Jason “Now that I know she was calling her Mama Demon. Day is going to bust her face.”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 01-09-12-269
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12:55am Kitchen – Vanessa asks have you guys had another dance since I was in there? Johnny Mac says we’re not going to dance until we’re all asleep. Jason says they’re going to wait until we’re all asleep. Then they’re going to call us all night. That’s why I’m not going to change so maybe they won’t call us. Johnny says why they call us to do it we should act really pissed at Liz to get it together. Jason says the last day of it Jason is going to have people pour gravy all over him. Jason can’t wait to be in a messy outfit. Jason asks aren’t you waiting for the backyard show? Steve says I don’t think your dancing is good enough for a backyard show. Johnny says damnit Steve! Do you know what its like to be in a band? Steve says yes I’ve been in several. Steve says you have to smash over 50 pumpkins to be in this band.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 01-20-06-717

1am Bathroom – Vanessa talks to Austin. Vanessa says when he wants his cigarettes back he has to ask me for them. I’m a good deal maker. If DJing doesn’t work out, wheeling and dealing you know! James and Meg have guaranteed me safety for their next HOH whenever it is. Austin says okay. I can’t get you 3 for them. Its too hard. I’m going to try and get you and Liz at least 1 week. Austin says I know you have to get Liz at least 1 week. Vanessa says I’m not even worried about Jason coming after you. What if I just say Liz and Jackie and keep you out of it? So he has no idea we work together. You could make a deal with him separately that you won’t put him up. Austin asks how? How do I do that? Vanessa says If you win you won’t put him up and if he wins he won’t put you up. Austin asks do I make the deal before or after he comes off the block? Vanessa says after. You don’t want him to think we’re all together. It better to deflect all that. If you think of any offers, think about it. Anything is a possibility.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 01-28-57-079

1:10am Cabana room – Steve is in the photo booth humming himself. He comments on how the camera is following him. He says I’m so sorry that your job is to follow me around with the camera at one in the morning.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 01-17-40-554

1:35am Bedroom – James, Jason, Meg, Steve, Vanessa are talking. They talk about all the couples that have had s*x in the BB house. Meg says that’s really creepy. James says I like going home with chicks and waking up in their houses and seeing their pics and sonority signs.

1:37am Meanwhile – Clay gets into the shower and PEES into the shower drain…

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 02-18-39-514
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 03-27-53-664

1:45am Kitchen – Audrey tells Jackie I had a dream Day moved back in. Jackie comments on how this is the first time someone else has won the veto. It will be interesting who she would use it on. Audrey says its a weird position to be in because if Vanessa takes someone down then it makes Shelli get more blood on her hands to nominate someone. Jackie says you would have to be sure that person went home. Like the house was 100% okay we’re going to take this person out. Audrey says yeah and either way if they didn’t go home no one wants to be a pawn and in that position. Jackie says for the first time John seems worried. He’s been a pawn this whole time and killing it but at the same time you can’t win everything. Yeah he’s a bada$$, he’s smart. Physically he can do it all but you can’t win everything. Audrey says if I won I wouldn’t put him up. Jackie says and I don’t have a target .. If I was up there. I haven’t ever had one. If the house didn’t like someone I would be like okay as long as its not me. James, Steve and Jackie join them. The conversation turns to speculation about the twins. Audrey asks what empirical evidence do we have on the twins? Where would their memory wall picture go? Maybe its one of them together.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 02-19-03-039

2:30am Meg and Jason talk in bed. Jason says that she (Audrey) said she would be disappointed if they were talking trash about her in the diary room. She tried to guilt trip us being like my family is going to see this. But now that I know she was calling her Mama Demon… I’m even more like this f**king bit*h! She’s psycho! She is definitely the villain! Day is going to bust her face. Day I love you, don’t bust her face at finale! Jason says Day was calling her slytherin in there. I’ve been calling her Lucifer. Meg comments on Audrey going up. Jason says its redemption. Jason says Mama demon, I can only imagine Day’s reaction to that. I can only imagine what she is calling us.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 02-43-38-869

2:35am – 3am Big Brother opens up the backyard. Big Brother gets the wack street to do a routine again. James says Liz looks pissed! While Julia is getting ready she says I am so over this sh*t! Julia can’t find her headphone. Julia says I have everything. I can do it without it. Johnny asks how are people going to hear you sing? Big Brother blocks the feeds for the dance.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 02-51-00-649

