Jasmine – “Taylor beasted that comp I need her out of here” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


1:05 am POOCH and KYLE
Kyle – You’re good
POOCH sounds like he’s running through possible people that can be nominated. Taylor, Brittany, “There’s a lot of people that can be picked this week”
POOCH says Turner heard her say she wants taylor the f*** out of here.

1:07 am Monte and Ameearh (Ameerah in the shower.. hard to hear)
Monte – you heard about Pooch volunteering to go on the block.
Monte – and Turner?
Monte – ONe of them comes down Taylor goes up

1:05 am Kyle and Alyssa
Alyssa is saying that Jasmine wants to backdoor Taylor.
Kyle – sounds complicated.
Alyssa – why not just put Taylor up. I don’t think Jasmine likes her
Kyle – do you have any idea who Jasmine would like to put up right away?
Alyssa – If POOCH offered she’s going to take it. I would say probably then Taylor. Brittany is no threat to us at all.
Alyssa – she was just nervous about the backstage last week..
Kyle – she’s not a threat to anyone’s game. I know Jasmine was saying that Brittany kinda annoys her a little bit. Game wise I don’t see any reason for someone to want to take out Brittnay right now.
Alyssa- she’ll have to tell BRittnay she’s a pawn
Kyle – I think we’re good for one week
Alyssa – I’m excited I don’t have to worry about the backstage

Alyssa says during the Head of Household competition they all thought Kyle or Monte were going to win

Kyle – how are you feeling about Nicole?
Feeds flip

1:11 am Taylor and Terrance
Taylor – I can’t believe you are being a have not Terrance that’s crazy.. another week.
Terrance – who do you think she will go for?
Taylor – I have no idea.. Not you. it’s not even going to be a pawn situation. You’ll be chilling.. on slop but chilling
Terrance – there’s time to make some moves.
Taylor – the most game talk I’ve had with her is to safe myself
Terrance – get to talking
Taylor – after this week the lines will be drawn.

1:37 am Houseguest build a Happy Birthday sign for Brittnay’s husband

1:45 am Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa and Joe
Jasmine – Taylor beasted that comp I need her out of here.
Joe – her priorities will be Daniel and Monte. Daniel put her up and Monte. after that she’ll go after the girls
Jasmine – I don’t want to give her an opportunity to play in the veto
Alyssa says they shouldn’t put Brittnay up as a pawn. Points out how stressed she was being on Backstage
Joe agrees.
Alyssa – POOCH was saying if you put up POOCH and Brittnay, Pooch can win the veto
Jasmine – I don’t want Brittnay beside her as a pawn. I need to talk to POOCH to make sure he’s okay
Jasmine says Brittany was REA::Y emotional today.
Joe – Taylor is such a wild card and I knew they (Production) were going to keep her here.
Alyssa – just to stir some shit up
Joe – she stirred this whole house up
Alyssa – if she’s in the veto she’ll GUN for it
Jasmine – you (Taylor) just showed me your capability today. She beasted it.
Joe – I have nothing against Taylor I can’t afford a wild card winning (HOH)
Alyssa- who do you think should go next to POOCH for OG. We’ll need someone to come down
Joe – we’ll have to watch out Taylor has made a lot of allies in the house
Jasmin and Alyssa – YOU THINK SO?
Joe – I 100% think so. Not people we would trust. not a lot but one or two.
Joe – Jasmine, unless you trust that person don’t talk about the plan.
Jasmine – do you think I should talk to people tonight?
INdy – NO
Joe – if Taylor is in this house she is such a wild card no one knows what she will do
Jasmine – we don’t know anybody that is aligned with her
Joe – that’s the thing you have to watch who you talk to. Someone spread something last week and it got back to her. Someone is definitely working with her.
Jasmine – could have been Brittany
Joe – no it’s no Brittany. Someone said something about getting Taylor out and she heard it before. I never talk game to her but she knew that is why she made that comment on the couch about if she’s up against Terrance all you are sending me home.
Alyssa – what if she gets picked for Veto. that’s worst case scenario.

