BB-Bowling Tonight “I’m losing miserably.. I’m about to take it out on this toilet”

POV Holder: James Next POV Aug 1st
POV Used No POV Ceremony Aug 3rd
HOH James Next HOH Aug 6th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Clay
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Clay
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

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8:10pm feeds back… Kitchen JAmes, Jackie and Meg
Talking about Vanessa not sticking to their deal. Meg and JAckie agreeing they can’t bully people to vote out Shelli but JAmes can.

Jackie – Swallow a d1ck i’m so over her
Jackie says Vanessa f***d up last week and now she’s done
Jackie says they need to start studying
Meg doesn’t think it will be before and after
Jackie thinks they just need to start, says Becky knows her dates well because she would study with Jason.

Jackie says the house will not be mad if she puts up Vanessa. She was thinking about putting up Liz ans Vanessa.
Meg – go with the plan put up Steve and JohnnymAc.. then play the veto put her (vanessa) up
Jackie – what if veto is sued
Meg – send one of them home (Jmac/Steve)
Jackie says JAmes needs to really stress to be to vote out Shelli he can lay down the lay.
They mention needing 5 votes. They have 3 locked need 2 more.
Meg and Jackie proposing Jmac and Steve work on them. James thinks Jmac will vote to evict Shelli he’s so loyal to CLay like he was loyal to Jeff. Jackie Agree.

Austin joins them they start speculating about the possibility of a Double next week. Austin says Steve thinks there’s a 75% chance of double because of the 9am lockdown.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 20-36-06-162_jpg

8:31pm Shelli and Clay
Sheli says Jackie is the one they have to look out for. If Shelli wins the HOH she’ll put up 2 of James, JAckie, BEcky.
Shelli starts speculating that one of them is going to Jury she doesn’t think they are but she still wants to hold onto hope. Shelli mentions Julie Chen saying there was a “reset” BOB is ending last year BOB ended when they started Jury.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 20-49-08-163_jpg

8:47pm Hammock room
James organizing the pillows

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 21-00-08-161_jpg

8:59pm Packing

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 21-14-29-318_jpg

9:11pm BB-bowling time
Tonight’s bowling is pro James has gone around cleaning the floors. They’re using 2L pop bottles.

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9:17pm Keeping Score

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 21-47-17-676_jpg

9:46pm Keeping a close eye on the bowling but not participating.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 22-12-35-676_jpg
10:02pm Clay and Shelli talking about when they first met.
Shelli – I saw you and knew I would know you .. you know
She brings up how weird it will be when they get out of here and watch the feeds. they can go back and re-watch all their time together.

Steve joins them says he’s losing bowling and is going to take it out on the toilet. He decides to do that damage in the HOH bathroom.

10:28pm Bowling over
Team JJ (James/Johnnymac) is first place
Austin and Meg second place

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 22-42-41-015_jpg
10:39pm Becky and Steve Bedroom
Talking about the vote being tough.
Becky – up until last night I was going to keep Shelli and get out Clay.
Sounds like Becky is wanting to get Shelli out.
Some twins and Austin roll in …
The twins say production made them buy all these same outfits. They are wondering if they should wear it tomorrow if it’s not Physical
They agree to wear “The green ones”

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 22-44-36-015_jpg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 23-15-15-549_jpg
10:57pm Sheli and Clay last night
Steve comes by says he’s go the best dental care of his life right now
Jmac – Cause I’m here
Steve no..
Jmace – Well f*** you
Steve explains that they have the best medical coverage right now because CBS wants nothing to interfere with the show.

11:24pm Clay and Shelli Bathroom
Clay going over his conversation with jmac. Clay says nobody went to Jmac for a vote.
Shelli – Becky’s not
Clay – no
Shelli – that’s weird he’s not telling you everything
Shelli thinks Becky and jmac are talking, Becky is up in the HOH all week.
Shelli and Clay suspect Jmac might be a super player “The next dan”
They question why jmac is so adamant about going after JAckie. They are confused by his reasoning.

