Becky “If its a 4 – 4 tie, I am keeping Shelli.” Johnny “It changes everything. I have to win.”

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: Shelli and Vanessa
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 10-12-07-757
– The live feeds are going to be crazy leading up to Thursday’s Eviction –
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9:50am Backyard – Johnny says if she does make it through the first eviction I up for the second one. Becky says so that’s where she’s at! Johnny says god dammit. Becky says I really don’t what Vanessa to stay so I really what Shelli to have a convincing argument. That she won’t put up James, Jackie, Meg. And I want her to stand by it because for her to stay in this game improves my game. I like her. Just got to do it and stand by it. We don’t want to keep the person everyone wants home. I would be shocked if Shelli makes it three more rounds because Liz, Austin and them have been so close to her. Me winning was the best chance for Shelli and even I can’t convince them. I worked on them for an hour last night. They were like why would we take out the person that would come after us during the double eviction. I was like you couldn’t think of that before. Johnny says god dammit. Becky says Its in Shelli’s hands to convince them she isn’t after them. The only person that is safe this week is Meg. No one would send her home. The big fish are Shelli, James, Austin. We’re all secondary targets if one of them comes off. Johnny asks who do you think you guys would vote for between me and Steve. Becky says they’re not after you. They want Shelli and Vanessa to go home obsessively. It would be a potential to put a twin on the block next to one of them in case they’re not sure which way they would vote. They aren’t wanting anyone else. I don’t know who would be next after .. the only people James, Jackie, Meg want out are Shelli and Vanessa. Shelli has to convince them she won’t go after them to get their vote. Johnny says if she goes I have to pull out a “W” here (Win). Becky says I would die if I get evicted on Thursday and Shelli doesn’t. Maybe a strategy might be to change. Clay and Shelli started that battle with James. He was saying he likes Clay and didn’t understand it. When he dug into it he found out the dirt that Shelli and Clay didn’t like him. James questioned it after the “On The Edge” HOH. Johnny says Damn. Becky says its primarily between James and Shelli .. if they can work out their issues they can make it happen. Johnny asks are they 100% decided or are they up in the air. Becky says they’re up in the air. During the double eviction they have to put up someone that will ensure the target goes home. You’re not a target. Johnny says I’m a target if Vanessa, Austin or the twins win .. and they don’t want to put you guys up. That’s four people. That’s a lot more than you’re worried about. Steve and I would go up. Becky says I’m afraid of the twins too. We’ve gone after them. I lied to them. Becky tells Johnny to take time to talk to Shelli. Johnny says these goblins.. dammit. Becky says they make a good point until Shelli can convince them. Johnny asks what would your guys move be if you won during double eviction. Becky says it would depend on who stays. We can’t feel out where Austin and the twins are at. Meg Joins them.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 09-54-01-968

In the bedroom – Liz says Johnny Mac is sketching me the f**k out. Austin says I know. Liz says Like he’s done! Austin so bizzare. I don’t know where he gets off! Yeah it won’t work. They’re trying to make sure we’re all voting together.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 09-57-59-710

10:20am Meg tells James and Jackie that apparently Steve, Johnny Mac and Becky were up all night. Meg says whatever!

10:25am – 10:35am Comic bedroom – Austin asks who’s outside. Vanessa says Becky and Johnny Mac. Austin says of course. Vanessa says that Becky and Johnny Mac were up all night talking with Steve. Vanessa tells Austin and Liz I know why Shelli was asking Julia who she would put up because she knows Julia isn’t going to say to her Shelli or You. She know she would probably say one of them and then she would use that information and go to one of them and say look they’re gunning for you. I’m willing to gun for them if you keep me. I would bet my life that’s what they were brainstorming with Steve. I would bet my life on it. Austin says that’s the twist .. everyone here is a cop! (Reference to BB16 Derrick lying about being a cop) Liz says it makes sense. Vanessa says don’t give her anything. Liz says obviously! Vanessa says here is the thing I would never.. if I am not going to win I want one of you to win. If you guys would win you would do the same as me .. put up Johnny Mac and Becky. Austin says yeah. Vanessa says and then we could keep Steve. Why does Johnny Mac go to the diary room so much? We should just ask him. Austin says I need to crank up the funny, things have gotten too serious. Vanessa says I became Audrey 2.0 for a bit because I got sad no one would come visit me. Austin says Becky and Johnny Mac are The General Macs.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 10-32-28-804

10:45am – 10:55am Backyard – Becky says I wouldn’t have the votes to stay if they put me up next to Meg. And if Vanessa wins I would for sure go up. Johnny says I wouldn’t have the votes if they put me up next to Steve. Becky says I would be the backdoor target. They would vote me out because I’m more likely to win. Becky says if its a 4 – 4 tie! I am keeping Shelli. And I will tell them that. That requires Liz, Julia and Austin to keep Shelli over Vanessa but I highly doubt Austin would keep Shelli over Vaneesa. Johnny says it changes everything. I have to win. If I win I don’t know what I would do. If Shelli did go home, do I finish their fight for them? I don’t know. Johnny says I picked the wrong side. I had a group .. but its been destroyed! Austin and Liz join them and the conversation ends. Becky says I can’t believe in just over a week 3 people will be gone. Liz and Becky talk about last season. Liz says she couldn’t stand Jocasta .. she was such a wet blanket.

