“James is using it on Paul. Sorry Paul you’re not getting Z out. Its James’s eviction.”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 15-55-36-012

3:50pm Backyard – Corey, Paulie, Nicole, Bridgette. Nicole asks what percentage of your life do you walk around with your shirt off? Paulie says 95%! Nicole says I want a serious answer. Paulie says when I’m at work I wear a shirt other than that I don’t. So maybe 65% shirtless. Nicole asks who goes more shirtless you or Cody? Paulie says its pretty even. Paulie says I grew up pretty much not wearing a shirt all the time. Vic asks what percentage of the time do you wear socks while having s*x? Nicole says I’m not doing this. Vic says it allows you to get your shoes on faster to leave. Nicole says oh my god. Corey says when he’s at home he doesn’t have shirt on. Vic says why would you have a shirt on when you’re at home.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 16-14-30-421

4:15pm Backyard – Corey says he hasn’t given any good reason why we should keep Meech .. besides how it would be good for his (Paul) game. I’m guessing. Paulie says it doesn’t matter. I think we’re right there with having him convinced without having to force it. Corey says he isn’t thinking about how he wants Michelle out. .. for Michelle to leave it would be me, you, Nicole, James, Natalie and probably Bridgette. Who is going to vote Z out? You Paul, that’s it. How are you going to flip that many people. You know James is going to use it on Paul. You only need 3 votes to evict someone. Sorry Paul you’re not going to get Z out. Its basically James’s eviction (Because he can eliminate 2 votes). Paul is going to be all butt hurt about that. If Michelle wins 2 guys are going up. If Z wins Vic is going up.. which is what we want. Meech has won a comp, Z hasn’t won anything. Paulie says Z can’t go to anyone without it getting back to me. Corey asks who do we put up if we win during a double eviction? Paulie says Bridgette and Natalie. We would have to ok it with James. If I won it, I would put up Bridgette and Z. I’d tell her she’s a pawn. What were you thinking? Corey says the same thing.. and the option of backdooring somebody like Vic. Paulie says yup, always an option.

In the kitchen – Natalie says the next person I bone is going to be my husband. Vic says there you go! Natalie tells her moms boyfriend to hurry up and propose, otherwise Paul is going to swoop in and take her from you. Then he would be my step dad and no one wants that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 16-28-30-409

4:45pm In the bathroom – Nicole asks James can we talk some game later? James says yeah. Nicole says we haven’t talked game in awhile. You and I need to talk .. without it being sketchy and stuff.

5pm Nicole says that Paul came to me and asked who I wnated to go home. I said maybe Michelle because she has word vomit and won OTEV. Paul said Z has to go. He is so dead set on Z going. He’s going to be upset when she doesn’t. Corey says I know. Vic joins them. Corey asks what do you think about the votes this week. Its your HOH? Vic says I think Z (going). Corey asks why? Vic says she’s stronger than Michelle. Z joins them and the conversation ends.

6pm – 6:20pm Corey and James talk in the Havenot room. Corey says that he talked to Victor and Paul and they want Z to go. That’s not good for us. James asks what about Paulie? Corey says Paulie obviously wants Michelle to go but Paulie doesn’t want to piss off Vic and Pual so he wants you to use the thing on him (Paul) so he can’t vote. Paul went to Nicole and said that Corey wants Michelle out. Acting like I’m the only outcast. James says I feel like the blame will get pushed on me and you. Corey says unless you use it on Paul and Paulie. You guys are out, you can’t vote. So you need three votes then.. me, you, Nicole want Michelle gone. Where is Natalie going to vote? James says where ever we want. Corey says no I’m sorry if you use it on me and Paul. So that you make Paulie vote. James asks why is Paulie trying to do that to us. Corey says he’s not trying to, he just doesn’t want to make Paul and Vic mad and he wants the jury vote. James says but really I’m the only on that’s going to get f**ked in this. This can’t be a Corey and James deal … it has to be a Corey, James and Paulie deal for them to be okay with it. James says I just don’t want to blindside him. James says I definitely want Michelle out. Corey says I feel like Michelle would put up two guys. Corey says right now I see it as me, you, Nicole, Natalie, Paulie and Bridgette vote out Michelle. And only Paul voting out Z. Corey says Paulie needs to vote. James says if anything I could X Nicole or Natalie out. James says maybe we need to keep putting it out there that we’re stuck. Every time we get around Vic we’re stuck. Corey says if he didn’t want Michelle to go he shouldn’t have put her up there. James says we need to get all the guys in here with Paul and Vic and hash this sh*t out. Michelle with the comments and the crying.. she just needs to go.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 18-03-18-592

6:40pm Nicole says Michelle said she was openly coming after Natalie. James asks when did she say that? Nicole says she said it right in front of you. I’ll do what the house wants obviously but that’s what I want. James says I’m going to stop your vote and Corey’s vote and then we’re going to keep Michelle. Just kidding! Nicole says Paulie also wants Michelle to go. We need to talk Paul into wanting Michelle out for some reason. James says really you, me and Corey could send anyone home. Nicole says us four are rolling together right? James asks who’s four? Nicole says well Nat. James agrees and says we just need to worry about this week. Nicole says maybe we get rid of Z so that we don’t piss people off. James says no we don’t do what Vic wants. Nicole says if I send Meech to jury .. I’m 0 for 2 jury votes.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 18-39-28-304

