Jasmine “He lied to my face.. When I was asking him questions, I reading his face and body language..”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Big BroChella SIDE

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, and Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Dyre Fest SIDE

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, and Turner
POV Winner: Terrance
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Lock your ranks in before midnight

8:15pm – 8:40pm Kitchen – Brittany, Michael, Jasmine, Monte and Taylor.
Brittany – I think I finally got them (production) convinced that I am a fun girl and then I went in there (Diary room) and they asked me fun things I just bombed. And I was like well that was your chance! You’re not fun. Straight back to explaining how comps work. Monte – what is bombing though Brittany? Brittany – I don’t know what you (production) want from me!? Like what?! Monte – feed me the line! Jasmine – I don’t even let them… I just start talking. Taylor – here are the people that never have a script in the DR… You (Jasmine), Joseph and maybe Pooch when he was here. Jasmine – well I think its just because I start talking. Monte – I could see Turner going in there and just rambling. Taylor – he is made to be on camera. Monte – oh yeah he does youtube and stuff. Jasmine – he does youtube, like that is his background.

Jasmine – Speaking of… whatever happened to my muffin?! Anybody got an ideas while we’re separated? Michael – you said you knew who did it. Jasmine – I knew who did half of it. Taylor – who did half of it? Jasmine – Turner. Taylor – he told you? Jasmine – Nope, he lied to my face. Taylor – what happened? Jasmine – I asked him some questions and I have a tactic to know when someone is lying to me. And he was lying to me. I will make a bet right here.. I will let you know right now, he lied to my face and he had something to do with it. I am not going to say it was the muffin, I am not going to say it was the cookie but I know it was one of them. Just remember this moment! I know for a fact it was two people. Monte – what made you realize he was a part of it. Jasmine – I asked him questions right here in the kitchen and when I was asking him questions I reading his face and body language… I knew he was a part of it.

8:45pm Taylor – I know they’ll never say it to our faces but I do wonder who “Big Brother” has as their favourite. Michael – yeah. Taylor – Who the many different “Big Brothers” have? Michael – oh yeah they have people they like more than others. Taylor – MMmhmmm. Jasmine whispers – I better be one of them.

9:03pm Kitchen.
Taylor – when do we get our friends back big brother? Michael – I don’t know .. this week. I will say that I made a reference (in the diary room) to Thursday and was asked to resay it without using Thursday. Taylor – yeah me too. Jasmine – you make me nervous.

9:30pm – 10:20pm HOH room – Brittany and Michael.
Michael is taking a bath. Michael – you can hang out .. unless its weird for you. I have my swimsuit on. Brittany – no, okay. Its funny with less people in the house I was thinking it would be more time for us to hangout .. but its been like less. Michael – yeah because everyone …we’re back to week one where no one wants to leave anyone alone. Brittany – I was thinking about that last night like I was like I guess its just easier to like oh go out in the hammock or.. Michael – how are you feeling today? Brittany – talk me off this ledge if it needs to be talked off of. Jasmine’s been on her best behaviour this week. Michael – she has. Brittany – Do you think she deserves a more straight forward conversation of why she is going home? Maybe not detailed but .. maybe a straight shooter .. like this was the plan. Michael – There is like no one that she can run to and like blow us up so I am okay with that honestly .. I think for all of us for jury management ..like I know she preaches honesty and loyalty ..and we’re like ahhh… but in the end when it comes down to jury votes that doesn’t bother me. Brittany – yeah, I just don’t know if it makes sense to .. well we don’t know when the eviction is but say Wednesday or Thursday morning be like Fly Swatters, Girls Girls.. Michael – Like I would like to ask her like if there is information that she would give up because what if we find out like oh there is this other alliance, and like okay is there anything else we need to know about? And she does tell us something that we didn’t know about.. Brittany – I almost feel like she would be more apt to do that if we were to just be straight up. I also just want to be clear headed about it too. Its just something about it being a smaller group.. something about there just being no chance, no hope.. Michael – for me personally I am okay letting her know because once she know she is going to be like Michael picked me first to send me home. So I am okay being a little more upfront and straight forward because she is going to be pissed when she finds out. Brittany – yeah. Yup. Yeah, Yup. And she still thinks we’re still in an alliance plus Turner. Michael – right, she’s been saying that for weeks. Brittany – it just sucks because this week we’ve been doing a lot of not game talk. I’ve had a lot of fun with her. She’s been nice. And you realize she actually is a pretty great person. There might be things that we don’t enjoy about her but also it might be just the company she was with. She’s also said that there is personal and there is game. It just makes sense… like it could be just me and Taylor or you, or it could be all of us. Michael – and we could just be like hey we know about Fly Swatter, we know about Old School, we know about two weeks ago when you tried to bring you, Indy, Terrance, Monte and Joseph together. Brittany – yeah we know about that.. we know about you throwing me and Monte’s name under the bus to Turner. Michael – but you (Jasmine) saying we can create a lie, flip the votes and pin it on Brittany. And if she says no, none of that is true we can be like well Joseph .. and then she goes to jury being mad at Joseph and not us. Brittany – and by the time Joseph would ever find out about it.. he would be in jury. Michael – yup. Brittany – I think she would respect it at the end of the day. They talk about how they hope its Joseph or Turner who go home from the backyard crew.