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3am – 3:30am Kitchen – Audrey asks if there is a backdoor plan? James says he doesn’t think so. Audrey says I feel like Jason would be knocking on her door more. Audrey says since week 1 I’ve been on the defence. James says pretty much the 3 people that wanted you out have left the house. Audrey says if I stay I’m going to win HOH next week. I can feel it. Audrey says I’m a fair person, I will never take the first gab. He was just not pleasant to me? James asks have you talked to Shelli to find out what she wants to do? Audrey says I don’t think she knows? James and Audrey talk about getting HOH next week. Audrey says you can let me get the blood on my hands. I have more empirical evidence on people. Audrey heads outside and sits with Jason and Steve.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 03-33-43-568

4am Backyard – Becky, Steve, Jason and Jason are talking. Steve comments that he always thought he wouldn’t be liked if he got on big brother. Jason tells Steve the he’s sure he’s loved. Audrey says this definitely the most LGBT on one cast. Jason says I thought there was going to another gay guy by how much they asked me about hookups.

4:20am – 4:50am James and Audrey want to play a prank on someone. James gets into a trash bag and lays on the floor. Audrey gets Liz and brings her into the storage room. Audrey tells Liz that James really likes her. Liz says that James is adorable. James then moves and scares Julia.

James then scares Steve

James scares Jason. Jason beats James with a banana …

5am James, Steve, Jason and Jackie are still up talking about being scared by James.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-19 05-05-30-312

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-19 10-19-57-828_jpg

6:24-6:35am Steve talking to himself saying he wants Vanessa to use the veto on Jason preferably. Meg, James or Audrey to go up. He wants Meg gone. He’ll strike a deal with Jason. He doesn’t want Jason or JohnnyMac to go this week.

Steve saying the person that gets out Audrey will be super liked and super respected he doesn’t want that going to Shelli he wants to have that glory. His goal for the day is Jason off Meg nominated.

Steve comments how everyone on Freaks and Geeks has one the HOH, It’s really fishy he doesn’t have one, “Do I keep throwing”
Steve is concerned if Audrey goes and he win HOH next week who would he target. James and Meg or James and Becky?

He wishes he won HOh this week, He wants Audrey to stay because he wants to evict her that will be a great “Card” to hold. He decides his plan B may be to backkdoor James in the event Audrey leaves this week.

(Steve wants Meg out this week and will be working towards that. )

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Twistin' for the win!

For God’s sake Audrey, we all know what empirical means. Can’t you find a new word? Broaden your vocabulary for your interview with Julie…sheesh!!! This backdoor plan needs to come to fruition for real. I’m so over this chick. She’s a nightmare!


Audrey needs to go. The only thkng that will be better if creepy Austin is backdoored and sent the hell out of the house. We just have to see how Shelli and Vanessa feel this morning to see if they feel the same. If they are still on the plan, I can see them doing it.


Thank you for the lols! I love that you included how often Audrey uses the word “empirical” – you really get a sense of how over the top she is, even without having to watch the feeds!

Yes ! Yes ! Yes!

I agree I can’t stand Audrey she should have left week two I can’t believe it took this long for them to finally realize she’s got to go or maybe they are finally tired enough of her and muster up the courage and do it bc they seem so afraid to offend their whacked community they didn’t worry about throwing out the only black person for no reason this year who was really liked these sex change people chose to be in a minority group but black people are born into it so who cares about offending them anyway Audrey gotta go or should I say Andrew lol whatever his birth name was so gross


Omg you said everything right like kids watch this show and what are we teaching kids that its OK to change your gender?? Like I remember watching this show as a kid and I think I would be quiet disturbed if I found out that a female was once a male and BTW its name is Adam lol


I would hope that kids who watch this show will think it’s ok to change their gender if that’s what they feel is right. I really hope those kids don’t have a big got like you filling their heads with hate. Thoug I do hope these kids


I would hope that kids who watch this show will think it’s ok to change their gender if that’s what they feel is right. I really hope those kids don’t have a biggot like you filling their heads with hate. Though I do hope these kids don’t aspire to be like Audrey because she is a terrible person, transgender or not.


