“dude the 1 person that won’t vote for me is Vanessa.. Basically I think I’m going to win”

POV Holder: JohnnyMac Next POV July 11th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 13th
HOH Winner Team 1: Vanessa HOH Winner Team 2: Austin
Nominations 1 : James & Johnny Mac Nominations 2: Jason & Meg
Battle of the Block Winner Jason and Meg Next HOH/ Next BOB July 16th / July17th
Original Nominations: James & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: Jeff & James
Have Nots No HAve nots this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 19-26-32-484_jpg

7:10pm Austin and Clay Have Nots
Austin saying Jeff is campaigning hard against James, he’s working LIz in the bedroom. Austin told James he’s voting to keep him 100% it’s been decided now.
Clay tells him to calm down and not get too emotional. Austin knows says he needs to he’s getting really pissed at Jeff right now. Clay tells him that is what Jeff wants this game is about keeping your cool.
Liz comes in and Clay leaves.

Austin – what the f** was that.. why did you let him
Liz – you knew what he’s going to do
Austin asks her why she was laying under the covers with him
liz says Jeff asked about the twins
Austin – what did you say
Liz – nothing
Austin – I was so pissed..
Liz goes on to explain what happened.
Audrey comes in asks Austin if he’s going to eat the potato.. “Is everything OK”
Austin – it’s fine.. f****g Jeff .. he’s a bullshitter
Audrey – James is onto him now
Audrey wants to have a big meeting so they can all compare notes.
Liz and Austin steer her away from that idea.
Austin gives Audrey a quick recap of what happened.
Austin says he told James he’s got his vote. Jeff can’t go running around saying he’s got the votes anymore.
Audrey leaves..
Austin – Oh my god I was so f****g pissed I’m going to kill him I was like I’m not at the bar..
Austin says he took a shower to cool down.
Liz continues to tell him more about the talk with Jeff. She brings up that Jeff is saying that Austin has been flirting with Jackie.
Liz tells him he can’t get mad at her he was in the bed with Jackie.
Austin – that’s strategy you know where my heart is
Austin says he made a deal with James for his vote he’s going to keep Liz, Austin and Vanessa safe next week if he wins HOH
liz asks what James will do
Austin thinks James is going to throw the HOH. One less person they have to worry about.
Austin brings up talking to Meg and Vanessa in the HOH and Meg is saying that she’s voting out Jeff. “The domino’s are falling”

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 19-31-23-241_jpg

7:30pm Backyard Jason and Audrey
Jason is starting to get worried that Jeff will stay because he’s campaigning hard.
Audrey thinks it’s a tall order for Jeff to get the votes.
Jason is worried about the Austin and Jeff relationship says they went from public enemies number one to podcast buddies in a day.
Audrey tells him she doesn’t have a issues with she starts going over some week 1 drama trying to clear her name.

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 19-42-57-852_jpg
7:34pm Austin, Austin and Meg
They confirm they are voting out Jeff. Meg says she has no issues with Austin. Austin says he has no issues with Meg. Austin brings up Jeff’s pitch about being in an alliance that wants Austin to join them but they were waiting until Audrey left. etc etc..

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 19-38-10-239_jpg

7:36pm Clay, Jeff and Jackie
Jeff saying that Austin barged into the room when he was having “a normal conversation about life” with liz.
Jeff – Dude
Clay says it’s being said that Jeff is going to blow up an alliance. Jeff says he’s not he’s going to leave and not expose anything.
Jeff says he pissed Austin off bad when he was talking to Liz “Dude chill out Dude”
(Jeff adds when he told Austin about the Alliance he had just been nominated and was pissed)
(The real story Jeff told Austin is completely messed up in the house I remember hearing it from Jeff when it happened but it’s been retold so many times I’m confused)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 19-51-44-035_jpg
7:46pm Austin and Vanessa
Austin says Jeff was under the covers with Liz trying to get her to tell him about the twins.
Vanessa says Liz is a better liar than Julia they are lucky Liz is in here right now.
Vanessa warns him to make sure they don’t call liz up when doing the podcast. Austin says they aren’t doing it until tomorrow and by then Jeff will know he’s not staying and he won’t want to do it.
Vanessa asks about tonight’s date night. Austin asked liz and she’s going to be his date
Austin had asked Vanessa to find out if Liz likes him, Vanessa tells him Liz likes Austin or at least warming up to him.
Vanessa says the honest to god truth is Julia and liz both like him but Liz more than Julia “That’s my true read on things”
Austin – she’s special
They start wondering if Clay and Shelli are going to flip the vote. Austin says if they can get Becky they have the votes to evict Jeff.
Austin – JohnnyMac, what is he doing he’s sinking himself.. why come out and say you have a secret deal with Jeff when he’s leaving

