“I am not one of these little club wh***s that you can treat like that! I am a grown a$$ f***ing woman!”

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3:18pm Backyard. Josh joins Christmas on the backyard couches. Josh – how are you sunshine!? Christmas – I’m just enjoying this beautiful day. Did you guys (Paul & Josh) work things out? Why are you so down today? Why are you sad? Josh – I’m not sad. Josh – this is a bad look… them seeing us lying here. Christmas – well we have to be really conscious of the door. Josh – if we have tied in Kevin and Raven .. why does he just not use the veto? Isn’t that better? Christmas – because we don’t want Alex to gun for it. And if he does then he might be able to get her to throw it to him. Josh – what do you think Paul’s pecking order is? Not mine and yours. Christmas – Alex, Raven, Kevin. Josh – me and you need to …… I’m going to chill, I’m done with the plan. Christmas – you’re thinking about it. Did he explain to you why he would need to pull Alex in? Josh – he wants to have a big blow up with me. This is all to his benefit and not .. if I have a fight with him. Christmas – Josh, us all working together is for all of our benefit. Josh – I know.. I’m going to go nap. Christmas – no. Josh – I’m going to go nap. Christmas – Josh!? Josh gets up and walks away.

3:25pm Bedroom. Christmas & Josh.
Christmas – have a seat! Two things! You ever pull a poor little f**k boy move like that again and walk away when we’re having a conversation. You say f**k you Christmas! I don’t give a sh!t about you, I don’t give a sh*t about what you say. I am not one of these little club whores that you can treat like that! I am a grown a$$ f**king woman and you do not treat me like that. Josh – I was going to the bathroom. Christmas – Do not interrupt me until I’m done! Josh – okay. Christmas – we can have conversations, we can have discussions, we can have arguments. You walked away from me!! NOT F**king okay! Don’t f**king do that again! Josh – okay. Raven comes into the room. Raven – what did he do? Christmas – he knows! You don’t need to know. Christmas leaves. Raven – what did you do? Josh – I’m over it!
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3:32pm Lounge room – Josh and Paul.
Paul – I was just planting the seed of what’s going to happen. I was like alright I am using it on you (Alex). Starting to build that … so like I can blow up on you. She was like Josh asked us if we trust you. BUT I know what your conversation was. She made it into like why did he ask us. I don’t know why he just asked us. Josh – do you want to pull her in? Paul – no fool! But you see what she is trying to do? I know it was when they were freaking out about the veto. I was like what was the context of the conversation and she said he just pulled us in and asked if we trusted you. See what she is trying to do? Its okay, we’re good. The seed is planted.

3:35pm Backyard. Josh to Christmas – I am sorry. Christmas – do you know why you’re sorry? Josh – I just didn’t want to continue the conversation so I walked away. Christmas – NOT ACCEPTABLE! Not acceptable behavior for a grown man. You are more of a gentleman than that! For any woman. Josh – I really did have to use the bathroom though. Christmas – no, you said you were going to go take a nap. Josh – I am sorry, I didn’t mean it. Christmas – teammates, friends, family members .. you respect what they have to say even when you don’t want to hear it. Josh – yeah I just feel like its the same conversation over and over again. Christmas – yeah it is the same conversation over again. Do you know why we are having the same conversation again.. because you have either not accepted it or not moved on. Josh – he just told me that he has planted the seed.. Christmas – listen Josh, you either make up another f**king plan that makes you more comfortable. I’m fine with the plan because it does put blood on his (Paul) hands. He is going to have to take HOH next week. ALex is going to know that we f**king duped her. You think that she isn’t going to go to jury and talk sh*t about all of us?

