Jackie “What’s with this special treatment?!” Jason “You’ve opened Pandora’s box now!”

POV Holder: Vanessa Next POV July 18th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 20th
HOH Winner Team 1: Liz HOH Winner Team 2: Shelli
Nominations 1 : Jackie & James Nominations 2: Jason & Johnny Mac
Battle of the Block Winner James and Jackie Next HOH/ Next BOB July 23rd / July17th
Original Nominations: Jason & Johnny Mac
Current Nominations: JohnnMAC and Audrey
Have Nots Jackie, Audrey, JohnnyMac and Becky

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 13-14-06-387

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10:50am – 1:08pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds for the HOH lock down in preparation for tonight’s eviction.

1:10pm – 1:30pm The live feeds return to James in the living room vacuuming. Meg, Vanessa and Jason in the bedroom talking about hair cuts. Meg suggests Jason wait for others to get their hair cut before risking getting one from someone without any practice. Jason says I’m going to look like Steve if I don’t get my top cut. Jackie comments that Audrey is showering. Meg says that’s a good sign I guess. Meg asks Jackie what was the deal this morning? Jackie asks what deal? Meg says opening that room (Second HOH room) and like.. Jackie says just for her. I know like come on! Better be open every f**king time now then! Meg says no it won’t be. Jackie says I know what’s with this special treatment?? Jason says none of us will get that I can guarantee you that! Jackie says she’s going to walk out on a red carpet. Like do we all have to act like that to get something. Like she’s taking a warm shower right now. Meg asks oh my god she is?!!?! Jackie says of course she is! She doesn’t give a f**k. Meg says that is really a slap in the face. Jackie says if I were going home I would never do that. You do what you have to do for the BB family. Like No! Just because you’re going home you don’t give up. Meg says that’s what she did. Jackie says I know just because she’s going home she gave up. That’s what people are going to hate her for. Vanessa comes by and says she’s in the shower. Jackie says yeah in the warn shower. Vanessa says oh. Jason says she’s not a real havenot!! Jason says Big Brother I hope you’re listening to this.. Jason is going to go in there and throw a fit to get whatever he wants. Jackie says we all are now. Jason says you’ve opened Pandora’s box now! The week you’re going home ain’t nobody need to be a havenot because all you need to do is … Big Brother blocks the feeds. Jackie says you get penalty votes or something. Meg says I keep waiting for there to be some type of explanation or something. Jackie says it was all weird. Meg says her hospice days were too similar to her basement days. Jason says she’s been fine for a hot minute now and she still doesn’t have to be a havenot. Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 13-11-54-076

1:30pm – 1:50pm Vanessa breaks down and starts crying about her acne that is breaking out. Clay starts cutting JMac’s hair. Shelli comments on how Audrey took a warm shower. Clay says oh yeah she’s doing whatever she wants to do.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 13-29-26-882

1:50pm The fish camera is a bit off .. and we can see a member of production’s legs walking around the second HOH room.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 13-52-25-872

2pm – 2:30pm Kitchen – Becky comes out of the havenot room and tells Meg, Jackie and Jason about how she went into the room and turned on the light and Audrey turned it off again. Becky says she turned it right back on and said not till I’m done doing what I need to do. Jackie says she is taking up the whole room like its her own bedroom. I am so over this! I’m being a bit*h I guess. I’m going to be shunned. Jason says I was being nice about it but after that shower thing. I’m over it. Jason says they’re going to get away with everything!?!? That’s just ridiculous! Jackie asks Jason what the HOH comp will be. Jason whispers something about him thinking its a knock out comp. Jason says he’s going against Steve… “I’m f**ked” Jackie says we need to study. Jackie says she is worried about how people are going to view her and that is why people are going to hate her. Austin says she came here and used production as a strategy.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 13-59-03-486

