Willow “Godfrey hasn’t talked to me at all! Is that weird? I might have a bum veto, God!”

POV Holder: Zach Next POV April 24
POV Used No POV Ceremony April 19
HOH Winner Zach Next HOH April 22nd
Nominations: Godfrey and Jordan
Have Nots Godfrey, Sarah, Jordan, Bruno
POV Players Zach, Jordan, Godfrey, Sarah, Ashleigh, Pilar

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Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 13-40-53-937

Out in the hot tub – Pilar and Kevin recite information they’ve learned about each other. Kevin recites everything Pilar has told him about her and her family. Pilar says you killed that story! I’m very proud! That’s my life! Pilar and Kevin head inside and talk to Willow and Sarah by the vault. Pilar yells to Bobby and Cindy We love you guys! Sarah says I don’t think they’re in there. Kevin says something is up! Sarah says before we got locked out we could hear them in there, they couldn’t reply and now we can’t hear anything. Just then Sarah hears them giggle. Sarah says nothing is up! Pilar says JP is anxiously waiting for you! Cindy or Bobby knock on the vault door! Kevin “You can’t do that!” Big Brother says “STOP THAT” Kevin says I can’t believe they knocked. I wonder if they got bum vetos? Willow puts her head up to the door and asks did you guys get your bum vetos?!

Meanwhile in the backyard – Bruno, Godfrey, Brittnee, Zach and Ashleigh are hanging out talking about random things.

4:55pm – 5:10pm Up in the HOH room – Kevin says that he really likes Bruno. He says that Bruno and Bobby are like this (he crosses his fingers). Kevin and Willow talk about being paranoid in the house. Kevin says that he keeps telling himself don’t be Graig. Willow asks has God talked to you? Kevin says he pitched to me pre-veto but not post. Willow says he hasn’t talked to me at all! Is that weird? Willow says I might have a bum veto, God! Kevin says God might turn it up in the next couple days.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 14-01-31-640

5:30pm – 6pm Big Brother blocks the feeds. When the feeds return – The house guests are in the backyard talking about conspiracy theories. Up in the HOH room – Kevin and Pilar are making out. He says we kind of make out a lot eh!? Pilar says Ok, we’ll stop! She leaves the HOH room. Pilar grabs the nutella jar and starts working on it as Ashleigh paints her nails. Pilar says that it would be the worst if Kevin won HOH and I was a havenot. “I feel like I’m going to win HOH” Ash says if B, Cindy or Sarah don’t win HOH one of them are going to be going up. That’s what Bobby and Bruno said. Pilar asks they’re not after Kevin any more? Ash says no, that’s what they’re saying. Pilar says interesting. Pilar says I would vote out Sarah. Ash says I just don’t know why B has something against … I just feel super sketched out about her. Brittnee walks in and the conversation ends. When Britt leaves Ash says I just feel she has it out for me. I don’t know why.

6:20pm Up in the bathroom – Pili tries to help shave Kevin’s face. Kevin “I’m letting Pili hold a razor blade by my throat… I’m kind of scared!” Pilar says oh cool its working! Pili tells Kevin .. Apparently .. Bruno isn’t after you any more. Kevin laughs and says that he loves whenever she wants to talk game she slides over and says “Apparently….” Pilar talks about how Ash told her Bruno is after him (Kevin) any more. Kevin says he hopes so but will have to see if its true or not. Kevin jokes with her more about always saying apparently. Pilar says I’m not going to start my sentences like that any more so you don’t know what I’m talking about.. The kiss some more. Pilar heads into the bedroom and talks to Britt. Brittnee thinks this week coming up will be Canada’s HOH. Kevin joins them. Brittnee says if Canada was HOH it would really give insight into what people are thinking about / the direction of the show. Kevin thinks Bobby and Cindy’s decision might be where they get $1000 each but everyone goes on slop for a week. Brittnee says that would be a bad thing to do at this point in the game… half way through the game. Kevin says everyone is speculating on what it might be.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 15-22-52-895

Sarah and Willow are in the hot tub room. Sarah says she talked to Zach about who everyone was voting out. She says that all he would say is that’s the plan and JP’s a good guy. Sarah says well Godfrey is a good guy too. We’re all good people. Willow says Godfrey going is what she’s heard too. She says that she’s offended that Godfrey still hasn’t come to talk to her. Willow says that they might get to be able to put people on the block. They might get a special power?! They might be watching us right now.

