Jason “I don’t need your vote at this point because I know I don’t have them (Clay & Shelli)”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 10-16-30-875

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10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Vanessa, Clay, Shelli and Johnny are in the kitchen. Shelli says she’s excited to not be a havenot any more. Johnny tells Shelli they have less than 14 hours of being havenots left. Steve, Liz and Austin join them. Steve says he slept on the floor of the “prison” (sequester), I don’t know why but I did. I slept on the floor between the beds.

In the bathroom – Clay tells Becky you’re worried because of what you saw last night? (Jason talking to Clay and Shelli in the havenot room) Clay tells her not to worry about that. You’re okay.

10:35am In the bedroom – Jason talks to Steve in the comic bedroom. Jason says I don’t need your vote at this point because I know I don’t have them. Becky is going to target you next week against Austin so that she can flush out you and Austin will keep you to stay. And then she wants to put up Clelli during the double eviction. I told Clelli this last night .. the only real ammo I have. I don’t think they’re going to vote for me either way but like I told you the other day you’re in a good spot but if Becky wins.. this today .. you’re not! Becky is going to target you this week. Steve says okay. Jason says so just so you now that. Steve says thank you. Jason says you’re welcome.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 10-48-06-063
10:40am Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the HOH lock down.
11:40am The live feeds are still being blocked.
12:45pm Still blocked..

1:25pm – 1:30pm The live feeds return – Jason, Becky, James, Jackie and Meg are already back in bed. Meanwhile Austin, Clay and Shelli are in the kitchen. Vanessa is bringing the rest of her things down from the HOH with the help of Clay. Steve is playing with the hula hoop.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-30 13-42-50-851
1:45pm In the kitchen – Vanessa asks Steve if he is pumped? Athletic challenge! Steve says he is, I was correct.

1:50pm – 2:05pm In the bedroom – James says physical comp! My type of comp! Meg says that she gets nervous for athletic comps. Jackie says it could be like the puzzle one. It doesn’t mean its really physical it just means its not a question one. Jason says good luck with it tonight. Meg says I’m going to suck at it. James says you’re already talking negative. Meg says you two better win it. Jason asks oh so its up to them now? Jason says that if they (Shelli and Clay) were going to keep him they would have come to Jackie. It doesn’t look like they’re trying to. Meg says its putting a lot of effort into their hands. Jason tells Jackie I will tell you if they are (voting for him to stay so that she can vote with the numbers) but I also won’t tell you they are if they aren’t. I’ll talk to them again.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 14-35-51-826_jpg

2:25PM Meg, James and Jason

Steve – I don’t know if physical means like actually physical like physical or a bit of running back and forth collecting puzzle pieces
James – probably puzzles pieces
Steve – I mean really physical or just a little bit of running
James – doesn’t matter what it is regardless.. Meg, she’s got it no reason to play it today
Steve – Meg you going to win
Meg – I don’t know I get so many butterflies when it’s physical
Steve says she’s a dancer she’s good at physical comps is in shape,
Meg says she doesn’t dance much anymore she did when she was in college. Her arthritis made her stop. explains that is why she got surgeries on her knees. She show him the scars on the knees. She says one of the surgeries messed things up so they had to go in to correct it. She had three surgeries in total. ONce the scar turns white she’s getting a cosmetic procedure done that will make the scare very small pull both ends of the skin together.
James – why don’t you colour it with a sharpie
James – I like your scars it brings personalities to you.. it’s a story .. if I saw you in a bar I would be like DAMN
Meg – Ya I fell in a mountain

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 14-57-42-179_jpg

2:56pm Storage room Becky and Meg
Becky saying that jason is saying nasty things about her it’s a hail mary. She knows he’s going home but it’s hurting her going into next week
Meg says she hasn’t talked game to anyone, “Becky we’re all dying our peeps are dying fast.. we want you I’m begging on you jackie and james to win this you know my legs will die”
Becky says she plans to win it tonight
Becky says the vote will be 6 / 3

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 15-03-18-077_jpg

3:01pm Meg and james
James – well it’s just us three.. unless we can pull Jackie in
James asks if she thinks that other side of the house is allied
Meg does think so she thinks they are all just teaming up in the short term that’s why they have to start taking them out piece by piece.
James says when he wins HOH he’s making deals “You can’t touch Jackie, you can’t touch Becky you can’t touch Meg”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-30 15-06-03-084_jpg

3:07pm Vanessa and jmac
Vanessa telling him that “those three” are really trying to win HOH and if they do they will be coming after their side. She says their side is very tight and loyal. She shares that her and Austin are really tight even after he lied. After he explained to her why he lied she called him a idiot “But it worked OK.. My word is good”
Vanessa about Jason being nominated “It was just a game move”