7pm – 8pm James tells Nat that Nicole said you’re on Michelle’s hit list. Nat doesn’t think so and says she and Michelle are good. Natalie asks so the whole house is voting to keep Z right? James says yes. Nat says I’m not letting Michelle leave with 0 votes. James says no she’ll have 1 or 2 votes. Nat asks is the veto being used? James says no. There are 7 votes. 2 get axed. Nat says you can axe mine. James says so 5 votes and 3 votes send someone home. Technically I could rally a group and send anyone home. James says Michelle has said so many comments. Like how she can’t trust me. Paul and Vic want to keep Michelle for some reason. Did you notice Paul and Vic are getting close to Bridgette. And they want to keep Michelle. I feel like they’re trying to build a squad. Nat asks why don’t you F**king pull Bridgette in for us? James says I don’t trust Nicole. She always tries to get info. Nat says she’s playing Derricks game. ..all three of you are playing Derricks game. Nat asks so you want Michelle gone? Nat says okay. James says but you do whatever you want but if you vote for Z I might just axe your vote. James laughs. Natalie breaks down the house and explains what she’s observed. She explains who everyone is working with and who’s protecting who. She says that Paulie is the puppet master that’s running the house. Natalie says if I won 50K I would be more than content with life. I can finally go to the bathroom, I’m not stressed anymore. Nat says Paulie and Z aren’t going to date after the show. He gives her false hope. James asks what about you and James? Nat says who knows. I think were the only ones that could date. Nat tells James that he’s an influencer in the game. If you want someone out, you’ll get them out without any blood on your hands. You’re a plant seeder… a seed planter.

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Big Jim

This season started really good but has completely fallen apart since Frank was eliminated. Is Paulie more Derrick or Hayden? Im thinking Hayden


I miss Frank too. Not because I wanted him to win, but because he didn’t fall under Paulie’s spell. They better back door him ASAP or he’ll be cashing that check.


Ok I am about to be DONE with James. If James can not see that Paulie is setting him up and OMG. How the hec strategically can he not see that overall Meech has ,no power ,no real friends no loyalty EXCept he could gain her loyalty by telling her he saved her. We all know Z is about Paulie !!!! Come on James I am losing all hope for you. Don’t let this be last season when you Should have sided with the dentist. Please Please wake up. I will be so disappointed He could get meech and Nat to start a voter bloc after double eviction. That would be power!!!


Listen to Nat James, She is not a dum@$$ like Meg she actually gets whats going on… Plese listen please please Vote Z out


Love em or hate em… He might be better than both of them!! It seems like he’s behind every single move that happens in that house even more so than Derrick. But Derrick did do it quietly/low key and Paulie can’t stay under the radar for long.
Plus, he’s an absolute comp beast. Better than Hayden in my opinion. Still not rooting for him.


BBAD is saying Thursday is a Double Eviction. Damn. I’m not a fan of the twists but if they’re in play, I like to see them used strategically…I know I’m not alone in wanting safety for someone who would take a shot at Paulie (Bridgette and Michelle are the only ones who would). I wish that one would’ve been in play prior to…

Slim Jim

I always thought it was hot in there with all the lights and what not, that’s why the lack of shirts. Who walks around with no shirt on a daily basis?

sunny dee

so many others wearing knit hats, and covering up in blankets all the time, it’s really hard to believe it is hot inside, or that they just really need to be shirtless all the time. for one thing, they are touching peoples bedsheets, leaning into headboards, and chairs, and the exercise equipment and then other shirted or shirtless people have to come along after they sweat and skin shed all over the furniture. it’s pretty disgusting habit.

I am 100% convinced they are required to be shirtless as often as possible, and that production gives this order to them. there’s no real good explanation for it other than that.

can you imagine if corey and natalie had ended up on those dating shows, they have zero interest in each other and zero chemistry. it kind of shows how little reality there is in a dating show if they had gone onto one and ended up together or having to spend time together lol they are both much better off on BB.


Lmfao Nicole thinks she’s down jury votes….Nicole you are a jury voter….she thinks she’s making it to final 2, ahahahahahahahaha ahahahahahahahaha she’ll never make it aaahhhhhhhhhahahaha


No vet is going to make it to the end unless James win HOH and put up PeePee Twins


My gym doesn’t allow shirtless and not even tanks. Only t-shirts with partial sleeves. Try to eliminate intimidation. Guess Paulie doesn’t care about that in his gym. Half naked men around the house would be creepy imo.

An Apple A Day

David Hasselhoff, Stewy from The Family Guy, Cody, Paulie, and Vic.

Uh duh!

This is BB, the guys always go shirtless. You know, just like the girls always go without any self esteem!


If she’s still around, vote Michelle next week for co-hoh! It would certainly be interesting





Tiny trump hands

Because there will be NO one else left!


Victor needs to go. I can not tolerate how ignorant he is. Did he not learn anything about running his mouth? I want Vic and Paul gone before Paulie. Big Meech needs to get her big girl panties on. This is getting old. Grow up, quick wailing and acting like you care how people see you. There are still plenty of good people in the house but I fill sick watching this season because I feel like people who don’t understand the game are running the house. Paul and Vic are the ignorant players and I feel betrayed by BB for casting people who don’t have clues. There haven’t been manyental challenges. Their reign is soon over.

Dumb ol' Vick

He does need to go! I can’t believe someone that is that self centered can’t think for himself and because he is so self centered he refuses to believe that these people don’t love him. He turns innocent conversations into uncomfortable situations with his vulgarity. He brings NOTHING to this house!

Pinocchio Obama

I agree with both of you. Vic is my least favorite in the house.

