Jason “If Johnny starts throwing it I’m going to drag his dead corpse around!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV July 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner ? Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots ?

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 13-09-45-053

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1pm Comic bedroom – Johnny tells Audrey it kind of irritates me a little bit you know what I mean. Audrey says I completely understand. I just got into an argument with her (Shelli) because she threw me under the bus with Jason to deflect her nominations. I told her before when she was thinking about nominations not to put you up if you don’t want him to come back for you. I just really believed they were going to put up Becky and Steve. That’s what everyone was saying. If for some reason you lose I don’t think the will target you. Johnny says yeah, its tough when you lose battle of the block to feel safe. So in my gut I want to fight for it. Audrey says I think you guys are better as an intellectual match. I’m more confused why they aren’t telling me. She said that all the nominations were very last second. Johnny says I believe it because I was told last night I was good. James joins them and says that Liz told him he was safe last night too. Then the next thing you know.. BAM you’re on the block!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 13-11-02-454
1:05pm Cabana room – Vanessa tells Steve that Shelli and Clay are on to you working with us. Don’t ever let this get back to me. They assumed that the deal was unclear. They had a deal with Johnny Mac but still put him up. I had to act like I didn’t care about them wanting you to go up but all the while trying to prove why it wasn’t good to put you up. I spun it good ..I was trying hard to hide it. I said that you’re not a target because you’re isolated. Vanessa says just so you know I will never vote against you. I have your back. If we have information about the other, we tell the other.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 13-14-49-987

1:10pm – 1:40pm HOH room – Shelli relays the conversation she had with Audrey earlier. Shelli says that Audrey is very much against Steve. She is working with John. She’s fluffing things up with James again. She had been fluffing things up with Jason. She actually tried to make me believe that the reason I heard from her mouth that Jason is coming after me is because you all said it! Audrey is trying to make .. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!! Clay tells Shelli that she (Audrey) is setting it up with John that she wants him to throw it so she can use that. So you tell John to throw it and it looks like you don’t care about him. When I’m having this conversation with John she doesn’t know that John has told us… Jason joins them. Shelli tells I want you to go out and win it. I told Johnny the same thing. When you go out there you’ll see that he is trying to win it. Jason says he thinks James threw it last time. Clay tells Jason you can’t trust Audrey. Jason says I know I can’t trust her. Jason says Audrey swore on her life that she voted to keep Day so obviously she is lying to someone. Shelli says none of us know what is true with her. She gets you confused and gets you thinking things. She heard all this through Jeff and she is trying to say she heard it through Clay. Jason says she is trying to deflect on to everyone else. Jason says if Johnny starts throwing it I am going to drag his dead corpse around it win it.

Shelli says he thought that’s what I was going to say. I told him to win it. I just told Audrey to her face that Jason knows that it was you. Shelli says I am an honest player and will tell it to you straight. I don’t know why she is throwing my name under the bus. Clay says the longer she is here the more she can get on peoples good sides. Shelli says if it ever comes down to it, she is doing it to herself. She over analyses. Clay asks how would you put her up .. would you put her straight up or backdoor her. Jason says I would put her up and give her then chance. Who knows if she is good at comps. If its a double eviction she is dead in the water. She’ll only have 5 minutes to campaign. Shelli says she is paranoid and needs to stop it. Shelli says I was legit having a panic attack this morning. Clay tells Jason that before nominations I went up to Johnny and asked him if he was okay going up. Shelli says that why he thought we wanted him to throw it which is why I went to him after and said that’s not what we’re asking! Jason says if he looks like he is throwing it I am going to ream him a new a$$hole. I’m almost positive he won’t though. Jason says if anyone ever say anything to you about me just come and talk to me. Shelli says okay. Jason leaves. Shelli says I love him. Clay agrees. Shelli asks Clay did you asks Johnny to throw it. Clay says I told him its his option to throw it. Shelli says its okay because he’s going to go out and try and win it. Shelli says I think this is actually a good chance to connect with Jason.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 13-23-27-283
In the kitchen – Austin, Steve and Johnny talk about how they haven’t had a BB takeover yet. Steve says he thinks the BOB will be a 90’s takeover.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 13-50-06-855