6:45pm Bruno and Godrey talk about Jordan. Bruno says this is Zach’s HOH not his. I hate cockiness. Godfrey says he’s talking about not being on slop next week. You might not even be in the house next week buddy!! I f**king hate cockiness!!

6:55pm – 7:20pm In the bedroom – Brittnee and Jordan talk game. Jordan tells Britt about not being able to trust Cindy. Brittnee wonders if it will be Cindy go next week. Jordan says it depends on who wins HOH. Brittnee says this is just such a slow game. This is day 33 and there are still 11 people in here. Brittnee brings up how Godfrey campaigned to the whole house. Jordan asks when? Without me? Brittnee says yeah. Last night .. or before the veto. He was just talking sh*t. No one was listening to him. Britt asks who’s your target next week? Jordan says I would want to stick to the original plan this week. Put up a pawn and the target goes. Jordan talks about how he and Cindy make out every night. Britt says she had no idea. Jordan asks about Bobby. Britt says she likes him but he only holds her hand if she does it first. He’s weird about talking about us too. Jordan asks if she likes him? Britt says have you seen the man bones on that guy! He’s kind of like Emmett. But our personalities are different. Jordan says what you don’t like cinna-slops!! Britt says shut up! Britt tells Jordan how Godfrey said he has 3 votes. Jordan asks who? Britt says he didn’t say. Jordan says he kind of hopes the vote isn’t unanimous because then it means someone is trying to start trouble.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-04-20 15-50-35-411

7pm – 7:20pm The live feeds show the vault – Where Bobby and Cindy have a basket with Twistos snacks. The countdown clock has 16 hours 17 minutes left on it.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-20 16-22-09-730

16 hours left… Hurray!
(Simon here.. there may be some overlap with what I added below. I didn’t expect the feeds to be down for so long)

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-04-20 16-23-41-062

7:24pm Bedroom Sarah, brittnee, Willow and Jordan
Brittnee is showing them how Bobby holds her hand in the bed says he’s not very aggressive.

Jordan leaves from the balcony tells the people in the living room that Brittnee was telling them about It’s happening with Bobby. Brittnee storms out jokingly starts yelling tells Jordan he’s the worst yells out that Bobby and her are not happening. (While this happens Bobby and Sindy are at the vault door listening.. See image)

The girls talk about taking Bobby’s virginity. Brittnee wouldn’t want to lose her virginity on a TV show.
Willow – Can you lose your virginity twice.
Brittnee says she misses Bobby usual they see him 10 times a day.. Say they always make fun of AShleigh together.
Willow – I love when you make fun of Ashleigh.
Sarah says there’s three full on Showmances,
Willow – Brittnee will be soon give it 7 more days
Brittnee – Bobby and I are polar opposites (Feeds go dead… when they come back cams are showing earlier footage technical troubles I assume)

9:13pm Feeds still down… No idea when or if they will come back. Afterdark is not on for the next 2 days so there’s reason to believe feeds will be off for some unknown reason.

9:55pm Feeds still down

11:00pm NO FEEDS for YOU

11:30pm Feeds are back




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I have been tied up all day…why vault ?


Grrrr….. can someone let me on set for two minutes so I can go smack Ashleigh up the side of the head and remind her dumb ass… she’s on BB “CANADA”.
Seriously, what’s up with the ball cap?! (not the first time I know) How about showing some Canadian pride given the circumstances huh.
Don’t take me the wrong way here….I have nothing against the US…. have my own US flag wear however I’m not the one currently on BB Canada representing CANADA.


That’s quite a bit chauvinistic, wanting to smack someone for a ball cap. They did not go into the house to represent Canada in all its glory, they went there to have an experience that might lead to financial gain.


It’s actually Sarah’s hat….


Bruno wears an Italy hood all the time. Who cares? It’s not like she’s saying she hates Canada and wants to defect to the states.


