“Crutches are no fun.. They look like fun but they’re not”

POV Holder: Bridgette POV Competition July 9th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony July 11th
HOH Bridgette Next HOH July 14th
Roadkill Competition Winner: Frank
Original Nominations: Paul, Tiffany, Bronte
After POV Nominations: ?, ?, ?
Have Nots Nicole, Corey, TIffany

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 22-10-08-306


10:09pm Frank and Michelle
Frank says it’s an easy week.
Michelle is worried Tiffany is going to throw them all under the us
Frank isn’t worried at all he says it’s too late for her to do that. If Bridgette uses the POV on Tiffany Bronte goes home. HE’ll tell that to Bridgette she wouldn’t do it.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 22-14-29-389


10:14pm Michelle and Nicole
Michelle says Frank has been joking with her going home.


Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 22-18-15-384

10:15pm Zakiyah and Tiffany
Zakiyah saying people aren’t telling her a thing
Tiffany Says she’s safe
Tiffany – sucks being on the block
Tiffany tells her she wouldn’t stress if she was her ..
Zakiyah – you should be fine

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 22-27-57-582


10:27pm Tiffany, Nicole and Michelle
Nicole is complaining she’s on havenots. . Tiffany says she needs to keep her strength up for Thursday’s HOH.
Michelle says they need to win the HOH.
Nicole goes on about how Corey is the perfect guy, he’s kept, established, well mannered, got his shit together,.
Nicole – we’re friends.. We’re just friends
Tiffany – it’s weird two people click like you two.. Just saying.. Just saying..

Tiffany says she was really upset that she didn’t win that competition.
Zakiyah joins them.


Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 22-42-44-861

10:43pm Living room Frank, Bridgette, Bronte, Tiffany, Michelle, Paul and Zakiyah.
Bronte is happy the last 4 days are over she just needs some time to breath.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 22-42-59-863
Bronte says she’s getting 15 hours of sleep a week
Frank says he’s getting 15 hours a day..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 22-52-10-775


10:51pm Nicole and COrey chatting in the have nots
Nicole – I’m a really good cuddler.. You don’t even want to know what i’m capable when it comes to cuddling..
Corey – I got to do all the work first.. Seriously
Nicole – YES..

Sounds like Frank fell and took BRidgette out which caused her ankle to get sprained. HE’s explaining what happened.
His leg landed on some uneven ground .. he was thinking “Oh my gosh I landed 200 lbs of man meat on her ankle.. “


Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 23-08-11-071

11:05pm More Paul muffins..

Bronte – What’s in it ?
Paul – friendship


Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 23-12-04-451

11:11pm Bridgette’s ankle .. apparently the swelling has gone down

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 23-23-12-298


11:23pm Frank helps Bridgette back up the stairs..
Frank – don’t toot on me
Bridgette laughs no
Frank – I didn’t think so..
Frank – Crutches are no fun.. They look like fun but they’re not. .
Bridgette – Crutches suck

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 23-29-54-454


11:28pm Nicole and Corey
Corey tells Nicole he doesn’t want to hang out in the HOH unless it’s one of them winning the HOH.
Nicole says she just doesn’t want to get out in the next 2 weeks because that’s pre-jury.

Corey says they have enough ammunition if they found themselves on the block and it was going to be close.

Corey says james will be really upset if Natalie goes up.
Nicole – James would be really upset if he found out what she said to you
Corey – Natalie is causing problems for me I just want to send her home..

Corey – I actually like James..(Wow you actually do.. lol) Should I tell him or not.. I feel bad because Natalie tells me that she doesn’t like him and he thinks she’s like him he talked to me about it.. I want to be like HEY dude I know you like Nat… you know.. It’s uncomfortable..

Nicole says she was talking to Zakiyah and she said she’s really liking Paulie.
Corey – she was rubbing all up on him today
Tiffany comes in,..,.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 23-37-23-918


11:35pm Tiffany and Paul
Paul – where do I fall
Tiffany – keep doing what you’re doing.. People have said you’ve changed.. I don’t think you’ve changed you’ve been cool from the start…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 23-40-49-539


11:40pm Have nots Tiffany, COrey and Nicole
Tiffany – sucks to be on the block week number 2
They don’t think Bridgette will use the veto, Tiffany heard she doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers.
Tiffany – I really think it’s Frank who won (Roadkill) it
Tiffany doesn’t think Frank will press Bridgette not to use the veto.
Nicole tells Tiffany that the majority of the house will vote out Bronte if she’s on the block

Tiffany found out that she was going to be on the season 6 days before
Nicole says Bronte found out a week before, Nicole wonders if something happened some last-minute switch up.
Nicole heard she’s going to be on a month before.