Kids shouldn’t have to grow up with gay and transgender thoughts shoved in front of their face kids are innocent and they shouldn’t be corrupted like that I believe that everyone has a right to be who they want and to be what they want but I just think that it is not something that is needed to be broadcasted every where like do what u want behind closed doors this is considered a family show and I remember watching it with my family I think that CBS is trying to get their ratings higher by appealing to another audience but I think with doing that they are jeopardizing this amazing family show


I’m pretty sure that BB has literally never been a “family” show. There are a lot worse behaviors on this show for kids to learn. Maybe my kids will grow up thinking it’s okay to have sex on national television, to lie, to backstab people, and to make blatantly rude and racist comments. But, God forbid they ever think it’s okay to be who they truly are.


I would absolutely NOT let young kids watch this show.


ok, so gay & trans is ‘bad’ because kids will see it and then will ‘choose’ to be one because it looks ‘cool’/.

but let’s keep the guys who get hand jobs and bjs from girls in the house, and guys who pee in the shower, on camera, and blatantly racist stuff, cuz kids won’t pick up on any of that and think that is cool and ok.

free folk

i read your comment and dismissed it as I would a message from a certain church in Kansas but after awhile I felt compelled to come back and comment,maybe because you brought up kids. I’ve a preschool teacher for over 20 years and would definitely NOT recommend BB as a family show,I have enough trouble with the truth/lies concept in 4 year old children, to name a reason out of many.What I don’t have problems with them understanding is diversity,they almost have a built in trust to respect it other then fear it,the fear and worse the hate is taught,not through t.v. but through close adults,as ALWAYS in young children,this is how they learn everything. Children are not born with blue vs. pink behavior,but by preK they do tend to start playing that way,as to parents society,although their innocent nature does “allow” then to play with trucks while wearing fairy wings,something I love to see.However I have had children who INSIST they are a different gender even to the chargen of their parents. My heart would swell for these children,I wish I could put a bubble around them for we all know life was not going to be easy for them,it wasn’t even as young as prek,parents/teachers not knowing how they crushed self esteem creating a bully inside of these young souls far more frighting then the bullies awaiting them in school.What if were your child? As for” teaching” children that it is o.k. to be who you are,to respect it in others,they already know that,it is you that is teaching them to fear,disrespect another human being,and maybe to hate.*sigh*
And please..pretty please..DVR BB and watch something else with your kids.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this comment!!!


WAKE UP, kids today are going to school with gay and trangender (tom boy’s etc) students. This may be a shocker but, they may even be friends (sarcasm*). This is the norm today so don’t be so quick to bash. I would be willing to bet you might work with a gay or transgender person and not even know it. Heaven forbid you may even have sat next to them a time or two (again sarcasm*). I am completely irritated by this form of ignorance ……


Excellent comment a couple posts above as is the one below. Hoping my grandchildren grow up in a world where comments like “kids get this shoved in their face, it needs to be behind closed doors” don’t exist. No one is shoving anything in anyone’s face. I have had to stear my children away from plenty of heterosexual couples because of PDAs. What a world it would be when it isn’t a big deal to see a same sex couple holding hands, when a child just thinks these two people care about each other. The comment above about getting the only black out, she didn’t have a choice to be black floored me. Choice? Yeah everyone in the LGBT community said to themselves I think I’m going to make a choice that will make others discriminate against me, hate me, possibly hurt me. Baffles me that people can recognize that things go wrong during the development of a fetus that may result in a physical anomaly or a mental handicap but they can’t see the possibility that something can also happen where the inappropriate sexual organ develops or the attraction to the same sex. Just makes me smh.


She didn’t change her gender, she was born a woman, she just didn’t have the parts that matched. It’s not a choice, it’s her life. And that’s okay

Walt Kowalski

you’re like an asshat like and like

Rational Mind

A responsible parent would not allow a child to watch this show. You are right though, if they are watching, what an awesome lesson to be learned, that it is possible to change your physical body to match the person you are on the inside, that a person should have the confidence to be who they are and witness the fact that they will be accepted by others. Exactly what would have disturbed you had you watched this season as a child? How would a person like Audrey’s decision have any bearing at all on your life?

you're so stupid

nobody chooses to be lgbt, fucktard

you're so stupid

nobody chooses to be lgbt anymore than one chooses to be black, fucktard


You tried to be funny but failed and was just Plain offensive. I hope you find comfort inside you.