Clay at one point mentions how it’s weird they haven’t been called into the Diary room yet wonders if there is a twist.. The feeds cut right after this.
Vanessa joins them says she’s not been called into teh Diary room for goodbye messages yet.
Shelli is shocked says they were just talking about that they haven’t been called either
Feeds cut..

11:37pm when the feeds return they’re just showing the one bedroom chit chat

when feeds finally return to the bathroom Jamc is being asked by Vanessa about his goodbye message. Jmac said he did it earlier today.
Vanessa – sometimes they don’t ask me to I didn’t do one for Da..

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-05 23-47-36-624_jpg

11:42pm Have nots Vanessa, Steve and the twins
Vanessa wants to keep Shelli tells them Clay is not onboard with the Judas story. Vanessa was interrogated by JAckie about Judas.
They decide to have a freaks and geeks meeting once Austin comes back from the Diary room.
Steve and Liz leave Julia and Vanessa. They start chatting about Shelli and Jmac being related. Vanessa sys jmac crying about chelli being nominated tipped her off.
Julia says Shelli is her sorority sister, “That girl has done so much for use”
Julia – I’m for sure voting for her I don’t care what the house thinks
Vanessa will vote out Clay, “Steve is going to do what Austin thinks”
Julia – really
Vanessa – that is what he said.. he did promise Shelli his vote.. I think that is what he wants to do .
Julia mentions Liz and her have a good relationship with Shelli, None of them other than Asutin and Vanessa have a relationship with Clay.
11:56pm they start talking about their periods.

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Thumbs up if Jackie is hot


Jackie looks like a troll doll

Biff Tannen

Thank you! It’s been driving me insane, but yeah, that’s it. She looks like a troll doll.


OMG I gave her a thumbs up. But now all I can see is a troll doll lol.


Haha me too!! That’s an image I will never get out of my head now. Thanks…lol


yeah because I’m sure all of you are just perfect looking and would also look perfect on tv 24/7.. get real.


Oh don’t be so mad. Lol. It’s not necessarily a bad thing to look like a little troll doll.


Jackie looks like the transgender.

King Kayser

I’d LOVE to see Vanessa on the block next!!!! I’m pulling for Jackie and to some extent Meg but I’m a realist. Vanessa has to go though, her manic energy and constant scheming is driving me nuts

Biff Tannen

You took stock of everyone in the house and decided to root for Jackie–and Meg? Maybe try on this user name, see how it feels: PowerhouseJoeFan68


Vanessa is about to get on my last nerve. Vanessa is accusing James of bullying people, but he isn’t, Vanessa is. She keeps coming up with crazy mind numbing theories. I wish production would give her a strong sleeping pill, so she would go to sleep and not wake up until it is time for eviction.


The problem is Jackie is only slightly smarter than Meg at this game. She keeps saying “everyone HAS to vote the way James tells them to”. And how he’s “in charge”. What? Where did she get that idea from? James doesn’t even have any power anymore aside from using the hoh room. He can’t vote, and he can’t play next week. I can’t understand why she keeps saying this??


Oh My God Becky….You are so Hott!


Shelli is a gamer, but not a good gamer! My list of her bad decisions.
1) She befriends Audrey, and gives info to that train wreck.
2)She finds clay and has the most fake showmance ever.
3) She fought for the tewins to come in.
4) She flips on booting Austin, and then betrays an entire side of a house (that she had a good relationship with) then denies the obvious.
5) She then turns around and snaps at her own alliance in public. Now she is crawling back to Vanessa.

sshhhhit dude

The straight bad decision is to point out her bad decisions , as if in some way she was doing shit in the first place. I think the only bad decision was production, putting the alien looking bitch in the house in the first place. everytime she opens her mouth I think another mouth is coming out of it. Vanessa is the real deal. Shelli is not only a follower but a head nodder to Vanessa

For the love of baby Jesus what is wrong with you people?

Dude, you are the epitome of the term ‘internet troll’. What a true loser you (and all you other people who have nothing better to do than to comment on players physical appearances) are! Get a life and stop bashing people on the internet to make yourself feel better.

All it takes is one look at the comments on this forum to truly lose hope in humanity.

Buncha whack jobs!