Vanessa warns Jmac she can see James winning a lot of competitions she believes he’s been throwing them lately.
3:20pm feeds are cut most likely until the the end of the live show

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I survived last seasons BB

Jason knows He is a goner..At least He is going out trying to make waves

What’s sad is the weaker Players are sooooo oblivious to the trouble they are in..You have to put a dent in Clay/Shelli/Vanessa/Austin/Liz/Julia and REALIZE that they are THE alliance and everything else is fantasy. This season BADLY needs a power change Tonight

Great job on the GIF’s Simon and Dawg…Hopefully We will see less Austin soon !! LOL


Jason is going home because all game long he refused to even consider working with Steve and to a certain extent Austin. Instead he kept reaching out to Vanessa, Clay, and Shelli over and over. Like continuously pounding your head against the wall. He has looked down on and belittled Steve all season instead of trying to pull him in. He would rather call him a nerd and weird behind his back. He had a bunch of angles he could of tried with Austin and Liz (Clelli betrayed you this week, they wanted to throw the BoB, they created a replacement alliance earlier in the week, nobody would think we would work together, keep me and I’ll help you battle Clelli when it gets later in the game and you need allies, etc.) Nope, not one conversation with either of them. He would rather call them scumbags and sluts behind their back. And now after admitting defeat he is throwing Becky under the bus? Clueless to the end it seems.


I will give ya that Mike, well said about Jason. He should of pulled Steve in for sure. 2 super hands could of def had impact on the game. Never would of worked with Austin. Jason’s prob was his mouth & coming into the house; it was during Jeff’s interview with him about his strengths/weaknesses,he said his weakness was his mouth. Yes,he may have had a better connection with Van, believed her too much because she is a master manipulator. Everyone talked & still talks shit about Steve so let’s not get that twisted. Van & crew just being fake as well nice to use him but trash talk him still.


We need production to tip off Austin/Liz/Julia, that Shlay has been talking about getting the other side to get them out, and only has loyalty to Vanessa and not them. I would love to see Shlay and the Austwins devour each other over the next few weeks. Austwins take out Shelli, Clay retalliate, and maybe sprinkle in some Vanessa straight shooting both sides until the pawns take her out. WE NEED SOMEONE TO REALIZE SHELLI IS RUNNING THE HOUSE RIGHT NOW AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. If not, zzzzzzzzzzzzz….


Every person that has gone out has had a big mouth. No one likes the talkers in the house this year. It’s becoming a pattern in their evictions.

Magic mike XXS

Why is Audrey still in sequester for?


Audrey is not in sequester, she went home to her family. She’s been doing interviews and hanging out with Day. There is proof on her twitter page @oddreym


I agree with everything you said. Although I do find Jason SOMEWHAT funny, he has done exactly what you described. That day that Steven said that he hadn’t given him a hug and Jason basically told Steve to take a hike. For attitudes like that I think he must get the hell out of our TV. I have a principle I live by: never be rude or unkind to those who have done nothing against you. Treating people like sh!t is like asking for bad karma. And since we’re on the Steve subject, I never understood why people treat him so badly. He would have been a great ally… he was aching to work with Da and she just ignored him. I truly want him getting to the end just for the guy he is. I don’t even care if his game play is or isn’t good. But, anyway, bye Jason… get lost, loser.

Jackie's thong

Trying to make waves? He didn’t even get out of bed until last night. What super fan waits until the 11th hour to even begin to campaign? I don’t get the Jason love….the guy did nothing but smoke, talk trash about people and squander what useful information he was given.
These people deserve to be picked off by Vanessa and Shelli.
I don’t even want a power shift at this point, it would be pointless. I’m now waiting to get these last 3 lumps out of the house so we can watch the real drama when 6th sense really turns on each other. The battle of Van and Steve vs. Shelli and Clay.


I agree with you 100% Jackie’s thong, this season is a wrap except for the 6 sense


a superfan who doesn’t get that part of the trick to staying longer is to be making connections with EVERYONE for any reason. He cliqued with a couple of people, then basically gave off a stay away from me weirdos vibe to everyone else.

waiting until day 39 to start talking deals and alliances with anyone is ridiculous, as is a superfan living in the house and not seeing the many other connections people have already made. i know we look at things from the outside, but if 3 people are always in the same rooms, or on the other hand, those 3 people are never not once having any sort of meaningful conversations or attempts to connect with you, that would be a clue that they don’t need you.

