Vic “Imagine if we win next week too. I would be like really!? This is too easy!”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 11-53-08-302

11:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Vic and Paul are in the kitchen. They have no coffee filters so they decide to use the french press but realize its filthy and has mould in it. Paul says if it was his he would just throw it out. Vic says his grandmother would kill him if he threw it out.

Vic says I had a dream about this girl from back home and it was all dope and sh*t but she gained a little bit weight… from the time I left. Paul says you’re hilarious bro! So it was like a nightmare? Vic says so I was like HEEEYYYYYY! I wouldn’t care if it was a little bit but it felt like it was 20 – 30 pounds. Nice to see you tooooooooo.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 12-04-07-602

12:20pm – 1:15pm Vic and Paul head into the safari room – Vic tells the live feeders how this has been an amazingly successful week with the HOH and the veto. Paul agrees and says yeah and last week. Vic says imagine if we win next week too. I would be like really!? This is too easy! Paul finds some pills on the couch. Vic says I think they’re James. Vic says we take a jab at him. I think everyone would be like YES! Too perfect. The only thing is having Corey not freak out if that happens. Then we have to risk not telling him if that happens. Corey joins them. Corey tells a story about working at a bar that had a mechanical bull. He says the guy that normally ran it wasn’t working. He said a group of girls came in wanting to ride it. He says he really didn’t want to run it but did. The last girl to ride it was at least 250 pounds. He says he had trouble trying to help her up on it. He told her to move forward and hold on. He says he barely moved it forward and she flew face forward and and face planted. She was crying about hurting her shoulder.

1:40pm Backyard – Paul, Nicole, Vic and Corey are hanging out. Meanwhile all the other house guests are still sleeping.

2:10pm – 2:35pm Backyard. Paul, Paulie and Corey. Paul asks how the reaction was? It wasn’t so bad? Paulie says that she (Z) was okay with it at first but then later she cried. Paul says at the end the day keeping noms the same is the most friendship. She is going to have some pissy-ness towards you especially if she gets a few votes tossed her way. So I would rather .. SEE YA! Chop it! I don’t think she would be angry at you because you can just play dumb like I did with Da. Then we can pull in Meech. Paul says I think Bridgette needs to go .. probably next. Paulie says that James said that Natalie is convinced there’s an all guys alliance. Meech said that she is observing who is working together so maybe she said that to Natalie. Paul says GET RID OF HER! I think we do Z, Bridgette and then Exec (Vic). Paulie says I don’t think Z has the power to unite the girls. And what guy is she going to go to? If she did that guy would come to me and I would be like what the f**k are you doing?! Paul says if another girl goes they are going to be sh*tting their pants. Paulie says yeah but they can’t do anything about it. Paulie says if Natalie wins she won’t put up a girl and won’t vote out a girl. Corey says one of them won’t be James. Paul says I need solid reasons for Meech to go first. Its just the hot and cold behavior with Z is just a little annoying. Corey heads inside. Paul says if you send Z home .. that will be the kick start to the other boys that you did it. Now its their turn.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 14-21-24-072

2:45pm Paul asks Nicole who she thinks should go. Nicole sasy there are pros and cons to both. Paul says if Z got the opportunity to win HOH she would take a shot especially if Paulie didn’t use it on her. You could break Meech like this before a competition. All you have to do is drop a little comment or something and she would be in tears. We have a shot to take out Z now. It won’t be hard to put Meech back on the block because she word vomits and pisses off enough people to want her out.

3:15pm Paul comes out to get in the pool with his duck floatie. Vic asks is it cold in there? Paul says you don’t know that! Nicole laughs. Vic says I wasn’t making a statement.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-07 15-16-17-031

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vics gonna feel like a real dumbass when pp gives him the reboot smh


The day Michelle decided to not use the veto on Frank this game was over. The Vets and Michelle are gunna regret getting rid of him for a long time


What is this..
I hope you all get dizzy and hit the ground, then I’ll shave your eyebrows while you’re out to lunch.


Would be great tv if they did that and he had the round trip. Than maybe some drama.


I find it interesting Bic takes Tiffany’s comments to heart but ignored Da’vonne’s. Smh

ArielHoller 888

Well Tiff did tell Vic not to trust Da he probibly thought she was just being spiteful for being evicted. Still he is being an idiot trusting Paulie , I just can’t with this cast but like 15, 16 , and 17 I will stick it out just to see them turn on each other lol


Gonna vote Bridgette the Super Safety care package. There’s no one else in the house I’d like to have it. The last 2 care packages are gonna be tough to pick someone. UGH!!!!!!!!!