2:30pm Havenot room – Audrey tells Vanessa I think it was mean spirited to come in here with pizza and tell me that production said I could eat it and then go out there and say I should get a penalty vote for it. Vanessa says I think it came from kindness. Everyone felt bad. If you have an issue that you think you’re going to get one (Penalty vote) you should talk to them about it. Audrey says I don’t care! Vanessa says at this point you’ve had a hot shower, eaten, had the lights off, didn’t sleep in the thing. At this point you’ve done so many things that you would get the penalty vote any ways its probably not worth arguing. I will tell you what you say you trust my opinion on things I don’t think she did (did it out of meanness). Many people suggested it. You didn’t eat much slop. People wanted to make sure you were fed. Its a lot of medicine. Audrey says I don’t know what I’m going to say. Vanessa says maybe if you can’t organize your thoughts just keep it short and sweet to the point. The best thing to do is be authentic. Keep it classy. Be a good sport. That’s what I would recommend. Audrey says I’ll just say Merry Christmas / Happy Birthday / or Happy Easter. Vanessa says that would be funny. But in your shoes I would say something like this has been an incredibly complex journey. The good news is at least you don’t have 17 million zits on your face. Audrey says its a sign of wisdom. Vanessa says Just be your natural funny self. Think about what you want your last words to be. Audrey says I can make fake snow out of toilet paper and blow it. Audrey asks how much time do we have? Jackie says a few hours.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 14-31-21-273

2:45pm – 3pm Audrey says she had some weird a$$ dreams last night. Vanessa asks did the stuff help with anxiety? Audrey says yes. Audrey wonders how she will be viewed. Vanessa says you’re probably grappling with the ability to control public perception. Vanessa says you don’t even know you might go into sequester and be able to come back. Bottom line this is the beginning and what happens here is only a very small part of your story. Audrey says I’ll blow toilet paper right onto Shelli. Vanessa says don’t do that because if you do you’ll look f**king nuts! Audrey goes into her musical that she did last night to show Vanessa. Audrey “I feel Shelli put a knife into my back is this real.. is this really,is it really real?! Gif of her musical from last night Vanessa tells her to stop this sh*t. Get your sh*t together. Say something that will make your parents proud. And not something that will make you look insane. Vanessa leaves and Audrey says oh my god I hate my life!! Audrey heads to the bathroom and says maybe I’ll sing “I woke up on the block is this real, is this really real?!” Shelli says I’ll sing with you. Audrey then says except they told me not to sing.

In the havenot room – Vanessa tells Audrey to just remain calm. Audrey tells Vanessa I think I have something I’m going to say. Vanessa says I do think you should end it that way. Audrey says and Merry Christmas!

Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 14-48-08-633

3pm Clay’s almost finished with Steve’s hair cut.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-07-23 14-55-50-901

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I survived last seasons BB

Vanessa, that’s not Acne..It’s just from being around Austin/Judas..It will go away once He does..lol

Pinocchio Obama

I think Austin is only good as a shield now. He has too many people who know he is shady.


she keeps putting mud on her face everyday, and she wonders why she’s breaking out?


It is stress induced acne from a guilty conscience. Her skin is telling her she’s doing something wrong.

here at home

Maybe Audrey knows she’s getting a penalty nom so doesn’t care and will take hot showers and eat but the other house guests don’t know yet.


How do we know she will get penalty noms? Will a penalty nom knock out the vote for Audrey to stay that Austin is planning?

Guy From Canada

Last year the “fan” favourite as a have not drank champagne with another house guest and didn’t get any penalty….but the previous year a have not ate one piece of candy and the entire house became a have not for the remainder of the week…..

BB has been inconstant up here, and it looks like its contagious down to the US now πŸ™


I wish someone would give her a penalty KICK IN THE A$$ on her way out the door!! where’s Da when you need her!


wow, i didn’t realize people lacked enough creativity to come up with their own nicknames here?

on topic, i really don’t think they do that penalty nom thing, just like they don’t do a coup d’etat or diamond power of veto anymore. Fans and superfans always talk about those things, or even America’s Player, but they don’t happen so why carry on about it like they are.

On another page, I was wtf on Jason saying Austin was telling him he’s a fan who has been watching and that austin tried to downplay being a superfan, when I think we all know austin was trying to create rapport fan to fan with Jason, so why would Jason then claim Austin was the one trying to say that he (austin) isn’t a superfan ? it’s just weird, cuz i think anyone who has watched BB for a while, and those who did not, can recognize that Austin is a big fan.

