Jason “Hope you enjoyed that f**kery buffoonery. Audrey took paranoid pills & lost her damn mind”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big Brother 17 Alliances

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 10-59-55-390

10:45am Out in the backyard – Jason and Johnny Mac are chatting about random things. They talk about the spelling competition. Jason brings up how Jeff Schroeder’s word was Technotronics and they made fun of him all season for that one. But the other guys word was shotgun so I don’t know how good that is. Johnny asks when does jury usually start. Jason says the dates usually change because it depends on how many people are left in the game. Jason says in August. Johnny Mac says jury duty! Johnny heads inside. Jason says to the camera good morning. Hope you enjoyed that f**kery buffoonery last night. I don’t know what’s wrong with these damn people. Audrey took some paranoid pills last night and lost her damn mind.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 10-59-10-832

11am – 11:15am In the kitchen – Vanessa and Steve are doing the dishes. Becky starts making french toast for Johnny Mac’s birthday. Johnny heads inside. Jason “It’s going to be the ugliest Veto Meeting ever!” “They said it would be in an hour.” Jason heads to the bedroom. James says so if that means they’re doing the veto meeting today… Jason says there will be nothing else all week. James asks when will the first eviction be then? Jason says Thursday. James says that’s four days in between now and then. Meg says she wonders if they’re going to try and get her vote. Da asks if Jace came to James last night. James says he doesn’t suspect anything. He’s going to take that cheque to the bank and toot it. Da laughs.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 11-20-26-752

11:20am – 11:30am Up in the HOH room – Austin tells Audrey I have a feeling that Jace is going up. Just the way everyone was around him. Something’s not adding up If you know anything just tell me. I want to work with you. I’m on the outside looking in. Honestly I think it would be best for my game because we’re a big duo. Audrey says honestly it would make sense for him to go up. Austin says I’m not going to tell him with an hour to the thing. Jason joins them to shower. Audrey tells Austin I thought it was going to be me. Lets say that it is him, can he beat Jackie? Austin says I really don’t know. If its going to be a landslide maybe I will talk to the house and give him a sympathy vote. Audrey says it might be better for your game if you’re detached from him. You couldn’t campaign for him. Austin says he is going to go nuts 5 minutes after that ceremony and flip out. I just wish James would be honest with me. Audrey asks so who could we work with? Austin says I trust Clay. Audrey asks do you trust Vanessa. Austin says yeah. So that’s six. Austin says we need one more. Audrey asks about John? Austin says I think I could get him. Audrey says and Jeff for sure isn’t going to vote against Jackie. Austin says no. James joins them and the conversation ends. Audrey and Austin leave the HOH room together. Austin says I am just going to play it real cool after this .. I might need your help.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 11-18-36-889

Backyard – Jeff & Clay are talking. Jeff says for the next couple weeks we just have to roll with it. Clay says if we make it, we’re good. Meanwhile the other house guests are getting ready for the veto ceremony in the bathroom.

11:30am In the havenot room. Jason talks to DaVonne. He tells her not to worry. Jason says Clay and James are brainwashed by Audrey. They are buying everything that bit*h is selling. But Jeff knows what it is. They said we know you’re close to Day. I said we’ve built a personal relationship. They’re afraid that you’re the one that will get emotional and explode. DaVonne says Oh okay. You don’t need to worry Day is a lot more honest than you think she is. Its me you, Meg, Jeff, James, Clay, Shelli and Audrey. They pretty much cut Jackie out of it because no one feels like they can trust her.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 11-40-45-003
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 11-43-42-209

11:40am Audrey tells Clay that Austin just cornered her. He asks can I trust Clay. Is Jace going up on the block. So he knows something. Clay asks what did you tell him. Audrey says I didn’t tell him nothing. I’m thinking someone told Vanessa and she told him. Jason comes though. Audrey says that Austin basically knows. Audrey then tells James that Austin knows. He basically wanted me to know for sure. He said he wanted to be able to work with me. James asks so John is working with Vanessa? Audrey says yes. James says I knew it! Steve comes by and Audrey tells him that he’s been lurking. Steven asks really, okay thank you for telling me. I’ll sit down and not move. Clay comes by and asks why was I almost not considered to be included last night. Audrey says you were always going to be included.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 11-48-32-794