Victor’s ego is getting right up there with PP. Hope Bridgette gets HOH & will put up Vic & Paul & backdoor Paulie. Yeah……I know, I’m a dreamer……………


There’s no one else I like but Bridge too but her name is not really being throw around. Wondering if this week or maybe next we vote for someone just to put a target on their back so the house wants them out..


(prepared for thumbs down from the silicone society) Bridgette is the prettiest girl in the house. (and can cook and bake) I am not a fan of Sis-Boom-Bah and that damn pink tank she is awfully attached to


All of the girls are pretty.

On the outside, that is.


They’re all pretty something…

sunny dee

i’m thinking nicole, simply because team paulie has his eyes set on her. also james, but he’s already got that one, so can’t do much about that. that 2 vote thing was always going to be a complete waste maybe people should have given that to vic or corey, someone bland because the votes aren’t going to make a bit of difference in james’ hands, then people could have voted him co HOH or safety week, because taking him out of the target range will thwart PP plans.

anything to thwart the plans, so we see he doesn’t want Zak out, or doesn’t seem to want her out, no idea why not, but maybe she will grow a backbone and actually win HOH and actually put those guys up. highly doubtful because what’s left and who wins veto means potentially all it will be is vic or james on the block going home, no difference made. and she won’t do it anyway, nor will michelle, highly doubtful, and michelle there last night talking about blowing up this or that, for nicole for example, like really nicole isn’t doing anything that those people don’t already know about all she’s going to do is perpetuate some rumours. if she were to expose Paulie in some way, but heck, vic doesn’t believe anything wrong about Paulie, and even if he did believe paulie is targeting him, sees him as expendable, at best he’ll say,, well ok, bring it on, like it’s a challenge to beat him, not a good idea to get him out of the house. in which case maybe he’d volunteer and say yeah, put me up and put paulie up, that way i win the veto, take myself down, and up goes paul and all done.

anyone who sees paulie on the block and doesn’t vote him out over anyone else, well, they all deserve to lose at this point. michelle should be trying to work along with nicole, and james and natalie and bridgette in some way, but instead she thinks it a better idea to ‘blow up’ a game. no, telling them what they want to hear in order to show you want to work solely with paulie is better idea, telling them her targets are vic, natalie, even james, is a good idea but only if her target is paulie and paul and vic instead.

and just more fear from paulie about women. does he have such little confidence in himself that a bunch of non winning females worry him so much that he would rather only have guys he may not be able to beat in F4 and F5 in physical comps? wow. he needs to dump zak, for real, instead of always saying she can’t go can’t go etc. make no sense for anyone else to keep her, all she is is a vote for him if he’s on the block, that isn’t good for their game, only his. michelle is far more useable, if they had a half a clue.


I think she’d do it in a heartbeat….but nobody else is going along. Corey will keep Paulie, which means Nicole will too. James will keep Paulie, which means Nat will too. And of course Z isn’t voting against Paulie. Basically he’s untouchable until maybe final 4.

Bridgette lost all her allies and until somebody breaks free and offers her a better deal than Paulie, she really has no choice but to lay low. Folks act like HOH grants magical vote controlling powers….it doesn’t. Paulie can get nominated every week, backdoor or not, but the votes aren’t there.


I’m voting for Corey for safety CP. I want to keep Co-Hoh or Bribe for Bridgette that’s assuming she makes it through DE.

*At 6’5″ he’ll look hilarious in costume
*Nicole will go crazy why he got it instead of her
*He’s safe anyway, but this keeps Nicole open for nomination
* May get house thinking Nicole will get next CP and increase her target


The maturity level of these people was stunted in junior high….

John Coffey. Like the drink, only not spelled the same

I really like Zakiyah. Despite the nasty things she’s done, you can tell she’s a good person. She’s just really insecure and has probably been in a lot of abusive relationships. I think she’s very beautiful as well. And the best looking girls in the house. If she gets voted out, I hope she has the round trip ticket and comes back in and takes out Paulie and goes to final two.

Cool Hand Luke

You can tell that she is the abuser. Wouldn’t know what to do with a decent guy if she had one.


