“As long as Terrance is in this game no-one is going to waste their HOH to get him out.” **Updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Big BroChella SIDE

Brochella HOH (Inside the House):  Michael
TEAM BroChella:  Brittany, Jasmine, Monte, and Taylor.
Nominees: Jasmine and Monte
POV Players:  Michael, Monte, Jasmine, Brittany, and Taylor
POV Winner: Brittany
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots:  None this week

Dyre Fest SIDE

Dyre Fest HOH (Backyard):  Terrance
TEAM Dyre Fest: Alyssa, Joseph, Kyle, and Turner
Nominees: Joe and Turner Kyle
POV Players: Terrance, Alyssa, Joe, Kyle, and Turner
POV Winner: Terrance
Veto Ceremony: Terrance used the power of Veto on Turner.
Havenots:  None this week

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The situation

The feeds are essentially useless at this point. Due to people not being able to cope with their favorite character on a TV show getting evicted. The result is the best season we’ve had in at least 3 years is being slowly ruined.

10:01 am Everyone sleeping..

10:40 am Taylor Making breakfast. Chit chat with Monte. Dreams, music, routines, ..

Monte doesn’t think Terrance will let Alyssa go home if he’s got Joe, Turner, and Kyle over there. He’s going to take a shot at one of those.
Taylor – Maybe Turner was his target which doesn’t make sense considering you and Kyle. (HU?)
They agree Terrance tells everyone what they want to hear.

Taylor goes on about working at “Trunk Club”
Taylor – I loved the job I was really successful at it. Nordstrom who ran the trunk club closed down all the locations. They had the oppurtunity to work at a Nordstrom in the mall.
Taylor explains what it’s like for a client walking into a trunk club.

11:20 am Feeds go down.

12:50 pm HOH chit-chat about reality TV shows.

1:35 pm Michael and Brittany
Britt – you didn’t get any feelings ‘this feels odd’
Michael – there were a couple of things that I was concerned about.
Britt – when I got called I was like OKAY I’m really happy I got called.
Michael pulls out his HOH laundry “Who folds something like this.. like what is this?”
Britt – what do you mean
Michael – like this is folded nice..
Britt – yeah it’s a little odd a little angular

Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Britt – do you not trust us
Michael – after you had left we had talked.. There’s nothing you can say that is going to make us.. She’s going to try and lie and throw stuff at us. She’s going to try and Claim I was in this stuff and throw me under the bus. She’s just desperate.. I don’t know. (Jasmine?)
Britt – I’m more concerned about Terrance. As long as Terrance is in this game no-one is going to waste their HOH to get him out. They will need that to take a shot. Whether that be a Kyle/Turner or me/you or a Monte/Taylor. He’s going to go all the way to the end.
Michael – if Alyssa does come back. maybe there is a chance it’s Terrance and Alyssa next week and we vote for Voting Terrance out. he has won more comps. He’s mad at us.
Britt – Monte is doing with Terrance exactly what Kyle is doing with Alyssa. Only Alyssa is more likely to work with us than Terrance is.
Michael – I sent his two best friends home, I would feel more comfortable if he weren’t left in the game. Alyssa has not won anything.
Britt – Monte needs to hear jokingly from me that he’s always focused on the leftover vote in Jury if anyone is up against Terrance final 2 or final 3 you don’t have my vote. I’ll be petty..
Michael – Terrance has had a week outside with Kyle, Turner, and Joe. in that bonding environment do you think any of them are like let’s drag Terranec along?
Brit – yeah
Michael – for all of us it might be the smartest thing to get rid of him
Michael says someone from the outside has to go next week “if they created something and one of us goes we’re down the numbers”
Britt – I wish I could shake this uneasy feeling.
Michael leaves. Brittany starts to meditate.

1:55 pm Meditating

3:20 pm Taylor and Monte working out.

3:50 pm Feeds go down..

4:52 pm feeds still down.

5:50 pm Feeds return Showing the backyard. Turner and Kyle Chit chat about Simpsons and Rick and Morty

A cover has been placed over the backyard it shades the sun and blocks the wind and Stars. This is to keep the drones from entering the yard.