Just one of those pointless random comments that don’t seem to aid the person saying it, and makes them look odd. Like when Jackie managed to twist everything Austin said, she wasn’t just not remembering it right, that is how she actually heard it. makes you wonder how smart these people are.

i liked the clay and audrey arguing on the episode, she’s saying she didn’t say will shelli back door her, and he insists she did. however technically she is right, she never used the word backdoor, she said replacement nominee. funny how people remember stuff differently that’s all


I think I was like Wtf when you just claimed that Austin is a superfan. Are you serious right now? He said many times that he didn’t watch B.B. and it’s no secret that he is trying to get noticed and back into wrestling…remember?????
“I don’t watch that crap”


You are wrong. He has said he didn’t watch last year, but watched the feeds for over 10 years. He’s not as big a super fan as Jason or Steve, but way more than Clay, Meg, Jackie, JMac, Liz/Julia, etc.


I found that conversation interesting when he admitted to being accepted on last year’s show but because of his girlfriends ultimatum he decided not to accept! However, after sacrificing BB for her, he found he resented her and it did in the relationship anyhow! A true partner supports your dreams and as a superfan he definitely really wanted to be on the show!


Are all houseguests accounted for? Glad “she” didn’t go on a killing spree…..I would not be able to sleep with “that” in the house! And why are the others surprised that the rules are still being broken for her…….just be happy she’s leaving and thank god for Julie’s sake that “it” took a shower….finally!


Big Brother/CBS doesn’t want to get sued, is what it is… Oddrey is misting production too, making them give into her. She probably threatened them and this is why they are letting her do whatever. All I have to say is WAY TO GO Big Brother! You sure know how to pick them! That Mental Capacity Test needs to be revised. Honestly, BB is like watching REHAB with Dr. Drew. Seems like every season they somehow manage to get a cast that is on meds. Or in Austin’s case roids…

Misty Beethoven

Sued for what? CBS has a team of lawyers that could tie her up for years, if they chose to do so. You go on a reality show, one that you hopefully checked out what was involved before accepting to participate; you know it’s a game based on strategy and alliances, and you, and ONLY you, control your path in the game. And yes, you might trust the wrong person or get blindsided, but it’s a game, and you sucked at it, period. Judge Judy would throw her ass out of court.


If Audrey ends up having a complete mental breakdown while on the show, or immediately after, then she could very well have a viable legal case. During screening it should have been evident that she has emotional problems. The show basically uses people like her for their entertainment ratings. One day it might all go too far. They needed to stabilize her once she went off the rails, otherwise she could have really detailed and yes,it would have been their fault to a degree.


Plus they sign a contract before participating. Which is probably why Audrey didn’t walk. No play, no pay.


There are reports out that Audrey did try to self evict and Big Brother informed her that she would not get paid if she did

Guy From Canada

They are concerned with physical health in their semi finalist questionaire….for psychological they have Yes/Partially True/No questionaire for their initial psychological assessment……not sure whats’ after that but its pretty weak initial screening lol


This site has details of Big Brother’s house guest’s contract:


The producer are pretty well covered.


“Oddry”… priceless


As much as I’m not a fan of Audrey, the “she”, “that”, and “it” stuff is pretty lame dude. It’s 2015, try and catch up!


You are right. I should just call Audry a delusional, manipulative, worthless, POS, piss-poor excuse for a human being. That better? BTW……calling everyone “Dude” regardless of gender is pretty lame too.


I am sorry but Audrey is a wack job she really needs to leave for all our sanity’s there is something really wrong with this girl.


It’s okay to hate on how a houseguest is playing the game; I don’t like how Audrey is playing at all; but to call someone an “it” because they are different is fucking bullshit. She is a she, not an it.


Well she certainly hasn’t been acting like a she imo. She has been acting like an IT…..a big ol’ spoiled SHE-IT! or SHIT if you prefer! it has nothing to do with her gender or gender change……I would call anyone who acted like that an IT and a THAT.


Actually, he is a he. He was born with a Y chromosome and that makes him a male and no amount of wardrobe choice and elective surgery will change that fact. I could sew big floppy ears to my head and a long gray snout to my face, but that doesn’t make me a elephant.

Dude. Bro. Brauh

Blake’s got a man crush, Blake’s got a man crush….on Audrey….is this crush real…..is this crush real!!


She better get 15 penalty points for this week. Really production….. I don’t care what the reasons you are being so unfair to the other house guest. Its making me sick you won’t even talk to them and give them some sort of explanation. Also you should have allowed the other have nots to be released from this as well.


