“He’s the cutest thing to walk this planet.. I’m getting more and more into him every day”

POV Holder: Paulie POV Competition Aug 6th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 8th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nominations: Michelle AND Zakiyah
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Bridgette, James, Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 21-09-07-272

9:07pm Zakiyah and Nicole
Zakiyah – what’s going on..
Nicole – I Dunno what’s going on
Zakiyah – I feel ok
Zakiyah says She hopes she has Nicole, COrey, JAmes and Paul
Nicole mentions Paulie also
Nicole agrees says she can count on those votes, “Don’t tell Meech that, it’ll hurt her feelings’
Zakiyah says PAulie might not use the veto because he doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers and they votes they have are locked to keep Zakiyah.
Zakiyah – I hope people don’t treat me like I have the plague
Nicole – Corey wouldn’t want to ruffle any feathers and I would completely understand..
Zakiyah – I really want to win next win…
Zakiyah says she will nominated Victor.
Nicole is happy with that says she’ll throw the HOH to Zakiyah so she can get rid of Victor.
Zakiyah – Victor will be going up without a doubt

Zakiyah is worried about MEECH because she beats herself up so much.
Nicole – If I had the choice I would keep both of you
Zakiyah says She doesn’t tell Michelle any information.
Nicole says when Michelle is upset she spews information and puts targets on her back.
Zakiyah – I never took her serious.. When she said things to me I didn’t feel the needs to go tell them this..
Zakiyah – she’s a sweet person outside.. She’s not made for our game.. We’re the last of the fatals.. The last of the mohicans..

Nicole about Corey “He’s the cutest thing to walk this planet.. I’m getting more and more into him every day… I miss him it’s sad.. “
Nicole – I’m very into him..
Zakiyah – I think I like Paulie more than he likes me
Nicole – no
Zakiyah – I do ..
Nicole – he doesn’t want to get distracted..
Zakiyah – he’s a focused man

Zakiyah doesn’t think Paulie is using her for strategy she thinks he really likes her enough to want to spend time with her. Nicole agrees.
Nicole goes on about being annoyed about Natalie always bringing up Corey’s ex girlfriend.
Nicole is pissed about Natalie.. “Called him sexy daily…. “
Zakiyah pissed too “She talks to Paulie all the time”

Nicole – I know he doesn’t like her.. But she likes to rub thins in my faaaaacccccceeeeee … why do you even saayaaaayyyyyyyy thatttttttt

Nicole thinks theres some bad intentions from Natalie. Nicole says her her behaviour is malicious
Nicole goes on and on about Natalie and Corey says natalie wanted Corey bad for the first 25 days in the house. (LOL no, last time I checked Natalie didn’t have a bulge)
Nicole gives Zakiyah advice in what to say when Paulie doesn’t use the veto

Zakiyah – I’ll wear pink tomorrow..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 21-35-47-271
9:34pm Bridgette’s Basil plant

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 21-42-01-241

9:40pm Storage room Nicole and Paul
Nicole starts telling him about the talk with Zakiyah says she thinks Paulie isn’t using the veto.. Zakiyah walks in.. they change the topic..

After Zakiyah leaves..

Nicole continues about Zakiyah being OK with Paulie not using the veto. Zakiyah says Paul, Paulie, Corey, Nicole have her vote and she says she loves Paulie and thinks he’s a sweetheart.
Nicole – she said she’s 100%.. Vic’s gotta go
Nicole – I’m 100% fine with voting Zakiyah out..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 21-55-14-473

9:58pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole going on about Natalie trying to hurt her by flirting with Corey.
Nicole – her intent is malicious..

