Jared “Can we still be friends or am I too cancerous?” Mitch “Cancer can be treated” Jared “So can little rats!”

4:20pm Cassandra puts maple syrup on her chest and gets Phil to lick it off. After Phil realizes that he’s not allowed to eat syrup without slop so he races to eat slop before he swallows.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-04 13-17-21-538

Tim talks about how he has to keep the brothers awake all night.

In the HOH room – Raul gives Phil a back massage with lots of lube.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-04 13-37-46-294

4:40pm – 5:25pm Nikki asks so even after that you would vote for Joel? Tim says he would need Mitch to promise some things. Nikki says Tim has said that you’re very smart. Tim says I’m not out to get him. Nikki says you should work with him. Tim says he still doesn’t have the votes. Nikki says he has Maddy and Ramsey and me. Nikki says Mitch said last night that it would be very boring for the prom king and queen.. Tim says I know that but if Mitch stays he might team up with Rual. Raul can say Jared and Kelsey pressured him into putting him up. Raul and Mitch could be dangerous. Its great that Mitch wants to work with me but would Maddy and Ramsey? Nikki says he doesn’t want to work with Maddy and Ramsey he just needs their vote. Tim says I hate to say it but if Dallas was here none of this would have happened. Nikki says if you vote for him this week you would have to trust his word. Tim says I know. Nikki says I don’t think Mitch would have done that to Raul. Nikki says its so important that he stays because he will take them down. Tim says do you realize if Mitch stays and gets to the end, he’s won. Nikki says and good for him. He got there with good morals. Nikki says this has been my worst week so far. I just feel so alone in this house. If I last I will probably last 6 weeks and I’m happy with that. Tim says I don’t think Jared is the enemy. Kelsey and Raul are the toxic pair. Nikki says they are poison. If Kelsey of Jared win HOH next week.. I can’t wait to leave. Tim tells Nikki you voted Dallas out last week because Mitch said Dallas was bullying him.. Dallas wasn’t bullying him. Ramsey joins them. Tim says he won’t make his decision until voting day. For me to vote for him, Mitch needs to come to me and prove to me he isn’t coming after me. Tim says if we keep Mitch we have to know that we can get him out at a later date. Even those three would vote for Mitch in the end.

5:20pm Mitch tells Phil that he wants to run through a little math lesson for everyone but the trio in the living room. Not that they can’t be there, they can be there. I’m not going to say anything bad about them.

By the pool – Tim tells Jared and Kelsey that at this moment he is voting Mitch out but if that changes he will let them know.

6pm Nikki tells Mitch that she and Maddy will not change their votes. She tells him that she thinks he can convince Tim to keep him too but you need to reassure him that you won’t go after him. Mitch says if he offers to keep me. I would be happy to make a deal with him to not put him up. Nikki tells Mitch that if he can get through this, you can win this. Mitch says I hope everyone realizes it is best to keep me so that I go after them (Jared, Raul, Kelsey).

6:10pm – 6:45pm Hot Tub Time

6:50pm – 7pm Kelsey says she thinks the brothers are the type that you just have to backdoor. Cass asks after we get Mitch, Maddy and Ramsey who do we get out? Kelsey says well Nikki will probably just want to go. It would just be a catastrophe if Mitch stayed. I’ve never been called a cancer that a doctor needs to cut out.

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I think what Mitch did to the T3W alliance is nothing compared to what they have done to the rest of the house. He never gossiped about other people’s flaws or little things while Kelsey, Jared and Raul did that constantly. He was just playing the game and if it hadn’t been the twist he could have stayed under the radar for weeks. It’s easy for Kelsey to play smart now when it took her a fake double eviction and a week with Loveita to work things out. Raul fucked them over and now they have to deal with the damage. If he kept his mouth shut, Mitch wouldn’t be aware of their knowledge of his game and he could’ve been blindsided, it was a risk to alow him to play for the veto too…
While T3W alliance can use Mitch’s game and show it to others he has so much of their ”dirty loundry” to show to the HGs. It will be an exciting week for sure.
Although it’s exciting I feel bad for Mitch how production screwed him over.


Funny how when Mitch’s game got blown up, Jared mask fell off.

