Austin “I’m going to implement operation Jason. Stage 2 will be the JUDAS vote tomorrow.”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 12-35-21-383
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12:30pm – 12:50pm Austin and Liz head over to the hammock. Austin says wait until he leaves them I’m going to implement operation Jason. I’ll do that once you leave. Are you sure you can get a heads up. She (Julia) didn’t get heads up last time. That’s how things got messed up. Liz says I know its coming today. Austin says I know its going to be today but will they bring you in and let you out again. Liz says no. So we will have to say our goodbyes. Austin says me and her will work on it together. The only fighting point we have is wouldn’t you rather have us than someone coming back. ..but the thing is we would always be together. Austin says we can say I’ve never lied to anyone. You can trust me. And I will always be a target above everyone. Stage one will be talking to Jason. (Making a deal with Jason & basically letting him know his suspicions about the twins is correct.) I won’t tell Jason too much. Hopefully he won’t betray my confidence. Only what he already knows or thinks he knows. Stage two will be the JUDAS vote tomorrow. (Austin plans to vote for Audrey to stay to then blame it on Steve and him being America’s Player.) Liz says don’t tell anyone. Austin says I don’t think anyone has the guts to do it. That will be our backup ace in the hole in case the Jason thing goes to hell. There is an America’s Player that needs to be dealt with. Liz says then we can blame it on Steve. Austin says and honestly I don’t feel bad about this because Steve if you don’t win HOH what are you doing. Liz says he’s going to be like the Dan Gheesling and if he gets to the top 5 he will win. Austin says I have to talk to Jason. Austin says I think Becky was mad at me. Liz asks why? Austin says for dumping Jackie. Liz says Jackie had Jeff. Liz says we need you here. Austin says I’m going to try and protect both of you the best I can. The thing is to try and make it to jury and once we’re there its going to be hard because both of you will probably go up.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 12-56-32-500
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 12-43-52-278
Steve says I have a girl crush on the DJ from season 17 but she’s a leabian. I can change that though. Vanessa says but you wouldn’t though because he girlfriend is so sweet. Steve says but this would make her bi not completely straight. Vanessa says I’ve been with men before and enjoyed it. Steve says homo-lenient?
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 12-43-56-351

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1pm – 1:10pm Bathroom – Austin tells Meg that Audrey packed her suit case today put it in the storage room and then went back to bed. Austin says when all that went down there was all these bad omens .. it was raining in July. I bet it wasn’t raining anywhere else. Meg asks what if she doesn’t show up? Austin says maybe she’ll stay in the dentist office until she has to walk out the door. Its craziness. I’ve never seen anything like it in the history of the world. Meg says one person wins this .. you come in here knowing that. There are a lot of other people in this house and a lot of random things happen. Austin says I’m just glad she’s not in jury. I would be happy just getting there.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 13-04-47-991

Bedroom talk – Meg, Steve, Vanessa, Jason, James, Becky, Liz and Austin. Jason says that gay people are like dinosaurs where he’s from. Steve says wait do you’re never been in love? Jason says I’ve never been in love. Sorry guy from Florida.

1:30pm – 2pmShelli says I can’t help but think that she has spent so much of her life being sad and lonely and not out with other people. She has so much of a harder time struggling with her emotions… its probably very very hard for her to put herself out there and then to be like oh I messed up. Her situation is just so unique.

2pm Austin & Meg in the storage room notice Johnny Mac & Audrey’s packed suitcases. Austin heads to the bathroom. Liz comments on how she gave Audrey’s hat back and she responded MMMhhMM. Liz says I never did anything to her. Austin says same, I wasn’t in any of the fights she had.

2:10pm Kitchen – Austin, Meg and Vanessa are talking. Meg says that she will be shocked, shocked, shocked if she (Audrey) is up there (HOH room during the lock down tomorrow).
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 14-12-14-376

2:35pm Its pretty quiet in the BB house this afternoon. Liz, Shelli and James in the kitchen cooking/eating. Meg in the living room using the foam roller.

