“I would have preferred for Jason to be here into Jury, Just for sympathetic reasons”

POV Holder: Clay Next POV July 25th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony July 27th
HOH Winner Team 1: Jackie HOH Winner Team 2: Vanessa
Nominations 1 : James & Liz Nominations 2: Clay & Becky
Battle of the Block Winner James and Liz Next HOH/ Next BOB July 30th / July 24th
Original Nominations: Clay and Becky
Current Nominations: Jason & Becky
Have Nots Shelli, Clay and Steve

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 18-55-10-101_jpg

6:55pm James and Steve going for a run james wearing Meg’s top

Liz and Austin work out while Steve and james run laps
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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 19-06-34-763_jpg
7:06pm Clay and Jason backyard
Clay says Shelli is his ride or day. He trusts Vanessa. Jason says him and Meg would never had done him dirty.

7:11pm Meg tries her top back on after James was wearing it. James claims to only have worn it for 2 laps
Jason – that looks good even with those stains

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 19-28-29-290_jpg

7:24pm Meg and Jackie
Meg talking about putting up Shelli and Austin. (Good idea so Clay wins the POV and takes down Shelli)
Meg – I miss Jeff..
Adds if he was in the house right now he would be “Throwing Down”
Jackie wishes he was here especially when all that went down yesterday
Jackie – We’re screwed they know we’re onto them. they will freak out
Meg – we have to play it cool with them
Meg – I wonder who Liz will go after
Jackie – Me, probably put me up but not go after me..
Jackie – I can’t believe they f****g let this happen.. i feel like this was such a waste of a week

Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 19-44-28-070_jpg

7:39pm Shelli and Vanessa
Shelli says she’s got concern is Vanessa made a huge move but the house thinks it was her decision.
Vanessa – hell no.. if they do it wasn’t from something I said
Shelli – I’ve been told Jason thinks I was the one that gave you the idea.. i put the idea in your head.. Becky said it
Vanessa – jason told me you girls are running this sh1t (her and Shelli)
Shelli – we’ll we have won 4 HOH’s in a row
Vanessa says Jackie is the main concern now. She thinking they have tools to influence Jackie’s decision because they have the numbers jackie can’t go against the numbers
Shelli – you and Jackie good now
Vanessa thinks Becky is nervous because they are targeting her.

Vanessa says if JAckie wins the HOH they could get the twins put up. They can use the angle that no one wants to twins IN jury that’s two votes. They can tell them the twins hate them and will never vote for them.
Vanessa talks about how drained she is from yesterday’s non stop[ game talk
Vanessa warns her the house is going to try and separate them now because everyone knows they are working together, ‘It’s very threatening to people”
Shelli – I’m afraid for Double eviction someone putting me and you together to backdoor Clay
Vanessa doesn’t think so says after jason leaves they are down to 2 people.. She doesn’t thinks Austin and the twins will do that “It’ll be the biggest betrayal ever”
Shelli – Maybe not Austin but what’s Judas’s up to
Vanessa – the twins feel like they owe you and I for helping them get here and they are loyal people.
Shelli – what’s your thoughts on Becky
Vanessa – She’s in a great position
Shelli agrees says she doesn’t like what Becky has been telling her, ;’She said JAckie was really mad and really paranoid about us”

Shelli says JAckie is more connected to Jason and Meg than Becky only because Becky doesn’t talk alot of game. Becky is closer to Jmac than jackie is.
Shelli – she’s playing both sides
Shelli adds now that Becky and Jackie are losing a number they might start talking more game to each other.
Vanessa – If liz won HOH would it be better for her to target Jackie or Becky
Shelli – jackie
Vanessa thinks Becky might be a better target
Shelli – target both of them
Vanessa – Becky seems more logical Jackie is more emotional.
Vanessa says Jackie is always up in the HOH because her stuff is still up here she doesn’t want Shelli to think there’s something going on.