6:43 pm Alyssa, JOe, Terrance, TUrner
Turner comes back to the Chinese checker’s board.
Turner – Feels a little tense right now what up dude?
Alyssa – we may need to talk to you.. I’m just kidding..
Turner – I’m off the block, MotherF***ers I don’t care BRO
Terrance- ohh damn..
Joe – Must be nice
Alyssa – just kidding we’re just b1tching about the tarp being on.
Turner – I asked them about it. Hypothetically it seems like it would make our lives better. ‘I said NOPE’
Feeds cut ..when we’re back they talk about how hot it gets with the tarp.

6:54 pm Terrance and Joe
Terrance – I just want one more time to play bro.
Joe – the same way you are going to give it to me the debt will be repaid with every debt I’ll make sure you get it even if it costs me going home next week.
Joe at long as Alyssa is willing to listens to me.

Joe – I’m not going to tell you to trust me anymore I’m going to show you.. Good thing I have Turner he’s trustworthy. He’ll keep me.

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Britney how you do something big and win something and YOU get some blood on your hands quit waiting for the leftovers to do everything for you!!


Came through for the veto which was needed for her and Michael’s game


Don’t remember asking your opinion


Nobody asked for your input either. We at least try to be respectful of each other on this site. If you can’t be, maybe you should switch to twitter.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Chill, Girl. Anyone posting here is asking for an opinion.


So that makes about 4 houseguests and at least a 1/4 of the Big Brother audience that recognizes that Terrence tells other houseguests what they want to hear


They all do. It’s big brother. If they aren’t your ride or die or in your alliance you feed people bullshit to further your game. Hell Joe’s been doing that to the other side for like a month now.


It’s a matter of houseguests recognizing when other houseguests are “blowing smoke up their ass”


I couldn’t agree with your “the situation” recap any more. It’s a tv show and we will meet these people but wall yellers and the fans who like the wall yellers act like it’s life and death if their favorite houseguest is voted out. I just want to see good gameplay and this week I’d just settle for seeing gameplay of any sort since we have only seen animals for 75% of the week on feeds

4 be 4

My vote for AFLB. ( americas favorite lopeared bunny ) goes to …..all of them too damn cute to choose a favorite!!

No Name

Why did production think they could pull off this twist in the backyard? Usually this is the point in the game where it gets exciting with the double and people ready to make the big moves to set themselves up for the end.But this twist fast-forward us to final 5 where things are boring since the only determining factors are the HOH and Veto wins.

4 be 4

LO’s getting to strong. They wanted to control some out comes.


It will actually be worse if Joseph ends up staying, which will only leave the LOs stronger and bolder. Double edge.


Evel Dick mentioned if Joesph stays. There’s some serious funny business going on in the DR.
After 3 days, the feeds finally come back on outside 5 min ago.

Palm Oil's Meds

Sometimes I like when the show riggs it for my favorites. Team Joseph!

Christime Ahrens

I loved Joe. I’m ticked cuz they all gave ged up on him on outside and Terrance r allowed it
Seen look on mo te, Brittney and Taylor’s face. And then turner won hoh and you know he’s not gonna take out Terrance alyssa and pain Kyle. I’d right to Alyssa stRi g at her
Better not put up monte. Don’t trust turner now cuz he through joe under the bus


I’m finally realizing that by doing the cut feeds forever that it will drive up the ratings. BB is winning in it’s timeslots & that’s where revenue is w/ advertising so they’ll run w/ it. They split the house apart & told us to look @ bunnies, puppies, kittens, Jasmine. The Diary Room has something to do w/ this I think, since it’s 3 days of ‘persona non grata’ w/ the Outdoors. Where the hell is Alyssa?!? I. am. a. lemming. I. Will. Watch. The. Show. C’mon, Simpsons & Meditation?!