Joe says as soon as he saw Taylor wasn’t going to win the HOH he’s relaxed “I definitely didn’t want it.”
Joe says Taylor would have picked Nicole/Alyssa as her girl nominations and MOnte/Daniel has her guy nominations.
Joe – out of those four people I wanted none of them leaving so that’s why I had to gun for HOH to protect all four of those.

Jasmine – I want to see who comes talks game and who doesn’t
Jasmine – I would have lost if Ameerah had the right answer.

2:05 am Alyssa, Ameerah and Michael
They mention how Taylor was really gunning for the HOH. Michael says he didn’t think Taylor would have gone after the girls if she had won.
Alyssa says POOCH wants to go up as a pawn with Brittany so they can backdoor Taylor.
Alyssa – I don’t think Joe knows what he’s talking about he said I think Taylor is going to come after you
Ameerah – I don’t see how she would..
Michael – the MOnte/Paloma thing I think that has burnt a bridge with Monte. I don’t know if Her (Jasmine) and POOCH/Turner ever talk .
Alyssa – we get POOCH out and Turner will be like what do I do now.
Ameerah – I say we get POOCH out.
They talk about letting POOCH go up as the pawn then they will send him home.
Alyssa – we can’t tell Joe..
Ameerah – we can only tell the girls and the people in our alliance.. Kyle is in our Alliance.
Alyssa – Kyle looked at me and said POOCH wants to go up as a pawn? Does he know the game we are playing?
They agree if POOCH wins veto they’ll take out Turner.

2:14 am Brittany and Jasmine
Jasmine – I need to get information from everyone to help our alliance. I got to do that regardless. I got to talk to everybody so I can get information for our alliance.
Jasmine – I’m curious who comes to me. Cause if you don’t..
Brittany – everybody was cheering for you
Jasmine – REaLLY? WOW
Brittany – that wasn’t the case with everybody. Some people didn’t want Michael to win
Jasmine – Who?
Brittany – POOCH, MONTE, Kinda Kyle
Jasmine – I think Kyle just rolls with the punches

2:50 am Taylor and Terrance
Taylor – I have no idea who the target is. I think some BUFF guys. I don’t think Brittany, I don’t thin Michael. They’re coasting with a Jasmine HOH
Taylor – I would be surprised by Monte. That’s a BIG shot to take week two. maybe Kyle and Turner?
Taylor – I’m just throwing out names. No way in hell you are going up.

3:01 am Brittnay and Michael
Michael – I don’t think she’s putting you up.. apparently POOCH earlier today volunteered to go up against Taylor as a pawn and now he’s saying he’ll go against you as a pawn. Which I don’t think she will do but how COCKY can you be
Brittany – she should do him and Turner let them win the veto then put up Taylor.
Michael – he thinks he’ll stay as a pawn. If he’s on the block next Thursday he’ll go home
Brittany – even against Taylor?
Michael – YES. that’s just might be me cause I want him out
Brittany – I want him out too. Jasmine really wants Taylor out
Michael – Taylor, we talked before the round and she said my plan this week is to keep building something with the women in the house
Brittany – I’ll be hard for her.
Michael – If she has won it would have probably have been not the women. She would have gone for the guys. Taylor is a fighter and she would have made a big shot if she got it. I don’t think she would be scared. IF all of us backed her up.
Brittany – Jasmine really wants Taylor out
Michael – I don’t want to Blindside Jasmine on her HOH. We’ll see, I think Taylor could be a valuable asset.
Michael thinks Monte and joe threw the “pie” part of the competition
Brittany doesn’t think so “Their reactions”
Michael says he wants to win the veto and use it on Taylor, “cause he thinks he’s a pawn. I wouldn’t do that to Jasmine BUT”
Brittany – Things can change, he’s going to be on slop, he’ll be complaining and he’ll get annoying really fast.
Michael – stoke that fire
Brittany – I want him out of here.


3:02 am Bro’s

3:26 am “Happy Birthday Stephen”

3:59 am
Jasmine – who wants to see my HOH room

Monte helps her up the stairs.

4:11 am Jasmine gets her HOH letter from her “Hubby” Justin, basket and family pictures.

4:23 am Pooch Vibing


4:20 am POOCH and POOCH

POOCH – he’s a cute little fella

4:24 am Taylor is the first one to leave.