CBS Contract
*We at CBS reserve the right to do whatever the F… we want.
House-guest have no right to bitch, moan, and/or groan about anything CBS does
if House-guest continue to do so you will be threatened with a lawsuit from our army of


Yeah, but when was the last time Grodner was ever fair about anything? She is a delusional, self-centered twat.


Is Vanessa on her period?She seems to have hormonal imbalance.

Cougar Bloomers

What the hell Audrey! Using all the hot water because your sour. Why don’t you run to the fridge and eat all the good shit too. Bitch


ItΒ΄s normal in her age has to much acne???


That is such load of crap!! I mean so what, that Audreh knows she is going home. The special treatment by production is ridiculous. Not that it makes a difference but to be fair to the other house guests she better get a penalty for not following the rules. So glad “Oddrey” is going home. How funny would it be if the takeover saves her but since she threw her fit she still gets evicted. Hahahah that would be the best! Also telling her any info like she won’t be boo’d or any game play opinions is bullshit! I really hope it was just lied to calm her down and that it’s a live audience and she gets boo’d. It’s really what she deserves. She doesn’t deserve any special treatment, actually a hard dose of cold reality would probably do her some good.

Guy From Canada

I’d LOVE to see them forgo the eviction vote, and evict her for violating the rules of the game. That would never happen, but would help their ratings πŸ˜‰


If I was in that audience I would lose my voice screaming mad amounts of boos. I would not care if I had to be escorted out after. This selfish, delusional, vile bitch will definitely feel the backlash once she leaves the BB house. Someone will approach her,tell her about her disgusting self or she will read exactly how the majority of viewers perceive her.
What gets me the most is she continues to be nasty to the bitter end even after all the hg have done for her in spite of everything. It’s alarming that one sec Audrey is acting like she was on such mass amounts of meds that she could not remember Jackie’s name (girl with the black hair) or what meds she was on when speaking with Van but had no prob telling Shelli that they gave her lots of Adivan. Calling bullshit on that one. She had a panic attack which I have had myself so it’s not like Audrey had a mental break down.
Honestly it’s not like she was on lithium so please stop the b.s. already. Audrey picks & chooses to play victim. What an embarrassment she truly is…Feel bad for her family; that is about it. Glad Vanessa tried talking sense into Audrey but Vanessa would get a better response taking to the wall than getting thru to her.


Audrey’s the kind of person that
(This is an example)
Audrey would call Meg hideous to Jason so then Jason goes and tells Meg that Audrey called her ugly, so then Meg confronts Audrey, why did you call me ugly? And Audrey’s like I never said that, those words never came outta my mouth…even tho hideous and ugly are virtually the same!!


No, then Audry tells her that HE said it, HE is lying, HE is trying to get her (Audry) in trouble, then she breaks into tears and says everyone is so mean to her and she’s all alone, then she runs around the house telling everyone that HE is trying to set her up…………..


If Vanessa is so worried about her acne she should just put her face medicine on for the show. She could wear torn up dirty clothes and say that’s she’s what “Oddrey” is gonna look like after the show. Everytime I see Vanessa with that stuff on her face it makes me think she has a 5 o’clock shadow beard.
I feel sorry for the transgender community cause Oddrey is doing damage to their public perception. She really had a chance to step up and be a positive voice and she totally squandered it by being a self absorbed brat, that believed her own lies. She’s lucky no one is going to hold her to the oath she took on her life then lied about it. I will say that karma is a bitch.


If she played Becky’s type game she’d be doing very well. I don’t get why she chose this strategy or if it’s not strategy, it’s just her interpretation of the game.
Overall she’d get so much further if her family/friends advised her to treat it as PR opportunity than really play the game hard.

Team Edward

Audrey just didn’t have a tight game. Her idea of lying and manipulating can only go so far. Look at it this way…Day put her on blast day 6 in the house? The fact that she stayed this long was a gift. She probably, most likely, had a freak out in the DR and maybe she was worried about actually coming off as crazy and wanted to ensure a good edit? I guess we will see tonight what happens


Austin gunna come out ta this house thinking his Judas thing became popular in america….when the rest of us are like fuck your dreams austin Judas ain’t shit you grown ass man cut that shit out. And then Judas will die forever πŸ™‚


I hope Vanessa is crying next week over eviction instead of acne. Hope she or Austin wind up on the block destined for home. Maybe against Clay or Shelli.

Pinocchio Obama

Come on Production. The rules are supposed to be for everyone. Shame on you.