(but I love the site itself, Simon and Dawg! Thanks a lot for all your hard work!.. but maybe in a perfect world there would be two different comments sections .. one for internet trolls and one for people who still have their marbles. I hate to have to skim through all the BS to find mentally stimulating comments )


If Clay gets evicted tomorrow, he is going to feel like an idiot. His real life house got robbed while he’s been on BB, and he has no idea. After taxes have been taken out of the money he has earned on BB, it won’t be enough to replace everything that got stolen. If he gets evicted tomorrow, it’s a total loss. He came on BB for nothing. If Shelli leaves, Clay can earn more money in jury. Either way, Shelli won’t stay with him after the show is over. Once she sees the footage of him and Meg, she will be furious. I also seriously doubt Clay’s family will approve of Shelli, because of her behavior on the show.

Austin is also in for a rude awakening. Liz doesn’t want him, and she said ON TV he is gross and smells bad. He is going to feel like a fool when this is over.

It would have been better for both Clay and Austin if they had never come on the show. Clay’s house wouldn’t have gotten robbed if he was home. Austin wouldn’t have ruined his relationship with his real life girlfriend, and ruined what may have been left of his wrestling career.


Yeah that’s right Shelli rewind those feeds and watch Clay and Meg rub on each other…..oh and don’t forget to ask Clay how is trip to New York was….


I love Big Brother…. and I’m curious about Canada BB….. My question is do they have “battle of the block”, and is there ever “have nots”…also diamond power of veto or coup d’etat?


Ok , thumbs down on BB Canada questions. Just was asking.. thanks haters


I agree BBCAN1 let canada vote to give someone on the block a veto and vote a jury member back in when they were at the last 4ppl. Bbcan2 had canada be the HOH 1 week and they destroyed Alliance that was running the game. Same thing in BBcan3 when brittni got 2 vetos in the final 7.I dont mind twists because they are part of the game. But im not a fan of fans voting because every1 always picks the underdog. Jus let them play without outside interference.


They havnt done BOB yet. They have havenots. BBCAN2 they had a hidden veto. BBCAN3 had pretty much coup dtat where canada voted 2 ppl to be havenots and they competed for the power. BBCAN1 had probably my favorite cast (for 1st timers) out of all bb us and bb can.

Walt Kowalski

Loved the first season of Canada. Liked Jillian. I thought she was the rightful winner but the way in which it happened with the vote pissed me off. Gary, really…Found him to be just as irritating as Frankie.


Say what you want about BBCAN, but when they were on slice they had the most epic challenge ever… 2 Newfies had to get stinking drunk, then go into the house and pretend they werent drunk. Best. Challenge. Ever. Period.


Meg wants Shelli out so she can jump Clay. She is a Dingus! Come on Jackie, get that HOH.


Too bad tonight’s episode didn’t show what an entitled asshole Clelli really are. Only the lovey dovey shit. CBS is trying to sell America what sweetheart s they are. It’s sickening!


Oh my…oh MY! I just watched tonite’s episode on DVR and I must say: James… you THA MAN! Hahahah amazing! Broke the deal, put the Mr & Mrs Barf on the block, took the Veto from them, and on top of all got them to tell him the whole Austin shenanigans! LMFAO! Hardly have I seen someone playing this badass in the last seasons. Right now Jason is probably at the ER with a case of chronic laughing (or having a bubble bath and a martini so he can relax and get ready to see Shelli leaving tomorrow)! And I’m free to catch up reading this blog! LOL! What I like the most is that Vanessa was indeed okay with backdooring Austin, and Shelli was the first to bring up that they would lose a number. And this week she goes phonily pretends she was against it and that that “sweet boy” was sent home instead of someone like Austin. LOL! She was ubber shady saying that to James. Luckily James has seen a lot in this life and can perfectly spot phoniness. I dunno though who is the biggest phony little b!tch: Shelli or Clay. Oh, and GOTTA LOVE Meg preparing the field for herself… LOL! – This house is so entertaining. James for the win!