Hate much? No one chooses to be born gay or trans…..we’re born this way!!! Thanks for calling my community whacked. I will take the higher road and refrain from calling names although a few choice ones do come to mind.

Hey Coo coo bird

Yes changing your sex is a choice being gay is a choice and if you pick up a bible you will see all of these people who make that choice are wrong pick a bible up learn about your creator make a CHOICE to listen to the creator or not there are people who have true brain damage and they do these crazy things so forgiveness for them is understandable but for the people who CHOSE to do whatever they want destruction is waiting for the in the not to distant future God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve I’m just so disgusted at people like Audrey and Bruce Jenner it’s so appalling you would never have seen this on tv years ago it’s testament to how the world has gotten so desensitized but game again Audrey/Adam needs to go not bc of what she is but bc she’s a crappy game player lol

Just Wondering

How old were you, Coo coo bird, when you decided to be straight instead of gay? From your remark, it sounds like you think it’s a choice for all of us. Are you saying we’re all born bisexual and at some point we choose? Just wondering.

Hey Coo Coo Bird

Yes it’s a choice we are born male or female and our creator created the opposite sex to be our marriage mates not to be only our friend and for us to be with the same sex that’s the way he made us otherwise we could reproduce with anyone right ? I mean how hard is that to understand ?!!! It’s a choice to be gay or bi or to change your sex for whatever reason now again if you have mental problem which most do then I understand but ultimate they all will have to answer to the creator for their serious sin and them saying I was born this way isn’t going to fly with our God

Rational Mind

I always find comments like this humorous. Please take care with your pronouns. I can guarantee you, your creator is not my creator. You reference a book that was pulled together by a group of men wanting to maintain control over the rest of their community, (much like what’s going on in the Middle East today) yet you forget the second part of the book where it says not to judge, that it is mankinds duty to love one another? Why weren’t all the writings included? Your God seemed to talk to people every day, where’s he been the last 2000 years? Have you thought that same sex attractions were a means of population control? You want to say people have a mental defect? Seems like buying into that piece of fiction you reference is yours.


Good for you! Take the high road, you’re already on a higher intellectual road. 😉

Creepy Austin stays till next week

Shaved chewbaca needs to stay one more week. If Audrey stays that puts her to close to jury. The less time she is on my TV screen the better!!

Bunny Slipper

I have empirical evidence that Audrey is a pseudo-intellectual dumbass.

B-bad owl

I’m 90% certain you’re correct.


Nobody is going to mention CLAY PEEING IN THE DRAIN?????


The next time he does it production will yell at him over the speaker.


It’s not that big a deal.

Butters Mom

Considering he doesnt clean in that house and Becky is pretty much the only one who does, it is kinda a big deal. Its disgusting and Im sure his mom is cringing seeing that.


Peeing WHILE showering, I don’t see as a big deal – all water goes to the same sewage system – and the showering would flush it away. But going in there, doing your thing, and not rinsing is just grodie. Plus, what Butter’s mom said.


I don’t even understand why he would do that, there is a toilet right there! He said the showers in the house are worse than locker rooms, we see why. Ewwww!


Absolutely freaking gross!!! Bacteria in the shower, I would not want to shower after him.
How old is he…4?

Donald Trump's Blowout Specialist

Whats next …shitting in the sink?


I literally died laughing lol. This deserves 200 likes. Made my day.


Typically when houseguests shower, they put a towel or something over the shower door to protect their modesty. The shower door is see through. This is why Steve wears swim trunks when he showers. If you look at the pic, you’ll notice Clay didn’t cover up the door. You can see his naked rear end. I think he wanted people to watch him pee in the shower. I have no idea why he would let people see that, but he knew exactly what he was doing.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Steve is not just a sociopath. He’s a deranged sociopath! #sicko


Everyone is on Audrey, personally I don’t think she was a right fit for this social game not because the players wouldn’t or couldn’t except her but because she has probably been paranoid and had to watch her back most of her life. I think she probably had to defend herself and prove herself to people all her life and this is just her expression of doing it. Good game play or bad game play? Well up to this point it has worked for her. So I wouldn’t be too hard on her unless you have personally walked in her shoes.