Biff Tannen

Dawg has moved out of the cellar!


Moving on up….to a deluxe apartment in the sky?
You bringing Weezy. with you?


Becky is my new fav after that encounter with Audrey. Good for her!

Red Dead Redemption

Becky has always been my favorite.
Tasty tasty she is.


5 hours and counting ladies and gentlemen. Only 5 hours more that we have to be tortured by queen Audrey.


Does BB not know that if they for some reason just asked Audrey to leave it would have made for better TV? I wonder how they are going to play it tonight? I read somewhere, and it’s so true, the live feeds and the actual televised BB are completely different.


I don’t understand. If a persons sanity is so low that you have to bend/break rules that have been long ago created in Big Brother – why not just evict the bitch now?? Byeeeeeeee!

Ms Anthrope

I have to say i am thoroughly disgusted by the special treatment Audrey is being given. Girl is a trainwreck who shouldn’t have been allowed to even enter the house if she is that unstable. I thought the whole idea with the transgender thing was to be accepted and to be treated just like any other regular person. So much for that. I really hope they don’t gloss over all this on the show tonight but knowing production, i’m not going to hold my breath.

brotalk to human dictionary

Getting ready to leave for work, so I’ll be missing the eviction until I watch it at 2am. Given the edit of last night and the foregone conclusion, oh well.
Big Brother has handled the week so ineptly that i’m a little disgusted.
In the worst case scenario:
Production gave Audrey drugs. They obviously sedated her enough that she ceased to be a game participant. They can’t reveal to the whining house guests that Audrey is no longer a game factor because they’d be revealing medical treatment in breach of confidentiality. With the psychologist or producers watching the Audrey-cam, they are keeping her there so that they can maintain a golden edit. They don’t want the standard viewing audience (non feed) to know that a mob mentality meeting drove a gameshow participant over the edge to the point of being sedated for 24-48 hours.
There is no other reason that the houseguests haven’t been informed by production regarding the status of Audrey in the game and the rule breaches. If she had walked out, the edit of the episodes would have been very different and talk shows and entertainment shows would be airing spots on “the tragic bullying incident that drove one contestant to be placed under doctor’s care” (tell me that’s not how entertainment tonight would phrase it). After the bb15 incidents made national news that negatively impacted the franchise and advertisers, tell me the network and the producer’s aren’t trying spin the situation. Audrey isn’t in the game anymore. She’s only in the house still to white wash the week so that news agencies aren’t reporting this to be a bully situation (which would then turn into an unwarranted bully the trans situation). to me, that’s the worst case scenario of what has been going on for the last few days. While it lacks empirical evidence, it has just enough logic to it to be a possibility.


I never thought about that angle but it totally fits. I could just see fox running with that angle. Oddrey was the worst fail in BB history (with Frankie a close second). I still think it would be awesome if the takeover saved her but since she ignored the rules she’s still evicted. Hahahahah
Not gonna happen but how funny that would be. Either way I’m glad Oddrey is leaving!!


“Mob Mentality”? I don’t know about that. Evil Dick and Amanda were bad. Audrey hasn’t endured half as much as they did. There is something wrong with Audrey, the viewing audience would have understood it more if she wasn’t given the edit. Right from the beginning she made some really bad, bad, bad moves. The last 3 weeks all she had to go was sit and relax …. her side was winning but her game play and actions have to tell you something about the real person. We will never know why CBS made the decision to drug and keep her in the house. Maybe the “doctor” suggested this??? I hope she loses any money that she was entitled to this point. The have been some breaches, and has to be some reasoning as to why it all played out the way it did. I’d like to suggested the other 3 have nots split her share of earnings.

Misty Beethoven

I would pay a fairly significant amount of money to see Evel Dick come flying in that house, raising hell, taking no prisoners and making no friends. He would shake them up and tell them to THINK, use your brain, participate (ahem, Becky and Jackie). This group needs a shit disturber that’s going to make you pick up your game, not drag it down. He terrified me, but God, I loved him.


