Audrey “Da feels & James felt uncomfortable with Shelli” Clay “Why because he thinks I’m in love?”

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 09-12-23-295

9:10am Vanessa is the first house guest to wake up. She heads to the kitchen and snacks on something and then heads back to bed. Soon after Big Brother blocks the feeds to wake up the house guests. When the feeds come back – In the bathroom – Liz, Steve, Jackie, Jeff, Audrey and Vanessa are getting ready for the day. Liz says that the havenot room was so cold and uncomfortable that it took her over an hour to fall asleep. Jeff jumps in the shower. He says I guarantee I’m going to be a have not next week. I feel we all should have to try.

In the bedroom – Jason, Austin, James, Clay and Meg are talking about James sleeping in the havenot room even though he’s the HOH. They talk about how its day 9 in the house for them now. Day 7 they had battle of the block competition. Day 5 Nominations. Day 2 “BB Takeover”. Audrey and Shelli join them. Jason comments on how by Sunday all the comps will be done for the week and then they’ll have nothing for like 4 days. He says that’s when they’ll give us alcohol. They’ll only give it to us when we have nothing to do.

10am In the kitchen – Liz, Jackie and Becky are talking. They’re talking about their hair. Steve is listening in on their conversation. Big Brother asks them to clean the bathroom today.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 09-58-00-765

10:20am – 10:45am In the cabana room – Audrey asks Clay you didn’t tell Jeff what I told you .. in the bathroom right?! Clay says no. I swear on my life I didn’t say anything to him. Audrey asks so what was the 45 minute long pillow talk you had with him. Clay says wow you are paranoid aren’t you. Audrey says yeah. Clay says that James could flip Jace. Audrey asks why would he flip him. Audrey says me, Jason, James and Meg had a meeting last night. Clay asks are they cutting me out. Audrey says yeah because of the Shelli thing. Clay says we (Jeff and him) were talking about who (James) sleeps on a dentist chair when you have the HOH room. They talk about how Vanessa is here for the experience and not for the same reasons they’re here. Audrey says I could randomly throw it out there to James …like have you considered backdooring someone else? Clay says that Jace is being overly weird. Audrey says he wears his emotions on his sleeves. Like maybe he knows (He’s the backdoor plan) so that’s why he’s acting defeated. Clay says I got the hints and I’m sure he did. He’s not stupid. Like maybe not that he’s the backdoor but that something’s up. Clay says that Vanessa said she is voting whatever way Becky is voting. Audrey’s worried Clay would Clay tells Audrey that he’s not going to f**k her over. You and Shelli are the last people that I would do anything to. There is nothing I would do to jeopardize your game. Audrey says there’s only 1 way you can prove it. I literally tell you every single detail. Clay says I tell you everything. Audrey says you know how much better it would be if that Da (Davonne) thing had never happened. Can you just give her a massage or something… like do it shirtless. Clay says this is my play knowing how close Da is with Liz.. If we can bring Da in. Audrey says if you can just get in good with them because you’re in good with Meg. If you make her feel good and James feel good. Maybe call a meeting. Clay asks and say what? Audrey says I don’t know think of something. Clay asks who decided to kick me out? Audrey says Da feels uncomfortable and James felt uncomfortable. Why because he thinks I’m in love? Why are they threatened by a showmance. Audrey says because of past showmances. She just comes off as a huge threat. I don’t know why because she doesn’t talk game. She just comes off as a cute girl. Audrey tells Clay that her and Shelli will return the knife from their back. Audrey says they will neuter Clay so he stops acting crazy. Audrey says It’s going to take an impressive breakfast to forgive you for what you did. Clay tells Audrey to just be aware of the other side of the house. Audrey says there is no way Da and Jace would team up. There is no way she would align with that group with Jace in it.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 10-34-31-899

11am In the bedroom – Audrey whispers with Shelli. She tells her about the conversation she had with Clay. Audrey says I am probably just over thinking things with Clay. Audrey says if he wants to make it up to us he has to cook us breakfast. Shelli laughs. Jeff stops napping and Audrey tells him that there was a lot of pillow talk going on in that corner last night. Jeff says they were just talking about everything going on around them. Like why the f**k would you sleep in the havenot room when you have the HOH room?!!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 10-58-13-990