2:50pm – 3pm Bathroom – Austin says I have to really have a heart to heart with him (Jason). He’s got no where to go. I need to really make him understand where I’m coming from. Liz asks are you sad I’m going (Twin switch is today). Austin says yeah. Austin says its going to be really scary when you come back. Liz asks for you? For me! Austin says that’s what I’m saying. Like I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed. Liz says I’m nervous. She’s (julia) got to pull through. Austin says one of us does.. and Vanessa too. Liz says she’ll manipulate the other HOH too. Then after this one more week!!! Austin says don’t even tell Julia that I’m voting the other way. It’s a strategic move for you. Unless someone else does it too but that wouldn’t be that bad because then people will try to figure it out. It will have to go back to a Steve. Liz says well he better win HOH, I’m not even playing around. Austin says that Steve said so you’re showmancing 2 girls?! I was like what?! He’s so un-perceptive of things. Liz says what I don’t want America to think that. Austin says they don’t, I act totally different with her then with you. Even people in here see it. Liz says that Jackie is growing on me more than Becky. It was cool she was there for the performances last night. (Whack Street routine at 5am).

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-22 15-03-22-636

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I would kill to see Julia enter the house, see how terrible Austin / Liz are, and then facilitate a backdoor of either one of them and start working with Johnny Mac. Because #JohnnyMacForPresident


Austin is worse than Caleb. She flirted a bit (with all guys) and now he thinks she’s his girlfriend. He is physically forcing himself on her with his hands. He’s repulsive. It tells me he is sexually and emotionally immature to, one, fall for her so fast, two, assume she likes him that way, and three, not be able to read her body language that says she’s uncomfortable.

Liz, on the other hand, makes herself look and sound like a party girl bimbo. She gets drunk, flirts with every guy in the house, and tells her personal sex stories. Two guys in one day. Sex on top of car in front of a club. Austin, on the other hand, likes to get his “salad tossed”. Two idiots who admit that stuff in front of their friends, parents, and everyone else.

I don’t like either one anymore.


He Judas bullshit is so annoying. I wish he’d stop.


yeah, i’d love for him to understand that this whole judas idea is not working for him and he should just let it go.


I would love to live near the BB house so I could heckle Austin/Judas on a daily basis. Judas is the ultimate Douche Bag! , or Hey Judas, apparently you aren’t the only person capable of betraying Houseguests:Ask Liz why she voted to keep Jeff! I seriously can’t stand this dude & would love to watch his sad, pathetic face as he is walking out the door; just as Jeff enters back into the BB house as a game twist. Suck on that Judas!


His only alter ego is Screech from Saved By The Bell. I swear they are twins.


How about Liz and Austin are on the block together and Austin wins the POV
What will he do?
Would he be the self appointed super protector and pull Liz down as he has implied?
I hope Austin goes just before jury


I agree. I thought when he went in that when he did the Judas thing it would be like a really different character than his regular personality. But instead the only difference is he wears a hat. I would not know he was doing the Judas character unless he says he is being Judas.

I survived last seasons BB

Exactly what the hell is that idiot Austin babbling about now. There is nothing more pathetic than a lovestruck moron like Him..I cant wait for Him to get zapped


There is actually, it’s called CALEB! bahahaha


haha, very true! Austin has at least another 3 stages of crazy to get through in order to level up to CalebCrazy

I survived last seasons BB

LOL…Man I don’t know how You Guys do it…Having to listen to an idiot like Austin all day long..But the real question is..of all time, which Houseguest was the most unbearable of all ?

Wannabe Slash

Is it just me or does Austin have a 90% chance of getting Meg in that bed after winning the HOH Thursday. The twins and Meg, the beds big enough. Austin your the man.



Member of the Ant Farm

You’ve got to wonder…is this the first AND last transgender to ever play this game? Sheesh…if they are blaming it on hormone meds…whose to say the next one wouldn’t be just as bad?


BB UK 2004 had a transgender (man to female) that actually won.