Vanessa says the other side’s plan this week was Austin or Liz
Shelli – I knew that, how did you not know that
Vanessa – no one told me that Austin was the target next week..
Shelli – we talked to you about that
Vanessa corrects explains this was before the Austin Lie. Jackie and Jason were targeting liz and Austin early last week before they got involved.
Shelli tells her jason is thinking Steve and Vanessa are working together.
Shelli – “II would have preferred for Jason to be here into Jury, just for sympathetic reasons and he’s great”
Vanessa and the twins hate each other it won’t take much to nudge Jackie to target the twins.
Vanessa – sorry it’s the survival of the fittest
Vanessa says they could offer James a deal to not target them she calls this a 3 person security deal.
Shelli is more worried about jmac than Steve. They agree jmac is connected with Becky, Jackie and Steve. Vanessa calls this the pawn alliance.
Shelli – Jame swill blow with whichever winds is strongest
Shelli says James is close with James, “I don’t talk game with James at all”
Shelli says it will be so amazing if Clay wins HOH they don’t have to do anything and still be in power.
Shelli wants Steve and Clay to win it
Vanessa – they will never win a comp together..
Vanessa says Jmac,Jackie,JAmes,Austin or the twins could win a physical comp along with Clay.
They comment on how out of shape they are, they really noticed it during the POV competition.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-07-28 20-07-16-648_jpg

8:04pm Couch James and Jason
jason says America and Production love Steve
Jason talking to production asking them for help saying he lives in his parent’s basement ‘Help a hoe out.. sh1t”
Jason says they are going to be bored all summer if he goes, “I can’t believe I won’t cast a vote for who will win this game.. sickening.. “
Jason – so super fans if you apply say you never seen this show before say they found you in a bar.. in golf course”

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It sucks because the only way to get one of the sixth sense is for Meg james and Jackie to win both HOH

How was Meg cast?

you mean only james or jackie, we all know meg isnt winning anything


The dumbest move in this game for Jason and Meg was voting out Jeff. It sunk their game. He was the other sides leader and after he was evicted they have fallen apart


One of the best point made here all season. Jeff still here the house is way different. Not a fan of the guy but he understood things the outsiders are barely getting now.

Off topic am I understanding Van hating the twins? Has to be a ploy right to fool Slay? That seemed to be here secret plan I thought. Wait for Austin to leave then scoop up the twins plus likely Seve. Maybe I’m unable to figure out Nessa just like production….one of the best lines all summer from Vanessa. Production is upset with me because I’m switching targets….” Were try to do a TV show here!” Gold AG pure GOLD!

Jackie's thong

Let’s not get crazy. Jeff cared about one thing..hooking up and getting in someone’s pants..his game was weak ( on both points) .and way sloppy..his mouth was huge. He sucked. He wasn’t much better than Austin..just not as lucky to have Vanessa! Why is it people keep trying to make something out of the weakest part of the house this season? They suck..nuff said. Jason, Meg, James and Jackie, they are hanging by a thread.


I think that people who usually root for BB underdogs usually had decent people…they were smart, or social but not good at comps, or just misfits who fought too hard. This year started off like that, with two sides and a likable middle. But right now the Jason side of the house has been duped and can’t accept they were duped (they kissed Clelli’s asses for 2 weeks) and they are mentally and physically not strong. So I mean there’s underdogs and then there’s bad players.

James/Meg/Jason are terrible game players. Jackie listened to Jeff, look where that got her.

If there’s underdogs that might win, it’s Jmac and Steve (I don’t like him) because the Twins like them and so do most of the side of the house that has had power. They could get James, Meg, Jackie, Becky’s jury votes….and depending on how Clelli/Vanessa/Twins fallout, part of that group.


I hope Jackie and Meg win HOH and then they put Austin/Shelli and Clay/Liz cuz I think that will cause strain on the alliance esp if Austin throws it for Liz


pls production, send in Derrick to coach James Meg , Jackie ! They almost there and need direction!
Come on, pls, I do want them win ! Pay Derrick if he successor coached !


Pfft Coaches don’t do sh*t it’s all a publicity stunt for the show!


I think shelli/Van would eat derrick for lunch. Lol


Jeff is not their side that time!