I haven’t seen anyone bully or harass Audrey. She feels isolated because people quickly figured out she was telling lies about everyone in an effort to pit them against each other. She hid on the bed. When she reentered the game she did the exact same thing. No one wanted to talk with he because they knew she would lie to someone about what they were talking about to pin something on the other person. She isolated herself. No one attacked, demeaned, harassed, or anything. She feels attacked because no one bought her lies and played her game. Now she’s pouting like a two year old.

another name

i don’t know. 13 people in the house. 12 meet in a locked room to discuss the 13th. They amp each other up about how much everyone hates 13. It wasn’t a trial or a debate, because they didn’t hear both sides. sh/cl/va stirred everyone up so they wouldn’t look like backstabbers, but her victims that were giving in to the house’s desires. Then everyone fed off one another and amped each other up more.
sounds pretty mob mentality to me.
sidenote to brotalk:
sounds like what my little brother was debating with me last night. if that’s the name you’re using now, you forgot to set the pvr before you went to work again. πŸ˜› lol. if that’s not you, nevermind.


I don’t think there was a ‘mob mentality meeting’ at all. It seemed to me that everyone except Audrey (wasn’t she camped out in the DR the whole time?) came to a house meeting and compared notes about her aberrant behavior. None of them ( or us) had ever seen a comparable meltdown like that, and they discussed what to do next and speculate on what production was doing about it. Of course Shelli had to express to everyone just how devastated she was because Audrey is such a remarkable, likable, funny person. OK, nobody believed that.


I think everybody is missing the point. Whether it WAS or was NOT mob mentality isn’t the issue, how it can be spun to the mainstream audience is. It’s a PR.nightmare for CBS after season 15. The media controls perception. You honestly don’t think that if the first transcended on B.B. said they we’re bullied, somebody is not gonna pick up on that story? That is what the network is protecting themselves from.


You have an amazing point, there. Judging by the fact she was unable to self evict, and they are helping her isolate herself, you are most likely dead on. Here’s my question, though. What is the likelihood that Audrey was smart enough to know that and capitalize on it? Her powers of manipulation are pretty incredible, and I’m interested to see how she spins it from here on out. Kudos on your analysis!


I kind of like Austin. Am I the only one? If he was on other seasons, maybe not. But I find him entertaining.


Austin definitely has some charm and likability to him but it’s been outweighed lately by his crazy antics and his over-the-top “bits.” If he could somehow go back to post-Jace and pre-Liz obsession he’d be golden again. But he won’t get the chance because he’s going home this week if he doesn’t win and retain HOH.


I think h is a really nice guy. The show-mance with Liz is killing his repetition though, especially if he has a girlfriend. As for Audrey, she is a drama queen and very spoiled. She is a media consultant, which makes me think she is really unemployed and still living at home with her parents, which she has said. CBS does need to address the special treatment she has been given without reviling any personal medical info. I don’t like Shelli and her fakeness, her voice is yuck!!

Why now

Why is everyone bitching about her special treatment now? It’s been going on all week long. For some reason they left her in the house instead of removing her, and I feel it was for grins and giggles for all of us instead of thinking of her or other house guests safety. just leaves a bad taste in my mouth now that they are forcing her to sit through the eviction ceremony as well.


It’s because its become completely obvious that it is no longer a health/medical issue. Production has simply given in to her every wish/whine and is treating her like a royal dignitary. I’m just going to suspend disbelief and believe that everything that happened earlier this week was medical related. She camped out in the DR for a few days…ok, let’s chalk it up to panic attack/medical reaction. Lay on the floor in the Have Nots room….ok, there could be a medical reason. Pizza? Fine, probably needed with whatever medication she is on. No lights….fine she needs sleep. But she is no longer in that state. Private room during lockdown, lights out in the Have Not room (aka Audrey’s private suite), more food, hot shower. Seriously, Audrey, just get the f out already. Get a ridiculously favorable edit, get voted out, act like a jerk to Shelli, play the victim with Julie, and then let’s get back to THE FREAKING GAME OF BIG BROTHER!


Audrey be a polyester hair bitch princess.


I vaguely reading that Steve told Julia that Audrey was eating the food an not breaking any rules, but they weren’t allowed to talk about it? It was when he was telling her about the heavy spooning the night before between Liz/Austin.
Maybe I read this wrong? I don’t get the feeds, I just read here. Great site by the way! I will try to look, but I am really not THAT interested in Audrey anyways.


Seriously, Vanessa is crying about her acne? What is she 17 years old? Jesus Christ.

Red Dead Redemption

Sweet baby Jesus…

Poker Gods



Johnnie Mac is a dentist not a dermatologist, he can’t help with the acne.