Nádia Conceição Almada[1] (born Jorge Leodoro, 28 January 1977) is a British reality television star, best known for being the first transgender winner of Big Brother in series 5 in 2004.

Look up BB UK Fight Night on Youtube if you want to see real drama.

Just a player

SEE!! Photo of austin and liz…you can clearly see that she is NOT holding his hand back!! I gotta give liz props…if austin is too unaware to tell that liz is using him as a meatshield then he is gonna get what he deserves lmao. I hope they target austin next week and liz flips. What an awesome moment…when liz’s goodbye message makes clear what her body language is screaming!




So is Austin saying he is voting for Audrey to stay and evict JohnnyMAC then pin the vote on Steve?


Or does he want to pin it on Jason? Heck I don’t know – I just hope he is on the block next week.


Shit disturber vote to keep Liz safe through next eviction. Then both twins are in the house. Way over thought by genius boy. Liz was on virtually no ones radar. seemed those in the know accepted both entering. Well this could put Nessa in a spot where she’ll need to pick Clay/Shelli or Austin/Liz earlier than I’m sure she would like.
Note: What Austin is planning to do to Steve is why you can’t throw everything. He goes out the door depending on HOH before jury. Any comparison between him and Wee Ian is a joke!

skeptical onlooker

Austin-Liz.grunting My nickname for them will be..from now on…Tin Lizzie. (Aus-TIN. Lizzie.
I’s slang for a broken down jalopy ( T Ford)
Listening to TinLizzie grunting when lifting weights…it came to me 🙂
And..I tell ya….showing off for his lady love..i.e…doing leap frogs over Johnny mac..I was thinking.
If Tinlizzie missed….Johnny would be flattened..and would have become another tat . Lol.
I feel quite sorry for him. Liz is going to break his heart..and he’s going to break his hair…flat ironing it like he does.


LOLOLOLOLOLOL…”become another tat”…LOLOLOLOLOLOL..I can’t breathe…I can’t breathe.

skeptical onlooker

I know, right? 🙂

Derrick "The Assassin"

Did you skip your medication today?

the granny panty assassin

Mmmmm meds good


I really don’t like Austin. He really just seems like a immorale creeper type. He’s just as unstable as Audrey he just hasn’t had a big enough trigger to set him off. Jeff almost did. Complete whackadoo.


I can’t stand Austin and want to see him go but the next Aud is Van. She spend all those days sitting in the bathroom crying. Then got a severe case HOHitus. Now she can’t stop talking game. Shelli even called her Audrey–joking but still it had a ring of truth. Van’s crazy train hasn’t stopped yet.


Ooooooooooo, dat Austin an’ Wiz make me verwee verwee angwee!

skeptical onlooker

And Audwee makes me vewwy vewwy scaaaared 🙂


Purely for the sake of entertainment value I would love to see the scenario of Julia coming into the game and Liz sleeping and spending time with her instead of Austin.


I think I could tell how this hoh going to go since so many want to put up steve an Austin
I think somehow some way steve an Austin will win hoh in become a team


thank the lord Vanessa changed her beanie/hat (color)

Tin Lizzie

Burn that flea bitten green rag.


Austin is just trying to get some exposure so he can join the WWE. Right now he is just in the developmental league of fake wrestling. Austin a fool but Liz is the one I have prob with.

She is going to sit there and say “we can blame Steve” this dumb girl will do anything she thinks will help her. Not only leading Lurch on who she doesn’t like at all..but sell others out. She isn’t even hot. Pointy nose. Beady eyes. Average Body. Whiney voice. No personality. Dumber than a box of rocks.

Austin may be too good for this pathetic unattractive dumb girl.


yeah, totally, and that’s why he has this judas persona he thinks is his in, when in reality he should play up a buffoon persona as he can much more believably sell that (as that doesn’t even require acting).

to paraphrase regina george from mean girls, “austin, stop trying to make judas happen. it’s not going to happen.”