This is a weird comment. You don’t say why you think Zakiyah is a good person, what she has done to show that. All I see is a weak, codependent, mean-spirited woman who has questionable hygiene practices and objectifies herself at will. She has also done nothing to show she is intelligent, hard-working, or athletically-inclined in a way that might benefit her performance in this game. And no, she is not the most beautiful woman in the house – Natalie is.If Zakiyah had gotten on “Are You the One?” like she tried out for or even on the Bachelor, she would be just another ordinary pretty girl among a phalanx of contestants. Nat would be the one to stand out. So you may have a crush from afar, but your comment is baseless, and in the context of this recent post and how she is currently doing in the game, kind of out of left field.


I agree with your assessment of Z’s personality and highly dislike her as a person. But disagree with saying Nat is the prettiest. I mean that is so subjective. On outward appearance only I would say Z is much prettier and much more naturally pretty at that. Whereas, Natalie is soooo made up and insecure about her looks. I think she looks like an average highly made up girl and would not stand out in a crowd.


Which part of Z do you like best?
1) laughing at someone who is crying her eyes out?
2) throwing out someone’s cookies and talking shit about the people in the bottom?
3) dry humping a guy who keeps yelling at her?
4) not telling her no 1 ally that she is a target?
Which is the really sweet amazing part about her? Because I must have missed something.

You left out

5. THOT, calling a girl who clearly isn’t one “that ho over there”.


What’s not to like? wtf? Z has bod and a$$ , that’s what’s good. Who the hell what she has to think! Fools


Her ass is nothing special.

Uh Um

I beg to differ

An Apple a Day

I love it when Z talks “baby talk” to Paulie. Also she is an aMAZing fake cryer. Can you imagine her as a kindergarten teacher? I wonder if she makes nasty faces at the smartest and prettiest little girls? I bet she throws their little lunches in the garbage.


Omg – #3. Yassssssss. I mean – he has all but slapped her and she keeps throwing herself at him. So sad.


A wee bit too many pulls on the ole bong today? A good person?? You can not be watching the same show the rest of us are. But that is the beauty of this site (better then the freaking show!) everyone can have an opinion. I have been swayed or schooled a couple of times where I thought one way and someone else’s argument made me say “you know they are right” I will go out on a limb here and say I do not think 99% of the regular commenters think Max-Z is a good person, a good game player, or has any class. Some think she is pretty but I think she is only after hours of preparation.

John Coffey. Like the drink, only not spelled the same

Why would Da cry het eyes out for Z if she wasn’t a good person. Zakiyah is always there consoling Meech, Nicole, even Douchebag Paulie when they are in need. You just see the bad things. But I see a good hearted girl. And Natalie is ugly without makeup and looks like a Transgender. Plus have you heard her. She says back at home she’s a “bad bitch” calls Cory a “fuckboy” she is no sweetheart. She’s ugly and mean, just like Bridgette. Aka Pottymouth Dora the Explorer.


Speaking of looks, Paulie really needed that beard. Now he looks like any other 40 year old white guy with an Elvis fixation.

Ok now I get it

With your hurling of insults and general nastiness I’m not surprised at all that you feel a connection with Z.


Nat could go commit three felonies today and she would still be a better person than Z.


Saying a girl is ugly, looks transgender, and assaulting her character pretty much invalidates any thoughts you may have on what constitutes a good person.


I love the hypocrisy. I dislike Z and do somewhat like Nat but not a lot. But I agree that Nat is no angel and very fake and I also think that Nat is not very attractive without the very heavy makeup. I don’t think it’s right to hurl insults like that. But to say that invalidates a person’s comments and thoughts on what makes a person good is very hypocritical especially when everyone is saying the same thing about Z. The only reason you aren’t calling the people trashing Z bad people or talking down to them is because you agree with those comments. If she had called Z transgendered looking then you would have applauded her. Hypocritical you all are.

Monty Cobra

Applauds, hear hear! Bravo!


Calling someone ugly and referring to them as looking like a transgender as if that’s a bad thing is not being a good person. Shame on you John Coffey.

Go get my big wooden spoon.

Paulie's sideburns

i think bridge is the cutest in the house, she may not be drop dead gorgeous, but she is a good soul and that out trumps looks any day

Nat Nat

2nd prettiest maybe.


Oh my! These guys clearly believe they are perfect and entitled. They are just way too big for their britches.

Bob Cobb

Vic’s a d!ck.

Sgt. Hartman

These people are a bunch of rich spoiled pansies who still live at home with mommy and daddy. No wonder they don’t know how to play the game, that’s because they have never had to face real world issues. A bunch of sheltered little pukes. They are the lowest forms of life. They are not even human fucking beings!


That’s a little harsh:)


Dude, chill out. It’s just a reality show.


