Jeff tells Liz they have the votes Dude.. Bro He’s got “more pull in this house Than Clay”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 5th
HOH Winner Team 1: Becky HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jason Nominations 2: Day, JohnnyMac
Battle of the Block Winner Steve & Jason Next HOH/ Next BOB July 9th / ?
Original Nominations: Day, JohnnyMac
Current Nominations: ?, ?
Have Nots Steve, Jason, James and Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 22-30-19-640

10:18pm Jeff and Austin
Jeff wasn’t down with the plan Audrey is more a threat to him than Da’Vonne.
Austin says this might be an opportunity for her to make some connections in this game. Jeff says he’s going to talk to her to make her feel better. Austin thinks that’s a good idea.
Austin – If Day stays over her it’ll be disastrous.. Let’s just hope Shelli knows what she’s doing”
Austin – we should be able to get the votes right.. me you and Clay are definite.. there’s three right there
Jeff – all we need to make it to Jury bro
They agree to build a solid group and not backstab each other until Jury. They regret not starting a ‘Dudes” alliance day one.
Liz comes in starts to cry
Jeff and Austin promise her they have her back.
Liz leaves.
Austin – I think this is the time where the pawn is really the pawn
Jeff says he can’t go against “Them” it’s their HOH
Austin – But they don’t want her to go.. we’re good

They talk about how poor they’ve been doing in the competitions. Austin points out they’ve all had mental components. Austin laughs says his mind is shot from all the roids

Austin says Audrey won’t stop talking game to him.
Jeff – she has no game talk.. what is she talking about
Austin – it’s about last week
Liz comes back
Jeff says he’s got more pull than Clay in the house she’s good.
Austin – all we need is 6
Jeff says the only people not down with evicting Day is James and Jason
Austin – What about Meg
Jeff – no me and Meg are super tight

Jeff is saying he forgot Jace’s name during the eviction on Thursday
Liz – Major brain fart

[envira-gallery id=”118738″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 22-58-06-378

11:01pm Lots of random conversations..


11:04pm Steve and Shelli HOH
Steve offers her his vote.
Shelli says her target is Day she wants him to vote to evict DAy
Shelli says she spoke to Day earlier today and she told her one of her targets is Steve.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 23-14-08-798

11:11pm Steve and Vanessa
They’re talking about Jackie not giving them the time of day. Steve says that is why he asked her out as his prom date because he knew dancing was her thing. He thought he could use that to get to know her.
Steve tells her he’s thinking they are both safe this week.
Steve – “Shelli really stuck her neck out this week”
Steve says he doesn’t know who’s going up
Vanessa – oh c’mon don’t be stupid
Steve again says he doesn’t know
Vanessa thought he threw the Competition, Steve says he didn’t he was thinking too far ahead and messed up.

(Not a whole lot of game talk going on)

[envira-gallery id=”118749″]

11:45pm Backyard Random conversation about past Big Brother seasons

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-03 23-56-39-663

11:46pm Kitchen Audrey and Shellie
BREAKING **** Audrey is not talking game
Audrey to Shelli – “What shows do you watch.. I love Beverly hills (real housewives) cause I like to see their clothes ”
Shelli lists off all the shows she watches, Big Band Theory, Modern family, Bachelor, greys anatomy.. etc etc..
Audrey – Do you have acting skills
Shelli – No but I think I can do it
Becky comes in
Audrey – What kinda shows do you watch
Becky – Bones, Criminal mints.. mystery’s like Gone Girl
BEcky says sh’e snot a TV person.
Audrey – did you ever get into Dexter..
Audrey – I went to this one place in Atlanta and had a ostrich burger
James comes in
Audrey – What kind of shows to you watch
James – Swamp people duck dynasty stuff like that

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 00-14-45-234

12:14am Audrey, Austin, Liz Hammock
Audrey still not talking game..

Audrey – so what did you do last year for fourth of July

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 00-20-07-380

Jackie – “Just because I was pretty I thought I wasn’t talented enough”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 00-38-27-996

12:39am HOH Shelli and Clay
Comparing notes. They feel like they have the votes to evict Day this week. Clay stresses Audrey has to go next week.
Shelli saying that Audrey and Da were the two that caused the divide in the group
Shelli – Da’vonne was my target from the beginning..
Shelli explains that Da’vonne came to her wanting to work with them. 24 hours later she’s not looking or talking to Shelli, “Not Working with me” . Shelli realized that Day could not be trusted.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-04 00-43-32-583

12:42am bathroom Da’vonne, Vanessa and Liz
Day asks them if she’s up against Audrey who will they vote for.
Liz – is that even a question..
Day says a couple days ago everyone was chanting “Gotta get her out gotta get her out” but now sh’es not even on the block.
Vanessa thought the plan was to backdoor her.