Austin tells Liz. Its weird, why is he (Johnny Mac) sulking so much.

11:30am Johnny Mac and Becky are talking on the backyard couch. JOhnny says I cant believe we have to play with such stupid people! Becky says I just wish Shelli and Clay had been smarter .. like you have to be smart about how you play your cards. I want Shelli here. If my group goes after Shelli I can’t save her. I can’t risk my game any more. Johnny says if Vanessa stays she has a good chance at winning a quiz comp. Keeping Vanessa is good for James not the group. Becky says its better me if Shelli stay but not for the group. Its up to Shelli. She has to sell her soul and bury the hatchet. You need to find her and talk to her. Johnny says I’ll go get to it and wake her up.

Becky talks to Jackie in the bathroom. She says I feel better after our talk last night. I see Megs points. From an individual stand point I shot myself in the foot but from a game stand point I understand.

Comic bedroom – Vanessa is talking Johnny. Vanessa says I realize that you will probably vote for Shelli. If you’re not 100% sure how you will vote I have an argument on why you should vote for me. I understand if you have a loyalty there though. I won’t say anything bad about Shelli. There’s a lot you should know about the big picture. Its not out of disrespect that I haven’t approached you for a vote .. its out of respect. Johnny asks what do you have to tell me. Vanessa says I am extremely loyal unless someone wrongs me. Vanessa says there is a lot I want to explain to you if I stay. Before we vote I will have a talk with you to explain why I should stay. I feel bad for taking a vote away from Shelli but I want to stay. Johnny says I will just make a business decision. Vanessa says that Becky is not on the top of my list but I do think she has wronged me. I think she is a hypocrite. I know you are friends with her .. I have a lot to explain to you. I know you are close to Becky but if you knew what I know it would be different.

12pm Backyard – Austin asks should we just tell Shelli. We will vote for her but one of us might send Vanessa a sympathy vote. Just to get her to calm down. The whole Steve nerd act isn’t really. He really is the pu$$y thrasher. Julia says that Johnny Mac is sketchy. I wanted to call him out .. like its past your bedtime! Austin says if he wins we’re f**ked. Julia says if we win we should put up John and Becky. Austin says its risky if Becky doesn’t go. Julia says its best if Vanessa wins. Austin says I think Steve and Johnny Mac would be best for us too. Julia says the grimlins are more afraid of us. Julia says we will tell Shelli we will vote for her and that one of us will throw Shelli a sympathy vote.. I think that’s a good conversation to have so that she doesn’t start scrambling.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 11-58-59-125

12:05pm – 12:35pm HOH room – Becky is talking to Jackie. I would have gone about this week differently if I knew everyone felt they wanted Shelli out. If it comes to a tie I am voting out Vanessa. Jackie says yeah you have to do what’s best for you. Shelli is more of an individual than Vanessa. Jackie says but she is coming after us. I can’t get that out of my head. Shelli can’t move the masses. Vanessa can. She can lead people. Shelli can’t. She is just laying low. She has no one. Vanessa still has Austin. Vanessa will tell you whatever you want to hear. If she wins HOH I am going up next to Meg and you guys will have to choose. Jackie says that’s the same as if Shelli wins. Jackie says Shelli is coming after us but trust me I want Vanessa out as much as you. Jackie says the only reason why we are questioning it is because we are looking out for the group .. not to throw you out to the wolves. Jackie and Becky start studying.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-08-12 12-05-11-865


  • Goblins/Gremlins = Jackie, James and Meg
  • Generals = anyone allied with Becky
  • SOS = Steve and Vaenssa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • ? = Becky, Shelli, Jmac, Steve
  • Freaks n Geeks = Austin, Twins, Steve, Vanessa
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Brass Tacks” Β Gobins and Austwins

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Three Headed Monster is what I’ve been calling Austin and the twins.

Member of the Ant Farm

The A Tweam!!

Who cares

Those twins don’t have a kind word about anyone, they are so wishy washy. If only they knew how to play the game.


Ratpack= Becky, Steve, John


Actually you got that from Jason but okay.


monster indeed. ppl are so afraid to go after them, it baffles me
the three heads will only become more powerful as ppl go
need to throw vanessa up there with one of them so she could “brainwash” the rest to vote them out (seriously joking)

Grease the Goblins

I hope the twins or Austin somehow pull out the HOH and bounce creepy James.


This is going to be a very exciting DE! Not sure who will win HOH and everyone has a different target.


I mean, not to be a downer, but pretty much everyone is going to nominate some combination of Steve/Becky/Johnny Mac.

Hopefully JMac or Steve wins to shake things up!


Rat Johnny has slept through the whole game. He doesn’t talk game with anyone in the house just listened and reported back to Shelli/Clay. And Rat Becky did the same. So Rat Becky steps up and is shocked that people aren’t buying what she’s selling. A rat is a rat is a rat. I don’t care which side they are one I don’t like rats.