I don’t thinking having a tough upbringing makes it ok to be so vindictive, conniving or just plain mean. Not to mention she is the neediest and most emotionally draining player. I’m sure this has been her game strategy, but I doubt it’s much different than she is outside the house. Time for her to go but I’m not sure Shelli will have what it takes to put her up. Would be great to watch Austin’s reaction if he gets nominated. I’m sure he would see being put up against John as a true “Judas” betrayal.

Better Than Last Year

What’s up with using the POV on Jason & not JonnyMac? Haven’t they all made promises to JM? Why would Audrey be more “sure to go” against JM? Jason has more allies (votes to stay) on the other side of the house then JM does. If Shelli puts up Audrey (& I’m not certain that she will) then Audrey is going to go on about how JM is a beast in competitions & start everyone worrying about him
I really want JM to stay!


I would rather they take JMac off too – wasn’t that the original plan? IF ((pleasepleaseplease) they put up Audrey, it doesn’t matter whose up there with her, they’ll stay. But I think JMac has earned+++ some respect here. If they don’t take him off and he stays, they SHOULD be worried about him winning HOH. I mean, talk about the shortest nomination speech in history: “I was told I wouldn’t be put up again and I was put up. I was told I’d be saved with the POV and I wasn’t. Vanessa and Shelli – take your seats.

Twistin' for the win!

I like JM. I think he’s an ok guy BUT his ready willingness to sabotage the other HGs in the BoB comps when he has ZERO issues with the person does NOT earn him any respect points in my book. IMO it’s cheating the HG out of a fair opportunity to save him/herself and I don’t see it as fair game play. The fact that Mama Day and James didn’t really help themselves is not to be negated but he could have tried to help Day and he didn’t. I would have more respect if he didn’t sign up for the cheat every time and just said NO…I’m not doing that.


I agree with you, in part. I really do, but I do think he felt he had little choice and thought it was best for his own game. Plus, there’s the whole nature of the BOB working against him. If JMac had made solid alliances elsewhere prior, and THEN threw the BOB, I’d lose some respect, but otherwise, I think he’s doing a good job. I REALLY want him as HOH next week so the 6th sense can feel the heat.


Johnnie Mac is in real trouble! 1st I think by Monday there is still a small chance Nessa won’t use the veto. The deal with Jason’s group makes sense don’t get me wrong. Lets say Jason comes down how does JM work with Nessa? He might not have to he’ll be evicted Thursday. Lets say it’s Becky up I’m pretty sure she gets Jackie/Meg/Jason and likely James right off the top. Audrey fing someone for a 5th vote very possible. Becky needs 1 to stay if all this happens. JM gonna get screwed.
Steve won’t be put up as I think Nessa protects him big time. So that leaves Audrey which JM can beat. They just aren’t going to put her up IMHO. Add to it production will twist her to safety it goes back to Becky. Bloody hell this douche is going to ruin the whole season with the help of production. Audrey will destroy a lot more than JM because these sheep will leave her in.
Lastly I’d be worried about no veto used as well. All this talk about Jason funny and a “good guy” the house might just evict JM any way. Jason has Meg/Jackie/James right off and I think Audrey but lets say Nessa/Austin/Liz just decide to make a move(like the GOD save BB CAN 3) It looks bad for tooth puller by day BB pawn by night.

RIP ….. Johnnie was a good HG but not spectacular. Funny DR session will be missed. Unfortunately pawns go home, and he knew it, and still said yes again and again.


I can’t wait to hear all the things Audrey tells once she is put up. Things could get pretty dramatic!


Tick tick tick tick …
The A(udery) bomb is set to go off on Monday
I thought it was quit funny when they were all telling each other not
to believe Audrey when she exposes all their alliances

grow some balls

Clay is nasty for peeing in the drain


Come on now everyone pees in the shower and if you say you don’t your a liar ahhaa

Pinocchio says

I Don’t!!


Sure, when it’s *running*. What kind of person chooses to go into a dry shower and piss down a drain (on television), when there is a toilet right there???


Considering the fact that he was naked when he did it, he probably took a shower when he was done. Otherwise, why would he pee naked?