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This is so frustrating, I like liz and I like Da’Vonne why can’t Shelli nominate someone like Jacki or Becky and evict them instead. Why is she so dead set on getting Da out? I really dont know how this week will play out but the way it is going now Da will be leaving, which really sucks because shes so gosh-darn perceptive and always knows whats going on and it would have been nice for someone like that to finally win instead of the dumbass cougar who is trying to add another conquest to her list. Frustrating -_-


Is everyone forgetting that Day was the one that said we can’t trust Clay and Shelli because they are still with Audrey??? This was before HOH comp. Shelli is correct in trying to get Day out as far as her game goes. Yes I think Day is one of the stronger social/mental players in the house and it sucks to see good players go early, but when you show your cards too early that is what happens. It Is what happened with Audrey and it is what is happening with Day. Shelli is not targeting Audrey because Audrey is not a threat to her game, Day is. Shelli’s major flaw is Clay. Because of Clay she trusts Jeff and Jeff is the one Shelli should be going after right now, not Day.


yes, bringbackderek is correct. Day was mean to Clay, and that is all it is, in spite of what shelli may claim now. Like day has always been her target, or Day didn’t talk to me yesterday. I mean, LIZ is only going up because apparently she is the only one who didn’t come to shelli and say something when she won one of the HOHs.

half the house is ok with day going, but the ENTIRE house wants Audrey gone, but because shelli is playing out of spite, Audrey is going to win HOH next week, and put up clay and shelli. (well we can hope.) When HOHs have opportunities and great targets and they screw it up, as far as i’m concerned they should be out the following week.


There hasn’t been any cougars as you put it that have won this show who are you referring to Dan, will, rachel, jordan, Ian all of them where in there twenties and no where near what a cougar is but Day built her own grave it is one thing to be perceptive but she acted on things she should have which alienated her if she was as smart as she thinks she is she would take it all in and not react which is what some of the best players of this game has done like dan who managed to sail to the end not once but twice but manipulating and not reacting to every little thing. She alienated both shelli and audrey by not playing those connections darrek did that in his season he made connections with people then checked in with people to keep those connections going day turned her back on shelli so she could make better connections but when shelli became hoh then day decided she was worthy of not being ignored


LOL at Audrey trying to connect with people!


“BREAKING **** Audrey is not talking game”
That’s Great!
Actually at this point I’m hoping Audrey sticks around awhile
Who knows what she will do next?


Oh I think Audrey is talking game. I think she is trying to get to know these people better for the “Which houseguest said this” game that is coming. What their favorite shows are is one of the application questions. She is always in game mode even when laying in bed for days…she was quiet and listening to all the conversations around her. She is calculating every move.


But Audrey is playing the game. One of the application questions is about their favorite shows. They use this questions during one of the comps…the “Which houseguest said” competition. Audrey is thinking game 100% of the time…even when she laid in bed for days. She was listening to all the conversations and seeing who was aligning with each other. She is calculating for sure.


Jackie is the new Victoria. Dumb as hell


I don’t understand why everyone is comparing Jackie to Victoria. Jackie is a really strong competitor. She’s came in second in the past 2 HOH competitions, making her competitive. And her not really associating with others is good thing. She’s laying low and not trying to put a target on her back. Those who quickly play the game are usually the first to get a target on their back, so laying low is actually a good thing.


Audrey is Amanda suckerman.


They are two different people you cant compair the two

Elissa Slater

Have you all noticed how clay’s and shelli’s ideal alliance or people in general that they want to work with, excludes Day (black girl), Jason (gay dude), James (Asian dude) and Audrey (trans) but they pulled in Meg and Jeff from the same alliance…..go figure

Biff Tannen

Correlation without causation. In other words, you’re reaching.


What are you talking about? They are most definitely working with Audry, they’re saving her for gadzsake. Shellie sat down with Asian guy and made a firm alliance deal just yesterday. It really makes me sad that people are reaching so hard to find a non-PC agenda where there really isn’t one at all. Gay guy and Black girl are a power couple on the other side of the house, self aligned – not PC forced.


BB has always been a breeding ground for racists and homophobes. I knew Day was next before Clay even thought of it because the white contestants always knock out the minorities…the gays tend to fair a little longer but seriously, this happens EVERY SEASON.