Maybe I’m wrong, but, is it a really a double eviction tonight? I don’t remember Julie mentioning anything last Thursday.


Thank you, Dawg.
On another note, why the thumbs down from people!! i was just asking a question.
Anyway, thx again, Dawg. You and Simon do such a great job to keep us BB fans up to date.
I’ll be making a donation.

Grease the Goblins

Can we evict James twice? Meg is the only Goblin worth anything.


I hope that the next Double Eviction is a complete blindside so that they won’t have time to prepare for who’s going home

JMac is a Boss

Please bounce one of the Goblins.


This is going to be a very exciting DE. Not sure who will win HOH and everyone has a different target!

Pinocchio Obama

Is anyone targeting James besides Shelli?


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I do this!!!


thanks COCO


I finally copied and pasted your link to my amazon account, and the tens of thousands I buy each year for my business each year should help a bit. I am quite addicted to your site and the commment section. Thanks so much!


Thanks! really appreciate the support and glad you like the site.


Thanks for the heads up. I buy from Amazon all of the time. And given that I cant buy the feeds (as outside of the US without a US billing address), I can support this site through Amazon.

Just to clarify, if I simply access Amazon through the link you provided, this will support your site? (I have a US shipping address so I use the US site).


Thanks Stingray,

This is how it works. When you click the link it sets a cookie on your browser so anything you purchase during that session gives us a percentage based on the $$ value you spend.


Hi Simon…I buy pretty much everything (shoes shoes and more shoes) through Amazon. From now on I will go through your site. May be stupid question but is your site up year round..? I only log in during BB season.


Does this also work for The UK version?

I survived last seasons BB

Reality is setting in,,,and it does not look good

Meanwhile Shelli does……absolutely nothing

The Truth

I have been totally on the dying to get rid of Vanessa train, but Shelli and Becky totally don’t deserve to get their way on this eviction because of the way they handled things. Becky’s selfishness and Shelli’s indifference don’t stand a chance versus James sound logic and V’s full court press for votes.

They dug their own grave with bad gameplay so jump on in girls–they’ll both be gone Thursday.


Becky will be all over Shelli in the jury house..”Just tell me that you like me! I’ll get you a BIG Abercrombie gift card! Oh Shelli, please!”


Shelli should use the fact that she’s a good competitor as a reason not to get evicted… There will probably be a competition between the first four jurors and if shelli is one of them that means the other three will have to beat her to come back into the game. The goblins might realize that if one of them gets evicted they have a better chance of beating Vanessa and coming back than they do shelli


I would counter quietly that I could make a deal with Austin that our two groups get out the competition beasts and let them fight it out during Jury. When one comes back, they will be alone and get them out again.

That leaves two even teams to battle it out to the end.


So Vanessa keeps saying she not going to campaign against Shellie…as she is campaigning against Shellie! Of course nobody is catching on to this?!? Oye Vey!
Vanessa has made it her mission to turn the entire house against Becky and it is working. Bah bah go the sheep!


My favorite player is in danger Johnny Mac he better win HOH or I think he’s going home during double eviction. The twins, Vanessa and Austin are gunning for him! Not to mention James, Jackie and Meg. It’s not looking good for him! Steve better get with it or he will be gone after! I am sick of all sides and like Johnny Mac and Becky. The gremlins are useless and I’m sick of the antics of Vanessa, Twins and Austin. I think it is ridculous that all these people are still not voting out the twins yet wow one might make it to the end or both!

Whackstreet for the Win!

And they wonder why J-Mac is in the DR constantly. News flash, it’s because the rest of you stink!!!


Rat Johnny and Rat Becky are getting what they deserve. They chose to be rats and now it’s going to bite them in the @ss.

The train should have won

Becky plays a very low-level retail management game. Enforce the rules. Take all the credit (I put her up, I did this, I did that) and spread the blame if it backfires (we decided, we should have asked this question before Monday afternoon). Becky’s skill set just isn’t suited to managing people. Just attempting to force them into submission. She went on for several minutes to Meg and Jackie how it wasn’t ok to vote out Shelli and how she is going to be upset if it happens. No good argument, just wanted them to obey. They looked at her with blank faces. That’s all the game she got. Boring, basic Becky.


Miss Black Friday is back-pedaling now!!! She actually admitted the Gobs have a good point and they DO! Everyone is thinking that the Gobs have lost a good ally in Becky, but what good does that do, if Shelli wins and puts up James/Jackie. How can Becky save them? She CAN’T. Which is why it makes no sense that they stick with Becky’s Managerial Plan. She just said, keeping Shelli is good for “HER” game. So everyone that thinks the Gobs are making a terrible decision- get over it! There was no alliance. Alliance members actually discuss who is best to take out for the group, not just for the HOH. Like them or not, this is the Gobs’ best move THIS WEEK.


how does no one call Becky out on her ‘if i’d known y’all wanted shelli out” bs? How did she not know that when that was the agreed upon plan by everyone, in exchange for not voting shelli out during James’ HOH? the agreement was next HOH (unless it was shelli, obvs) would put Shelli up in order for Shelli to be evicted immediately (unless she won POV obvs).

the only person who switched up the plan was Becky, for her own reasons, not the groups.

and the obsession with the 8 person alliance is bizarre. In the first place, it lasted less than 24 hours, & the 2nd place vanessa made sure that the alternative was not Steve, & the 3rd place obviously vanessa put up a member of that 8 alliance so at what point do you not think maybe it was a fake agreement, steve. seriously. obsessing about it on the 4th eviction after the fact, to determine what to do next? and let’s face it, don’t forget Shelli was a member of it, so how does she become more trustworthy about a fake alliance than vanessa?