4:50 am Girl’s Girls are hanging out in the HOH

4:54 am Turner and POOCH
Turner – I’m f**ing tired man

4:56 am Pooch, Turner Kyle and Joe

Pooch I need 10 votes to stay
Kyle – which we have.
Pooch says unless the girls have something going he’s safe.
Joe warns them that Nicole is going to f*** up the OASIS

Kyle wonders if Jasmine will be cool with two girls going back to back.

5:03 am Jasmine in the shower girls on the bed.
They talk about the guys talking game downstairs.
Alyssa – I’m glad you guys are still here.. You and Terrance
Conversation starts turning to Girls vs Guys. They’re glad Jasmine won so they won’t lose another girl. They comment on how annoying POOCH is getting.

5:22 am Jasmine and Ameerah
Jasmine – I tried to send her out.. She went to the storage to get me an ice pack..”
Ameerah – she’s coming back she’s so annoying
Jasmine – here she comes F*** I cannot get rid of her. Save me
Ameerah – should I leave
Jasmine – Leave then come back.

5:25 am Jasmine and Taylor
Taylor comes back with the ice packs. Helps Jasmine with her tensor bandages.

5:34 am Ameerah and Jasmine
Ameerah – Before the comp. Pooch comes to me him and Taylor. They’re scared of Taylor winning.
Jasmine laughs ‘Wrong one to be scared of I guess”
Ameerah – This is POOCH telling me this he’s like put up Me as a pawn and Taylor.
Jasmine – Baby if you go up you’re going home
Ameerah – Joe was there to he said ‘we got the votes’
Jasmine – how many votes do we need to send home
Ameerah – 7
Jasmine – so we just need two more people
Ameerah – We’re sitting at the table Home Girl Taylor looks at me says ‘if you win are you putting me on the block’
Jasmine – straight up?
Ameerah – straight the f** up. I said well you wouldn’t be a target. I told her I would put her and POOCH up and POOCH would be the target. They are both thinking they are going to be the Pawns.
Ameerah – I was downstairs with POOCH just now her was like I’m going to talk to jasmine tomorrow but tell her I’m really trying to help her out and I think that she should put me on the block.
Jasmine – is he asking to be on the block? somebody get him a tissue.
Ameerah – he was like put me on the block with Brittany
Jasmine – that’s not going to happen
Ameerah – he wants to backdoor Taylor
Jasmine – so he thinks this is his HOH..
Ameerah – He thinks Taylor has to get backdoored.
Jasmine – I said that to get her out she has to be backdoored cause now I know she can compete.
Jasmine – if I get a shot at POOCH I’m taking him out.
Ameerah says if Pooch wins the veto they backdoor Taylor
Jasmine – or maybe not.. But everyone is expecting for me to get Taylor out

Ameerah – Joe he’s so sweet I can’t vote him out
Jasmine – he’s so sweet.
Ameerah – Michael is starting to look like he’s going to win this damn thing
Jasmine – YO the underdogs. don’t underestimate these people. he’s getting it.
Jasmine says if Michael wins HOH their odds are better to stay.
Ameerah – you should put POOCH up because he’s volunteering the second person I don’t know. I don’t know if you should do Taylor because if she wins she’s coming for your neck next week.. all of our necks. Brittany is part of our crew even though she ran to POOH and told him some craziness

Ameerah says POOCH is trying to get Brittany out “Remember he said he would put her up if he won HOH”
Jasmine – He better do that on his own time and it better be later. I need all my people. I’m not going to break up an all girls. Taylor’s not in that alliance so she’s the only reason why because it’s just so funny she was so confident when she was up here saying ‘oh all the girls will talk up here tomorrow’
Jasmine – what girls you talking about who are you with?
Ameerah – She just busted in here
Jasmine – did she ring the bell
Ameerah – she did not she busted in. Even Nicole knocked
Jasmine deson’t think the house thinks Ameerah and her are close. They know she’s close to Alyssa
Ameerah – perfect
Jasmine adds that Alyssa nd her don’t talk game like her and Ameerah do.
Jasmine – she said something today that rubbed me the wrong way. She was like right after I sprained my ankle I came over to the couch.. Basically I was like OH man I didn’t even know I had won I as too in the moment. I thought Terrance had already beat me so I was walking down. I didn’t hear the buzzer.
Jasmine – I was like damn I can’t believe I had won she said ‘but you won against Terrance’
Jasmine – Maybe she didn’t mean anything by it .. I love her to death so I’m going let that slide.
Ameerah – She didn’t mean anything she’s so sweet. she was so happy you won.. she was crying. Bless her heart. I love her.
Jasmine – that’s my girl
Jasmine – hopefully they let us sleep super late tomorrow
Ameerah – probably not