There were a few people in the house waiting to be approached. The ones winning everything are the ones who approached others, making alliances, making deals. that the losing ones don’t make that connection to see the difference between what the winners do and what the losers do is mind boggling.

No one is talking to Becky, becky isn’t seen sequestered in rooms with other people, and yet there is an assumption she is working with people? no, she’s been sitting on her hands waiting for someone to ask her to join their group. which is another mistake. If she wanted a group. why not start one? you don’t get far if you wait to be asked to join, because by that time, you are very low in the priority, you are easy collateral damage to be thrown under the bus or on the block.

I'm all thumbs

I just couldn’t bring myself to thumbs up or thumbs down Jackie’s thong.

Come on Jackie’s thong, nobody here wants you to picking sides, stay in the middle.


You’re right, Jason’s a goner. I liked him because I do find him (mostly) funny, but he’s almost entirely brought this on himself. Like another poster said previously, it sucks that Austin will make jury, while Jason doesn’t (thank you, Vanessa – I hope you do help him find another job). What needs to happen very, very soon is this: JMac needs to talk to Becky, confirming that they both want to work with Clay and Shelli (for now). (Clay and Shelli see them as a potential powerful duo, so I think they’d be open to it (for now). The 4 of them work together to get rid of Vanessa first. Jackie, Meg and James will support this, I’m absolutely sure. They may need to TRY TO keep Steve in the dark…or JMac can reel him in. Once Vanesssa is gone, get rid of Austin or a twin. Then regroup, see where they’re at and maybe then go after Clay or Shelli at that point. What bugs me the most is I really don’t know what to do with Steve…would he flip from Vanessa to JMac? I don’t know. I was certainly surprised to see his DR glee when talking about Becky still being on the block. I thought he was pro-Becky. What am I missing here? Anyhoo, JMac needs a partner – and soon. Maybe Steve would be better choice than Becky ultimately…I don’t know. Becky and Steve are both quite timid people.


Honestly enjoyed your overall assessment. Steve is a wild card-could go either way. Van has this power over Steve that he is drawn to her & very loyal. I am over the Jason leaving & fully accepted it & wish he did better being a super fan. He should of worked the others the way Van did, especially having the knowledge he did. Still found him amusing.

JMAC has been the dark horse,& I said that from week two. He is willing to throw comps, doesn’t piss people off/annoy them. He is smart,but needs to start taking initiative to involve himself in discussions, even if listening,yet giving nonchalant responses. Stop sleeping so much/too early. That is the plot & scheming time for HG. Becky does not seem willing to work with JMAC one on one but only thru association of Shelli & Clay.

If Becky is continually clueless about Shelli or thinking she will take her to final 2 (which I have heard becky mention it would be great for 2 girls,i.e. them to make there) she is crazy. She needs to wake up & definitely final 2 with JMAC. Baffles me how willing she is to trust Shelli, while distances herself from JMAC while making sure others know this. I get her reasoning but just like Shelli & Clay get in bed to plot,she needs to come up with secret ways to plot with JMAC…putting all her eggs in one basket by thinking Shelli & Clay are her meal ticket to finals would be moronic. The only one I can truly root for at the end of the day is JMAC at this point. He has to bide his time while taking out the vipers one by one.


Me too – picking JMac earlyearly as my top fave, and he’s still there. Fascinating, really, when you think of how little we “know” about him. I’m hoping Becky regains her confidence this week when she’s off the block because (as you say), it baffles me why she has so much faith in Shelli. She’s as mysterious as JMac in many ways. I wonder (based on what litte she’s said) if she might be questioning where she sits on the sexuality preference continium, and maybe has a crush on Shelli or Vanessa (?) I dunno…just wondering if that might explain the guardedness, faith in Shelli, and keeping JMac at arm’s length (?) I want to see some MOXIE from her, but maybe it’s not there to be had. Due to JMac’s position (and temperament?), I think he feels he has to be sooooo careful to not get on Clay and Shelli’s radar. He also knows (for sure) that Vanessa is the “head honcho” and I think this is why he’s super careful with Steve – JMac knows everything goes back to Vanessa. Have Clay and Shelli ever mentioned when Vanessa should “go” yet? I’d like them to start thinking about it. Or, I’d take Shelli going home and then JMac could team with Clay (?) It’s all about what’s best for JMac’s game for me 🙂


The chances of this all happening are slim to none. As seen by this week, Shelli and Clay are all about numbers on their side, and Vanessa is a number for them. They were also talking about making a 3-way alliance with Shelli, Clay and Vanessa, so there is no way Vanessa will be a target in their minds. At this point everyone is preparing for the double eviction, and Shelli and Clay know that James, Jackie or Meg are gunning for them during that, not Vanessa, so if they don’t win this week, it will most likely be James or Jackie going home. If they do turn against each other, it will be against Austin or the Twins.

