Jackie “Austin controls Liz. He better not try that with me. You know me I don’t get controlled.”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 01-41-54-198
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12:35am Jeff and Meg are in the havenot room talking. Jeff asks do you owe James anything? Meg says I don’t owe James anything. Jeff says exactly. Jeff says I have friends in this house that James doesn’t have. Why was Johnny Mac so committed to voting for me. I have loyalties that are unspoken. Meg says that sounds so shady to me. Jeff says its not like an alliance or even a group. People like trust me. It’s something as simple in passing like I know you’re going up on the block you just need to relax. Don’t worry about it. Just play it cool and then when nothing bad happens you think oh wow that person didn’t give that much information. I have a lot of good working relationships in the house. What happened with Vanessa was very strategic. I don’t know who was behind it but it was genius. You put up two people that no one couldn’t have seen us working together. Then Vanessa felt like I was a threat to her game and she thinks I’m brilliant and a manipulator. Everything felt so f**king staged. That person (Audrey) likes to stage things. Even if it was true was it really that bad? Jeff says I guess what I am saying is James and I both have your back. Long term-wise it might be smart for you to help me out. Meg says I know. Meg says I wish I knew what I was doing. Jeff says I don’t even know if I’ll need your vote. I’ll tell you if I need it. I’m waiting for people to get back to me. I’ll probably know by the end of the night. Just think about what’s best for you. Meg says this is going to kill me. If James finds out that I voted for you. I just see a sad face. Jeff says I didn’t want to have this conversation. I wish it was someone else because then I could slander them. Jeff says I would just hate to go and all I needed was your vote. I’ll let you know if Shelli and Clay aren’t on board.

1:15am Austin and Liz sleepging:
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 02-02-14-839

Jeff talks to Steve in the havenot room. Jeff notices that Steve is down. He asks him if he is okay. Are you just thinking about family? Steve says yes. Jeff tells Steve if I would be someone that you think could help you. Just keep that in mind. Jeff says if you do plan to vote for me don’t tell anyone. Jeff says a lot of things have changed in the last hour.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 02-06-58-889
1:25am Cabana room – Jackie talks to James and tells him that she wasn’t trying to do anything sketchy. I am just trying to be there for Jeff in a time like this. I want you to know that I love you just as much and going forward I want to be so loyal to you. I am not trying to, Its just a weird situation and I want to back off from it. James says I would be an a$$hole if I told you not to be there for Jeff. Jackie says I think we know how it’s going to end. James says I want you to be there for Jeff. Just be there for him. I’m fine with it. You don’t have anything to worry about, I’m not coming after you. I’ve got your back. Jackie says either way I think my vote doesn’t matter. It comes down to a respect thing. James says if it was me I wouldn’t want to leave with zero votes. I just hope things aren’t awkward between me and him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 02-13-27-112
1:35am Bedroom – Jeff talks to Audrey. Jeff says I feel like I’m fighting a never ending battle. I’ve never had so many rumors be brought up about me. I just don’t know any more. What the f**k man. That’s why I’m venting to you because I know you know how it feels. Every time I turn around I feel like some one is attacking me. Jeff says that Steve was in the havenot room upset. He said it was just family but don’t believe it. I think someone said something to him.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 02-23-29-983

1:45am Cabana room – Jeff and Jackie are talking. Jeff says that Steve asked if it was my plan to get out him, Audrey and Becky? He said multiple people told him that. Jeff says there are too many fires to put out. I just have to accept that people want me out of here. Jeff says I told Steve if I’m not here to help you out just stay close to Johnny and Jackie. Jeff says people are f**king a$$holes here! F**king God! I think its people that are closer to me. Jeff gets called to the diary room.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 02-32-58-631
1:55am – 2:30am Havenot room – James is talking to Shelli. Shelli says we asked him (Jeff) if he was targeting us. He said 100% no. He looked us right in the eye … well looked Clay in the eye and said he didn’t. James says that Clay was worried about it. He asked me about it and I said gods honest truth. I couldn’t tell you right there but then I pulled Clay into the cabana room and told him about it. Shelli asks so you told Clay this several nights ago? James says yeah. Right when that fight happened, that’s when I told him. SHelli asks you told Clay that Jeff threw out Clay’s name. James says yeah. Shelli asks why has Clay not told me that? James says I don’t know. Shelli says I don’t know trouble in paradise. I spoke with Jeff tonight and he said you had thrown our names around as well. James says na, I haven’t thrown ya’lls names around. James says Clay’s been my buddy since day 1 I wouldn’t be that dumb to say things about him. James says I’m guilty of association. The person that has initiated that a lot has been Jeff. Shelli says one thing that Clay and I have said about you is that you’re an honest player. James says first Clay has never been on my radar and then you haven’t been on my radar. I don’t want to loose your trust. If I loose it I might as well pack my bags and go home.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 02-43-17-395