Christmas points out how Josh gets fixated on things and doesn’t listen to anything else. And you get reactive and defensive. Paul is going to have to show his cards next week. Josh – he is going to have me win it next week. Christmas – did he tell you that? Josh – yes. I am done with the plan. Christmas – then think up another one. Josh – no I am done with the plan. I’m over it, I’m done. Christmas – if you don’t like it then we pivot. Josh – you and Paul are good with it, then I am not going to f**k it up. Christmas – did you have this conversation with him? Josh – I did and he dismissed it. Christmas – you have to push it. Josh – I think we don’t use it (Veto). Christmas – then that shows our cards to her. Christmas – she (Alex) can not win (HOH) period! Alex joins them. Alex – I cannot wait for tomorrow (when Kevin goes on the block and she comes off). Christmas – you’re going to die when you hear my speech. You’re going to want to get some motherf**king popcorn.

3:40pm Pool – Jason and Alex talk about Raven lying about her health issues. Alex – she definitely threw yesterday. Jason – that’s f**king weird, like why would she do that.

4:35pm Paul working out. Meanwhile Josh is reading the bible..

4:45pm Lounge room – Paul is studying the dates / events of the season. Josh, Raven Jason join Paul. They talk about how many tattoo hours he has. Paul says he has 120 hours. Josh doesn’t believe it. So Paul goes through all his tattoos and how long each one took.

4:50pm Havenot room.
Jason is reading his HOH letter..

5:12pm Bathroom. Christmas tells Jason that Paul has a new puppy. Jason – who? Jason then laughs and realized that Christmas is talking about Raven following Paul around. Jason – we all called that she was going to attach herself to him. She probably cries about everything and she didn’t cry when he (Matt) left.

5:40pm Josh and Paul play chess. Josh had to promise he wasn’t going to cry when he loses.

6:10pm – 6:30pm Kitchen – Raven tells Alex that she is on her third pacemaker and each of them cost $25,000 each so that’s $75,000 and that doesn’t even include the costs of surgeries and anesthesiologist. All the tests are experimental. Like I’ve had a 7 inch needle shoved up my rectum. Gastroparesis has caused me to get other diseases like hyperthyroidism, acid reflex, arthritis, knee problems. Alex – god damn. Raven – some people can live with it but that’s not the case for me.

6:50pm – 7:15pm Bedroom – Christmas and Josh.
Christmas – I push back in different ways to make him see different options. I just don’t want you to feel like I don’t have your back. Josh – I don’t feel like you don’t have my back. Christmas – we can’t show our cards until after the next HOH. We are in the best position and I promise you he will have blood on his hands before the end of this game .. okay? We have one more major competitor to get out. The way you walked out on our conversation earlier was so rude. I really didn’t want to come back and talk to you that way but I was just so mad! I don’t get that mad. I’m not like some hoochie momma that he can just pull my hair. Raven joins them. Josh – I think we’re doing a double on Thursday (Yup). Paul and Jason join them.

8:10pm All the house guests are lounging around. Josh puts Paul’s furry vest and parades around with it on. Paul gets annoyed and asks him repeatedly to take it off. Josh – take it off. Paul – I’m not taking it off for you. Why did you put it on? Josh – because I wanted to. Paul – why are you going through my personal things? Take it off. Josh dances around and then heads to the bed room to take it off. Paul – seriously don’t wear my clothes fool! Paul gets up and hides behind the door. When Josh opens the door Paul rushes him and jumps on him as Josh runs away.

8:37pm Bedroom. Paul is lying down. Josh joins him. Josh – what happened? Paul – he (Kevin) was just b***hing something about a sandwich. Paul – Jason said walk away, walk away. Alex joins them. What did he say? Paul – something about it being disrespectful that someone didn’t ask him about making a sandwich. If people want to call him out on other sh*t you can add that in.

8:55pm Paul and Josh talk. Paul – its getting close to the end and you’re gassing yourself out. I get it, its hard. Josh – I am going to take that shot. Paul – I know but you need to feel comfortable. Josh – my position in the plan .. ya it is f**king hard. Paul – its the safest plan. And you have to see that Alex isn’t going to take a shot at you and Christmas because she doesn’t see you as a threat. Josh – I know. They end the conversation because they hear people coming. Alex and Christmas join them.

9pm Raven is raving out in the lounge room..