Pinocchio Obama

Does anyone else see a restraining order in Austin’s future?

Canadian Kevin

One interesting thing about this post is, if Jason tells Steve not to vote for him, he might have told the others not to either.

Which would kind of nullify shelli and clays plans to try and drive a wedge between becky and jackie.

Not that it will matter if one of the other side misses winning HOH.

But it’s still interesting.

Keep Jason

I don’t understand how no one is listening to Jason and not realizing they are just pawns! This is so frustrating!!!


Absolutely! Don’t care if you love or hate Jason but seriously wake up! Steve feels secure because he has Van going to try to keep him so they make it to final 2. Bet on that! Steve has people gunning for him for sure but Becky,JMAC, continue to bow down is pathetic! I enjoy JMAC, especially his DR sessions. How does,Becky,&JMAC believe that in Van’s army they are anything but pawns? JMAC sees that he is constantly saving their assess but when will he grow a pair & branch out to play both sides instead of being their minion? Audrey was twisted but honestly as many times as she cried wolf, these morons have got to see her words carry merit in terms of Van,Shelling,Clay. Very frustrating to watch the obvious,NOT just obvious for the viewers but a huge friggin line drawn in the sand. Grrrr…


Is it just me or does Shelli look like Jim Carey from The Mask, minus the green? Longest. Face. Ever.


I honestly think her teeth are too big for her mouth.


i am sooo disgusted at another season of no strategic players. Last year after Donny went Derrick had no competition. And I am afraid that this is going to be another let down of a season. Vanessa has no opposition. The first 6 weeks of the season Vanessa, shelli, clay, Austin and Liz were never put up. Clay only volunteered himself as a pawn. WHY don’t these idiots see that the ones that don’t get put up are in an alliance and more importantly, why doesn’t Steve, John, Becky, Meg, Jackie see that they are being repeatedly put up because they are expendable pawns. They are being played and are on the outside of the alliance? They might as well be sleep walking to eviction. I can’t believe production is allowing this to happen AGAIN!


Geez Jason, way to give up. I know it wouldn’t have been easy, but he needs five votes and he already has three. He should have been talking to everybody, not sleeping and waiting until the final hours to talk to shay.


I’m 90% sure the mystery vote will be the empircal evidence needed to show that Jason Is a terrible player.

Chick in Louisiana

Jason is so fixated on trying to get Shelli and clay to keep him, but I wonder why he never tried to go to Austin. He could’ve at least tried to get him and Liz to jump ship. He could’ve used the angle of these people were going to get rid of Austin this week, they are obviously not keeping his best interest in mind… Why doesn’t he see this? He doesn’t need to work with Austin after, but he could’ve at least gotten 2 votes that way ( Liz and Austin) and possibly 3 if Julia comes in tonight and gets a vote. That other side better get some numbers soon or its over

What Thickums wants.

The only thing that Jason’s got, that Thickums wants, is to get out of the way of her $500K.

Also, she’s smart enough to know that when she does jump ship Jason won’t want to giver her a ride on his dinghy so he’s got nothing for her.

Angela M

Because he’s an idiot!


He didn’t have a shot in hell point blank. He is smart enough to see that once they blind sided him. He had to flip Shelli & Clay, & has pitched them & even had Meg(who he coached & she was making valid points that Jason gave her to feed them) lay the ground work to help his case. Yes he slept and of course he feels defeated but he never had a shot in hell. Clay & Shelli were not buying what he was selling & bs about Clay saying that he should of came to him sooner. Jason had spoke to Clelli after the blind side & even mentioned Van saying that they were down to put him up,aka what the “house” wanted.
Jason’s biggest down fall was he should of never put on blast he was a super fan, never helped people study,or give info regarding Austin/Liz. Keep it close as your trump cards. I feel bad & would like to have him come back in the game but like he admitted he did it to himself. Will miss him to help navigate the other side. They definitely need it along with HOH wins!


Not sure if he knows, but even if he wasn’t sure, he should have told Liz that he would expose Julia’s vote to keep Jeff. This may have swayed her, and if not, he should expose them before leaving tonight just to poison their game. Whether or not the others believe him, it will definitely provide for some uncertainty regarding their loyalty, and it will CRUSH Austin right before the HOH comp!