11:25am In the kitchen – James and Clay are talking. They talk about Brittney being hot. Clay says Janelle was hot in her prime too. They talk about how Jace is still the backdoor plan. James says I’ve already cashed that cheque. Jeff comes by and says You don’t want that cheque to bounce. James says this is the big brother house you can bounce cheques. That ones for you Boogie! Clay says I think Austin would be a different person if Jace leaves. James says he doesn’t think its possible he could get backdoored. Clay says he thinks it could be me, Jeff or Austin. He thinks he’s safe. James says I’m going to have to pull him aside and do damage control.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-26 11-12-00-207

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Audrey definitely is pulling the strings right now. Hopefully when Jace gets nom he will out her before he goes and let the fireworks go B).
Really loving how this cast isn’t “kumbaya” with each other like last year. We might finally get two HoHs that are against each other rather than working together.


Does anyone know when the POV comp will be played? Tomorrow?


Ok, thank you! And thanks for all you & Simon do on this site!


Audrey reminds me a lot of Amanda from BB15 with being paranoid and in every conversation and trying to pull all the strings..

Dr. J

You have got to listen to Steve on U-tube singing as a group. It is awesome!


Thanks so much for sharing that! I knew I liked that kid – he really is talented. Sure hope he is not the first one voted out. Jackie has already had her chance on Amazing Race. And can anyone tell me why Audrey & some of the other house guests dislike Steve so much? Do you think they are just threatened by him? Also – very surprised & disappointed that Audrey & Aaron are making fun of anyone. I thought Aaron had been bullied & you know Audrey has – so you would think they would be more considerate. Guess we know now why Aaron’s wrestling name is Judas! LOL!


OOPS! Austin – not Aaron! LOL!


Sorry – Austin – not Aaron! LOL!!


What is Audrey talking about ‘wish the DaVonne thing never happened’? Did something happen between her & Clay?

Dark Horse

Oh ok…I was really confused by that convo…Thanks Dawg!


Me when both sides of the house don’t want to align with Steve. ;(


I know – right?!! Seems like everyone that I like early on gets voted off quick! Maybe I should stop rooting for Steve & start rooting for Jace or Jackie or Jeff!! LOL!!


I need to start my habit up this year of checking updates through out the day to keep up and get a better feel of what’s going on with their personalities and the game. I started to not watch BBAD for another few days but I forgot they have already been in the house for a couple of weeks. And that’s more than enough time for the game to be in full motion. After watching BBAD I was wondering if Vanessa was going to self evict. Seem like she was crying for the whole 3 hours and I guess then some before the show even started. I understand getting upset but that was uncomfortable considering she is staying. Then I thought maybe I missed something traumatic that set her off.


A couple of things:
1) HGs, Play YOUR game and not some other past HG’s
2) Audrey is playing too hard and too fast, she might be seen as a bully and have that bite her in the butt.


According to the BB17 wikipedia page, Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, and Vanessa are all “immune” for the week? Is this true? I thought it could’ve been Da’Vonnes and Vanessas reward for sitting out of the HOH, but why Austin and Liz?


Im fairly certain Vanessa and Davonne were able to give immunity to 2 other people as part of the reward for sitting out. I heard Austin say Vanessa gave it to him and Davonne is friends with Liz so she prob saved her


Dawg, just flipped on the feeds and idk Liz seems different than she was last night.. do you think they made a switch and thats actually Julia?

personally I’m still holding out that the twins will be Johnny and his brother. but yeah idk i feel like Liz looks different

Dark Horse

What happened between Davonne & Clay? a argument or something?


that is the one thing that sucks about them being in the house a week before the feeds come on is that the houseguest refer to things that we done know about. I am sure we will figure it out in the next couple days or so though, we usually do!


Do we know if Liz and Julia are switching spots yet? If so, they have me fooled because I can’t tell..


I certainly hope that Meg is the first HG evicted, she is so annoying. Her plastic smile betrays her fake personality.


6’5″ under the radar Austin is getting set early. Just stay away from Jace. Audrey better reel it in way to much talking for her own good. As others have said nice to see some folks playing early. Based on the 1st 2 CBS shows I’m digging me some PeeWee Herman. The kid is funny DAM!!! Watch the popularity jump in our pole.