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Jason and Alex have to be the biggest dummies in big brother history .how do they not understand they are being duped ..what was the plan last week when it was Matt and Raven take one of them down and put up Kevin up only Jason didn’t want to do that but it’s the same thing they’re doing this week they’re using Kevin as a pawn the exact same way they were going to do it last week how does Jason not get that … Sad

Franks Fumes

Yeah those conversations between Paul and Jason (last night)in the sex room were crazy……it’s like he can’t comprehend the simple fact that he is going home. Paul’s face goes blank when Jason explains his thoughts. It’s like a psychiatrist and his patient the Dr. being very careful to be non judgemental and tip his shock at how loopy Jason is……Wtf did they find Jason he is a trip…..Alex is just arrogant and clueless not nearly as interesting as Jason.

Martha Stewart

Hoping Thursday’s HOH involves combing hair with a tooth brush.


^ That was strong Martha.


This HOH was serve on a gold plate for Xmas.
Didn’t see the word (Go) been used, every HG new that production gives them the opportunity to make believe that they were confused,and made mistake.
She even asked Josh if he could trip on is way out.
It has been a where shows this year,hope until they give us a game with only masterminds,or poppet master.On the other hand I don’t want to see Paul again!!!!!!!!

Franks Angry Fumes

This evening xmas rolls in the bathroom and threatens Kevin”you got something to say to me about a sandwich”……Kevin scrambles “no hun I wasn’t talking about you…..are you kidding me”…….Kevin stumbling over himself with apologies pleading with her to believe him…….my stomach turned then I got really pissed. I know this is just a dumb show but to see a grown 56 year old man in fear of that horrible witch was difficult to watch……about 8:30pm if you can handle it. I f#cking hate a character on a dumb tv show its stupid I know but wow what a horrible excuse for a human being……


I’m just so disappointed, that Kevin puts up with this BS. WTH has he got to lose, by telling Christmas and the rest of them, to pi** off.
Seriously, he must know they need him, for at least a week. There really are no words!!

Was a fan until this season

Its yet another example of the pointless mean treatment that production is allowing. They have gotten away with mob mentality and inciting bullying so much ( and CBS is allowing parts of it shown on live shows ) that they just can”t stop. Its beyond bad and I feel horrible for Kevin. Production needs to some attitude adjustments to Xmas Josh Alex and most of all Paul. They are giving Big Brother a bad name.


I wish someone would go old school and fly a banner over the house saying Paul has a final deal with everyone. The bad thing is even if they did Alex, Christmas, Raven, and Kevin would just be upset that it might hurt Paul’s game.


Tonight’s episode was my favorite since we were left with only Paul’s zombie sheep. Alex looks like the worst big brother player in history and Paul is even making fun of his zombie sheep (as the puppet master) getting them all to throw the competition. I know some of you can’t stand it but from the overwhelming consensus (I would say 98% of us agree with each other) you couldn’t have watched a funnier zombie sheep episode laying out their herding mentality that’s been driving us crazy for millions of people that don’t watch the feeds.


Luckily for Alex, she’s on this season of BB where Jess and Cody have already cemented “worst player in history” status.



You are right.

I wish that the nominations would remain the same, and, Alex would get voted out.

Jason needs to start making deals with Paul, Xmas, Josh. Jason needs to tell Paul “I will never come after you. Alex will.”

Anything to get ALEX OUT THIS WEEK!

Perhaps the fact that Josh is expressing concern over Paul’s game play will allow Josh / Kevin / Jason to come together to make sure that ALEX STAYS ON THE BLOCK AND GOES.

Since Thursday is a double eviction – maybe Josh can win HOH and send Paul home (now that it seems as though Josh is having second thoughts regarding Paul). If Josh can get Xmas to “get on board” with keeping nominations the same (meaning Xmas and Josh will tell Paul not to use the veto as they both Alex gone) – and – if Josh can get Jason and Kevin to work with him — Big Brother 19 Season of The Dictator Paul may come to an end.