Is this the twist referred to in Big Brother intro that they said they would rock the house???…this might be it…


I honestly don’t know…knowing big brother…. It could be anything, whatever it is…big brother has already promised a really twisty season….


Sorry but I’m seeing Caleb in Bruno. If he doesn’t go with keeping Godfrey this week I’m hoping that he’ll go out next, such a shame because they have the votes to keep themselves safe yet they are blindly up in Zach’s ass. Really hope a blow up happens and exposes Zach and Jordan’s game before the eviction.


Too bad Bruno is being close minded and won’t take two minutes out of his day to talk to Sarah…if he did, he would be able to connect the dots and flip this house easily…and Sarah probably realizes Bruno wouldn’t talk to her anyways isnt ballsy enough to at least try to talk to Bruno…it still could happen tomorrow if Sarah thinks “what the hell” and goes for it.. Hopefully, she does it soon….


shouldnt cindy be telling bobby she knows about chop shop because graig told her? once that is done she’d have a better chance of getting him on board keeping godfrey. since jp is not in chopshop and not that close to brunobby then better for him to get jp out of the house. and keep a mor reliable ally.



In honestly, they might have already did since we haven’t seen them for several hours…I doubt it…but maybe she did it already…


Sindy needs to tell Bobby that at the revival comp Graig told them to target Zach.


I’m hoping that the twist will not do something drastic. Sindy coming back has change a lot of things in the house and for a twist to appear again would only break that momentum. You need to put twist after a certain time to change the dynamics of the house and that already happened when she came back. This twist would be a waste because it can potentially revert back the changes when she came back.


I literally can’t watch Kevin and Pilar make out anymore. Like fuck you guys are on big brother… Do something


I am liking the variety of different competitions that BBC offers. It seems that BBUS have roughly the same type of competitions each year and the house guests get used to them and practise for them. IMHO.


I agree one of my big gripes about BBUS is how they can predict and prepare for the competitions.


Watching the episode tonight
I really want Jordan to stay
Newport is basically dead, and so if God is out, its gonna be

SSB vs Kevlar+Jordan vs Bruno, Bobby, Zach


if JP wants to stay in the house
he needs to SHOW sarah that he does not trust zach anymore
cuz i know it would be an AMAZING blindside if JP is evicted
but wouldn’t JP nominating/evicting zach be a bigger blindside?
also, the SSB kind of needs JP
JP is a lot more loyal to the SSB than bruno/bobby/godfrey ever will be


i see JP as a number for the SSB and not zach


Ashleigh represents the epitome of the issue people have with women on this show; women hating, ball-sucking, male hungry women who shun the girls, talks all kind of shit, but does lot have the n


Ashleigh represents the epitome of the issue people have with women on this show; women hating, ball-sucking, male hungry women who shun the girls, talks all kind of shit, but does not have the nerve to either confront the person, or clear the air. Brittnee has not even mentioned her name in a negative way ALL WEEK, and that is ALL Ashleigh has been doing. It is grating.


Not true, read this post again. Britt says she and Bobby use to make fun of Ashleigh all the time


I don’t think so at all. Ashleigh says nice things about Bee all the time, how she says great quality, and does not understand why she dislikes her. I do think it is horrible that Ash gets all of this heat for hooking up with Zach, if they like each other, do your thing girl. No one says anything about guys laughing at other guys for wanting one of the girls, for example how Zach and Kevin laugh at Bobby… In addition, they are playing a game; I don’t know how wise it is for girl to confront Bee, she’s trying to be under the radar, a blow up would bring more attention


The sad part is that Zach reveals his tactics for put/diverting targets by planting large seeds in other HG’s minds. She complements him on his manipulative ability and capabilities to lie well. Yet she doesn’t see he is doing the same with her. Then again, maybe she does and is okay with it since he is her ticket to 20K. Unfortunately she sees herself as strategic as well…at least with PilIi.