I hope Jason is picking up on what’s happening and uses it to his advantage if ever he, Jackie, James or Meg gets HOH. Shelli is telling him that she is talking to Vaness on what to do. And he already knows that Shelli is working with Clay. Vanessa has come to him with the idea of a deal to pull him off the block, but it appears she will be asking for the protection of Austin and Liz too.

So if he’s smart, he will pick up that Shelli, Clay, Austin, Vanessa and Liz are all working together. It’s the type of info that can bust an alliance — if the info is used the right way.

Of course, if Audrey goes up, the alliance will be busted regardless. But Jason could believe her. After all, he has empirical evidence.


I agree with your comments. However I feel Jason , Meg and James should have been alerted to the fact that Clay/Van/Austin/Shelli/ twins are all in an alliance based on the nominations over the past 2-3 weeks. Its been the same people w/ Jmac as the pawn. Jason, Meg and James keep complaining about how its the same people nominated over and over again, but they never ask why. They also don’t take note of who hangs out in the HOH room for long periods of time together. I think James is aware of what’s going on , which is why he has a deal with pretty much everyone in the house, but Jason and Meg need to step their game up a little bit more. So far they have been really lucky as there have been bigger targets. If Audrey goes, that’s all going to change.

Butters Mom

I agree Audrey needs to go but I dont think its in Shelly’s best interest to be the one to put her up. Vanessa is using her … If Vanessa wanted her out so much, she should have put her up herself. Audrey is more loyal to Shelly than she is to Vanessa. And when you listen to some of the stuff Audrey has been telling Shelly, it is actually true. Putting Audrey up is a mistake. She needs to put up Austin.


I still think getting Jeff out during Vanessa’s HOH was the best idea, so I get why Audrey didn’t go last week. And I really don’t think getting Audrey out this week would hurt anybody’s game, except for the loss of a target that everyone would like gone. I think Shelli and Clay are vulnerable next week no matter who gets HOH.

Butters Mom

If Shelly puts Audrey up and Audrey goes, then it’s not that big of a deal… but if Shelly puts Audrey up and Austin flips the votes and Audrey stays…. Shelly has a big problem. Also, if some mystical power is used to save Audrey would also be a big problem for Shelly. I think Shelly has been playing a pretty good game so far and honestly, I just dont think Audrey is Shelly’s personal threat even though she finds her annoying. I think shelly is ready to get rid of her because she annoys her and because her alliance is pressuring her. I don’t want Johnny Mac to go either and he deserves to be saved with the veto because he has been used by Shelly and Vanessa a couple of times… not taking him off the block shows no respect and he will hopefully take the opportunity to get even if he stays. That means he will be going after Shelly… and I like both of them. I’d rather them work together than against each other.


Ok surely everyone has peed in the shower before? lol maybe not. I don’t find it gross if it’s your own personal shower, but in his situation, I find it very inconsiderate.


Now John has 5 votes to stay: Clay, James, Becky, Jackie and Steve with Shelli breaks the tie if something happens unless there is a twist that might send him home. Poor Johnny this week: a punishment from losing BOB, have-nots and on the block with danger of going home. I hope he will be safe this week and go from on the block to hold power next week.
If Audrey is on the block, she will expose all secrets information from Vanessa and Shelli. The house dynamic will change. The target might be shifted to Vanessa and Shelli next week.


They should have waited until the double eviction.
Bye bye audrey. Kinda hoping production gives you the diamond pov


Alright guys, so I had this dream where Julie announces to the house after the vote “The empirical evidence shows Audrey, you have been voted from the house.” I just know it means something.

twistin with the twins

Well Ms. Bat shit crazy you are about to have loads of empirical evidence on who is going home very soon. Have fun analyzing!

Eric CA

Ugggh. First off part of me wants to have a purely LGBT reactionary post regarding Transgenders. Nobody chooses to be Transgender or Lesbian or Gay… all of those have existed since the day one. Transgenders are just getting there time to set out of the closet further like the rest of the gay community has. I can tell even before hormones or the surgery there have been people that have lived their lives as the the opposite gender. The references I could provide is predominately are women living as men (There are just more stories.). We should not demonize people for being their authentic self.