2:50am – 4:25am Jeff talks with Jackie. Jeff says at the end of day Vanessa you’re a piece of sh*t. Jeff says You, Johnny Mac and Becky should get into an alliance. Jackie says I just want to be in little groups like that. Jeff says don’t do that, that’s what happened to me. Jeff says that Vanessa is obviously worthless and needs to go, Austin needs to go, Liz because of the twin thing she needs to go. Jeff says he’s going to ask Liz about the twin thing again tomorrow. I’m just going to say I know you have a f**king twin and then see who she reacts. I want to ask Austin what his problem is with me. He is the fakest person in here. This house has been annoying the f**k out of me. Jackie says I hate being fake. Jeff says people are clowns. These people are f**king clowns. You better believe they better have booze lined up for me when I get out or I’m going to throw a bitch fit. The only good thing about leaving is that I get to go on that interview and start school. I feel like such a piece of sh*t for leaving this early. Jackie says about Austin .. obviously if he is treating his girlfriend like that he is a liar and a cheater! How is Liz okay with that. He controls her. He better not try that with me. You know me I don’t get controlled. Jeff asks is that the twist .. is he her dad?! Jeff says I feel like I fought as hard as I could and now I’m just trying to be realistic about things. Austin says if I leave just make sure a piece of sh*t doesn’t win this game. Jackie asks who he would want to win this? Jeff says other than me or you.. someone like Jason. Jackie says me too. He lived and breaths this. Jeff says I’ve used flirting as a hardcore tactic. Liz is that fun-est girl to f**k with. She doesn’t give a f**K. I was in bed with her and pulled her leg in like that. She will let you do whatever! She told me today that she is going to miss flirting with me. Someone who doesn’t talk to anyone is basically giving me a goodbye. Everyone knows more than you and I. Jeff says I almost feel like if I stayed it would be unfair because of all the information I know. Jeff says James, Jason or Meg has been ratting me out this week. I think its been James. Jeff tells Jackie if she wins HOH she should put up Austin & Vanessa and then backdoor Audrey. Just throw them all up there. Jackie says backdoor doesn’t work so you can figure it out. Jeff says please make sure Vanessa doesn’t make it to jury.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-16 03-10-28-530

4:35am All the house guests are sleeping..

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Is there an app to get everyone to shut the fuck up
about Audrey being America’s Player? Enough already!!!


Evict Vanessa and the Americas Player rumour will go with her…..everyday she shows how unbalanced she is, I know I would not want to be sleeping with an unlocked door with her in the house. Johnny Mac for the win at this point. …. enjoying this season but, I wonder where they found so many emotionally challenged people, the show must spend more on prescription drugs than on the food this year…….

Pink Floyd the Barber

It’s becoming more and more difficult to watch Vanessa talking to the other HGs; I keep expecting her head to actually explode. She acts like someone very high on amphetamines. Austin also displays some bizarre behavior. While I’m not a fan of Jeff, he seems quite “normal” compared to Vanessa and Austin!


Not really a fan of anyone, but wouldn’t be great if John and Jackie won? For John to put up shelli and Vanessa because they put him up and Jackie to put up Austin and clay because they ” backstabed” Jeff. That would be great tv


John told Vanessa that if he won HOH he would put up Audrey and Jason.

Pinocchio Obama

The real fun begins when the alliances have to turn on each other and the floaters turn the tide of the eviction votes. I’m sure we have some powerful twists coming too.


Ohhhh creep Austin all summer…

Pinocchio Obama

Just please don’t send Clay Aiken into the house to visit Austin.


….tell me Jeff isn’t staying, guys. Did he swing the vote?


Jackie is finally getting in the game. Hopefully she wins HOH, the other side needs to take a hit this week.


Yeah if by getting into the game you mean listening to Jeff rant, rave, cry, about how unjust this situation is. She will make a somewhat insightful comment and then say something totally off base right after. Not to mention she already told Jeff she wasn’t going to start playing until jury. So I predict no HOH for her tonight.