Ameerah looks at Jasmine’s foot – This season is crazy. Paloma is gone.. she lived a whole season in 48 hours (LOL)
They agree Paloma would go to the end

Pooch joins them.

5:57 am

6:00 am Pooch, Jasmine and Ameerah

Pooch trying to get Britany on the block. They go through scenarios of nominees, Terrance
Jasmine about Taylor – She’s not going up first choice she’s going to be backdoored.
Ameerah suggest Turner and Pooch then they can backdoor Taylor.

Pooch about Brittany “if you put her up nobody get mad”
Ameerah – it comes down to a conversation with Brittany
Jasmine tells him nobody but Taylor gives her “bad Vibes” in the house.

Pooch says he feels good about the five Jasmine, Ameerah, Alyssa, Turner and POOCH
Pooch – we want to confirm Taylor goes this week then nobody will be mad at you.
Ameerah – we need to figure out who to put up with Pooch
Pooch – we can’t put up somebody that will be a vote for me.

Pooch asks who do they take out After Taylor this week, “would Michael be an option next week?”
Pooch I wouldn’t say Turner I like Turner. Joe is loyal
Jasmine – I’m not putting Joe up.

Pooch pushes again the 5 person alliance.
Jasmine – why wouldn’t you include Kyle in there?
POOCH – why you’re good with that? Yeah that’s my guy I’m not trying to add too many people. If you’re good with that I’m good with that (ZOMG)
POOCH – I already know he would have me anyway
Jasmine – I love Turner though I don’t talk much game with Turner I don’t talk any game with Kyle neither. I talk more game with Turner than Kyle.

6:40 am Pooch leaves.
Jasmine – yo, Is he going to the have not room
Jasmine – Ameerah I don’t think I can do any more of those conversations like that. I’m going to lose my shit. I gotta get better putting these people outta here. Man. He’s a talker.
Ameerah – You got to put him on the block. Just put him on the block.
Jasmine – yeah, he’s going up but damn.
Ameerah – I’m voting him out I don’t care who’s on the block with him
Jasmine – he tried to make an alliance
Ameerah – He tries to make an alliance with everyone. that’s the 4th one he’s tried to make an alliance with me. He’s always.. I don’t trust POOCH.
Ameerah- Paloma told me Alyssa. Alyssa seems to be his common denominator..
Jasmine – she said I cannot stand that guy I want him out
Ameerah – I like POOCH he’s just a competitor we have a chance to take out.
Jasmine – If Taylor would have goner home today. My god I would want POOCH out easy I would have had the votes.
Ameerah – Kyle wants him out Kyle told me. Didn’t Nicole say she wanted POOCH out today?

Jasmine doesn’t know.
Ameerah – Pooch and someone else let the house decide.

7:36 am zzzzzz

8:25 pm zzzzz

10:03 am Houseguests hasve woken up for the day.

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Brian LeRossignol

Turner and Pooch (Hooch) too funny. 80’s buddy comedy’s we’re great.


Taylor got saved from backdoor this week on a cancelled eviction she shouldn’t even still be in the game right now. If people get upset if she gets evicted soon and act like she’s a victim STILL they shouldn’t she got an unfair and undeserved second chance. It was wrong by the show to just blatantly disregard the rules to just cancel an eviction and throw it out.

