Big Brother Canada 4 April 4 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 4th
HOH Winner: Raul Next HOH: April 6th
Original Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Current Nominations: Joel and Mitch
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas
Have Nots Joel, Ramsey, Brothers and Maddy

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Raul and Nicks cuddles

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If what I’m gathering on twitter and OBB is true than Cass, Phil/Nick, and Tim will look like fools for evicting Mitch. Cass and the Brothers seem to think they are BOTH number 4 with T3W alliance when both of them were on Raul’s shortlist. @_@ I won’t be surprised at all next week if Kelsey or Jared win HOH that Cass, the Brothers, or Tim will be walking out the door.

Mitch does not need to delve into probability theory because honestly, and not being rude, theses HG are NOT that smart and can’t follow that. Though I did lol at Phil saying he as a 33% chance of winning Veto if he was in the final 4 with T3W alliance. Hahaha. 33%? Don’t you mean 25% chance? And you’d actually be stupid enough to go to the final 4 with a trio Phil? *rolls eyes* What Mitch needs to stress is that these HG do simple math and logically try and figure out who is likely to be targeted next week if T3W is still in power. It won’t be Nikki, Joel, Maddy, and Ramsey. That or tell them about YT and that he’s not here for the money, but just the experience.

The look on Jared’s face when he walked in on Mitch’s teaching session was priceless though. I’m going to give credit where credit is due though. If Jared is really able to win over the trust of Cass and the Brothers this week, and he’s able to get one of them out next week I’ll have no problem with him winning the game.

I also don’t know why Cass is so petty sometimes. She was quick enough to want to work with Maddy when she thought Loveita was coming back, but now she and Tim are afraid to give Ramsey and Maddy “too much power” if they keep Mitch. Girl Maddy and Ramsey are not who you should be worrying about right now.


Make no difference whether it’s Joel or Mitch…Joel proved that his is not afraid to put the 3 on the block…and by leaving in Mitch there is another 3 headed monster of Maddy/Ramsey/Mitch plus they have Nikki on their side…better to work with Joel who has shown loyalty via Loveita and Dallas….than Maddy who will turn on you, and Ramsey that hides behind whatever coat-tails he can find…Joel is the one to keep as he would not put up Cass or the Brothers…and probably not Tim either at this point…so I disagree…Mitch is best for Nikki Rams Maddy but not for Tim Brothers Cass


I don’t see Maddy, Ramsey, and Mitch as a 3 headed monster though. I think Tim’s more accurate in describing Mitch as a solo player. He has allies to be sure in Nikki, Maddy, and Ramsey, but not what T3W alliance has.

Also even if Joel wanted to take another shot at T3W he’d have to win a comp first. I’m not getting the feeling that Joel’s been trying to throw the last few comps, and he hasn’t done that great. Also Joel has a history of attaching himself to players he perceives as being in power. Cass, Phl, and Tim are not the power.

I agree that Joel is probably better off for Phil, Cass, and Tim, but if Mitch leaves than Maddy and Ramsey have even more reason to align with T3W alliance to use as a shield. They’d have no other choice since Cass and Tim are ostracizing them.


When looking at comp ability the ones where Mitch has tried have not actually looked that much better than the ones where he was trying to look like he was mediocre when he threw them.
No, Mitch is not a three headed monster with Maddy and Ramsey, but Maddy should be keeping her mouth closed. She’s declared targets. She’s named them: Cass, the brothers, and Tim. The more she tries to convince them, the harder they are going to resist because what’s good for Maddy is bad for them. Mitch knows she’s talking to them. He hasn’t stopped her. That’s a tactical error.
As far as the idea above of Ramsey and Maddy aligning with the trio? Are they going to sew Maddy’s mouth shut, or put a smiley face hood over her face so Kelsey can’t see the scowls? How will Jared react to Ramsey sucking up to people outside of the alliance? That’s what Ramsey does, he puckers up to everyone. And Jared would have none of it, he wants all the kissing up to be to him. That alliance would last about as long as Kelsey and Maddy having a conversation has ever lasted.


O.M.G I don’t know how much longer I can handle listening to Kelsey!! Ever since Kelsey came back into the house, she thinks she has allll this power over everyone just because she was listening/watching and conspiring with Lovieta.


Kelsey is Blonde, so what gives, ahh she is also a looker!!


Have to believe at some point the powers that be are going to realize their season is fucked if they don’t save Mitch so let’s see what they say in the DR to Tim/Cass/Bros to try to shift them.