^^bahahaha^^……”we should just totally stab Judas” 😉


What a misogynistic view! There’s no need to demean Liz’ looks because you’re upset she’s leading Austin on. Did you forget that this is a game where someone wins $500k at the end? Pretty sure most players lie as part of their strategy.


Liz is not even cute

Big Jim

I think she’s cute but not as cute as she thinks she is.

Walt Kowalski

Austin was with WWE Developmental. Over two yrs ago he sent a letter to corporate outlining the bullying and abuse from their former trainer, the letter can be found online. I highly doubt WWE will ever give this nutjob another look.


This clown(austin) had said he had different reasons for being on BB,& apparently we all clearly see how pathetically desperate he is to promote his agenda. Sadly enough his Judas persona is an epic fail! All he has personified to the viewing audience is what an immature, jealous,beady eyed creeper he truly is-gross!


I can’t wait for Thursday because this game feels like it’s standing still. Is this how it’s going to be when Audrey leaves? The game is Boring!!! All the drama starters will be gone. Jace, Day, Jeff, now Audrey. Audrey was irritating but it was fun to watch the drama. The first 4 people evicted put fun in this show. Thursday can’t come soon enough. I’m tired of Austin being love struck. I’m tired of Shelly and Clay. This house is DEAD now.

BB ever

Audrey did bring some drama, in a strategy way, but recently, what she did was quite disturbing , so her leaving actually is good for the show.
after she leaves, the other house guests will be able to shine


The house is dead now but I think it’s the calm before a storm. I think everyone is just taking it easy not having to deal with Audrey. The vote is done and there’s no need to campaign or talk about it. Everyone knows this HoH is huge and they are waiting to see who ends up winning.

Then we are back to crazy town, I hope, but not Audrey crazy town. That’s a whole other zip code.


The funniest thing I have read this year:

That’s a whole other ZIP code.


Because it’s already a done deal this week and there are waiting for Audrey to leave so that they all can turn on each other which they can’t do just yet because they are all focused on getting rid of her, maybe you didn’t think about that?


Jason is right, Johnny Mac is like BB Jesus and he’s going to get betrayed by BB Judas.

The good thing though is that Judas later committed suicide and Jesus rose from the dead. Hopefully that will be a metaphor for next week, when Austin will blow up his game, get evicted, and JMAC will be sitting pretty.


Nicely done, Nork, nicely done. 1000 thumbs up!

production rigged it

Remember back in season 13 when Shelly was playing both sides of the house and it eventually caught up with her, well i can’t wait for the same thing to happen to Clay/Shelly. They have got a deal with pretty much everybody so they will eventually get caught unless they start throwing HOH’s. It’s funny though for the first few weeks nobody could keep their mouth shut so how people haven’t put it together already just proves that this is not the brightest cast.

Valentina Corleone

I just want to see she who must not be named (I refuse to say her name anymore) gone. Gameplay needs to start again, and I want it to be intense, no holds barred, bloody and euphoric. Think Game of Thrones meets Empire. No more half-assed boy band punishments, make it something real and memorable. The game has fallen by the wayside because of her, and as I viewer, I want it back.


LEAVE AUDREY ALONE, LEAVE HER ALONE!!!!!! She has been put down all of her life LEAVE HER ALONE, PLEASE!!!!!!!


I am sorry but Audrey’s behavior is not a product of being bullied or mistreated all her life; it is a result of being coddled and given everything she wants. She is a petulant child who uses other’s emotions as a tool for manipulation. She is not a victim, she is a brat who is throwing a fit because things aren’t going her way. This has nothing to go with her gender or anything else other than her terrible personality.


I sure hope this is sarcasm. . .


so now both sides of the house want to work with jason. austin wants him and shelli and clay want him.


Interesting isn’t it? When Austin and Shelli/Clay are supposedly on the same side – the 6th Sense side. They’re each dropping the other in order to team up with the same guy. Both goin’ rogue. I DO hope Jason can use this to his best advantage.


Houseguests! “You are NOT allowed to talk about Audrey!”