I hoped the girls saved those beads for when Vic gets blindsided in the future.


The last chance to stop Paulie in this game will be if Nicole and James realize they’re going to lose and they team up and have their showmance with them. It won’t happen cause James is a dumbass but I can hope

Johnny Wish Bone

Of course someone like James has to have this kind of power right now. He will make a stupid decision as usual and fuck everything up. Victor should have put up Nat after saying he wouldn’t to see how James would like that. I would rather see Zak gone then Michelle. I like that mean girl better then this one. As weird as that sounds. Lesser of the two evils I guess. If James uses his stupid power (its stupid cause he has it) They want to put up Paul? Or did I misunderstand that.


You misunderstood. James can eliminate 2 votes. They were saying that James should eliminate Paul’s vote.

Joe Kerr

No, it just means he will make Paul’s vote void. He also has to choose one other Houseguest to void their vote (ex: he chooses Paul and Paulie. Who their votes are not used to evict.)

Johnny Wish Bone

Okay thanks dudes. I knew about the 2 eliminated votes James has but I thought they were talking about putting up Paul ,not null & voiding both their votes, hilarious. Thanks.

Hillary's Eraser

Is the power that James won only good for this week?

Hillary's Eraser

Thank you Dawg.

TX rar

Dawg – WOOF! WOOF!

It’ll make it tougher bc they said on the show that James will have so announce which 2 HG votes he will eliminate. He is thinking about weakening Paulie by cutting Z (cancel Paulie & Nicole votes for Meech out?) but he is too worried about making people mad? or getting blood on his hands (sigh).


Can someone please explain why James is so popular? The only good thing about him winning the care package is that it puts a target on him.


The secret to James’ popularity it simple. It’s the edit he gets. James is just a goofy, feel good type who doesn’t ruffle feathers in the house. Most of the people who are voting don’t watch the feeds or check sites to see what’s really going on in there. He’s the one who doesn’t stir strong emotions one way or the other so the moderates go with him.


I think his popularity comes from him being an underdog. He’s not the hottie or the super jock that always gets the pretty girl. He’s just a simple man with an nice personality. But he goes for the pretty girls anyway, like Meg and Nat. So people route for his confidence. But I do agree that he’s getting a good edit, because he is an absolute idiot on the feeds. The pranks are stale already, he dismisses Bat and passes it off as he’s looking out for her; he knows Paulie is running the house, but he’s made his 1st goal of jury so he just wants to keep “the house” happy. But I got news for him. I don’t see him making his 2nd goal of AFP! The way things are looking, that Lil Nat Nat’s got everybody’s number! She just may take that from him!


For all of us Paul haters out there he might be our only shot for this season to get better. He’s a big ole POS but we need some drama and that means dumb azz Z need to stay. Literally everyone is a Pauline b!tch and he might be the one to break away. I hope I never see James or Nicole again. I would rather see Pee Pee bc even though they are douche bags they at least play. These are grown people acting like teenagers with 500g on the line. Bye Big Leech! Go home and be nasty to your family some more you sweet thang


Paul wants Z gone so he can be Paulie’s number 1 girl.


Well I’m watching the episode! And I’m actually excited by Z in the DR talking about Paulie.
I seriously hope she wins the double eviction and nominates Paulie.
I doubt he’d be evicted unless he’s sitting next to James!

What I don’t get is why people are talking about clipping Natalie and James! When they should be thinking smarter by evicting people who are eligible to win a care package because you increase your odds of getting a care package with them out the way, which they know will get better as the weeks go on!


They are clueless about who America likes


even if Z won.. it would be another pointless HoH win bc it would just be Paulie’s choices. She’s a moron… she knows Paulie ain’t in her side but she keeps going back to him smh!


Poor James. You better get a ring if you want to bone Natalie. Meg part 2 all over again. ????????

50 carats

Not even with a big shiny ring will James have a chance with Natalie. She will accept it “oh Jamesy!”, then snuggle with him a few more months, then break up with him and pretend she wants to return the ring, but she knows James will say “No Nat, you keep it. I bought it for you and it’s yours to do with what you want.” He’s just that clueless. Sigh.


Why another huge power move week… it is amazing how powerful these guys are and the brilliance of their strategy. They are taking out such huge gigantic targets… they must be total studs and geniuses. What could be more threatening that 2 girls who don’t really win things that don’t have power in the house and should be considered NO threat at all. What Macho strong men they are to take out the Huge threats of Big Meech and Zak… it is mind boggling that they have such strength of character to take out such HUGE threats.

Mark my words taking out Big Meech or Zak will go down in history as the greatest Huge Big Brother ever. The House is going to definitely change when they are gone.


Yup… sarcasm noted in first line. Got it.

For the guys in the house, yes it is quite the good move. Yes, they are jerks, but they are playing the game and staying in power, carving off the excess baggage until it’s just them, which is what they want. To turn on each other now and make a “big” move just before double eviction would be game suicide. But I don’t need to tell you that…


Actually it is not Paul or Paulie that are annoying me. Strangely enough I am rooting for Paul (He is the only Non-Sheep in the House). Paul will probably be the one that takes out Paulie. What is Vic thinking he walked out the door once before. Nicole, James, Corey and those girls are annoying me. These are seriously weak moves and they could have taken out the person who was strengthening Paulie and Paul…. they didn’t. Then they could have had a sit down with Vic and pointed out… You have no choice but to cut the head of the Snake and nominate Paulie and Paul then evict whoever is still on the block… I think with those two up the people in tat veto would have played that veto more seriously to keep noms the same or evict Paulie. James could have easily taken out Zakiah and Paul/Paulie/Corey out to insure that Paulie or Paul go home. They have to start targeting those guys… especially when you consider why they targeted Frank. It always shocks me when people pick targets. How their aim is just off and they get intimidated or threatened. Who cares if Paul gets mad? Even Paulie… they only have the power you give them. If they win in an HoH say “Hey dude after this week you have no power and you can’t play for HoH…. try us.”.