Nicole takes a drink of water it’s got salt in it.. Nicole to James “You TURD”

Nicole whispers to Corey that James told her he doesn’t care who goes. Corey doesn’t think that’s true.
Nicole – he said he would flip a coin..
Nicole says she hopes he picks her to have her vote nulled, “Those girls are my friends”

Nicole asks if Michelle has talked to Corey
Corey says he hasn’t she’s been in bed all day. Nicole agree they comment on how Michelle spends more time in bed than anyone in the house.
Nicole says she saw Michelle and Bridgette talking, Nicole “She’s got to go she’s s flip flopper, and Paul says he doesn’t care.. so if he doesn’t care it shouldn’t matter”

Nicole asks who JAmes is Die hard with
Corey thinks it’s them and Paulie

Nicole says Zakiyah needs to stay, Corey agrees.
Corey – No one is going to listen to Paul I promise..
Nicole says they need to talk to Pauli make sure he doesn’t use the veto. Corey says he won’t.

Nicole says she will put up Victor and Paul to ensure Victor goes home.

Nicole says she wants to get a care package, “I want to get my hands dirty and then get myself out of it”
Corey – I do to
Nicole says after Z stays they need to tell her that Paul was really pushing to get her out.
Corey – I’m going to tell Bridgette that Paul wants to get her out next
Nicole – ya

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 22-01-04-806

10:01pm Natalie and James

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 22-43-37-495

10:38pm Hot tubing

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 22-57-52-207

10:57pm Hammock Nicole and Corey
Nicole says she knows Paulie is running the house.
Nicole says James will win unanimously, “I want to sit beside him because we’re both vets”
Corey doesn’t think a it would be says Victor and PAulie might not vote for James.
Nicole would like to be in the final 2 with Corey. she would “Roast” Corey in the speech
Corey – Oh my gosh

Corey says their next targets are Bridgette and Victor and one of those can’t play HOH.
Nicole says this is the funniest season ever..

11:25pm Chatting about dogs ..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-07 23-39-22-445
11:45pm Victor, Nicole, Corey and Bridgette
Victor is trying to talk them into having a burping contest.
Nicole is complaining about lifting weights.
feeds switch the backyard where in the hot tub Paul, Zakiyah, Natalie and Michelle are talkign about degrassi.

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If Paulie is smart he’d use the Veto on Z and he’d have her for the rest of the game. He’d essentially have a guaranteed second vote to do whatever he wanted. She’d be like a Jordan ( sorry Jordan), except she wouldn’t win.

Also can they please have a season with pure Competition beasts/Best of the best players/strategists with no floaters allowed.

Ian's Lament

He doesn’t need to use veto to keep her . That’s the whole point. He is trying to keep Z and not piss off Paul in the process. It’s absolutely brilliant if it works. These people suck but Paulie is playing an amazing game if his plan works.


the dating game continues….

Canadian Kev

I don’t think it’s about dating for Paulie. It’s strategic. Paul is loyal to him (Paulie) because he’s had his back. Paulie said bring Bridgette in after they save her, because she has no one – and she’s loyal.

If they keep Z, the only one (both stated on the feeds and the show in the DR) that she trusts is Paulie.
I’m not sure he’s that into her; i doubt they’ll date outside the game. He’s said she’s too immature and jealous for his tastes. But if she is loyal to him, it’s a number for him, and moves him forward in the game.

PP are playing a good game. And Paul isn’t dumb. But Paulie is running the entire house. Nat Nat is waking up to it. But will James listen?


ughh why can’t michelle just win bb already i felt so bad for her on todays ep. Let’s hope she can stay and win the next hoh

I don't care

Yeah Victor was an ass but it doesn’t bother me. It would be karma at work if everyone shunned her.


if Nicole wins hoh in put up victor in pual in then she wins pov in keep the noms the same I will vote fore her America packages 4 this will help bridget big time


Bridgette is already becoming another P&P puppet. I’m over her.

Canadian Kev

Want to talk about the dating game? Nicole – Hayden and now Corey.

And she isn’t playing to win. She’s playing for Corey. It’s kind of gross to watch.

Honestly, the only “couple” i like are James and Nat. I dunno if there will be anything after the show, but for his sake i hope so.
Nat is likeable. And even in the BB house, is a good person (insofar as what we’ve seen anyway)

Oh Nicole...