10:40pm – 11:20pm Bathroom – Taylor and Monte.
Taylor – its just funny because I never felt closer to Kyle game wise than when we were at the end of the wall and by the end of the week it was just like (gestures far a part). Monte – MMmmhmmm… same though. I always felt cool with Kyle up until that day. I don’t think he ever gave me any reason to.. like outside the showmance.. like it doesn’t make sense for you to your game .. like this is something that you’re doing ..like for more love from America or whether it being wanting a relationship or whatever it is that’s fine. I just think that like there are people that have done it right. And is past season there have been people who are more discrete about it .. and I don’t think Alyssa is really giving him a chance to be discrete because she is literally telling everybody. Taylor – she thinks that being in a showmance is something she can dispose of .. like she wants her cake and eat it too. Monte – When I talk to Kyle he was like oh my god how is she calling this a showmance? Like I guess!? You know what I mean? And to me I am like as a man you should and as a person .. not just as a man but as a person you should go with things at your own pace. Now its like everyone knows and since everyone knows everything thinks that your decisions are being based off that. Taylor – meanwhile America was like it was right there you idiots. They move to the kitchen and reminisce about past events of the season.

11:23pm HOH room – Michael and Jasmine.
Michael – Pooch has been our only unanimous vote. Jasmine – we can make it the second one this week!? We can make the second unanimous vote this week! Thank you, another point I can make.. Michael – with 12 people you would think that would be the least likely to be unanimous. Jasmine – I still can’t believe that happened. Michael – I just want to know what is going on over there? (backyard) Jasmine – same. If best case scenario .. I feel like .. like possibly if it stays like this where everybody is like I am closer to this side now .. and I am closer to this side ..which I can’t really because you still have to play the game. Like underneath it all, like what if you are still like that, then I have Alyssa over there and Alyssa pretty much tells me what Kyle is thinking sometimes so I am definitely going to put that in my pitch to y’all. Because then I could get information and bring it back. Michael – yeah. Jasmine – and I don’t have anything with Kyle at all. And Y’all know Alyssa is my girl so that is that.

11:39pm Kitchen – Brittany and Taylor.
Brittany – we know that Jasmine has been on her best behaviour this week. Taylor – yeah. Brittany – so could it help us with jury management. It it wasn’t such a you did this, this, this, explain yourself conversation. We know you out of everyone separates game from personal and we want you to know that its been real but we know this, this, this, and this. Taylor – yeah, that’s how I was going to approach it anyway. Taylor – I have been informed (by production) the most we can say is that I cannot promise you my vote.

11:58pm – 1:43am Kitchen – Monte, Taylor and Brittany chatting. Jasmine has gone to the storage room to “scavenge”. She comes back with pitas. They all sit around chatting. They start reminiscing about the season.

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 Jasmine whispers – I better be one of them.” (Talking about Big Brother favorites)

Um no. Just no. Nope. Not happening.

orwell the out of work bbad owl

Trapped in a house with Jasmine eh. Must literally be HELL on Earth.


I’ve never seen another human being with such a complete lack of self awareness & perception, than with Jasmine.

un autre nom

I don’t know if this is just 2 other sources extrapolating on a sg tweet.
Turner is no longer a nom.
Terrance used veto and replaced with Kyle.
Thought process: Replacement was made to secure Turner’s loyalty.
Thought process 2: Kyle thought it would be Alyssa not him.
Today’s sound on the clip of Terrance, Turner and Joseph was Kyle, either d/r leak or pleading his case.

un autre nom

The twist may fold early because of wall yellers. Meaning Vote may be Wednesday.


I remember some past double evictions where 1 houseguest left Wednesday and the other left Thursday. They could do something similar


More speculation

vote would be alysia vote Joe, Turner vote Kyle and Terrance tie breaker votes Joe and gets to hold the bloody knife on Joe going to be with jasmine just as he originally wanted. And makes a big game move doing so.

4 be 4

wonder if he is smart enough


i think this will happen as the suspense of putting kyle on the block and still gettin Joe out is good for ratings before evictions. i’m sure production convinced Terrance to do this (if his target really was Joe)


It could be Kyle’s suggestion. If he is on the block he can not be accused of turning on the alliance. Alyssa votes Joe, Turner votes Kyle, and Terrence votes Joe. Same results whether or not Kyle is on the block.


Yeah, I saw that too & SG’s tweet said she can’t even hint at it w/o giving it away (and promised her source she wouldn’t) but said it’s a HUGE reason why feeds are off.