Whistling sissy

Oh, xmas. You are so effing close to waking up. Forrest Gump speaks the troof. This is like watching a crappy 80’s horror movie. I scream don’t open that door, but they never listen to me.


What the f**k is wrong with Christmas.
She’s a bitch for no reason.
Now I wish she had been taken out at the beginning of the game.


Why is Xmas sleeping downstairs in the same bed as Paul….They always are saying let’s not let people see us talking…I guess they’re talking marketing


It msut be that time of the month for her.


Is that medically possible for him to have a time of the month?


Christmas is direct. She tells you directly what she feels, if she likes/loves you. Josh has been pampered and he likes to stomp off. She and Josh are a team, she needed to remind him of that. I do think Paul/Christmas should be listening to Jason’s concerns a little more, that being said, Jason should be listening to them. Instead he’s blocking what they say because he’s fixated on his internal dialog. He could make a big move soon. He’s watching the puppet show now and wants to clip their strings.

You get me

F**k you Christmas, if he wants to walk away that is his prerogative. Maybe he just didn’t want to talk about it. You are so fucking controlling. No wonder you don’t have a man.


He didn’t just walk away. He told her twice he was going to take a nap. Now she feels somehow justified to talk to him like a 5 year old child and when he apologizes to her (for some crazy reason) it isn’t good enough for her and she continues to berate him. She’s running scared. Paul has brought in Raven and Kevin and now he wants to bring Alex in close. Josh gets it. If Paul wins HOH he has all the votes if he decides to CLIP Xmas or Josh.


Maybe she’s a lesbian…….she doesn’t need a man. She could kick yur fat arse!


She is a lesbian or at least a former lesbian but has switched sides.


Bossy much Xmas? dang sounds like a Drill Sargent.

Paul the Punk

I can’t wait for these aholes to start turning on each other. Can you imagine the outrage when someone nominates Paul, Alex, Josh or Christmas for real? Priceless.

Im LIke

Please let it be Paul who goes on the block home in the next hoh. I am so sick of Production already having a winner!!! Last year when it was down to eight, someone predicted on this board and I think others boards ,exactly who would get evicted in order and who would be the last 2 .I don’t know if they were told by someone in production or just guessed by the way production was acting but it did kind of makes me sad that they were right!!!! Maybe deep down I want to believe that a little is actually not already planned.

The Fix is In

Paul will blow a gasket if someone actually puts him up. Production would have to bring the tree back if that ever happened.

Paul Wears Lifts

Thursday could be the best episode ever the double eviction if Alex and then Paul were evicted.

sunny dee

the only one who would put paul up after jason gets evicted is alex. if you want to see paul on the block, you might want to rethink the order there. but he is still in the only position in the house where all the voters won’t vote him out, so it wouldn’t even matter.

i’d like him gone at f3 tho, that’s a lot of work, manipulation and more just to get there with someone you are 100% thinking will pick you and then they don’t. ask neda lol

i think paul had better bethe one picking f2 partner, because if he does go as planned to the end with xmas and josh, i don’t think either of them are picking him. he may have underestimated their bond, and overlooked the fact there is an unbroken pair still in the house. no more showmances, but the housemances are still intact so far. joshmas is just as solid as jalex

Paul Wears Lifts

Production does not already have a winner. The fact that they added Paul’s parents to the jury this year was pure coincidence.

Teletubby Paul

I hope Kevin wins the next HOH and puts up Paul and when Paul asks what the plan is Kevin should just ignore him.


Well we all know if Kevin win HOH, he will 100% ask Paul what to do, bec Paul will tell him how he save Kevin from being on the block this week.


Or tell him, just be quiet, don’t talk to anyone, just sit in the room and read your bible. Just “TRUST ME”.

Teletubby Paul

The best thing about all these losers left in the game is that somebody has to go each week. Watching Paul, Alex, Josh, Xmas, etc. go is going to put the fun back in this game.


Jason was nominated For Real.

Kitty Litter

I hope Alex gets voted out this week. She is more dangerous than Jason.

