“we will be the cool kids on the show that get eliminated early because we’re too cool for school” -Austin

POV Holder: Steve Next POV July 3rd
POV Used ? POV Ceremony ?
HOH Winner Team 1: James HOH Winner Team 2: Jason
Nominations 1 : Steve, Jackie Nominations 2: Becky, Johnny mac
Battle of the Block Winner Becky and Johnny Mac Next HOH/ Next BOB July 2nd / ?
Original Nominations: Becky, Johnny, Steve, Jackie
Current Nominations: Steve, Jackie
Have Nots Austin, Da’Vonne, Liz, Vanessa

Big Brother 17 Alliance break down

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 18-23-59-661

6:25pm HOH HOH James and Jason
James goes over his conversation with Jace says Jsaon’s name came up as a replacement nominations.
James says he’s allied with the High Rollers he’s going to put up JAce as the replacement nomination.
Jason says he would be FLOORED if Jackie went home over Jace. So many people would have lied to them if that happens.
Jason thinks the vote will be 9-2.

Audrey joins them. James goes back to telling them Jace asking him what he feels about backdooring jason.
jason laughs “they’re not letting it go”
Jeff joins them they start talking about not wanting Liz, Jace and austin gin the jury house.
Jeff mentions how Jace was warning all the guys that Jason was going to team up with the girls.
Jason – “Ohh Please”
Says 1/2 the “B1tches” in the house aren’t close to him.
Jeff says Vanessa is going to be the pawn this season.
Jason doesn’t think Vanessa deserve to be in the house.
Jason starts saying that he’s worried about a bitter Jury this year. Says it will all come down to speeches.
james asks them about Meg. Jeff likes her, Jason does to doesn’t think she’s playing yet.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 18-57-19-804

6:49pm Backyard Austin, Liz and Jace.
Austin says for now they have to trust James and Audrey
Austin – there’s a lot of nerds in here.. I didn’t realize they put so many in the house
Liza and Jace agree.
Austin says 1/2 the house are nerds led by Steve
Austin -0 Shelli is going nerd herd status..
AUstin think they are on the side of the cool kids. “we will be the cool kids on teh show that get eliminated early because we’re too cool for school”
Liz asks about DA how to handle her.
Austin says never talk to DA just placate her never give her anything useful at all.
Austin thinks DA is shady and she needs to go next week.
Liz is glad Clay is also going after her.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 19-07-02-809

7:07pm HOH JAmes and Jeff messing with Audrey trying to poke her with a tinfoil wand
Audrey hears the camera focus in on her and catches them. (Animated GIF here on our G+ page)

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 19-13-47-866

7:13pm Steve and Vanessa
Vanessa brings up they should make a deal not to nominate each other next week. Steve says of course he wouldn’t nominated her anyways.

7:16pm Jeff and James continue their pranks on Jace but get caught

[envira-gallery id=”117051″]

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 19-32-22-894

7:30pm Shelli and Jason
Getting to know each other chit chat..

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 19-36-29-504

7:35pm Jace’s hair what do you think?

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 19-44-59-177

7:43pm Backyard Shelli, Vanessa, JAckie Audrey, Jace (Chit chat)

Jace – Dasani Is barely filtered tap water it’s piss water I hate that water, Dasani
Jace – I taste water I like spring water it has a higher mineral content.
Jace tells them about his arcade game collection. Says he had a eBay company when he was a kid selling things like “Jordan’s”, videos games and teh such.
He has a PAC MAN arcade in the original 80’s cabinet it’s worth 3g’s

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 19-54-38-191

7:53pm Hammock Meg and Audrey
Audrey says Shelli and Jackie were up in the sky bridge pretending to play chess. She says Jackie has really been working it today.

Audrey says Jeff, JAmes and Jason completely underestimate her they all think she’s not playing the game.
Meg – What do they think playing is
Audrey – I was like you guys have no f***g clue.. it doesn’t make sense to me because you’ve been involved.
Meg says she had a good conversation with Johnny mac, talked general game. “He’s just laying low”
Audrey – almost laying too low.. He’s doing a good job unlike Vanessa a lot of the guys feels good abou thim
Audrey – Next week will be a whole different game Vanessa will come out of the woodwork.. Adds Jackie and Becky are going to turn it up.
Meg – I’m ready for next week I’m ready for HOH

Audrey wonders at what point Jeff and Jackie will flip. Meg says Jury.
Audrey wants people the two of them can beat in the final 5. Audrey doesn’t think James is going to be a competition threat, the first HOH he lucked out on. They are worried about taking Clay and Sheli to final 5.
Audrey says once Da is out of the picture Jason will be with them. They agree Jason is loyal so the blood for DA’s eviction needs to be on someone else’s hands.
Audrey says it’s hard for them to plan ahead and strategize before they find out about the BBtakeover twist.
Audrey wants them to plan out their final 5, She wants jason.
Meg agrees.
Audrey wouldn’t be that threaten if it was James.
Meg thinks if James makes it near the end he will win.