12pm – 12:20pm In the havenot room – Clay talks to Austin and Liz. Austin says I don’t know what the f**k is going on. Its not going to be you going up. I think its going to be Jace. And if he goes up he is going to flip sh*t over. I am just going to go run for cover. We need to save ourselves at this point. I dont know why things got so intense at this point. We’re going to go hid in the backyard and do glutes. Then I’m going to do a back flip and and hurt my leg. Austin says if the house is going to vote as a unit. The house would understand if gave him a sympathy vote. Clay tells him not to even do that. Austin says okay I won’t. Clay says maybe we can get the votes to keep him. Austin says maybe but I don’t know who we can trust. Clay says maybe we pull him aside and tell him to remain cool we’re going to try and get the votes for you. And do it with out jeopardizing our games. Austin says I don’t know Jeff is shady and wants to kill me. Clay says he’s too emotional. Austin says I think you can influence Johnny Mac a lot. He is going to go far, no one is going to put him up. Clay leaves. Austin tells Liz what a f**king liar. That was 100% bullsh*t. He is working with Audrey. We just have to play it up. I have an inside source. Jeff joins them. They talk about how everyone is scrambling. Austin says I feel Jace is going to be backdoored. Jeff says I’ve been trying to kiss James’s a$$ because I heard the same thing about me. I have just trying to play low dude. Austin says all the girls alliance sh*t last night was bullsh*t, it wasn’t even true. Jeff asks who is the common denominator. Austin says I don’t know, a lot of people. Jeff says I like you guys. Clay and I stopped hanging out with you guys because 4 guys was a big target. Jeff says I heard through the grapevine that you thought I was untrustworthy. Austin says someone told me that too. Jeff says I think the same person that told you something .. told me the same thing. We should talk later. Austin and Jeff realize that Audrey was the one how told each of them that the other was gunning for them. Austin wonders do we try and flip it and get Audrey put up? Jeff says no that will put a big target on your back.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 12-21-12-466

In the bedroom – Audrey grills Clay. Audrey says that she suspects Clay could have been the leak. Clay is pissed Audrey thinks that and says “If you say that one more time I’m gonna!” Audrey says well don’t put yourself in a position where I have to question your integrity. Clay asks have I though?!
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 12-36-01-936

12:25pm – 12:30pm Jeff tells DaVonne in the cabana room. Jeff says that Audrey is a big problem. She keeps spreading lies that are attached to my name and its going to get me kicked out. DaVonne agrees. Jeff says she is the center of all the drama. Our group is never going to be strong with Audrey. Jeff asks what do we do. DaVonne says we get her out. Jeff says Audrey keeps feeding everyone bullsh*t. Its a smoke screen. You, me and Jason need to talk. Audrey talks in circles and none of it makes sense. She has Austin so pissed off at me. If he wins HOH next week he is going to come after me. I think she’s playing bothsides too because I just talked to Jace and he is sweating bullets. Saying everyone f**ked me. Jeff says we have to do our own puppet mastering. DaVonne says we need to do it subtlety. Jeff says where ever she goes the drama goes.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-28 12-28-19-089

12:30pm Big Brother tells the house guests this is a lock down go outside and close the sliding glass door.

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The BB17 house- oh we’re working together… Here let me go bitch about you to everyone in the house. But trust me I love you we’re best friends… Bunch of nut jobs!!

Let’s go JohnnyMac!!!


It’s Johnny Mac’s BDay and once he gets engaged in conversation he bounces right away. It’s too good.

A little mad Johnny’s name is now in the rumor mill about him working with Vanessa…..The man is a lone ROCKSTAR leave him alone Audrey!! Audrey has quickly taken paranoia to level that isn’t even enjoyable to watch anymore especially if it affects Johnny Mac.

Team #IncognitoDentist Johnny Mac!!


words can’t even explain how much I love the rockstar dentist…
audrey’s seriously digging her own grave though- people are realizing that she’s stirring up trouble. I mean really, we haven’t even had the first eviction yet!! SLOW THE HELL DOWN!!!


Vanessa is brilliant. I hope she gets a chance to prove herself when her time comes.


I agree.. my fear is her cry fest may have messed up her entire game. She is playing catch up with the relationships. She was crying while everyone else was building alliances. On the plus side Audrey’s over playing may buy her enough time to catch up. Jeff has surprised me in his read of the game. He is still annoying, but gamewise is doing well. Would love to see DA and Vanessa team up. An alliance of DA, Vanessa, Steve, and Johnny Mac would be amazing but will never happen because of DA and Jason’s relationship and Vanessa confiding in Austin. Austin is finally starting to see the light but little does Vanessa know that Austin is the reason she has become a target for Audrey. Thankfully people are starting to see the light though and Audrey’s words are meaning less and less.


I have a feeling the crying was an act to make herself seem vulnerable to get off everyone’s radar at the beginning. She’s now watching everyone and drawing conclusions, trying to put herself in the best spot for the duration.