It is inappropriate and absolutely an unfair advantage for Taylor to get an eviction cancelled and get saved from a backdoor when dozens and dozens of other houseguest have had they same fate they never got a bs cancelled eviction break like that!
It was Taylor’s game that put her in a bad position with the house and the reason why everyone wanted her out. Whats sickening is that people have made her out to be a victim that deserves to be saved by a cancelled eviction. If everyone feels Overjoyed that Taylor got a saved from a backdoor an UNFAIR & UNDESERVED ADVANTAGE then they are ok with her playing by a TOTAL different set of rules and getting any break that is undeserved.

It was bull crap when Frank got saved from a backdoor in season 14 by cancelling the week 3 eviction and it’s no different here!
No player deserves to get saved from a backdoor in this game. If it was straight up actual big brother they would still have had an eviction and Taylor would be gone. It would only be fair if Taylor leaves soon.
Daniel got completely screwed like Shane in season 14!


Taylor has every right to still be there is they cancelled the eviction because a player left. Have you not been watching the live feeds? What was done to Taylor was wrong and unforgiveable and she has every right to play in the game without all the lies and hate.

david bb22

Alyssa was the one saved tonight. Taylor would’ve smoked her in the backdoor competition, like she did in the first segment of the HOH competition.

The Beef



Are you two blind? I mean seriously are you two blind?
Taylor got saved from a backdoor in yet you two are acting like it was Alyssa who got saved how are you both so foolish to believe that the backstage twist wasn’t a set up for the show to save someone they wanted?! Because they could’ve made the rules and competition whatever they wanted hence the reason why they waited till the last moment to reveal what was going to happen. It’s so obvious.

Whats ridiculous is that you both are foolish enough to sit here and say that Alyssa was the one who got a break when it was freaking Taylor who was on the block getting freaking backdoored haha
I mean they put a twist in place for week one for Taylor to get saved from the backdoor omg hahahahaha

In the words of mike boogie somebody gets these fools a blindfold because they are in the dark they are in the dark lmao
If you can’t see that Taylor was the one who got an absurd break on epic portions in the history of this show by getting a chance to stop a backdoor by something completely out her hands for an eviction to be cancelled with a chance to stay then you both have serious issues of Taylor being an
all deserving self righteous victim that takes no consideration of gameplay. Seriously to sit here and say that Alyssa was the one who got a break and got saved when it was freaking Taylor who was on the block getting backdoored haha
I mean good god she got saved from a backdoor there is no greater safety net of a break in the whole entire game of big brother And to say otherwise it’s being small minded and foolish!

The Beef

Okay BBFan, I’ll bite. How did production put a twist in play specifically to save Taylor, before they even knew she was ever going to be nominated? You do remember that the Back Stage Pass twist was introduced into the game the very FIRST night the players were entering the house! No one knew who the HOH was going to be! No one knew who was going to be nominated. Hell, Taylor didn’t even hit the block until Monday during the Veto meeting, so please tell me how this twist was specifically designed to save her?

Do I like twists like these? Not normally, as I do think they take away from normal game play. But, there is no way on God’s green earth this twist was put in play specifically to save Taylor, and if you believe that, it’s YOU who are the foolish one here, not me and not david bb22. All we’re saying is Taylor would have most likely mopped the floor with Alyssa in that particular competition, had things proceeded as planned – that’s it. I base that on how BOTH of them performed in the comp that was shown on live TV. Does that mean she would have 100% guaranteed have won? NO! It’s just my opinion based on what I saw, and yes it was a break for ALL of them that nobody got evicted due to Paloma being removed from the game.

Now go back to crying about Janelle and telling us how great Nicole F. is at playing Big Brother. That’s what you do best.


Little doggie your blind in so many ways especially to believe that Alyssa is the one who got saved. When it is Taylor who got saved from a backdoor which is the ultimate safety net of a break in the entirety of this game. That is the point haha
There is no greater lifeline in the whole game of big brother then just what happened to Taylor ZOMG
If you can’t seem to understand that and think otherswise that Taylor wasn’t the lucky one who got saved on a backdoor from a twist and cancelled eviction that was completely out of her hands then your just proving to be small minded and foolish about this game.
Nicole won big brother and Janelle hasn’t won after 4 attempts so are you crying haha
you can’t even do what you think you know – talk and understand big brother.