Chill this Town

Jason irritates me. now he wants a twist, and doesn’t think its fair that they get to sit around

dude…cmon…YOU SAT AROUND!!!!!! they played the game and picked off your side, you were given a chance to sit the block and went out of your way to say “NO”. I just for the life of me can’t understand why he thinks because he watches a lot of Big Brother that he deserves to stay

its not about his personality at this point, you haven’t played the game. you sound crazy bitter. and you are an example of what one shouldn’t go and do when on the block. fold, give up and pray for a twist. SMH

Austins sword collection

Seriously, Austin has a Masters degree in Medieval History? …Is that even a thing, or do you get that after playing so many hours of Dungeons & Dragons?

Vanessa's ONLY Mission is to WIN BB

LMAO… Game of Thrones – The Mountain’s other brother, The Bush


Huge GOT fan…love the reference! I wish BB handed out punishments & it landed on Austin to shave that nasty looking birds nest off his face & cut that long frizzy hair. It’s doing nothing for ya dude,& makes him look creepier. Bring back old school BB style that we know & love. BOB sucks!

Vanessa's ONLY Mission is to WIN BB

LMAO; Game of Thrones – The Mountain’s other brother, The Bush


“Shelli – Maybe not Austin but what’s Judas’s up to?”
Exactly … lol


Does anyone know how many people in Jury this year?


Jackie is still so pissed she didn’t get to be the HOH this week. Haha. Then she sits around trying to talk shit about Vanessa and the WHOLE time she is looking around to see if Vanessa is around to hear her. LMMFAO! She is scared shitless of Nessa! So funny. Clueless Jackie just now seeing that Nessa owns this game and trust me if she could figure out a way to get Nessa to take her in she would drop her allegiance to James, Meg and even Becky in a split friggin’ second!

Jason now finally talking game when he realizes he gone. He is thinking “oh fuck why did I sit around for weeks and my main accomplishment was just talking shit about everyone”


I agree..expected way more out of Jason & yes he talked trash about people but so did Van & the others(Austin,Liz,Clay& Shelli) so come on now..Van making up crazy b.s. lies about Jason, giving weak, pathetic,lame excuses to put people up-Day & the phone booth really?
Van is always boo frigging hoo about getting blood on her hands/bathing in blood(pre-Jason nom,not speaking of her move now). Van is a puss like Shelli who can’t own their choices but takes the pathetic excuse of using “the house” wants this-Stop! Jackie is slow to catch on but definitely not afraid of Van please baha haha!
Maybe Jackie is worried of catching Van’s bed bugs(her own words for her nasty break out) from that dirty looking hat,but is Jackie afraid of Van personally-No! They(vipers:Van,Shelli,Clay,Austin & Liz) have the numbers so who would not be worried from that perspective but honestly Jackie has confronted & been vocal with Van & Shelli, even both girls commented on Jackie coming at them.

Vanessa's ONLY Mission is to WIN BB

Uughhh!! Austin and LIz – enough said!


I am not sure if they are saying he deserves it, he just NEEDS the money. He is the only legit broke person in the house. The entire house, besides him, is far less concerned about money. Its funny-not funny that a millionaire is kicking him out of the house. Kinda annoys the shit out of me, really.

The Truth

Although I agree that it’s unfair that Vanessa was cast due to her personal wealth (i know rich people have been cast like Frankie but he said he would donate his winnings and stipend to charity), it’s unfair to say he “needs” it the most, others on the cast worked hard to be where they are, if he spent more time in school, he wouldn’t be broke (he said he didn’t go to college and barely passed highschool on the feeds)


But he also works and mentioned to Vanessa he’d suffered abuse. Personally I’d rather have Jason on the show who loves Big Brother than Austin who is there to get on TV as the guy mauling the twins and trying to build his alter ego Judas so the WWF sign him back.

The only reason Austin is still in the house is because of the letter “i”. He went from begging like a baby to Vanessa to suddenly talking about what losers Jason, Jackie, James and Meg are. And he plans on yelling obscenities at Jackie during the next HOH comp to either result in making her cry, quit or throw her off.

