (or half of each), but she knows how to manipulate. She knows what makes him move.


I think she also wants Austin and Liz to be considered an official duo in the rest of the house, as the perception right now is that it’s Vanessa with Austin. This way her alliance will be Shellie+Clay and Austin+Liz. She’ll stay protected behind couples, who will be targeted from outside their alliance and then will go after each other within the alliance, while she sits back and watches it happen.


Well said. Barring an unexpected outbreak of perception and fortitude in the house she is very well positioned.


Love to see Austin and Venessa on the block and see who does the backstabbing first lol


Can jeff not go one day without calling someone trash(in any form)?


I know! He really is the “male Audrey”. Lol


So with everyone throwing HOH to Vanassa and Austins minions, what reason is there to watch?

Eric CA

Pre Jury smart players that usually pop out when it gets to the jury stage have NO desire to be HoH at this stage… that being said… if Jeff go’s that is one big ego personality that thinks he runs the house is not going to be there. So what do you do if you are production and you got some serious crap for letting a big group of guys run a house and making a HoHum Season.
The competition with be one of these two:
Endurance: This is how you make sure that a meat head is NOT HoH. It would take out Clay and Austin.. larger muscular males are terrible at BB endurance challenges. their feet are to big and the weigh more it is hard for them to stay up on the wall.
This would happen if they wanted Becky, Jason, Steve, James or Johnny Mac to win… possibly Jackie. I can see this as a time that Vanessa can’t play if Austin and Clay fall first, then Jackie, Liz, Julia, Johnny Mac and Shelli… Steve may be forced to stay on the wall because he would be the one protecting who he considers his team and he really needs a team. Johnny Mac would just try to make it look believable same with Jackie… they do not need it.
So that leaves Steve, Jason, Shelli, James and Meg… Production would be happy with a combination of any of them… Productions choice would be Becky and Steve… they are the least alined to in that house.

The other choice is Dumb Luck… one of those games like last week was supposed to be. probably the one where you tilt a box and make a ball fall in a hole… these are a real B to try and throw the game… it is just dumb luck.
If it is a Quiz… Question Competition… they might do it but if I was them I would not… Only one time a person who was trying to throw the Comp one… and that is because they all thought the wrong answer was the right one.


I’m not an Austin fan but I do give him props for thinking about his game play last night while playing the veto. He did what he thought was right for his game for once and not was right for anyone else! Now if he would just get his head in the game and stop worrying about the twins!

Pinicchio Obama

Good point but he made it so obvious that Vanessa knows he threw the comp. That might come back to bite him later.


For the past seven days, Vanessa kept asking people for a nomination deal. She asked Jason, Meg, James, JohnMac, Becky, Jackie and Audrey for a nomination deal and she has her alliance with her. Is she delusional? Does Shelli not see Vanessa is not loyal. Vanessa wants the whole house to protect her. There are 13 people left. There are 2 HOHs. There are 4 nominations. Vanessa has 6 people alliance (She, Shelli, Clay, Austin, Liz and Steve). That means 50% chance her alliance will be on the block if they do not win both HOH tonight. Vanessa decided to choose playing her game dirty and divided the house in half instead of playing low. Does she know the consequences of her nominations this week? Does she still expect the other side nominate their own side instead of her side when they win HOH. Is Vanessa still clueless? I do not get what Vanessa is thinking. I really hope James and Jackie will win HOH tonight. One thing I have noticed nobody is talking game this week besides Vanessa, Austin, Shelli and Jeff.


Vanessa is pushing the Austin, Liz romance to Austin. She knows this is a way to keep Austin on her side,{ she is the one to tell him what Liz is thinking}. I am hoping once the other twin comes in, the two of them together will be a force to be reckoned with. I can hardly wait to have Austin, Vanessa out of the house, followed by Clay and Shelli.
I am hoping the Gronk twist is not over with yet, I hope there is no eviction. All of these players have pledged not to put anybody up, Jeff now see’s a little bit, {his eyes are still blind to Clay} but I think if he could get BOB Vanessa and Austin would be put up. I would enjoy this , the only thing that would make it more perfect is to put up Shelli and Clay as well, maybe mix up the 4, this would be so entertaining. They would all be against each other. I want to see them talking to each other about throwing the BOB, come on CBS fairies, give us some real entertainment. This is a scripted show, do this for your viewers.


