James “I’m a grown a$$ man & I can do whatever I want to! I’m the king of the castle!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 11-41-04-406
11:30am In the havenot room – Jason and Austin are talking. Austin asks are you ready for this veto? Jason says you know me I’m ready for anything. They wonder if it’ll be the spelling one? Jason says yeah watch John spell orthodontist. I kind of think it won’t be though.. they’ve been doing that one for many a year. Jason asks why was Jace so weird last night. Austin says he’s just paranoid. Jason says tell him to not act so crazy. Austin says he has such a high personality that when he has a low.. Jason says its so obvious. Austin says its not good for him, its not good for anybody. Liz joins them and Jason leaves. Austin talks about Jace being all over the place. I’m so even keel and so its not noticeable if something’s bothering me. Liz says he needs to just lay low which is hard when he came in here on such a high. Liz says what if James and Audrey are working together? Austin says I don’t think they are. Liz is worried about being put up on the block. Austin says that’s why I wanted to get Steve out week 1 because he is someone they’re going to use to get us out by losing the battle of the block. Austin says we’re good.. we just need to sit back and chill. We don’t need to get into any of these crazy alliances. Austin says we don’t have the numbers right now thats why we have to make sure James is aware of what Audrey is doing. Jeff is freaking me out because he is so paranoid about everything we do. I think Jackie going home would be such a waste. She would be good on our side. Austin says if they got out Jeff it would pull Jackie in close to us. If you get rid of Jason ..I don’t think that’s a good move. People would band together. Austin says we need to work on Becky for now and wait until after the veto. Liz says lets just keep an eye on Audrey. Austin says a girl like Becky is good to have on your side.. but she is someone that you can’t convince once her mind is made up. Austin says if the noms stay the same I would like Steve to go because he’s a detriment to the battle of the block.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 11-30-59-345

11:45am In the kitchen – Clay, Shelli, Vanessa, Jackie and Jason are talking. Vanessa is talking about being upset last night. She says leaning on and relying on other people isn’t a good thing. She says obviously I’m missing a few tools from my tool box. But that’s why this experience is a good thing because it makes you realize that. I definitely want to be here. I’m not a quitter. I can’t even go out this week. I just had a moment.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 11-41-31-833

In the bathroom – Jeff and John are talking. Jeff says that Jace is acting the most different out of everyone. Jeff says we need to solidify our group. (Clay and Audrey) because the other side has (Austin, Jackie and Liz). He says we need to say we’re the core group and that’s it. I think they’re shuffling around a bit and making moves which is scary.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 11-49-35-081

11:50am – 12:10pm In the storage room – Audrey asks James what do you want me to say when people ask why you’re sleeping in the havenot room? James says because I’m a grown a$$ man… and I can do whatever I want to! Because I’m the king of the castle right now! James asks who was asking that?! Audrey says Jeff. James says oh… I think I’ll just pull Jeff aside and talk to him. Audrey says he’s not saying anything bad. Just if you talk to him reassure him that everything is good. James says I’m not mad, people just don’t know me. It doesn’t matter who I hangout with. Once my target is locked I don’t change coordinates. Its locked. James says I have no worries about Jackie. Jeff needs me to take his hand every once in awhile and put his head on my shoulder. People just don’t know me .. I don’t need a big bed. I will try and talk to him and reassure him everything’s good. James heads to the bathroom and talks to Jeff / Clay. He tells him its nothing (sleeping in the havenot room)… its kind of strategic ..they didn’t talk about anything last night. Jeff says I get it there’s a lot of game talk that goes down in that room. You don’t really have to reassure us. Jeff says I owe you one .. you’re good with me. Clay says we just need an understanding ..not even an alliance.. just a group that sticks together. Jeff tells James when you sleep in there find out where Liz’s head is at. James says I haven’t heard Liz talk game at all.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 11-58-28-679

12:15pm In the havenot room – Audrey warns Steve that people are concerned about him walking around. Like walking around past the HOH room but not going in. Steve says I think I could be an easy get out next week. Audrey says I don’t think so because people will realize there are bigger targets. Steve says I appreciate you telling me because now I’ll be more mindful of that. Can you tell me about the meeting last night? Audrey says she thinks there might be speculation that you wouldn’t use the veto so Jace wouldn’t go up. Steve asks people think I wouldn’t use it? Audrey says people think you threw the BOB. Steve says I was doing everything I possibly could to win it. Steve asks what can I do? Audrey says just be nice and if you see two people talking don’t come in. Audrey says I think you’re still good even if the veto didn’t get used. Vanessa joins them and the conversation ends. Vanessa leaves. Steve asks what did I do to become a target? Audrey says just being different. Audrey says Jackie and James will for sure use the veto if they win it. There’s a good chance it will be used. Steve crosses his fingers and says I should be good.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 12-15-52-308

12:25pm In the living room – Becky is leading a yoga class.

