James fills Corey in on Operation Backdoor Frank. Corey “Yeah, I’m down!”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

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Big Brother 18 Alliances Help Guide

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 10-36-44-668

10:20am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. James tells Corey that Paulie’s idea was to get Frank to throw the HOH to get you (Corey) or Paulie out. He (Frank) was like yeah I’m down with it, throw Corey and Paulie up together. Corey asks so does he think Nicole is going to throw the HOH. James says I don’t know. Corey asks do I tell Frank I’m throwing it? Like whats the full plan? James says we’re trying to make Frank feel comfortable. If he (Frank) wins HOH I think he’ll take out DaVonne. He’s trying to do some backdoors. Ya’lls team can win. If I win I would probably put Paul back up and if Bronte is still here I would put her back up. Then tell him that we’re trying to backdoor someone big like Day … then when the veto comes down .. put him up (Frank). Corey says yeah I’m down. Hopefully he doesn’t get picked to play in the veto. James says if he does get picked make him feel like he needs to throw it somehow. Corey says if I win I would probably throw Paul and Bronte up too.. for the third week in a row. James says with Paul he’s feeling like he doesn’t need to win the veto because no one’s going to send him home. James says I honestly don’t like doing stuff like this but I’m trying to stop everyone else from being burnt. I’ve got your back, I ain’t going to put you up. Not until it gets down to it. Frank is so scared to kind of go half way with all of us. He has 1 person pretty much from each team to try and throw stuff at least until they break the teams up. Corey says I just don’t know anyone who would vote for Frank to stay … maybe just Bridgette. James says we don’t even need her vote .. but everyone is going to drop everything on her lap like what he did to Day and Z. Corey says I like Bronte a lot. James says I feel like we have 3 solid girls on our side Bronte, Natalie and Michelle. Corey says I like Bridgette but I just don’t have anything in common with her. I think her and Tiffany would put me up. James says well Tiffany is going home this week, that’s a done deal.. I think. Corey asks so after Frank everyone else makes it to jury? James says that’s the plan. Corey says after I make it to jury, if you get me out … no hard feelings you know. Especially if I’m not winning comps. I’m totally down with getting him (Frank) out next week. After these 4 out, I don’t really care. I wanted Jozea out, I wanted Vic out, I wanted Tiff out, I want Frank out. Actually I want Bridgette out too. James says we’ll have to put that one on ice. Corey says I just know she would come after me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 10-38-22-321

11am James heads up to curl up with Natalie in the HOH bed.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 10-58-10-388

11:10am – 11:20am Backyard – DaVonne tells Michelle they’re probably going to give you the works. I real bonfire and everything. DaVonne says next week can’t come fast enough. Michelle says Tiffany feels pretty safe but if she does or in the 30 seconds after she gets evicted do you think she will say anything? Like hey Frank they’re trying to get you out? DaVonne says na. Michelle asks if you don’t get a lot of jury questions .. does that mean people hate you? DaVonne says no. Some people just don’t show their cards right away.. until after jury.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-10 11-08-18-348

12pm Big Brother puts the house guests on an indoor lockdown. Most of the house guests are still sleeping.

12:40pm – 1:15pm Safari room – Frank, Bridgette and Bronte are talking. Frank says I figure they’re locking us inside for the thing tonight. That’s a long time to get ready. Bronte says I heard through the grapevine they’re also fixing some of the awnings. Bronte and Bridgette chat about random things for a while. Then Bronte heads back up to the HOH room. Frank and Bridgette talk. Frank says I really can’t believe she’s holding such a grudge. We had a little tiff over nothing. Corey joins them and they talk about how he woke up in the havenot bumper car this morning and his legs were numb. They talk about how bad the slop tastes.

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James giving way too much info to Corey.

BTW, I HATE the team concept this year.

I could live with Roadkill, but only if the winner was required to remain anonymous (or incur a penalty).


I would feel better with Roadkill if BB would actually show us a time clock or each persons time. First time I even remember them having a timed event comp where the times weren’t shown….makes me wonder if BB is rigging it for a particular outcome.

Let's get Frank out ... Finally!!

This is what I have been waiting for. A total revolution on how to get Frank out. Let’s just hope his nine lives are about up!

blindside, son...

Yes!!! Frank is way too cocky. Trying to steamroll everyone, playing too hard, too fast. Hope they can pull it off.

Brody Schiller

the vultures are circling around Tiffany and Frank and they dont see it coming

a Tiffany blindside followed by a Frank backdoor to setup their likely battle back final matchup

whoever comes back – a week of safety? straight out again? who would either try to align with after returning?