Big-Brother-17 2015-06-27 20-18-51-259

8:15pm Cabana Room Steve and James
James points out he gets to vote, Asks him who he is going to vote for.
Steve says it depends on who the nominees are asks him who the replacement is
James doesn’t know, says he wants Jackie to stay asks Steve what he thinks of her
Steve likes her asks if the plan has changed.
James says the plan hasn’t changed. (Put Jace up)

James says this week will be a easy week “Its smooth sailing”
James appreciates Steve keeping the plan a secret.
Steve knows James was suspicious that he told Jace but he didn’t, Adds that Jace is still really nervous.
James blames it on the paranoia in the house.
James says if Steve wins HOH, to come talk to him. If he has a plan or needs James for strategy to feel free to come to him.
Steve doesn’t know who he would nominate because there is so much that can happen between now and Nominations.
They start chit chat about jobs back home.
James says he was a logistic specialist at office depot, “I was a sales associate”
Steve never heard of Office Depot

After James leaves.. Steve says to himself that James is so nervous adds that he wants to save JAce.

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Johnny Mac more like #IncognitoDentist. It’s crazy how under the radar he is haha.

Austin/Jace = Yuck. Y’all are going home because you don’t know how to play BB not because you are too cool. Peace Guys. Plus gotta love that final 5 talk before the first POV ceremony. Every year and it never ceases to entertain.

Steve is definitely getting treated like Ian did by Frank and Boogie in the beginning so hopefully he can find some people to play the game with.

New season- Still HATE BotB. A scary thing is the BotB is once again encouraging these big f.cking alliances so I’m praying the High Rollers comes undone (most likely because of Audrey).

Johnny Mac has this on lock!!


does anyone think that Liz reminds them of Rapunzel from Tangled by Disney?
Just a thought.


Geez, check out Vanessa Rousso’s bio on Wikipedia. Holy crap she is the real deal.


I am still floored that Da’Vonne doesn’t know who Vanessa “Lady Maverick” is if she is a poker dealer / player. I would have known instantly but kept it a secret to have an ally in the house. Vanessa is WAY smarter than they think.

jeff foxworthy

Austin says “we’re the cool kids” Wow, sounds like something I said in elementary and every time I think of it I feel ridiculous for my false and misplaced bravado !! Uhhhmm, “Austin you are not smarter than a 5th grader….”


There is no planet where a stoner and a tat hippie sit at the cool kids table. Jace is leaving first for a reason and popularity isn’t one of them.


LOL okay Austin, cause we’re in high school and the cool kids are cool? Him and Jace get on my nerves sooo much.


Meg is playing the Andy card! suddenly appearing in conversations and since she’s cool with everyone else she can integrate into the conversations smoothly without arousing suspicions. I can’t wait for her to start throwing names under the bus to see if she’ll have any influence on the players.


Is it just me or is Clay really hard to follow? He is all over the place when he talks and I have no clue what he is talking about. I cant understand him he jumps from one thought to another he seems like a nut to me.


Austin, cool kids? REALLY? Go home withJace and Liz cuz you 3 suck!

Crazy Eye

Is anyone else getting the Vacant, umm, Victoria vibe about Jackie? Like they have a plan to keep her loosing the bob. Also can someone please shave Both Jace and Austin’s stupid heads? I’ll give ya a quarter.


Impressed so far!!!! Vanessa is one of my fav poker players, she is the real deal. She is talkative and fun at tables. Expected so much more of her. Really though she’d be that player that say back and analyzed everyone and play them, like poker ayers do at a table.


Quick observation I could have attached to any comment.
What’s with DA…. A world class player like Vanessa and she didn’t know who she was. The DA story must be fudged some at minimum. Poker magazines are part of every casino and card room. Add to it her exposure on TV and WSOP easy to spot IMHO.


Why on the 1st ep were they forcing shelli and clay down our throats as a showmance yet we hadn’t even meet whole house yet


I personally think production put these two together, it makes no sense otherwise for a 33 year old divorcee to be head over heels “schoolgirl” falling for some random 23 year old. Just bizarre. They are both cute but come on neither of them are the hottest things going, I think production is compensating for not casting much eye candy this year (even the hotter people are just alright) bc people like to see a good looking showmance couple, so they are forcing it a bit for ratings.


Shelli looks like Danielle donato in some pictures


Not sure why/how people make alliances with more than 3-4 people in it (High rollers) Seems like way too many people. Hoping it blows up but I do like James and Jackie. Everyone else in that alliance bugs me. Hoping Austin slides away from Jace and goes over with James somehow. Hoping for Austin and James and Clay to make it far.


Idk if any of you watch after dark… But is it just me or are there fucking commercials every 8 minutes


No it’s not just you. If I see grandma fall down one more time on the Life Alert commercial. Plus they run them oddly in middle of conversations or at least they did the other night.

Eric CA

Jace and Austin are annoying right now, but it is a bad move to nominate Jace….. it is week one… it is the no harm no foul week. It is a good week to evict someone that is not close to most if not all the House… nothing personal. For me I would replace Steve with Vanessa. Vanessa cried that she wanted to go home, missed her girlfriend and really who other than Johnny Mac has bonded with her. I would want to see if she really did want to be in the house and see how she plays.
I would also want to see Jackie campaign to stay and that is not happening with Jace. I would want to use it to see if Jeff and Jackie are really working together. If Jeff starts to campaign hard for Jackie (and that would not happen against Jace unless they slipped and showed their cards.).
Jace might stay after all is said and done… because as we all know it just takes a slip to make everyone flip or enough people to flip. All it will take is Audrey getting paranoid about Jackie and Jeff… that is all. Too bad Jace and Austin have alienated everybody that isn’t Liz… because making Jackie feel like she has to campaign and getting Audrey paranoid… that could make everything flip and evict Jackie.


It’s not you burn


Jace talking about being cool is like listening to an ugly duckling call themselves gorgeous. It’s grating as fuck.


Austin has a fetish for the word “nerd”