I love how the house is now totally against Day, and everyone is ready to get rid of her, yet not a single person is figuring one certain thing out, and that is, how come Audrey was the number one target and now she’s not even nominated, OK then that must be a personal thing and it HAS to do something with race….I also love how they expecting Day to blow up, once she finds out the rep. nominee…when the finger on the trigger is white, it’s pointless to ask a black girl to lower the bat


Davonne and Clay got into fight last week. That’s why Shellie is targeting her. Davonne has not tried to play a social game. That’s why Shellie put her up. It’s part of the game. Someone has to go. I really wish you folks who are on a racist witch hunt would grow the hell up. I am white….lots of white people I don’t like…..lots I do. Lots of black people I don’t like. Lots I do….it’s about people. Get over the bullcrap and enjoy the game!

No bigots here

What does the colour of their skin have to do with game play? Did she actually say she was going after the over reacting drama queen Davonne because of her skin colour or are you just making this up?


Stop bring race into this,you people need to stop overthinking and enjoy the show


Shelli said that she’s seen all the series of Real Housewives…..except the Atlanta ones…..and she’s from Atlanta…..


lol, you know why. I hate to generalize southern folks but she’s a Georgian and usually the southerners tend to single out the minorities on BB. Everyone in house has sh*t that stinks.


If you hate to generalize then please don’t do it. I am from Georgia and not all southerners are racist. Yes racism is alive and well in our country and it tends to be more prominent in the south. But, it’s not like every southerner thinks that way. I like Day but I do think she’s blown some things up bigger than they needed to be. Doesn’t have anything to do with her race.


Yeah, not all southerners are racists. Just most of them.

Bunny Slipper

Frenchie, stop.


So you’re an expert on racist southerners? Or just stereotyping? I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. Don’t jusge before you know what you’re talking about firsthand.


Personally frenchie,
I think you should surrender your argument. I have lived all over this great country and i have found the blue-ist states have more racism. Not a lot in any part of the country, but definitely more in the Northeast than in the south.


It’s so sad that anything Day does is to marginalize her role in the game. She’s not mad, they use it against her. She’s mad, they use it against her. She walks around, they use it against her. She sits still, they use it against her. She is basically being painted as a pariah in the house based off of her doing absolutely nothing. The white power structure in that house has systemically turned her into a target based off of her doing nothing different than any other person in the house, much like the white power structure of the world has turned every PoC into a target or suspect in real life based off of no evidence. The remarks made about her are disturbing, disgusting, and shows how ingrained this aggression towards PoC is embedded in these people.
I actually want Day to go home so these people can stop picking on the PoC girl and start playing the game. This is exactly how I felt when Candice was bullied in the house. I was so glad to see her go cause it forced people to stop vilifying someone who is doing no more wrong than the next pale-skinned person

GeekSquad McGee

She’s blown up on multiple people in the house. In the early weeks the person who does things like that put targets on their back. It doesn’t have anything to do with race.

I think it’s unfortunate that a black person can’t be vilified on Big Brother without it having to do with their skin color.

White people get vilified too, and I would bet any money that if Jace happened to be black, there would be a lot of people pulling the race card as to why he was cast out.


By that logic, shouldn’t Audrey have been the one to have at least been nominated? @GeekSquad, It’s so funny how so many of you would rather fish for excuses for actions that are clearly rooted in deep prejudices. Audrey did way more talking and was a poor social player and was found out for her pathological lies and manipulation. Somehow she gets by unscathed but Day is number one to get out? And it has nothing to do with Clay and Shellie’s quote unquote fear of retaliation, because originally, after Audrey was found out for lying, Day WAS set on getting Audrey out. Shellie and Clay didn’t need to target Day until after Audrey got out.

Quit makiny excuses. BB was founf out for its racists and homophobic culture 2 seasons back and some of you still refuse to see it. You should ask yourself why.


Why do so many of you have to pull the race and prejudice card out. It just so happens that she is dark skinned, she could be white and if she acted like that, people would still want her out. Its her personality that sucks, not her skin color. Please get off your band wagon. She is all high and mighty and talks with her hands too much.


No she stated that she fully transitioned 3 years ago.


Even Jeff is confused:
Jeff tells Jackie in bathroom that it’s stupid that Audrey gets to stay another week.Jeff hopes it doesn’t come to “bit them in the in *ss.”, and that they’re too obsessed with getting Day out. Jackie thinks at least it will be good to have a clear target next week.