But Taylor wasn’t 100% guaranteed to go… she had a one in 5 chance of being evicted because of the twist with the three backstage people… If the concern is “fairness” (which Big Brother is hardly worried about), how would it be fair for the twist to be cancelled because of Paloma but not the eviction of one of the two houseguests?

As far as Taylor’s behavior being the reason she was being voted out, have you watched the feeds? Taylor was being targeted for playing pool with the men (sexist much?), putting on a fashion show (that the girls girls encouraged her to do only to then pick on her behind her back for doing so), and not being enough of a “girls girl” (which in this case apparently means attacking OTHER GIRLS)


To all three of you above,

Not a chance that twist was utter garbage and EVERYONE knows it.
To have that twist week one was ridiculous. It was randomly and unknowingly given to Pooch and he didn’t even know their names haha His decision about whose game he put in jeopardy was poorly informed, through no fault of his own; hints a bad design.
Not to mention it completely disregarded the games format, and doesn’t make up for Taylor’s dismal gameplay when she was going to get backdoored unanimously and she got saved from one to think other wise is just completely absurd shows that you have an agenda. Straight up big brother is TAYLOR getting backdoored because eviction takes place and to say otherwise that Alyssa got saved is a complete trash of a take because production was doing everything they could to keep Taylor which is wrong and shows that she gets an unfair advantage.

Taylor was a nominee on the chopping block and Alyssa played a far superior social game and strategy compared to Taylor hints why the whole house wanted Taylor gone. Big brother came up with a vague wonky twist that was trying to save Taylor’s ass or any particular houseguest they wanted week one it so obvious!
They could have made up whatever detail they wanted to about Thursday last night hints why it was vague and such a cliffhanger on premiere night because they werent sure to do a house vote or rigged competition catered to strengths of who they wanted to stay; that is rigged! Same thing they did for Frankie Grande in season 16 for the chain game battle of the block when he did by himself they created a competition to where can win by himself after production torn down another competition idea the night before because Frankie would have competed alone!

If you think Alyssa deserved to go and got saved by production instead of Taylor then you are completely inept when it comes to the game of big brother and have no regard for the rules and are ok thinking that Taylor is a victim and deserves to get any breaks that get thrown her way let alone thinking that backstage twist made any sense and was a good idea.

The backstage twist was completely unfair and one thee worst designed twist!!
For one it completely screwed Daniel over who had to win two competitions to get that HOH and just have no regard for his nominees
If Paloma, Alyssa, or Brittany would have been the first big brother houseguest evicted, from the backstage twist it was because of a course of events that would have been mainly beyond their control!

There were many reasons that it was unfair to unleash the Backstage Boss twist on premiere night. It was a twist that weird and poorly executed, especially since the houseguests and the viewers did not yet know the contestants well enough to make an informed decision.

The backstage twist had a major design flaw for week one, especially when pooch didn’t even know their names haha that twist is not big brother especially to have that week one and just completely disregard to the games HOH and VETO format and just cancel the eviction and to give Taylor chance to compete against someone to save herself is completely unfair and undeserved advantage.

She is not good at the game people because she has no self awareness on whom to align with. She was never going to give the girls any intel about the guys and hangs out with the guys who don’t feel comfortable. Then saying Taylor deserves it and Alyssa is the one that got saved is absolutely ridiculous because again Taylor got saved from a mothereffing backdoor haha in yet its Alyssa that got saved?!?
Get the hell out here, why even bother having HOH and VETO then!?!
To think otherwise proves that your ok crying that Taylor’s a victim that gets to play by a separate set of rules on an uneven playing field. Taylor got saved from a backdoor point blank that is completely wrong just like what happened to Frank in season 14 it is the same exact thing!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but my understanding was that the houseguests were supposed to evict Taylor or Terrance… but they weren’t getting evicted they just had to play either Alyssa or Paloma (unsafe backstage girls) in a comp. The loser of that comp is who was going home. So it could have been Taylor, or Alyssa or Paloma who was going home? It was confusing tho the way Julie explained it.