The people who succeed in Big Brother used to be 60% strategic and 40% Luck… Now it is 40% House Sheep (I am going to do what the house wants.) 60% Luck. Play to win not the jury. Who started that “Do what the house wants.”? I can’t remember who started saying that or when exactly it started but I hate it… probably Season 15… everything bad started in Season 15.


It was a huge thing season 16, not sure if it started earlier.


It was season 15, it was that chick Helen that started it. That season was bad too with Amannda and Andy the rat!


Ugh It was totally season 15! I blame Helen, she was always the worst for the kumbaya bullshit


That was quite the speech. He knows how it feels to be in this situation with the whole house wanting him to go home, but with out the beads .


Well one thing for sure is that Vic just spent all the girls jury votes with his dumb ass bead speech.


Vic has got to be stupidest person who’s ever played this game, worst social game ever


He ran that whole speech by Paulie and Paul. They totally egged him on and encouraged him to throw the beads. Thew knew it would make him a bigger target and effectively eliminate any jury votes for him. Vic thought they were having a bromance, while in reality he got played and painted a bigger target on himself. Watch the speech again, Paulie can’t look up because he is trying not to laugh and Paul is fighting smirk as he rubs Michelle’s back. I don’t like either of them but that was a brilliant move on their part to encourage Vic to be an ass.

Crumps Brother

True but do people have to be so weak because the mob says what to do. How the hell did he know that wasn’t a good idea? Yes it was smart on the part of the other two jizz heads and the laughing was brutal. Even though Michelle needs to take it down a bit, she was still upset and the men sat there and laughed.
This is exactly why I don’t have the sympathy that others have for certain people and the treatment they get. This is Big Brother, not How to be nice to your neighbour class. Human or not tough shit, you know the game you signed up for so now that its actually happening, don’t whine and cry about how unfair and mean and cruel people are. Too bad! Put the beads on and wear that shit! Show these dicks you don’t care and will come back. Cry in the bathroom like the rest of us, don’t let them see that side.


Sorry. I think Lawon from BB 13 still holds that title. Lawon volunteered to get EVICTED because he thought an upcoming twist would give him special powers. Instead the twist ended up getting Brendon back into the house.


Haha! Wouldn’t that be awesome if he was in F2 (which I don’t see at all, but it would be worth seeing), and when each girl voted, they tossed Vic his beads!


I hope this is the start for the breakdown of the Paulie & Paul partnership. Paulie wants Michelle gone, Paul wants Z gone, Paul is going to be pissed if James nulls Pauls vote, he will know that James is just following orders from Paulie.

Hope this causes total chaos in the house, I am so sick of nobody targeting Paulie, I hope Paul and Vic team up, and they pull Bridgette, Natalie & Hopefully James if he can break away from his leader Paulie. Let them team up, evict Paulie, then Nicole, then it is a free for all, once Paulie, Nicole & Vic are gone, battle it out and go from there.

I will be so happy when we can have some house guests that stop playing the game saying it is what the house wants, I have been watching Big Brother from day 1, CBS stop with the stupid useless twists, stop getting these immature know nothing house guest that are easily led.

Let’s get some people who want to win, not thrown comps, not let someone control their HOH, stop worrying about getting Blood on your hands, stop saying this is what the house wants, play the game and kick butt. Tell the DR to stop putting thoughts into the houseguests head.

One last request, if someone in the house has the balls to evict Paulie, CBS do not rig it so Paulie has the round trip ticket. I’m sick of Paulie being so cocky and walking around saying he has Z trained, and he can control her, even though it maybe true that he can get her to do whatever he wants, it is so annoying to see how stupid and blind she is when it comes to Paulie.

Can’t wait for Z to go home and watch to see all the crap Paulie has said about her, and see how stupid she made herself look by chasing some dude, instead of trying to win 500K.


Yes, please! Stop giving James power! He only gives it up to Paulie! America wasted a care package if James just lets Paulie tell him how to use it! He lets Paulie make ALL his decisions! He’s the biggest disappointment of this season! No AFP for Jamesheep!!

TX rar

When they go to jury do they still get to see episode(s) that was aired on TV? It should be very eye opening for Z! Wonder what she would do at the jury vote with that info- she will still vote for Paulie to win 🙁


Week of safety care package… VOTE FOR BRIDGETTE


Brad, I thought that at first as well. But, there may be a fall out b/w PP after this upcoming eviction, which may divide them. Pau/Vic will be pissed that Paulie aided toward changing the target (which only benefits his game, but idiots still listen). So, Paulie may try backdoor Paul or Vic. Shouldn’t we save Paul? I would love to see how Paulie reacts when things do not go his way, and better yet FINALLY be hg’s target. Thoughts before I start voting?

Marvin Gaye

Giving the Package to Bridgette will be a waste because they will just Vote out Natalie or Z/ Michelle…. One will go during double eviction this Thursday and the last one next week ….