Big-Brother-18 2016-07-09 23-52-03-850

11:50pm Paulie and Frank
Frank says Tiffany is going to freak out on him once she hears his goodbye speech, ‘Bro”
They count the votes… it’ll be 9 to 0 Tiffany evicted.
Frank saying they are looking strong going into next week.. They might have to “Beast it out” .
Paulie going on about Bridgette winning too many competitions and showing her cards, “Can’t hide her cards no more”
Frank – I would rather keep BRidgette around over Michelle..
Paulie – Bridgette can beat us..
Frank – i’m not saying that long.. 6 or 7 that’s a person that can win comps and keep us safe.. Michelle can’t pull our own wait
Paulie – Maybe we’re overestimating Michelle
Frank – absolutely..

Paulie says Bronte and Natalie are just jokes.
Frank – Bronte won’t make it to Jury.. they want her out next week..
Nicole joins them. Frank asks why is Tiffany telling Paul she thinks he’ has the roadkill..

Frank says he wasn’t a fan of Vanessa’s game.
Nicole – I don’t want to blindside her .. I want to tell her the day before
Frank – I relish a day I can rub it in her face
Frank talks Nicole out of it because Tiffany knows too much it’ll f** them up.

Paulie says with James close to Natalie and PAul close to Bronte it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get close to both sides.
Frank says they have to see how the next HOH plays out.. He wants them to be as safe as possible.
Frank – I think we should get rid of Bronte next week..
Paulie agrees.
Frank – Then we trim our own fat like Michelle.

Frank says if they win Roadkill they don’t tell anybody and they put Da up
PAulie says after this week they have to keep the roadkill wins a secret.
Paulie – between the three of us we control everything..

Paulie thinks it’s best if Michelle wins the next HOH to take the heat off them. Frank agrees says that frees up them for the following HOH which he thinks

Frank wants to put DA up before Jury with and roadkill.
Frank says if they get Da up they can pull in Frank, Paulie, Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette’s vote.
Frank – And Corey

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 00-23-53-672

12:22am Bathroom JAmes and Paulie
Paulie saying once they get rid of Frank they can snatch up “Those three girls” Bronte, Natalie and Bridgette.
Paulie wants James and Corey to go deep with him says once Frank goes they can bring together the two sides of the house.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 00-46-22-388

12:33am Bridgette and Bronte
They are sure now that the house wants Tiffany out.
Bronte- we don’t hang out with her (Tiffany) much and we’ve noticed the paranoia so imagine what her friends have noticed..
Bridgette says she feels golden.. “At least I can show everyone I’m not a freakin baby.. I hope i’m not intimidating.. I got to lay low after this I can’t win sh1t for awhile, unless you girls are on the block i’m throwing it”

Bronte thinks Bridgette being seen as a comp beast is a positive because people will think twice before nominated her knowing she can win comps and possibly put them up.

12:40am Bathroom James, Michelle, Zakiyyah

Frank bragging he had a p** that was like 2 lbs of soft serve ice cream.. He called it the iceberg because some was breaking the water.

12:45am HOH Natalie, Bronte and BRidgette
Bronte – everyone is being really nice to me.. Seriously paulie has made a 180.. MIchelle is talking to me.. Everyone is ignoring Tiffany…
Bronte is certain Tiffany is going home, “Everyone is being super nice to me because i’m no longer the target”
Bronte – it was fun to hang out with Michelle she was funny..

James knocks..
Bronte -we’re naked.. Heheheheheh just kidding Jamezes come on in..
James sits on the bed
Bronte – You always smell good james
James – I haven’t showered since the morning..

Theres a rumor in the house that one of the rooms is haunted. Bronte thinks it really is and is scared.
Bronte – do you believe in ghosts?
James – I believe in weird stuff happening sometimes..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 01-11-03-637

1:10am Bridgette’s foot.. Apparently she’s good to go for tomorrow.

1:30am HOH Bronte and Bridgette
Bronte says everything they say to Paul goes to PAulie but they can use that. Bridgette says Natalie hates Paul she was trying to talk BRidgette out of targeting Tiffany.
Bridgette says They have PAulie and James vote. Bridgette says PAulie wants o please Frank so he’ll vote his way.
Bridgette going on about how everyone knows she can win competitions and if they send Bronte home she’ll be mad and will come after them.
Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 01-59-14-295

2:00am just Chit chat in the kitchen,…

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 02-20-12-058
2:17am Natalie putting on her makeup.. lol

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 02-40-38-237

2:42am Bronte, Natalie and Zakiyah are practicing some dance..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 02-45-05-732

2:45am the guys in the bathroom… chit chat while Nicole showers.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 03-00-31-774

2:50am Frank and Nicole Tokyo room
Frank saying “Sh1t” is going really smooth.. “I like to think ahead”
Frank – next week is our last chance to send someone home before jury”

Bronte joins them.. they talk about medication. Frank is saying that they didn’t allow him to bring sleeping aids into the house. Nicole mentions that Corey was saying he wasn’t allowed to bring his adderall.