Lol! That’s a joke right?


what a boring week.

really hope other side(s) of the house win HOH(s)


After Jeff became the replacement nominee and it’s been set in stone that he’s probably going the house has been a bit boring now, but there was still some very good drama involving Jeff and Vanessa before that ceremony did you not watch?


i watch the show and i kinda start to like jon mac! i am very against he trow the bob, but i´m glad this time he stick with his word and give jeff the vote (and i dont like jeff ) and he´s also funny with the dr. suprise for me.


So Jeff just comfirmed that Liz will let you do whatever…does
whatever mean wanking it under the sheets & smearing it on
her back? Can’t wait for him to leave he house & google his


hurray!! its eviction day! so glad i skipped this week, and im shocked people got over and are mad at vanessa now. wasnt she the best player this season? i guess some people can change their mind just as fast like in the big brother house lol. cant wait to see who wins HOH this time, wouldnt be surprised if its shelli, austin or clay.

Twistin' for the win!

Tonight’s going to be interesting – we are not 100% sure where the vote is going to land though I think Jeff is on the next thing smokin’, but WHO is going to win HOH!!!! Please let it be two people who have the guts to put Clay and Vanessa on one side and Shelly and Austin on the other. This would be AWESOME! Or sub Vanessa for Liz – as long as she is opposite Austin…. Oh…this would be lovely!


Yes it would be nice to see a switch of power, because I too get bored with the same people running the game week after week (even if I am one of the few Van fans left). At the same time I don’t see it happening. After all the “deals” James made this week, I don’t see him wanting to win HOH because he will definitely go against his word. Jackie has said she doesn’t want to start playing until jury. Meg I don’t see wanting to win HOH even if she could. Johnny Mac is trying to work with Van. Becky is trying to work with Van, Shelli, and Clay. Steve is working with Van, Austin, Liz. So really the only hope is Jason. Also not to mention Jason, Meg, James, Jeff, and Jackie still haven’t put two and two together that Shelli and Clay are working with Austin and Van. The reason ADC is getting picked off one by one is because they all want someone else to do their dirty work for them.


Jeff says it’s “a good thing I am going because I know so much” lmmfao. He knows nada. In house or in the real world obviously.

For all u Nessa haters..look who hates her “so fucking much” and can’t stop obsessing on her. Jeff. That should tell you all u need to know.

You should like her a little just knowing that her winning would eat at Jeff the rest of his life.

Bye loser. Have fun watching Nessa own this game. Jeff on his couch:”Vanessa is horrible at this game” 🙂


“Nessa” LOL i think is vanessa girlfriend right here lol Vanessa in that house only own is Aderral pills 4 times a day.


U must be a friend…lol..of course he’s going to obsess about someone who on purpose created a fake fight with him in order to have an excuse to put him up…she’s too scared to put Audrey because of fear of being the one! Lol and don’t say that’s not true because why now is she saying Audrey needs to go next? (She said next HOH should get rid of her…she just too chicken to do it herself)
before her Hoh she wanted Audrey out…during her Hoh she chickened out…after her Hoh she wants Audrey out !!
LO..F’in L…pathetic…
So sick of her verbal diarrhea also..trying to justify over and over again..to each person…
She needs to go home…Audrey can stay!
I tune elsewhere when Vanessa starts talking …I liked her prior her HOH-I-TIS or HOH-ISIS.?


She never had any intention of going after Audrey this week even before her HOH. And honestly her move was smart and here is why:
1. Although she can’t fully trust Audrey if Audrey wins HOH there is a very low probability Audrey will go after Van.
2. Even if Audrey wins HOH she is pretty much working by herself so they would make sure she gets dethroned
3. Not a single person that is against Van, Shelli, and Clay believe a word that comes out of Audrey’s mouth
4. If she were to put Audrey up as a backdoor, Audrey would go nuts and who knows what she would do, which is also why she doesn’t want to be the one to go after Audrey (she doesn’t want to be the center of Audrey’s bashing).
5. Jeff is just as much of a talker/gossiper/manipulator as Audrey (the only difference is he is not bat sh** crazy)
6. Jeff has allies, a group that would target people Van is working with
Yes now she wants Audrey out, but honestly don’t really think she cared either way if Audrey stayed. Do I think part of the reason she didn’t want to get Audrey out was because of the whole lame LGBT excuse, yes. But I do believe the majority is game smart- don’t take out someone your enemies want out when you have the chance to take out an actually enemy in the game- its just common sense.
She realizes now that Audrey can’t be counted on for a vote for her side (yes a little slow on this one), but if Audrey can’t be counted as a vote then she is no longer beneficial to Van’s game = expendable.