Tiny trump hands

If Frank wins the battle back in, I’m sure he can be his ultimate slimy salesman and convince the guys that they need to get all the girls out first. And he’ll tell them that because everyone hates him, he has no jury votes and is garenteed 2nd place.

Brody Schiller

he would have to revert to bb14 frank if he is evicted and comes back, first week he doesnt win a comp he will be gone


May not get him very far but he Frank is a challenge beast and could team up with all of the outsiders (Paul, Bronte, Natalie, Bridgette) if he comes back and make a nice dent in the big alliance.

Canadian Kev

As long as James is tight with Nat, and the rest of the house, That will never happen.


Why is Corey as high as he is on the strategic game poll?

Pandora's Box

Bronte for the win! Bronte will win HOH next week and nominate Frank and James, Michelle will win RK and nominate Paul. Girl power, get the dudes out!


Bridgette messed the whole thing up. Until Bridgette doesn’t go Frank is going to keep getting information from her that will wreck everyone else’s game

Al Castillano

Let’s forget about Frank for now. Tiffany is still on the block and needs to go home. She is a shameless tramp and has no business in the house. Evict her this week then worry about your favorite nemesis!


Tiffany a shameless tramp? She has flaws as far as game play and strategy, but I don’t see the tramp behavior. What do you mean?

Canadian Kev

Donald, why the hate on for Tiffany?
Did she reject you somewhere down the line?
Shameless tramp? I’d ask you to justify it, but you can’t, so you’ll not reply.
Or reply with bullshit.

Fuzzy Num Num

It’s not going to work. Too many people know too soon. I would love to see Frank the Finger get what he has served up. But, if Corey and Nicole know, he will soon. One, Corey is dumb, just plan ol dumb. Two, Nicole will want a bigger target between her and the door. If they had this plan and slowly developed it. Then told Corey what to do at the last minute, yeah the Finger might not find out. But there is too much time between now and the next hoh.
The Finger is just too slick. He’s gonna slip through. As Helen always said, it’s not time.


Agreed. Funny how James thinks he had the Spy girls but we know they are going to do whatever Frank’s says. Nicole is too scared to get him out and she will talk Corey out of it. Why would Corey want Frank out anyway? Is there someone else he would rather watch shower? Da can’t win a comp and Michelle and Paul are Frank followers anyway. Somebody made the comment about how much better Paul is playing. That’s bc Frank has been teaching him the rules since Hosea left and coaching him. Paulie is the only one left with the balls and he’s gone. Frank has Spy girls, Michelle, Paul. Nicole and Corey don’t matter.


Helen’s “it’s too soon” mindset is the reason she got 9th place? Too soon for what? If you want someone gone then take a shot.

Fuzzy Num Num

I’m really not thinking it’s too soon to get him out, I’m thinking it’s too soon to implement the plan. They (James, Paulie, and Da) are talking to too many people too soon. If they waited til Wednesday or Thursday they might be able to get the drop on him. But now someone will have loose lips. And he will be able to slither around it.

An ornery mouse

So after sweet little Natalie wins the show this year, I can’t wait for the big reveal that she’s actually a sneering, diabolical man-eater with a 160+ IQ who used to work for the CIA.

Matthew schneider

Rumor has it paulie is going to win big brother 18


She is a college grad with a Bachelor’s in Journalism.


This place is crazy. People giving thumbs down to facts. That’s ridiculous. Lmao


If you’re giving thumbs down to factual statements like this can you give an explanation please? I’m honestly just curious as to how your mind works.


Paul you are off the radar for awhile. You’ve got muffin to worry about!

blindside, son...

Muffin to worry about!!!
You crack me up!!!

Unbattled Block

I like the growth in James game this year

About this time last year he was hanging out with Princess Valium aka Meg, missing an opportunity to knock out Vanessa This year he is planning moves better, and still playing his usual pranks on people.

If he gets Frank out and forms the right alliance he can go fat

Unbattled Block

Far,,,not fat,,,oops


Yeah I’m still disappointed James and his gang messed up Becky’s plan to get out Vanessa last year. Maybe he’s learned.


What’s funny to me is the changes in James’ game is he’s adapted Vanessa’s sub-alliance intersecting circles strategy to his game style.
Last season he stuck with the girls thinking getting rid of the people that could beat him in endurance and physical was the way to get to the end.
This season, he’s 8 pack, vets, and spygirl affiliated while also trying to team up with other guys. Circles within circles, which was the theory that Vanessa talked about.
It’s an impovement, but I still think he will forego any studying for mental comps instead relying on endurance, and that will be his downfall.