3:04am James has now joined them. Frank talking about his last season.
Frank says Ian ‘That little sh1t put me up twice”
Nicole says she met Ian once she thought he was delightful
Ian – Good for you
JAmes hinted that Clay slept with Audrey after the season.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 03-07-17-863

3:15am Corey hopes he doesn’t get picked.

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 06-43-56-525

3:36am Frank and JAmes
James- Bronte told Bridgette not to use the veto
Frank says they are at 12 after Tiffany. With Bronte, that’s 11. Before they knew it they are down to 9 people, “Our Chances of playing in the POV every week keeps going up and up and up”
Frank says the big targets aren’t coming after them for 4 weeks what they need to do is try and backdoor some Big )Layers like Corey and PAulie
James asks if they have the votes to get either of those guys out.
Frank says everybody will vote those guys out.
JAmes asks about Zakiyah would she vote out Corey
Frank thinks she would
Frank – we don’t need them at that point..

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 06-41-32-762

4:15am to 5:51am James and Natalie (Giggle and chit chat all night)
Natalie hopes Tiffany goes home this week.
Natalie – people are so crazy.. people are so fake.

Saying that Natalie tells James he did a good job yesterday at distancing himself from her. She’s worried that
Natalie says Bronte is really really shy, “She’s got a crush on Paulie”

James says he wanting to tell Bronte about the roadkill winner. Natalie wanted to too, ” I feel bad.. for now I trust her but I just.. It sucks having something in the back of your head”
James – YOu are kinda protecting her.. when you give her information they can kinda harm themselves.
Natalie – I’m always looking after her.
Natalie says she’s more worried about the slop than the cold showers.
Natalie says it rain so much in Venezuela there’s a saying shower outside..
James says he’s good at combat skills, Ordnance, Duck hunting, Fix tires, drive tractors..

Natalie – you hunt ducks! you don’t get sad for them
James – sometimes when they are in the family. (LOL)
James- I have one weakness.. I have to learn to memorize stuff faster.
Natalie – giggles that’s fine.. i’m not good at that either.

James – can’t wait to go on our Venezuela trip
Natalie – Soon.. I would like to go with my mom first to scope out the “sits” (Abbreviation for Situation)

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 06-55-19-635

7:01am Everyone finally sleeping

Big-Brother-18 2016-07-10 08-46-24-199

8:46am Everyone sleeping.

10:00am ZZZZzzzzzz

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I like Tiffany but maaaan, blow some shit up!!! I don’t get it. In Big Brother, you can’t be a wimp! Never got this whole “vote with the house thing.” THE VOTES ARE PRIVATE……slip in an opposite vote…watch the house go freakishly paranoid…sit back and laugh, blame others, and DENY DENY DENY! And when you’re on the block, the point is to fight and twist crap and blow up other people’s games. And I also don’t get why people say they never want to win the first HOH. To me, it’s super beneficial because everyone is gonna want to side with the first HOH and it’s a crucial time when powerful alliances are made…and YOU get to basically choose who you want to work with because everyone already wants to work with you. It’s more of an advantage and way less of a target on your back. People always say that but after the first week, nobody cares that you won the first HOH…Come on people, play some Big Brotherrrr!

Canadian Kev

She won’t blow shit up, because she thinks she’s safe. By the time she figures it out, she’ll be out the door.

I”m so done with Frank. I hope they can get him ou this week. I’m sick of seeing his face, and i’m sick of his commands to his troops.

I agree with you, Jem; they have to start playing. Not just following his orders.

First bridgette gets HoH, which really means Frank does – then he gets Roadkill (for the second time).

It’s enough already

Frank's playing

1) Come on people play some big brother!
2) I’m soooo over Frank… What the hell is this guy doing playing Big Brother?

Tiny trump hands

So now Frank suddenly wants to get DaVonne out before jury? I knew she was going to have to pay for telling Frank to stop slapping her butt.


They can’t get Frank out this week, because:
1) His lil sis is HoH
2) He’s not on the block
3) He’s safe from eviction


She hasn’t done any of that yet because she thinks her alliance will keep her safe like they did last week. Remember Tiffany received ZERO votes to be evicted? Plus a lot of people don’t like bronte. Common sense would dictate her alliance keeps her as a number and continue to get rid of the other side of the house. So obviously she’s banking on that right now. Hopefully there’s even just ONE decent person in that house that tips her off, then it will all hit the fan.