Wonder how much crap Austin will get from his big beefcake friends about the twinkle he has in his eye now? He is obviously jealous of Steve because Liz is flirty with him too and “nobody gets between me and my twins”. Oh Austin, you are entertaining!


dont get why no one wants to work with steve and becky. thing is though that while i dont see anyone working with either of them or becky i dont see anyone talking about sending becky or meg home.

right now meg and becky are probably positioned best ijn the game because no one wants to evict them. well..steve wants meg gone but he also doesnt want an hoh so that basically means nothing


Austin has talked a few times about putting up Becky and I think JMac has a friendly relationship with both Becky and Steve. None of them have been in a position of power to solidify anything…yet.


Well Judas (gag), you are on everyone’s radar and unless you win the comps this go around, Bye-bye!


I for one and from what I’m reading many cant wait to see Asshole I mean Austin out. Wrestler my ass he is a train wreck.


Austin needs to check that ego. { I can’t stomach hearing his conversations.} I wish someone would sit on that stupid hat and crush it so he could never wear it again!! He’s trying to play BB like he is a wrestler!! He is so lame!!
Also, blaming Steve for a vote!! Is he that jealous of Steve???
I hope Austin gets put up and voted out next week!!


Or put honey in that hat!


And I for one like Julia better than Liz. She needs to socialize with the other players instead of isolating herself with grand master creeper. And Jason don’t like you Austin, most don’t!


Liz was the one that met Porsche on “the boat” and got cast on the show, Julia was approached to do the twin twist with Liz. It turns out that Julia is way better at the game. Liz thinks she is still on the party boat, and she seems to think that she can flirt her way to the end. Honestly she isn’t even that pretty. I would love to see a twin and Austin on the block.


Austin not making it to jury bro sorry! If Austin does not win HOH he is out next week for sure! Liz will not cry when your gone either shes here to play!

Conspiracy Theorist

Is it possible that there was no Big Brother Takeover twist this week because Production saw the situation with Audrey coming?

J-Mac for the win on an ODD week

Odd-rey IS the take-over twist this week. production has pampered her in her “weakness” .
buh-bye Odd-reeeeeeee!

Root Canal

Im lovin this “Audrey and hormones” shit. HELLO AUDREY, WELCOME TO WOMAN HOOD!!. I don’t see any other women getting a break for crying and getting upset. If she was actually a threat to herself or others she would be out of the game in a heart beat. Im sure she had a chance/option to leave and didn’t take it because she knew there would be no attention in that. Its so annoying because you know damn well they are telling her stay supposedly knowing shes going to have a “break down” or go back into histarics because things didn’t go her way. Piss off with that garbage. Her face is covered out of embarrassment and nothing more.

I feel that people were afraid to make some real alliances because people were running back to tell Shelli Clay and now Van everything.Im sure people saw them getting closer but who wants to go against the “cool kids” in a sense. People would have gone into a panic and stayed silent with the dear in the head lights look. Glad they are now talking more and getting things together (hopefully). I think James is a goof.

I really hope Johnny (who is not a pawn and I think is following these apes to further himself. What choice atm did he have?) wins HOH (and poor Jason is safe for a change) and goes right to shelli or Clay (Clay who I actually like) and say…”You know your safe right, but I need you to go on the block to “make sure” so and so goes home. And I hope he does it with a nice smile on his face and that hysterical ED Norton laugh to follow 🙂 .


Yep womanhood and hormones are no fun. Some have major problems and some don’t. That’s one of a few reasons I would never even go in there not that I have any desire. And of course, the hygiene i there is disgusting. I can’t believe they don’t penalize them for not keeping it cleman. So you have to no what your limitations. lol But I remember feeling bad for Dani Donato her last season because she was fit for a walking Pamprin or Midol billboard because of her cramps and wonky cycle while in there. I don’t know what Audrey takes and thought maybe the hormone excuse was just that. I am curious to see if she will show up for eviction and explain herself to Julie tomorrow though.


i want to see a Liz DR session where she’s horrified with how out of control the flirting went with Austin. See her panicking on how to try and back pedal the entire thing. Lol.
“I was just trying to toy with him and get him to like me…. Now he’s gone off the deep end and I dunno wtf to do!”


