“I’m going to run the idea by [Christie] about a campaign to keep Ovi” – Jackson

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV Host was Tommy. Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement. Ovi has a power he can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. We’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony. The “house” is planning on evicting Ovi tomorrow. 

House Guest alternate names:
Analyse AKA Sis
Jackson AKA Michie AKA mickey (Jackson Michie)
Isabella AKA Bella

Nothing Real more like cuddle buddies. Nick/Bella, Sis/Jack, Christie/Jack, Jackson/Kat, Jackson/Holly

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10:00 am Kemi, Jessica and Nicole
Kemi – If Sam had told her what Jack has said to him before the veto she might have put him up
Kemi – so this is Sam’s fault
Kemi says that Christie is playing the game with Jack and Jackson in mind, “Socially”. She will talk to her today.
Kemi says Sam, Nick, Nicole, Bella, Jessica and her all want jack out “that’s six”
Kemi says they will have to talk to Cliff she doesn’t want to talk to Tommy she loves him but he’s still a wild card.
Kemi – I think the boys have their own group, Jack, Jackson, Tommy, Nick I always see them talking

Nicole says Ovi told them he will keep Jess and Kemi safe.
Nicole – I was telling Jess that and she said it was horsesh1t allegedly he was the one .. Flip flop flip flop
Kemi – the only people I trust in this house completely are you, Jess, Bella, and Christie

Kemi – I really want to trust Nick but I don’t think I can and Sam
Nicole – I love Nick and Sam
Kemi – I don’t trust them
They agree Nick and Sam won’t put up their black widow four
Kemi – Nick and Sam are the closest in the house
They mention always seeing Nick and Jack talking. Kemi says she’s been honest with Nick that if she wins the Head of household tomorrow she’s putting up Jack.

Kemi says Nick is closer to Bella than he ever will be with Jack.
Kemi who would you put up if you won
Nicole – I would talk to you three, probably go with what you are saying.
Nicole – my gut is saying, Jack and Sis. What if Mickey wins and pulls down Jack
Nicole says Jackson is a better person than Jack, “I hate to say it about people’s character”
Kemi says she’s got her speech ready for Jackson and Jack. She doesn’t want Jackson to go “he’s a great person”
Kemi – Jack is very mean spirited and in a way that’s very unnecessary like this whole Ovi thing is unnecessary
Kemi brings up Christie saying how Jack would flip his hair and try to “aggressively flirt” with her to persuade her to put Kemi up.
Kemi mentions Jack saying to the girls that he has to take his braids out and let his hair free “I have to take them out it’s for you ladies”
Kemi – he literally thinks he’s Fabio and he thinks it’s working

Bella joins them. Kemi – I was telling her about Jack saying My hair’s for you ladies
Kemi says the other Day Jack was telling her “not to bulk up on Avocado toast”
Bella – what did he say?
Kemi – I was making avocado toast for me and Nicole like there was a whole lot of avocados so I asked him
Kemi – he was like NO I don’t want to have that much fat
Nicole mentions that it was jack the other day that replied to her “I’m, going to eat another chocolate” comment with a “or you can have some self-control”
Kemi – I could also think I was a Jason Momoa understudy even though I look nothing like him.. like if you grew a d1ck you could be Jason Momoa understudy
they talk about Jack having an abrasive personality and a temper
Kemi – he just grew his hair out a year ago and he just grew his beard out a year ago so I’m wondering what life was like for him before the mask went on. Don’t be a d1ck

10:29 am Holly and Sis
holy saying that her favorite part of the day is when the guys come to wake them up
Jack comes barreling over and hugs them.
They talk about Kat being paranoid as usual last night.
Christie comes in asks Jack why didn’t he come upstairs

10:38 am Storage room Sis and Holly
They talk about Kat trying to make it sound like her and Jackson are really close.
They agree Kat “acts like she’s 20”
Holly – it’s just to try and get good TV, the crying. She cries and goes into the DR
Holly – she’s trying to trend on twitter

11:18 am Jackson and Tommy
Jackson saying that Kat says him and Holly laying beside each other and she was pissed.
Jackso – then she said what are you all talking about you talking about Jack trying to flip the votes
Jackson – we’re talking about our goodbye messages to Ovi
Jackson says the Christie was “WHAT Jack’s trying to flip the vote”
Jackson goes on about how Kat had no answer she just said “I just know.. he’s working with OVI blah blah blah ”
Jackson – she’s a f*ing basket case.
Jackson – we might be telling Ovi something to keep him calm and nice did you (Kat) ever think about that
Jackson – I told you 400 f*ing times you are safe
Jackson says he’s been bitten his tongue for the last 2 weeks and he snapped on Kat. “I didn’t yell.. a strongly worded whisper”
Jackson – I told her you need to f*iung trust me and you need to learn to play this game. Everything I do in this game is well thought out and calculated and I’ve thought about it for months. when I wake up where I go to be where people see me go to bed where I end up going. Where I end up waking up when I’m cooking what I’m eating when I’m working out. When I’m talking to you (LOL all planned months in advance)

Jackson – she bought a TV a few months ago she doesn’t even own a TV she’s never seen this show. She binged watched it.
Jackson – she doesn’t know Big Brother. I might be cold when it comes to emotion, I’ve been hurt so much I don’t let my emotions come out. Inside this house there zero f*ing emotions

Jackson – you need to understand how to play this game and if you can’t you need to shut your f*ing mouth and listen to me because I know how to play it Stop doing what you are doing. Stop running your mouth off to Christie about JAck. you need to think before you speak
Jackson – everything I’m doing is to keep you here and it’s been exhausting you have exhausted all my energy I’m so sick of it.