Without sleep (for FAR too long) my mind went to copious tangents:

  • Kyle had said he wanted to get Turner to also expose the Leftovers to Terrance (smart move bc then he has someone else to share the blame). But what if Turner’s details were vastly different?
  • In the video we see Terrance, Joe, and part of Turner’s head & we hear Kyle’s voice so… WHERE WAS ALLY? Is it possible she self-evicted bc the wall yellers were screaming out things about her or that upset her? (like about the sex or other nasty comments).
  • OR did she have a medical emergency?
  • Did Joseph & Kyle get into an argument & expose it was Kyle who created the Leftovers bc Ally was spilling secrets about Girl’s Girls & Old Skool?
  • Social media has rumors of wall yellers calling Kyle a liar, save Joseph while others (the mean ones) suggested they also made racism comments. I have no idea if either is true just repeating what I’m seeing.

Honestly, I’m hoping it has NOTHING to do with the wall yellers & is tied more to the pitches.

Is eviction earlier than Thursday?
Hamsterwatch noted Michael & Taylor both said they were asked to re-say lines in the DR & remove “Thursday” playing into their theory the eviction will occur sooner – but then also noted tickets are sold out for the Thursday show. (???)

When all else fails use the KISS principle:
Soooooooooooo — could the reason be as simple as the wall yellers got so insane they MOVED the quintet to a different studio lot? And in doing so don’t have the equipment set up to cover live feeds. Sometimes using the KISS principle is the safest bet.

Sounds like the decision is going to come down to Terrance
The other major point SG made was she believed Terrance is 50-50 with the key point that led her to believe that is “I don’t think Terrance knows the answer to the question yet” makes me think it’s 50/50 who goes”

Reading between the lines that ^^^ would indicate there is a split vote so either Ally is mad at Kyle & refusing to vote for him (doubtful) or Turner is pissed & he aligned with Joe (he was the most eager to go F4 with the Pound so that seems more likely BUT his only REAL F2 deal is with Kyle (yeah, he has one with Terrance but he told everyone that Terrance offered it to him & it was fake).

Perhaps the simplest answer again is what you suggested. Terrance elected to build long-term loyalty with Turner who was the one of the trio being calm. It’s feasible Joe & Kyle got into a heated debate & Terrance has to choose which guy he’ll keep.

Is it really Terrance’s decision & who has more pull with him – Turner or Ally?

If the votes are split Terrance has some deep thinking to do with regards to where he’s positioned next week. If he evicts Kyle & now that he knows about the Leftovers it would seem if he keeps Joe he’s only setting himself up to be one of the two easiest targets (Ally/him) next week. Whereas keeping Kyle would give him a shield of not one but two people (and may still believe he has Britt/Michael on his side).

Finally, I wondered if Joe pitched he was the only person of the four who hadn’t overtly done something to Terrance – and yes I know he spilled all kinds of secrets direct from Terrance’s mouth – but Kyle hadn’t said that to Terr in the feeds I watched.

Case in point: Turner put him OTB, Ally voted against him & cried when he stayed (not from joy – lol) & Kyle didn’t save him with the POV (granted with a good reason), whereas Joe voted to save him every time he was OTB & hasn’t been HOH to put him OTB.

un autre nom

I call it rumor because I’m remembering the Hamza craze of bbcan10.
I also call it rumor because I can’t verify it myself.
I saw the rumors popping up, backtracked them and the source of their spoilers is sg, who apparently has been doing well this season… but. I don’t give 100% to anyone I can’t question myself.


She has been (I’d say about 95 percent or higher – I’ve never cited her before this season but she’s been reliable this year).

So – while all the Joseph/Jaylor Twitter pandemonium is going on Kevin Martin (BBCAN All-Star Winner) tweeted out: “Made some bad poker plays while wife was traveling. She’s home now and just got an unreal blowjob. Brain is clear. Ready to crush again!”

I mean – Pilar must love that going out to the Twitterverse LMFAO.

un autre nom

On her season I wasn’t sure of she was able to read….
But come on, she has to know by now who she married.
At least he didn’t post video.




wait, we dont love Kevin now?

un autre nom

(gets ready to run) don’t know about anyone else, but i never loved Kevin to begin with. I never hated him, I just didn’t care for him. (runs).


Twitter is so sure the wall yellers have “won” if I were in production I would want Joe to leave even more just to show them it didn’t work. I hope they do move the eviction to Wed so we can go back to normal feeds. They can show what led up to the eviction on Thursday. This week has been so frustrating because it could have been avoided with better planning!

Scott D Hudson

I definitely don’t buy the Alyssa self-evicted because she wasn’t seen in the two second feed leak. There’s dozens of explanations for that, and 99.9% of them are innocuous. As for the dumb wall yellers, odds are that the HG’s didn’t even clearly hear what they yelled as that has been the history of that sort of event. It probably changed nothing except getting our feeds taken down.