First of all thanks for posting these blogs and also I think it’s hilarious that you insist on misspelling Sindy’s name.
(My Favs are Kevin, Sindy & Bruno)


You’re welcome 🙂


I kinda hope they press the button…just because I want to see what would happen


One is for Twisto the other KFC chicken .. lol

another name

still think this vault thing is production’s way of keeping Newport in the game. seriously. remove the person most gung ho for the flip and put her with the person least likely to listen to anything she has to say (his hoh evicted her, he’s made a pact to evict her and always votes with the house, he’s too stupid to see what’s going on in the game… pick one).
feeds won’t even rewind as they usually do. they are on complete lock.
funniest twist would be if only cindy and bobby get to vote on eviction. but must agree on whose button to push. timing is allllll kinds of wrong. but so was the timing on the instant eviction. which leads me to think fast forward hoh, nom, pov, veto to make this week the first double eviction by Wednesday. again, i’m sooooo just speculating based on what would make the biggest twist and why they would cancel after dark for two days.
don’t quote me. my imagination is working overtime.


I’m sorry, but who’s HOH this week?? Zach is HOH, and therefore allowed to think of himself. If JP wants Bruno out of the house, get off your lazy ass and win a comp instead of flapping your gums all the time. Both he and Sarah are tied with the same brush. Do as I say or I will flip to another alliance. And as far as Kevin tonight saying he is the best player in the house……….best at making out, and laying in bed all day. I hope JP gets the boot this week so I can finally see everyone else saying that HE is stupid, and an idiot. So far those words roll off his tongue on a regular basis about everyone else in the house. What kind of an ass volunteers to go on the block. According to JP, the smartest person in the house……………..LOL

another name

hey delta. not asking this to be argumentative but I can’t really name a time that someone in an alliance that gets hoh didn’t have to listen to their alliance’s recommendations on who to nominate, can you? of course, given that Zach has an alliance with every member of the house who should he listen to? the last time someone said ‘it’s my hoh, i’ll make the decision.’ on bbcan, it was ika wong. she was evicted a week later. every hg should play their own game and make the moves best for them…. but not by making their own closest allies distrust them. Zach joking with Ashleigh last night that if the house was smart they’d get rid of Jordan shows that he’s so self-involved and full of himself that he really has gotten too cocky and let down his guard. every ally of Zach moving forward should think he’s willing to lose his closest ally, why wouldn’t he get rid of me. by not making the big move he broadcasted he would make, he should actually lose the trust of everyone left in the game.
as far as Jordan being the biggest doofus of all time by volunteering… no arguments. five weeks in and Newport is so over-confident they are sabotaging themselves.

The Prophet



Rumour has it that the power is out in the BB house.


Yet Big Brother Afterdark has been missing from the Slice Schedule for about a week now. Monday and Tuesday night no AD. When AfterDark isn’t on feeds are not one sadly the reverse isn’t the case.

another name

happy coincidence or planned hydro work project? lol.
my tv schedule has not included after dark for Monday and Tuesday for days. seems pretty coincidental.


Of course Godfrey hasn’t come to you Willow. You my dear are irrelevant.


I totally agree…i really have no idea what Willow is doing game wise…she is liie the biggest floater i have ever seen…not only is she not doing anything. ..she doesn’t even have any real allys…say what you want about Pilar and Bobby and how clueless they are. ..at least they have allies….Willow goes around and i dont know what she is doing…she goes here and people brush her off and she goes there and people brushes…she doesnt even try to make any real allies…she just goes everywhere…the thing is i dont think she wants to pick a side, but i think people have decided they will get rid of her when they dont need her…the worst part is before the season…i thought she would play like Neda…and shes really playing…i cant even think of someone…and that is not a good thing…the only thing she offers right now is her pretend lesbian thing with Sarah. ..


Spot on Kenneth, but please don’t compliment Willow by calling her a Floater lol! Willow is not strategic, social, or manipulative enough to be a Floater (I realize people are confused with what Floaters really are because of Rachel BBUS 12 & 13). Floaters (like Jun BBUS 4, Shelly BBUS 13, Andy BBUS 15) are actually playing the game every day, all day. They Float to the power each week, but also have input on the outcome of events week to week. They collect valuable information they can use down the road, and when the time is right, they can make big moves and turn on previous allies.