I guess the trolls are back. 21-2 there aren’t that many idiots on this site. The reasons the Goblins are wrong are many. Lets start with Becky. She is competitive in challenges. God forbid you win something and don’t get evicted like Jason morons! Meg is the single most useless HG I’ve seen in years. Eat some more Cheetos you lazy pig.
Instead of 3 with Becky you get 4. it seems so simple a child could understand. 21 thumbs up have no clue. Austwins plus Van is 4 and Van has Steve for as long as she keeps him. See no reason to work with Becky lets work with Vanessa and Austwins. They have systematically destroyed your side of the house goblins. Can folks be more stupid?
Shelli was isolated without Clay that’s the funny part. She’s as harmless as a heel hound. Vanessa will tear these guys up after Johnnie and Becky gone. She’ll dump Steve long before F2 but I’m thinking she’ll let a Goblin HOH do that dirty work. Goblins can figure this out among the many things they have not calculated. How do you go after the twins? Because with Becky and Johnnie Mac gone whose going to do that dirty work. And where do you find numbers?
Easy game and very stupid people….. except for Vanessa the best will be competing to get back in the house. As we know this is a giant waste of time but better than the zero entertainment watching 4th sense roll over these idiots.


Is Becky really on their side? Her loyalty seems to be w/ Johnny Mac and Shelli and she was building trust w/ Steve. I think Vanessa was spot on when she said that Becky was trying to be the 4 in everybody’s group so that way whenever there was a power shift she would always be safe. Getting rid of Vanessa was part of that strategy. She would have been the 4 with the Austwins, J/J/M, and Jmac, Shelli and Steve. When JMac realized Shelli was never going to mend fences w/ James he knew it would never work between J/J/M and him Becky and Steve. Both Jmac and Steve want to align with the Austwins, making it them +Shelli, and Becky. That’s 6 against 3. Now its the goblins and Austwins against Jmac, Steve and possibly Becky at some point. Vanessa is also a potential target. I never trusted Becky to have their backs once she no longer needed them as numbers to get rid of Vanessa. Either way you look at it , the goblins are screwed. At least Vanessa has a new target in Becky which makes Jmac a threat as well. The goblins can relax for a few more weeks at least.


Her retail hustle is bad because A&F is not even a commission based environment. Her Black Friday consists of moving stock, moving lines, and replenishing shelves. Their product basically needs no selling and gets dirt cheap on sale dates.
You know how she hates Vanessa’s “my word”? She loves using all these A&F buzzwords when talking with people on Tuesday, especially “stick to the gameplan” and also her stupid “Generals” tactic is exactly what their trainee managers do.


Trying to wrap my head around this…
If a goblin wins the DE Vanessa/jmac go up
If the Austwins win Becky/jmac go up
If Vanessa wins Becky/jmac go up
If Jmac wins Vanessa/????
If Steve wins Becky/??????

So from the looks of things the goblins and Austwins are alright. Jmac might put Austin up to secure votes to get out Vanessa.


And in case you haven’t heard me say it yet.. I love this season πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


Me too πŸ™‚


Me too…..was getting tired of the previous trend in recent years that some people went along with the house and didn’t vote the way they wanted to. This year, not only are people voting the way they want to, but your word doesn’t mean a thing so I feel these guys are really playing the game Big Brother. You can really only trust yourself.


I agree this is a much better season than the last several years. That said, I disagree with your saying people are voting the way they want to. Wrong! There has been a lot of bullying of you need to vote the way the house does or else….usually said by Vanessa and at times Shellie!
The one item I would love to see change is the HG truely going back to voting the way they want to and STOP this voting the way the house wants them to vote!


Their word means nothing unless it’s Vanessa. Apparently her word means everything, seeing as she won’t shut up about it.


4 thumbs down πŸ™ you making me sad πŸ˜‰


How dare they with the thumbs down !!!!




I have to admit that at times I have accidentally hit the thumbs down while trying to press the thumbs up πŸ™
Unfortunately no option to undo the thumbs down.
Let’s hope the 4 down votes are purely the same mistake πŸ˜‰

I survived last seasons BB

Could not agree more..It is a great season

But in Your description above..You could have just put “if James wins” versus “If Goblins win”

Jackie already said She is throwing the comp..And if Meg finishes better than second to last it would be a major just James is left

Becky is Train wreck

This season is reminding me of BB11.


very much so, This is probably the best season since 11.


the flip overs are amazing this year
would love it more if its a true blindside. too bad Jmac and Becky already knew


Jmac would nom Vanessa and one of the twins.