They agree JohnnyMac is making a bad move
Austin says James gave him a one week deal if he has Austin’s vote. The deal will keep Liz, Austin and Vanessa safe for next week if James wins HOH. Austin didn’t want to clump the three of them together but the deal is perfect.
Austin plans on going to JohnnyMac and telling him they really need his vote. JOhnnyMac might not know the votes is going to be close. Austin adds if JohnnyMac doesn’t and Austin wins the HOH he might have to put JohnnyMac up as a pawn.

They stress how he needs to win the HOH.
Vanessa – are you Jedi drilling hard
Austin – yes
she starts quizzing him..

Austin doesn’t think there will be a Q/A because it could be seen as a fairness issues with the twins, “She kinda hinted at me they said that to her.. she got yelled at when she said it”
Austin says if he knew Jeff wouldn’t have a chance to come back in he would be way more wild with his goodbye message.
Austin – Jeff no one comes between me and my twins

Vanessa says sleeper cell got together and figured out that all the shit about Audrey came from Jeff. during the meeting they agreed we have to subtly campaign to improve her image a bit.
Vanessa – “It’s important we change hearts and mind”
Vanessa says work on JohnnyMac, Becky and Jackie. Meg, Jason and James won’t change their minds.
Austin has no idea what Jackie is going to do once Jeff goes. Austin says Becky told him Jackie wants to know more about his girlfriend back home because she interested in him.
Vanessa asks him if he’s interested in Jackie.
Austin – Not when liz is in the house
Talking about pulling in Becky on their side.

Vanessa – i’m the worst pawn ever if anyone thinks I’ll throw someone they can go f*** themselves
Austin – JohnnyMac is the only one willing to throw it
Austin wonders if Jackie will throw it for them
Vanessa – maybe for a in with us
Austin swears if winning the HOH is within his power he’s going to do it
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 19-58-29-430_jpg

7:55pm HAve nots Shelli and Clay
Clay going over his conversation with Jeff and some of the drama that has started.
Jackie comes in they talk about jeff pissing Austin off saying he could have waited until after Thursday. “Just get thru the week”
Jackie – get thru the week.. right now you don’t have a game sorry sweetheart”
Clay asks her how is she feels good about in the house
Jackie says she feels good about Becky adds that she’s a single.
Jackie asks them what they are going to do
Clay says he’s not sure
jackie says she’s cool with their decision they have to do what they have to do..
They agree Jeff is a good guy just takes a little getting use to.
James comes in
Jackie says she’s glad she’s going on a date with Steve
James wasn’t going to go.
CLay says Audrey is free.
(they’ve told production there will be a date night if they get alcohol the dates are Steve/jackie, Shelli/Clay, Austin/Liz, Meg/Jeff, JOHNNYmac/Becky)

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-14 20-14-33-938_jpg
8:13pm James. Clay, Jackie, Shelli
James saying Jeff is campaign against him and it’s a slap in the face because he’s been telling him he wasn’t going to camping.
Jackie thinks Jeff is just talking to people
James has been confronted by multiple people saying Jeff is campaigning against him
James – Like he’s being weird

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Jeff-Liz-Austin, a nonexistant love triangle. This should be a soap opera.


Sounds like Vanessa is encouraging Austin to continue pursuing Liz. It seems weird that she would want an obviously one sided romance in her alliance. I wonder if she wants to utilize Agustin’s hurt feelings later in the game.


Vanessa is very manipulative, more than she wants to admit. She has done it to J-Mac & doing it with Austin. Van is worried Liz will be more loyal to Austin & has said it to Audrey & Shelli. Van believes Austin can easily have the twins in his pocket when the numbers dwindle. That is why she asked Liz straight up if she likes Austin. Yes she wants cohesiveness in the group but she is already planning how to spin this. Its obvious Liz is not into Austin the way stalker is into her. It’s beyond creepy the way he acts & Van knows she can use it if & when Austin loses it because Liz isn’t glued to him 24-7. Austin is a huge liability & is here for a girlfriend rather than play the game-disgusting! Believe me it’s a matter of time before he goes off again. Did ya hear Liz day to Jeff how she gets annoyed by Austin constantly following her & won’t give her space?!