Gotta figure at some point Mitch will point out it could be a triple eviction this week & do (Cass/Bros/Tim) want to risk TTW alliance’s main targets will be Maddy & Ramsay???

As for everyone wondering about Tim… just wait. He wants Mitch gone b/c he’s the only one on a
comparable game level to him. He’s only using Cass b/c his real plan is to take Nikki or Maddy to F2 as his partner to win! Book it! Even the house wouldn’t award Maddy over Tim.


I disagree. Sure Mitch is the best player in the house, maybe by a long shot, and he got hosed by the twist. But what has Mitch brought to the television show? He’s not a huge character and he hasn’t received the edit he probably deserves up to this point. Frank Eudy he is not, even if he’s a better player.


The other EXTREMELY annoying thing occurring worse than previous weeks is that no one will even talk to Mitch when Jared is around. Like WTF??? (except Tim/Nikki/Joel)

I hope these people recognize how much they look like idiots by shunning him to appease Jared.


Since production has screwed over Mitch’s game, they better give him a Diamond Power Of Veto or something.


After reading Loveita’s exit interviews i’m thinking hey Mitch, should have maybe followed the instinct to get rid of Kelsey a little longer. Kelsey’s target was Mitch using the brothers. Loveita’s target was the brothers and Cass or Tim using Mitch.
Isn’t it funny that Maddy and Nikki complained about preferring Loveita AFTER Kelsey was in the house?
I think I agree with Sarah on Sideshow when she said we might as well change the name to Jared’s house.
Look at Jared’s reactions to Mitch. Not the first time the mask has dropped. It drops every time somebody expresses an opinion that isn’t his, and every time he doesn’t get what he wants without argument.
I’m glad everyone got that relaxed fun atmosphere they were looking for in bringing back Kelsey… oh, riiiight. Nevermind.
Kelsey’s errors: telling Raul anything on an alcohol delivery night. Telling Raul the brothers need to be the next target. Telling Cass the brothers would have to be backdoored. Just spill all the info to everybody and ask them to line up at the door in order, why don’t you? Before step one is even completed. Oi. Being a three headed Loveita and ignoring everyone else in the house while calling it social game is another error. Telling everyone with a big mouth all of your plans within the first 4 days back. Gee, better hold on to that suite, she’s going to need it when she’s evicted again.
The only saving grace for Joel at the moment is Mitch has done everything but throw the kitchen sink at the house guests to campaign on MONDAY in a house that decides everything on WEDNESDAY night. He’d better remind everyone he’s been after the trio for two weeks longer than everyone else in the house, including Mitch. That might help. Well that and his place in the too many coincidences to be a coincidence chain of six degrees of separation in the house. Weren’t they all supposed to be strangers except for the obvious red herring of the brothers? Big Brother’s casting department certainly has some ‘splainin to do if the top five turn out to be Cass, Jared, Kelsey, Joel and Raul.


Why does Nick let Raul touch him like that? That is sexual and not innocent cuddles. What strait man would let a man touch him like that.?


Oops! meant to type straight man.


As a Heterosexual Male and looking at that photo of Raul, trying to dangle his fingers around Nick’s body I have to ask why oh why oh why…..


I don’t feel sorry for any of the 4 right now meaning ( Mitch, Jared, Kelsey or Raoul ). What happen to Kelsey just pulling Jared in and leaving Raoul on the outside when she knew he wasn’t talking game the whole week she was gone and spending so much time with Mitch? She said as much in the Suite! – At least wait and see who wins HoH then make a plan of attack and plant the seeds of gossip like her and Love talked about. Secondly Mitch’s true colors have been exposed and his true personality is coming out which is nothing more than a snake! He will say anything to reel people back in and that cancerous comment was no better than him telling people that Dallas was a bully for the unmade Aids joke. I am glad Tim called Nikki out for keeping Maddy over Dallas just because Mitch called Dallas a bully and he wasn’t. Finally someone is calling her out on her bullcrap and is seeing what she is doing. Tim can see her jumping ship at the end of every week so her game is now exposed as well. – And Jared well he has got Jingle nut juice shaking upstairs. I can not think for the life of me why he didn’t take Joel off the block and get Raoul to nominate Nikki. – Because even if you lose either it’s one less number plus Mitch won’t be able to depend on her and have a sympathetic ear or vote anymore. – Or use her to rally votes.
I never wanted Tim to win this game, but out of everyone playing this game he is only smart enough to take on Mitch. – I am not buying this Math crap Mitch is pushing – it’s like gambling it’s a game of chance. When will people figure out this is BB it’s a game.