As Clint Eastwood says this is the Pussy Generation!

Uncle Teddy

The lowest forms of life!!! Haha man that’s hyperbole if I’ve ever seen it. Sad that, although not technically true, you’re not far off


It may be time to back away from the internet and watch some Olympics. Remember this is a game and as much as these people are annoying there’s no reason to have an aneurysm over any of them.


Vic can shove it. If it’s so easy, why did he get evicted so early?

An Apple a Day

Exactly. And why did both Paul and Vic buy lock stock and barrel all of the moronic “strategy” and “leadership” of that idiot, Joseah? Even Z saw through that and she thinks this is High School instead of a game.


believe me america meech is truly a one of a kind amazing girl!!! outside the house shes hilarious loving caring a great confidant and friend would never hurt a fly and always considerate of others.. this crazy house seems to make people act like aliens lol believe me she is not what america or cbs is trying to make her out to be.. win or lose we love you meech hang in there girl we cannot wait to see you!!!


I’m guessing you’re a friend of Michelle and trying to defend her which I completely understand. However, you can’t just say it’s all “production”. Production didn’t show Michelle trying to get Bridgette fired for a comment (that was obviously a joke), throwing out Bridgette’s cookies, and name calling.
Michelle is needlessly rude to a perfectly nice girl all for a boy who has a girlfriend outside of the house!
And don’t use the excuse that the house is making her act that way because I haven’t seen Nat and Bridgette act as catty as she does. Everyone has their moments, but she has gone above and beyond in being mean.
And according to her reddit she has a history of being nasty inside the house and out…


“She is not what CBS and America make her out to be”

By CBS and America, you mean the CAMERA?


You say this about Meech despite all the evidence to the contrary? If you are her support at home,, I despair of her ever getting the psychological help she needs once she is out. You can’t blame CBS for her actions. She needs to take personal responsibility. To love her unconditionally is wonderful… to turn a blind eye to her serious mental and eating disorders and blame CBS is very, very sad.


Paulie is one of the weirdest looking dudes I have seen, yet some how he is able to have Zakiyah wrapped around his finger. She has the nicest body I have ever seen, every time I see that booty poppin, my heart skips a beat. It baffels me how she is so enamored with him….


Girls like the alpha male. She sees him as the one with all the power and wants to come alone for the ride imo

I see dead people

Is Victor going for the Robert DeNiro in CAPE FEAR thing? He’s got the look, the laugh. Just not the brains. I re

I see dead people

I really think Victor is slightly retarded or something.

Cross eyed Paulie

As much as I hate Paulie, I have to say that Vic is the dumbest HG this season and deserve a second backdoor from Paulie. SMH at his stupidity.


These boys (and I do mean BOYS) are so superficial, especially when it comes to their appearance, as well as others’!

God help them if Paul ends up bald, Corey has some sort of accident that scars his face, and Vic ends up fat.

Cross eyed Paulie

‘Tis the season of douchebags.


I would tell zakiyah to get some self respect. There are tons of people who have had hard lives. She’s a teacher for goodness sake. She acts like she’s still in high school. What the hell was up with the maxi-pad change in front of HGs and the world watching? You don’t have to be a genius to know that what she did was highly inappropriate and unsanitary. I hope she goes soon. If for nothing else then to salvage some dignity. I wouldn’t eat a uncooked bloody chicken and I certainly would not want to ingest blood from someone’s menstrual cycle. Sick.


So nice to have a post without Nicole’s whinny voice and looking in the mirror on it, would love to know if she has ever had a boyfriend that wasn’t trapped in a house with her, and Z’s baby talk and walk, she is just nasty! Really hoping Bridgett, or Natalille,or even Vic if he can get out from underPP’s spell win it all!


Zakiyah walks like she has a stick up her butt


You used the right term “spell.” It’s amazing how he has them all glazed over.

Bryn Mawr Mama

God, I really dislike Nicole.