Agreed. Haven’t seen wall yellers do anything in a long time. Vaguely remember they had more of an impact in the pre-twitter era but I could be wrong I’ve purged most past seasons.



Interesting take by BBUpdoots (a great Twitter follow btw) who looks at this from the angle of Kyle doing it for strategic purposes…

1. So Kyle can cover his tracks with Turner and jury manage Joseph.
2. So Kyle doesn’t have to vote Joseph out.
3. To secure Turner’s loyalty to this new group.
4. Or to prove his loyalty bc of what the wall yellers said
5. She doesn’t mention this one: but in this vein: if he’s worried about the blowback from Monte/Taylor next week if both he/Ally vote to keep Turner instead of Joe perhaps he’d do this to play some defense (that’s if you buy this is strictly for strategy).

It’s definitely an angle I didn’t consider primarily bc of his aversion for the block.
Cas also offers the other side of the coin if you want to check out her Twitter (it’s the name I noted in the 1st sentence: @BBUpdoots)

un autre nom

I’ve read Cas before, I haven’t this season. My time on twitter this season regarding bb added together is less than an hour. It was toxic enough for can10, and i promised myself to avoid as much toxicity as i can.
I had considered writing about extrapolations based on the rumors, but at this point 4 seconds of feeds is not enough data for me to do so.
Kyle goes? oh well. Joseph goes? oh well. Turner goes? to jury WITH Jasmine? aw. that just ain’t right. Aly goes? oh well.
That’s the best I got.

Watched Monte’s third apology. He’s sorry for the effects, still hasn’t openly admitted just how much he was the cause. He was a BIG part of the cause.
Shunning? Who said don’t talk to her, don’t let her lie her side of the story? REPEATEDLY who said don’t even talk to her. Shakes head…. feel bad about the effect? Own the cause.


Monte’s had two great chats this week – tonight with Taylor & the one with Michael last night (in fairness I didn’t see it all b/c feeds were cutting in & out) but they talked about Michael’s sexuality (not having a relationship until he was 22), their different background & experiences, Monte talked about his brother (I missed most of that part), Michael getting spanked & disciplined growing up (sounds like he had a rough upbringing) etc.

Afterward, Michael was talking in HOH & called Monte one of his favorite people in the house and while he knows Monte is a threat & will be tough to beat he’s glad they are working together in the game and hopes they continue working together moving forward.

Initially, I was looking to find more details on the parts I missed on social media from the Michael/Monte chat but it was too caustic. People were lapping up Monte feeling bad about Taylor’s experience the first week & excusing him for not outing all the details of his involvement (b/c they are still playing the game). I think he will fess up in jury or after the game whereas Michael was called a racist who was only saying these things for optics.

I mean Monte was the FIRST person to bring up taking out Michael. Taylor is in a F3 with MB & also is actively trying to create a F3 with Monte/Britt and cut Mike at F5 possibly F6 if Joe AND Turner return (can just imagine how that would go over with Britt). Once again it’s two distinct views with Taylor being applauded for her smart game play whereas Michael’s a snake, and a racist b/c he also ponders his options.

This is a game and they ALL are trying to get to the end the easiest way possible & I like Michael’s take on it – that NO ONE WILL TAKE ME – so I may as well go to the end with people I like/care about (Britt/Taylor).

For me, the person you may like the most & who you prefer as a F2 aren’t necessarily one in the same. Michael might adore Monte & Joe but knows he’s a high-priority target for them & feel safer going to F3 with Taylor/Britt

Tonight’s iteration of Michael’s best F5 would include Terrance & either Ally or Joe with B/T. Likewise, Taylor loves Michael but feels more confident Joe, Britt (& possibly Monte) will take her to F2 before Michael would & may think she can beat them in comps too.

What is interesting – is Britt asked Michael when he thought Monte would come for them (so clearly she didn’t tell him what Taylor shared with her). And Monte didn’t want to commit to a Britt/Tay/Monte F3 in case Michael found out & cut him sooner.

Okay – hopefully that ^^^ makes sense bc I really need to go sleep now (I crossed over 2 days yesterday afternoon – so I need to get some zzzzzzzzzzzz’s.

un autre nom

btw… remember when Taylor talked about the condoms all still being in the box when she was talking to Michael in the s/r. sideye. deadpan stare forward. shake head. eyeroll.

The Beef

Just wanted you to know, I replied to the “turn on” post an update or two earlier, and hope you get a chance to see and read it. I did appreciate your response to my post there, so just wanted you to know about mine.


Well, Terence DID say he wanted to be a disrupter. Alyssa votes Kyle, Turner votes for Joe, that leaves Terence the tie vote breaker. That gives him a triple crown, HOH, Veto holder, tie breaker.


I’ll be happy when this divided house week is over. I also hope they never do this twist again, this has been so boring, they need to end this sooner than later, just my opinion.


i’d be fine with them doing it again, but clearly they can’t use the backyard. if they can rig up the jury house with cameras that could work.