Steve would nom Becky and Jackie.


If Jmac wins he will probably put up Vanessa/Liz. He can justify the power couple thing.
If Steve wins he will have the hardest time putting up someone next to Becky, so I think he will throw the competition depending on who is ahead. I don’t think he has a real shot at leaving during DE. But that’s just my guess. I don’t know how he feels about Vanessa nowadays but if he puts Vanessa next to Becky, Becky isn’t leaving. She offended the Goblins though (I am not used to this name yet).

Austwins might actually want to vote out Jmac in DE instead of Becky but they need a Goblin to do it too, and there’s been no convo. Vanessa may be ok with that though, but that’s not enough.


Becky is a horrible game player. Glad she got exposed like this. John should never have aligned with her, and he has so many people after him now. I don’t think either deserve to win or get far with so little hustle. They were overly confident that everyone hates Vanessa just as much as they do. Maybe they do hate her, but now she’s a good person to keep as a target.

They still like Shelli when Shelli tricked/used them the most, it’s amazing.


Everyday I get so mad at these people. (Yes, I’m BB obsessed). I am so ready for someone to go after Austwins. If these three are in final three…. Ugh

Like...I'm Jackie

So if Becky talks to anyone they are offended?!? She doesn’t have the right to try and save her own ass?!? They have fucked her over big time and she’s panicking…DUH! Those three are gonna sit back and let Vanessa and her minions bully Becky all next week and not say a word. I was rooting for the underdogs…now that they have proven to be total ass hats…no more! People being bullied isn’t something I’m ok with and Vanessa is a horrible person that has already started!

Meg's Twig Legs

Becky deserves it. She is the one that told JJM, she would take all the heat and didn’t car about getting blood on her hands. Now she is back peddling like crazy.

Earth to Becky, you are the one the went bat sh*t crazy about getting Van out. You and your manic rants to prove your point.


Becky deserves what Vanessa is doing and will be doing? As soon as Vanessa sees Shellie leave her insecure ass will go evil dick on Becky!
I don’t know anyone that deserves be bullied! So shame on you!

Beast Mode Cowpie

Becky caught a bad case of HOH-itis this week. Seems like she doesn’t understand the game that well. She watched James make a big move last week and thought to herself “I can do that too”. I’ll admit I was impressed at first by her courage and when the POV played out I thought her plan was going to work. But the plan was hers and hers alone and JJM were easily swayed away from it to protect their own butts. That’s the way this game works – HOH can get targets on the block but they can’t really dictate who goes home. Could all change in the next 24 hours though!


JMac is not going anywhere – he has got the fairies working for him. He’s been the favorite going in. Don’t understand why- he does not do a darn thing! This is not a popularity contest or the best at doing nothing contest. Geez…. Prediction- john boy will win this game.


Other than a couple minor things I haven’t noticed Production messing with this season. Or at least the houseguests aren’t talking about it. With that said if they are going to try and protect a player it’s going to be Jmac.


There was a “who would you take to Final 2” popularity contest and I think Production could keep the results of that to help him later on.

I don’t really think John should get a great gameplay rating this week, but he has the best personality by far. A bit cold at times to people where more convo would help. I just don’t like Production interference because this bloated cast already provides so much drama.


People saying production rigs the game are just wrong! By the way, on THE VIEW, Julie said the next HOH comp will be a 15 minute Cheeto eating comp. I don’t see how that favors anyone.

Fairy Godmother Julie Chen

I think you mean “The Talk”… I would never go on the view they are my competition and who likes whoopi goldberg?!


Fairy GM JC — Did you not also mention today that the takeover twists were ended as there was enough drama, etc in the house so outside input was not required?


The best personality?????? He has a creepy personality.


with the double failure of BOB and BB takeover
the production wouldn’t dare to go for a third try?…


I think the Takeover was to fill the gaps/lulls of yet another boring season of sheep but with this group, no need for a takeover!
Fights, flip flops, double crosses, secret alliances, sub-alliances, Goblins and TWINS…you can keep your takeover.


That’s pretty much what Ms. Chenbot said in a recent interview. Things are going well so they dropped the twists.

Flipped the script once again

Did Shelli stop playing the game? She really needs to campaign if she wants to stay. She is way too comfortable! Vanessa pulled this one out once again. Obviously, Vanessa wanted to stay more than Shelli.


A Mother/Son bond is so strong…

Flipped the script once again

Ewwwwww, lol!

WreckCity you Becky. Your only contribution in this game has been destroying JMAC and Steve’s game!

The Goblins are morons and that will show when they (James if he wins HOH) take out JMAC, Steve, or Becky while Vanessa and the AusTwins keep advancing. At this point JMAC, Steve, and Becky need to win both HOHs Thursday (which is entirely possible) and do some serious damage.

If JMAC and Steve can’t win I would pull for Vanessa and to a lesser extent James strictly because it just would seem like a wasted season if Jackie, Meg, Austin, Liz, or Julia wins BB17 LOL.

Come on JMAC and STEVE WIN !!!!!!


