Jack “I didn’t think Nick had a weak link but that’s it (Bella).” Jackson “Maybe we need to get under his skin & stir it up.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV  Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement. Ovi Has a power he can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. WE’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony.

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie AKA mickey (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

11:27pm Hammock. Jackson and Jack. Jackson – Kat is getting super territorial. She’s shooting daggers. Jack – you’re interested in Holly. Jackson – yeah. I am openly talking to Holly about how I can transition this because with Kat its more of an obligation ..with Holly I actually would. Jack – its cool that she would knowing what happened with Kat (Jackson & Kat slept together before the feeds started) .. that’s cool. Its a good chick to be with. Jackson – why? Jack – she’s got her sh*t figured out but she was pretty butt hurt about losing her job. Jackson – she was upset about potentially losing her job. I need this week to be over so that Holly can take her bed back and Kat can be in the RV so then I can.. Jack – hit Holly in the late night. Jackson nods. Jack – I love how you’re willing to hook up with them on national television.. I couldn’t. Jackson – I’m not willing to do anything that will make air. Jack – like the chick is super cool and super cute, walks into a room stops everything but I don’t know if its there. Jackson – Sis? (Analyse) Jack – Sis’s personality is just a little.. (flat). Jack and Jackson talk about how they want to throw Kat the HOH win. Jackson – then she (Kat) will be up in the HOH bed. Jack – that’s your priority. Jackson – food, sleep, blank ($ex). Jack talks about Nick and Bella. I didn’t think that Nick had a weak link but that’s it (Bella). That’s his achilles heel. Jackson – I’ve ..sounds bad.. I’ve been trying to see if it grinds his gears. Flirting with Bella. And she gets pissed at him .. maybe we need to get under his skin a little and stir it up a little.

Jack – did you go up in the bedroom? Jackson – no I went to Kat. Jack – Oh you savage! Jesus Christ! I ain’t saying sh*t. Dude you did it again?! Jackson – no, just laid there. I am just keeping her close at night and then keeping my distance during the day. Balancing it out. The first time kind of kick started. The second time escalated things. The third time kind of brought out feelings a little bit for her. Jack – you’ve done it three times? Jackson – the first time was when I told you about it. The second night .. and then that happened again. Jack – ah and you didn’t tell me. Got it. I don’t need to know every time. Ricky Bobby. Jackson – she is always like can you come over tonight? Jack – you’re her pawn to stay alive longer. Jackson – with her its a game but with Holly, I would actually do that. 100%! Jack – Holly is cool as f**k. Jackson – cool as f**k. Jack – I don’t think she will win HOH because if she doesn’t she is going up on the block.

11:40pm Bedroom. Nick and Bella..

12:05am Jack, Jackson, Kat and Analyse. Kat – y’all know I have your back. Jackson – if you won, who would you put up? Kat – I know personally who I would put up but from a game standpoint especially if we’re all working together I would ask y’all. Jackson – Kemi & Bella. It accomplished two things. If Bella has the power it smokes it out and Kemi is still on the block. Jackson – you (Kat) would have blood on your hands but we would have your back. Kat – I’ve been feeling like I’m going home the last two weeks so I’m ready to thing.

12:33am Bathroom. Ovi and Sam. Ovi – I’ve been counting the votes and I think I really need your vote. Not to pressure you in anyway. I feel confident that Cliff, Nicole, Tommy.. Sam – Jess. Ovi – well I don’t know if I would have Jess, she’s closer to Kat. I would have Jack, Sis. I think Jackson will. He’s close to Kat but he said he will. I need you.. Sam – did you talk to Nick and Bella? Ovi – Nick said that he will if I have to votes. Sam – you would think with those names you would have the votes. And if you factor in one or two more that you didn’t even know so it should be a wash. Ovi – I feel really good about you. I love you man. If I win HOH I will take whatever you say into consideration and you’ll never be my target. Sam – I am pretty sure Nick will vote out Kat. I will touch base with him. It should be a wash.