Powder Puff Girls

You make it sound like Vanessa (theory) invented a new type of game play when it has always existed.


Not my intent. I know Vanessa didn’t invent having suballiances.
I also know Vanessa was James’ nemesis last season.
I think it’s good that he has taken part of the game style that aided in his demise last time, and incorporated it into his own.
I just think it’s funny that each of the veterans seems to have taken on characteristics of their nemesis from their previous season and added it to their own gameplay in order to make it further in the game this time.


James’ game style hasn’t changed. His style is just to be a lovable goof and flirt with all the girls. This season he’s fallen in with the big alliance early and he’s mainly floated along these last couple weeks. Vanessa stirred the pot, made decisions, and followed through. I didn’t like her but she did stuff. James exists just to get the stipend and hopefully get paid to be James.


James was the leader of the big alliance in week one season 17.
Week two the small alliance poached members of the big alliance as a safety net because of the hoh win.


If they are going to get Frank out, astleast do it after the Battle Back (yeah I know they dont know about it) for my sanities sake.


This season is so frustrating. Lets go back to the old school big brother. No more stupid twists… just classic gameplay. But that seems like wishful thinking at this point

Matthew schneider

Rumor has it paulie is going to win big brother 18


Earlier someone said that the spy girls are like SpongeBob Patrick and squidward well Cory is like lost in space. I can’t figure out if he knows what he’s doing or not .and James does talk way too much I cannot figure out his game play besides pranking and flirting that way everybody thinks he’s a nice guy and keeps them in I love James he keeps the game done but sometimes I think does he really want to win

Brody Schiller

franks needless overplaying lmfao

desperately trying to protect his goat bridgette at the cost of his own game and seemingly targeting everyone and thinking nobody will compare notes…he keeps saying to multiple people its a waste of an hoh to get bridgette out then saying he would rather have bridgette in over michelle, thinking this wouldnt get back to michelle…then he says to james he wants to backdoor paulie and corey

sorry frank youre not derrick or dan bud

looking forward to seeing bridgettes face when she is told frank put her up week 1 and that he put bronte up this week…then seeing franks face when he gets eventually backdoored


What a shame that James is backstabbing Frank, so sad to me, he is the one guy I thought would never do this and then they will come after him, serves him right, Paulie and Corey will take him down for sure, some of these people are so stupid. I hope Frank wins HOH or Veto and stays in the game, these house guest are terrible, they are making it possible though for a woman to win! Oh Well that’s Big Brother!


James would of been faithfull to Frank but found out that Frank was playing him and everyone else! Also Franks personality is not winning any awards and James found out what Frank said about him and Da’vonne having kids. After all this why should he trust Frank, he would be an idiot because he knows that Frank is not loyal to him.

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

Two thumbs up!


Maybe Frank wouldn’t be getting blindsided if he had addressed his gastric issues since BB14. The air quality in the house has to be playing a part in this decision.

Franks Finger

Frank for the win!!!!!!!

Deez Nutz

If they are going to after Frank, it will need to be done with a re-nom of the Roadkill. The Roadkill winner HAS TO stay anonymous for it to work properly and be stealth about the whole op.


Was anyone else a Frank fan in BB14 but not now? Some people hated him back then, but I was a fan because his back was always against the wall. This year when he’s been in power and feels safe he’s been insufferable.


Production must salivating for a Frank blindside next week, since it’s the last week for the buyback returnee. They probably would love it if he’s out and then right back in with vengeance. Didn’t care for Frank his first season, hit to really like him the beginning oh this season, but now he’s just too much and imploding his game bro bad.


Someone will tell Frank before next week guaranteed


My best guess would be Nicole.


My guess would be diary room.


hibert I agree with you if frank goes home next week in wins battle back
that will make great tv Nicole will turn against da an da will turn against james
an james will turn against Nicole an puile will turn against corey an corey will want
james out they should waite to get him out about four weeks if they do it next week
they going to regret it big time cause frank want throw no more comp in if he wins roadkill you never know
I think it hurt the vet more then the rookies im calling it now pual frank bridget bronte fourm the final 4

jamesfor thewin

didn’t like frank in his first season and damn sure don’t like him now……


The first few sentences of this posr makes no sense….. Paulie is trying to get Frank to throwthe hoh so that Corey and Paulie goes on the block???