I think Nicole or Victor will be evicted after Michelle on Thursday, but guess we will find out

Unbattled Block

You would think Production and Casting would have learned by now.
We are tired of Players who have zero game skills, hanging out as long as they can to collect stipends and after show appearances. Real BB fans don’t wanna see showmances,bromances and players who wonder what the hell is happening right up to their eviction

Start casting Players who have game skills. No need for just all pretty people and no need for Family members of ex players or returners for that matter. Make the game about about the game again. Limit the twists too

Ms Gardner, Your format is not working anymore..For the love of the game, Make BB19 a better game

52 Eggs

Funny how everyone is all “Oh Z, Z. Z win this and that” now….Pfftt like she will win anything. She’s just as useless as she was last week just with more tears and still as boring as ever. All Paulie has to do is say “Hey baby, don’t be like that baby, you know Paulie loves ya baby” and that will be that! Michelle crying all the time is just not good. Super fan…I don’t even know what that means anymore.


I’ve said a million times on here… I’m a big James fan (except his game this season) but he has absolutely NO CHANCE of ever hooking up with Natalie. I like her too, but let’s just be honest. They’re only a flirt-mance because they’re in the BB house. Still nothing more than that.


I know everyone is going to cry about this but, I don’t like Natalie im not sure why I feel bullied into having to like her, I don’t. Being with James makes her extra annoying. I love how he thinks no one knows their a showmance with no mance. They are just the grossmance this year. I thought it was Paulie and Zak but I think everyone was talking about those two.

First time watcher

I feel the opposite of you. I really don’t like James, but what he just said at 600 tonight hopefully he starts to turn on Paulie and then my respect for him would go up


Natalie should hook up with Victor which will put james in a depression spiral. Then Natalie can use Victor as her shield and tell him what to do.


Totally on your side with not liking Nat Nat. She cries with the best of them. She is moody and bitchy when she thinks she may go on the block. (she does NOT want to be a pawn) She lies as much as anyone. (I will never talk bad about anyone, but Nicole……((who she is very jealous of))) She just bounces around giggling for attention and will probably bounce to final three. Watching her cry and whine and beg for Victor to let her have the HOH drove me crazy. Thank goodness for DVR and FF.
James may be floating on by but Natalie is using him as her raft.


You’re right Victor…that nomination ceremony will go down in BB history……
As one of the cruelest nominations ever! That was totally unnecessary & I was disgusted with the boys all gathering & laughing! While I’m certainly not a fan of Michelle’s…she’s done her share of diss’ing people….that was just kicking someone when they’re down.

#vicious vic

Hillary's Eraser

I have a feeling we will see those beads again and Vic will not think they are so funny this time.


Joke is on Victor. Every single one of those beads has been in Corey’s ass.


Ok after watching tonight’s episode, VICTOR needs to go … that speech was mean and hateful and him telling Z 9-1 does that number sound familiar ? DUH IDIOT that number also includes your so called boys ! and throwing beads at them was uncalled for , I am so mad ! I know this is a game BUT c’mon being down right mean is not right , he keeps forgetting 9-1 means Paulie , Paul , and his other so boys voted him out , not just Z it was’nt 1-0 vote IDIOT I hope James has some backbone and finally start’s taking out this so called BOARD , because not only are they gonna take out Victor ( and he’s to dumb to see it ) they will take out James too , 1 by 1 lets take the trash out and kick it to the curb !


Do you even watch the show?? Paul was the 1, as in the only one to vote for Vic, and Paulie was HOH…..so neither of them actually voted against him…just sayin. You should have singles out the other houseguests, not PP…IDIOT!!!


It was really weird when he told Z that she doesn’t show him any affection and the only one she gives affection to is Paulie. The look on her face, was like, “Gross!” That sounded a lot like P-ENVY more than an insult!


So Paulie wants James to use his power so James can be the bad guy and not him….I wonder if he HAS to use it


Well if I were James and he wants Michelle out I would just X Nicole and Bridgette vote. He wouldn’t really be on anyone bad side that way. Seems like everyone else would vote out Michelle except Paul.


Paulie is totally running this game. Not one of these dumb asses even considers putting him up. James – “with your permission Paulie”, jeez. Z cries when he jumps off right after her – get a clue girl, he is playing the game! Time you started to PLAY THE GAME! Then there’s Meech the Beech. OMG Is all that fake crying part of your strategy? ITS NOT WORKING! Of all the dumb ass players in the house, which is almost everyone, she is the absolute worst! She’s got no game. Super Fan my ass! I have watched every season of BBUS and BBCAN, I have watched BBAU and some BBUK, Yes, I am a super fan – but, come on BBUS, give us some players worth watching! If these people represent a cross section of US demographics then no wonder Trump is a presidential candidate. Okay, I’m ready for it, hit me…


Put Hillary in. She will lie, cheat, steal, backstab anyone to get the money. With all her practice, she would be the greatest BB player of all time. And ladies, don’t even think of going near her whoring husband.

Touchdown Tana

This is the worst cast Ever!!!! Nicole’s nasal voice, she sounds like she has a clothe pins on her nose.. She’s always whinning about Cor..Eeeee. She is horrible player, that Michigan Accent is the Worst. I hope Bridgette wins!!!! Atleast she’s a nice person. Natalie acts like a 5 year old. I like it, when players go for it, get a backbone’s and fight too win. Please CBS, get some mature people in the future.. This is like watching Romper Room…. All the cry babies, make me sick!!!!

BB Fan

BB Canada season 4 that was just before 18 started was really good, way better than our current season all around. BB take notes. A all star cross over would be awesome.