Little Paulie

I bet Paul shows Alex his friendship this week.


This is the worst season ever. The cast are very stupid and they just wasted 3 months for nothing. You might us well call it Big Brother Paul. The producers should just give him the money. The players are no good. No one deserves the money. This season is boring and disgusted. CBS should just cancel the show. I can not believe that CBS allows this kind of garbage and behavior on the air.


Poor Kevin doesn’t seem to have a clue. Josh – needs his momma. Raven- either sad case or mentally ill. Jason – why does he believe any of these scoundrels? Alex-her own biggest fan. Christmas-moody b****. Paul-annoying puppet master. Worst and most boring season ever.


I would love it if Kevin’s wife sent a couple of his friends from the old neighborhood in her place to the after party. To see them have a stare down with these knuckleheads that treated him like a viper these last few weeks would be priceless. Yes Paul, waste part of the 500,000 on security. It’s just “friendship”! Alex, get out your rosary beads and drop to your knees in prayer. Josh… we all know you’re going to just start crying, asking why am I always being threatened when all I did was want to have a conversation.


For the umpteenth time CBS has already told them there will be no after party this year. Just imagine this toxic group of people amplified with alcohol in their systems. They would have to call the POPO to break up a riot for sure!


Did this really happen no after party

Heads in the Sand

They’re all going to feel so stupid when they finally realized that JOSH, of all people, figured out Paul’s game before the rest of them did.

BB Cat Lady

X-mas oh vile X-mas … she’s one great motivational human being.


Come on Josh you can do it. Be a free thinker. We have til Thursday maybe it will happen and these morons will get a clue and not do what Paul wants. They really can’t Be this stupid. Has to be a joke.


This is the worst season ever. The cast are very stupid and they just wasted 3 months for nothing. You might us well call it Big Brother Paul. The producers should just give him the money. The players are no good. No one deserves the money. This season is boring and disgusted. CBS should just cancel the show. I can not believe that CBS allows this kind of garbage and behavior on the air.

Not again

We heard u the first time


Poor Josh – he is absolutely 1000 percent right and has been saying it for DAYS that all these ‘scenarios’ that Paul plants amongst the group ONLY benefits PAUL. All Paul cares about is Jury votes. I agree with Josh. Don’t use the veto. Paul is still going to come out smelling like a rose when he votes out Jason because he is going to be the one to side with Alex like he was blindsided. What is wrong with stupid ass Xmas?? Why doesn’t she question Paul and say ‘”Why are you pulling Alex close? Let Josh do it and you be the one that votes out Jason instead”. Of course not, these dumb assholes should write him the check now.


I think xmas thinks it’s a team competition and the entire team wins. No so.

Deanna Reichert

So what about this scenario:

Paul uses the betokon Alex, Kevin goes up.
The votes:
Raven for Jason
Alex and Paul for Kevin. Paul is just giving the promise vote to keep Jason in his good graces.
That leaves Josh to vote for Kevin too.
That screws up Pauls plan entirely.


AG must of run an ad this Year……………….”Wanted to play Big Brother, You must be either a Tyrant or timid, gullible, stupid, and down right nasty.
Nice, smart people need not apply.


That would rule out most of the people here


I’m watching it right now!


Josh just asked a simple question and for Christmas to blow up like that is ridiculous.
It’s weird.
If anything, Josh will get even closer to Paul because of Christmas’s attitude.
I mean, who wants to listen to that bs.


Someone duct tape Christmas’s mouth please.

You doubted her?

Sh1ts getting real.

Cmon Raven work your magic.

F’n genius she is.


ah…..now I see why Christmas is not married, makes perfect sense now

Josh's two brain cells

come on Josh, you can do this, go rogue! The way Xmas yelled at him was degrading and he must see it. I hope he says f*ck you to both Paul and Xmas and spills Paul’s F3 plans

I don’t think he is really as stupid as he appears, I think it is more being easily swayed and he was probably coddled all his life. This is his first “life” experience and it’s a harsh one


It wouldn’t matter if he “spilled” Paul’s final 3 plans. The rest of the house wouldn’t believe him because they too have a final 3 with Paul. They would just think Paul’s final 3 with them was legit.