That being said… equality means equal treatment so to be fair it is to have the same repercussions and treatment any heterosexual cis male or cis female (Congratulations people that were born in the body that matches your gender identity, we now have a politically correct term.) player of Big Brother. I as an Out Progressive Gay Man have a pet peeve when people will get outraged when a person that is LGBT is evicted or talked poorly about… To be honest LGBT can be schmucks too… why do you think we have terms like Stunt Queen (con man of thief… playing a stunt is doing a scam.), Shady and ratchet… we have all the same personal faults straight people do… So when she gets caught being a Shady Lady pulling a stunt in the house and acting all ratchet when she gets T in the face.. oh honey she needs to go… just like any other houseguest. Shell put up Audrey.. evict her please.


You didn’t use any of those terms correctly/ in the right context and only maybe one has negative connotations due to people using it incorrectly and racist stereotypes. But anyway, I got the gist of what you were trying to say, I guess. All most people want is to be treated fairly and recognized as human beings, in all their complexities.

Eric CA

I used all of those terms correctly LOL…
Shady Lady (Audrey throws major shade in the house… Shade is just the artful way of talking crap. whne you say shady lady it al means a person that can’t be trusted. In the Queens Gaulish it is gender unspecific.) pulling a stunt (Audrey plays stunts all of the time…. when she started the whole Da’Vonne thing with Shelli and Becky or when she tries to con people in the house that is a stunt.) in the house and acting all ratchet (Ratchet can also mean pissy or acting like a victim when she got caught) when she gets T in the face (meaning somebody exposed her lies… T means truth.) .. oh honey she needs to go (she needs to go.). In what matter was I not clear in what I said or used them out of context. I thought it was pretty clear.

Now if you are referring to Cis Male or Cis Female… that is also accurate. It refers to people born in the body that they gender identify with.

Please explain the racial stereotypes… You do know that Gay people of all races talk in that manner. It’s not a universal but it does not know a race. There are no racial undertones at all.

I think what you are being caught up in is your own political correctness. Sometimes with that (I can say this as a gay man who has been out and involved in activism for most of my life.) it ends the dialogue and only leads to a disconnect in the dialogue. Both sides stop hearing each other. It creates wall that make people feel defensive. Fairness also means the negative responses that other people would receive. Learning to keep the dialogue open is something that Transgenders and Transgender Supporters need to learn just like many other LGBT people have… Shutting things down does not mean you won the fight it just means that you ended the discussion.


Well said Eric…..gay male here too an I perfectly understood what your were saying all in correct context.

Free folk

If jmac ever needed a Reasoning to put up one of the upstairs crew he has it! Taking Jason down instead should prove to Jim he’s the doormat for them,if he can’t see that now I’m done wasting time rooting for him.guess I’ll move on to jackie..a house plant has more chance then a doormat :/

Lady E

Johnny Mac/Super Pawn/Mr. Floppy better not go home!

Johnny Mac in the DR:
comment image


Anybody else think Steve gave some empirical evidence of bravery with James in the trash bag? He bounced right down there, rather than jumping away. I mean, there coulda been a ZOMBIE in there!!

Loving this Season

It would be interesting if Shelli put up Liz and took out two players at once. Austin would freak out but I don’t think he has that much power to cause any real damage. Then Shelli and Clay could align with the other side and have more numbers. They are already doubting Austin anyways so their alliance is breaking up sooner rather than later. I’m not a huge fan of Shelli and Clay but it would be an interesting game move and would real shake up the house.


Unless the likes of Jackie, Meg, Jason, James, Steve and Becky get off their asses and win an HOH, they can bitch and crab all they want, but they are continually going to go on the block. Are these people thick? Also, why are they letting a pair like Shelli/Clay run around the house willy-nilly constantly in control and not be plotting their demise? There is something seriously wrong with these people. They are being led around by the nose. Shelli/Clay and Vanessa are an awesome threesome that need to be shaken up royally before anything in the house is going to change.


Well the last person that mentioned Shelli and clay to split up is now home watching the show like the rest of us


Austin needs this next HOH, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he (now that he knows Shelli/Clay are unhappy with him) puts them up. He is afraid this week that he might be a replacement nominee, so must have an uneasy feeling about the two of them. Add to the fact that Vanessa must be having thoughts about Shelli/Clay at this point as well, and wouldn’t get the blood on her hands.

brotalk to human dictionary

So, nobody seems worried that Audrey knows that John has been throwing bob’s?
She’s been in on the meetings.
She could discredit John to the voters (you know, the other weekly possible nominees).
They may like him, but they may decide keeping him around means a death sentence for whoever is nominated with him.
So much for the safety deals.