James and Nat fans are ruining BB

Who is voting James and Nat to the top of the polls? For fu$&s sake what makes them so great? Lame ass pranks and follow the leader garbage enough for James to be on top of all the polls? Enough for some, huh? He’s just a prankster with no gameplay skills, that got second chance to play same way he played last year. He gets in to showmance with women way out of his league and this is one of the reason he should win AFP right? Some short male watching BB ——->”Dat a boy James we other regular midgets, we have a chance with some hotties. What a inspiration!! Let’s reward him AFP.” He’s a wuss. Nat hitched her wagon to James and that makes her some great player, that just as fun and not annoying like James, who is annoying? What fan call themselves fans who vote theses for anything Voting these two the first care packages, voting them to the top of polls and voting them AFP. That are not fans of BB and the game. That’s are fans that BB should of never had and should leave the real BB fans to enjoy the show. Please go back to watching the Real World, Dancing With The Stars, or the Bacholerette and leave the real fan to watch the chess match that is BB not the popularity contest of other reality shows. Please James and Nat fans leave this show. This show not for you


Holy crap you’re taking this way too seriously. People liking houseguests on BB that you don’t shouldn’t drive a person into a rage.

James and Nat fans are ruining BB

I like game players and I hate most of the house. I’m not rooting for anyone in the game but Bridget and the game it’s self. Seeing as I hardly have anyone to root for id like like see some game play and root for that, if that’s what I’m left with. Not a boring wuss that that clings to women in the house that would never give him attention outside the house. James going after vulnerable women that are out of his league in the house looks pathetic. It’s not even a showmance. It’s one sided. Remember James got pissed at Da cause she wouldn’t recognize James pretend relationship as a real showmance. How is that and him constantly pranking other houseguest worthy of anything? BB should do away with AFP if that means players like James and Nat are rewarded with non gameplay and good players like Frank are sent home and not rewarded anything.


Who you’re rooting for isn’t the issue. It’s your fury at people who are rooting for others. Saying that they aren’t real fans and have business watching the show is ridiculous.

James and Nat fans are ruining BB

I stand by my opinion and it is not ridiculous. Because you have a player like James that doesn’t have to try hard. He’s pandering to these fake fans who rate him so high when he doesn’t deserve it. All has to do is pull pranks and bam that fan base rewards him for that. Those fans need to stop watching BB. This season these kinds of fans have cause houseguest like him to turn the like into garbage cause he’s trying to win AFP and not the game. He’s using the same formula that helped him win last season. So he’s catering to a demographic of non fans. They are not real fans and I stick by that too. These fans wants someone to win because they popular and not cause of gameplay. If that’s your reason then I consider you a non fan


I’ll get over it.


If Frank got sent home pre-jury then clearly he wasn’t that great of a player.

James and Nat fans are ruining BB

He was better player then James and that’s my point. Frank actually played the game and won stuff. That’s more then I can say about James. James was given a HOH. James didn’t win it. That’s what I mean by Frank is more deserving then James. Is that so hard to comprehend?


The Bridgette love fest is getting old. And how exactly is she a great player? What has she done except have a close ally evicted during her HoH?

James and Nat fans are ruining BB

Bridget won a HOH but people have short memories. She almost won another HOH, a endurance HOH until she gave it to Frank. She’s a game player unlike James and one of the nicest houseguest on BB. People love her cause unlike the rest of the house there is no one really great to root for. There is Paulie and his followers and James and his dumba$& pranks and his sidekick. Plus she was in a friendmance with a popular houseguest. What’s not to love. Maybe they see her as a extension of Frank and they are emotionally connected to her for that reason. Get off your high horse. Ugh


You convinced me to vote for James and Nat for AFP!


Oh this is rich. The guy laying down rules about which players you have to root for in order to be a “real fan” is telling someone to get off their high horse. Lol I’m done with this.

Brick Tamland

LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!!!!


I’m wondering when we’ll get the slip-n-slide and comic book comps. Those are usually done by now.


Vic and Corey are so much dumber than I would have thought. And why doesn’t anyone mention how Corey is a bigger floater than Meech. She did win a POV. He is no better than Z, Nic and Nat.


Corey also won a POV…


Paulie implied he handed it to him.


Cory is a much better floater then MEECH. He is nice to people and he doesn’t make anyone uncomfortable. He doesn’t get caught repeating what others have told him in confidence like so many big mouths in the house.

Meech is a whiney, two faced, mean and catty little “super fan” who should know better. And the camera doesn’t lie. When Cory got put on the block, he laughed and took it in stride. She’s still having a melt down. She’s a sorry excuse for a super fan, and she needs to take her saucer of milk to the Jury House and put everyone out of their misery.


Remember when BB had interesting dynamics and power shifts. A lot of these stupid twists as of late seasons allow for one group to consolidate power and use it to steam roll the through the house with barely any opposition. MVP, Battle of the Block, Team twist, they don’t enhance the game at ALL but take away and stunt the gameplay for the rest of the season.