Austin is an idiot. If he had just stuck to the original plan and voted Steve out, all this drama would have not unfolded but because he didn’t stick to the script, he exposed the whole alliance, making them look weak and creating flaws, both within the alliance and the rest of the house.


I hope Liz and Julia will have their own game after Liz’s twin enters the house. Their downfall of this game is to let Vanessa and Austin control them. These two psychos Vanessa and Austin will ruin their games. These two psychos will stop Liz and Julia to have fun to be in the house and enjoy playing this game. Liz and Julia will be stressed out every week if they continue staying with Vanessa and Austin. I cannot feel sorry for Liz and Julia because they can choose to be free from or to be controlled by the psychos.

Eric CA

The twins will split from Austin and Vanessa for sure. There is an Alpha Twin and a Beta Twin (98% of the time it is by birth order.)… Alpha Twins are Alphas and nobody is going to push them or their twin around (they can both be sweet as sunshine on Honey… but heaven help you if you try to control twins.)

The twins have been making their own connections in the house.. they may keep Austin because he is controllable.. Vanessa and Shelli would go bye bye for sure. They would probably align with Jason and Meg… I think one of them planned to dump her team and make a new one with Jeff and Steve but that will never work.

Another thing to know about twins… they can fight like banshees but never think you can.. you will get double teamed. Just saying Liz and Julia will probably get a new alliance.

missing ranceypants

Oh geez. Whatever. Amazing race came in thinking this would be a walk In the park and he got owned. No need to blame liz, austin or anyone else for his missteps. See ya buddy.


Jeff dug his own grave. Sorry “dude” ! Glad to see him go this week.

Game of thrones

Jeff is such a cry baby talking about austin and vanessa. acting like he always been honest. he just got outplayed by them.The amazing race could have picked a whoe alot of better people then him or jackie. he would not dare say that stuff to austin face because austin could really hurt him outside of the game.Now onto to Jason he should have been forced to leave the game after his columbine remark about steve. There are some stuff you just dont joke about.

Angela M

I hear and see Jeff asking for votes, but not really making serious deals like past seasons of BB. It’s a little boring.


I for one will not miss Jeff’s voice (tone where did reality TV find this guy? zzzzzz zzz) or face.

see ya

the doctor

austin audrey and vanessa are very sick people the producer thinks they make good tv the only normal person on the show is meg and maybe becky

the doctor

Jeff sucks. If production is keeping him, I’m convinced that they are going to let him win or help him or Jackie get to the finals I don’t like it when nominations get cancelled, it’s probably the worst twist of all because it means that the houseguests were meant to be eliminated by

It’d be stupid to help Jeff stay because the drama is not truly between him, but between Austin/Liz. If Jeff, Jackie, Jason, Meg, James, Johnny, Becky, Shelli, Clay team up against this week’s power, there is no game until August – Austin/Vanessa/Twins/Audrey most likely go home in the next 3 weeks. Jeff leaving fractures the house and the scheming restarts. Liz can’t play as long as Jeff is here, he will ruin the Twins’ game.

Ariana Grande stinks!

“Vanessa says a true mans character is when you’re at you’re worst not at when you’re at your best. ”

What a fugly despicable witch! She’s THE WORST

Amanda queefs slop

If Jeff has so many “connections” in the house then why is he campaigning so hard, and sitting on the block? If you had “connections” your ass wouldn’t about to be going out the door.


Just to pi$$ off most house guests, I hope tonites eviction gets “Gronked” and no one goes home. The drama would be insane. Of course they will wait til Audrey is goin home to pull that $hit.

another name

in regard to Jeff: I just gut level lasting first impression don’t care about him.
imo his personal habits and personality are pretty repellent. He decided to play a style of game that is dependent on other people never communicating. That’s great in a big brother 6 style house where battle lines are drawn almost immediately and there are two definitive sides. But in a season where the majority are secretly trying to play the middle, good luck with naming everyone in the house as your target and lying unnecessarily. I can get behind a good strategically placed lie that advances your game. Fifty lies to 13 people when all you had to do was say hey, we should work together, what do you want to do? basic wannabe alpha male problem: he doesn’t want to be in the alliances, he wants to lead the alliances. it’s stupid game play in week three to name multiple targets, then change your list, then change it again, then include a member of your alliance on your known target list. If you have a side deal with clay and shelli, pretend it’s fight club: don’t say their names to anyone else. if you’re talking to the meg james Jason alliance: don’t name Jason as one of your targets. This is rudimentary big brother 101.
If you are campaigning and your big argument to prospective voters is that you have a lot of allies and a lot of power in the house, and know so many secrets that could blow up everyone’s games; you can bring the voter in on your alliance there is a basic problem in your logic. if you’re already so popular and have so many allies: why do you need the vote of someone outside that alliance?
Would he be more entertaining if he stayed? He’d be louder. he’d be more obnoxious. He’d be as inept as he has been. So if entertaining is defined by watching him yell scream and implode while actually adding nothing to the strategic moves and game progression happening around him… sure. he’d be entertaining.
Yeah, I’ve decided. originally I didn’t care which of them was evicted. both james and jeff annoy me. but jeff annoys me more. barring bb tampering he should be evicted. I hope he’s evicted. If only to stifle the ego that would explode forth if he stayed.


