Jace – “I got dealt a bad hand.. F***ing Audrey dude she’s f***ked me”

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 16-18-11-235

Johnny Mac sighting

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 16-29-28-712

4:26pm Clay, Shelli and Austin

Austin says he wishes he could be as even keel as Johnny mac “He’s just chilling” Austin mentions he’s not going to expect any Muscle gains while in the house he’s just going to focus on maintaining his muscles.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 16-49-53-276

4:42pm Clay and Shelli backyard
Clay says he’s very opinionated

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 16-49-47-264
4:43pm Audrey, Jackie and Jeff
Audrey says Shelli pulled her aside and said Jeff is feeling out of the loop.
Jeff -when he say that.. last night.. I had a heart to heart
Audrey thinks it’s all good then.
Jeff doesn’t want Clay to know about the Alliance (High Rollers). He wants them to keep things vague with Clay. Audrey says he already knows. Jeff says they need Clay to not target Da.
Jeff says he can’t trust Liz “She’ll lie right to your face.. if she was smart she would stop doing what she’s doing”
Audrey says Liz talked to her told her she wasn’t going to put her up.
Jeff – She’s just so far up their a$$es (Austin and Jace) it‘s weird.. if she was smart she would have felt the weird vibes people have distanced themselves from both of them.
Jeff says Shelli and Clay are together all f***g day
Audrey agrees

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 16-56-49-265

4:56pm Clay, Audrey and Shelli
Audrey says further on in the game the three of them will be who America is cheering for.
Audrey – You two are my ride or die
Shelli – Right back at you babe
Audrey says Jeff wants Austin gone next week but she wants DA out. Clay says getting rid of DA means they can pull in Jason and James.
Audrey – I’m with you guys i tell you everything.. I have to act like i’m with her.
Audrey says she will not ally herself with someone that is a timebomb.
Audrey wants to get rid of Vanessa points out that Vanessa and Becky are close.

Audrey thinks Becky is trying to pull together strong girls.
Clay can see that happening.
Sufrey is worried Vanessa will win the HOH next week. they agree it wouldn’t be the worst thing.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 17-20-50-966

5:11pm Hammock Clay and Meg
Meg says she gets mixed feelings with Jace. They both Like Johnny Mac, Meg has been trying to get him to open up a bit. Clay tells her she’s his main girl Right behind is Shelli.
Clay is warning her about DA says she’s got James and Jason on her side. Clay adds they can pull Jason in easy once DA is gone. Meg doesn’t think they can make a move on DA next week.
Clay thinks they can run the house with DA gone. Adds they need Austin and Liz to take out DA. Clay is worried if he’s the one that takes out DA Clay will start gunning for him.

Clay says their group has every type of person and skill, mentions they can pull Johnny Mac and Steve in because they are smart.
They question if winning the HOH is the best for their games this week.
Meg and Clay say they want Audrey to win HOH so she’s forced to pick a side. Meg has noticed Audrey’s name is always coming. Clay says it’s because she’s playing all sides.
Clay hints if he does win HOH and he has the opportunity to backdoor “Someone” (Da) he’ll take it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 17-43-27-477

5:39pm HOH Jason and Audrey
Audrey – I’m backing off next week.. now clay and Shelli are like Where do you stand.. I’m going to pick a side
They mention Jeff taking Clay’s spot in the alliance. They both trust Jeff more than Clay but Clay more than Shelli. Audrey accuses Shelli of not even playing.
Audrey says Becky is trying to get the “Smog” girls together (Smart and Strong)
Jason agrees says she’s trying to get the loner girls. Audrey thinks it’s Vaneesa, Jackie, Becky and Liz.
Audrey doesn’t think Becky is the threat right now Vanessa is. Audrey warns if Becky makes it to final 7 she’ll pull out a lot of HOH wins.
Jason warns that VAnessa goes in the Diary room a lot. She doesn’t think it’s team america she just thinks people in the ouse have secrets and secret tasks. jason thinks Vanessa is a executive. Says all her tears when the feeds first came on were because there was a task