I’m going to try to look at things objectively because I have no preference between Joel and Mitch leaving right now. Their actual game style is similar. The idea is to get in good with one side of the house and pass information to each other. Okay, I can see how that would be beneficial. Joel’s usefulness to Mitch ended when Loveita and Dallas left the building.
I’m pretty sure last week was an error for Mitch. Not the outcome per se, but the method. He played too outwardly and agressively in campaigning for Maddy. Here’s my point to that: before Kelsey ever came back into the house, the brothers, Cass, and Tim were already talking about Mitch’s game. He was already revealed as a snitch to half the house.
Kelsey’s revelation only served the purpose of revealing to the side Mitch chose, that before he chose, he was plotting their downfall. So, she did blow up his game with Jared and Raul, but he had already revealed his game to the brothers, Cass and Tim. He was already superseding Raul as the second nominee on the block.
Joel’s game has been blown in a lot of ways since the instant eviction, but in helping to reveal Mitch’s game to Cass, the brothers and Tim, has he bought himself some time?
Is it really even relevant which goes this week? Joel will try to stay attached to the brother/cass/jared/kelsey dynamic. Mitch will stay attached to the Ramsey Maddy side. No matter how you look at it, both are at the bottom of each totem pole in terms of safety in the game. Mitch has the harder battle because he’s now tied to Maddy. None of the other voters want to be tied to Maddy because she’s declared them her targets. Voting for Mitch could be reasonably seen as strengthening Maddy’s position.
It would be akin to voting Kelsey back into the game and reassembling the three…. headed… oh. He might have a shot with this group.


I don’t want either of them to go… :(( sooooo upset!


I wonder if production really takes the fans for idiots or just dont care. Its so clear they have a “thing” for Jared, which is ironic because as far as the fans go Jared is probably one if not the least liked HG. His personality is as interesting as watching paint dry off the walls. From the way Kelsey was brought back with that “house vote” the feeds being down for 3 days(so who knows what really happened) and that last HOH comp. Its true that Tim never said you could not use both hands on the stick, but in the demonstration video the person during that even has only one hand on it. Makes sense because 2 hands makes it way easier. its a huge fail on the part of production for letting float this idea that this season is rigged, if Mitch goes on Thursday watch the season tank like a rock


By the same token, how did Nikki do so well for the first 1/3 of the comp? Oh, you can see that she’s holding the edge of the flat surface against her chest for the duration of the first round. A lot easier to keep a surface flatly perpenidcular to your body if it is touching your body, isn’t it? As soon as the timelapse cutaway is shown and she’s not holding it against her chest anymore, the ball falls off. funny.
Just like last year during the three trials comp, you can tell that production has made shout outs during the breaks between cut aways.


Jealous Jared is pissed that someone is playing the game beyond the superficial. Using your looks only gets you so far. Mitch’s game was the best IMO and the 3 headed monster who have not been doing anything but hanging out together are pissed that someone is playing so well and surpassed their superficiality.

Ariana Grande stinks!

Instead of talking about the probabilities Mitch should have told them the stories about a three-headed dragon Vs. little man on a battlefield, and scare them with similar simple-minded analogies. They don’t get the probabilities or really understand the difference between 17% and 7.5%.

Joel's Jumper

“I appreciate your honesty Mitch”….<—Ya okay Nikki. Doesn't she realise (NO) that hes all "Honest" now because he LIED to his "alliance" and was playing both sides and pretends he wasn't. He was fluttering around like a bee to each hive. Don't act like that didn't happen. The thing is, he got caught and his little probability game in his head fucked up because he didn't know that Lovieta and Kelsey were not gone and most of all, would not talk and compare stories, so he was in the clear or so he thought.
Now hes all "well everyone ,here is how we can win against these three while doing so make another three??

The reason I don't want Tim in the jury is because he will make it the Tim show and I don't want to see anymore of that. Nikki I don't want there because she doesn't play the game and thinks who ever is licking her arse that day is her best true honest friend. Good grief. She hated Maddy and now what…she likes her?
For all the people who like the show to be played a certain way (with strategy and such) I cant see people wanting her to win, never mind be in the jury to make an off the wall decision.