No, but he could foul up Paul’s plans. ie: Paul and Alex are voting, to put out Kevin. Josh and Raven are supposed to vote out Jason. ( Christmas would be the tie breaker, to vote out Jason. ) If Josh voted out Kevin…Means Jason, is still in the game and Paul is screwed !!
Josh goes over to Jason’s side.
Kevin would be better off, in jury. Nicer people there.

BB 19 is a Farce!

I stopped watching the HOH Comp tonight when Paul pretended to slip and false start…. it’s disgusting….CBS should be pissed , they build and wire the set for the track meet race and no one uses it… 5 people ” throw ” it to an invalid………they build the ” Temptation Tree ” and no one uses it, there’s no competition, everyone is afraid of blood on their hands…. Christmas will never go against Paul no matter what truths become evident … she has said before that she would be content with coming in second to Paul.


Today is my birthday, and Christmas just ruined my big brother day.
What the heck is wrong with her. Crazy!

Another vile bitch

Xmas would cut off Josh’s testicles if Paul wanted a snack.

Franks Fumes

I hear their Delicious with black beans and rice and a cold salad


So when they have to eat each other who cries first? My guess is Josh.

Kevin for the win

Xmas is showing her fangs. What a bitch! I wish josh would tell her to go screw herself. Unfortunately josh made a deal with the two Devils and now he’s kind of stuck. If Jason was staying he could go flip sides. But Alex and Kevin can’t work together, as Alex is a bitch. I’ve also noticed how Paul talks down to josh (and Kevin, telling him to just stay in bed and don’t talk to anyone). Josh needs to start a real fight with the two bully’s and tell everyone what’s up. But nobody would believe him.


You stole my name. Adding spaces is confusing, I’m not a regular poster but have used the same name all season. 🙂


If Paul somehow gets through this unscathed, I want the song “The Devil Went Down to Georgia” to get played


My soul is crushed. I keep hoping for someone to stand up and be a hero but it just keeps getting worse. This is flat out abuse, Josh is begging for a way out. If I heard this conversation between a couple on the street I would intervene and yet somehow this keeps happening and I’ve done nothing. I am writing CBS but don’t know what else I can do. This isn’t a game anymore, it’s a sick ,twisted, abusive group that probably should have legal intervention. I’ve gone from entertained, to angry and disgusted, to just plain sad. Either CBS or the police need to get involved, I’m not sure of the laws in the US, but in Canada mental abuse to the degree we’ve seen is on this show is illegal.


You need help.
Illegal buahahahaha


Sick, twisted, abusive… are you talking about some of the comments here? Worse than what’s being said by HGs, with exception of Jason’s rape remark.


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Linda Kennedy

I am sick and tired of Big Brother not having any legal or moral response sibility to its viewers. There are riots going on in the USA about these same issues. I say if you want to win Big Brother and we hear any moral racial comments or bullying going on you are out. Thrown off the show. These people who do lure things make comments of raping someone’s wife and comments against races or transgenders needs to stop! The bullying allowed on there is ridiculous! Big Brother enforce rules and your cast CBS and your allowing this programming reflects on YOU! It’s sickening the people you have had on the last few seasons. I am a big big Big Brother fan but am seriously considering not watching this crap! I say AIR there dirty mouths and laundry and they should all be fired and have there friends leave them and family ! JASON HAS A BEAUTIFUL WIFE CHILD and one on the way and his talk is disgusting. I would leave him! Please make people accountable and throw them off the show n have back up people to take there place. I am sure there are many nice people who would love e a chance.?people like Frankie and Rachel etc …come on do something

Franks Fumes

I’m not one of those little club whores that you can just talk any way you want to……I thought that was a quote from Josh….(lol)


Christmas has never won anything. She’s pathetic. The house constantly bowing to her and giving her a free ride is even more pathetic. What a loser house.