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1:40pm – 2pm Audrey joins Shelli and Clay in the HOH. Audrey says that Johnny Mac is not going to throw it. He is pissed. Shelli asks did you tell him I wanted him to throw it? Audrey says no. He says he is going to go win it. Honestly I hope he doesn’t win HOH because I honestly don’t think he is okay. He is fired up. I asked him how he is feeling and he said he is fired up. He said sorry James I have to win it. Shelli says I’m not surprised anyone would be fired up when they’re put up on the block. Audrey says he does believe it was last minute decision. Shelli says it was. WHy do you not want him to win HOH? Audrey says He’s been put up 4 times and it just pushes him more over to the other side. Shelli asks what did you want me to do? Did you want me to put you up? Audrey says no, why didnt you put up Steve. Shelli says I didn’t want more blood on my hands. He could win HOH and then he would be coming after me. Clay asks why do you want Steve up so much. Audrey says I believe he was one of the four votes. I think he is being totally underestimated. Clay says we’re not underestimating him. He hasn’t done anything to us. Audrey says he hasn’t done anything to me either. Clay asks is there anything else about him? Audrey says his behavioural patterns .. I think the necklace (she thinks he brought the necklace in as bargaining power later in the game), beard, hat is all bullsh*t. He is putting on a façade. Audrey asks did Vanessa not know that John was going to go up? Shelli says she didn’t know. She went downstairs when we were still speculating. Audrey says this would have been much easier if I had just been HOH. I have more reasons than all of you to put them up. Audrey asks if Johnny and Jason lost .. and some how I got picked for veto and won. Would it be okay if I used it on Johnny. Audrey says he trusted me last night and I came up to put in a good word from him. Now he is going to be skeptical of me and not trust me. Shelli says you can tell him you had nothing to do with my nominations. Because you didn’t, you tried to come up here and I didn’t let you in. SHelli says I am going to be honest you weren’t in any way trying push for me not to put him up. Audrey says I justified reason for you not to put him up. I dont think he will trust me to tell me any other information.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 13-56-40-084

2:10pm – 2:20pm Liz has switched out and Julia is now in the house. She is in the HOH crying reading the HOH letter from her mom. Audrey comes through. Julia says she is just missing her family. Audrey hugs her. Audrey leaves. Austin comes up and starts filling Julia in on everything she’s missed since Monday.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 14-11-37-108
2:25pm – 2:40pm Shelli comes in and Julia and her get caught up. Julia says I feel bad being here though … she won it. Austin asks do you know how long you’re going to be here? Julia says till Monday. Austin says it should be a good week because we’re just letting whatever happens happen. Julia says so Liz said that no one is throwing this BOB? Austin says yeah. Julia says I am very pissed she (Liz) drank all the wine. Austin talks about how Jackie is going to have a melt down any day now especially if she stays on the block. SHe and Becky have been inseparable. Julia asks who is our target? Austin says Jackie or Becky and their (Shelli’s) target is Jason or Becky. But maybe even if they’re too pissed off Audrey. She talks too much and she’s paranoid. She’s too much. She’s annoying. Either way we’re good. Meg was the other option but why we can maybe start getting her to trust us. Julia asks there is something you’re supposed to tell me alone. Austin says that Becky came up to you and asked if I was trying to start a showmance with Jackie. And Jackie had said she was okay with it. Jeff then started calling Jackie sl*tty. Then I went on a date with Liz and Becky asked why I wasn’t going on a date with Jackie. I said because Steve asked her on the date. I think that is when Jackie started to get jealous. Austin talks about how Jackie and Jeff were crying in each others arms on Thursday before he left. Austin says I haven’t been honest with my name in here .. its one i’ve been using in the diary room. (Judas) Big Brother blocks the feeds.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-17 14-21-02-964

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Thumbs up if you think Austin is a CREEP!