If they do it again, they need to do it sooner when there are more people to vote,


Yes they stopped the steamrolling by Leftovers, but they also stabbed the game in the back, and it’s bleeding out. BB, don’t do this twist again, and please make it end soon.


Exactly, do you think they were trying to avoid another year like last, where one alliance pretty much ran the show? I thought that was boring & just too predictable. The Left Overs were becoming this year’s CookOut, although for different reasons.


You could be right. It’s not working well though, esp. the outside group – logistics not working either for houseguests or viewers. Love Island removes half cast to another villa for a week, but doesn’t just kick them out onto the sand.

un autre nom

Hits and Misses.
Britt is still trying to get Michael off his Kyle boner. She’s been trying to subtly push them apart for weeeeeks. She considers him a sinking ship that will try to sink them to save himself. Michael is listening, he’s not hearing.
Michael knows Taylor would cut him at 3 to take Britt.
Michael and Britt discuss being open with Jasmine that she will be evicted. Jury management.
Taylor wants Monte to talk to Britt about maybe a final 3. Monte isn’t there yet. I don’t think Monte has even agreed to a final 2 with Taylor… did i miss a final 2 with Taylor discussion? The discussion includes cutting Michael at 5/4.
Britt and Michael discuss opening up to Taylor and Monte about some of the things that Kyle was saying so that Kyle can’t come back into the house and throw them under the bus again. Use Kyle saying Michael was the blindside target last week for why they kept it to themselves.
Jasmine…. yeah, she’s still there.


If Kyle does return but Turner is not on his side Michael will learn that Kyle pitched the showmance, Terrance & him gunning to win HOH & put up Monte/Michael. That should do the trick to get Michael looking differently at Kyle lol.

I still think Michael only wants him there to take out Monte & vice versa. IF he returns we’ll know soon enough & I’m guessing the tea will be spilled regardless of who wins HOH – I just can’t imagine Terrance, Ally, Turner & Kyle ALL being able hide the tea was spilled, or make up a lie they can all stick to. Someone will F up.

Ally & Turner LOVE to spill secrets & the odds of everything coming increases if they don’t win HOH (but I think it comes out regardless) they’ll just be in more of a hurry to spill the tea if Monte, Taylor or Britt (potentially Turner) wins HOH.

un autre nom

Given the power that the alliance has given Monte (his game history doesn’t match the deference they give him) Getting Monte out is the biggest move of the game for the HOH that does it. Michael has reason (the evict at 7 stuff). Kyle is actually the bigger worry. I don’t think the time is right given circumstance this wee with a split house… but the insiders are still not bonded enough as a unit for Michael to be holding so tightly to the concept of Monte / Kyle take each other out.
At this point if you’re Michael, you really do have to hope to be in next weeks veto, and win it, or you’re screwed in 90% of the scenarios.


If Joseph is evicted, Kyle and Terrence are likely to approach M and B with a final 5 deal that would include Alyssa.

M and B could play their cards right to use that to their advantage.

Depending on who next wins HOH, they could keep this info to themselves or share it.

He may be better off trying to ride with the protection of the new alliance, secretly helping them take out Monte. Hopefully he wakes up to the fact that Taylor is not a reliable ally for him.

This week he’s lost his social radar of reading between the lines Maybe it will kick back in.

L.L. Bean Dip

What do they do if it rains ?


Haha don’t you know ‘it never rains on southern California’?


The Beef clocked me earlier for my Michael (Britt) preference which was fair — actually, it’s more like my Michael/Turner preference lol — but I DO like Britt too.

Ironically, the reason I like Michael is completely different from why I like Turner. They share very few traits that I consider their best strengths. Turner is like EF Hutton – he rarely speaks but when he does I’m drawn in either bc it’s hilarious, or an obscure fact about something I have no knowledge of, or it’s a wise (usually simple & direct) strategy comment. I’ve seldom witnessed any game talk from him one on one – it’s mostly with the LOs as a crew but he makes great points.

Michael & Britt (& earlier this season Michael & Kyle) have offered my favorite strategic talks. While some find it annoying how BM appears to vacillate so often, I see it as a necessary evil to adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the game and in the decision-making process. The noted convo above as the duo discusses how it’s probably best to just be forthright with Jas about why they’re evicting her is a great example.

They lay out the points to make covering all the alliances she’s been in or made up (Girls Girls, Old School, the one with Monte/Joe/Indy/& Terrance & Five Swatters +Terrance). They also note how she says she plays an honest game but she threw Michael/Monte UTB to Turner, said she never talks game with Terrance but check the alliances he’s in with her, & her worst gaffe planning on flipping the vote & lying about it by pinning it on Brittany (& they smartly note she’ll deny it which is when they can tell her Joseph told them). Yet again, another point where Joe’s double-agent dealing is catching up to him!

