“It’s not looking too good for me.. the numbers aren’t there” -Godfrey

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-20 21-39-46-030
12:31am Zach and Ashleigh
THey talk about next weeks noms. AShleigh says she’ll put up Sindy and Brittnee. Zach really wants Sindy out of the game warns she’s going to make a big move, “I guarantee she’s going to win the HOH, this house will be in complete scramble mode”
Ashleigh – that will be really scary”
Zach – I’m thinking more and more about keeping Sarah.. she’s so bad at competitions
Zach brings up last year where Jon had no strong competitors and was able to steamroll through the house
Ashleigh warns about Sarah’s social game.
Zach says the longer Kev/Pili and Bruno/Bobby stay in the game the better, they are going to fight each other.
Zach wants them to target Willow, Sindy, Sarah and Brittnee.
Zach – if we get rid of Bobby/Bruno .. we’re the targets.
AShleigh – I could never personally take Bobby and Bruno out
Zach – maybe 7 or 6
ASh – yes.. but before hand.
Zach doesn’t think Brittnee will target Bobby anymore cause they are so close. Zach also thinks Willow is going to flip flop the entire game.
Neither of them think Sindy will put them up. They think Sindy and Bobby are locked up in the vault conspiring against Kevin.
AShleigh thinks Brittnee is going to put her up just like she’s going to put Brittnee up “It’s A mutual undercover thing.. I just don’t know who goes up with me”
AShleigh doesn’t think the chop chop will turn on them until final 8 “They chop 4 thousand times a day”
Zach says they should keep Bruno to final 7 that way it’s them and Bruno
Zach – Kevin is taking JP… I know that for a fact
Zach – I would keep Bruno as long as I can he’s so loyal.. nd i’ll head to head with him in a competitions.. I can beat him c’mon.
Zach says Bobby is “So Dumb.. he’s so Dumb”
Zach thinks he can beat both Bobby and Bruno in any mental competition, “Both those guys are loyal puppies.. we’ll use those guys to get us to 8”
Zach smirks says he dropped a seed with Bruno about Willow. AShleigh says Bruno doesn’t trust Willow anymore
Ashleigh – you can tell them shit doesn’t stink and they believe it
Zach is going to aim Bobby/Bruno towards the girls and leave Kevin alone.
Zach – Sarah’s going to be itching in 2-3 weeks So i have to get her out before that.. If I win HOH in 2-3 weeks i’m sending Willow out (Didn’t you just say Sarah is coming after you in 2-3 weeks… LOL)
Ahsleigh questions why BOB/BRU have switched from kevin to Brittnee/Sarah. Zach says he’s been feeding Bru/Bob sh1t all week.
Ashleigh calls him a master manipulator.
Zach – you build trust with them first then you try to manipulate them.. if they don’t trust you first they think you are a rat.
Zach – I have to get inside Sindy’s head.. going to have to flirt with her tomorrow..
AShleigh is certain Bobby will target Brittnee or Sarah she’ll get in his head. Zach thinks Bruno will go after Sarah..

Zach – Godfrey hasn’t done any campaigning.. does he think people will keep him

AShleigh says how she misses Bobby being gone says he’s the only person she can be an a$$hole to and not worry about him, “And he’s sweet”

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-20 22-00-07-432
1:00am Willow and Pilar playing god ball crash into each other and Willow hurt her legs

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-20 22-06-38-774
1:05am Jordan and Zach
Zach saying he controls Bruno and Bobby because of his manipulation special abilities.
Jordan tells him things change super fast in the house.
Jordan says he’s talked to Brittnee and she’s saying Sindy and A pawn will go up if she wins HOH.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-20 22-23-05-298

1:24am bedroom The Diapers
Talking game in the bedroom.. After Godfrey leaves they decide Willow will be the house pawn.
Pilar suggests they get rid of Bobby.
Zach and Ashleigh tell them they have Bobby wrapped around their fingers. Zach says they’ll get bobby to go after Sindy/Sarah
Ashleigh – it’s so easy to get inside his head it’s sick
Zach – he’s so wrapped
Ash – he’s wrapped
Zach tells them once Sindy and Bobby leave they will dominate all the Endurance and physical competitions.
Zach says if one of them will take a “stab” at Bobby/Bruno first he’ll swoop in and take out the garbage.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-20 22-44-48-252