Hopefully Tiffany will blow some stuff up before she leaves. I understand the frustration re Tiffanys social game HOWEVER it must be really hard communicating and trying to relate with girls who’s behavior is that of 12 year olds. The squealing screaming jumping on the bed….come on..how do you join in with that? Ugh No wonder she isolates herself a lot. It’s sickening to watch Frank control all his hens ..like a big cock in a hen house…I just can’t 🙁


But there’s a ton of tip offs a perceptive person who wants to win…and has even a fraction of her natural paranoia…would pick up on.

1) Da told her about the Showmance 4+1….which should tip her that her alliance has already fractured and she’s as much on the outside as Frank, James, and Michelle, and tip her off that Da is playing all sides and can’t be trusted anymore than the four who aren’t factoring her into their plans.

2) Everybody who has come around to her anti-Frank side is still acting as his ally, which should cause her to wonder if they’re saying the same thing to him, saying “screw Tiffany, she’s gotta go”. She’s the only one taking his heat, despite everybody agreeing with her. The natural question is if everybody will cross Frank and keep her, then the anti-Frank movement goes public….so why not go together right now and tell Frank, to finesse it in advance and not blindside him? I mean why do we want to stun him heading right into an HOH, almost ensuring he’ll be playing hard? And the big question: She’s Frank’s top target, but if others defy him to save her, that puts them on his radar, where now he’s after them instead of Tiffany…so why are they doing that just to save her, especially if they’re not going with her to try and smooth the vote over? Why are they going to blow up the house, just to save somebody not included in their new alliance?

A smart, perceptive player is thinking this


She could very well be thinking all those things. However you can’t just think it, you would have to be sure before you go blowing up the entire house.

here's a clue tiff

when bronte doesn’t use the veto tiff will clue in – hope she blows things up. sadly, i doubt it


Bridgett win the POV


LOL I’m liking Paul more and more.


Pauls Muffins for AFP!
Hes actually starting to grow on me. I think the first week power tripm followed by the realization hes not even remotely in control humbled him a lot. I hope he gets out of his pawn position and starts playing a bit harder


Jozeus Christ Superstar’s delusions of grandeur can at least be attributed to his complete lack of knowledge of the BB world. What is Frank’s excuse? He’s literally blind to what is going on around him, and oblivious that everyone has been into him. I mean he literally just told Paulie let’s get rid of Bronte next, but oh we can’t forget about Day, and Michelle is utter dead weight! I can’t wait for his blindside. It will be sweet.

Aww that’s cute of Tiff to give Paul advice even though they’re both on the block. They might actually make an interesting duo. That muffin needs a bit more strategic and social savvy though.

Paulie’s playing a good game, but he’ll need to get rid of Day and James sooner rather than later if he wants a smoother ride to the end.

Big Jim

Paulie playing both sides well

Powder Puff Girls

Until he gets caught up in the game like Frank!

Powder Puff Girls

Frank says he was a fan of Vanessa’s game I don’t believe him. I think he is saying it to avoid being accused of wantingTiffany out for not liking Vanessa’s game. He wants Tiff out for her over reaction to the alcohol incident (when she covered her eyes with hat) making a big deal about it for days. This incident set the tone…

powder Puff Girls

thank you Simon

Teri in CA

I actually read what you meant. LOL

Powder Puff Girls

TY , Peeps do not understand I posted my thoughts on the information provided then the information was corrected – cannot understand why the down votes for saying thank you for Simon updating the information. I applaud Simon for keeping his eye on the ball and not sharing misinformation.


I haven’t really been following this week is tiffany definitely a goner? or will the girls/people against frank keep her out of spite.


I hope Bridgette gets smart and backdoors Frank THIS week — why wait??? Why is no one suggesting this to her, do they think she is that tight with Frank? She is ready to ditch him for her Spy Girls and it would certainly help her game to do so.


Because Frank, Michelle, and Paulie are untouchable this week.


I love how I see ads for crutches on this page right now. Wow so Z was right about Nat being a Hoe? Poor James if that’s the case… Day has been real quite these last updates but it might be too late. Maybe the reason Frank doesn’t realize people are on to him is because he blanks too damn much lol sorry just watched Wil’s BB sagas haha they make these current seasons more watchable for me lol.


Ming-Lee is always going to stay dedicated to her Master and will remain worshipping him, regardless if he pushes her off the cliff or puts her on the block, that is what she was programmed for, entering this world.

Fuzz Num Num

Well, hmm, seems like we got some polite retiering house guest this season.
Now we can’t have that. Someone needs to send up a smoke bomb. Vanffaney really needs the writing on the wall.. You are going home! Take out the trash with you. I’m sure frank will be bundled up by then.

positive vibes

So does natalie like Corey and says she doesn’t like James to him? Or is this her trying to throw off people about her and James liking each other? Or is that Corey making up stuff because he secretly wants James for himself! lol
I really hope it isn’t true, cause I feel bad for James.


The word “friendship” alone LOL Paul
I like this Paul better than the one who’s an entitled asshole .


