Jack “I would literally lay on a burning fire for you & I would not do that for her. America is going to hate me!”

Big Brother Spoilers Jack wins the Head of Household. A new twist called CAMP COMEBACK allows the first four evicted houseguests stay in the house. They do not play in competitions or take part in ceremonies but one of them will be given the chance to come back in the house.
They got to see a commercial for the Power of Veto it will include a trip to Fiji. Jack has nominated Jessica & Kemi up. Jessica is the pawn and Kemi is the target. Power of Veto Players: Jessica, JAck, Kemi, JAckson, Sam, Bella.
Sam won the veto & the Fiji trip. He does not plan to use the veto.

2pm Bathroom. Christie and Jack. Jack – this thing is not.. I don’t feel the same way about her. Its so weird. I can’t explain it to you. I don’t. I would literally lay on a burning fire for you. Christie – well I don’t want you to do that. Jack – And I would not do that for her (Analyse). I would not. Christie – she’s adorable. Jack – she is so cute. And America is going to hate me but you are my counter part in this game, you are. And that’s what I love about .. That’s what.. I’m crazy about you. Don’t think for a second that anythings happening. You’re my boo. Christie – of course I wonder if it ever came down to it.. Jack – no, I said coming into this that if there was any type of showmance it wouldn’t affect my game. Nicole joins them. Jack – if there is anyone I would want to check in on its you. We don’t talk game enough. Nicole – I know, I’m working on it. Jack – you’re fine. You have your game and I respect that. I am so comfortable You don’t need to check in. I’m sure Christie feels that way too. Christie – same. Jack – I am unsure of how the house is going to vote. I think Kemi has done a great job this week. I give her so much respect for how she has handled it. However she is a bigger threat to my game. if she was to get HOH, she would still put me up. Jess would too. As it stands right now I am still leaning towards a Kemi vote. Jess did just come in second in two comps. I’m fairly confident the next HOH will be luck. If its a puzzle or stamina one Kemi will do better at that.

2:20pm Boat room. Nicole and Christie. Christie – I have vocally talked about all girls. I said to him.. and to be honest I wouldn’t base your decision on something that you heard from someone that’s supposed to be quote unquote in this ____. You have to think about where your information is coming from. Nicole – I’m not in here to sink peoples ships …from what I’m hearing from people its being pinned on her. And she (Jess) wants to voice her truth. Christie – first of all I don’t think its going to be her this week.

2:30pm Jess and Sam. Jess – congratulations. I do want to address it to not only you but to every other guy in this house as to why Jack put me up. Sam – what was the reasons? Jess – that basically I was the mastermind of the all girls alliance. Didn’t you hear about that? Sam – I heard talk about it. What was the name of it? Jess – I don’t know. I need to be very conscious of how I’m being portrayed. I am not trying to be a villain. If it helps your game to keep me. I don’t know what you’re planning to do with the veto. I am not ready to go. Sam – I don’t know if a target is on my back because of winning two vetos but if I use it, it would paint a bigger target on my back. Jess – I’m for you not against you. I’ve known you for 19 days and I genuinely like you.

Bathroom. Nicole and Jess. Nicole – it didn’t make any sense when I spoke to her .. saying I’m going to lose my sh*t. Jess – she can lose her sh*t all she wants. I mean I haven’t done anything. Nicole – be cool. Jess – if she could have the decency to tell me whatever she told you guys. Its just weird though. I’m not the only person here that realized the game she is playing. Nicole – I just don’t want you to be blindsided.. she is about to lose her sh*t.

3:29pm – 3:40pm Sam come out of the diary room and says my f**king grandfather just died. Kemi, Nicole Ovi all hug him. Sam – I had a feeling too.. That fricken’ blows! I had a feeling. Pop was out at my house doing landscaping and stuff and I just had a feeling that would be the last time I would see him. Sam starts crying. Everyone hugs him and tells him they’re sorry. Sam heads to the bedroom and lays on the bed face down. Sam – I don’t do well with death.

