Big Brother 17 Week 3 Top 10 Animated Gifs


We love animated gifs they’re a perfect way to show in a couple dozen frames how funny things can be in the Big Brother 17 house. We’ve compiled the best 10 from the week. Let us know in the comments which one is your favorite.

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I think Steve stealing Liz from Austin was the best .. that and Clay / Audrey impersonating each other and the other HGs.


My favorite is Clay taking his shirt off!!!


Yeah, Steve stealing Liz was great. Austin’s reaction was hilarious.


Even though I hate that Audrey was making of Meg like that… well, looking at it now, in this context, it’s hilarious.


This season’s showmance to watch, fantastic,!
who’s Austin going to be jealous of here?


Johnnie Mac kissing Liz. I am sure his heart was racing. Daddy Austin was probably mad.