Jmac done goofed up his own game. He constantly aligns with sinking ships. It happened with Jeff, it happened with Clay, and now there’s a good chance it’s gonna happen with Becky. Also, Steve is in a fine spot for now. People are gonna go for the “General Macs” first, so he has a chance to blend back in.


So James has finally grown some brain cells. Probably hanging around intelligent peeps has stimulated his mind. James is making the only move that will get him to the end, which is joining his three alliance with the Twins 3 alliance. Together, the 6-man alliance can control the house, and get 3 out of the 6 to the end. Let’s see if the others can de-rail them. I doubt it, since all 6 have seen through their lies and deceptions.


i feel like Meg will win-not my first choice at all but i think everyone likes her and they,re not afraid of her because she never wins- she will take it all- hopefully I’
m wrong an jmac wins!!!


These antics make everyone in the house look dumb. But great to watch.


Simon, how about the new alliance from last night. JJM and Austin/twins, Austin briefly called it brass tacks.


I didn’t know there was a name.. brass tacks is fitting.


Yeah he mentioned brass tacks towards the end of their convo in have nots. They all kinda laughed it off. But it is fitting.




How about Twinlins?

Ariana Grande stinks!

Good sport! Good for JM and Becks.

Other than that the only person that I truly hate in that house is Ssssssssssteve the Snake! He’s a sociopath and a despicable person all around. Just can’t stand his guts even via TV! #GetSteveOut


Jmac needs to finish his own fight. In bb your baggage is heavy enough. This isn’t the Boy Scouts


Can you imagine all the vomiting that would be occurring in BB fan land if the final two is the twins???? Or one if the twins plus Meg???? Ugh!


You do realize that VANESSA is a world champion poker player? That means she is a master at bluffing and conning thousands of bucks from fat guys smoking cigars in Vegas…do you really think these little shmucks have a chance? All that crying was the best acting job on TV! And now, a sure thing…Vanessa going home…is turning into the opposite. Once again, she’s manipulated the innocent lambs who think they are masterminds! NOT ONLY THAT…like last year’s cop, no one really knows what she does in real life, whereas, everyone has spilled what they do, which makes things easier for a poker player. AND…while the other girls are there for the cameras and photo ops…and LIZ hoping to pose in Sports Illustrated…VANESSA already has! Again, if they knew that…and that she is a world poker champ…she might have been gone the first week just out of jealousy!

Little Sister

You are giving her way more credit than deserved but you are right, compared to these other minions, she would have been voted out the first week.


Except for her earnings, she basically told them much more than I expected. I don’t think they see her as a good poker player though, since Mama Day didn’t know her (LOL). I think they actually think she might be overstating her pro status.

I guess she did a good job making them think she lost her way out of it. It’s just that she never sounds bitter about poker the way a failed poker players does, she even said it was depressing when you win big and the other guy loses. Also I don’t get why she boasted about her law degree.


JohnnyMac is making a big mistake if his prime motivation is to play for Clay and Shelli. All they did for him was make him their little funny puppet.


I don’t get the Johnny love. The only thing he brings are loud diary room clips. I have never seen him do anything remotely interesting or entertaining, he didn’t build relationships with anyone except Steve, Clay, Shelli and Becky. Now that Becky blew up her game it leaves him in a bad spot, and it’s his own fault for thinking he could ride with the same people for the whole game. He doesn’t even know that Clay and Shelli considered him a parachute, their main allegiance was to the 6, so he was always expendable. Doesn’t he remember that Shelli put him up as a pawn twice and asked him to throw the competition? She even suggested he not use the POV to take himself off the block. I am guessing that if someone comes back into the game, it will be JMac, or maybe production will find him a wizard power to keep their fan favorite safe. He attached himself to a sinking ship. I understand laying low for the first half of the game and not winning anything unless you have to, but that only works if you spend that time forming friendships with all sides of the house. JMac hasn’t done that and now it’s too late. Now he needs to win to stay in the game, and if he wins HOH, he will be depending on Becky to win the next one. I don’t see the two of them alternating HOH wins for the rest of the season. He lost Clay, he is losing Shelli and Becky is a trainwreck. He isn’t even trying to get into something with the goblins. He needs to start playing a week ago, but he isn’t. I had hopes that he would be awesome, but he isn’t.

Ms Chiff

One of my favorite posts πŸ™‚

He seemed like he had such great potential to really add something unique and interesting to the season … he’s smart and he’s funny, seems to be easy-going, etc. But with the season more than half over – yeah, it’s interesting to look back and evaluate how he’s done in the first half of the season, like you did …

This week might be the week we get to see him really start to play – it might be now or never, so … he’ll be an interesting one to watch I guess …


There is one more alliance. It is the “Brass Tacks” that include James and his angels and Austin and the twins, they came up with the name last nite.


I’m gone quit watching BB
All it does is piss me off!
I love jmac and if he goes so do I !!!

Little Sister

Why can’t Shelli just promise not to go after the Goblins on Thursday for the DE? And she is fair game for any and all other votes on Thursday since otherwise she is definitely going home at the first elimination.