So clueless. How great would this have been during the HoH comp?



Just boggles the mind why so many players like Nicole are so catty that she would go after Natalie who despises Corie and obviously likes James when Natalie is a guaranteed vote for their alliance. Probably the number 1 reason why so few Girls win BB as they just go on their emotions and in this case Nicole will look like a fool when she watches the season.


I thought I read somewhere that Nicole said that she didn’t watch (or watched very little of) the last season she was on and that she probably won’t watch this season either.


Nicole is truly being so petty and pathetic. I find her very hard to stomach this season. SO JEALOUS. The way she whines about not winning the care packages. She is just freaky jealous of Natalie….and Nat could truly care less about her or Corey.

Tears on my pillow

Why does it bother me so much to see people eating a banana while pawing the fruit? It’s got a built in holder for crying out loud…use it!! That house has got to be a germ fest so your hands aren’t that clean!!


Oh my God! Natalie TALKS to Paulie?! Your PROPERTY?? In a social game?????? Are you KIDDING me???????????????? Zakiyah, you have every right to now be a nasty bitch to her and bully her. I mean, she’s TALKING to YOUR MAN! *sighs* I know high schoolers more mature than her.


I would like to see a couple of seasons with one gender. An all girls season and an all guys season. No showmances at all, well maybe there would be showmances anyway but they would be probably more volatile. A season with all old people would be good too. Old people never make it to the end with these young people. It would be interesting to see how different they would act or if it would be the same drama as the young people.

Canadian Kev

Or a season with a minimum age of 35


Nicole gives Max-Z advice on what to say to Paulie about using the VETO on her and her reply is “I will wear pink tomorrow” HAHAHAH! Make it a romper Max-Z you know it drives him wild! Is there a term for below clueless? I thought she had a moment of clarity in the DR on last night’s show but as soon as she talked to him she was all “I want to believe him and I will give him a little bit of trust” “He don’t want to use the VETO and ruffle any feathers” Who’s feathers would he be worried about? He is the head cock running the roost!


Nicole calling someone a Flip Flopper is hilarious bc she’s the biggest one in the house.

Mrs. Mac

No, Nicole. Nobody wants Corey but you and Victor. If Natalie wanted him, she would have him already. Please don’t let Nicole get a care package.

Enough already Nicole

If a man had the option of you or Natalie, he’d pick Natalie. She doesn’t want your gay goat boy.

Bolt Uprite

In Nicole’s Perfect World she would win the 500k, she and Corey would get married, have sex 4 times, have 4 kids, live happily ever after .


I am really sick and tied of hearing Nicole say “I don’t know whats going on” I want to smack those glasses off her face every time she says it. Do people not pick up on this, how she “doesn’t know” when its your ass going up or home. HELLOOOOOOOO MC FLY!!!


Victor is the worst stereotype of an American born Puerto Rican: loud, chauvinist, bragger, gullible and full of machismo. Don’t get me wrong: Puerto Ricans are amazing and very kind people. I’ve met some really brilliant Puerto Ricans in NYC. But the ones that emanate that sort of old mentality values are a bore and a waste of space on Earth. If I ever dug through Victor’s closet I bet I’d find cigars, porn that degrades women, tubes and tubes of Axe deodorant, cases of of Mountain Dew, Cheetos, and – what I fear the most – a fedora. His nomination ceremony was cruel, awkward and showed all he lacks in finesse and smarts. As cruel as Michelle can be, no one smart enough would ever lower himself to that degree so I truly hope no one here thinks his thing was amazing and justifiable due to Meech’s behavior. All he said during his speech plus his DR bits just went on to show what a dumbo he’s destined to be for life. Cringe worthy! Da gave him the best intel he could ever get and he fed it to Paul right away. A good bitch always knows how to please its master, right?! The bit he went on to “complain” that Z just gave her affection to Paullie was an eye rolling bitch please moment. I was wondering if he was gonna add: yo woman who wears very short shorts should know your job is to keep all the broncos in this house sexually satisfied. Yeah, nothing changes my impression that he is that type of guy that separates women in two categories – marriage material and fool around material – and also thinks that women that wear short skirts are looking for sex. For the life of me I cannot believe that he didn’t try to evict the person who betrayed him the most: Paullie.