Only can wish

I’m bothered and I’m not even in the BB house. Vic said the house voted 9-1 to vote him out and he target Z and Michelle, the 2 weakest players in the house and not the person who put him up. Then gave his speech and threw beads at them. Then Corey, Paulie, Paul, James sitting there smirking. Then when it’s over they want to hug. I would have cussed all their a$$es out. These guys are just so cruel. Game is being played but its becoming too personal.


After that speech today I want Victor gone more than Paulie and I’m not even a Z or Michelle fan.


Mad because beads were thrown? He was not being vicious he was being stupid silly. The boys put him up to it.
Michelle over reacted. It’s not like he threw shit or a bomb. Geez, some people are really drama queens.
Michelle and zakiyah were thinking about their speeches to victor if they became HOH. It’s not like he sat for hours berating them. Victor has said some very nice things too but those things never get remembered. He didn’t throw the beads so hard that they left a mark on them. (Fruit)Michelle!!!!!

An Apple A Day

Agreed. How was Vic’s speech any worse than Da flipping her hair in Tiffany’s face? Or Z & Meech stealing Bridget’s birthday celebration and giving it to a damn stuff animal? Throwing her home made cookies in the garbage? Calling her “fake” for her voice? Grow up.

Only can wish

Was it really necessary for him to do that, knowing the state Michelle was in? You don’t kick a person while they’re down(Michelle meltdown) and then want to keep them in the house to get a jury vote. Its not what you do, it’s how you do it. He going to look real stupid if Michelle or Z be the one who takes him out in DE. Now that would be PRICELESS!!!


Vic IS vicious and definitely a future wife beater.

Nichole Pure Michigan

Gimme a Break! Vic Does not come across as a future wifebeater/abuser. He may be a really poor Big Brother player –especially socially who has been terribly boorish in his comments and behavior towards women on occasion, but he hasn’t been overtly physically violent toward the women on BB. I’m not a fan of his gameplaying (or lack of it) attitude and behavior in the house, but I did see him try to cover and protect Natalie in the HOH competition when she finally fell off the disk in the comp. He tried to prevent the Internet Trolls from hitting her with their paddles. Their history is a rocky one because of her comments made when he was voted out of the house so for him to try and protect her shows he has some compassion and was able to overlook her negative remarks about him . I don’t know if he will have some sort of epiphany and suddenly start playing the game instead of being led around by the nose by PP (I doubt it.), but I do believe we won’t be hearing in the news that he’s been arrested for domestic violence.

Helga Phugly

I like Victor but that was totally disrespectful and wasn’t stupid funny it was just stupid. Considering there mardi gras beads which basically means “Show us your tits”. Maybe if and when a woman wins HOH (hopefully in this season! ) Maybe they should throw some c*ck rings at the men who are on the block, see if that is just as stupid funny.


I think BB needs to move to anonymous HOHs. That’s the only way to make this game good again. No more HOH rooms where houseguests spend all their time sleeping and cuddling, and, generally speaking, avoiding everyone else in the house. Just let whoever has the power choose whether or not to share that info with people. It’s a whole easier to make power moves when no one knows you have the power.That would change everything.


Or……No HOH at all. Everyone goes to the DR and nominates 2 people for eviction (if you discuss who you are or have nominated you receive a penalty nom yourself) Two with most votes are on the block and if one of those win veto one with 3rd highest amounts of votes takes their place. Just a thought but would get us away from this what the house wants crap and one person or group dominating.


It’s newbie fans like you two that scare the hell outta me, LEAVE MY GAME ALONE!


I’ve been watching since season 1 so not a newbie that you just assumed. If you are happy with “your game” great but some of us have grown tired of the twits they cast, the same ole same ole comp that are predictable and boring as well as the whole summer camp what the house wants afraid to make a move or even play the game (that I guess is yours and only yours?) Many of us are tired of what has become a boring and stale game. If it is yours and you are responsible for what it has become…………..you suck!


The thing is no matter what you do, it comes down to casting. The people who are selected are usually more interested in airtime than game. Battle of the block could have been interesting but the first two HoH’s looked at each other, shrugged, and asked who should be the target and we’ll find someone to throw it! BotB neutered. It would be the same with any major twist you implement much like the team thing this season. Paulie’s team was safe half the time because the other teams would throw the comp.


Paulie sucks the life out of everything.
He’s an emotional vampire.

Vlad the Impaler

Give me a break! You obviously just learned the term emotional Vampire and wanted to try it out. Because this girl follows him around and talks babies and other unrealistic stupidness. I don’t like either of them but only one of them is actually playing the game. Another Bachelor contestant turned down.

CBS cares less

Great care package, goes right to Paulie’s use. What a joke. How about a really good twist…don’t tell the HGs the eviction numbers! That would let each person vote how they want and put an end to stupid “voting with the house”. That’s the only way to flip power.

You got it dude

Amen! Now that’s a good idea.
This season is so disappointing.


I had hoped with the road kill the votes wouldn’t be divulged to the house guests. Maybe it’ll take them a couple more seasons to realize that the casts they keep getting don’t have the courage for real split votes. The only one we got this season was completely orchestrated and EVERYONE except Frank and Bridgette knew.