Both Taylor AND Terrance got saved. Also Taylor could have very well won the one-on-one battle and sent Britt home. Calm down


Brittany was safe. America’s Vote saved her. The challenge would have been between Taylor and Alyssa. I believe that Taylor would have won. Thus, Alyssa would have been evicted…so, in essence, she was saved.
Despite Paloma’s self-eviction, I don’t know why TPTB didn’t just go through with the original plan. Since Brittany was safe, and Paloma was gone, they could have made it a battle between all three, Terrance, Taylor, and Alyssa…or…they could’ve had the eviction, sent Taylor home, then also sent home, by process of unfortunate elimination, Alyssa, as she was the only Backstage person left.
I like the way it was handled better. Everyone got to stay, everyone glad to be there!
To TonyT…please remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sometimes it’s easier to just say, “Let’s agree to disagree.”

Palm Oil's Meds

What in the tarnation are you talking about? lol You’re mad at the wrong person. Why would they send someone home when Paloma self-evicted herself? Technically, Terrence, Alyssa, (Britney saved by America’s votes) and Taylor were all saved by Paloma going nuts. Let’s be real, if Taylor did the obstacle course elimination against Paloma or Alyssa, she would’ve smoked them. Taylor is more athletic with long legs. She has the advantage to win comps and she would’ve won against the Backstage girls and it would’ve sent one of them home anyway.

Also, it annoys me when people say Taylor has bad game. How can she game when everyone excluded her since day one? I think she is doing okay despite everyone hating on her for their own high school false rumors spread on her. With CBS sketchy edits and a house full of low vibrational idiots, I would’ve self-evicted myself. lol


Totally agree


So Paloma lied and karma got her, Taylor has every right to be there


Jasmine is sooo that typical female who is jealous of other females….


Who else thinks Alyssa & Kyle would make a cute couple?


All I have to say that this is one of the worst casts ever and I find them unwatchable


Jealousy set in fast , now the domino effect of the girls leaving. Mean girls.

Feeds Gold

Im really missing the feeds liveliness and banter of paloma and the bonds she had formed

after being so influential in setting up the two 6 person alliances, as well as individual bonds outside of those alliances, its such a shame she wasnt able to stay, and it will be interesting to see how things develop in her absence

if you like her or not, it was a blow for the overall entertainment of the season and the feeds that she had to go so early due to health, and im wishing her all the best with her anxiety

every time i hear ‘insomnia (i cant get no sleep)’ by faithless/maceo plex in future im going to think of sleep deprived paloma


un autre nom

If i got everyone’s parts in the story correctly:
Monte threw HOH noticeably enough a couple allies are concerned.
Ameerah threw HOH thinking she could control a Jasmine HOH.

Daniel is… mmkay I don’t get the dude. He’s so not vibin and just bein a homie…. it’s hard to believe he’s 6’3″.
For some odd reason i expect his fear response (how he’s playing the game) to kick in no matter what, and he’ll spill too much endangering his bestie Nicole in deference to a guy… likley Pooch. He’s already worrying he’ll lose a number… when yesterday he admitted they aren’t his numbers they’re using him. For a day he realized he’s actually got nobody but Nicole for real, but he’s back to his delusional belief that he’s an alpha.

As the girls of the girls alliance try to get back on to the original mission statement of target a guy, they have the mount everest of Jasmine’s envy and jealousy to climb. So blinded by her own pettiness that she’s difficult to derail from the Taylor train. You DAMN well know that if Taylor was gone, she’d just slide all of her petty on another woman. Shush. She WOULD.

Ameerah is trying her best to be the puppet master. The personality types for the first 2 HOH’s make manipulation possible… but other house guests might be better at feeding Jasmine’s character faults. Jasmine desperately wants her ego stroked. Now that she’s injured she’s got an excuse for not getting off of her bed (what was her excuse so much last week?), and she’s already wondering if she’s getting enough attention.
Pooch has attempted to call the plays, because as he told Turner, Jasmine is going to be easy to control.

No idea where this ends up. In my opinion, Jasmine will likely partially cave to demand, and think she’s in control and exerting her will. This will not be a HOH is the house week.

Alexis DeCaprio

I agree with your thoughts on Jasmine. I’m not able to watch feeds as much but is Joe really flirting with her or is she making that up too?