In the havenot room – DaVonnne and Jason are talking. DaVonne & Jason think that Audrey has her hands in everyone’s cookie jar. They want to convince James to backdoor her to get her a$$ out. Davonne says it would be better if its not blood on our hands. Jason says I’m okay I’m not HOH because next week I can get up there again. Jason says maybe we should let Jace go this week and worry about Audrey next week. Jason says Audrey isn’t going to win HOH because she thinks she’s good with everyone.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 12-31-26-913

12:35pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the taped Jeff Schroeder interveiws.. It looks like the Veto Competition might be happening now..

VETO PLAYERS: James, Jackie, Steve, John, Becky, Jason
Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 12-35-29-124

1:50pm The feeds are still blocked..

2:50pm Still blocked..

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Lol. I hope Steve didn’t throw the veto like he did the HOH.
That would be hilarious if he threw it and ends up going home as the first evicted HG.


I know right!!! He is like Ian Terry Clone!!!!


Simon, Who are POV Players? By the way, Congrats of getting a lifetime achievement award in Big Brother Hall of Fame Class of 2015


Thanks Dawg, By the way!! Congrats of getting lifetime Achievement award into big brother hall of fame!!!!


looks like steve is safe! now, for the renom…




It’s funny that Audrey is the one trying to give Steve tips when she’s the one that talks the most shit about him. Looks like Da’Vonne an Jason are on to her and she might get backdoored this week. LOL.


Nope, I hate to say this but “it’s too soon” for Da and Jas to think about backdooring Audrey. Let it sink in to others that’s she’s playing all sides, then they may have more votes to do just that.


That will be such an amazing week if Audrey gets backdoored. lol


Maybe u don’t like her because she’s transgender


I don’t think her being trans has anything to do with it. Me personally, it’s because she is trying to get rid of Steve. Does anyone know why she is so against him? I don’t think he is anything like Ian. Though both Steve & Ian are super smart, Steve seems a lot more innocent than Ian & fortunately (or unfortunately) not nearly as manipulative.

Child Please!

Child sit down! Most people don’t like Audrey because he is bat shit crazy… a sociopath.


Audrey needs to chill out!! She shouldn’t be the head of the dragon! Ideally, you don’t want people to know you are pulling the strings, but it sounds like everyone is on to her. :/

crazy eye

And the paranoia starts! Yay!


Audrey is all over the place right now..she needs to dial it back or she is getting backdoored.
She is like a fusion of Amanda’s paranoia and Frankie having his hand in too many cookie jars.
Guarantee things will blow up in her face come Week 2.


Dawg n Simon
Thx for the great site once again.
I signed up for the live feeds through your site this year …
wish I could of donated more but …
Should be an interesting season … tbd


Audrey really needs to get in touch with Davone more, from the looks of it Davonne is in the other side of the house but can easily sway to the other. Audrey is really making a huge target on her back already, she would be an easy goat for next few weeks.
Davonne, Meg, Becky, John and surprisingly Jackie is in a very good position to slide through to the jury.


James is an idiot you got that big HOH bed to sleep in
and you chose to sleep in a dentist chair . What a putz!!!!!!

Dr. J

Dawg, I was on your site when I signed up for live feeds early on. I wish I’d have waited to make sure it was solid. Hope my using your site gives you the credit you deserve.

Dr. J

Great I was a bit worried. Glad all is well and am excited to be here for another session of BB.


Jace is definitely taking ADHD medication, either Adderall or Ritalin. Just like Devin from last year. Vanessa is obviously “in recovery” from alcohol/drug addiction – used a colloquial about tools from her “toolbox.” She also has major CODA (Co Dependency) issues. Irregardless, I admire her courage. I do admire here courage and commitment to her sobriety. It isn’t easy being in recovery and stuck in that House with all the other HG’s “isms.” Stay Strong Vanessa – Stay In Today!