This Paul is That Paul on the the block. Asshole Paul will return the minute he has a modicum of power. He is a jackhole.

The feeds

I think she’s trying to make Corey jealous because she was all over Paulie today. I think she is attracted to Corey more.


Corey really likes Nicole, and Natalie doesn’t like it. Natalie is as fake as her tits and personality.

powder Puff Girls

that is not something to joke about and find the remark reprehensible. Why don’t you post your BS on some hate site.

Granny Panties

He got it from you.


How long have you been sniffing your own panties, granny. You are a real sicko troll.


Gee, the girl that calls herself Flirty Spy is draping herself over every man in the house in rapid succession in order to make it further in the game? That’s not expected at all.
Is the James relationship real? For as long as he can help her in the game and minimize the target on her back it’s as real as it’s going to get. First one of the three that will backstab her two alliance mates? Close call with Bridgette if Frank told her to. She’s worried about her ankle when apparently she’s spent the week without a spine or a brain of her own. Go figure.


If only the word roadkill over Frank’s head were a description rather than title of power.
Rarely do i actually wish karma would slam someone as much as i wish it for him, and for all of the whitewashers in the editing and production departments that are cleaning up after him.
Can’t wait to see how the women of the house are painted as hysterically over-reacting to some ‘good natured boys will be boys’ fun in the next episode. I know, everyone has moved on to the next story, but i’m still pissed. When he says he and grannie pinch each other’s butts all the time, i wonder what his reaction would be if a man grannie had only known two weeks repeatedly swatted her butt, called her a fat hussy, and told her her titties didn’t look right. But never mind, because apparently it doesn’t matter, and in episodes i’ll be shocked if it ever even happened.


Wishing he were dead causse you dont like his game?

You’re a freakin psycho! Get help today!


The roadkill part of the comment was facetious.
Calling harassment game is silly.
Belittling the after affects of his physical harassment by not enforcing the rules of the game is endorsing said harassment through complacency.

Teri in CA

YEP, hated him in his season….still hate him.


At this point Paul s “power of friendship” strategy is ten times better then Tiff s strategy of I dont even know what..


She’s laying low right now because she doesn’t know her alliance is willing to vote her out yet. Especially when there are two people on the block with her from “the other side”. I have a feeling that’s going to change before Thursday though. Then we’ll see how well she stradigizes.


This roadkill shit is just a way for production to have more control on who stays and goes.They can give this
power to whom ever they want.BS big time !!!!!!

skeptical onlooker

Frank’s obsession with Tffiany borders on restraining order..if out of the house. On and on and on. Every second sentence…spewing his hate . or some reason he’s intimidated. I think it’s because he knows she reads him..for the fake POS he is.
Saying that…Tiffany does suck the energy out of the house. She has done nothing..has no social skills. I wanted to root for her (even though I couldn’t stand Vanessa).But…really..she mopes around…has no sense of humour..terrible at comps..and is basically not allied with anyone.
She’s out this week..for sure. And..unless she wins the buy back…quickly forgotten. Not even that smart…so sure she’s staying! Helloooo..Tiffany. Delusional as well. ( I would have really liked to see her stay..just to feel Frank’s sorrow:)

Nat game

I really think Nat is using James 100%. James is giving Nat top secret info and basically handing over his game to her. Nat lied to James about her alliance with the girls, in the meantime James is dishing out everything he knows. James got to cut ties ASAP if he wants to win this game. But you got to give Natalie props, she is playing her cards perfectly.

Nat game

James tries to talk to Natalie on a personal level, but Natalie keeps on reverting the conversation back to the big brother game. Tonight really confirmed my evaluation of james and Nat. All the live feeders, please correct me if I am wrong, thanks


I feel bad for Tiffany. She was a target as soon as she revealed she was Vanessa’s sister. I don’t know if I’m missing something but I didn’t really see her as overly paranoid. She got upset with Frank because he yelled at her about the wine which I think any normal person would. Instead of yelling back she cried. The next thing you know she is being labeled overly emotional and paranoid. She can thank mostly Day for that. Vanessa told her to start playing at week 4 or 5 so she has been laying low. Like Rachel’s sister Elissa, I don’t think they were giving a fair enough chance to play because of their sister. However, Paulie seems to have no target on his back because of Cody.

As for Frank, he wasn’t a favorite of mine last time. He was fan favorite but If you only watched the show without the live feeds then I guess I can see where people voted him fan favorite. he was painted on tv as this big underdog who was always fighting for his life in the game. This arrogant, rude side of his was not shown on tv. On the live feeds he treated woman like crap.

As a final note, the houseguest seem to know that there will be a buy back so why wouldn’t something think we need to wait until after jury to get him out? He will probably win the buy back and come right back.

production rigged it

They probably think the buy back won’t happen until after jury which is what they usually do, but it has happened before jury. I know it did in season 13.