You may be right, and I hope so because Vanessa was my preseason pick to win but I feel like she has a lot of digging out at this point. Even if it was strategy (which only the diary room sessions will reveal) I think it backfired on her. However, Big Brother changes so quickly so I think with the drama Audrey is causing Vanessa will be in a good spot soon. Unfortunately it looks like she is aligning with Austin which I am not sure is a smart move. Austin is too self absorbed and not good at reading others.


Has the Veto Ceremony been this early before?


I thought it was usually on mondays


It is but I heard James say something about the Veto Ceremony being today


What alliance is Audrey not in? She’s planning too hard too fast.


Not only that she is overreacting when she hears someone has mentioned her name. Her Vanessa rampage is the beginning of her demise. If she would have just played it cool when Austin came to her and figured out a way to take out Vanessa without being so vocal she may have been able to keep her game up a little longer but very few people see Vanessa as a threat so her rampage has sent warning flags to everyone she is trying to manipulate.


I love that people are figuring out that Audrey is causing all the drama. Jason, Jeff and Day plus Vanessa and Austin are finished with feeding her any info. Throw in Liz and John, and she’s almost lost the numbers. This is only week one, girl!!! I loved when Jason said she’s playing like we’re crowning a champion tomorrow.


Hi everyone glad to be back for another season. Wow this cast is playing hard and fast. May have something to do with how long they have been in the house already. Some very interesting personalities I must say. Was surprised at how emotional Vannesa was earlier this week but then her assessment of the house dynamics this morning was very impressive. I hope she can pull in some effective players. Her flip comment about a floaters alliance isn’t a bad ides. Let some of the more flamboyant houeseguest flame out. Wow is Audrey ever out there….taking paranio to a new level. She is entertainment gold!!! I like Steve, John and Vannessa so far and love the faces Jason makes. So far this has the makings of a great season. Thanks Simon and Dawg for your herculean efforts at keeping us updated. You guys rock. I will be donating soon.


Audrey is going to talk game to the fish tank in the near future here. She is not stable at all, and appears to be dense. This is Big Brother. You can’t cut deals with everybody and expect people not to talk.

Jesus 'N Nem

Wow. First impressions will fool you every time… Audrey is Cray – Z!


Audrey reminds me of Amanda (minus the rudeness). Very good thinker, bright, but playing too hard. She seems to have a good grip on everyone and everything at this point, but probably too much. Austin and Jeff realizing it was Audrey that caused trouble between them might be the beginning of the end for her. They just need to draw in a couple more people.

Papa John

So who do you pick for her pizza


Jason has Audrey down ahaha. That girl is so paranoid and it will backfire.


It’s so disappointing to watch some of these people I thought I’d like playing way too hard too soon. They should know better especially for a super fan!


Simon or dawg can you do a poll who is your favorite 3 HouseGuest’s so far


Sure thing I’ll get one set up today


JohnnyMac is playing great! Almost too great though if there is such a thing. I think more people will start to notice what he is doing in the coming weeks, but I hope he adapts and continues to do well!

Jace annoys me so I am fine seeing him go, but Audrey has got to go next! Not only is she annoying, she is playing too hard too fast and its drawing more and more attention to herself.


Audrey = Devin and while she is blowing up her game I could not be more entertained.
It’s her own fault if she goes in the next couple of weeks but I’d like to see her stick around for good TV and feeds purposes.


Why in the hell is anyone still telling Audrey anything…. Gosh … She was called out and yet everyone she goes up and talks to tells her who they are gunning for so she can run and tell it to every single person … STOP TALKING TO HER PEOPLE !!!


Hide her estrogen meds and watch her freak outwhen she starts growing a beard and chest hair.


The problem with these HGs are that there is too much BB history so they think that they can pick and choose what tactics they think that will get them farther in the game. I seriously cannot believe that they broke out the freaking skittles crap.


Jason can be a bit much sometimes, but some of the things he says like “Hope you enjoyed that f**kery buffoonery. Audrey took paranoid pills & lost her damn mind” crack me up so bad! Audrey has become her own worst enemy. Someone else said it, but Audrey has been playing this game like the winner is chosen week 2. If Audrey had played her game more slowly and more subtly and removed someone like Vanessa from the game then she may very well have Floated to the end. But pretty soon all she’s going to have left are Clay and Shelli which is not enough to do much damage.

I could see Jason, Jeff, Da’Vonne, Vanessa, and Austin teaming up. I actually think it would be in Austin’s benefit to let Jace get evicted this week, and then work with the above mentioned people to BD Audrey next week.