Sick and tired

How did she get Dr’s clearance to play that HOH? Production wants Paul and Xmas final 2


Or they may actually want a Latino to be different. Or a terminally ill person. All sounds so newsworthy.


Production knew ahead of time that everyone was throwing it and that Christmas would never even had to take one step.

Paul's Cult Members

Well there you have it again! Christmas in full bloom..showing who she really is . She’s a nasty aggressive ugly person. The anti bullying expert in all her glory. Josh sees what’s going on but will continue to be a patsy. They make me sick

Kevin for the win

wouldn’t it be great if josh won HOH and put up the two Devils Paul and xmas! Paul is going to make him win the next HOH to send Alex out, so he needs to flip the game and send one of the scum bags home. I think he would win the game.


That sweet talkin, classy, lady like Christmas just melts my heart. If ever parents got a name wrong, it was with this joyful creature!



More like joyless creature.

Canadian chick

Christmas? Should have call her Halloween with a personality like that.

Franks Fumes

Who the hell does assmass thinks she is talking to Josh like that…….Her stupid motivational talks where she acts like she’s this wise teacher of life (lol)….give me a f#cking break you nasty witch!


This POS Christmas needs to be brought down a notch. You can’t be done with a conversation unless she ok’s it? I hope she walks into her first jazzercise class after this and tumbleweeds are rolling through. At first I thought Josh might be onto Paul but I’m starting to think production is involved. He won’t ever do anything about it and they know that. It just keeps the house from being so boring all week. These dick weeds deserve each other.

Franks Fumes

Thought the same thing he said last night I am seeing things clearly now…,.I think production is planting ideas in Kevin and Josh’s heads…..but believe me they didn’t figure anything out on their own (lol).

Teletubby Paul

They should bring Frank back just to fart on Paul.


My favorite comment today!

Franks Fumes

Yes bring Frank back in to fart and torture them……Paul was threatened bring time by Frank…..He was funnier and more likable than Paul and was on to Pauls BS……So of course Paul made up a bunch of stuff and got Frank backdoored.


By the way Frank is the one who taught Paul a lot of the game before he left last year. Basics like what a diamond veto is or how a regular veto works. People forget how f$cking stupid Paul was last year. He was the Josh of last season. If you look at Paul’s chest Frank might have shat on him already.


I hate Paul but Frank is just as big of an asshole as Paul. We don’t need to see either one ever again.


Amen to that. It was great watching Frank get bounced.


As I watch these idiots throw a competition to play into Paul’s hands I’m baffled. At this point in the game you’d have to be stupid to throw a competition. I wish they’d cast people that are actually competitive.

The Truth

You would think that a lightbulb would go off in someone’s head after that comp. i mean, if Paul is able to convince everyone in the house to throw an HOH, isn’t that a red flag that he has a good relationship with all of them and is working them? Isn’t that type of ppayer dangerous in BB? I’ve always thought so, at least.


Horrible, and boring as heck. Alex-DR, I can’t believe Kevin threw that HOH, he just sent himself out the door. Bahahahaha! What an idiot!


That last competition was pathetic! Christmas winning ! These players all need to lose. Alex is an idiot to trust Paul !


Jason you picked the wrong person for your ride or die. Alex is a witch.

BB Fan

More than that she is a stupid witch and in thrall to Paul.


Can i get a bible please


Man after watching that HOH, there needs to be hefty penalties for throwing so many competitions. Instant have not, not being able to play in the next HOH, SOMETHING.


Yes!!!! It was so frustrating to see. There are times that not winning might work to your advantage. But dang these idiots. I just don’t have words.


Yes airing that comp right down to showing Paul ordering others to drop out was ridiculous as letting Matt break ALL the Havenot rules. Since the comp wasn’t being aired live I wish production would have made them do it over and over again until the HGs actually attempted to make it look somewhat real.