Game wise Willow is a Coaster. She’s trying to Coast to where the power is regardless of whether it’s a CS member or not, but she has no idea what to do once she’s up the HOH’s a**. She’s like a dog chasing a car that has no idea what to do with it even if she caught it. Another thing that blows my mind is that after she has made rounds and collects information she runs and throws people under the bus so fast! I’m sitting here like WTF are you doing?! She’s burning all her bridges which is why she has no real allies.

I totally agree about Bobby and Pilar (and Ash). They would be deer in headlights without alliances. Bobby is your typical Collaborator, kind of like Caleb from BBUS 16. He’s blindly loyal to a fault. Pilar was a Coaster but evolved into a Coat-Tail Rider. Now she and Ash will Coast on by for weeks to come, being dragged along by their showmances (ugh).

Moreover, Willow queerbating Sarah makes me like her even less! No one is forcing you to cuddle or get in bed with her!


Willow is the most direct and honest with Zach. She reports to him consistently, we have trouble hearing a lot of what she says because she is usually whispering real low and messing with her mike on the bed.
She believes her F2 with Zach is real and that is where her loyalties lay.


hey another name. yes you are right in what u say, bu t maybe my total dislike for JP is clouding my judgment. He pushes and lies constantly to Zach about others for his own benefit, and although his opinion should be listened to, I just find his constant attempts at manipulation of everyone in his own alliance annoying.

another name

believe me delta, I have taken a lot of issue with Jordan’s personality as well. it’s made me want to mute the feeds more than once. but then, I can’t even type Zach’s name without shuddering. it’s not about their strategy. they actually have a great short game strategy. it’s about their personalities. every time they are in a room alone together I end up disliking them more. tbh, if I don’t remind myself that their early game strategy is smart, i’ll end up falling into posting major vitriol about them.

Biff Tannen

I sorta get why BBCAN is so twist-happy now. It’s a casting problem. The only way to infuse some sort of drama or excitement into the show is by lobbing a grenade in the house every once in a while. This has to be the most boring cast I’ve ever watched in a Big Brother season.


Just watched the pov challenge, I now get the joke that ash took longer than it took to setup the entire comp lol… Godfrey’s speech was amazing, n unlike johnny, Graig he is fighting to stay in this game…Bruno knows what god is telling him is the truth, he just needs to convince the dumbest player bobby.
I have been watching the livefeeds and Bruno is finding it difficult to convince bobby :who is not listening and instead thinking of what only God Knows?( perhaps cinnaslop). Its so frustrating watching Bruno trying to convince bobby, hopefully production will provided Bruno with some crayons and paper so he may illustrate his point across(Bruno should just cross out jps name and say “bad” and put a check around godfreys name and say “good”…maybe just maybe bobby might understand this simplified version) .
Seriously Bruno should just give bobby an ultimatum.


How good would a Zach Rance and Godfrey alliance be??


I really want Bruno to win. He’s one of the only ones that doesn’t get on my last nerve.

Jordan? Cocky little sucker. Zach? He’s in his own fan club and I hate his accent – hoose (house, it’s how-se you dummy). Pilar, can’t get any dummer. Britnee, I liked her at first but she’s even getting on my nerves. Bobby, another dummy. Willow and Sarah? What’s up with that. Sarah isn’t a lesbian is she? Ashleigh, a sad stereotype.

And for as much as I can’t stand god, I want him to stay, and next in line for my choice to win though she was annoying before eviction, Cindy with an S.

They really are having a hard time casting. Naeha would have been a fireball in there…ginga ninja, glad he’s out, risha who? Wtf was she all about anyway other than in there to get some yound d on camera?

another name

has Godfrey been campaigning hard enough? I don’t think so. until he gets up in front of everyone and says “i bet you all a bucket of chicken that the person on your left and the person on your right are both in an alliance with Zach, he’s lying to you all.” he isn’t campaigning hard enough.
he knows about Zach being with bobby and Bruno even if just from the bro alliance.
he knows about Jordan being with Zach. suspects kevin in there too.
he knows the couples are a thing.
I think he knows sarah and britt were with z and j from when he and sarah talked before talking with Bruno and britt on the bbtv night. that one I’m not comfortable in saying 100%.


Where are the votes at? I’m so confused