I dont understand how some fans can be like that was literally the meanest HOH speech. Vic gave a mean speech so what? Michelle and Z don’t deserve it, huh? He gave a mean speech to the mean girls of the house. Oh give me a break. I for one was entertained. These girls deserve that speech. These girls were viscously mean through and through to the people in the house this season, but now people (Michelle and Z’s small fan base) are upset when it gets thrown back at these mean girls. Whatever lol


the speech was stupid, the throwing of the beads was disrespectful. Remember how he harped on how Natalie called him disrespectful to women in her goodbye speech. (she didn’t by the way) He was so upset that his mother would see that and be upset. That speech mentioning the 9-1 vote was ridiculous, really? These 2 girls didn’t put you up, he should have directed that to Paulie. Then talking about how Zakiyah didn’t give him any attention, why should she? Plus the comment of the season, i’ll shave off Michelle’s eyebrows that came from Bridgette was spurred on by Victor or Paul saying they wanted michelle to die. The throwing of the beads was DISGUSTING. I’ve watched every single season and have had the live feeds since season 2. I’ve seen some disgusting displays over the years but this was unnecessary and disrespectful. All Victor did was prove Natalie was right, he needs to learn to be a little nicer to women. (that’s what she said in her goodbye message).

Franks fumes

She said that about Tiffany not big meech…Z relayed the info to the others incorrectly.


Z is not going to do anything to Paulie…..she had sex with him, knowing that he is probably responsible for her going up.. She talks a lot, but she has low self-esteem, and will be a door mat for Paulie, even though she knows Paulie is a jerk.
Vic can’t do anything…..I do believe he would like to take a crack at Paulie, he knows he is in trouble. but he has no allies. He told Bridgette he trusts her, Paulie and Paul not so much. Paul who knows how to play the game is going to be quite upset if Z doesn’t goes. He will know that PP is not as solid as he first thought.

An Apple A Day

When did they have sex? I thought he wasn’t even willing to kiss her on TV. Did I miss something?


They did have sex. It was about a week ago when they when they were have nots. In a freaking bumper car. There’s a video of the whole thing but I don’t know if I can post the link here. It’s all under covers but still.


Big Brother

All the hints you need to find it for yourselves.


There’s a video on youtube. Title is “Paulie Calafiore giving Zakiyah Everette the O face in the bumper car”. Looks like hardcore fooling around. Z’s face gives it away.

An Apple A Day

Oh my gosh, I figured people were just making wild assumptions but there it is for the world to see. She could have at least covered her face. Those little shiny things in the dark, they’re called CAMERAS.

Paulie's a Pig

It is true they have not kissed. But uglies have been bumped and orifices have likely been entered. #grossmance


What else do except from a guy who’s posted closeup pics of his dick online?


And now I’ve lost the right to criticize…

girl power

the girls are playing so emotional this year. When Z gets in the jury house with Da and Michelle and tells them how she was played Paulie won’t get their votes. Da isn’t going to blame Paul for getting her out and he is fairly friendly to all in the house. The only guy the girls are going to hate on more than Paulie is Victor. If Vic finds out Paulie got rid of him twice he isn’t voting for Paulie. So Paulie may not have won yet.


Do you even watch the show??? Paul was the 1, as in the only one who voted for Vic to stay, and Paulie was HOH that week…..so neither of them actually voted Vic out. You should have named any of the other houseguests if you wanted to be correct instead of trying to attack PP….just sayin IDIOT!!!!


Paulie didn’t vote him out, he BACKDOORED him….that’s no better


Victor is so dumb that he unleashed on 2 out of the 9 people who voted him out, instead of realizing that Paulie was the one who actually backdoored him. I really question this guy’s IQ… I can’t believe that someone could be this idiotic, and make a fool of himself the way he did.


That’s Paulie …. And only HIS girl can stay. Funny HE’S gonna “clip” her yup over and over he’s said that. Guess time has come to “clip” one of the girls well not Paulies girl No way … No how. Why can’t one of the other girls get “clipped” say maybe Nicole!?!
I say Paulie needs to get blood on his hands, not force James with the voiding votes. It’ll be nice to see Paul super mad about Z staying I’m hoping that’ll at least shake up the BLAH Paulie show.
Thanks Simon and Dawg! You guys make BB experience better than watching the show itself >••<


Can’t wait for The PeePee Twins to split up and go to war with each other! Seems like a little undercurrent hostility goung on between the two. They’re definitely not taking each other to the end. They would both probably just choose Corey for the F2


Trying to stay optimistic and hopeful that this season will get MUCH better. Not that I want this, but it could get pretty damn exciting if the remaining 6 HG’s end up being James (without Natalie), Corey/Nicole, Paulie/Paul, & Victor. I think that’d make for some good tv, so don’t give up on this season just yet!!


I’ll vomit if Nicole is the last girl standing.


Is that you Michelle?

Backseat Driver

Thank you Brad…you made me feel better!


Super safety should go to Corey. He’s not in danger and it would be funny to see him in a unitard.

Cross eyed Paulie

Victor, what a misogynistic pig. Karma will bite you in the ass. Just wait and see.


I hope the second hoh goes to the super safe winner in they get to play again the next week for it
to me james is a great guy but to me he not in alstar all he does it what the house want
im not voting for him America favorite my choice for that nattlie bridget I don’t know after that
that’s why I vote for him to get the two vote see what he do guest what he do what pulie wants
what if pulie wants zachery out he do that that’s why if they have an alstar season james should not comeback
I whould bring back frank derrick dan ian Frankie

Holy Crap

I just watched Natalie break down the house to James and get every single thing right. Where the hell has this been?