Vanessa is still showing signs of hope. I’m not hoping much but her crying yesterday have everybody else fooled because there is a rumour already out inside the house that she is ‘playing for the experience and not for the money’ That should let her slide into the jury easily. It’s just sad that I was expecting a ‘Neda’ or ‘Danielle’ from her but she has given me a GinaMarie! The only saving grace for my preseason pick was DaVone as she is consistently entertaining as she is in interview, her diary room and on the feeds yet showing some strategy in her. Audrey is somewhat an Amanda wherein everyone knows that she is calling the shots but has a lot of influence on the house.


I agree Carlos. DaVonne (& Steve) were my preseason favs. So far that hasn’t changed. And Audrey is def. in charge right now – I really don’t see her going anywhere soon – just wish she would lay off of Steve! LOL!

Nakomis' Sixth Finger

How long have they been in there. On another site, its been going around that they’ve been in there 12 days. I can’t imagine they’d have them in there for 12 days before the first episode. But then again AG is running the show so it’s probably true.


I thought they entered the house 2 days ago. Was that not “live”


I read that the houseguests entered the house a week before the show aired.


Am I the only one who can’t keep track of all the J names?


They should start a Jalliance!


So, can someone direct me to the main “1984” section of the site? I’m a huge fan of the book, and been looking for an online discussion group! I’ll have to watch this show too! Never thought they’d make a “1984” reality tv show! How do you win it, not break down and believe 2+2=5? If people are paranoid on the show, they need to bring some “Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy” in the show…”Don’t Panic” and keep a towel with them, lol…!!! Another great book like 1984, anyone read it, and wanna discuss it too?
Anyhow, if someone could help me out with some answers, I’d appreciate it, thanks! Can’t wait to see how these people react when the cage with rabid rats is put on their heads! Have they even read the book, lol, do they know what danger they’ve put themselves in, lol?

Hard Boiled Egg

And then there’s Johnny Mac, just chilling, on no one’s radar


Johnny Mac is rocking hard!!


Im so confused, Help, they keep saying they are on day 8?? I thought they entered the house 2 days ago??


I read that they actually entered the house a week before the show aired.

sunny dee

live shows are not live, they are just taped in front of an audience, a carefully handpicked audience is created for events like double evictions, instant evictions, and of course, the ‘entering the house today’ sham.

as soon as you watch even big brother after dark episode you figure out they’ve been there a long time, when it should be day 3 at the most, according to the tv shows. but the same thing here, by saturday, they have already done the double hoh battle, the nominations ceremony and the pov name picking, and the pov comp. by monday, the HOH has already picked the replacement nominee, but we won’t see most of these things until the show before the eviction night.

they are also snatched up a week or so before they enter the house, so in fact, tho it is day 9 for them today, they have, as vanessa points out, been away for 2 1/2 weeks. so even longer.

Crazy Eyes

I liked Audrey @ first, but changed my mind when she and Jackie went into mean girl mode…..she’s gonna be a big target early on which is not good. I’m rooting for Steve but I can see that he’s creeping people out with his behavior…hope he can settle down. Da”Vonne looks like an early favorite to win; disappointed in Vanessa; thought she would be a cool cucumber but last nite she appeared so damn fragile and needy….not strategy? Jace is a mess…he might as well have a bulls eye tat on his back, lol

sunny dee

oh, and while i *heart* the big guy Austin, I’ll be following Asian Country Fusion dude as long as he lasts.

and no, whereever it is, entry post #1 i think, Battle of the Block is very much not a fan favourite. the ONLY thing BOB ever does is ensure the women are picked off, one by one, as they are usually put up by both HOHs as hopefully most likely to lose. BoBs are almost never just mental comps, but usually physical, with or without a puzzle aspect. again, it would be great if they were more likely to put all guy noms, but even the female HOHs are more likely to do women noms.


I had a feeling Da’Vonne would align with Jason which is smart because he’ll be viewed as a bigger threat than her. She’s also building a relationship with Liz which by extension should maker her closer to Austin (and Jace if he stayed) and the other side of the house. She’s doing very well so far, and I hope she can keep it up, because I believe she has potential to go really far.

If Jason and Da could manipulate James into BD Audrey, that would be hilarious. I had hopes for Audrey, and I admire her ferocity in the game (but not her bad talking of Steve), but ferocious players very rarely make it to the end. Just ask Amanda.

James says;

I’m a ‘grown’ ass man. LMAO