As for Paulie, I wish I had the patience to outline everything he’s done wrong that will hurt him outside the house, but since people seem to not care much for former BB contestants, just let it be. If he controls all the morons it is certainly because they are just that: morons. The people in that house suffers from chronic verbal diarrhea. Z asking Paulie if he wanted her out was surreal. So stupid.

Now, you people know BB a lot more than I do, so can you please – if you have time and patience – tell me if there was ever a more stupid BB player than Victor in BB’s history? He’s taking the cake in my opinion… Not even Victoria was that dumb!

Janelle fan

I agree with everything you said- especially the stuff about Victor. His speech was disgusting. I don’t think the players are allowed to disrupt the nomination speech unless it’s a producer driven/America’s vote type of thing, but I would’ve cut him off or stood up and laughed in his face. I mean, at that point, what do you have to lose? I wouldn’t have given him the satisfaction of being distraught.

So this season, it’s ok for guys to slap girls on the ass and taunt them like they’re strippers? Ok, CBS.


and don’t forget the many times Paul said he would like to punch a girl in the face! These people are pathetic, the men are scum and misogynistic and the women are desperate love sick puppets. BB should give America a vote to remove one current houseguest and put our choice back in the house.


Love it. Not gonna happen. But love it

Michelle's eyebrows

Can Bridgette’s basil plant be one of the options for fav houseguest atm because they all suck and they all have no gameplay whatsoever.


Vote for Glenn for America’s Favorite!

Cheddar BoB

Okay that’s it. I have changed my mind. I hope Corey and Nicole start to do what they say they want to do. I think they should start to take people out by putting words in peoples ears. Between the two of them they know a ton of shit in the house about a lot of them. If they could do some damage I could actually start to have some respect for them in there. I wanted Michelle to stay but all the carrying on and on….Nahh she can go sit with Da and be bored.
Did I read right? Zak and Paulie did the deed? How did I miss this. If that’s the case then all her actions are making a lot of sense. Stupid idiot Paulie. I would love to see the two turds on the block together. “Im not going to campaign against you bro, me either bro” 2 .3 seconds later. They are throwing each other under the stream roller. I would love to see that.


This season started out great but it’s so boring now. It looks like the boys club is going to dominate until the end. Let’s push out a few double evictions and get the show on the road.

Ya girl knows

Honestly, nat nat for the win! Ugh Nicole needs to stop… Nobody wants her man #girlbye


Ratcole is certainly making Christine Brecht and Andy Herren proud…welcome to the land of snitches, you $@&%ing rat!!!!!


Nicole is an idiot!! She doesn’t want a Care Package so she can get her hands dirty and then get out of it. She wants one to affirm her ego, that she is popular with the public. By the way, Nicole couldn’t get out of a wet paper sack that was falling apart.
Nicole and Z are so nauseating where Paulie and Corey are concerned. They think they own these fellows and no on else is allowed to look at or touch them. Pathetic!! These fellows better go into protective custody!

Girlie girl

This season sucks everyone says they want to make a big move and then don’t do it, they go after the weak players, like Victor should have put up Paul and Paulie and when Paulie won veto and took himself down put a weak girl up beside Paul and send his but packing. Some of these floaters have to go too like Cory and Natalie, and Michelle who just sleeps and eats and complains cause she has put on a few pounds yeah like what did you think was going to happen girl?


I know pretty much everyone hates Z on here, but I hope she stays bc she is more ballsy than the other girls and I think she could do some damage to the guys alliance if she won HOH


If you mean she fondles more balls then anyone else I would say Nicole are her are neck and neck. I think she may have the edge as Corey likes to be fondled behind the balls. it’s a toss up!