1:37am Bruno and Godfrey
Bruno – I think we can make a move man.. if we get Jordan out this week.
Bruno – Nobody has the f***g nuts to make a move.. if people were legit..
bruno – JP is a WAY bigger threat.. Zach, JP and Ashleigh are in together.. AShleigh has Pilar.. tight tight tight..
They name out the 5 members in the Diaper alliance saying that group has to be broken up.
Zach joins them for a moment tells them he’s going to watch his shomi tomorrow.
Godfrey mentions how Willow is so in love with Zach right now that is why he hasn’t gone to her for votes yet.
Bruno – Maybe you could get through to her.. what’s the worst that can happen.
Bruno calls Willow a player he might be able to get somewhere with her.
Godfrey tells him Sarah is down to keep him but she’s waiting for him.
Bruno laughs ‘Why didn’t you tell me”
Bruno says Sarah is really close to Jordan she’s seen them talking late at night 2:30, “they came out of the pantry.. They seemed so shook up when they saw me”
Bruno is really worried about Sarah calls her poison if he goes up to her and mentions voting Jordan out she could take that to Zach and Jordan and blow his game up. They both agree Zach, Jordan and Sarah have been whispering around all week.
Bruno – fight when you’re here man.. they’ve already brought someone back nobody is coming back
Godfrey – Tomorrow i’ll bring some heat man.

Bruno – Zach, AShleigh, JP and Willow their going to trip up on their own feet..
Adds that eventually they will catch each other in a lie and start targeting each other.

2:18am Zach, Sarah and Jordan
Saying that Bobby and Sindy went into the vault to do a two person task, “we all picked / they volunteered”

2:48am Zach and Asleigh studying in the HOH bed. Everyone else is sleeping

Big-Brother-Canada-3- 2015-04-20 23-50-18-168

8:45am – 9:50am A camera has been on the Vault the entire night where Bobby and Cindy had to sleep with the lights on. When the count down reaches 1 hour 19 minutes the feeds are blocked and switched to a different camera view.


9am Big Brother starts waking up the house guests. Brittnee says I can’t tell if he is trying to throw me off or what. He told me that he told Cindy as soon as she came in and she failed. Sarah says that JP said he was going to go up and apologize to people. It was Zach’s idea to tell you that. Brittnee asks are they going to try and work with her now? Sarah says no. Willow walks by and Sarah asks her where she’s going? Willow says she’s going to the store. Sarah comments to Brittnee that Willow can’t pick and choose when to talk to me. Brittnee says I will tell you what I am not letting her win this game. It’s not happening.

Brittnee says honestly I can only see good from Cindy and Bobby being in there. Sarah says yeah, exactly.

9:50am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

11:10am Still blocked..




There are always a lot of Alliance but we’ve tried to make sense of it all.. Read our alliance help guide

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I’m sure Ashley is a smart girl, but I can’t get over the “submissive $ex kitten” voice and general demeanour.
She sounds and acts to me like a clichée ridden 1950s movie stewardess: “please help me, Mister. I’m just so weak, I need a strong man to carry this heavy bag for me. It’s dark and I’m afraid. Will you protect me?”
If this really is how her voice naturally sounds, then she should try and have a little more spark to what she says as to sound less like a 6 year old girl.


I agree, her & pilar standing by their men trying to help them get to the end, no game of their own, just doing what they’re told & looking pretty…ugh. So glad Sarah/sindy/Brit are there to play, otherwise I’d be feeling pretty shameful over the female representatives this season.

Sbiff Stannen

Submissive $ex Kitten was my nickname in high school.




Newport bugs me so much. Stop your arrogance no one likes a person like that. As for bruno, wake up! Godfrey pull it together, you have info that can sway bruno and bobby. Bobby your stupidityness bug me too.


I honestly wanted Jp to leave, however after watching tonight’s episode where jp spilled the beans on the Newport alliance to kevin and stated that kevin is his new number one in the diary room, I kinda want jp to win HOH and nominate zach as the “pawn” and send his cocky ass home! Would be pretty good tv! Also just have to say, Pilar needs to be gone ASAP! She’s extremely boring and only wants to talk about Ashley and zachs relationship and she’s dragging kevin into the boring showmance garbage!


Not so sure the Fortress is any truer than Newport. I am not sure JP or Kevin will target Zach anytime soon. At the moment he is still safer than Bruno or Bobby (in their minds). JP Will give up his other allies (Sarah, Sindy, Brit) before those within the Diaper Alliance who are all supporting Zach (except Kevin) more than JP. Last nights game convo should be a big red to JP…the fact that both Zach and Ash have Bobby on lock.
Kevin is not as strong a partner as either think. Should JP survive this week he is in trouble further down the road.