Double D

I sure hope the other side of the house wins HOH. Not because I hate the others, I just want to see someone else on the block. I hope Johnnymac is one of them so he can go up to Shelli and Clay and say, “I need a pawn”


Audrey making mockery of this show/game. What incentive does ANY houseguest have to follow the have not rules from now on? Audrey does not come across mentally ill (not pretending to be a dr. though)… she seems more like a spoiled brat, where everything is great and funny until you are on the losing side of life, then you want to whine and cry and ruin everyone elses time in the house. That’s not mentally ill… its called being a poor sport. Probably spoiled rotten and gets everything she wants at home.

Member of te Ant Farm

That’s right…any future house guest can cite the Audrey rule…Any Drama Queen that wants to throw a hissy fit shalt hath thy way!!


Really production……….That’s so unfair for other HG’s. Audrey should get a penalty vote!!!


Glad the HG’s are being open and loud about Audrey’s special treatment and that they are pissed. Not fair!

michelle :)

Meth users have horrible skin problems… Vanessa takes several Adderalls (which are an amphetamine) a day (it’s supposed to be one because they are extended release). I imagine she has “acne” because of the overload.


Explains the rambling on and on and on….over and over….


I think it has something to do with the house. Every season a few of the girls start to break out, and I do not think all of them are meth users.

Eric CA

I think it is crap that they are letting Audrey do this stuff as a have not… they should just stop hoeing have nots… I never really liked that twist in the first place, and really never got any fun out of watching it. If they keep doing it they should just go back to having Have Not Comps and dump the BoB. What I would really like is for them to go back to having the Food Competitions those were always fun.

Guy From Canada

She has had some sort of mental break. The are being lenient so that there is an eviction night, they can show her walk out with her head up, and the 10% of us that follow live feeds or blogs will know the truth with productions twist of the truth πŸ˜‰


I agree about the havenots the food comps were more interesting. It required them to work together too. It’s like these show try to one up themselves in areas that aren’t necessary. They have people sleeping cold rooms, dentist or airpplane chairs, and all the rest. But then on the flip side there isn’t any punishment for keeping the place like a slum so that a few isn’t always the one to clean. Hopefully, they give them a reprive and just don’t have havenots this upcoming week. And Audrey has affected the game pace with her nonsense this week. She is also a bit of a coward in the game. She could have sat on the block and kept interacting if she knew she was going out anyway. That would have been better ‘revenge’. I’m glad she’s leaving so the

michelle :)

another thing… JohnnyMac, Jason and Steve are a final three I wish would happen. And JMac for the win!


thought just popped into my head… What are the chances that Audrey blames her eviction and the house turning against her On the fact she is transgender? I normally wouldn’t think that of someone but she has been super shady and vindictive during this game. It could be her way of making people feel sorry for her.

Simon &Dawg- I have checked out some of the other sites that recap the feeds and you guys are SO much better. I have been coming to you for updates for years now and across the world. Thank you.

Eric CA

I can tell you Audrey will be saying that she was backstabbed, betrayed and bullied in the Big Brother House. She will say that it got so bad CBS had to take steps to protect her. She will blow this up huge and milk it for all she can get out of it. She will do this as a stepping stone to become a professional transgender spokesperson. She probably has a small army of well meaning and not so well meaning people out there ready to jump down any critics of Audrey’s throat and will probably have highly edited clips that will make it look like Audrey was bullied and ostracized for being transgender. It is one of the things that frustrates me about modern LGBT activism. There are people that will misuse and profit from peoples compassion and when they do it takes away from the message and hurts more than you can ever know. It is just profiteering from activism….. and it happens way too much in my community.


Fun in the BB house. Expect an audience of CBS employees tonight and no boos. You know production is going to manage that. Back to real BB thank god. A HOH that actually matters! I like Clay/Shelli’s position next week if not in power. Austin and sadly Steve seem like the early targets.
Don’t forget if twins both in we have 1 extra week to jury if the jury house is 9 plus final 2. My gut tells me the twins would flip if Austin goes this week to the outsiders. There gonna look for meat shield 1st but then votes for safety. Endurance bank on Jason and Jackie maybe.


Derrick said on you now last night some houseguest in the past has had chemical imbalance med school on the show but Audrey is completely faking her situation. And the mental test is hard to fake. If this was real with Audrey they would have removed her asap


What are the odds that CBS will show Audrey’s psycho musical from the feeds? “Is this real” will be the new hit musical this year at all state run mental institutions.