4pm Holly, Bella and Analyse. Holly is crying. She says that was her biggest fear coming into the house not being there with her family if something happens. Its so early for that to have happened. Bella – I just feel bad for him and it makes me think about my own family too.

Christie and Tommy are making a cake for Jack & Kemi..

Nick and Bella kissing in the hammock.

Kitchen table. Christie, Jackson, David, Ovi, Kemi, Tommy, Cliff, Jess and Holly sitting at the table eating a make your own salad. Christie – did they (Production) say anything about a cake? Or if we’re getting anything. Kemi – I asked but they didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile in the backyard, Jack, Bella, Nick and Sam are playing corn hole.

5:23pm – 5:30pm Bathroom. Holly and Analyse. Analyse – last night Jack was like it doesn’t bother you the way I am with Christie does it? Holly – that’s good that he brought it up. Analyse – their relationship is way different. Its good that he brought it up. Holly – and that he’s communicating.

5:39pm – 5:55pm Nicole and Kemi in the hammock. Kemi – going forward I probably wouldn’t because I told Jack that I wouldn’t put him up if she won HOH next week. Nicole – that’s good. Kemi – And I can’t go back on that I’m just that kind of person. I was just being a b***h today. That’s one thing that I’m trying to work on … my response to being angry is just I single people out. And I do it in such an aggressive way. Even if he was talking I would not look at him. In this type of environment I can not lash out especially this early.

6:15pm – 6:20pm HOH room. Christie and Jack. Christie – Nicole pulled me aside.. Jack – and was concerned for her safety? Christie – not for her safety per say. She was basically saying that she wants to talk to you. She was basically crying .. she said that she doesn’t want to say names but that there is someone (Bella) in the RV room that is trying to play both sides and had a very equal part in Jess’s casual mention of the “black widow” thing and was just as equal participant. And Jess is really, really upset about it. And I told her the only person in control of your destiny is the HOH each week and this weeks its Jack. I told her that she (Jess) should just talk to you. She (Nicole) said that she (Jess) is terrified to do it because she doesn’t want to throw this person (Bella) under the bus. She (Jess) feels that she is taking the heat that she jokingly mentioned. Jack – this is Bella. Christie – yes. I am just giving you the heads up because they might come talk to you.

6:37pm Tommy and Christie are icing the cakes in camp comeback.

6:43pm Jack with his snap chat glasses goes into the camp comeback room ..I wonder what we’ve got going on in here??? Christie and Tommy yell at him to get out. Ovi pushes him out of the room.

7pm – 7:10pm They present the cakes to Jack and Kemi.

7:22pm Bedroom. Sam tells Christie about his conversation with Jessica. Christie – it was true. She is trying to blame it all on Bella. Sam – I do trust Bella more. Christie – own it! Sam – who starts an alliance with 4 people?! Four people can’t run the house! Sam – Kat pulled me aside and said I don’t do this I feel very awkward. She asked if she was going to get backdoored. I said right now backdoors are pointless with camp comeback. And the way I am leaning .. I am not using it. Sam – if I look at everyone in the house, I don’t have any concerns about anybody. Christie – you shouldn’t.

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Miss Conception

I may be reading more into this than is really there,but I am getting the impression of a growing sexual tension between Jack and Christie.I am fully aware that Christie likes the “team” that she plays for and Jack likes his “team”but I do feel that Christie maybe wants to try the other side.This would truly muddy up the showmances. Of course,Jack may be the biggest “Horn Dog” in BB history and just wants another notch in his belt.An interesting dynamic could result from this.


I don’t know…I think you are reading more into this than is really there. Jack and Christie are close friends. Don’t read too much into it. Christie’s talked about how she’s had at least one boyfriend before…so she has tried the other side. She loves Jack, but isn’t into him like that.

another name

Last week. First full day of feeds. Christie goes on and on about how Jack is making it look like they are a showmance and it’s annoying her because she loves him to death (when she isn’t running around telling everyone he should be evicted for being a control freak), but she’s not into men anymore. She’s using the fact that she says Jack told her she looks like his ex (same thing he said about Sis btw so… line) in order to try to keep him on her side, and be higher in the pecking order than the one that is actually putting out.