Big Brother is life

I feel really bad for Mitch because even if he manages to get Tim’s vote it will be 4-4. After what he said and seeing it really hurt Raul’s feelings, Raul will vote him out in the tie breaker. But on the other hand I don’t see this as the week Joel goes home so Mitch going home makes sense but I just feel so bad for him.


I feel bad for no one because they all should have thought about that before deciding to vote back in a 3 person alliance member!!!!! Probably the dumbest collective move in a while. And for what? To avoid “negative vibes” (??)…they deserve it tbqh

Tims glaring white chicklets

Good point. I wonder if Dallas was still in the house he would have stood his ground and not allowed Kelsey to come back.


Of course Dallas would have stood his ground, a la koala bears….it would have been great to see what consequences would have been meted out if the HGs didn’t reach a unanimous decision. I CANNOT believe those wimpy boobs let Raul and Jared get Kelsey back, what a bunch of wimps. They deserve to get picked off one by one.


Jared Kelsey and Raul are the biggest hypocrites


I would like to see Kelsey play without idiots like Raul and Jared around her but she’ll probably end up getting evicted because of them just like last time if nothing changes.


Arrees, you are right and it looks like nothing will change. Kelsey knows she had the brothers wrapped around her finger and she is choosing to go after them next chance she gets. Loveita told her the crowd told Loveita not to trust them. So she assumes she couldn’t trust them as well. What a goof…….they wanted Loveita out, not Kelsey. Shows what a “Mastermind” she really is.


I’m going to feel really bad for whoever gets evicted, they’re both playing the game and it sucks that the only reason Mitch is even up is because of some unfair twist.

Also, I’m disappointed that we legit got 1 minute of footage on the house guests deciding who got into the house, like I’m certain it was not that easy to convince everybody.


yeah… just hand the money to Jared already, he is just pointing finger at who goes next (like to Nikky ‘you’re going next week’) … idiotic twist!


Can someone explain to me why Raul is so against Mitch now? As far as I knew Mitch campaigned hard for Raul to stay…? If Raul played his cards right he could have had his trio and also had his “Mitchmuffin” as a side alliance..

Just wondering if I missed something but was Raul just mad that Mitch had an alliance with Loveita and Joel?? Did he really expect Mitch to not talk with anyone else when the trio made it obvious they had an “unbreakable bond”?
Is Raul just really stupid? Did something else happen? I’m confused

Big Brother is life

Mitch was a reason Raul was nominated but played it as if he wasn’t. Finding out he was with Love/Joel showed Raul that Mitch was a rat and a liar and it broke his trust with him.


Mitch was NOT the reason Raul & Kelsey were nominated. His preference was to go after Dallas & Maddy but as a member of the middle alliance of Joel & Lovita he backed their choice. He was also instrumental in
getting Love to try to smooth things over with the 3rd wheel alliance during her week. Ultimately he did want Kelsey gone EVENTUALLY so he could replace her. That said, he had several convo’s with Joel saying I’ll support it but you can understand why I would have rather you took a swipe at the other side first.

The thing I find hypocritical is Jared who is blasting Mitch’s game around the house (specifically to the Brothers and Cass) but meanwhile if Jared or Kelsey win next week THEY are their targets. He is making what Mitch said out to be so terrible, but the reality is TTW alliance has sat upstairs making fun of the
majority of the house in personal (non game related ways).. The irony that Mitch may leave on Raul’s HOH is that Mitch very likely would have taken him to the F3 at the very least.

Further, Jared is making deals with both the Bros/Cass & trying to nail down Ramsay & Maddy

What Mitch needs to point out to people is:
1) he campaigned to keep Raul and got paid back by being nominated & targeted in return
2) He needs to tell Cass he knows about their 4 way deal (the third wheel & her) & explain how they made fun of it (4 aces or whatever)
3) He needs to give the brothers exact examples of how Jared wants them gone & that THEY are TTW’s next target
4) He needs to tell tell Tim that TTW have been telling people to make sure Tim & Nikki don’t win or even come close to the money

AND he needs to point out so TTW has alliances with everyone in the house to take each other out for them and point out specific lies Jared is telling Hopefully it gets back to Mitch that Jared said they were
going to continue to use him for a few more weeks until Raul opened his mouth. His wording is interesting i.e. “CONTINUE to USE Mitch” That alone speaks volumes.