1am Bedroom. Ovi talks to Nicole. Ovi – I think we have the numbers now. I just need you. Nicole – I will as long as we have the numbers. Ovi – counts out his votes. Nicole – this could work. They hug. Nicole – its going to be okay.

1:32am Boat room. Ovi talking to the cameras about his time in the house up until now. he goes over the votes that that he thinks he has and says that he feels the odds are in his favor.

1:55am – 2:15am Hammock. Jack, Tommy Analyse and Jackson. They talk about how Christie didn’t want to put up two girls. Jackson – which then maybe this girl alliance thing.. Tommy – no. Analyse – No. Tommy – I don’t think so. I mean I’m not a girl but I feel like I would know about it. Jackon – ovi was trying to sell me on it. They’re trying to make a girl alliance. jackson to Analyse – you b***hes conspiring against us? Analyse – I actually didn’t hear anything about a girl alliance. Jack – its kind of silly. They all laugh about how Kat did an eviction speech instead of saying why Sam should use the veto on her. They all head inside to go to bed. Jack, Holly, Jackson and Analyse eat in the kitchen.

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Can’t wait for Jack & Jackson to get the boot, whoever brags about hooking up with multiple girls is just a doosh! Hopefully Kemi will win the next HOH and send one of them packing!

Just sayin'

Agreed, they are total pigs. I hope they don’t get a good edit this season

Wisdom from Holly

Best quote, Jackson “I have bad luck” Holly “No you have bad judgement”

Allies Mom

So far I’m not really liking anyone yet but I am disliking a lot of the houseguests. I hope that changes.


I’m really not liking Jackson on a personal level. His manipulations have nothing to do with the game but rather just to satisfy his urges. He talks about how messed up his life is and I wonder how much of that is on him. Are we sure he’s not a bonobo?


I totally agree with you. When he and Jack are speaking alone together, I immediately get a cramped disgusted feeling, they have horrible personalities as individuals but put them together and that douche-factor escalates significantly, ugh! It shouldn’t but it surprised me how little self-awareness they both have when they spurt out of their pie holes all the misogynistic and simply put mean talk. It appears to me that both of them think they are God’s gift to the whole world and because of their Holy gift, that gives them a pass on being a good human who treats others with respect. Whoever is the houseguest that is responsible for the eviction of either of them is going to become my favorite!


Jackson’s mom raised him to believe he’s gods gift. They gave us that impression with his introduction on the first show.


Well so far my favorite house guest is Cliff, and David. I sure hope he gets back in the game and messes up the ungr8tful 8 alliance.

Confused ken

I wish ovi could use his power still. I just don’t understand why they ended up putting him up when it seemed they wanted Kemi.

another name

Thank the d/r for calling christie in, telling her it could be perceived as racist if she nominated Kemi. they didn’t concern themselves with who would be renom if not Kemi. They just hinted what the public would think, and sent her out to start crying on shoulders how she didn’t want to or couldn’t nom Kemi. Twice that i saw the conversations happened immediately after she left d/r.

another name

catching up post canada day festivities.
sunburned. a little cranky. i think i now glow in the dark, and i could melt a glacier. yes. DISCLAIMER. might be a rant coming.
Should i think there’s a conspiracy afoot that they got booze while i was gone? Sorry. had a Kat moment.
so jawson didn’t just have a one time only impulse control error with Kat, he’s repeated the error a few more times. and can’t understand why she’s formed an attachment? and why Holly is slow (but nowhere near as slow as she should be) to jump in with him now?
so productions’ attempt to get jackhole to reform his attitude has only really had the effect of making Kemi question whether or not she needs to target him… oh that’s a treat. I mean, while he’s still going on about her, but watching his language and tone more. I hated just about every word out of his mouth, but kept thinking well at the least we know where he authentically stands (knee deep in crap mostly but we knew).
btw… a guy with *allegedly* more than one dui in his jacket is questioning the life choices of someone that plays big brother under the influence of avocado?? all right then.
didn’t we find out all bella’s stuff is at her boyfriend’s place days ago (meaning we already knew she had a maybe boyfriend)… when nick was telling tommy everything he’d done with bella and why they weren’t doing more? i know there were bigger fish to fry at the time, but i’m sort of thinking “and…” because that information is days old.
what is it with the guys this season trying to get multiple notches on imaginary bedposts? it’s becoming annoying to me.
a question about sis: has she actually had an opinion or a game thought of her own yet? or is she just parroting the last opinion she heard still? makeup tutorial podcasts (gag) don’t count.
What are Nicole, Jessica, Cliff, Kemi and Sam gaining by keeping Ovi in the dark? I mean, the big alliance and Christie i can understand, i guess. They don’t want him to spill anything that… well that everybody knows already. As he names off the votes he has, I don’t know if i could sit there and not yell out, “count again.”
Rant concluded.