The comments made by the jerk donuts were tasteless crude and reflected the thoughts of an ignorant classless person. Sve your rankings for some other program. They weren’t funny and had no relevance


I would like to do with Vanessa’s hat, what Elaine did to George Constanza’s toupee. Elaine ”I don’t like this thing and here’s what I’m doing with it!” (throws toupee out the window, smirks and wipes her hands.)


It’s no different than zack wearing the pink hat last year. Not sure why some people harp on it so much?


If they were smart they would break up that Ménage à trois (Jullia, Austin & Liz) and put up Liz and Austin next on the block.


Why would Becky/Jackie/James/Meg go after Austin/Twins first when Vanessa is still in the house? Vanessa’s won two HOH’s back to back and a Veto. Austin won one crapshoot HOH, and Liz (Julia?) one won HOH (watching the dancers perform). and a BOTB because Clay/Becky panicked.


Because vanessa is only one person, they are three….


The thing I don’t like about Shelli is the constant front she puts on for TV. Play the house but own up to it in the diary room. The fake tears make me sick. She’s a good player though.


She is a good player? Okay, if participation makes you a good player? She is good at comps, but her social game is whack. She turned on a side of the house she didnt have to, and she flipped out on her alliance when her back was against the wall. She made poor decisions, like allowing the twins to come in, and worst decision ever is listening to Vanessa.


Big Brother 18 Cast should be all 17 winners OR all 17 runner ups OR all 17 americas favorites…
Would be fun to watch imo
what do you think?

btw, look up aspergers syndrome a mild form of autism and you will see why Steve is the way he is…
considering this, I think he is doing an awesome job…


BB18 won’t be the past winners. Evel Dick, Dan, Dr. Will have stated that they wouldn’t do the game again.
I don’t think Americas Favourite houseguests would be a good season because the show won’t get interesting as the players will just keep playing the nice route in order to not get hated by America.

ASD specialist

You are exactly right about Steven having Autism Spectrum Disorder. It has been painful to watch how some of the house guests have treated him, knowing this. Needless to say, he is extremely high functioning but his social skills are lacking. His aversion to many foods are also indicative of the disorder. I can only think that none of the guests, and most posters, have never been exposed. I suggest everyone research, new statistics show that 1 in every 89 children born have ASD. Thank you for your intuitiveness and desire to understand; I’ve been waiting for someone to recognize and appreciate Steven, as he shared he prefers to be called weeks ago, to Vanessa. He shared that during their first encounter.


I guess Chiclet teeth is gonna be saved. That sucks!!

another name

I don’t really care whether Clay or Shelli go home anymore. I keep thinking this week is lasting forever. I still dislike Clay more than Shelli, but I don’t like either of them, and think the remaining one will play the teary victim and righteous vengeance cards in the d/r for at least a week after eviction. i’m not looking forward to it. I don’t care which one goes but just get one of them out so I don’t have to hear them slurping on each other anymore. shudder.

Unknown Name...

…but Clay still looks good in those underwear ad that cater to gay men…

is it just me

If they were smart but they are not. Most of them make the cast of the Jerzy shore look like a mensa convention.


I am looking forward to the vote. Unless clay has some hidden fucking super powers I don’t see him winning hoh. If shelli stays I’m 95% sure Vanessa will turn on her. So they are both fucked. Austin is a big floater. The worst actually, watching him beg Vanessa was pathetic, disturbing and one of the biggest wtf moments in the last three seasons. I still don’t know who’s gonna win this. But they are all genuinely annoying. Every house guest.


The whole house needs to vote Shelli out because she is a gamer. She has been an HOH 1/3rd of the time this season!!! When you have a chance to take out a strong player like that plus no one will really hate you for it, you do it!!!


Austin is one of the top dumbest BB players in history … He is such a pu$$y!
And he can’t do basic math. The FnGs have the numbers if they keep Shllie
James this, James that, I’m so scared of James, I have to tell James. STFU Austin!
I hope he screws up the vote and votes to save Clay
Clay wins HOH and puts Austin on the block as Clay joins the other side as expected
Austin voted out. Then he finds out that there’s only seven on jury this year … Austin goes home. No jury, No Liz, No Girlfriend. lol That’s what he gets for acting like a wussy moron

another name

After much flip flopping, Julia suggested to Austin and Liz that if Julie announces double eviction, they vote to evict Shelli – if not, they vote to evict Clay.
Forgive me for asking… doesn’t Julie usually announce double eviction after the first eviction?
I remember that bbcan announced the instant and the triple and the double after the hoh was won. I don’t remember how America does it.
So, if they take that plan, and they always announce after the eviction if it is double, I guess they’d inadvertently vote out Clay anyway?