They haven’t wavered on keeping Monte & the irony of that decision is it might be Joe who returns instead of Kyle now & that isn’t as good for their game IMHO. If Turner has turned on Kyle that means he’s still true to the Pound which also means the trio of Monte/Joe/Turner will forge ahead with that plan. Where it could get messy is Joe will want Taylor as the Kyle replacement, Monte may want Terrance (maybe?) or Taylor while Turner isn’t a fan of Taylor having pushed her ahead of Michael for his F7 cut after her HOH. I would’ve said he’d pick Ally or Terrance but since he’s Mr. Loyalty my guess is he’d prefer Britt as his Kyle replacement.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Joe and would miss his antics on the feeds I do hope Kyle returns b/c I think it’s better for Michael (lol, hey at least I’m transparent) and it’ll be a more compelling battle, especially next week. Terrance & Michael can’t play HOH & I could be wrong but unless Turner is really pissed at Kyle I could see him riding the middle with Brittany allowing Monte/Taylor to battle Kyle/Ally for the HOH.

un autre nom

I refer to the edits:
what is Joseph’s part of the story in the game? edit gaybaiting mance with Pooch (for humor which made me think… that’s a little outdated), fake mance with Taylor, and spy for a day that considered a flip vote at one point. With the mance stalling by agreement of both participants… he no longer adds to the story. That was why I thought he’d be an evictee this week.
what is turner’s edit as a part of the story? In the edit he’s a foil for Jasmine and… hmm. more team kyle than he is depicted as team anyone else.
What is Kyle’s part of the story in edit? He’s the sanitized guy. He’s given credit or soundbite for just about every move. His worst character traits are edited with justifications. He fits one of the demographics Grod has been trying to court to the fanbase since season 20. He feels like a Grodboy to me. Not THE Grodboy necessarily, but a Grodboy. iow… I don’t necessarily think he should win, but he’s getting the edit they have given past winners.
Michael’s edit has shifted. I still don’t get the entire sympathy vote scandal music and clip with Taylor saying unanimous or else. That feels like precursor to a downfall in editing choice. He was getting a decent edit until… the Kyle incident and ‘optics’.
Britt? Even production doesn’t respect her enough to make her much of a part of the story. Not that she’s a main character, but she’s sort of like an extra, not even a recurring character so far.
Terrance? another sanitized guy. A lot. He got his clown shoes a couple times, but nowhere near the level he should have imo. Sanitized underdog clown edit.
Taylor? She was cast as angry black woman maneater pageant girl bitch. The feed behavior screwed that. They totally bought into an edit for her as sympathy figure hoping to go for a lays sponsorship for the program, but. I can’t put my finger on it. There’s a but. A big one.
Does Monte even have an edit beyond boilerplate explanations of comps and go team?


Even though I’m not a big stan of Jasmine this week she’s been much more palatable. I’m also NOT a fan of using excuses or sympathy as a strategy but you have to give her credit for being the last (& Turner) of the hamsters to be nominated.

As annoying as it was to milk the injury, prolonging her B-Day & her deceased father as reasons to stay there’s no denying it worked. My issue with her was more about the mean girl comments such as taking an innocent statement (I’m a size 0) & spinning that into being “she called me fat”. It went beyond the pale of the game.

But if I remove the fact that I don’t like an excuse strategy plus her mean girl moments & assess her based on how she interacted this week & step back to when she tried to win – she was among the better competitors. She could easily have won HOH this week, knew the correct strategy to use in the stay or fold POV by the sounds of things, was second to Kyle last week in the POV (smartly only doing what was necessary to advance each round) & DID win a HOH (sure, people were throwing – but not everyone was & she was one of seven to win in the 1st part).

Some people ADORE her – they may not be the people we’re the fondest of but Nicole, Daniel, Ameerah, Ally, Indy & Terrance ALL had her at least F4 or better. She was the one Ameerah whispered in the ear of when she left & Nicole wanted her/Michael in F2 (or Daniel but she knew he was toast by then).

For a long time in the game, Michael, Britt, Monte, & Joe each considered working with her deep in the game. Eventually, her personality wore on them & they felt she was untrustworthy but if I’m completely honest considering the combo of comps, social & strategic she’s probably somewhere between the middle & the top of the ladder then she is to the bottom as a competitor. And, if she hadn’t played up her accent I think she’d probably be more likable.

I won’t miss the mean girl sh*t but I have to say I WILL miss the Turner/Jasmine battles, mostly bc of Turner but she had her moments.

It's me

That is “THE PART” CBS scripted for her. Jasmine is an actress

Julie Chen

She should have never advanced to the final round of the HOH she won. Her foot touched the ground.


True – I also thought Taylor’s foot touched the ground but couldn’t tell for sure.