Yeah I’d much rather hear one liners from Jason like: “the BOTB used blank slates, it was perfect for Clay because it’s just like what’s inside his head”.

La La Land Bruh

Do you know how the world works? Get your head out of your arse! You need money for school. Unless you want to go under crippling debt, just to come out to a recession and no jobs! Think about it. You make 35,000/year, Say for a 6 month course… It costs 1/2 year earnings = $17,500 and tuition and books $5000 plus the cost of living. $1500/month living expenses. Thats a whopping $31,500 in debt for a 6 month course! (where I Live anyways) Sure you can find grants, school aides, part time jobs to offset… but then your mind is focused on your financials rather than your 6 month photography course! How the fuck do the poor get poorer? Its priveledged middle to upper class thinking they are not “working hard enough”! Jason does NEED the money more than anyone there. PERIOD!


You can take night courses at a trade tech or community college and get some work skills to move up from minimum wage. I was raised poor but concentrated on typing skills which got me into secretarial which got me moved up to Administration which ended up a fairly prosperous career in Human Resources. There are millions of people in this country who work their way up, but the key word here is work. Jason showed us a very lazy life habit in the time we’ve known him, he was more into sitting around yakking gossip than working the game.


You are right on Batman-exactly what he is saying. Plus he truly loves the game, besides for Steve, Jason has mad BB love. I give Jason credit because he owns his mistakes & is mad at himself, not going off on the others & even said he will not give production the vile anger towards the others that they want.
Van did him dirty but he acknowledged he should not have helped her study, gave people inside details on the game & should not have run his mouth as much. He said it right to Van last night when her fake ass came out to cower & tell him how much she respects his maturity on how he is handling it.


I wish they would not give the hgs APPLES!!!! So sick of them(almost every season)smacking,slurping,crunching on apples right into thier microphones.


I don’t want to hear them eating or drinking anything. I don’t want to hear them brushing their teeth either. If the person isn’t talking during that time, I don’t understand why production can’t mute their microphone until they finish eating/drinking/brushing teeth.


She probably won’t win she’s not the vest player but without a doubt Meg is the nicest woman in the house. Attractive personable gets along with everyone she’s the most genuine. The only other one who comes close is Becky. Maybe they’re boring but Meg is a young woman with class and social graces. She’s the one u marry

brotalk to human dictionary

As long as you’re not Steve.
But then most of them have been pretty rude to him, Meg included.


Ugh…Megalodon is so transparent. She keeps suggesting putting up everyone to get out Shelli…except Clay. She wants to clamp her gaping maw on his Honeybutt and float to the end with him. I don’t think she would have the guts to take out Shelli herself, though…out of fear that Clay won’t like her if she did it…so she will try to get one of the others to do it for her. And Jason needs to get it over it. He thinks the rest of them don’t deserve to be in jury over him…when all he has done is sleep all day, gossip away any pertinent info he comes across, and chain smoke in the backyard…while cattily insulting everyone in the house with his clueless side-kick.


Watching POP, my ears have begun to bleed listening to Liz’s voice!


They are no longer happy campers!! YES LET IT BE GAME OF THRONES!! I’m liking this already.

To Be Honest

I kinda hope there is no winner this year. Their all worthless. Donate the money to charity.


I never thought I would say this ever buuuuuuut…

….I miss Audrey…..


All you floater fans that hated on vanessa…….The irony is great. Like I’ve said all week don’t hate players that actually play the game. Bash active players but cry when floaters do nothing and continue to lose comps and get out strategized. Who is laughing now?


zzzzz production plz give the power to the other side of the house so this can get more interesting. I’m sick of Austin, Shelli, Clay and Vanessa! Ugh time to get them out! I hope it’s Julia that gets rid of Austin!

Haha wow

I’m so sick of Liz thinking she’s all big and bad for blowing up Jason’s game. She isn’t going to be all smiley when clay and shelli turn their back on her and get her AND her sister evicted. I was Team Jason and JMac but I guess it’ll just be Team JMac for now

I hate apples now!!