I also feel bad for Tiffany, and agree she was not as paranoid as others in the house. After she hooked into it with Frank about the wine, it was Day that fueled the fire by going to Frank spreading lies about Tiffany wanting him out of the house. Franks nasty side came out with a vengeance. Nicole, Corey, Day, Paulie and Z know that it wasn’t Tiffany that said those things, but seem to have forgotten that it was Day who lied about it. Last time on the show Frank had a real nasty side as well, and the only emotion he ever showed was when talking about “NANA”!!! Since Day went to him with those lies, he has been adding his own like saying Tiffany was crying all the time, and that was not true. There has been more crying and paranoid behavior from Day and especially Nicole. That being said, I don’t think Tiffany can survive this week, even though she is going after the same people the rest of them are. They just seem to think she is the best person to evict because of Frank.


I agree…keep saying the same lie over and over it becomes truth and takes on a life of its own. Frank is a master of spinning and deception. He’s vulgar!


The same is true about Da only MAGNIFIED. Shes the hate spreading liar. SO you must hate too, right?

The Roach Coach

Haters gonna Hate… but…
I like this season a lot!

Only Delusional James fans

Only James fans think Natalie wants him in a sexual way or for a actual relationship. She is obviously using him. If you think she would be with him outside the house please seek help for your condition.

We all knew Tiffany wasn’t the great game player her sister is/was. Everyone hated her from start and hates her now only because she is the sister of their obsession. It’s very creepy they still think of Vanessa so much.

As far as the house goes. Frank says “I didn’t like her sisters game” yet he fears Tiffany because she might have 1% of Vanessa in her. Obviously Frank knows and saw Vanessa was a beast gamer.

If Frank can manipulate a cast of idiots all the way to the win then he also deserves props. One could debate which cast is worse, BB16 or BB18. Derrick used his idiots well and if Frank can conitnue he will be known as great as well…at the game.

I don’t see Frank winning though. If Tiffany goes Thursday. I see her coming back and winning this. Once she wakes up to the fact that every single person in house has been from start and is now working against her she will know not to wait 4 weeks to play like Vanessa told her.

She found out 6 days before the start of show she was going to be on this season. Not much time for Vanessa to clue her in on fighting a cast all against her from minute one. Vanessa wouldn’t have said start playing week 4 if she knew the smear job the cast would pull on her sister from second one of game.


Whether they are as dumb as the cast of BB16 doesn’t matter. What matters is Frank is smart enough like Derek was to take advantage of it. He’s telling all his business to everyone and the only one willing to try and take him out is Tiff. She gone!!! Frank and the Spy Girls to the end!!!

Only Delusional Tiffany Fans

Only delusional Tiff fans believe everyone hated her from the start because they’re still “obsessed” with Vanessa. I guess that’s why she was included in both the 8-pack AND the Fatal 5 in that first week?

Why are some having trouble accepting that Tiffany was actually in a great spot and PLAYED herself into the situation she’s in now? The first part of this game is about forming friendships and making connections…. and Tiffany just has not been good at that in this setting. There’s no crime in that…. it’s just a fact.

She makes people uncomfortable and they’re weary of her emotional fragility – so even though everyone else is now also ready to move against Frank, they’re more than happy to go ahead and cut Tiffany loose this week just to lower the stress level in the house.


When Paulie chokes up and cries talking about his family he’s showing his sensitive side. When Tiffany cries for being yelled at, she’s emotionally unstable. No bias there. None at all.
Most of the emotional instability attributed to Tiffany has been manufactured by Da’vonne and then Frank. Think about it for a second. When did the women of fatal 5 become so worried that Tiffany would melt down and out their game? When Da said she was becoming like her sister and needed to be locked down and fatal five needed to secretly be fatal 4. When did the house ostracize Tiffany? Right after the initial argument about Frank working behind the 8 packs backs without telling them. Why is Frank in trouble now? Because he was working behind the 8 packs backs without telling them, only now it’s like it’s a revelation when it’s been going on all along. And Frank smears and socially engineers distrust about Tiffany at all times. Hey, it’s a solo game, so good for him in creating a group target out of someone that directed a spotlight at his game. But don’t buy what he’s saying and the rest of the house is believing like he’s some uninvolved party with nothing to gain in her demise.
Once painted with the crazy brush, the rest of the house became wary of her.
Her acts of paranoia that she may be a target were not paranoia, because discussions of her being a target were taking place. She’s aware that her argument with Frank caused her to be ostracized. She has mentioned more than once that when she enters a room, people get up and leave, stop talking, or lean away from her. The fact that she still believes in her fatal five alliance is her big flaw. The fact that the women are so quick to pick each other off in order to please Frank is theirs. They are either doing his bidding (spygirls) or giving up a tactical advantage so that he doesn’t figure out he’s no longer in charge of everyone in the game (fatal five). In both cases, getting rid of Tiffany is actually as bad for their game as Da’vonne targeting Tiffany out of Vanessa paranoia was in the first place. All this, and I actually believe that Tiffany’s game really sucks.