I really thought Jordan might go home, but it seems like Bruno and Bobby are being very wishy washy. This could have been a very hilarious week, now it might just be pointless.

Fingers crossed though that it might still go that way.


“Dutch Oven”…u learn something new every year in the BB House, lol…?…


Ash is beyond ridiculous. Britt doesn’t give two F**ks about you.

Zach still thinks he’s going to be able to ride the middle moving forward? Ha!

Kevin I like you but are you playing the game or just sucking face with Pilar?

Pilar… you’re still here?

Willow… no comment necessary.

Bruno you could do well if you got over your fear of girls; Sarah should have made a joke about that.

Godfey you need to keep pushing if you want to stay; work on Bobby.

Cindy with an S get em girl!

Sarah please play more Fembot and less emotional and you may just make it to the end.

JP I’m not sure if you’re staying or leaving, but either way you need to join Kevin and Sarah.

Bobby at this point I don’t think a manual could help you play this game.

Britt it’s nice to see you’re trying to cover your bases, but try to get Bruno open to trusting Sarah.


I’m starting to think the day Bruno trusts Sarah in the game is the day hell freezes over…never happening…


Seems like that’s what it would take Kenneth lol!


Ashleigh is a twat and Zach is a pussy .. match made in heaven


And this makes 2 lesbians out of them hahaha

another name

I’ve said it before, i’ll probably say it again. sometimes I want to root for Bruno…. but he frustrates the hell out of me. sarah went to Bruno and said we have to talk. this morning. according to Bruno. he’s been blowing her off. now he says we’ve got a chance to flip the game but nobody is willing to make a move. he says he’s afraid sarah will run to Zach with what he says. tunnel vision. godfrey even said she’s afraid of the same thing about you man. and still… sarah’s poison. tunnel vision.


The way he talks about Sarah is the reason I cannot root for him…he talks her so badly even though he hardly even talked to her…if its true that Sarah said we need to talk and he is just blowing her off, he is just dumb…at least act like you care and don’t make enemies….usually when someone says we need to talk, its something important… He says Sarah talks to Jordan and Zach all the time…people talk… Its big brother…its not like he is talking to her…did it ever occur to him she might have some information about Jordan and Zach he might want, NO…because he has a preconceived idea and is not willing to adapt… I’m sorry Bruno, but Sarah was your ticket to flipping this house around and unless you take those blinders off which he won’t, be prepared to be ran over by Zach and his crew in a few weeks or sooner because you don’t have numbers….


You hit the nail on the head Kenneth. Bruno’s inability to adapt to the game is what bothers me the most about him. I mean I know we all think we know how we would go into the house, but you have to actually feel out the group you are playing with, and adapt your gameplay to your season. This whole one way s**t is horrible gameplay.

another name

I agree with you, Kenneth. when Bruno actually gets the alliances down and figures things out, I want to root for him… but Bruno’s tunnel vision about sarah (and as I’ve said before, his unworthiness to trust women in the game) has been the biggest, most frustrating reason not to support him. he needs to look around and realize the only people that are even mentioned as targets by anyone except bobby are over 25. he’s over 25.
on par with that: all these big tough macho guys copping out from making moves. “i don’t want to get blood on my hands” or “it’s too early to make big moves” is such crap. if they’re so afraid of playing the game, maybe the guys should take up playing bridge or baking cinnislops. hey guys, Britt made the biggest move of the season. 1/2 of them take credit for it, the other 1/2 prefer not to even think about it. if all the guys are going to do is measure dicks, maybe they shouldn’t check their balls at the door.


the thing that bugs me about Bruno is he finally figured out whats really going on in the house and knows what he has to do BUT doesn’t do it!!! just go to Sarah make a deal to work together, that goes for Sarah too….it only has to work for 2 weeks then they could go back to targeting each other.
i also didn’t understand why when Bruno and Bobby had the candies out and Godfrey came over to them Bruno shut down trying to convince Bobby to save Godfrey, when he should have gotten Godfrey involved to help work on Bobby, and why does Bobby want to keep JP who’s not in the chop shop and working with Kevin who Bobby wants out and Zach who they don’t trust any more


Exactly. Why didn’t he involve Godfrey in the candy talk with Bobby? Because Zach has raised enough doubt about Godfrey.
I also am having trouble cheering for Bruno at this point. Flexability within the game is critical. He shows none.
Bruno knows they need to keep Godfrey but is unwilling to do anything to keep Godfrey. Brittney was trying to open up the convo and revealed that though she gives Zach and JP the feeling she is with them she is not.The implication is that Sarah is not that close to them as well. And still Bruno can’t move on to save his game.