Yeah the twists killed this season from a game point of veiw.
IMO The roadkill was rigged so production could have the last say over evictions. we never saw timers or anything.
The teams big brother put them in at the start killed peoples games before they even started.
How can they make true alliances and evict who they want when they are put in a team of people they dont know or get along with?


there needs to be a season of big brother that has every houseguest that won. it would be the best season ever. you would have chill town evel dick Dan Rachael. and for shits and giggles have Julie Chen in there as a houseguest and just have someone like Jeff host that season


Evel Dick is HIV+ and will never be back in the house.


Why does that mean he won’t come back? He didn’t get kicked off bb13, he chose to leave in order to start treatment. And he would come back. A couple days ago, he posted his ideal all stars 2 cast list on twitter, and he was on it.


You can’t have an STD and be on the show. It’s a fact.


No, that is not a fact


Actually it is a fact. The house guests were even discussing it a couple of weeks ago.


I dont know about that some of the cast has herpies so maybe the rules arent very tough.

Chowder Head

Evel Dick has HIV , Im pretty sure he wont be coming back in the house. I do like the idea of all the winners against newbies though.


Julie could replace Eddie from Season 1 since that season is considered non-existent. AG could replace HIV+ ED, and she could be evicted quicker than Jodi in a Day 1 challenge.


I was really hoping that Glenn could have stayed and seriously played the game with a healthy dose of maturity and wisdom. Let the old guy show these juveniles that it takes more than good looks and arrogance to win the game.


Yes, the very wise Trump supporter…


say simon so this week is double evection do bridget got to survie to get the supersafe


Dawg, I think Bridgette will win the next America’s Care Package and if she is evicted during the Double eviction my guess is Nicole willl come in second and thus be given the Super Safety. The tough one to predict is the next Care Package for co-HOH as I have no clue who would be the next most popular HG. It’s pretty obvious that America voted for the most popular player starting with the first package as it mimics the votes here of who are the most popular houseguests and in the past the polls here routinely match the CBS voting outcome…

Just like the polls here last season when James was viewed as the most popular is matched the official CBS Fan Favorite as the end of the season.

TX rar

Woof Woof!


1. They are mortal and will eventually die.

Misty Beethoven

I had a dream last night about BB, which shows me I’m watching too much AD.
In it, there were basically no rules: no HOH, no POV, just random groups of people who would get called to the DR. Those not called had to compete to stay in the house, and the first person to fail the comp was booted from the house. There would be the occasional comp where everyone competed in the activity, and whoever won got a special prize, like a letter from home or 2 nights in the HOH roo. But it prevented alliances from running the house.
One can dream…

String Cheese Theory

You would think this was a gender studies or feminism course at UC Berkeley with all the man hate up in here.

Powder Puff Girl

list me 10 redeeming qualities Paulie and Paul have?


Challenge accepted! He’s reasonably athletic, in fair shape, has 10 fingers and toes, both eyes, he was never convicted of terrorism, he wasn’t Hitler, he hasn’t murdered his mother…crap…umm…he’s able to grow hair…he hasn’t reproduced…showers pretty regularly.

See it’s not impossible…although I haven’t paid strict attention to his feet and I don’t actually remember anything about the mom…is she still alive?!


Paulies got a sweet tappable ass…..that is all.

Keeping it Real


That is all

Corned beef hash

Ha! Name even one or two qualities that losers have going for them!


Paulie started off gentlemanly when he took Frank aside to correct him. Soon enough, though, he’s been going downhill for instance, his decision for choosing who goes is based on how emotional a girl is. “She’s a loose cannon.” If he can’t handle girls’ emotions (and we all have them), he won’t last in a marriage. Maybe he is secretly gay as the other 3 are (except James). I don’t get why he wouldn’t want a strong guy “beast” out first and leave the weak girls for later. Geesh! Weird strategy. My husband said maybe cause once the girls are out they can all come out and sleep with each other.


They seem to respect and love their familys thats a good thing in my book.


you’re obese aren’t you?


Redeeming quality: I watched a clip with Paulie telling the girls about men adjusting themselves and what men need for “support” right when I needed to buy my son new underwear. I actually wanted Paulie’s recommended brand. Googled photos (lol) to try to figure out what he thinks is best. His convo sent me on a hunt for the perfect undie. I picked UFM although I have no proof Paulie has tried them. Ha ha. Otherwise I might have shopped at Walmart.


It’s not man hate it’s d-bag hate. Plenty of men have been popular on BB.