Okay Jackie. Get over it. Stop talking about it. You wouldn’t talk game all season and now you’re shocked you got screwed. I felt bad for you for a brief moment but now you’ve annoyed me and I want you gone next week. And I felt bad for Jason until the apple, lip smacking and constant shit talking. As a super fan, you should respect the blindside. Yeah, it sucks, but you’re not doing anything about it but crying in your bed. Get up and campaign or stfu and walk out that door Thursday. That’s all.


I usually end up switching my favorite players to the underdogs mid season but I am all for Vanessa still as long as she keeps Steve by her side since he is the biggest underdog in the house right now. Also, I usually don’t like floaters in the finals but I’ll be just as happy with Jmac and Steve in the final 2. Even though Steve has clearly picked a side but it’s only because the crap side did nothing but make fun of him when Vanessa dove in and swooped him up. If the crap side would have stopped talking shit about everyone and tried to play the game, they would not be in this predicament right now. I don’t feel sorry for them at all with how they treated Stev-O in the beginning…and Jackie trying to be his friend fight now posses me off.

Ignorant Becky

So I thought when Jason sat there and layed it out for Becky, telling her she’s only being used, that a lightbulb went off for her. Then 30 minutes later she goes inside and trashes everyone she needs to Shelli cause she actually still thinks she’s on her side! She is so bad and ignorant.

Ignorant Becky

So I thought when Jason just sat there and laid it out for Becky, that she’s just being used, a lightbulb came on for her. Then she goes inside 30 minutes later and trashes all people needs to Shelli cause she actually still thinks she’s in with her! She’s so bad.

brotalk to human dictionary

Becky’s on the block against Jason.
She’s trying to ensure she stays this week.
Of course she’s going to rat Jason out to Shelli.
If she’s stupid for anything it’s naming names she’d put on the block next week before the eviction vote. Or trusting Jackie. Either of those could get her evicted this week.

Stevie j

And they should get Becky evicted. But not after claylly and Vanessa. Becky is no good for anyone’s game. She’s so scared and wants to be the power side so bad. The dumb bitch don’t even realize that shelly and her fake fucking teeth is using her and she’s not apart of what they have. She needs to go this week. She’s so boring

Ignorant Becky

It wasn’t just Jason she was talking about. She was telling Shelli what they all have been saying through out the day. You can tell by the she talks with her that she still thinks Shelli has her back. She needs to roll with Jackie and get John if she wants any chance at the finals.

brotalk to human dictionary

The problem with “roll with Jackie” is she’s seen Jackie huddle up closer to Jason in the past 24 hours. She’s on the block against Jason. Everyone saw how pissy Jackie got with the blindside. Where is Jackie’s concern for Becky? You know, the one she promised would be safe this week? Her concern is for Jason. Sure. roll with someone that is more concerned for the other person on the block.
It may be irritating that she’s trying to suck up to the larger more powerful dominant side of the house, but realistically, Siding with the people with no power, who are closer to the person she’s on the block against would not help her stay this week. Do you roll with three people that are huddled around your competitor or what you’ve been told is six people on the other side in a game of numbers?


Austin needs to stop. Talking about how if he and Liz win HOH he’s going to walk up to Jackie and tell her you’re done! Okay, kinda like he said right after the POV he was going to say all kinds of things to make himself the target and take the heat off of them! He ran to his corner with Liz and said and did nothing!! They took all the heat! Be a man! Otherwise just shut the hell up and stop!


fuck austin

Come to Play the Game!

Jason realizes that Shelli is running the house and holds a lot of power, but instead of using this insight to suck up to her and try to save himself he decides to bash her, call her a she-demon and tell all his floater friends to target her. Some superfan. Bye Bye Jason.


I hope Clallie learn that Meg is targeted them hard core. When those thow win the next HOH they can put up Meg, James, Jackie, and Becky. Buy, buy Meg.


I love how people are protesting about jason being put up, like he’s done so much. Meg crying all day like there was a death in the family. These two act like they’re at summer camp, and talk crap about everyone else. You are going to play the game now? I really don’t know where jackie’s head is currently