Jackson – I’m going to run the idea by her about a campaign to keep Ovi
Jackson – Ovi, thought he was safe he was being bold and was trying to dabble in alliances. Now he’s on the block it kinda scared him now he’s realizing he’s not going to get the votes and he’s f*ing terrified
Jackson – we have broken him down to nothing if we throw him an olive branch he will be forever indebted
Tommy – I would love that
Jackson – kat she’s in our pocket but one she doesn’t give a sh1t about being here she’s here for Instagram followers. She is a loose f*ing cannon
Jackson – she’s causing issues with Jack and Christie she paranoid with Holly and me.
Jackson is worried that KAt’s emotions could be dangerous she could get HOH and put Holly and him up

Jackson doesn’t think he has enough in him to durviv3e another 2 weeks with Kat
Tommy – it’s not worth it
Jackson – I didn’t come here to f*ing babysit somebody
Tommy – Ovi said if you keep me here I will be a number for you I will fight for you .. Ovi knows how to play this game more
Tommy – Ovi is a smarter player to have on our team. Kat can be easily influenced.
Jack says he respects Christie and if she’s not cool with keeping Ovi he’ll drop it. Jackson adds they need to have it a close vote so Ovi knows it was them that save him.
Jackson goes on about the two sides of the house separating
Tommy asks what would happen if the other side of the house wins HOH
Jackson – we still have the numbers
Tommy doesn’t want the separation to happen between the two sides yet. “we can somehow manipulate them to put one of their own up”
Jackson – I’m here for a game I’m not here for her since day one I looked at her as something I can use in this game
Jackson – I don’t use girls in real life but in this game guy or girl I will do whatever I f*ing have to
Tommy – it’s week one and you guys have to do damage control every day
Jackson – will you go with me to talk to Christie
Tommy – yeah

11:45 am Jack and Jackson
Jack – if anyone but Kat wins HOH she’s on the f*ing block. Least blood.. she might not go home and it’s another week of crazy
Jackson – f* it
Jack – Ovi is another bad fish in the pawn

Jack says for some reason he’s in everyone’s mouth for the block
Jackson – just the other half

11:57 am
(Flip has fizzled so far)
Jackson – One, do not say we are conspiring against you for the next 48 hours and two. Do not listen to a f*ing work Kemi says and do not speak her name for the next two days. Please.

They shake on it

Noon dancing

1:25 pm Nicole crying. Missing her family “they sacrificed so much for me I realize how much I haven’t given back”

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Fruit Loop Dingus

Send Kat HOME!!

Fruit Loop Dingus

Another poll Dawg gonna lose…


One day I’ll win one … BB21 could be my season! Lol

Fruit Loop Dingus

You will, Dawg. 100%. Just sayin, so much early hate for these hg’s make the polls one sided… Troll’s already trying to take down Christie’s business on day 10. Sheesh.


OMG why am I not surprised!

Houka Inumuta

Nicole is the winner of Big Brother 21!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s playing the best game. Not one person is targeting her.


Hey Simon and Dawg. Thanks for the great site. Sent you a little donation.


Thank you!! We appreciate it 🙂


Ha ha ! I called it!!! Jackson is trying to get Kat evicted! He is trying to make her look like such a idiot. He literally just said to Jackhole that he is bored of her and wants to get with Holly. What a SKANKY DIRTBAG. Of course Kat is upset, they allegedly hooked up 3 times already. I don’t like Kat but this guys a real tool.

Janey Haze

Yeah Jackson is a real sleazy scumbag and I hope Holly can see what a bad person he is toward women. And Jack, well, Jack is just a total d*#che. Can’t wait to see them on the block.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

I want her to go because everything she says and does is an affront to women and her own dignity (ouch… too far?). But did I read correctly that Jackson is ok to bang her THREE TIMES but he can’t stand her? GROSS!

I LOVE Kemi! She hasn’t bought into Jack’s cave man/stud act one bit. Cracking up at her Jason Momoa references. What a jerk.

I think the girls overall are promising this season.


Jackson – we have broken him down to nothing if we throw him an olive branch he will be forever indebted. Tool.


I think Kat should go home, I don’t want to see another Sam like last year that knows NOTHING about the game. You don’t have to be a super fan but know the game. And can someone tell Jack that avocados have good fat so STFU or tell his buddy Jackson there are 3.4g in one of those carrots he naws on every night, Yes better then a candy but) STFU Jack and Jackson is more then an idiot (not throwing all guys under the bus here but) I thought you knew once bye ( we are ok) 3 times feelings are there??? Yet he keeps doing her… UGH and you’re that “needy” first day?

Janey Haze

Jackson- “since day one I looked at her as something I can use in this game…I don’t use girls in real life”. I’m calling BS. He hooked up with Kat 3 times before deciding he’s just not that into her. Now he wants to evict her so he can move on to the next conquest. Mud hole, chest, anyone?