another name

Women’s alliance forms. they include two women in fauxmances. what did they think was going to happen?
Bella told nick who told sam.
Kat told jack and jackson, holly and sis.
At the time i said to myself why are they including Kat? are they THAT oblivious. obviously they are.
including showmance seekers in a women’s alliance has got to be the dumbest thing i could think of.
They’ve already proven they are there for camera attention as a sexual object / fairytale chaser, and further shown they plan to play the game as an appendage under a man’s protection. They aren’t going to be interested in a woman’s alliance. It’s foolishness.


Big Thanks to everyone that is donating! I’ve set up accounts for all the people that have gotten back to us. If you are still waiting for it send me an email simon.onlinebigbrother@gmail.com


The ranking has really normalized now. Ovi took a bit of a plunge other than that not much movement. Cliff still WAY out in front.

Doran Martell

The two people I like the most are the noms. I haven’t gotten a good feel for the hg this year, so far. Falling behind on BB this year. Thanks Simon for the summaries. Just watched the premier episode on the DVR. Does anyone else think it’s weird that the guy who looks like Aquaman is actually trying to look just like the Aquaman? And bragging about it? The same hair and goatee? Really? Maybe I’m just tired lol.

Big Brother Fanatic

So Jack and Jackson are such egotistical maniacs. I am shocked they came on big brother and allowed commoners to be in their presence. I can’t wait for them to get to boot and see how much America “loves them”.

another name

i still think a clean up on aisle three edit will be coming soon. given they are at least contemplating a showmance montage of Kat and Jackson. they’ll cut the Kemi Jack convo yesterday to look like he has been civil and misconstrued to the episode only crowd. Remember just how problematic season 19 Cody was before the ‘only one standing against Paul’ stuff? He got an amazing race deal out of that. Week one of feeds he was considered the season problemchild among problemchildren.

Big Brother Fanatic

True, these guys just rub me wrong. I actually liked Cody, he was blunt and could not play a social game to save his life..lmao


So let me guess. They are going to boot out Kat after all, so Jack can hook up with Holly because he’s changed his mind and is bored with Kat. They’ll make it look like it’s good game play. What a skank.

Millennial Angster

I’m definitely disappointed at the behaviour of Jack and Jackson. They’re making last season’s major douchecanoes Brett and Winston look like upstanding guys.


Seems this whole season’s group are douchebags. Not really any likable ones in the group unfortunately.


Ovi should pick one or two people to tell he has this power and will use it on them if they are nominated. Unfortunately I think he is too naive to realize he actually has zero votes.


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Well, Simon’s shrine worked. Jackson is now trying to flip the votes to save Ovi because Kat has pissed him off.

Congratulations, SImon

Although, it seems Jack is trying to change his mind. What a shame, Simon. I thought it was going to work.

There is still time.


Maybe if Jackson manages to flip the vote I will respect him more. He is still making it really hard for me to like him


Yeah, me too. But, one thing I learned since yesterday is that Michie understands this game a lot better than I thought.


He totally knows the game more than I would have guessed


camera 4 at 3:30 BBT HOH Room