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 18-01-57-369

5:57pm Cabana Jace and Austin
Austin – don’t lose it yet.. don’t lose the cool yet.. if that is the way the house is playing i’m gone next.. that cheap game.. its so boring for the audience.
Austin – We gotta play this.. Let me talk to Audrey she’ll tip me off
JAce – I got dealt a bad hand.. F***g audrey dude she’s f***ked me..
Austin – I wonder if she’s trying to ally with me to get you out of the picture.
Austin – You can’t think bad yet.. dont think bad yet dude.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 18-08-02-412

6:06pm Bedroom Jace and JAmes

Asking him if there is anything he should know going on asks if they are still down with the five alive. James says “Yeah”. Says he had no idea how things started yesterday. He doesn’t know how his plan got out to everyone. James thinks it might have been DA who told everyone it was his plan to Backdoor Jason. Jace points out it was Audrey that dragged him in on it and was grilling him. Jace feels liek Audrey is still with them asks James if he feels the same. James is still trying to figure out how the backdoor Jason story got out.

Jace doesn’t know who James will put up he does know James wants to keep Jackie so whoever James puts up will be the target he’ll need to guarantee he has the votes.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 18-12-35-553

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 18-17-03-561

6:16pm Storage room Audrey, Meg and Clay
Audrey saying she’s getting a really bad vibe with Jackie. Starts in on her speculation about a Jackie, Vanessa and Becky girls alliance. Clay thinks Jackie will backstab them.

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Another 2 hours gone no Johnny Mac… I mean he is there but probably just recovering from his real rockstar lifestyle.

I truly think he might be the twin in the twist because possibly him and his bro are trying to be as MIA as humanly possible and wait out the twist so they both get in.

Even if he isn’t the twin in the twist he is playing so well it’s blowing my mind. Just do nothing the first week and wait to be the hottest Free Agent in the house.



If he is the twin…I think that is the perfect strategy… If he is not the twin…I think you are overestimating the way he is playing the game…because with one big alliance of 9 people (even if it is crumbling) can easily just pick you off one by one…when there is a big alliance… I don’t think the right move is to just wait for them… You gotta at least get in there and make a few allies in case all these people stick together (even if they don’t)… You never know if they are going to a stick together…personally, i think if he is not the twin…it is the wrong move…in a season where there are 2 HOHs each week…the first at bound to work together and rally a bunch of people…and if you are not in that bunch of people….probably should get to work…


And Donnie Mac is missing from the real world tsk tsk. The medical community needs him. #TwinTwist


My guess is why JohnnyMac is laying low, is because of the TWIN TWIST. Makes sense that if you and your twin are changing out every 3 days, to kind of lay low, so you don’t mess up. A lot easier to just take in information and pass it on to your twin, then to have 100’s of conversations to have to pass on to your twin. If JohnnyMac was having a lot of conversations, then his twin switches out with him, he won’t know the full extent of all of those conversations, and would look very forgetful in future conversations with the other houseguests.


YAY!!!…Johnny Mac sighting…I did a total 180 on him…before the show, I hated how loud, annoying and cocky he appeared to be…now, tbh, I find him kinda cute… Lol…*embarrassed face*…

A question for you guys think is in the best position right now???…

I gonna guess Meg…it seems like she is in the big alliance, so if that crumbling alliance sticks together…she’s not a floater waiting to be picked off, but she’s not in the middle of all the drama that is starting self destruct itself….


Meg is actually in the best position. She is playing a ‘loyal’ game with the big alliance but the outsiders think she is a floater. She also has a smaller group inside the bigger alliance at the same time she can also connect with the minority inside the big alliance.