Julia didn’t vote to keep Jeff, Liz did. Liz hates Jason and so does Austin. They won’t keep Jason. They want him to leave because he is a threat to them and Julia.

Captain Crunch

Does anybody think the reason they didn’t switch Julia with Liz is b/c Julia thought the plan was for Austin to go home this week and when she finds out they flipped and kept Austin after all she knows about Austin wanting to get her out so he can be with Liz it might start some sibling rivalry between her and Liz to cause drama??

I'm with Stupid...

That’s what I thought about the Twins too…I do hope there will be friction between those two girls now…& hopefully Production pulls something outta their a#$ and save Jason (wishful thinking, I know). I just hope something useful happens this next HOH (wishful thinking, I know). Anyway, thanks everyone for your updates & colorful commentary. Until tonight…


I personally would love for Jason to stay, especially if Becky stayed as well, which would mean a rewind. While that would hopefully create some drama, I’d hate for production to be so blatantly obvious. The problem is that half the house is not thinking about a game plan. They are waiting for something to drop into their laps so they can start to play but the game has been playing for 5 weeks.
Jason is going home and the non-allied HG’s have better ramp up their game or Vanessa/Steve and Shelli/Clay will battle to see who wins when they are the final four.

Pinocchio Obama

I heard they decided not to swith Liz out for Julia because a package came to the house for Austin from Bill Cosby.


I have the same question, Simon, do you know why ??

I've got a reason

Tonight they’ll call back Liz to vote and she’ll walk in on Julia saying, “I vote to evict what’s her name, Becky.”

They’ll giggle and hug and then walk out together to an ecstatic audience and house.


Jason shouldn’t be encouraging anybody but members of his Forlorned Four (Meg/James/Jason/Jackie) to win HOH. Steve has his marching orders,just like the rest of the house. They must all clear a path for Vanessa to take someone to finale night with her.


Jason completely through James and Jackie under the bus last night to Clay/Shelli. He burned that bridge, that info will get out.


I hope this week is a non enviction week and they bring back in Day and then the Twin Julia


Really? Bring back Da? She was useless and had 0 game before, why would you want to see more of that? There is no way in hell BB would bring back her. Get over it already she is just a memory.


Production can’t bring back any of the houseguests that have been evicted up to this point, because none of them were kept in sequester, they all went home to their families. Jace, Day, Jeff, and Audrey all have had access to the televised episodes of the season, the live feeds, spoilers/updates on sites like this, twitter, and other forms of media that discuss the show. They know the truth about everything that has taken place in the BB house and that would give them a huge advantage over the people still in the house. It would be interesting to see the shock on everyone’s face if Day came back armed with the truth, but production won’t let her. Later in the show after jury starts, BB might bring back an evicted juror at some point, but the only reason the jurors are eligible for this is because they are kept in sequester, and don’t have access to technology. Jurors don’t know anything after they are evicted until the next juror comes into the jury house and tells them. Up to this point, Julia and Liz have both been kept in sequester during the twin switch. Whichever twin is not in the house at the moment is kept in isolation away from the outside world.


You are correct. Some viewers have less of a clue as to the game and rules then the HG’s! Even if they could or would……….. Da of all people! too funny


I feel like Jason is doing more damage to his side than the majorities. He gave out way too much info to clelli to use against the others. If he knows he’s a goner for sure now he should start blowing up the powerhouses games to at least get jon, Becky, and Steve to start realizing they are on the bottom of the totem pole and to start paranoia between vanessa & co. I thought Becky would be smarter and more independent but looks like she’s becoming another puppet. Sigh. ..wish they would just choose applicants for the show and not recruit.


Oh yeah. He screwed James and Jackie last night. Straight dragged their names through the mud. Especially Jackie, saying her targets are Clay/shelli.


Maybe Jason can talk Steve and Johnny Mac into voting for him and he can pin it on Clay and Shelli. Seeing as how there have been hinky votes every week, the house speculates and then is over it. It seems impossible but worth a try, Jason and his side can swear up and down that it was Clay and Shelli. I very much want the power to shift tonight, but I’m also sick of players like Johnny Mac and Steve, always throwing the hoh, win it and let’s at least see where you stand in the house. Thanks again garbage BoB.


Johnny Mac will not evict Becky, he has a crush on her. Later in the game he may have to cut her loose to ensure his own survival in the game, but for now he is keeping her because he likes her. Johnny Mac is well aware of the fact that he is being used by Shelli/Clay/Vanessa, but for now he won’t go against them because they have the power and he doesn’t want to make them angry.