Only Da and Michelle knew Tiff was Van’s sister before the 8 pack was formed.
Da believed knowing Tiff’s secret and telling her to keep it quiet would put Tiff in her back pocket because she owed her for keeping the secret. When Tiff started revealing the secret to people and Da no longer held that power is when she began to engineer the Tiff is Van talk. If Da didn’t hold power over Tiff anymore, she’d make an excellent distraction meat shield. Then Da might need her to help against Frank, and suddenly the fake Ti’phony pair was back. Now, it’s back to distraction and scapegoat to distract Frank from his supposed oncoming demise.


I love James but the last picture on this page where James sleeping at 7:00 AM & you got the bottle of lotion on the nightstand.


Before the season started, I thought that Tiffany was going to be another Vanessa and was hoping that she would be eliminated early. Especially since I read that she had won Sequester. Tiffany has mentioned at least once that Vanessa’s advice is not to “play the game” until week 3 or 4. So I really thought that she was purposely building up a weak “personality” so that people wouldn’t be intimidated by her – and that then she was going to suddenly morph into a strong player during week 3 or 4 and surprise everyone. And then….nothing. I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Did anyone watch Sequester? I know nothing about it. I’m wondering how she won?


Agree with Day and Tiff comments. Day I am sure is regretting all the Tiff hate, she now is in a precarious place. Her close ally Z & Nicole have brought in showmances, she is now the fifth wheel. I think she tried to repair things with Tiff- had one on one talk and realized she really needed her and to put aside her Van/Tiff hate- which I don’t understand. Da left early last season and didn’t play with Van that long, it could be her friendship with Jason, which is understandable. Davonne is now in a similar situation as Van last year. Van bonded with Austin and then he brought showmance into their alliance and Van was then the person on the outs, just like Da is with her Nic, and Z thing- insert Paulie, and Corey- who I don’t understand Nicole at all. I mean worried that Tiff would spill stuff Nicole went and blabbed all over the place and Nicole has been very disappointing- Nicole likes to play with the boys.. Hey Nicole that didn’t work so good, try staying strong with girls. I know Michelle is there but she is really hard to understand. Anyway Tiff also didn’t do herself any favors by wearing glasses, being too quite and wear hats to cover face- Yes she also stood up to Frank but Frank was able to turn that against her. Tiff-you have to know you sound and look like your sis, don’t give folks that dejavu feeling. Hope Tiff comes back or someone does and send Frank out. His style of play is just as in your face as the hi paranoid version.

Fifth Wheel

Am I the only one who thinks being the fifth wheel is a really good spot. Its not ideal for final 3, but 5th wheel with 2 couples guarantees final 3 if the group makes it to final 5. Both couples will fight it out for your tie breaking vote. Plus you can always gobble up the widowed member at final 4. And its most likely a loyal alliance if the others are thinking downstairs, while also ensuring bigger targets in case the alliance ends up on the wrong side of the numbers. If I was Da, I’d take that group in a second.


A question for those watching the feeds: is Paulie just stringing Frank along or is he actually still aligned with him and lying to the others?


Paulie is a big question mark for me??? He keeps throwing me off his trail. I can’t tell when he’s genuine. Is he friend or foe of Frank? Also Correy is a strange duck. Is he playing BB? He’s sort of a slug.

Paulie is a b*tch

Paulie is saying he is just playing along with Frank this week. Tough guy says he is going to take him out next week. Yeah right. He will try and hide behind others who he thinks will get him out just like he did this week all the while bowing to Frank.

He is scared of Frank and all his tough guy act is a joke just like Cody.

U really think he is gonna ride to final two with James or Zak or Corey? Bahahahaha! Frank will pick him off soon as he is done using Paulie the b*tch.


Well he tells Frank one thing but then tells Corey and z another. I think he’s just playing Frank. But can’t be 100% sure. I was hoping he was a little smarter and didn’t drink the Frank koolaid regarding tiff. Paulie and tiff could’ve been a quiet two thing and worked well together. At first Paulie was kinda diverting the obsessive tiff talk coming from Frank but I think he finally gave up. Although I think Paulie is really starting to think Frank is playing/ trying to run the whole house. But then he does something stupid like tell Frank Bridgette screwed up by showing she can win comps. If he’s really against Frank I have no idea why he would say that, and just try to play dumb instead.

James for the win!

Watching Bronte, Bridget and Natalie is like watching Sqidword, Partick and Sponge Bob.