I have a feeling Christie’s mostly into girls but is sexually mailable. there’s an intrest in jack or at least was prior to sis seeing hi c**k

another name

I can see that with malleability being that place between capability and preference.

The Beef

Funny how all of this comes out the day after Jack has his way with Sis! It’s almost like, “Yeap! Scaled that mountain, now where’s the next higher peak?” He and Jawson are two peas from the same pod!


I wouldn’t read into it other than as another strategy on Jack’s part. Ultimately, I believe it’s a calculated move for him. I think he likes Christie on a friend level, and thinks she’s cool, but part of his MO is to make certain players (Michie, Christie, and now Sis) feel like they are closer to him than anyone else.


I believe Christie has had serious long term relationships with men before but has said she’s no longer interested in men. I think it may be more attention than actual sexual attraction between her and Jack. Jack’s attention is now diverted from her and Christie feels her control of Jack has slipped. That’s my take on the dynamics.


I think, you’re reading more into it. I personally think Christie is using him to her advantage right now. Better to have him as a close, close friend in the house than coming after her. Plus He’s a shield for her.


Every single time that I watch the feeds or read a recap, Jack provides a new reason to dislike him. At this point, I’m pretty sure if I spellchecked this post for “douche,” I’d receive a suggestion to change the spelling to, “J-A-C-K.”

Simon & Dawg – Just sent you guys a tip. Thanks for all you do.


Thanks SanDiego!! big hugz 🙂


No worries…we already don’t like you. She also said that she did t like him either.


What’s up with Tommy and Christie knowing each other prior to the game? It seems like they hid it pretty well and it is a meaningless other than them having each other’s back. Seems like a stupid twist.

Benny Robinson

theory on bb twitter is it was an accident rip, apparently holly and kathryn? (could be someone else but i know theres another supposed preexisting relationship) also knew each other


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There are many reasons why all-female alliances on Big Brother never work. This season, that thorn in the side, by any other name, would still be Isabella.


So Jack has the chaos power…and kept it a secret. That’s probably the only thing I like about the guy. Although the power which allows him to call for a redraw of the veto players isn’t really huge and gets weaker as the weeks go by. He can use it until everyone plays in the veto at 6 players.


….and keeping it a secret from jackson hopefully comes back and bites him in the *ss (i would love the drama) lol


Michie’s (Jackson’s) attempt to do damage control with David was so hard to watch. It made ME feel embarrassed. Yikes! Did he think he was talking to Ovi? Does he really think David is as naïve as when he first came through the door? David, Ovi, and Jessica got rude awakenings. All three made rookie mistakes. Specifically, making pronouncements about how they were going to lead the others without first reading the room. It was clear that Jack and Jackson were already winning the popularity contest and were not about to defer to anyone else’s judgment. It is BB101 to assess, draw conclusions, and THEN decide how best to proceed, given the circumstances. You don’t spill your guts to everyone who happens to be in the HOH room and think you’ve created an alliance, Ovi.

Jessica, those ladies got you pumped up to the point where you actually thought (and said), “I don’t even have to campaign because I have the numbers.” How could you have missed the Day One charms and gravitational pull of Jack and Jackson?

And David, I think is more accustomed to being one of the “cool kids.” So, being on the outside threw him off his game. He assumed he would be embraced. At least he now knows better. His challenge will be to keep his ego in check and play a better social game.

Kemi, you probably waited too long/ spent too much time on the assessment part of the course work and never did swing into action. You became less of a personality and more of a mystery. Too much mystery makes for an easy target because no one invests in a mystery. Anyone can say anything about an “unknown” without fear of contradiction. Thus, it was easy for Kemi’s naysayers to manufacture reasons why Christie should nominate her for eviction. Jack wanted Christie to get rid of Kemi, long before Isabella said anything about an all-female alliance. Isabella likes you, Kemi, but she is INVESTED in the Gr8ful.