Jason actually only has two sure votes (Meg, James). Jackie said she would vote for Jason only if he swayed Clay and Shelli, which didn’t happen.


As lame as it is right now, as obnoxious as some of these houseguests are, it will all end soon. Once the pawns and the floaters are gone, there will be no one left to “target” but the lame and obnoxious. I don’t think Vanessa will make it to finale night without productions help. It’s just my opinion. Everyone knows if she makes it to the end that she’s gonna win. It would be stupid to let her stay that long, but then again, I woundkt put it past these houseguests to be that stupid…


i can see vanessa getting to F3, but then losing the key comps to be the one to choose who to be F2. that seems a very common thing with some who get to the end and should be the winners.

Even in BBCAN3, the one who should have won didn’t win the comps she needed in order to be the decider. She got lucky she had a standup guy there to pick her for the F2. actually BBUS16 ended well as well, i just figure that Cody thought he had the win over Derrick, and D had the confidence that being F2 with Cody he’d still win the votes.

i don’t like the ones who get to F3 and pick the easy out (i.e. John in BBCAN2) stand up for yourself, have the confidence that you might get votes solely because you picked a strong person to be F2 and fight it out. i mean Dan F2 with Danielle, he would have won hands down. I am 90% sure Dan thought being f2 with Ian was dead easy win, he had too much arrogance to understand that was the reason he got 2nd.

Chill this Town

IMO Mike Boogie is a great example of what can happen. Janelle wins basically every competition, then you hit the final 3….Boogie makes one of the most underrated moves in BB history in throwing the first comp in a way that had Janelle take her hand off and lose, then DOMINATED her in the 2nd competition for the car, a competition that if you have me bet money on who would win…I’d be broke right now…

Random Thoughts

For those who are just catching up on the past couple of days…



Where are the takeovers?!


do you know what type hoh will be tonight


My guess would be throwing footballs through tires from 20 yards.

Shellie's Bitch Clay



a rigged one.


Cheeto Eating

Me next!

I wanna go on big brother sooooo bad. That’s all for now, nothing new in the house to comment on!


I’m still hoping to see Shelli Blindside Van in the game…but not quite yet. I love the 6S! Best alliance with re to drama and planning in a long long time!


what if since the twins was mention they both go home in Jason stays with
a return house guess our choice I pick day


Impossible and stupid.


getting a sick feeling in my stomach that Austin will win HOH this week 🙁 please tell me I am wrong!


Production as already pic the winner


He needs to expose Julia’s vote to keep Jeff – this will create doubt among the other HG’s as to their loyalty, and it will CRUSH Austin. Jason and his crew need to start planting seeds of poison to the other alliance about their allies. For this to actually have an impact, they will probably need to speculate, but present those speculations as fact – in other words – LIE to save their asses. They’re going to have to play dirty, in order to compete with dirty.


First of all, it was Liz (not Julia) that voted to keep Jeff. Secondly, how would Jason know about it to “expose” it to anyone? He has no idea that Liz was that vote, she never told anyone, and…nobody would believe him anyway. You can’t play this game watching the feeds…you know all the moves because you are seeing real time. The houseguests are playing blindly. GET REAL!


Jason actually did speculate that Liz was the mystery vote for Jeff, so this idea isn’t completely off the wall.


Remember season 15 when all these production conspiracy theorists claimed to know for a fact that Amanda was the pre determined winner of the show? Did she win the show conspiracy people? No

Ok so stfu about production because you know nothing for a fact. Go put on your tin foil hats and refill your bomb shelter. I think the government is knocking on your door. They are watching you.


Did anyone else get extremely uncomfortable on last nights show when they showed Austin kiss Liz?? I literally had to look away. Liz was backing away from him as he forced himself on her. Talk about cringe-worthy..yuck!


YES! I actually am super scared for her. Something tells me that a kiss is not all he is going to force on her. I was like what is next is CBS gonna display rape? I know people like that they start with forcing kisses and touching on people and then it always turns out bad, especially when alcohol gets involved next.


I know, I’m really worried if/when they go to jury without cameras following their every move. Scary!


And he said afterwards in the DR that she loved it. What a clueless douchenozzle!!!


Julia will squash the connection between Austin and Liz when she gets in the house. As soon as she has a chance to sit down with Liz and discuss everything with her, Liz will flee from Austin and Julia will guard Liz like a Doberman to keep Austin away. Austin will get evicted, because Julia will get rid of him herself. She hates him.


I hope you’re right. . . that will make some good tv right there!


Poor Jason lives in his moms basement. Works at a store. Poor baby… Didn’t he make that choice?