I really hope Joseph leaves this week. Running around without a shirt seems to be his main “gameplay” if he can’t play spy. He’s no Matthew McConaughey. 😉


I second you on Joseph leaving. The feeds being out so long. Something seems fishy.
The twittersphere lost their collective minds about Joseph leaving. Combined with Turner on the block.Two America’s favorites on the block.This wall yeller that Terrance apparently heard to change his mind? It just doesn’t add up for Terrance to want to keep Joseph. Do Taylor and LO alliance dirty work by evicting Kyle or Alyssa?

Palm Oil's Meds

Joseph is the only interesting houseguest. The feeds will boring with Kyle and Alyssa sloppily kissing. Brit and Michael being quiet. Turner with very little game talk. Terrence’s 3rd belly and butt crack.

Palm Oil's Meds

We shouldn’t be jealous over the fact that he likes to work out.


I may be showing my age, but whenever I see Kyle with that hat on I instantly think of Corey Haim in “Lucas”. Does anyone else see it? ?


Pretty solid hat comparison Lucas & Kyle! Throw it to Lucas – Great movie! Without a doubt Lucas was the best reference in Not Another Teen movie – Marty!!

Julie Chen

Believe in the ball and throw yourself!


MR. T hahahah That was hilarious!! Best part of Not Another Teen movie Classic. Great reference to Lucas. RIP Corey Haim


Totally off topic, but I was so happy when Lucas wouldn;t get off the football field at the end and he ended up getting absolutely creamed!

Daniel Sucks

RIP Corey.


You’d think CBS could afford some sort of tight security to keep the wall yellers away.


What do you expect them to use, Super Soakers?


Hmm, is that some sort of quaint security system from the yokel regions?

Gee, what a hard problem to solve…….how about some actually guards around the perimeter?


I think slime shooters like they use on the wall would be so cool.


Wall yellers are trespassing in the city owned la River.
CBS needs to hire a private security company and get permission from the city to enforce the no trespassing in the la river. I’m sure Joseph and Michael could help write the legal documents for such a coordinated enforcement of the wall yellers. No chance la pd would ever enforce the no trespassing laws.


They really can’t do anything. The BB House runs along the LA River and there are public rights to access it.

Julie Chen



I read the update to see feeds are finally back. Jump on Paramount + and no feeds. Arrrggghhh!


They will be in and out with the “We will be right back” message through Thursday. In the meantime you get to hear awkward conversation (For example Brittany’s crap (literally) story)


We finally got confirmation. Turner is indeed off the block. As to who replaced him we will have to see


What? Where is confirmation?


Read the feeds, Turner was talking about being off the block. Joseph also stated that he knows he has Turner’s vote.


Nevermind…….got it.


Turner’s quote of “I’m off the block motherfuckers. I don’t care”

Daniel Sucks

Great quote!


6:43 Turner says ‘i’m off the block MFers, I don’the care Bro…’


Read the feeds!


This whole season has derailed with this twist.


It isn’t the twist. It’s the people who have trouble accepting when things don’t go their way..

The Beef

No, it’s the twist. Everything was going fine, and we were getting ready for a blockbuster double eviction where the LO’s were likely going to fire the first shots at each other, but no, Grod and her minions had to step in and artificially “shake things up” to make sure the alliance was blown to smithereens.

Now we have wall yellers and outside information polluting the game, as well as the stench of d/r fed guidance that is clearly changing everything. I just don’t see why they can’t keep their hands OFF the game and let the players play it out, and may the best or most skillful person win!


Must be Kyle on the block, as Terrence seems genuinely loyal and protective towards Alyssa.

This veto use may be a ruse to throw off the other HGs regarding loyalties. I could see Terrence getting a kick out of making a bold statement, as he’s already labeled himself The Disrupter.

If Kyle does go home I may just stop watching. Not that anyone cares about fan threats, ha. But the game will have reached that point of predictability after having so much potential. Like whoopee, let’s see the other LOs glowing with joy after they got two main targets out this week.

There were other seasons as well where I walked away, such as the Josh/Paul season.


I don’t get the Tubby/Alyssa thing…..what connection do they have?