I’m predicting the edit to be heavily sanitized

Guy From Canada

Part of it was aired on the after dark last night…….

I survived last seasons BB

I wonder how the edit will go Tonight……And if Julie even attempts to interview Audrey

Bad Play

So, they let a player stay in the house that isn’t following any rules and is openingly saying she’s taking a drug that is making her act differently. WTH! Not fair play and, if she has drugged herself enough to not know what she’s doing, not safe for the other house guests either. Normally production is eager to show as much as possible about any situations in the house. Last night’s show was ridiculous! They edited around what’s really going on. That includes how everybody else took turns checking on her and making her food. Maybe there will be some sort of explanation tonight or maybe Big Brother will let me down again with crappy editing. So annoying.


For those complaining about audrey making into the house.
The house is a highly stressful place, somethings will not show up until someone is in the house.
Audrey could have easily made it past the interview and other requirements easy. Probably wasnt stress so bad then

Eric CA

If this is not a scam… she should have been removed from the house for her own health… offered an update video and have her return for the finale. This is a scam… the person that said Audrey was put on high levels of Ativan is a person that has proven herself to be untrustworthy… Audrey. If CBS is playing this game of allowing her all of these special treatments… my guess is that it was negotiated between Audrey and Production… It reeks of a scam.

This is just an emotional manipulation for ratings and a scam by an untrustworthy person. It is infuriating to watch on feeds but will be edited to look compelling on Television. I think CBS and Big Brother caved.


Audrey walks onto the stage. She says: ”This is my life. It always will be,just us and the cameras,and the wonderful people in the dark. ”All right (Mr. DeMille) Julie Chen I’m ready for my close up now! (As spooky music plays in the background)


This week will really highlight the differences between what CBS shows and what happens in the house. Many of the other seasons had some questionable editing but this is pretty significant deviation from the reality.


I think a lot of people forget that Production also engages in psychological game play with the HGs. They sometimes do things to deliberately get the HGs worked up and see what happens because it creates more drama for TV. This allowing Audrey to break the rules fits squarely within scheme.

I do think Audrey really destroyed any possibility of being used by BB/CBS in the future though (Hosting/interviews/guest appearances,etc). Nobody wants to work with a sore loser or someone who comes unhinged when things don’t go their way.

Stretch Nuts

Simon or Dawg.. What is the link to stream eviction online before it airs on West Coast tonight ? Sorry if you already posted it.


Skip the first 45 minutes of the show tonight. You’ll thank me later.


so. This is how i see the week played out behind the scenes:
Audrey has panic attack (they suck! I’ve had plenty) she knows she’s doomed and going home. She wants to leave.
Prduction CANT have the very first transgender they’ve had on the show leave mid-week. Without any decent footage or story line. It would be a PR nightmare. No matter what.
She leaves. There no exit interview. She goes to whatever news or talk show offers her the most money and tells her “side” of things.
Soooo. Production, kisses her ass. Gives her Ativan (works amazing for anxiety!!! Although when I took it I was completely able to fully function as a human being ie: work drive & care for my child. So she must have been on a really strong dose) and let’s her do whatever she wants.

I understand WHY they allowed all this to happen how it has. Still annoying as fuck to watch. But, business is business. And production is protecting their business.

My theory. πŸ™‚

To cure vanessa's acne

.. Is for her not to use any make up, which is clogging n aggravating her skin further. Her skin NEEDS to breath. She’s not doing the fundamentals.

When i was 16, i went europe, ate a ton of godiva chocolates i bot from belgium (upset my brother who told me to buy loads of them, but there was only a small box left by the time i got home, and my skin broke up rapidly.

I had to see a skin specialist for a year, he made me stay of chocs n fried foods, washed my face with a mild soap 3x a day, and not to use any make up, not even loose powder.

Took me a year to completely regained full revovery.

I don’t put on make up since 16, and i’ve received constant compliments on my skin.

So, can someone be kind enough to give these tips to vanessa? :: feeling real awful for her :: :(:(:(

Sorry for steering off topic, just wanna get it out there, for anyone with acne issues.

Not A Fan

Good riddance, Audrey. Jackie: WHAT on earth was that outfit on eviction night? Ugh!