“I’ve just been telling everyone Ovi, It’s going to be sad and someone has to go”

Big Brother Spoilers – Christie won the HOH, Nominated Cliff and Kathryn. Veto players were: Christie, Kathryn Cliff, Sam, Jack, Nicole. POV  Host was Tommy.  Sam wins the Power of Veto, it was called Food fight. Sam used the Veto on Cliff and Christie nominated Ovi as the replacement. Ovi Has a power he can secretly force the Head of Household to select two new Noms after one of the first 6 nomination ceremonies. WE’ve just had 1 nomination ceremony.

3:52 pm Christie and Jack
Christie – I don’t know what the house will do, to be honest
Jack – we’ll be sh1t outta luck if he stays
Christie – you think?
Christie – I think if anything .. Listen I don’t want him to but I’ll be like see I told you. You’re a pawn.
Christie says she feels bad about Ovi, She’s been avoiding eye contacts, “He’s so sweet I just feel bad”
Christie – HE seems to have positive spirits.
Cliff joins them “I told him you have a few days ”
Christie – Anything can happen I don’t know what the house wants. I’m proud of him he’s not crying he’s not wallowing he’s being Ovi so
Cliff – is there a grand plan y’all have
Christie – I mean I feel like he’s the easiest to go right now. I just don’t know where he stands I feel like every time I’ve talked game to him it’s really just like nods and yeah yeah.
Cliff – he’s playing it close to the chest and I told him I would work with him a middle bit and all but if he needs to go he needs to go
Christie says Ovi could be one of those floaters that wound up in the final 3 “To me, that’s more dangerous than Kat umm… ”
Cliff – you can just leave it right there
Christie – I am not a dictator so whatever the house wants. I would hate to break a tie though
Cliff – you are the HOH so
Christie – I know I know I would prefer him to go but I also don’t want him blindsided in that chair I would rather us all kinda say the day of.
Christie – he’s a good guy. everyone doesn’t want to rock the boat with 2 days left.
Cliff doesn’t think it’ll be a six-five vote.
jack – it’ll be a ten two
CLiff nodes
Christie – one person will throw him a vote. not many people will go against the majority
Christie – I can see him in final 3 because he’s such a floater and it’s sad because I love him


4:35 pm Christie tells them the house can do whatever it wants but she’s been telling everyone Ovi

Christie – I’ve just been telling everyone Ovi, It’s going to be sad and it’s going to be you know. someone has to go and we can’t all win and every week we’ll have to deal with it
Christie – let’s just do this and start a new week

5:15 pm boathouse. they decide to play hide and seek.

HIde and seek goes on for a while..


6:11 pm Chit chat

7:09 pm Ovi and Jack
Ovi – I’ve talked to everybody basically I feel pretty good but the one thing. The resounding thing .. the house.
Jack – the goddamn house
Ovi – the question is who is the house. Who is the f* house
Ovi says the “people in the room yesterday y’all the house”
Ovi says he has Cliff, Tommy, Nicole’s vote.
Ovi – I’m pretty sure I have Sam but everyone is waiting to hear what the house said

Ovi mentions they need to get Holly, sis, and Mickey on the same page. Adds that Kemi and Bella won’t vote for him “they don’t think I’m good for their game”
JaCK – That’s crazy
Ovi – because they see kat as a number for them. as a girl and they see that as a loss for the guys
Jack – okay
Ovi – if you talked to people I want Ovi here I think we should vote out Kat .. I get it I don’t want to put you in a position but I think people will listen to yeah (Jack save Ovi gain fans)

Jack says he’ll talk to people for Ovi
Ovi – I trust you man.

7:43 pm

Oh my god, I’m so like burnt.. .. ohh …

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sorry i retired this year but enjoy site i wish i could contribute


have for 21 years love it and my girls


I just donated. Please confirm. 🙂 Also, keep up the great work.


I’m feel bad because I can’t donate, and I enjoy your site immensely. I feel guilty, but I’m retired and on a fixed income, but I’ll tell you this, your updates keep me so entertained, and I look forward to them evetyday. Thanks, Simon, for brightening my day!

Tom is a Canuck

I tried but it didn’t like my credit card. Or my credit card didn’t like it. It works fine everywhere else. Plus there was no option to change it to Canadian dollars. It seemed to want to route everything through PayPal and I don’t want an account with them.


I would vote to evict Kat. I will say Jack and Jacksons days are numbered. They better start winning stuff and not act douchie when they do it. Someone should be smart enough to figure out that since David left 4 hours into the Season this will be a battle back Season. That would mean the smartest move is to get Jack and Jackson out next. Most of the house are not athletes so they might want to get jack, Jackson and David in a battle back… if it is three muscle guys vs someone smaller it will be a an endurance comp or a dumb luck challenge.


Is Ovi locked down as the one going? This season is really bad at communication I can only lock down 5 votes to keep Kat… everybody else looks really wishy washy. I’m hoping for six people thinking they are doing the pitty vote. Or a colossal last minute switch.


Kat would have to really annoy folks which is entirely possible but more than likely nothing crazy will happen and poor Ovi goes.


Ovi should ideally tell one or a few people unfortunately like jack, that he has this power and WILL USE IT ON THEM. To save himself. Unfortunately he is so naive I really don’t think he’ll figure it out unless Jess or someone gives him a heads up !!!


He’d have to sell that he’d use it on them. Plus he’d have to convince them the power is what he says it is. He has nothing to show the others what the power is or does so they’d have to take his word for it. It’s just as likely they’ll toss him just to eliminate the power because it’s not really in their control.


I just read that production had a conversation with Jack in the diary room warning him to knock his nonsense off. Apparently they’ve increased there content warnings on the live feeds. It’s a shame you have to explain to someone that they’re a bully. It’s funny on the ranking grid it says Jack was number one the first poll. Now he’s last. Lol when I saw that all I could think of is Ricky Bobby …” If you’re not first , you’re last” ……lol

Doran Martell

Is Jackson being a bully? I’ve been working a lot so I’ve missed some days. Who has he been bullying?


Jack not Jackson although Jackson is proving to be unlikable as well. Jack has been petty with Ovi, Bella, Nicole, Kemi, and anyone else who’s not fawning over him.


Pretty much everyone it seems.