Why not give the the super safe to Corey. He’s not going anywhere. He can’t get another one. Bridgette will be safe for the week.


Corey puts out milk for Michelle because she’s catty.

Corned beef hash

Does Michelle know who’s putting out the milk for her? Either way it’s the most interesting move Corey has made since he’s been in the house.


Most of the comps seem to be physical and benefit the guys. In past seasons, more comps were chance or mental, where anyone could win. Only a few people dominating comps is boring.


I love the PP meetings when Paul does all he can to throw James under the bus, for example the entire house hates him for messing up the kitchen, then Paulie and Corey said no they don’t, it’s just Meech that was mad. Then Paul again tries to throw James under the bus saying he never wants to win comps and Paulie says, no he does but later when he has to. Every PP session starts out the same, Paul throwing James under the bus, Paulie defending him slightly then Paulie telling James and Corey why it’s better for their games to get rid of Meech and keep the 3 couples. Like I said earlier its so obvious that Paulie knows keeping Corey and James gives him a 3-2 adv for final 5 and Paul knows bringing a girl like Meech would give him 3-2 adv. It’s kinda comical now every PP meeting starts out the same with Paul throwing James under the Bus. Just hope James and Corey stick with getting Meech out this week or she will turn and with Paul/Vic to try to get James out and sway the numbers their way.

Paul is also like that dirty uncle who is constantly staring at Nataie when she showers or lays out in the sun and knows if he can get James out of the scene he can try to move in… Would not doubt if Paul is a stalker in real life….


Looks like the head to head between PP is continuing to build. If Paul gives in to Paulie now and lets him save Z this week, it would be a major victory and a giant step closer to the $500K for Paulie. Don’t give in Paul! At least force it to the point that Paulie’s strategy is undeniably exposed, or he backs down.

sunny j

It amazes me how all of u so call good people talk about Z and what she is doing with Pauline but Nicole is an angel. even when she her self said she was playing dirty this year. She cuddles with C every night and no one says anything. Why is she not called out for sleeping with C and”cuddling” every night. U don’t know what Z is doing with Pauline u are assuming and posting it. Judge much.

TX rar

I would say it is bc;
1) Nicole/Corey are under the covers but Z/Paulie have been out in open to the other HG & Cameras
2) Z has been a hateful mean girl while Nicole is WHINEY but not as mean
3) Paulie is rude to Z and 2 min later she is there hanging onto him.
4) the public maxi pad change really grossed people out


What has Corey done again? Nothing…nothing at all. Gonna be a good day when Nicole is struggling to survive in the game. She and Corey both have played a lazy game. Must be nice to have everything in life come so easily to you.


So Paulie is set on keeping his goat and everyone is fine with it except maybe Victor and Paul…

Do they drive a spike into these idiot heads before they start recording? Paulie is winning comps, has everyone on his side, and is insistent they keep his goat around because she’s trained and apparently no one is serious about taking on Paulie so they vote out their own allies?!


What day are actual nominations made? Will super safety be given prior to nominations? If so, that still leaves Bridge in an awkward spot if Corey wins it. Hopefully, Paulie, as new HOH ( would anyone be surprised?) will not target her but hate to see her go before Meech and Nicole. It is getting very difficult to decide who to give cp to. If only James would make a worthwhile move or for that matter any kind of move. I think the only moving he has done in the house is to empty his bowels.


Thanks for response and big big thank you for all that you and Simon do.

Corned beef hash

Lol Meech “word vomits”…that’s not all she vomits!


She has some major eating problems thats for sure. Im surprised BB hasnt called her out on it because the public is going crazy over it and I think she will not be able to cope with the abuse when she gets out.
She is sick and BB is letting her destroy herself.
Give her a DR wake up call about the binge eating then throwing up.

Go Home

Nicole is ruining her relationship with Corey. She’s in such a good spot and is being a bitch with him. He treats her well and she’s always putting him down. Nicole treats all the guys nice in the house except him. I think he’s over her and is moving on to Bridgit whose nice and cooks for him and Nicole never does lol He snitched on her to Paulie. She’s self sabotaging her game. Another Argument happened last night she deliberately rubbed it in his face that Cody saved her during her season and can win comps. She tries to emasculate him with he can’t win anything physically or mentally. They’ve been joking around and throwing low blows at each other. She deserves to go home with the way she uses him.