I don’t think i’ve ever changed my opinion of a player faster. Last week at this time I thought Vanessa was on her way to proving to be one of the best players ever in this game. As soon as she took over HOH, my opinion has changed 180 degrees. She let the power get to her. Needs to avoid HOH in future.

Also, if Jason wins HOH will be taking a week off from following this show. He’s one of worst personalities to play this game. Just a punk!


I am good with Jeff going he’s a sore loser however, Austin and Vanessa are also annoying. Austin Bro Liz or Julie do not like you they are playing you for the game. Ugh true colors really do come out in this game go Becky and Johnny Mac!

Pinocchio Obama

I like Becky and Johnny Mac too. This might be the week that Audrey gets voted out.

canadian Kevin

Did Austin really just accuse someone ELSE of being a womanizer?

I wonder if his gf laughed at that?

His obsession with the twins, Meg and Jackie is really turning me off that side.

Vanessa was being smart, but messing with Austins emotions (pushing the liz thing) might backfire.

Austin is acting like a 12 year old whiner perving on all the girls.

big J

As much I hate to say it Vanessa gonna win this year she’s too much of a sneaky biatch to get caught I’m Cheering for Johnny Mac or Shelli


I thought she would have a good chance but seeing her paranoia take over this week I’m not sure.


If she’s in fact on Adderall, then the stress of this week may affected her in such a way as to affect the effects of her meds. Unable to focus, she jumps from idea to idea before fully thinking it through. Or a truly despicable conspiracy would be that production messed with her meds. Although I doubt it as that would be unethical and illegal.


I still like Austin (for now) and I hope Jeff tells him what Liz said and it pisses him off. Then maybe Austin stops worrying about her and gets back to the way he was in the beginning.
What does BB do to these men to make them so crazy in the house? Production must be leading them on in the DR.


It seems Vanessa entered into Toon Town when she won HOH and then the wheels fell off. I still have hope after today she will find her mind that she lost. I miss the person I thought she was.


I hope this week’s twist is that Beast Mode Cowboy comes back in the game. He immediately becomes obsessed with Audrey. So he either stalks her or they start a showmance. Either way it would be TV gold.


8 day ago i said in comments that: “I´m glad that Vanessa and Austin won hoh because they fans can see the true colores of this two” and i also said that Austin and Vanessa “are the two most shady people in the house”. And EVERYONE deslike because they are still blind…i dont know if this week change anything for them but for me confirm that what i think in the begg its so right. And more will come!

Ionlyspeakfrench aka Gamewise

Why Austin implicit mentions violence? What is the context?? what a weak player…


I want Grink’s twist to be no eviction. So far his “twist” has been no twist at all. Just party. That would be the perfect party hat for stirring up the house.

Ionlyspeakfrench aka Gamewise

One houseguest one quote:

Shelli: Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
? Abraham Lincoln

Steve: “To know your Enemy, you must become your Enemy.”
? Sun Tzu

Johnny Mac: “The unseen enemy is always the most fearsome.”
? George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

James: “If you claim to be a real friend then be real in your soul. If you claim to be fake then be an enemy instead.”
? Santosh Kalwar

Meg: If you’re confused about what to do,
it’s a sign that your enemy is winning.”
? Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity

Vanessa: “To have a traitor for an ally is to have an enemy in waiting”
? Jacqueline Carey, Kushiel’s Dart

Clay: “The good enemy accompanies you on the journey,
but you will never reach your destination with him.”
? Toba Beta, My Ancestor Was an Ancient Astronaut

Jason: “Never slay your enemies!
Take advantage of them all!”
? Toba Beta, Master of Stupidity