OMG….Christmas is such a Bi&ch!!! That’s funny…listening to her talk about respect…Neither Paul or her respect Josh….. I don’t care for Josh but he is being treated like crap by them all and he never calls them out. I thought that’s was his thing….calling people out.. I guess he just played himself……

Little Sister

Josh she’s not mad she’s just very disappointed in you.


It’s a Scooby-Doo mystery why Christmas keeps getting left at the altar…

Captain Crunch

Who does xmas think she is talking down to Josh like she’s his mother?
This is what happen when you let people talk to you any kind of way and don’t speak up. They feel like they can talk to you any kind of way with no repercussions, Josh should grow a pair and tell xmas to kick rocks she needs you more than you need her.


Try to wAtch the show tonight and I can’t. This season is soo stupid. Gonna laugh my butt off when they realize Paul played all of them. Cvs please put people in the game that want to play, and stop with the safety stuff…Paul not being able to be touch for three weeks ruin everything.


We didn’t watch it again either. Can’t stomach it.


And Josh is going to walk away like a dog with his tail between his legs….what a whimp. He has realized that he has been a pawn with Paul but to coward to do something about it.


Just watched tonight’s show…man, I wish they had Razzie awards for TV shows. This should be a nominee for worst show of the year! Five false starts and not 1 race for HOH!?!?! Grodner has to go!


This season is the worst! Xmas shouldn’t have been able to compete and for everyone to throw an HOH is disgraceful. It wasn’t worth showing. Xmas bragging this is her 2nd HOH. She didn’t win either. I can’t stand one person in the house and Paul definitely killed this season. If this was their plan for this season, it sucks!! Big time!!!!!

Fake BB

After watching tonight’s HOH how the hell did production clear Christmas to compete in that comp smh


Absolutely it’s so Beyond rigged production just goes along with Paul’s plan to


She didn’t need both feet to play, she could hop on one foot, so why shouldn’t she play? Oh, just because you don’t like her I guess.


Very good point. She said the doctor hasn’t cleared her to walk on the boot yet, but she gets to participate in a foot race???

Josh's awakening

Wow is Xmas suddenly Josh’s mom, ordering him what to say or do? I like her less and less. Finally it is dawning on someone that Paul is only protecting his own game, but no one will listen!


Mark noticed what Paul was up to and no one would listen to him.


So did Dom, Cody & Jessica, that’s why there all gone.


I just thought of their alliance name, Paul’s Goat Farm.


Sorry, but goats are cool and smart…Paul’s Cockroaches!

Go home Paul

I was thinking lemmings…..but cockroaches is much better!


Did y’all see that veto game? Embarrassing, so f#€king embarrassing. What a bunch of freaking idiots, bless their hearts.

These People

Watching this episode is nauseating. I hate it, I am disgusted.


Josh Has got Paul figured out. He’s absolutely right; Paul is coming out squeaky clean and will have Alex by his side .. Nobody will be putting the blame on Paul as always… Christmas, Raven and Alex are the most blinded by the Paul mist. I will enjoy watching them walk out the door. Somehow it will be kevin’s fault lol and Paul wins the game. Is it just me but It seems as though Big Bro hasn’t interfered in the game as much as they normally do which to mean means they are fine with Paul just taking the game with zero interferance … I will hand it to Paul, he has played a great game.
Kevin for AFP


Cody for AFP. Want to see Paul blow his top. At least he tried to get Paul and Christmas out.

Kitty Litter

I’m voting Cody too.

Was a fan until this season

Kevin should get AFP just for the disrespect and bullying he has had to take.


Does that mean Josh just realized why Paul made him start fight with member of the jury, while Paul looks squeaky clean… hmmmmm , think josh think


Josh is trying his best to get Christmas to understand what Paul is trying to do by taking Alex down from off the block. Paul is only thinking of himself and Josh see through Paul.


Just when you think this season cannot get any more vile…voila! Astonishing, really. When this show started it was billed as a “human social experiment”. Guess we’re seeing how that can go. Money, power, fame…whatever these (I use the term loosely) humans are in there for, it really is showing their character. And it’s ugly.