From Jokers

7:49 PM Natalie tells James that Michelle & Zakiyah were connected with Nicole but Nicole dropped them for the boys -jaguar3
7:47 PM Nat tells James that Bridgette is Paulie’s new puppet along with Victor. James agreeing & says she got almost all of it right -jaguar3
7:45 PM Natalie is pretty much calling everyone’s game to James with accuracy. She tells James that Zakiyah is not connected with Nicole anymore -jaguar3
7:42 PM Natalie tells James that she thinks that Paulie is leading the house and controlling everyone. James mainly listening this time -jaguar3
7:40 PM Natalie tells James that everyone is Paulie’s puppet. -Debra_Kadabra
7:40 PM Nat just told James that she thinks that him (James), Paulie & Nicole are working together with Corey. She says and Paulie controls Corey & Paul

I repeat. Holy crap!


Natalie is telling James she thinks Paulie is controlling the whole house and that he’s the puppet master… Good job Nat!!! At least someone sees it. LETS GO NATALIE

Cross eyed Paulie

Let’s hope James does report back to his Master.

I hope

You mean doesn’t.

Cross eyed Paulie

Ooops I meant doesn’t!


I just posted that above you. She listed a lot more connections in the house and was spot on. It was freaky.


Nat has better instincts than James does, and he’s been privy to more information!


She just said Bridgette will get the next care package. WTH this is crazy.


She’s not an idiot and she’s willing to play the game it’s too bad James is an idiot and doesn’t want to try for the win. I guess opposites attract.


I think it’s cute that Nicole and James are worried about jury votes lol news flash you two are not that far off from being “clipped” and haven’t seen the new episode yet but wow Vic really?! I hope Z wins (doubt it but you never know)and nominates your ass out cuz you know the Don will not waste a chance at getting rid of him. I miss the days of the 8pack too Chell


Why is James so popular with some BB fans? I just dont get it. I find the guy so lame, dont find him interesting at all, his DR sessions I find to be very average. The guy 99% of the time says he does not want to win comps, has talked for the last month about how he would take luxury prizes in a luxe veto comp….and yet people like him? for what? I just hope this is the LAST time we see him on BB and hopefully he does not get on Survivor because I totally dont see him on that show at all

James = zzzzzzz

Thank you! I can’t stand James! Please never waste another returning slot on him again! Ughhhhhhhhh

Nicole's coin slot nostrils

Nicole every week rides the fence on who to vote out just so she can remain innocent if there is any backlash after a eviction. “Maybe it’s better to get Z out” “I don’t know maybe it’s better to get Michelle out” She has done it every eviction.

Give me a break Ratcole. I can’t wait till this bitch is on the block and flips out and whines and cries when she has sat and lied and cheated and fake friended people on the block all season.

Oh and by the way just cuz Corey is more quiet than the rest of the douche nozzle boy crew doesn’t mean you now add that doufus to the “acceptable to win” list.

The ONLY acceptable winner at this point is Bridgette. Yeah she sucks too but hey..Life isn’t all cherry sodas and candy canes.

A lot of you fools were happy when Tiff went home. That was when the season took a total nose dive and crashed and burned. Now we just watching gas burning and slowly flickering out.

BB19 online only? Yeah I’ll watch that. NOT!

Next summer do All-Stars full run CBS, BBAD and feeds. And if it still tanks call it day and end our misery Mr. MoonMan.

BB Fan

Expect the unexpected……
Yeah not this time

Backseat Driver

James is so done……let’s move on BB fans.


James said that he, Nicole, and Paulie were all coached by Derrick. This explains why Nicole is a rat and playing Christine’s game


I’d love to see a Season of Champions. Everyone from BB1 (Eddie) to BB18 (unfortunately it looks like Paulie). And it the winner isnt available, get the 2nd place finisher etc.

Chia Pet

Forget the winners. How about all the runner ups come back and do the same idea. The winners won already and we have seen that over and over.

Victor's Missing Facial Hair

So Nat is way smarter than she comes off! Question is can she actually win anything and make her own decisions without James (Paulie)running her HOH.

Obviously Paul comes from money! Him living at home and buying his mom a Bentley with his winnings is such a rich people problem. He does not need the money and after watching his home life I really want him out.

I really don’t know who I am pulling for anymore as I truly hate them all.

An Apple A Day

Maybe, but I doubt it. I think him saying he’ll buy his mother a Bentley is more out of ignorance than being rich. If he understood money, he’d know Bentley’s START at $200,000. Assuming they take taxes out upfront, we’re talking close to 50% tax bracket. He’d have very little left over for himself. So I say he’s just clueless in real life, the same that he is in the BB house.


Top tax bracket is just under 40%. I think one of the winners posted a snap of the check and it was around $360k which seems about right. It’s not never working again money but it’s a nice chunk for most folks.

TX rar

Nat hung in there on last comp right behind Vic. She is smart about the people in the house but never watched the show. James needs to listen to her MORE!


LMFAO @ the speech Victor gave. Yeah he’s a dickhead, but let’s not pretend like those mean bitches Zakiyah and Michelle didn’t deserve it. It’s called karma. The two sat around weekly while others were put on the block, bullied Bridgette, acted as if their shit didn’t stink and as if they were untouchable! It’s rather enjoyable watching the two of them squirm! Either way one is gone this week! Can’t wait until Zakiyah, Meech and CoinSlitNostrils Nicole are all gone! Wake the fk up James and play the damn game. Listen to Natalie! Can’t stand these bunch of wimps just bending to Paulie’s will. Sickening!


I’m so aggravated right now. This is BS.
James and Nicole and paulie were coached. This is also Nicole’s and James second time around. What an unfair advantage.so they scripted it to go a certain way ??