Zach (and Ash) seriously think he has special manipulative powers? Dawg annd Simon you have to add emojis to the comments section so I can post a nice rolling of the eyes lol.


Why is Bruno always calling Sarah poison?! I like him less and less as a game player because he refuses to open his eyes to the WHOLE playing field.

I’m still not sure if JP leaving is the best move for SSB, but maybe with Godfrey staying and him (and maybe Bruno/Bobby) targeting Zach, Sarah could join with Kevlar (or just Kevin).

If Cindy with and S wins HOH next then we will finally get some good TV Sabrina.


Wow; Zak had developed one heck of a swelled head..so much so that I think his brains are now down in his toes… not at all my fav to win this game .. then again he never was … next comment I have is for Britt .. I liked her from the beginning but as the weeks past she gives me more reasons not to like her .. sometimes I wonder if she even likes herself…being from Ottawa I was rooting for Bruno but the only game he is playing is removing all females.. (I guess he don’t want to tick off the wife.) geesh .. love to see him go next week… hoping for Sarah, Cindy with an >S ..lol or Kevin.. I like their game play ..


Zack, Bruno, n Bobby in final 3 …. they all say it’s to early to take each other out!
BBCA Canceled … no winner this year … it’s to early


Beat up Bruno thread. OMW Of all the HG’s to this point in the game I think he is best positioned has social, a little bit of comp to. Sarah is a snake he’s smart to stay clear. Think he has the correct read on Zack blowing up his own game this HOH. presuming Cindy the next target that’s 10 left. Believing next week a double. Week from Wednesday we’ll have our jury and 9 left. You can really start looking at F4 material then. I’m putting Bruno at the top of the list and a few weaker woman like Willow Ash and Pili as potential F4 candidates.
Think it’s going to be a backstabbing bloodbath after we get from 10 down. Bobby, Zack, Jordan, Kevin and Sarah all get evicted. I think B does to.
Zack/Jordan and/or Sarah/B riding the middle = squishy IMHO. Other than Bruno watch out for a dark horse like Willow winning this season. She’s on no ones radar. Pili and ? in the final. Unless it’s break up the couples week and Kev wins POV they’ll all want to sit beside no BB game 2015 star Pili in the end.


this kind of comment always annoys me…So, a girl trying to play the game hard is a “snake” eh….ridiculous…


No its not Sarah is a girl that I call her a snake it’s the way she is playing. If you remember Andy from BB USA snake was one of the favorite ways to describe his game play.
What amazes me personally as a regular here daily and a BB watcher since season 1 BB USA is why so many here are on a “root for Sarah trip”. The commenter above mentions a “woman playing the game”
What the F game play are you talking about? Talkie talkie talkie…. where in the love of god are the actions? Oh wait BB IS A SOCIAL GAME she doesn’t have enough social to raise numbers so she talks about moves. I know I’m thoroughly impressed. Watch after Wednesdays eviction the new HOH will target Cindy, wanna bet what great game player Sarah will do? Side with the house…Oh My!
What would be interesting is if she won HOH not Cin or B. Then everything’s on her shoulders. Bet the noms won’t be game but rather follow the house. I see B and Bruno playing effectively atm. B had a rare early HOH targeted a strong player and hasn’t been put up for it. That was a good HOH for her. Bruno looks like a real threat early.

another name

hey stan. I have to disagree with you about one point. you stated sarah would vote with the house. sarah is one of the only players to state, ‘enough of this vote with the house crap, it might screw my game, but someone’s got to make a stand ‘ and back up her words by voting for naeha to stay. she knew naeha was pooched, and still voted her conscience. not the best move strategically, but shows that she isn’t just going to follow the crowd like the house lemmings.

brotalk to human dictionary

Fonzie has said, “Sarah’s poison” so much that you’ve drank the koolaid and begun preaching the word.
Sarah is playing the same game style as Bruno.
Bruno’s comp wins were team effort. four people helped him win hoh.
Just as many people are after Bruno as after Sarah.
Three people in the house have already admitted to poisoning Bruno’s brain against Sarah for weeks. He’s gullible. He’s parroting what they say to anyone that will listen.
He’s lying about never talking to her, or never talking game to her. twenty minutes of afterdark on the night of the bbtv wrap party was Bruno, Godfrey, Sarah and Britt talking about game. the next morning Zach and Jp were in his ear. Suddenly Sarah’s poison again.