I understand all of the dislike of Van after this week and even though she has gotten too dramatic for me at times, I still think she is in a great spot and will go far. Even after this week everyone is still team Van except for James, Jason, Meg, and Jackie. Even out of those 4, Jackie is the only one gunning for Van. Jason said he wants Austin and Steve out next.


LOL team vanessa doesn´t existe at all! Even Austin prefer Liz and sell Vanessa in a second. If even Shelli Clay or Austin dont win HOH this week (and i hope not) Vanessa is going to be SOLO. You are delusional no one wante protect her! She doesn´t have a duo. the duos are:
Shelli and Clay (with Audrey and Mac)
Meg and Jason (with James an Shelli)
Austin and Liz (with Vanessa and Steve)

The people with ((())) are the expendables ones


My mistake Meg and Jason (with james and jackie)


Delusional? Hardly, I pay attention. Clay and Shelli had a talk about how to keep van off the block- yeah you are right they aren’t protecting her. Austin has kept a lot from Liz when it comes to Van. Yes she is with two couples but has got those couples going after each other in the next few weeks. Once one person from each couple leaves they have Van as their number 1. Van is hoping it is Liz and Clay gone.. if they leave like she hopes Shelli will not stray from Van and Austin might not (he is a wildcard though). Van is Steve’s number 1. Also Jmac said to Van “I’m willing to go to the end with you”. Have you not noticed how much time he has been hanging out in the HOH room this week?? As far as Becky goes she wants Van to be her number 1. She has made it clear the people she wants to work with in this game are Van, Shelli, and Clay. She knows Clay and Shelli are a pair, which leaves Van as Becky’s number 1. Evidence of this- Becky only told 2 people she was 100% voting out Jeff (James and Van). This was no accident, she wants to work with Van til the end. But sure, you dislike Van- that has been more than apparent, so you will call me delusional and ignore what is actually being said and done. By the way I totally understand people not liking Van, she can be quite irritating, but her game play is pretty good.


no actually you made a very good point. But i have a different opinion about the same subject. For me if what you wrote can be a reality in a week before now isn´t like that. When she won hoh she show her true colors. Why you think jon mac is going to vote against the house this week? She tell mac that she will put audrey and so on. she deal with the hole think very unpolite and agressive. but we will see…:-)


I’m guessing you don’t have the feeds? Vanessa is not afraid to take audrey out. In fact, that would’ve been the easy way out. Getting out James or Jeff is a MUCH BIGGER move than taking out someone that everyone in the house wants out. And why would she take audrey out over them? Audrey’s not coming after her, and has no one in the house. Where as the other two have their own alliance, are decent competitors, especially Jeff. Who is a great talker btw. She actually took the harder route, and did the right thing. Quite a gamble because now she’ll have a couple people gunning for her.


If GRONK cancels evictions and they have a double next week…wouldn’t be cool if Jeff and Liz win HOH ?
Austin would flip! And have a hiss fit. Lol


That time Jackie is shown on the feeds more in one night than in the past three weeks…


Simon..I saw that you mentioned that you didn’t like bbcan3 … I liked it UNTIL…the game was handed to Britnee and Sarah…by Production…is that why you didn’t like it?


A) Ridiculous production involvement made the show more like a crap shoot than it already is
B) Lackluster excitement on the feeds. I blame the move to global
C) Generally sloppy production
D) I liked the cast but didn’t like the shoutouts, constant Alliance names, Alliance hand signals, Constant reference to past seasons, constant reference to BB “Celebrity Types”

If I really gave it some time I could come up with better reasons. Season 1 and 2 were so go for me season 3 was a massive drop off.. I doubt I will be watching it at the same level next year.


I agree to all those points for sure….it was definitely global to blame for most! I knew it immediately when they announced at the end of BBCAN2. About the network switch…I even commented that leaving SLICE was going to ruin it! The comps were pretty good this year …that’s what I liked the best.
They could have also made Asleigh wear a bikini more often too lol…then would have been better ratings lol


Jeff is such a sore loser. All the “rumours” going around is stuff he’s said. He’s only talking shit about Vanessa bc she’s the one to get him out. That’s so pathetic.


Hey man..it’s time lol…can you post the link to donate..thru PayPal again? Ya gotta feed your DAWG…lol…
Really man…for BBCAN3. I was here more than the live feeds…and again for now bb17. I’m here cuz us Canadians got screwed by CBS!
All you do is appreciated …geez I remember when someone actually went thru the trouble to donate 2 CENTS…was it? Like why?