Yes. At least Amber didn’t lead Cody on. Liz is a D T


Sorry, meant Caleb.

Cherry Bomb

You mean “wtf to dooooooooooooooooo”


it is killing me trying to figure out how they are going to handle tonight and tomorrow’s shows, with all that is going on with Audrey. And I am still not convinced that is her in the house, who walks around like that, yeah I get she does not want to face anyone, but seriously.

Roll Tide

I don’t know how Liz/Julia can stand having Austin rub them all over. The big man child is in for a great big letdown. He might need a doctor ASAP.
But all that constant touching by someone you don’t like probably makes them want to puke. But they want the money, no matter what it takes.
Austin wants Steve out because Liz flirted with him. If anyone talks to Liz, they have to go. Her parents are probably very upset with her.

Ash J Williams

I think Liz is handling the flirting okay. Im sure she doesn’t want to poke the childbeast and have it go nuts. The protection is great for her and Julia BUT she has to be careful that hes not getting too serious with her. He is already saying stupid things like “I want to just lay in the bed with you when we win HOH?” Not even saying “I cant wait until we win HOH so we can target…………

I think he has a few problems with Steve lols. Steve seems to cockblock Austin every time he trys to get closer to Liz. Remember when he was hugging up Liz in the bed and in came Steve. Austin was pissed about it and it just seems to have gotten worse since than. Im sure he doesn’t like the fact that Steve knows this game inside and out.
I still love his face when he saw Jeff and Liz in the bed together hahaha…….Classic.

April in Paris

That’s funny! Steve a cock-block!

Roll Tide

When Austin leaves the twins will cuddle up with Vanessa.


Austin dumped Jackie? Uhhhh… What??!??
This guy keeps getting weirder. Does he think having a conversation with a girl, ANY GIRL, means they’re like a thing?…. And Austin is scared Jeff will be lurking and waiting for Liz/Julia after the show? Lol. I’m pretty sure I know who will be slapped with the restraining order… And it’s not Jeff.
Gawd I wish Jeff had managed to stay. I would have loved to see Austin self destruct when Liz continued to flirt with him.


Nessa looks good in that yellow cap. Ha.

Nessa or Liz? Just on smarts and personality alone Nessa blows Liz away. All Liz has is her “good looks” and again to me she doesn’t even have that.

Also someone said I am “mad Liz is leading Austin on” Umm no I couldn’t care less…however I find her repulsive and I don’t see her “gameplay” as skilled in any way. My opinion. You entitled to yours.


Did any one else see the video of what looked like Jeff wacking it and then telling Liz she had something sticky on her back after it looked like he smeared it there? Or was that just nothing.


I think It was made up


that was TMZ making something from nothing, yes he was creepy, but not that creepy


I’m surprised no one is missing Vanessa either. As guess Audrey was her reason for staying up all day and night talking game. Since Audrey was put in the block Monday you don’t hear much from vanessa either


Liz is a D T. At least Amber didn’t lead Cody on. Liz’s actions will come back to haunt her.


Clay is playing a zach from bbcan3 type of game, shelli is playing ash bbcan3 type game, and vanessa is the frankie type game. I wonder tomorrow eviction what will happen it will be akward. Audrey has been in the hn room for over 3 days it must be creepy. I have not seen that in any season. It just a game and she did not listen to day warning about shelli before she left. I hope vanessa and johnny mac be both on the block together it would epic because one is puppet master and the other is the likeable one. I think vanessa is worried about jeff alliance come after her so she wants to target john, steve(I think she is paranoid about him working with john for final 2), jackie (revenge for jeff), and becky (with jackie).

My Favorite BB Zing

(Marcelles to Janelle) “POLYESTER HAIR BITCH!” LMAO!