Brunos sees he is getting played and by whom, but Bruno can’t see he’s getting played.


Stan, Sarah is not riding the middle.
One point of Bruno’s game play that is frustrating is that he has figured several points out that indicate that he is in major trouble because he does not have the numbers on lock for himself. Yet, he fails to make a move to improve his chances. His and Bobby’s failure to see that the majority of his alliance has branched out and made very solid side alliances within the house while they have not. Also members within their alliance have clearly aligned with each other and both Bruno and Bobby are outnumbered there as well.
He sees all this outnumbering but fails to take a chance to improve his chances. Social maneuvering involves flexability and responding to the situation at hand. Bruno is not able to play out side of his initial parameter box.
This is not Bruno hate you read on this thread. It is frustration in watching a player self-binding their game by being rigid in thought.


i must admit, Brunos fear of girls is hilarious. frickin grow a pair. so tired of this whole ‘bros’ thing every season of basically every reality show there is.

like the brigade… my god that was the most boring season of BB i have ever watched. 15 & 16 were more interesting than that & they were awful! lol.


Willow pillar and asheligh should just self evict


3 of the final 4 😛


Godfrey is gone.. Bobby listens to Zachs word like gospel, for whatever reason.. Bruno and the SSB I feel are onboard, but as long as Bobby doesn’t do it there is no point.

I really hope there is a Canada’s HoH and I really hope everyone votes Newport.


Zach is the biggest flip flopper floater in the game and he’s saying the same thing about willow. That pisses me off. Zach maybe playing his game to well, but someone needs to put him in the right place with his unbearable cockiness. I’m sure Canada will for Canada’s HOH!!


another season of sheep.

Next HOH better be one of these Brit, Sindy, Kevin or Sarah or it will be another boring week.

I can’t take Zach, Jordan, Ash, Bobby, Bruno, Willow and Pilar at this point!


I hope that something comes of Sindy’s idea to get JP out. I would love to see the look on JP’s face when Arisa says “By a vote of 5-4 JP you are evicted from the Big Brother house”. His knees will buckle and they will have to carry the guy out of there. Zach and Ashleigh’s faces as well. The best line used in the past few days came from Godfrey when he said it took Ashleigh longer to complete the “Ants” competition than it took to build it. I laughed for about 20 minutes.


I really hope Zach gets targeted next week by Bruno or Sarah/Sindy/Britt. His ego and flip flopping is just getting ridiculous! I think it’s hilarious that Zach keeps saying Willow is a flip flopper who talks to everyone and talks shit about everyone, because that is exactly what Zach is doing!! For example, if Bruno/Bobby win the next HOH, Zach will flip over to them, whereas if Sarah or the girls win HOH, he’ll flop over to them… Flip Flopper!

If we get Canada’s HOH, I’m nominating Zach and Ashleigh. Hopefully that will shake up their game!


Zach is doing to Willow what he has done to most of the HG’s in all his side-alliances. Put doubt about the other players in all their minds.


Sindy with an S should be working Bobby in that vault! The feeds have been off a lot so maybe she is but if they spent that entire 24hours exchanging riddles, I am not going to be happy.


Sindy had slim to no chance of working on Bobby’s mind. He IS the vault.


Ugh! So Bruno has the balls *pun intended* to say that nobody has the nuts to make a big move…when HE had the opportunity to make the biggest move ever in the history of the game by replacing BOTH noms, back-dooring a power duo, and sending half of it home…just last week!

I want to like him…I do appreciate that he has caught on to most of the alliances going on and has the ability to see through the others’ bullshit…I just wish he would see through his own.


No one is going to ever vote out Pilar and the only chance Ash has only going is if she is up against Pilar but that happen for another month at least. I disagree about Willow lasting much longer i think the hgs are geting sick of her she never shutups i think as soon as a double eviction happens there get rid of her they just don’t want have deal with her crying and whining for days which would happen with a regular eviction.


Willow should just stay and be a plant cuz thats all shes ever good for so far, a decoration.