Jace “I just scared Steve a bit but not in a threatening way. He has to know he can’t f**k with us!”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

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Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 02-56-44-751

3am In the backyard – Jackie, Audrey, Jace and Shelli are laying on lounge chair. Everyone leaves but Jace and Jackie. Jace asks Jackie about her past relationships. On the backyard couches – Steve, Jason, DaVonne. Jason says the weeks been played at this point. Steve says there is still the veto to be played and votes. Jason says unless you’re going to pull a Marcellas, I think I know what you’re going to do. Steve and Jason talk about past seasons of Big Brother. Up in the HOH room – James and Audrey are talking. Audrey asks if everything is good? James says its copasetic. Audrey asks what does that mean. James says that everything is good. James asks there aren’t plans to backdoor me next week are there? Audrey says no. Audrey asks James about his home town. Audrey asks James what his type is? James says its not in the house but it would be someone like Meg with a twist of Shelli. Jeff says that would be nice.. Shelli is more on the physical attraction side and Meg has the better personality. Jeff asks so when is this veto thing? James says I don’t know but I am going to lock myself in the room after.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 03-05-26-044

In the havenot room – Meg, Clay and Jeff are talking. Jeff tells Clay I am going to bat for you right now no matter what. If I hear of anything and I want you to do the same .. like about if I hear anything about backdooring you or anything you will know right away. Jeff says right now we can’t make any drastic moves. Meg says next week people are gunning for Liz and Austin. Jeff tells Clay you have me, Meg and Audrey. We need to make big moves and fast. We have to get things going. Meg says in the next two weeks people are going to be turning on each other. They already are. Jeff says you have to put all your trust in me dude. Jeff says I think I should go because if DaVonne comes in here shit will get weird. Meg tells Jeff yeah go. Jeff leaves. Meg tells Clay we discussed it today ..final 4 .. you, me, Jeff and Audrey. Clay says I have trust that your word is good.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 03-11-15-700

3:20am Hammock – Meg, Jason and DaVonne are talking. Da says that James is so easily manipulated. Jason doesn’t think so. Da says look what happened with the Audrey situation. Jason says look what happened in the bathroom. Da asks you told him what it was though right. Jason says that Audrey said pretty much that she was cutting James out of the circle of information. Jason says James came out of the bathroom looking like. Jason says you should damage control that before she does. Da says and I didn’t say nothing. Da says the only thing I could feel confident in is that I didn’t say not 1 word. But other than that he was sitting in that stall listening to the entire conversation. Jason says but that’s a good thing because is shows that she’s (Audrey) not trustworthy.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 03-17-55-888

Use the flashback feature to watch Jace confront / threaten Steve:
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3:35am – 4am Camera 1 & 2 – In the havenot room – Jace and Liz are talking. Jace says I didn’t do anything today. I don’t know if you noticed or not .. well you shouldn’t have because I didn’t do anything. Austin joins them and tells them that Steve was outside the door trying to listen to their conversation. Jace goes off and starts getting all fired up. He runs to the door to see if he is still there. Austin tells him that Steve ran to the storage room and pushed the button when he saw him. Jace tests to see if you can hear anything outside the door. Jace then heads to the storage room and asks Steve who he’s working with? Steve says I am just trying to make relationships. Jace says I thought we were boys. Steve says we are. Jace says I just want to make sure we’re cool. Steve says we are. Jace says I’ve had your back this whole time. Steve says I know. Jace says do you because what would really hurt my feelings is if I found out that you did not have mine. Steve says I do! Jace asks do you?! LOOK ME IN THE EYE! Do you have my back or not?! Steve says yes. Jace says I really hope so because I’ve literally been doing everything to protect you. Jace asks whos had your back this whole time?! Steve says you have. Jace asks whos not made fun of you?! Who’s been nice to you!? Who came to you the second you were making homophobic slurs and came right to you?! Remember that okay!??! Steve says yes I do! Steve asks what’s up? Jace says I just want to make sure. Jace says just promise me! They shake hands. Steve says I’m nervous about people figuring out we’re working together. Steve asks what was said?! Jace says nothing.. its just a feeling. Jace asks who are you scared of? Steve says I don’t want to say names. Jace asks when are we saying names. Steve says when we need to. Jace says well if I win HOH next week you are not going up. Steve says you too if I win. Jace leaves and talks to Austin and Liz in the havenot room. Jace says I just scared him a bit but not in a threatening way. I just freaked Steve out. I really hope he’s scared! He has to know he can’t f**k with us! Jace says Steve needs to go. I don’t trust him! Especially after my confrontation with him in the storage room.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 03-35-53-908

4:05am Cabana room – Meg, Jeff and Clay. Jeff says as long as we know our names aren’t going on the block lets just go with it. Who gives a f**k about that group. It isn’t going to last forever. I am a solid judge of character, I am just good at it.. like dude I am picking, you, you and you.

In the backyard – Jason, DaVonne and Audrey are laughing and talking about the veto ceremony. Audrey tells them that Jace came up to the HOH room and he was really nervous. Da says that Jace thinks I am getting backdoored next week. Audrey says its proof he has no idea what is going on because he came up to the HOH room fishing for information. Audrey says you and me just need to stay out of the drama.