Hopefully Maddy will tell Mitch that Jared is working a 4-some with her, Ramsay & Kelsey so when he shows them the math he can tell them so you know they have deals with both of you to take each other out next week. The reason I called them a cancer is b/c they ARE LYING to you & pointing a finger at me for trying to play the game, but just not the way they want me to play it. Telling them they are trying to pin on me exactly what they are doing, BUT they are saying ONLY the 3 of them are allowed to play that way. He should also point out how Jared always DEMANDS to get his way (Kelsey returning for example) or how mad he was last week when Cass/Bros voted against him making them his next targets. (personally I’d love to see Jared back peddle from having to explain that one to their faces!)

Then he needs to go to Raul & tell them Jared/Kelsey made a F4 with Ramsay & Maddy just in case the vote is hinky so Raul can save him. He needs to tell Raul I had every intention of going to the end with you and all my moves were to protect you. They got you to put me up and are making alliances without you
included in them!

Finally if it doesn’t look like Mitch has the numbers going into late Wednesday he needs to call Jared out in front of the entire house & say “So you are so quick to give up my game and say you are honest, but
meanwhile you have a 4 way deal with Cass, a deal with Cass & the Bros and a deal with Maddy &
Ramsay w/o your puppet Raul who let’s not forget I was the one who helped to save. So who exactly aren’t you aligned with?

Then he should say “And let me verify why I called you 3 a cancer, b/c unlike you I was kind to every
person in here” Then he should say you’ve trashed me all week, but none of it compares to … (and list off all the personal things the 3 have said about everyone in the house. And finish by saying Emmett may have called this the “Catty” season, but perhaps he was referring to the 3 of you vipers who think you are above everyone in here!

Then simply finish by saying I showed you the math & you saw Jared/Kelsey working to be nice to Joel who has been the brunt of their joke making for weeks. Shake your head and remember you didn’t come here to sign a cheque over to the prom king and queen!

Okay one last thing.. then rant over… PLEASE BB if you are going to fuck the best strategist in the game (and arguably the best in BBCAN history other than Neda) then PLEASE light up that jack pot for Mitch to find a special veto so he can replace both him & Joel with Jared & Kelsey this coming Thursday night!

I’m afraid other than Mitch staying (though I’d rather both Mitch/Joel remained) THAT is about the only way you can fix what you did with this poorly constructed and extremely fishy production fix!


Production did the same to Kevin last season. Another logical player like Mitch who was sitting pretty and they throw a triple eviction to kick him out of the house. I’d love to see players like Kevin and Mitch in an all star season without BB’s ridiculous interference! The best players seem to get screwed by production. I’m starting to lose interest in the whole BBCAN charade.


Ugh. I hate seeing the brothers & Cassandra work for Raul and those jerks when they’re just going to turn around and put them up next week…


off topic. sorry. the poll on the website. what was it? a beta test to see how their new website system would handle a canada’s vote situation? oh, thanks. can that be manipulated? possibly. ask people who voted for Kelsey or Loveita more than once how the system responded. the first time there was an instant checkmark with no captcha? The second time Kelsey’s got a captcha of click the bananas (3) and the captcha loaded in 4 seconds? The second time Loveita’s got a captcha to the keep pushing the bodies of water until no more are visible (8) and the captcha loaded in 17 seconds? strange. Was this difference just based on which person was picked or was it based on the number of times voted cumulatively in the test of the beta test? How should I know, ask someone out there.
Odds that an actual vote in place of a beta test poll will be announced in the next 10 days? 80% chance.


You would think that Tim, Cass, and the Brothers could do simple math. If T3W (wins HOH again next round) feels like they’ve successfully scooped up Joel this week, feel good with Maddy and Ramsey, and aren’t likely to put Nikki up then who does that leave left? Tim, Cass, and the Brothers.

I hope Mitch is able to work those 3 over to gain their votes, or at least 2/3 of their votes because that’s all he’d need to stay. He can’t afford for their to be a tie this week. It’s ironic, as of now, to see Cass and the Brothers afraid to make a move against T3W alliance when next week T3W alliance would have no problem putting them up against each other.

I feel like Mitch could appeal to Tim’s desire for a good story. Tim would be more likely to try and convince Cass and the Brothers then. Mitch also needs to sell the point for everyone in the house to watch how cozy T3W alliance gets to Joel this week.