Captain Crunch

Austin needs to go, he’s so annoying. You can’t do anything with Liz if you’re a guy without his permission or he gets mad. What is this high school? Grown ass man throwing temper tantrums cause the girl he likes is talking to other guys he’s another Caleb smh.


After Dark is boring as f**k tonight. I wonder why…oh that’s right Nessa has been sleeping and these immature fools are playing kiddie games.

Yeah “Vanessa sucks” the show wud be better without her.

All the haters can’t wait to thumbs down this:) I love that I “irk” them…lmmfao!

Mrs. Mac

Dude, stop calling her “Nessa”. You don’t hang out with her, you’re not on a nickname basis, you watch her on tv. That’s it. So stop being so fucking weird, it’s annoying.

Mrs. Mac is right..

If that’s how you really feel you should just start calling her Lunesta.


Austin needs to sit down and STFU … Is he still in Jr. High School?
Jeff is going on Thursday unless Mr. Jealousy body slams Jeff and gets booted.
I wouldn’t mind at this point if Austin follows him out the door next week


I like that Jeff thinks he has the votes. I love a good blindside and they are so rare nowadays. Please don’t tell him before the vote.
I’m so mean.


Austin is an egomaniac!! I haven’t the faintest idea why any woman would want to be with this man!! He is nuts. No one comes between him and his twins. Really, those twins are going to stab him in the back, big time.


I really hope so 😉

He is such an opportunist too. Saying he would only be seriously interested in Jackie if Liz weren’t in the house. That’s what I call true love. How about your supposed girlfriend, doofus?! And the double standard?! It’s ok for him to cuddle with Jackie for strategy reasons, but how dare Liz do the same with Jeff… SMDH.

It’s pretty clear that Jeff is done, but now he wants to threaten JMac to not vote for Jeff? He is sinking his game because of his jealousy. And Vanessa isn’t doing him any favor either by saying that both Twins are interested in him. As if!

If Clay hadn’t been encouraged by production to hook up with Shelli, those twins would have been all over him. And when they are out, they’ll be all over Cody or any other random BB alum or stranger, before they ever take another look at Austin.


No doubt about it, Austin is delusional. However, I don’t think Van is really trying to sabatoge him. Liz told Van earlier that day that she did like Austin. It is Liz that is playing games, not Van (in this situation).


So is this a love triangle now ? Liz – Austin – Julia ???!!!!


I prefer Becky’s twins myself.


Austin = Screetch from Saved By The Bell. He is Dustin Diamond’s twin. ANOTHER TWIST.


Audrey says I know a few vampires and they are really down to earth. lol


austin, the next caleb????


Don’t be a DUMBASS, like all the other DUMBASSES from last summer

Brad H

I really wanted to root for Austin, but he’s like a teenage girl. He’s so naive & clueless. It’s sad how jealous he is of Jeff because he’s nothing to be jealous of lmao. He thinks he can like control who Liz talks to & he’s like in love with her even though he’s known her for 3 weeks & she doesn’t like him like that anyway. Maybe he just needs to go up on the block so it’ll humble him. I hated Jeff, but now I’m almost hoping he stays just to create more drama with Austin.

Brad H

I’m praying for someone to dare Jeff & Liz to make-out tonight just to piss off Austin


Jeff, dude, your so delusional, bro.


Why do I get the feeling that any room Shelli “designed” would just look like a room that Strawberry Shortcake threw up all over?


Does Audrey’s same hairdo up EVERYDAY annoy anyone else? Does she think this is a good look? Sorry..she grosses me out in all ways. Even hairdos.


I will say one nice thing about Jeff which is he has a pleasant way of speaking and could imagine him being a good radio show host. However I don’t want him to stay because he will get in the way of the games of people I like in the house, plus he is a bit too cheeky with the girls.

I want more DRs from Johnny and Jackie (don’t like her but want to know her perspective on the game as an invisible man) and Steve. I also find Meg funny. I have absolutely no idea what’s going on with Becky but she’s definitely someone I want to do well.

I don’t dislike anyone like I hated Devin, Frankie (post Ariana reveal) and Christine last year.

I like the Twins for their natural drama and looks but I find it odd that I prefer Julia, who is not the house preference. I guess it’s because she’s not the “sexy” one. Liz is just too much.

I don’t like Austin but I don’t think he’s a bad player. I just think he isn’t good for women who he likes, but I think in the end it just hurts him. If he screws over Liz just for jealousy I will dislike him though.