Some people isn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths and actually does work for a living.


I hope that austin does win HOH. So you haters can moan and groan and shake your hand at the sky and go nooooo! Liz is a tease. If austin is touching/ trying to kiss her its her fault. She did not set up boundaries. Look at clay, he’s been trying to get something going with Shelli too.


oh please. he wont have an independant thought. he’ll let his goddess liz tell him exactly what to do. austin is a joke. normally you see the man doing this, being the one manipulating and using the girl but this season, in 2 instances the girls (shelli and liz) are manipulating the guys (clay and austin)


Ok, i think i’m gonna stop reading the live feed updates for the moment because clearly nothing is happening right now and i just want to cut to the chase of The Sixth Sense turning on each other and it will make the time go by slower if i keep reading the updates over and over and i don’t want to relive the nightmare of BB16 waiting for something to happen on the feeds, so i’ll just watch the episodes without reading the spoilers and it will make the time go by more fast and appear more interesting that way.

Also for some reason interesting things always seem to happen when i don’t read any spoilers so hopefully that luck will ring true and things will hopefully the show will get better as superstitious as that sounds. So i’ll be back to comment here when the finale comes on September 23rd, thanks for the hard work Dawg and Simon and see you back in September!

another name

I was looking forward to Jason’s promised campaign yesterday. didn’t know if it would work, but wanted to see it. Then he stayed in bed and wished for a production hail mary. Add that to his cries of financial hardship and i’m not impressed. He waited until late night/early morning to even get out of bed to begin. that made me shake my head.
One or two of his points would have been strong in his argument, if he hadn’t been throwing the kitchen sink of arguments to go along with them. Too much too late? that was my feeling.
The most he’s done is possibly gained a shadow vote from steve. Apparently steve was receptive to positive re-enforcement from Jeff (I want to work with you and help you) previously, or production was able to sway Steve in the d/r. Now Steve is throwing Becky hate in the d/r that came out of absolutely nowhere (tell me that wasn’t a wtf was that moment to everyone). Will Steve react favorably to Jason’s (there goes Jason’s dignity because I didn’t do anyone dirty crap) Becky threats as he did to jeff’s ego strokes? Or are the viewers being treated to Production’s player? Someone susceptible to production coercion through guided d/r sessions in order to help the storyline department to get the story to flow as they want it to? Considering the number of writers listed in the credits…. I have to wonder.
I’ve made my peace with most of the production interference with twists. It’s going to happen whether I complain or not. even if it irks me. Hearing players discuss diary fairies trying to change their gameplans this season makes me think the writers are just as concerned about the steamroll effect as a lot of the people commenting.
okay, yesterday was pretty boring… got my conspiracy theory side thinking a little too hard.


IF steve, becky and johnny mac were smart they would team up with james, jackie and meg and battle the other side of the house. they need to figure out that they are at the bottom of the totem pole in that group. they arent in the alliance they are fringe numbers themselves and, therefor expendable.

unfortunately steve believes that group of 6 actually like him and value him as does becky and johnny as ..well he hasnt actually said anything except that he wants to keep becky around as long as possible. becky needs to take her sight off steve and vice versa with steve needing to forget targeting becky and meg. johnny has to see that he is nothing more than an extra number, the fact that he is their go to pawn should show him that. stop throwing comps and start taking out some of their numbers. do it now when the numbers are still even, do it before they out number you 6-2 and there’s no hope.

they just need to compare notes. stop being so stubborn, stupid and naive. realize that those guys are getting used by the other side whenever they need them.

the problem is this is not likely because there is no leader among them. they need someone to rally around. they need someone smart, to take charge. problem is they dont have anyone like that


Is Vanessa and Shelli the only two really playing this game? Austin is delusional and playing for his pretend love. Can’t wait until Austin comes to the realization that he looks like a cheating stalker. His current girlfriend is probably not even angry he is professing his love for one of the twins. She is probably laughing her ass off that he thinks the feelings are mutual. Shelli all over Clay is sooooo gross!!! Becky is beginning to play more of a social game now, finally. Jackie tries to play, but a little too late it seems. Can’t wait for other twin to enter. They will probably disagree on everything. Should be interesting how that unfolds.