The Beef

I actually agree with both of you on this. Being a former NCAA Division 1 mens basketball official (30 years total officiating – 16 years at the D1 level – most would call it “mid-major” conferences I worked in), I have a pretty good eye for details like that, especially when I have a DVR to run back and review in slow motion, and they BOTH looked liked they touched the mat before they completed their runs, and IIRC, they were both in the climbing wall section of the run. Leave it to Grod to simply ignore something like that when she wants to, either because she wants that cast member to win, or just because it was a live show, and they didn’t have the time to run it back and review it to make sure.

illegal smile

Geez, she’s still yapping about that muffin?

Ravens Pacemaker

Imagine if Jasmine were ever to get pregnant. She would probably, from the night the baby was conceived until she delivered it, be pretending to have severe contractions just to get sympathy.

un autre nom

Terrance put two chinese checker pieces in a cup and made Turner and Kyle choose.


Who knew Chinese Checkers would come back into popularity years after my childhood, lol

Only Reading Feeds

I just watched the 2hour Thursday episode. I really can’t stand Kyle. I get lie and stab is needed in this game but you have to have some loyalty to be a good BB player. I really do not like him.


I don’t think much of Kyle because of the things he has said behind Alyssa’s back. He’s the main reason the Leftovers targeted her, Kyle told them everything Alyssa told him. It was Kyle who kept saying Alyssa needs to go, she can’t keep secrets.

How do you then go and kiss, flirt and make out with her, when you just finished throwing her under the bus to your alliance. Then when your Alliance wants to evict her, all be it for petty behavior on Taylor, Monte and Joe’s behalf, Kyle finally did something nice, he stood his ground and protected Alyssa.

I would love to hear how Alyssa’s Mother & Father feel about Kyle? They can’t be proud of their daughter being portrayed as the girl who’s just looking for a hookup, Alyssa is a really nice looking woman. Alyssa could do wayyyyyy better than pasty, immature inexperienced Kyle.

If Terrance did use the Veto, and took Turner off the block, I’m 100% on board with that.

I just wish Alyssa would come to her senses, realize Kyle outing the Leftovers Kyle also exposed he’s been doing some shady things behind her back.

I don’t see Kyle and Alyssa making it outside of the house, she’s had her 10 second release in the have not room, move on from Kyle.

It would really give Alyssa bonus points with the Leftovers if she stole the opportunity from Terrance being able to break the tie vote and evict Joseph.

Alyssa & Turner team up, vote to Evict Kyle, based on Alyssa feeling Kyle played her, made her think as she said earlier this week, they were working together, when in fact he was working with the LO’s, tell Kyle she can’t really depend on him having her back 100% when they go back in the house.

Terrance would not get to play Big Dog DJ Smooth, saying he made a big move, the big move was made by Alyssa and Turner, they blindsided Terrance, kept Joe, evicted Kyle.

The LO’s would be damn, she made a big move, evicted the person who exposed their alliance & her Showmance.

But we know this will not happen, Alyssa is stuck on keeping her 10 second showmance.

If Terrance did use the veto, and he took Turner off the block, put up Kyle, does Terrance really think Turner is going to dump the LO’s and work with Kyle, Alyssa & Terrance? I do not see Turner switching teams, Turner would rate #3, Terrance #4, Alyssa & Kyle will not betray each other for them.


Kyle is very immature, along the lines of a college student mentality. He did not have a lot of experience with women coming into the house and really did not seem to know how to handle his attraction to Alyssa.

His comments early on about evicting her seemed more an attempt to get his game back on track without the distraction and conflicting emotions of a showmance.

As time went on he got closer to her and then he started to feel protective.

This is all just manifestations of the psychology of a young individual who does not have a good handle on himself yet. He has a lot of growing up to do.

I see no malice in his actions. He’s like an overeager puppy.

Regardless of that, Monte/Taylor and Joseph are pretty lame players for expecting anyone to target their own showmance. when anyone can clearly see that Kyle is growing more and more enamored with her. Bad social read on their part.

They would have been smart to drop the Alyssa target once Kyle balked, and reconfigure their alliance plans going forward. Anyway they were dominating the house and would easily get out the remainder of the non-alliance HGs.

Why did they feel it would it ever be on Kyle to take out Alyssa? They still had other targets remaining and then Kyle could have thrown the week when she clearly had to be the target. Their reasoning of the veto bad play excuse, was really weak.

If they really didn’t trust him at that point then they could have just put him up and Alyssa on the next round.

Misguided panic and direction.

Also note how Taylor immediately blamed the alliance for changing her mind and keeping Terrence. She takes ownership of nothing. She’d have made the same complaint if Alyssa had gone last week, now that she’s again feeling vulnerable about Terrence.

She’s the most glaring example of emotional player, bc she doesn’t just do it when she’s upset or panicked. She makes all her decisions and judgements based on how she’s feeling at the moment.

It's me

Read on a few of these sites, the live feeds, inside group talking about diary room sessions gives them SCRIPTS.
CBS and Production, Big Brother has been SCRIPED for years!
Just surprised that they let us hear this to confirm what we already know.
Bring Back Old Big Brother not politically correct.