Meg is the New Dr. Will (JK)

Shelli should promise the Goblins safety and then honor it the same way James honored his deal with Shelli.


I think Steve’s little “secret” he keeps eluding to has to do with him no longer being at Cornell. He asked Jmac the other night…don’t you think its weird I transferred to a small state school from and an ivy league.


Nope, it’s not that. I’m 90% sure I know what it is, but telling would effectively end our friendship. It will probably come out on its own later anyway.

Pinocchio Obama

Is the secret that Steve is an alien? I’m guessing he has spent some time laying on a couch talking to a man wearing a hand puppet.


A big red flag ADC should have picked up on that they should evict Vanessa this week:
She was part of the 8-person dark moon alliance that agreed to backdoor Austin, so with so much support, why was Jason thrown on the block instead? ADC assumes Clay and Shelli were involved in Vanessa backdooring Jason instead, but to dismantle an 8-person alliance and to blindside more than half of the alliance with that renom does not make any sense unless you’re not only sure you have the support to evict him, but a long-term safety plan with the BD target you passed up on. The fact that Vanessa kept Austin off the block should have raised more questions with J/J/M, but Clelli’s denial of being involved ultimately set the target on them and distracted ADC from wondering how it was that Austin convinced Vanessa not to nominate him despite having a massive amount of support for this backdoor. Especially since Audrey told them in week 4 that there was an 6 person alliance between them, did ADC just shrug that off??? I find it so hard to root for ADC with all of this evidence pointing to Vanessa as a heavy strategic threat. She’s such a question mark and while they know Shelli is after them, but they also know Vanessa is untrustworthy and they have even said that she is playing everyone and has no loyalty so in my opinion its better to keep the devil you know than the devil you don’t. ADC gotta FIO


I wish for DE they would let America vote on who gets evicted or at least have one of the votes like an extra player. Or let America put up the replacement if someone uses the veto.


Nope as someone that has watched BB from season 1. They day BB lets america vote someone out, is the day I quite watching the show.

This isn’t a popularity contest.


Glad John seems to realize he needs to win this next HoH. He’s done well in comps in the past, so hopefully he can make it happen.


Steve is playing both sides & not sure what he would do if he did win HOH. He is afraid of Van & her bag of crazy repercussions, & not sure if he is ready to double cross her in case she stays. Honestly believe he rather work with JMAC & Shelli but as we have heard him mention, no matter what group he picks(goblins,Van&Austwins, or Becky Shelli,&JMAC),he is low man on the totem pole. Complete wild card Steve is.
JMAC would def throw Van up on the block for sure but questioning whether he would put up a twin to try to ensure Van would go. Plenty of HG would be fighting for the twin to stay over Van, so maybe that would be a good way to try to get her out. By far the most exciting week besides James’s power move during his HOH!


I’m kinda excited that they are fighting over who should go and who should stay because both Shelly and Vanessa are big threats. Either decision would be good.


I’ve watched a lot of Vanessa’s poker playing on youtube and she’s so different while she’s playing than she is in the house. She is very together and calm when she plays. To say she’s a Strategist is an understatement. Did I read wrong here that Becky said Vanessa is a social player? Her problem is that her social skills kinda suck. She’s working her ass off and strategizing 24/7, to the point that people get tired of her intensity. I’ve been her fan all along and started to lose interest in the show but when I read that they’re considering keeping her, no way would I stop watching. Changing the target at the last minute makes for great tv!!


I agree, she’s a very good strategic player. The only fault I find with her is she tends to belabour her points, repeating the same over and over….she should state her case and stop. I totally hope she makes it through and wins the whole thing!


Here we were a few days ago expecting Shelli and Vanessa drama, but that didn’t happen. Shelli is so self important that she never thought she was in danger, so she continues to be the entitled phony bitch she has always been, and Vanessa took an Audrey time out. Instead of the drama we expected, we get Becky stepping on grenades that she planted herself. I enjoy watching Becky freaking out. She made a bad move, she attached herself to every alliance in the house and didn’t want to work with anyone, she wanted everyone to fall in line. She doesn’t have the relationships or the personality to pull that off.

I remember that in S11, everyone wanted Ronnie on the block, but Jesse was secretly working with Ronnie. He didn’t want to put him up, but he didn’t want to piss the house off either. So his strategy was brilliant (not a Jesse fan, but credit given where it is due) he brought everyone up to HOH one by one and asked them the same question: How does sending Ronnie home help your game. From what I remember, nobody was able to give him a good reason and he ended up convincing the others that there were better options. He saved face, did what he wanted and even the people that really wanted Ronnie out accepted that Jesse had some good points.
Becky didn’t listen to anyone. She heard them talking but didn’t listen and kept talking over them. She blew up her own game.
One of the things I am loving about this season is that it isn’t predictable. There hasn’t been such a great season since BB11. This is what happens when you get a good cast and when production cans the stupid twists and lets people play the game. Loving this season!!




So Simon/Dawg,

a) what are the chances of Shelli being evicted over Vanessa?
b) what are the chances of Vanessa surviving double eviction?
c) what are the chances of Becky being evicted tomorrow night?