This is a good season because there’s no clear cut winner…and no real alliances that I see staying put to the end of the season.


I’ve been experiencing a lot of technical difficulties with the feeds which is driving me crazy. Sad part is, it kind of doesn’t matter b/c Im starting to loose interest in this cast anyway. I can’t do another season of consistent house voting. What’s even more ridiculous is that now campaigning is also a big taboo. Day didn’t want to campaign against Meg, Jeff doesn’t want to campaign against James. Other hg’s getting pissed b/c people are campaigning anyways as if its against the rules or something. I hope there is a big power shift next week or Im worried this season is going to fall into a very predictable pattern.




If Jeff does stay we know production had their hands in it! To keep the Jeff and Austin drama. If that did happen then I would believe that the Austin,Liz and Jeff triangle was scripted by production.

another name

so…. in accord with the picture above is james going to start calling clay ‘his little clayvie-wavie’ and toss all common sense and his game into the toilet for him. oh, right. that was bbcan. nevermind.
by his reaction, you’d think Austin walked in and found liz and jeff having wild sex with a bottle of bbq sauce, a blow up giraffe and some left over cotton balls.
to hear jeff tell it, you’d think Austin walked in on them at opposite ends of the never before seen bb conference room table discussing how swell Austin is.
and either way… I still don’t care.
i’m awaiting jeff’s backpedal to james: “bro i wasn’t campaigning dude. it’s just Austin trying to ruin my game bro. all i did was stand in one place while a bunch of people came to me separately over the past 24 hours and asked me if i wanted their vote because they want to work with me moving forward. but don’t worry dude, i didn’t campaign no matter how long i had to talk to each of them because they just wouldn’t leave me alone like they were trying to bust up our alliance. bro, i got your back. I think Audrey got in all of their ears and manipulated them to come to me to make me look bad to you dude. we’ve got to target Austin vanessa and steve moving forward bro, because they’re going to sketch out dude.” or something equally absurd.


The hell, Austin has issues, if only the girls would get together this season they could easily wipe out all of the guys. Meg has a leash on James, Julia and Jackie on Austin, Vanessa on Steve, Shelli on Clay, Day on Jason and the HOH on JMac. Apart from Jason and Jeff no one of the guys have been seen thinking for themselves.


I don’t think Vanessa has Steve under her control. He may be on the same page but there have been times when Steve has calmed her down and tried to get her to focus. I think he also realizes Vanessa really complicated this week with her alliances in alliances.

Farm Girl

It’s funny that I never paid attention to Jeff because his bro talk just went in one ear and out the other but now that I listen the dude can’t have one conversation with out telling a lie in the next. It’s also hard to tell if he is lying or delusional. Truth is he never told Austin he had 5 votes, he told him he had 6 or 7 lol! On my count he has Jackie and John and maybe Meg and also maybe Audrey because she like to vote against the house, so 4 at best count. On the other side I don’t see anyone flipping because Jeff has mentioned all of them as targets he wants out. I was thinking Vanessa would be the big looser this week by putting up a big player like Jeff up but Jeff just keeps proving why he should be the one to go and what has really been exposed is Austin’s 2 faced behavior. It is funny that Jeff thinks that Vanessa is playing an emotional game and not a logical one, but the guys in house are all playing with emotion. Vanessa put up James and Jeff because they are the biggest threats to her alliance. Clay has said he would go home to save Shelli and Austin would throw everyone under a bus and then run over them to protect Liz who seems to like Jeff more. John has the hots for Becky and James would never vote against Meg. It seems like the guys are the emotional players this season. BTW Jeff just seems like he is in love with himself and thinks everyone else is too.


So, did Jeff get the votes to stay?


No as of now Jeff doesn’t have the votes to stay. He only has Jackie & Johnny Mac’s votes.


Kinda wish Jeff was staying…to see Austin blow….lol
Maybe GRONK doesn’t believe in kicking people out of his parties? Non eviction week? Double next week?


If Jeff stays I know for sure Audrey will be going home next week. He’s one person that is not afraid to send her out the door.


Is it just me, or does Austin look just like Screetch/ Dustin Diamond from Saved By The Bell? I swear- Austin is Dustin Diamond’s twin and that is the NEW TWIST!


I’m rooting for the girls this season! The guys just don’t seem to be very bright. I mean, maybe Jason, but he doesn’t count lol