The thing about Austin is that i’m not creeped out by his tattoos or his hair or his other persona, Judas. It’s how weird he gets about anyone being around the twins. Doesn’t he have a girlfriend? And even if he doesn’t, the twins aren’t personal dolls of his that only he can play with. That’s why I think he’s weird.


Austin is a creep
Clay is low key gay
Shelli is a cougar

Becky is invisible


Don’t forget Meh-g. She’s just so, you know, meh!


The twin smartes move would be to get rid of Austin. His jealously and obsession will ruin the twins games. No one will be able to make alliances and moves with them cause Austin will just get jealous and creepy. GO HOME JUDAS!!

More than creepy

It’s funny to see Austin obsess over Jeff. Austin is very douschie!

More than creep

I reflected on my previous comment on creepy Austin. I think I’m just 90% jealous of him and his twins and Jackie.


I haven’t watched the live feeds in a while. I didn’t really have anyone besides Johnny that I cared enough about and when I was watching then he was rarely on the feeds. I really hope Johnny doesn’t throw this one, and tries to save himself. The episodes are so much different then reading what is really going on. I had no clue about Austin being creepy or Vanessa and her power trip.

So thanks for the updates guys 🙂 is there anyone else worth rooting for?


JASON!!!!!! After he leaves there will be no one left with any courage to put the other side straight up. John boy will keep goin up because he is too scared to stand up for himself and he probably only has a couple more time, then they will drop him.


Jason, maybe. The problem is the house right now is Sycophants vs. Power Trippers and that is not a good combination for the viewers.


I like Becky. She seems to be figuring out things that are going on with very little information and she’s funny – last week she was telling some of the others that she hadn’t gotten called into the DR since Da was evicted and she said “I’m just the maid wearing the mouse slippers”…but it looks like her days may be numbered.


I LOVE Jason!


Will Austin besiege Julia too?!


Austin not the problem
its vennassa she in everybody business if they get her out I think ‘
it would be good for every body game she not to be trusted
to me


I agree. Vanessa has side deals with everyone and she tends to get into arguments based on emotions (ie: the Austin throwing the POV when she threw it herself). People will start to connect the dots with her soon enough, especially if she continues to get into arguments with her own alliance members. She wont be targeted before the couples she is working with, but she will have to work her ass off to make it far

My name is always differnt

I had something to say to that, but by the time I got the comment typed out it turns out you didn’t say exactly what I thought you wrote, so it wouldn’t have been as funny.

Cary on then.

*sneaks out backdooRADO to smoke with the invisible house guests.


I just want to slap the snot out of Audrey.

James already asked

how do you know she will produce?


backdoor shelly she winning a lot get a big time player out


“Shelli says I think this is actually a good chance to connect with Jason”
Shelli is so delusional … She has completely managed to increase the target on her
and Clay by 10 fold in 24 hrs
Great job Shellie
I wish these ppl would start playing a smarter game so the target stays on Austin
I can’t wait till Austin is gone.


how do shelly nom jonh all the time in want him to trust her
I think he knows now that shelly is going to do the same thing every time
aleast Austin did not do that to him its wrong same person form shelly
I think if johnny wins hoh next week shelly will be the target
that’s why I want jonny mac an Austin hoh cause I know Austin will let jonny mac
have hoh for revenge in vote out shelly


The majority of these people are quite obnoxious!
If anyone is throwing the BOB, they need to start winning, or they are going to be gone. I am afraid it is going to be another year, of Yuck, who wanted this person to win.


I had my favorites but they all seem to blow a fuse
it’s a long game … I’ll wait n see if they learn to adjust
At least the ppl I wanted gone so far … Jeff n Da are are out, so it’s not all bad


I like Audrey but at this point if her own protectors wont start telling her things to calm her down. then they need to get her out.

Someone needs to stir things up. its getting really annoying now.

Grassy Knoll Voter

I like how she constantly is throwing it in their face that they haven’t cleared her name yet.

I survived last seasons BB

This is the very reason I hate the BOTB..Week after week You have people literally asking permission to compete to save themself. To Me it’s on the same level as winning POV and not using it on Yourself. The game’s competitive aspect is just as important as the social aspect and the BOTB strategies ruin that


This season is really lack luster and boring. The people in the house are so dull and uninteresting that it really doesn’t matter who wins at this point.