I am over Steve’s monologues to the camera. He really needs to get a social game and get some allies to talk to so the audience can stop cringing at his awkwardness. Oh, yeah, and not screw over his allies with his vote.

Thor's hammer

Slytherin and Lucifer…This guy Jason is hysterical. One night they were all calling Audrey a witch, and he said “burn her at the stake”, I love this guy.


Yes, they are doubting Austin this week, but their paranoia will move on to someone else next week who just happens to bring their name up in a conversation. Austin or whomever wins next week needs to put their asses on the block. Get one of them anyways out of that house. They have an alliance with just about everyone in that damn house, and hopefully will get exposed like Jeff was. Vanessa is moving herself smoothly in with other people as well. This could get really nasty before long


I’m getting very disappointed by the many transphobic comments on this site. Audrey’s game play, personality or mental health status have nothing to do with her being trans?


Not to be rude but, taudry’s mental health status has everything to do with her transition. She is unstable and hungry for attention. Guess it worked.

truth hurts

Gender dysphoria is arguably a mental illness to begin with and many if not most post-op transgenders have severe depression issues, possibly due to or exacerbated by the extreme levels of hormones they must take to suppress their natural biology. They have extremely high rates of suicide.

Having Audrey in the BB house draws back the curtain on the rosy rainbow liberal view, trending lately, that bring trans is hip and cool. In reality it is extremely challenging and difficult, and made even more so under the extreme circumstances of being in the house.


I predict Audrey will not be on the block because production won’t allow it who’s calling the shots ?


IF shelli actually goes through with this and ignores production i dont think there’s any way they could convince enough people that johnny needs to go so you know they will pull a twist out of their ass to save her. suddenly caitlyn jenner will show up and bestow audrey with a power to save her on eviction night

Lady E

Steve wants to evict Audrey to gain respect/be liked? Just continue doing what you’re doing and win the game, dude lol. You’ll be respected for that.


I’m just curious. Is each comment approved before posted? If so, would it not be possible to weed out gay/trans bashing posts…just not post them?

I understand a lot of posts are character bashing. That’s because if you’re an ass you’re an ass. Regardless of race or sexual orientation, or gender. To me, that is different. I’m not here to argue what’s right and wrong, choice or no choice. Nor do I think anyone should be. This is a site about a TV show. The LGBT bashing needs to stop. Now. Grow up. And if you can’t grow up maybe you do need to be censored. As far as anyone calling Big Brother a “Family Show”…wait…what??? Really? Damn. I missed that.

Donald Trumps Blowout Specialist

First off we have freedom of speech and freedom of religion. DO NOT CENSOR ANYONE. Educate through compassion. I do believe that there is a biological reason one is gay or has gender dysphoria. Perhaps if we can find out if a child is gender dysphoric when they are born they can be raised with the correct identity and then have surgery privately and not go through with all the issues of publicly transitioning as it were.


Gross Clay!


Yeah Audrey out is best play for Vanessa right now…but she knows Jason isn’t for sure in her pocket. Jason, Meg, James have wanted Audrey out not cuz of Audrey but cuz they havent been in power and they don’t want it to be them going home.

Nessa knows very well those 3 could try and take her out if they get a HOH. Try is key word though…they don’t have the numbers to take Nessa out.

Vanessa sitting pretty right where she wants to be right now.

Pick off these peasants first then when the twins both in house..she rolls on bigger players. Austin…Clay..and further down road Shelli.

It sucks cuz Steve was gona be her final 2 guy but this fool gets off on going rogue for no reason and accomplishing nothing. Just cuz he bored. Get your head out your ass Steve or Nessa will have to cut u out as well.


Every child is born innocent without sin. We are not born as aldulteres, murderers and alcoholics, gay, transgender. The devil wants us to believe we are born that way, as we get older are hearts gets away from God and we allow sin in. God loves Audrey and all of us but not are sin. The only way to get away from sin is to receive Jesus as your personal Saviour.


It wasn’t okay for George Constanza! lol


What they need to do is open their eyes and put Austins ass up what a punk ass bitch he is biggest pussy ever on bb biggest stalker I have ever seen goofy lookin jerk