Thanks MrjWall glad you like our site and spoilers. You can find the link here http://www.onlinebigbrother.com/about/how-to-support-onlinebigbrother/


I really though Vanessa had potential. Hoh went straight to her head. So many hypocrital things come out of her mouth! She can lie but not be lied to, she can have distrust with others but the others have to trust her. How is that good game play. She needs to get off of that high horse and realize she can’t play for HoH tonight and if she keeps getting upset at everyone for not playing her game she is going to get herself evicted in the next few weeks.


It’s pretty obvious to me that Vanessa needs to adjust her meds


I’d almost like to see what would happen if there was a rewind/replay of the week as Gronk’s final party twist. New HoH’s this week with all the same players could be very entertaining. Especially if they do a double next week. Half the house is ready to go bat crap crazy…


I dont know how vanessa is so liked by the fans. After this week she is my least faverorite, the power has made her a bitch and austin is the biggest coward. I hope this backfires on them and jeff stays and he wins hoh and he backdoors vanessa or the coward boy. Im team johnny mac.


If only eh? Imagine Jeff getting HOH and putting Vanessa against Austin on the block? And Liz sleeping in HOH room with Jeff? Shi% that be great! Lol


Anyone else here missing Da’Vonne? She made the show so much more interesting


Dude let it go, she wasn’t that great plus did you not see some of the drama that happened earlier this week even after she left. There is still some craziness in this cast that’s left.


Even tho Vanessa is kinda crazy, she is kinda right too about Clay. He was trying to spin it as tho he’ll vote to help out Vanessa when initially in that room that nite it was Clay and Austin pushing Vanessa to put up Jeff. I would be annoyed if I was her too.


Totally.. I would imagine Clay and Shelli freaking out last week if Vanessa said she’s 90% sure she’s voting out Da and 10% flipping the house on them.


IMO…it would be fun to watch a power shift this coming week to see how things get spun. You know Austin will back pedal and throw Vanessa under that Bus that is touring the house.

GeekSquad McGee

No matter what you may think of Jeff, he’s gonna fight until the bitter end and you have to respect that.

Brad H

Jeff STILL doesn’t know that Clay is the one betraying him lmao he has to be one of the dumbest players of all time.


this who I want for hoh
tonight Austin an becky
I know Austin do suff to but on my point
the other side of the house target him first an jeff was getting to be friends with him
so when he power jeff was going to backdoor him so to me Austin is doing whats best for him
in I whould of done the same thing now what vaneessa did to jeff I don’t agree with that the way she handle it reason Austin an becky cause I think they could be a great team

Pinocchio Obama

I think Austin hurt his game when he lied to Vanessa. She knew he threw the veto comp and I think he made a mistake lying to her. She has the ear of everyone in the house and that is not something that she will let slide.

Amanda queefs slop

I love Obama! Hilary for the win. I wonder if there could be a presidential big brother? I think Austin would poop his panties.


English = second language? That was really hard to follow. Stay in school kids!!

Amanda queefs slop

Are you slow Dan? It was pretty easy to follow. Maybe you are just simple minded like Jeff is.


Sounded like a typical Hillary supporter.


Love your handle!


I don’t know why people dislike Jackie so much. I think given her circumstances she has played smart and hopefully with Jeff gone she will become more visible. She came in with a double disadvantage, being a repeat from another reality show and coming in with the guy she was partnered with on that other show made her a big target. She was able to distance herself from Jeff to dispel the illusion that Jeff and her are working together, form some friendships with the people on the fringe and she let Jeff sink his own ship without going down with him. Jeff leaving could be the best thing for her game, she will not be a major target, there are much bigger fish to fry. I actually hope her and Becky win HOH this week to stir things up.


i dislike her from the amazing race.
And if I put that aside, she has not played a great game, she has just floated and let Jeff dictate her choices. She’s scared of losing Jeff because she has depended on him. Jeff has played a better game than her… Her game is like Becky’s.

Dez says:

I’m all most postive that I seen an adam’s apple on one of the twins. ( liz or julia) When they were switching places in the diary room. Did anyone notice? Is it possible that one of the twins ( liz or julia) is a transgender? I notice it during last nights BB’s episode. When they were switching clothes in the diary room, and another time when (liz or julia ) was up in the HOH eating.


I seriously doubt it. It could just be the way her head was tilted casting shadows.