I read Shelly told Clay after Day leaves they can get Audrey side of the story . Real smart get Day out so she can’t defend herself what a bunch od idiots


It suck that davonne is leaving, but I think she has her tricks up her sleeve. I mean she flip james jason jackie becky johnny mac jeff. It will only work if she get the power of the last laugh but I still do not understand the details does that person will know before the live eviction and can this person tell others about this power because if they can’t it kind of useless. SO that means zingbot did not return this week. I am betting the power of laugh will start after pov cermony. The next hoh is crap shoot like every season it could be hockey, golf, bowling, or shooting comp but anyone can win, but I have feeling austin and vanessa will win. I hate those two. People I hate in the game vanessa, austin, jackie (she does nothing and especially in the live feeds worst gameplayer), shelli and liz. I have feeling shelli wanting to nominate liz because she does care if she leaves or stays because she did not mention in her dream team.


Unfortunately I don’t see her being able to get the votes even with the last laugh. She needs 5 votes and the only ones I see her getting if she really pulled her magic would be Jason, James, Meg, Jeff. Johnny Mac won’t vote for her because he put his game on the line to get her out but throwing bob. Also she never talks to him so he has no trust in her. Becky plays with emotion and likes Liz and promised Shelli so she won’t switch. Jackie would prob go with Becky. The key though is Jeff. If Jeff votes to keep Day he will be drawing a line against Shelli and Clay and put him in a really bad position in the house. He doesn’t think Day is good at comps (even though she has only played in one) so her getting HOH to save him is unlikely in his book. Also Jeff is a bro’s bro and Clay is his bro. Not to mention he has a crush on Liz. Jeff seems like the type of guy that thinks men are superior to women and women are just there as eye candy and to service them. I have a feeling that is another reason he doesn’t like Austin, he knows Austin is better looking and would get the girls over him (not that Austin is interested). Clay is not a threat to him with the ladies because he has already shacked up with Shelli and he thinks the rest of the guys are no competition.

Jeff, jeff, jeff

Saving Day requires 5 votes. Jason, James, Meg, Jeff, Steve, Johnnie Mac, Clay, Audrey, Austin, Liz, Becky and Jackie are voting. Last Laugh removes three votes…also depends on who goes up. In the end it’s the power of the last laugh which determines who stays or goes. Clay will vote against Day no matter what, Johnnie Mac will most likely vote with Clay although he could still use his vote as leverage: He’s in a good spot, Jason and James will most likely try to save Day. If they could split votes it would be great for players such as Johnnie Mac, Steve, Meg and Jackie by allowing them to say they voted for whoever benefits them after the vote.
Ultimately, whoever production wants to keep around will stay.

obvious scapegoat

Lina you are sooooo right! It’s disgusting. Ppl just see what they wanna see. Based on who they are as a person. Every person in this house at this point is willing to throw day under except Jason. Everyone know who is playing dangerously (Audrey) but yet day is still easily thrown under. FOR WHAT??? Is she just the worst or is that easy because she’s the only black person in the house. Therefore we know how this will play out… Jason alone can’t save her. I mean is it so true that one race Will always stick together no matter what. Blk or white?


Real shame the twin twist gone week 2. 7th calls a coming wanna bet on Jason or James picking it up. lol AG won’t let the twist get wasted thus twins must go. I don’t think this vote counting is accurate within the house.
Save DA- no votes Clay, Austin, Jeff
Save Liz- no votes James, Jason, Meg…..doesn’t matter IMO who they pick 3rd if “save Liz” gets that 7th call DA is gone.
DA still has a struggle to get 5 votes out of 9, she has James and Jason needs 3 more if she has the call. The house likely will see early that majority is save Liz. The twist likely won’t be known to the HG til the live vote. To late to rally 5 to save her. I just think AG will try to find a way to save DA

Angry Inch

I pity the guest who takes the 7th ‘call’ and has to name 3 votes that will be voided. When the others find out, that person will be hated the most!!! Last laugh may be haunting for someone.


I’m not trying to be ignorant or insensitive, but I don’t understand the continuing dialog about race. Shelli and Clay have had an issue with Day since before the feeds were on because of a blowup between Day and Clay, and after Clay and Shelli’s alliance(s) with Audrey came out, nothing got any better for them and Day. I haven’t heard anyone say anything on the feeds to indicate that Day’s nomination was race-related. It’s been said hundreds of times this season, but this really is just a game. Day is an assertive player and for that reason, it’s not unexpected that she would be a target. I’m not a fan of Day and I’m not a fan of Clay/Shelli – the way I saw that dynamic, someone was going to strike first and they did. There is a lot of game left to play this week…


It’s offensive as HELL because these types of microaggressions and lowkey racial undertones are so deeply ingrained into our society that we don’t even notice. And in a show like Big Brother, which is a microcosm of American society where White Americans are overly represented, those types of microaggressions sand racial undertones are only intensified. No one is saying that Clay and Shelli said, “Day’s Black, we hate Black people, so she’s gotta go.” The type of racism that plagues American culture today is NOT overt. You don’t have to hear someone be called the N word in order to call a situation racially charged.