Although Jason has a funny and sweet side to him and has a personality that makes for good tv, I have to say I am so over these kinds of selfrighteous bitter superfan contestants. How are you somehow more worthy of staying in the game just because you claim to be a superfan? And all these other houseguests get to stay over you which is soo unfair…? Your big mouth, bad gameplay and high school behaviour caused your exit. Helping your closest ally to get evicted by gossiping about the twins instead of strategizing with this great leverage, being above working with some of the “uncool” houseguests, etc. Sometimes I feel for him, but then I remember how he talked about others and how he would have no problem destroying someone elses Big Brother dream and be mean about it. He did this to himself yet moans about how unfair it is. If this was your dream Jason and you know the game so well, why did you not work in advance to stay in it? Get over yourself and admit you sucked at playing Big Brother.

My other superfan comment is burried in an unmarked grave.

He might just be fishing for the superfan vote from the other houseguests.

I’d be like, I thumbs downed all your comments for years B@ and now I’m voting you out.

Doc meg l

Glad we found out about leg. Maybe now the comment or who called her the gimp will feel like shit. Which is exactly how he should feel. Some people wonder why most people they are assholes. Maybe mr gimp now has a better idea why his lack of likeablity exists. Meg is a terrific woman any guy would lucky to have her as a friend or girlfriend


if meg , james , Jackie all voted for Jason and either two of steve ,liz or john combo decided to throw their votes Jason could stay . These first three are to stupid to take a chance that anybody else would through a vote . I hope it happens that if one of the three village idiots would have voted for Jason he could have stayed . but they decided to be a pussie (jackie ) and vote with the people they cant stand . show some balls and make a stand that you vote how u want to for your so called friend and alliance member .


dont know why people are still complaining about a boring season or not strategy in the house.
This season has been great. Drama drama drama.
This week went from being completely planned from the first night after hoh competition to being a interesting mess.
I would really like to see a power shift though. It is time to see some scrambling from the sixth sense side.
Excited for tonight’s hoh!
Love me some Johnny Mac, Julia & Steve. Can’t wait to see how Julia handles the house when she’s there as herself. And I have a soft spot for poor Steve. I know what it’s like to be socially awkward. Not fun.


I totally agree this season has had a fantastic start. A real treat after the crap that was BBCAN3


BBCAN3’s feeds were pretty poor. It was off for a lot of the time, and when it was on, most of it was Kev and Pili sucking face and Bruno complaining about Sarah and how it’s too early to take out Zach.

another name

imo the switch didn’t occur between Liz and Julia because Liz is the player the twins have been playing as, Julia is the worst kept surprise.
Which is the alpha twin? That’s the way they’ll swing in regard to keep Austin or ditch him moving forward.
Have the feeling Julia will enter with immunity for one week.
Maybe she’ll host the hoh.
a thought: if Jackie swings back to voting to evict Jason, and Steve throws another random vote, this time to evict Becky, will it be a tree falling in the forest?


Would like to see Shelly/Julia against Clay/Vanessa if anyone wins POV put up Liz it would split the vote


I love johnny mac but I think vanessa is a threat to his game if he somehow kick her out to the curve he will play the middle card between shay and liztin. That would be crazy final three if somehow vanessa, johnny mac, and steve are there. But honestly if she made final 2 with anyone she should win because she make crazy plans and moves and she is smart. I bet she could make a worthy final 2 speech. Steve won’t win if vanessa is in the final 2. I wonder who he is really loyal to johnny mac or vanessa. And that would be awesome campaign fight if it was vanessa and johnny mac on the block together after pov.


Can Shelli get a penalty vote for washing her hair with hot water, since she is a have not?

Jay Jay

Unless there is some kind of power to save Jason (e.g., a rewind), the outsiders will have a very difficult task of turning this around. Best case is if they win both HOH’s (not likely). Four from 6th sense go up and 1 goes home (who that is determined by the remaining 6th sense members and the POV).

Next best, they win one HOH (more likely). I think in this case, the 6th sense HOH would have a pawn to throw the BOTB so they remain HOH. Also, if the outsiders do not put up a pawn to throw, then the targets are likely to win BOTB also keeping the 6th sense in the HOH.

Therefore, the outsider’s best shot with a single HOH is to nominate a target and a pawn to throw the BOTB so they remain HOH. If the 6th sense did the same (likely), then we could see a scenario where both sides are trying to throw the BOTB! With the pawns throwing it, the targets would be competing one on one. If the comp requires 2 people, then Big Brother would have an unprecedented dilemma on its hands as there would no way to complete the comp. If not a 2 person comp, the outsiders best chance is too pick the right 6th senser who would lose in a one on one comp (I would go Vanessa and hope for physical).

If the outsiders are successful at remaining HOH, they would then need to win POV, otherwise 6th sense would vote off their pawn. So to remain competitive, outsiders need to win (i) both HOHs or (ii) one HOH + POV. That will be a tall task for this crew.