Jackie is the Jenn city of this years group. If she wasn’t on the Amazing Race (and she was annoying on that show), I would forget she was even in the house.


I think Austin should focus the to the game and ask Liz if she really likes him the way he does and if not, he doesn’t need to waste his time on her since she’s not a good player anyways. He needs to stick with Vanessa and James and boot the twins before the 5th week.


Jeff outta there…bahahahaha! The only thing that could make it better is too see his fat acne red blowfish face if he gets boo’s as he walks out. His delusions of everyone liking him and his self only belief that he is a “stud”..to watch those get crushed on national TV would be epically lovely:)


If Meg keeps throwing HOH, then I wish she would stop complaining about being put up on the block. She should know by now that the other side will keep using her as a pawn. They have no loyalties to her and she seems shocked when she is put up. Stop throwing the comps and being a victim!


We definitely need a power shift tonight to make this really interesting. HoHs I’d like to see would be James, Shelli, Jackie, or Meg.

James id like to see stuck nominating all those people he’s been promising not to target all week or the people he’s aligned with.

Shelli I’m interested to see if she would try and flip things (but probably not)

Becky would go after Audrey which would just be fun

And Jackie would make everyone nervous and paranoid crazy all week

We shall see


If Austin win the HOH i dont know how Liz can escape this psyco. He force her to hang out for short. He isn´t better than Jeff only thinks higher about himself. look the photo when he is in the bed with her…


I personally find Jackie has NO personality. She never talks, yet has the biggest mouth (literally). Shelli is a 30 year old woman who is trying to act 18. Her jumping up and down, squealing and acting juvenile while being so controlling grates on my nerves. Clay is a rat. He has run back and forth between Jeff and Austin telling them what the other person is saying all week long. If Austin and Jeff could be civil to one another they would realize the one constant in their fight with one another is Clay. Vanessa has thrown each and every member of her alliance under the bus this week to the other members of the alliance. She is promoting the relationship between Austin and Liz even after being told by Liz she didn`t want one. She makes a final two with Audrey, then starts to plan her eviction. Same with Clay and Shelli. She (in my humble opinion) has got everyone in the house questioning her sanity. Austin has been her puppy for most of the week, running around doing her bidding and making him a bigger target as a result. I think she has lost the respect of everyone in the house. Audrey and her are both bat-shit crazy. I didn`t think crazy was catching, but I guess that’s what you get from hanging around Audrey. James has agreed to keep everyone in the house off the block this week, so has no other option at this point but to throw the HOH. There isn`t enough people in there to fulfill his promises to. I don`t know what JohnnyMac is doing other than just floating at this point. We all know he isn`t spending his time combing his hair. Steve is wandering around the house just looking for allies, and hopefully will find someone to pair up with soon. Meg, well she and Jason are certainly a pair. Frick and Frack planning to do something soon I hope. And now for Production…….you have certainly been outed in the last 24 hours for your attempts to sway the votes in favor of Jeff. Love it that you have finally definitely been put on blast! I have watched for years and listened and read all the people that still think production doesn`t sway things in certain peoples favor. Bet you can`t say that now. This is definitely not reality. No such thing on this show anyway, and can`t understand why these people put their lives on hold to get in there and be screwed around the way they are. Ninety percent are judged depending on the footage used in the show, and half the time at least, the live feeds are the only way people can truly judge the validity of what is shown. And the worst thing of all, is the fact that I continue to watch it, year in and year out. I guess I should be classed as Bat-Shit crazy as well.


ahhaha great sinopse!


These people are BORING! and so annoying. I find it hilarious how upset Austin, Shelli and Vanessa get when they hear a rumor that someone was talking about them (example: Jeff) and they are outraged and offended and so upset and I just keep thinking to myself do any of you get the point of Big Brother? Have you ever watched Big Brother? Idiots. It’s the whole point of you idiots being in the house! It’s a game!! Lie, manipulate, steal if you have to! bunch of cry babies.
Also am I the only one that thinks Vanessa is a complete nut job and unhinged? and although I don’t dislike Austin I find him very odd, and creepy lol


Wake em up BB. Personally, I would love to see Shellie and Vanessa on the block. That would be entertaining.

Amanda queefs slop

Jeff thinks he’s cool, and knows a lot of “secrets”. Well here is a secret Jeff YOU ARE AN IDIOT DOUCHE BAG. Good luck “dude”…


“That’s not a secret; everyone knows.”–Sheldon