Still better than last season.

Your call is important to us. Please hold


I find it interesting that Clay and Shelli aren’t on the same page in regard to JohnnyMac throwing the BOB and Jason being the target or not. Clay was clear that Johnny should throw the comp since Jason was the target. When Shelli asked him he said he gave Johnny an option. Thats what Shelli gets for using him as her mouth piece.


i didn’t like jeff at all but let’s be honest, one of the main reasons he is gone is because of austin’s complex. he is easily jealous. hopefully johnny plays this bob full out because i am tired of seeing him go up. not sure how you can put any faith at all in people who continuously put you up as a guinea pig. personally i’d be extremely irritated, one time is definitely too many. thank goodness for this site because the edits don’t show a fraction of what really goes on!


I can’t believe Audrey is the only person who realizes putting Johnny Mac up for a fourth time is a great way to make him flip. Of all people, AUDREY??


Not a fan of JohnnyMac at all. All of this throwing the BOB to further someone else’s game is going to backfire in his face big time. I hope Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, and twins go out in the next evictions. The only person I really like is Jason.


Are you kidding me? That is why Austin wanted Liz to put Jackie on the block, because then Jackie could not get a back door? I think he forgot to mention to Liz that was his reason. He thinks JohnMc will throw it and Jackie will be safe. Austin wants both twins plus Jackie. No wonder he wanted Jeff out. He wants all the men out.

another name

Austin straight up told Vanessa last week that his entire game strategy has been to get out all of the men, so that the house was just him and the women.


It will be awesome when Liz/Julia get Austin out.
Becky and Jackie haven’t shown him the least bit amount of interest, why does he even try.


I believe those were his exact words.

Vanessa's crazy

I was a huge Vanessa fan from her poker days and was rooting for her like crazy….up until recently. That girl needs to CHILL! She is a control freak and very pushy if not a subtle bully. Wish the other side of the house would have won HOH so that the power shifted a bit to put her, Austin, and the others in their place. I’m now rooting for the other side as Van, Austin, Shelli, Clay, Julia and Liz are getting on my nerves big time!!!

Canadian Kevin

I said because Steve asked her on the date. I think that is when Jackie started to get jealous. Austin talks about how Jackie and Jeff were crying in each others arms on Thursday before he left.

Can this stalker / narcissist / Schizo get evicted already?

Take Vanessa too – i’m tired of this side of the house already. I thought it was cool that they took over – but this is going on way too long now.

It’s enough


honestly I was a shelli hater before this post but I love how she always calls Audrey out on her shit before with her saying Clay said something and now this

Shelli says you can tell him you had nothing to do with my nominations. Because you didn’t, you tried to come up here and I didn’t let you in. SHelli says I am going to be honest you weren’t in any way trying push for me not to put him up.

girl tells it like it is I respect that also I find Vanessa’s deal with Steve interesting shes under the impression no one gives him info so she does to make him trust her but gets nothing back so unless shes depending on him to win some comps I don’t see the point


“Austin is so cool! His relationship with the twins is so cute and sweet!”

-Said no one in the history of EVER.

The Unsinkable Skidd Marks

Standing up for yourself is exactly what gets you booted. J Mac needs to keep doing his thing until the power structure in the house begins to unravel.

The Unsinkable Skidd Marks

Everyone hates Audrey, but she is the only one outside of the power couples who is overtly playing the actual game. Eventually she is going to win HOH and she may be the one who makes the first true power move of the game.


After all these BB seasons, I don’t understand why they don’t have a twist where the veto winner gets to choose the replacement nomination. That has “shake up the house” potential!


Okay, I signed up for the live fees using your site. Now, will they automatically notify you so you will receive your fee???


Thanks for changing the color/font for the noms to match the HOH that put them up

Side note: I think Austin has the worst tattoos ever! They look like veins and tree roots.


From reading the comments it appears the number of likeable players is very small.

Coral Sea

Thumbs up if you hat BOB…….( the so called fan favorite)