The house is still very volatile. Things could easily change tonight
a) Shelli going to Jury
b) the goblins and Jmac will put her up, there’s then the POV and a vote
c) Vanessa, Steve, Austwins will put Becky up but there’s still POV and a vote.

If everyone’s competition abilities are equal Becky has a better chance to be sent to jury tomorrow over Vanessa.


I’m flip flopping as much as the house.
Now I say, get rid of Vanessa.


I don’t understand why AuTwins have turn on Shelli so sharply. I thought the twins felt closer to Shelli than Van, esp given the sorority sister crap.
It would be nice if Becky, JM would go up to AuTwins and say we will work with you if you vote out Van and keep Shelli. It would then be us 6 (including Steve) against those three. But of course Austin doesn’t want to work with anyone too smart.

bb or go broke

90% chance shelli goes home tomorrow night 50/50 chance becky or vanessa go home tomorrow night, 25% johnymac/steve go home tomorrow night


Thursday is going to be a loooooong day for me. I am on the west coast and I have to wait until 11:35pm to see Big Brother due to the football game (I guess it’s not that bad, at least my Dallas Cowboys are playing). Thank goodness for this blog…..I will be glued to my iPad to see if there are any updates throughout the night. I haven’t been able to not look at this site before the show airs to find out who wins HOH.


GO COWBOYS!!! Sorry couldn’t help myself.

South Americas Team

Good post but thumbs down for being a Cowboys fan.


Unlike the house guest this season, I saw your post coming from miles away.


Oooh, looks like jmac is getting a little feisty. Lets see if he can win hoh now and make a big move. It seems like since James made the big move and put clay and shelli up everyone else is wanting to make big moves now too.


I have a question NOT game related and directed towards Simon, Dawg and any old timers/long termers here on the site.
How long has this site been around and what made you guys begin transcribing the feeds?
And have you seen all seasons of BBUS?
I started watching Season 8 and found this site around Season 10 or 11.


Someone really should be taking bets on this. Forget about poker, this is the game to bet on. Its kind of like a horse race. Looks like shelli’s in the lead but wait here comes Vanessa from behind! They are now neck and neck! Who will it be! It will be one of them by a vote!

skeptical onlooker

I wish Becky wasn’t so boring. Annoyingly so. She has zero personality…and hard to like. My eyes just glaze over when she goes on and on and on.
Vanessa is a piece of work. Someone mentioned watching her play poker..and how cool she was. Yeah…in the beginning. But there’s no question. She did fall apart….she has a reputation of being crazy. And…her poker game just wasn’t that great. She lost a lot..and even the top players have backers. Vanessa does not have backers. I think she has some serious mental issues…and she looks way older than she is. I do feel sympathy for her..I think she is an overachiever..and cannot stand losing. A huge ego…and very self involved.
Steve is just weird. I can’t stand him.
Things change….I was not a Jackie fan…but she’s growing on me. Julia ..she’s a pretty good player. Good at comps…very social….she’s growing on me as well.
Shelli. Just so fake. And petty. She can leave….I wouldn’t miss her.
James. I like his chances. He’s pretty savvy..and he’s going to put things together.
Meg. She will have to really step up. So far….useless.
Tinlizzie. Liz will only play well..if Austin is out of the game.
Johnny Mac. Better get a grip. Time to start playing. Or he’s out.
At this time..for me….Shelli should go. Then Vanessa…then Steve..and then Becky and Austin.
Then the game will change….and we will see a lot of competitiveness.
Shuffle up and deal. πŸ™‚


Did anyone notice that Liz and Julia look a lot alike. I don’t think anyone in the house did. Seems their the only one s that aren’t targets. Wouldn’t want to upset them in the jury. They won’t be in the jury if you don’t get them out soon. As the # of people in the house go down their odds of winning go up. Oh yeah and Meg the only thing you gonna get targeted for is final 2. Meg is worse than Victoria and I didn’t think that was possible.

Austin's beady eyes

Everyone assumes Austin supports reality he is jealous of her and the twins relationship. If you ever hear the twins say something positive about Vanessa he will come back with a imply that Vanessa isn’t who they should support. Liz is only about herself and Julia wants to roll with Vanessa but Liz and Austin don’t really. They only wana float to Vanessa when she running shit. When they saw Vanessa may go home they dropped her like hot rock. Sickening and trust me Vanessa noticed it. Julia stuck with Vanessa and Vanessa saw that as well. Julia rocks. Austin and Liz are scum and floaters big time. Meaning they sway to whoever they feel is running the game.

Becky hopefully goes Thursday second eviction after Shelli goes in the first.

This season kicks ass. Its so good that they stopped that takeover shit cuz these ppl are exciting as fuck without any help. All you production is scripting shit people are just mad the people you like are about to get blasted out the door.


I’d like to see one of the twins go. I think watching the remaining twin and Austin would make great tv. I also hope that Vanessa goes home tomorrow. I’m so sick of watching her complain and weasel her way out of every situation. I’m also sick of that disgusting hat.


Where can I watch the DE tonight online LIVE?? Football is taking over my set tonight and I want to watch BB instead!!! Help!!!