Yes they are the most annoying girls I have ever seen . I mean how can he be so clueless in life I’m they come up with plans that they don’t even need to come up with . Oh my gosh I’m for girls winning the game but not them .

Never worse then BB15

WTF?! What a sh$& thing to say about anyone.


I think because Nicole got so screwed over last time by Christina her “BFF” she is leary about getting too attached to the other woman. She is trying to play a different game but in some ways it’s the same because of the showmance.


The maturity level this year is all over the place. Bridgette Natalie Bronte act like middle school girls. Nicole is still in high school. Frank behaves like a boy laughing at farts and vulgar immature comments. Paul is trying to be relevant. Correy is dull and a college frat boy. DaVonne Tiffany and James seem the most mature. Paulie???? That being said I still like this years show lol


I wonder if Natalie really does like James is flirting with Cory to get information .but if she doesn’t like James I don’t think anybody should be mad at her because James is the biggest flirt in the world .so people shouldn’t be mad at Natalie just cause she goes and flirting in the game because so does James he did it last season with Meg and other people And does it season with Nicole and all the other girls in the house. So she’s just playing James get game back on him .


James flirted because he actually liked that person he never flirted to advance himself in the game. Big difference!


How old is James isn’t he like 10 years older than Natalie. if he can beat that easily lead around then he deserves to be .and he does do it to advance his game because no one wants to vote out or feels threatened by a big flirt . Which is exactly Natalie’s game people don’t feel threatened by her . I love James and I love his prankes but I know it part of his game people want to keep you around because he’s fun .


Nat went on and on and on for days about Vic pretending to like her and how wrong it was……… For days she said this, so if she is using James and not into him then she is a cold hearted bitch and a hypocrite. I still am liking her so I really, REALLY hope her feelings for James are genuine.

Crew of Basics and Lames

James to Nat: “I can’t wait to go on our Venezuela trip”

Nat: “Soon. I want to go with my mom first to scope out the sitch”

Whats next? James: “Can’t wait to have sex with you”

Nat: “Soon. I want to get off the show and as far away from you as possible then contact me. I will leave you my email addy”


She told him her number was 867-5309 and that her real name was Jenny.


Bridgette is totally milking this injury lmao but she’s def right about crutches… I was on them for about 5 straight years & they really do suckkkk. Nothing fun about them whatsoever.

The Roach Coach

I am really enjoying Frank this season, he isn’t playing the best social game, but he’s playing the most enjoyable social game from a feed standpoint. He isn’t scared like Nicole, or paranoid like Da, he’s in everyone’s ear and spreading different targets to different people. Not that the house isn’t on to him, they are, but it’s really fun to watch. And once Frank vs. DA starts I have a feeling it’ll be a game changer and really fun to watch. In a way the game is made for Frank this year, his season had veteran’s and teams just like this one. So I wouldn’t sleep on frank, and when the line is drawn in the sand, he will probably put up a fight with his back against the wall for a few weeks longer. Frank’s not playing the best game by any means, but from a feed standpoint he is playing the kind of game i’m sure a lot of fans wish their favorites would have the courage to play.
Paul is playing a good social game, he’s learning quick, and is smart.
Keep an eye on Paul he could suprise a lot of people.
This is my favorite season since that epic season when Ian won, Dan came back from the dead, the greatest blindside ever when Danielle vetoed Dan and Dan flipped it on her and kept Ian safe and sent Shane packing. And of course, my all time fave… Brittney!
That was such a great season and since then bb has been pretty boring and predictable. I am enjoying this season alot! I really like every HG for different reasons which is super rare for me.


James said that Clay slept with Audrey?

Nat game

I think Natalie is in the best position. No one is gunning for her and she got 2 weak soldiers (bronte and Bridgett) and 1 strong soldier (James). if she doesn’t cause any major drama, she is going to be in the final 4 for sure. I thought James was in the best position but telling Natalie everything and trying to protect her will be the demise of his game. The 500k is in James’s pocket if he cuts Natalie loose, if not Natalie is going deep into this game.

Get with it

Wait, Clay slept with Audrey???


One question: Why does people sit around the bathroom to talk when someone is in the shower, when there is several places in the house to sit and talk? Never do they give anyone any kind of along time in the rest room. This just bugs the hell out of me, the girls when it’s a guy and, the guys when it’s a girl. I would have to yell out get the heck out and talk somewhere else while I shower. This just gets under my skin.

Brody Schiller

franks needless overplaying is bizarre, its almost like production have told him to do everything he can to get people annoyed, then get evicted, only to return in battle back for extra drama

at this stage battle back will look like this…

glenn v jozea…winner v vic…winner v tiffany…winner v probably frank(tiffany v frank will be heated)

final 8 prediction…michelle, nicole, z, da, corey, paulie, james, natalie


Did I really see Frank grab Nicole by the neck last night on BBAD?