I am not going to waste my breath discussing cry baby Nicole, and goat abuser Corey! That said, viewers we have to vote on 3 more care packages, which is SO hard due to this specific cast. – PLEASE do not let Paulie, Corey, Nicole, or Z get a package. We need to give them a jolt and not make Paulie’s ride to the end easy. So thinking, ACP3 Super Safety: Victor/Paul- may need it for DBL eviction based on what happens this week (I know I will get ‘yelled’ at for this, but Paulie is already spinning his web and would like to throw him a curve).
ACP4 Co-HOH: Bridgette- after DE
ACP5 BB Bribe : Paul/Victor
Not sure which spot would be best for Bridge, Paul, or Victor. But, I do know those are the only 3 I would like to see get any form of attention from we the viewers.

* you can vote 20 times a day
** player can only win ONE ACP so choose strategically

TX rar

I was kinda shocked at how Nicole was talking to Corey and running him down on BBAD with some emasculating comments when he actually had been complementing her. I thought at the time she needs to learn not to do that or no man will want to hang around that.

Cross eyed Paulie

What happened to expect the unexpected??? The expected is happening. BB please intervene.


Females do not hate other females because they’re pretty. They hate them because they’re conceited.


I want Z to go because I am sick and tired of Paulie saying terrible things about her like; he has her trained. I know she has played a bad game but he talks about her like she’s not shit. I feel enough is enough evict her. When she looks at this game she is going to be davastated.


No idea if its true but I read Z’s mom has been put on suicide watch because of what Z’s been doing.


Needs a rule of some sort that will prevent others from dictating another’s HOH so much. I have no clue what that rule could be. Didn’t there used to be a rule they couldn’t tell anyone who they’re putting up before they do it? Or that you weren’t supposed to reveal who you’re voting for before you do? I dislike people feeling if they don’t vote with the house they will be found out and punished. No one should bully someone (like last year) to find out who they voted for or to punish them. It should have a cone of silence over it–people’s right to vote in confidence.


I have watched BB since season 1 and cannot recall if they had restrictions on votes — anything is possible though as I am currently suffering from sometimers due to advancing age. I do know that BBAU had those rules — you could not discuss who you nominated — and all hgs had the opportunity to nominate. BBAU also kept the hgs busy all the time — food comps, charitable activities, earning money to grocery shop. They also fined anyone who used swear words.


I would like to have a no nonsense season of BB. No twists, No turns, Real Slop, maybe a Luxury Competition and a Pandora’s Box

Only can wish

I know this is a reality show, but no one was bothered by Vic and Corey stories about big girls? Nicole better watch her weight.
This has turned into Brawn vs. Beauty BB season. Look at Victor, Paulie, Corey, Paul, James, Frank, and even Jozea physically, they wins hands down. I don’t agree with it, but I see why some of the girls coupled up with the guys. If they can’t beat them, join them. That’s the female mentality in this house now. Where they went wrong was when they had the so called girl alliance, each one pick a guy to spy on and get info. The guys got the best of most of them mentally. These were weak-minded people this season.

TX rar

The show today started with clips on how badly Paulie talks to Z. That’s the second show in a row! I thought CBS might keep giving him a golden edit. Nice to see that didnt happen.


The girls have no one to blame but themselves. So many things they could have done but didn’t. I won’t root for someone based on gender. I’ll like who I’ll like and root for who I want to.


This has got to be the worst BB season ever. How is it that the HOH every week is Paulie when he wins and when he doesn’t win the HOH. So does the other house guest just want to win the HOH competition just to get a letter from there family and sleep in the HOH room and get their favorite treats. This is ridiculous!!!


Vic be looking like a dunce with that hat on. Can’t wait for him to go to jury on the DE and Mama Day say ” I told you so”


Vic’s nomination speech towards Z and Michelle was rude. Sliding the necklace beads to them. Plus his comment to Z about spending more time with Paulie and not spending no time with him. Vic is an ass

Keeping it Real

Good if you for sticking up for your friend ( or is it family).

I don’t think anyone would disagree that the BB experience can bring out the worst in US all. What I don’t understand, though, is why these hgs aren’t on their best behavior. If I was on national television for all the world to see, I’d put my best foot forward. If some of these hg sare putting their best into their behavior for the sake of tv and we are still left with alarming, repulsive, offensive behavior, one could only conclude that a majority of the houseguests are just too self absorbed for common decency.

On another note, since you know Meech so well and all, we are all dying to know… is that really the way she cries? Please tell me those toddler tears are an act and part of her gameplay.I just can’t imagine anyone making it through life this long without some sort of transparent conversation about how she’s providing her own ammunition for the firing squad.