4:35am – 5am All the house guests are getting ready for bed. Jeff, Clay and James lay in bed together. Jeff comments that Clay is naked. Steve tells James that Clay is wearing his boxers. Jeff pulls off the covers and James jumps off the bed.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 04-35-43-151

5:10am All the house guests are sleeping except James who is in the HOH room. He does some pushups and then checks out the spy cam. He then turns off the light and listens to his HOH music.

9:05am The house guests are still sleeping..
10am The house guests are all still sleeping..

Big-Brother-17- 2015-06-27 09-06-15-809

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Ariana Grande stinks!

God, please let Jace be the first to get the boot! PLEASE!


I knew I didn’t like Jace from day 1 but didn’t know he was a friggin bully! Felt so bad for my boy Steve. #Jace gotta go.

Anut Charlie

I can se BB going in with security to escort Jace out. As we now know, Jace police record.
Bullying should not be acceptable anywhere, BB!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A bully should never be aloud be ohmahgod even though like 4 or 5 of the previous winners were complete bullies.


AND saying he’s been protecting Steve (?) Steve protected himself winning POV. Be gone soon bully-goof!


omg jace is so rude
using intimidation to get what he wants
hopefully this is shown in the episode


I don’t think he’s getting what he wants though. At the moment he’s the one going out the door on Thursday. Way too abrasive and it’s caught up to him. Best part is he doesn’t even know it yet.


“Jace says I just scared him a bit but not in a threatening way”



Jace really need to go because of how he treated poor Steve! He’s bullying without trying to make it seem like bullying…he’s toast!!!


Wow, jace is such a d*ck


So Fu#*+ng excited that BBAD is not bleeping much of anything this year.

Virgin Ears

Totally agree!


Wow, I’m really feeling for Steve right now.
He’s got a really tough few weeks ahead of him for sure. Hopefully he can pull though. These houseguests are vicious.


They are way to soon. I hope I don’t get exhausted watching it all.


We’ve seen worse.


Indeed we have *cough* BB15 *cough*


Wow! What a busy first week. Lots of BIG personalities this summer and it should make for some BIG emotional expulsions.


Oh my goodness. Jace is such a trainwreck. Is it horrible that I only want him to stay so he can lose his shit for a few weeks on end?

Da’Vonne will probably go home next week, which sucks, but it is kind of expected at this point.

I feel really bad for Steve. He is going to end up being put up over and over again.

I hope Jeff, Audrey, and Clay do not run the game the entire season.


I do not see Clay as one of the people running the house


Clay is a pleasant surprise to me. First impression I thought he would sit on the side for a while, but he jumped right in.

Anut Charlie

Clay is playing like a little bitch. Love his fingernails. He Clay gay, too?

double D

How does nobody recognize Vanessa? I knew who she was right away and I don’t play poker?


Exactly. I’ve been thinking the same thing. I expected DA(poker dealer) to pull her over right away and say hey your Lady Maverick (V’s poker name)….cool to see you.


Why is john like never talked about????? What is he doing? Haven’t even seen him lol


Saw him on the feeds yesterday in conversation with a few people. He may be trying to put himself as a mid level player until a few of the other players self-destruct.


Yeah, that’s the beauty of his game and that’s why he’ll win this season.



Is he really the twin?


Speaking of people i never seen…i have not seen Becky once….

Jake K.

Good to be back as always! Simon and Dawg thanks as always! Checking in from the middle of the Meditteranean Sea on a cruise but I have still been watching!!!

Let’s be real, this easily has the potential to be one of the best casts in years. They seem more real…not the actor wannabes of last season (excluding our good ole friend Donny of course!).

I am actually liking BB takeover so far. It seems that it will let the game happen more organically rather than forcing some MVP or Golden key BS down our throats from Day 1. It has a “Basics” season feel with baby twists sprinkled throughout and I love that. As long as it isn’t used too much to manipulate the game I’ll continue to be happy with it.

PS… #TeamJohn #TeamSteve #TeamDae #JaceSucks

Butters Mom

I’ve noticed that production isnt really getting onto them much about singing or talking about production or diary room convos like they have in the past. They are letting it slide much more.


Maybe I missed it but do we know who the twin is for sure between Liz and Johnny Mac?


Jace, you suck, go home.


Jace has pretty much sealed his own fate. Tres Amigos seem to be so far out of the loop that it isn’t even funny anymore. I mean they think they should be targeting Da?

What’s this about James catching Audrey talking about keeping him out of the loop? I must have missed that.

I’m not a fan of the Jeff/Clay/Meg thing going on, but I’m impressed Clay and Meg are doing better than pre-season expectations.

I’d like to see something form with John, Jason, Da’Vonne, Steve, and Vanessa perhaps in the future.

I’m so ready for week two now lol. Unless someone other than Jace is getting BD. Maybe Audrey if James really did catch her talking about him. Da should reel James closer.


I’m so sick of Jace and his bullying of Steve. If I was in the house, I’d protect Steve and tell Jace, “Come and bully me, bitch!”


Hey can you guys please start posting videos again like bbcan. It would be very helpful.Thanks