Thank you! I am not how race got dragged into this either. Can it not be just about the game?!


meant to say… I am not sure how race got dragged into is late and I need to get my butt to bed. Be nice to each other..Happy Fourth!

GeekSquad McGee

It happens every year. Even last year, many were saying that racism was the reason why Devin was cast out. It had nothing to do with him being a dictator in the Bomb Squad, bringing in members without consulting, putting his own alliance members on the block, calling erratic house meeting, and being generally overbearing. No it was because he was black apparently.

Dear Abbey

Look at it from this point of view. Clay and Day had a conflict, what does that have to do with Shellie and the rest of the people that is gunning for her so hard? Now look at Audry. The entire house is aware of the fact that she cannot be trusted at all. She is very calculating and nothing she says can be believed. She is dangerous to all of their games and they know it. Everyone of them are against keeping her, but Day is a bigger threat because her and Clay had a conflict? Although unspoken by anyone, it speaks volumes. Why is it that every season a black person is always targeted in the first couple of weeks and if my memory is correct, has never made jury? If the tables were turned would you feel the same? You actually learn a lot about human nature from this show, if you pay attention.

GeekSquad McGee

Look at it from this point of view.

Shelli is currently running the house, but all of her power runs through Clay. If Clay were evicted, Shelli would be a lost puppy. All of her power would be gone. And at this point in the game, Day is much more likely to go after Shlay than Audrey, or anyone is. Shelli is Audrey’s closest ally.

Stop looking for racism when it isn’t there. It’s completely logical for Shelli to target Day over Audrey.


Audrey is trying TOO hard to make casual conversation. What TV shows do you watch..please might as well ask what is your favorite color. All she is trying to do is blow smoke up their asses..again..she will go right back to her normal self right after the POV ceremony and she is not on the block. She is scared right now. I really wish they would wise up and get her out of there…if not she is just going to keep going all the way to the end..and that well SUCK!


that will SUCK, not well sorry!

Ariana Grande stinks!

Clayhole and Shallow are the worst!


No way is production going to allow their twin twist or their first transgender houseguest out of the house week 2. Audrey will shockingly answer Kathy Griffins 7th phone call getting the special power ensuring day goes home while saving Liz and the twin twist…. That’s my prediction.

Dee Dee

I think you are right Raymondj.


Whats been going on in the last 4 hrs????

lise cho

Jeff would be stupid to vote out Day over Audrey

Dumb Hag

Shelli would be dumb to put up Liz. Liz will go home.


Why do everyone on the website hate Audrey, is it because she is transsexual?


Stop it. That’s all your ridiculous question deserves. Watch the show, read the blogs, get the feeds. Keep up.

Ez does it

YEah she probaly has one and his name is Clay !!!


I will be glad when Da leaves….then these race baiters will have to move on!


If Momma Day get evicted, I hope Jason get to be the only HOH and target Audrey, Clay, or Shelli for eviction; and get revenge for Momma Day. I’m still praying that she (Momma Day) get “The Last Laugh) and if she does, Audrey will shit cinderblocks, Clay’s pea brain and ego will explode, and Shelli’s veneers will break and slide out of het mouth from gritting her teeth…plus her wrinkles will really show!


Day was mean to Shellie’s man. Simple. She gone

On bigots...

The reason Day is such a target is simple. Clay/Shellie/Jeff saw he go into the guys room. Jeff was sent in to see what she was doing. Day’s response was she can go anywhere she wants. The guys realized she was ticked and tried to smooth it over which Day saw as them trying to cover for the spying.

Both Claymance and Day overreacted to a petty slight and Shellie got power first and choose to remove a player who she and her boy toy can’t play with. The rest of the house as it generally does doesn’t rock the boat too hard against the HoH this early. No one’s going to try to thwart Shellie/Clay just yet by sticking their neck out for Day. Just like no one stuck their neck out for Jace.


i wonder why nobody goes against james he is so gross

That Guy

Is it just me or does anyone else think Johnny Mac sounds like Bobcat Goldthwait in his DR sessions?