Kelsey’s ‘game’ has been done before – sitting on, straddling, stroking the first HOH alpha male and everyone else who will let her. She ratchet and in her real life jobs she’s used to this behaviour to get what she wants. She’s no better than any of the women since season 1 who have done this. She has no game skills. ‘I just want to have fun’ When is she ever having fun?


I can’t understand how these people are able to deal with the aura of intellectual superiority that Mitch projects to the house. I swear if Mitch had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with his friends back home he would be going on and on about how hard it is to live with this pack of idiots. What keeps him afloat is his gift of gab. Mitch is able to fool most people in the game into believing that he views them as intellectual equals while at the same time he manipulates them into doing what will advance his interests in the game. If the house guests are gullible enough to buy his nonsense then they deserve to suffer the consequences.


Btw, can I just say how much I’m loving Nikki’s gameplay this week! I loved how she said her strategy moving forward was to be a “fake ass b**ch!” And she’s doing it well. Kelsey, Jared, and Raul all think she feels bad when she really doesn’t give a toss. The conversation between Nikki and Tim is lengthy, but it’s such a great session of game talk. I agree with Nikki that a Tim and Mitch alliance would be something rare in the BB universe that we haven’t seen before. I also agree that Joel is not a good choice of alliance mate if your goal is to get to the end. I could be wrong, but I feel like Joel is on borrowed time just like Dallas was. New relationships are forming and he is literally on the outs of everything.

Still Mitch has to work on getting that 5th vote, because if it ends in a tie than Raul will definitely evict him now. I’m not sure what Mitch would need to do to convince Tim that he’s serious about going to the end with him, but if those two put their heads together than I could see heads rolling.

PS: Mitch mentioned to Nikki last night how he could tell that Tim wouldn’t have a problem eventually getting rid of Cass and I think Phil. I agree. I think Tim keeps people like them close so he can study than and discover their week points in a similar fashion to how Mitch realized Phil’s emotional weakness.


Hi! Can someone help me out with this?
After Mitch’s Probability Pitch to the group, the brothers went to the HaveNot room for a debrief, and they agreed to “stick to the Final Four until the end” and vote Mitch out. I’m confused: what Final Four deal is this? Is it with Jared/Kelsey/Raoul? Ist it with Joel and 2 more?
I’d love to know, since this, for once, was a guaranteed “no bull$hit talk”…
Thanks! :)


hey Frenchie, the Brothers were quite foolishly talking about going to the final 4 with T3W alliance. Mitch needs to expose all these final 4’s T3W has.


Thanks! Wow.
Well, They’ll still vote Mitch out, but the long talk Mitch had with Phil last night might at least change their perspective on going to the F4 with the 3rd wheel. Mitch was very convincing and struck about every chord in Phil describing how Jared was good at making him feel comfortable.
It’s gonna be really interesting to see who wins HOH.
Poor Mitch, the combination of BB twist (Kelsey and Loveita together, watching the House for a week) plus Raoul’s stupidity (blurting everything out to Mitch) meant the end of his game.


i can’t believe they brought kelsey back. How stupid are they? They brought back the girl that made a three strong alliance that will never turn on each other. If they brought Love they could have sent her right back out this week and still only have two together instead of three. They said the atmosphere in the house would be better with Kelsey? Really?? From what I can see ever one seems so bummed except Jared and Raul. Last week at least everyone was hanging out and having fun. Now it’s Kelsey, Jared and Raul up each others ass again and everyone else moping around. It makes me wonder have these people ever watched big brother before. SMH!!!! Gahhhhhhhhhhhh


Well it’s only Monday so things can change but following the probability of TTW alliance winning both Cass & the Bros confirm they are voting Mitch out.


1) Please let Cass & the Bros end up on the block next week

2) Whoever is in the audience PLEASE BOO LOUDLY when Cass & the Brothers vote

3) If you are real sports do something to help your ONLY good strategist remain in the house

4) oh and thanks for ruining the season. If I wanted to watch kids showcase pack mentalities with
superiority complexes I could have just walked to the local public school

Joel & Nikki for F2 … Hey they are the only 2 that will be remaining that I can stomach

Ariana Grande stinks!

Crapballs at Raoul and Kelsey!