Oh Brother

Looks like Clay is going home to his mama. She can explain to him what a cougar is and why she doesn’t want her grand babies coming out of an uptight 40 year old b***h.


I’m gonna say this cause I don’t have a chill button but….Liz kinda hoeish I say that cause I seen she offers Austin a make out sesh if he wins hoh. Does anyone really see Austin winning hoh? Liz low key pimping herself out. I think that bad bitch Julia should be liz pimp n just how her out to the house #nochill


Clay sounds like Boomhauer from King of the Hill!


I really hate shelli I didn’t want to see her in jury she doesn’t deserve it. Oh well. Can I get the biggest boos tomorrow in live eviction because both them are the most pathetic.

Too Funny

Looks like as of early thurs morning clay goes bye bye!!! He’s throwing his game away for her telling every1 to promise to vote him out n keep her n work with her cuz shes gonna go far n win hoh n vote james out… yet austin n twins r soo scared of james n what to say abt voting clay out… you have the numbers suck it up and stop flip flopping every minute n being sooo paranoid, they r coming after u regardless of how u vote. Vanessa n shelli r there #1 targets b4 u 3…


Did anyone check the opening of Wednesday’s show to see if Jace was replaced with Julia in the opening credits?
If tweets are to be believed they removed Jace from the 1/2 way point celebration cake that was given to the hg’s for the party tonight. His face is off the wall.
One Question: What did he do to piss off the show?


Pretty sure he was still part of the credits but I have no idea the cake. I don’t think he’s done anything other than be the first one out.


what is up with jackie always touching her nose she doing alittle something something up her nose lol she just aggravates me before she was nominated for HoH you didnt even know she was there now you cant shut here up thank god she didnt win it just go away jackie go away please

twin hater

who can’t stand the twins voice OMG its the valley girls they drag there words it drives me nuts yeaaaaah.


All I have to say about the situation is – Clay has only proven one thing in that house to everyone over the last Week since being on the Block – and that is, He is a BIG OLE CRY BABY who doesn’t deserve to be in that game!!!! At this point I don’t care which one goes home. Telling everyone to save Shelli is stupid and the way he pouted through the feeds that I watched was embarrassing. I am sure his mom was real proud watching that??!! All for a girl? Give your head a shake dude and think of what people must think of you now on the outside, I can tell you we are not thinking anything positive that’s for sure! The guy sucked at BB no wonder he was in a showmance he couldn’t do shit in the BB house!!


So have James, Meg,Jackie finally realized that they have been outplayed big time, or are they going to convince themselves otherwise again in the next couple hours, because Audrey must have been lying to James about that alliance? It’s almost funny how much they have been in denial this whole time.


Stop with the talk about backdooring people! James, Jackie, Meg, your position is too weak to try using pawns now. If Vanessa is the target put her on the block! More than half the people in the house will play in the veto and you have too many targets who will not use the veto to protect each other.

BotB is gone so just put your targets up, the lines have been drawn.

Valentina Corleone

I was watching BBAD a bit last night – I’m telling you it’s better than Ambien – and at one point during the bowling, Vanessa came down to check out what was going on. For a split second, she looked like the kid on the playground who wasn’t asked to play, and I almost felt sorry for her. But that’s what happens when you do nothing but obsess about game play, you isolate yourself. And the other 2 dimwits were showering with Shelli babbling to Clay about her handsome brother, you know, the one you look like, who has apparently appeared n several movies as an extra. Ew, ick, ew. These 2 will have nothing to talk about once out of the house.


There goes Jackie, putting yet another dick in her mouth, metaphorically. Isn’t that woman’s dirty mouth full yet?