I can’t stand Taylor, she needs to go. She’s so extremely petty.


People on Twitter love her and says she is a queen, while also the people on Twitter say Kyle is an evil racist. I think neither of them are true. I absolutely despise Twitter, it has turned into a cesspool of hate and sheep group-think.


You’re right, neither are true.


Why is Kyle a racist? I get tired of people throwing that term around.


Because he’s a white male and all white males are racist unless you are a soy boy , man bun, skinny jeans wearing freak. They have read into everything he has said and are currently in cancel mode. It’s sickening.


So I have a feeling the next twist BB will be doing is letting each team vote out the other side. I think it would be hilarious if they did this because it could totally mess up every ones game… lol I love a good twist…


That’s very interesting!

Team Taylor

The only negative thing about the Brochella house is that Turner won’t be there to see Jasmine off and he won’t be able to give a goodbye message admitting he’s the Muffin Thief.

For Dyre Fest, I’m hearing Turner was saved by the Veto with Kyle as the renom.
If that’s the case, my hope is that Terrance has changed his mind and wants to evict Kyle instead. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s show to find out more.

4 be 4

Kyle change…..smells like production???


Do ypu guys think they blocked the backyard feeds because…
A: JOE & KYLE got into a brawl and bloodied and bruised eachother up?
B: They moved them to another location and there are no cameras?
C: Someone self evi ted?
D: Because they have music playing 24/7 and you can’t hear them?

Any other ideas?


I would hope that they did not have Music play 24/7, that to me would be cruel and unfair to the people in the backyard.

To me, that is a little bit like torture, how do you sleep with music going 24/7, if that is their answer to the wall yellers, maybe they should consider relocating the people outside, that would be better than playing loud music 24/7.


I’m also dying to know ~ we know it’s not B because we have had feed leaks of the backyard showing them. I highly doubt it’s A. Either way I really don’t understand why we can’t get some of the backyard feeds even if there were wall yellers.

Ravens Pacemaker

Big brother is waaay too dangerous of a game for Jasmine. Me thinks she’d be better suited for Survivor or The Challenge


I don’t she would make it on Survivor with no food. They way Survivor has been the last 2 seasons, they don’t even get rice.


She wouldn’t make it through the first comp on The Challenge.

Mad Max

what in the world are you smoking……she wouldn’t make the cut for either of those shows! Too selfish, too dense, too fat!


She’s better suited for the hot dog eating challenge.



un autre nom

So what’s been going on this week outside?
Alyssa has become Bunny’s personal hammock. It’s not that bad a gig really, he falls off after 10 seconds, and she can resume tanning. She’ll re-enter the house looking like leather.
Turner has learned that Kyle has outed everything. On the one hand he’s thinking snitches get stitches: on the other hand he’s thinking oh well, wanted to target Taylor and Michael anyway. You’ll still be able to whitebalance your camera off his skin surprisingly.
Terrance is thinking he’s really making a big move and now he has soldiers to back him up… without realizing as soon as he’s no longer HOH he’s back to the bottom. Go recline, La-z-boy, someone will be over with a uhaul to drag your ass further in the game soon.

Kyle is… okay, Kyle has come up with 2000 scenarios where everyone is bullying him, and he’s chicken with it’s head cut off running in circles blithering little insanities… the d/r will edit it as mastermindism.
Joe? Who cares, really. In terms of game, if he stays WHAT can he contribute? He already said he doesn’t want to win any HOH because everyone has to like him at the end, there’s nobody left to spy on and run back misleading curated messages. Should have gone all in on that showmance when they offered it, and not tried to get cute with production negotiating what you would and wouldn’t do.

Another wall yeller today? Oh. Feeds ain’t never coming back to the back yard.

un autre nom

Post d/r Britt is on the ledge.
She’s worried about Terrance being the drag along instead of her (in essence).
Michael is also worried that the outside split might have them thinking take Terrance along to the end (cut Michael).
They plan to talk to Monte about the take Terrance to the end worries, and are talking about phrasing and pre-plotting the conversation.
Must have been some d/r visit.


Ok. I have a theory about the next couple of days. I think the feeds will go down completely tomorrow around this time with one of the groups having their evicted houseguest taped while the other group will have a live eviction on Thursday.


This must be the worst week ever, for everyone utilizing this site and running it. Is the Production Lot for the house @ CBS at the corner of Screw Off Ave & Big Brother Blvd?…where I could scream Jasmines ankles/eyebrows are perfectly fine & the whole world turns upside down.


How is getting rid of Joe a “big” move for Terrance? If you think about it a split vote means that Joe is assured to not vote for Terrance if he makes F2 with anyone. If he gets rid of Kyle in a split vote, he can take credit for sending a houseguest to jury who won two vetoes, was in a showmance, and started The Leftovers which looks good on a F2 resume.