Audrey is playing all sides,and it’s going to bite her in the ass.Worst part is,the other housegests noticed (i mean how could they not notice)
#PlayingTooHardTooSoon #Bad


That is my initial thinking too but at the same time she has every group thinking she is still most honest/loyal to them. Seems they are constantly saying “Audrey is playing both sides, but I trust she is still with us.” I never understand this… it is how Andy won. However, Andy didn’t make it so obvious this early on in the game.


Do we even know who Audrey is truly aligned with? Because she plays all sides I can’t really tell. Like telling shelli and clay they’re her ride or die and then going around telling everyone else she’s not sure about them at all. Same with Da. Crazy and I just wanna know who she’s really loyal to if anyone!!


I agree. Audrey isn’t covering her butt very well. She also seems more bossy and condescending than manipulative. She thinks she is more likeable than the rest but I’m not so sure.
#team Steve (love those smart guys)


I was thinking the same thing


It kinda already has…she could go out in a similar fashion as Devin…

Captain Crunch

Just wondering who does the casting for BB?? They should be fired, can we get some diversity up in the house for at least 1 season? Young and old from different races would be nice to see, the oldest person is 33. Why does it always have to be 1 black and 1 Asian? With 16 spots they could’ve had 3 whites, 3 blacks, 3 asian, 3 hispanic/latino and 4 biracial people in the house but i guess they have a certain audience they want to pull in.


The black population in the United States is somewhere just under 13%, so if you want to parallel what America looks like then you’d need 2 blacks.

Whites is somewhere around 75%, so there should be 11 or 12 whites. The other 2 or 3 would be Asian, Hispanic, or some other ethnicity.


Things are going to be intense after the nominations.


What I want to know is what exactly Da did to get on everyones bad side .


As a Canadian it seems like the black people get hated on early in the US shows. My friend pointed it out and I had to laugh (but not too hard obviously) lol.

Libra, Jodi, Kalia, Candice and now Day.


Libra and Candice were extremely outspoken and vindictive (IMO).

Jodie was overweight and was up again two fit females so was booted during the forced eviction on the first night. It was just a logistical decision.

Kalia made it far. Danielle from BB2 made it far and had many people trying to ally with her. I forget her name but the black lady who threw her mike in the water was also in a large alliance despite her horrible personality.

So I don’t see a lot of racism but I do expect your type of post after the BS I saw about Aaryn.


Audrey is sabotaging Da’s game because she sees her as a threat.


So supposedly Liz has the twin-http://www.inquisitr.com/2200652/big-brother-17-liz-and-julia-nolan-set-for-the-twin-twist-photos/

Chaz Dean

So, I’m wondering which will happen first. Austin finds a shirt to wear or Jackie goes 2 minutes without running her hands through her hair ??


Hahaha… I think Austin finding a shirt will probably happen first before Jackie. Two minutes is too much for her. She runs her fingers through her hair like every 10 secs or less.


I’m not in the BB house but seeing Audrey on my computer, she scares me. She reminds of Jodi Arias with the glasses and the crazy things she does with her face and eyes.

Noticing a pattern

I wonder why they only ever put one or two people of a different ethnicity in the house. I don’t even really want to watch this year because of this. It would be nice to see some diversity on this show. But hey…I guess it’s good they gave more than one gay person a chance this year. A tranny (because of Caitlyn I’m sure lol), an outrageously flamboyant gay guy, and a bi or lesbian (whichever she prefers). Yay!


Oh I can’t stand Audrey! At first I was all, good for you, but she’s making me sick. Doesn’t anyone in the house find it strange that she’s always in the HOH room monitoring the rest of them? Why is it always the people I hate that think America is going to love them? Sure wish James would get over himself and backdoor Audrey. There is plenty of time to get rid of Jace.

Jay A

After reading these comments and seeing some of the clips I have found the new drinking game every time Jackie runs her hands through her hair take a shot lol real talk now though why is everyone hating on DA from what I’ve seen and read here she seems chill and only talks when spoken too wouldn’t mind clay or sheli to go can’t stand showmances