Daniel Sucks

Tubby? Hope you don’t gain any weight as you age. Or wrinkle. Or go bald. People aren’t 20 forever.


If the veto use is part of a plan to throw the house into chaos, that is going to be so sweet to watch.

Terrence gets to thump his chest. He’s already said he wants to help the best person win, meaning he’s not expecting that to be him.

Kyle can then spin how Turner voted against him.

The confusion of it all can help them work on Michael and Brit. To say, look how solid these core guys are. We have to take a shot at Monte and Turner, next.

Fingers crossed.

un autre nom

Turner is off the block
Kyle and Joe are on the block.
Not confirmed:
the strategy behind why / how.

  1. Kyle and Joseph both went to Terrance with their stories, Terrance decided let the voters decide.
  2. Kyle Terrance Alyssa and Turner have made their deal and Kyle is renom so that he can cover outing everything.
  3. Terrance want the big move and either of those two are a bigger move than Turner in his eyes.

Campaign from Joseph to Terrance:
If they keep him he’ll show loyalty to Terrance. If the other side wins HOH he’ll blow shit up until they target Joseph instead of Terrance.
Kyle has no loyalty to anyone.
This is the Brochellas fault, especially Michael for not picking him to be inside.
He’s considering not being chosen to be inside the backstab that means he can break his word and go with Terrance, Alyssa and Turner in the game.

Reality: question the veracity of anything anyone says while they are on the block. Any promise made from the block in big brother is only actually valid until the vote is read and they stay, because it’s a promise made under duress. Or maybe Joseph IS fine with targeting Michael, then will try to flip back to the others. Or maybe Joseph is fine with flipping completely. WHO KNOWS, the guy isn’t exactly a cam talker.

Reality 2: who knows if Terrance means what he says when he alludes he would break a tie in Joseph’s favor. Imo, he’s actually counting on Turner and Alyssa to vote the same so he doesn’t have to. oh. Reality 2 is answered. Terrance is very anti Joseph in his talk to Alyssa after his talk to Joseph.

un autre nom

Week 7 as of 800 pm bbt.

BB24 WEEK 7.jpg
un autre nom

Terrance to Alyssa : Michael should take the shot at Monte.
Less than one minute later
Terrance to Alyssa: One of us wins. if Monte’s gone, Michael and Taylor have a seat.
Ruminate on that for a minute.
Monte leaving puts Michael in a nomination seat as per Terrance.
So why should he take the shot?

He may end up taking the shot. Who knows at this point. But if he does take the shot he’s an idiot because: reread Terrance to Alyssa.


LMAO – I tweeted that exact point – Thanks Michael now F you.

Daniel Sucks

Well Terrance is HOH now, so he can’t compete next week. And Alyssa has a better chance of having an orgasm with Kyle than she does of being HOH.


Who’s going home

un autre nom

Inside it’s 95% certain Jasmine is going home and has been since nominations.
Outside is 75% Joseph is going home. Only 70% because there has been no real game intention future planning talk between Kyle and Terrance or Kyle and Turner or Terrance and Turner. The voters are Alyssa and Turner. There was talk of a Turner/Kyle/Alyssa final 3 before feeds died days ago (before it was outed that Kyle exposed everyone’s game).

un autre nom

After Joseph’s attempt to save himself by burning every Brochella Leftover’s game… it’s locked in at closer to 95% Joseph is going home. He accomplished nothing but looked like a clown… so we have that.

The Beef

Really hope you’re right about this. I think it’s the best move for the most chaos in the game if Joseph goes, although a lot depends on who Turner sides with (I’m betting he goes with Monte, Michael, Brit and Taylor). The only way it gets interesting is if Alyssa lucks up and wins HOH or if Kyle wins. Otherwise, Monte or Turner likely wins, and we’ll see Kyle and Terrance on the block with Alyssa as the replacement nominee.

un autre nom

I charted production’s ideal as Jasmine and Joseph out this week waaay back during intial nom feedblock.
It made the most sense then, it makes the most sense now.