Girlie girl

Give this safety care package to Cory cause the outfit probably won’t fit him right and he’ll look like a dork!

Nat is desperate

Obviously you must have missed the episodes where Nat was obsessively fawning over Corey, telling the Diary Room how sexy he is, and trying to rub his leg. She also told Corey that she wasn’t into James romantically. It wasn’t until Corey let her know that she haf no shot that Natalie started sleeping by James, but she still won’t even kiss the guy. It is nothing more than strategy on her part, but she is too fake to admit it is a game move.


I think James is using Nat more than Nat is using James. Let’s not forget all the times he’s gone back telling Paulie what Nat has said. Nat may not have been any better at the beginning than Nicole or Z but she knows what’s up now (except for James throwing her under the bus). She’s been close to winning HOH maybe next time is the charm.


Well let’s NOT forget that it was Nicole who pushed Natalie to have a showmance with Corey the first week. Nicole stated that last week. Instead she cuddled with Victor. So if she had any kinda flirtings with Corey it was Nicole’s own fault


So Nicole says to Corey she would love to be sitting next to James another Vet F2, and then the very next sentence she would ideally like to be sitting next to Corey F2. Can this girl be any more of a f*cktard ??!! Meanwhile Corey is daydreaming about the colour of Paulie’s underwear !!!! –
James please void Corey and Paulie’s votes this Week. Stick them in the underwear drawer !!!!

Marvin Gaye

It’s a shame that Ratcole runs back and tell the boys every conversation she has with Z n Michelle…. Like thr stuff she is telling them is not even worth it…. Just makes her seem like a Big Rat….. Da earned Z n Michelle about Ratcole and Da warned Vic about the House but Noooooooo these fools don’t listen…,

A Girl Has No Name

Use the veto, put Nicole up and send her packing. Stomp Visious Vic out in the double. Nothing to see here folks…move on.


Nicolimia: A disorder where one has the sudden urge to vomit whenever Nicole starts to speak.


“Noooooooooooooooooooooooo, why are you being so meannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn? what did I ever do to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu? Why don’t you like meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
I am with you, this girl makes me reach for the FF button as soon as I see her and crazy eyes start to talk. I thought she was cute on her season maybe I didn’t notice the whining or maybe it has gotten worse. I am not sure but damn she is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo anoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyying! Her and Hayden were cute I thought ah young love. Now she just seems so needy and man hungry. Are there no guys in her town or has she just annoyed them all in her town and the surrounding counties?

Fuzzy Num Num

It’s too late Not-Cody already got you. Dumbassery, pure de Dumbassery.

Johnny bananas

Has there ever been more showmances in a season? Are any of these couples hooking up? What is the deal with Nicole’s strange nose-her nostrils are like c closed together

I can't take it anymore

I watched Victor’s nomination speech last night. He was speaking to the right people, because if he had complained about me not giving him attention and then slid beads across the table in front of me, I would have self-evicted by beating the crap out of him. It’d probably make him more retarded and clueless than he already is.

Janelle fan

Hahaha!! That would’ve been hilarious! I agree. I wouldn’t say there dumbfounded.


Nicole is gonna have a nervous breakdown when she realizes not only how poorly she’s been received this season, but how Corey is a tremendous tool and not this “amazing” stand up guy that she imagined. Even Andy is fed up with her crap.


James wake your ass up to Paulie’s game, shut his vote down and take Z out…. James too damn goofy, it’s time to get serious.

Nicole's Mom

Guys were soooooooo sorry our Nicole is acting like such a floozy and not playing the game. Instead she went on the show to hook up with yet another boy of questionable morals and character. This is not how we raised her. She’s bringing great shame to our family and our town. We thought she was a good girl but this whorish behavior has us very upset.


Oh NoNostrilsNicole. What will you do when you find out “your boy” Corey is gay?!?!?!?