“WTF is Helen’s problem.. Dude the Brenchel army is going to be pissed” -McCrae

POV Holder: Elissa Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH: Aug 22nd
Original Nominations: Elissa and Helen
Current Nominations: Helen and Spencer
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD, Jessie
Have Nots (head cheese and habaneros) GM, Amanda, Helen and Elissa


7:17pm HOH Spencer, Amanda, McCrae, Andy
McCrae relays his conversation with Helen to them. Highlighting all the good parts like.

“Brenchel army is waiting on baited breath to see what him and Andy are going to do and if they vote Helen out you’re going against the Brenchel army and going against moms and all America”
“You are siding with the bad people and her and Elissa are the good guys”
Andy mentions that was the same thing they told him and he immediately thought “Nerd Herd”
MC Agrees.
They try to figure out who the bad guys are..
Spencer and Amanda are definitely bad guys

McCrae adds that Helen also told him that everyone is targeting Amanda and him if Helen goes home.
Amanda says they are threatening McCrae that Elissa will target him next week.

Andy: “Helen’s campaigning strategies are making it easier for me to want to vote her out”
Amanda says Helen doesn’t trust Andy anymore.
MC confirms Helen isn’t trusting And any more.

Amanda: “This is getting personal.. calling me a bad person an evil person”
Spencer: “She’s out of strategy… just let it go.. just like Helen always says you get the last word with your vote”
McCrae mentions how Helen also references “Her Friends” and says they are telling her things like he’s being portrayed as a puppy dog.
MC: “We need production to be called out here.. “
Andy: “This pisses me off”
Amanda:” She’s just pissed that I beat her at her own game.”

McCrae says there is only one variable that can f*** them now and that is Elissa. Spencer says even if Elissa wins the HOH she will work with Amanda and McCrae and go after Aaryn and him.
McCrae brings up Helen telling him that Elissa is not working with Amanda she just pretending.
MC: “Once Elissa doesn’t have helen she’ll realize she doesn’t have anyone.. but if she has power she doesn’t need anyone”
Spencer: “For just one week.. she can be the engine but Andy and Amanda will be the rudder”

Andy is going to Elissa and say in a last ditch effort helen came to Andy and told him she was willing to Cut Elissa to go with Andy. Andy: “I trust you more than I trust her and we’re better without her”

MC: “Dude Brenchel army is going to be pissed”
Spencer: “How much of a f**** loser are you to be in the brenchel army”


7:52pm HOh Amanda, Andy, Spencer and McCrae
Spencer tells them that if Helen can get into Ginamarie’s head she could do some major brain switching.
Aaryn says she was just in the hammock with Helen and Elissa. It wasn’t anything like she thought it was there was no game talk. Amanda: “Because they are buttering you up”
Amanda says she is pissed off that Helen is calling her Evil and a bad person. Amanda wants to say something.
Spencer asks them what they would you do if Helen called them all in and said this is Helen’s funeral
MC: “Amanda if you say something I will be livid”
Amanda: “Shut up mcCrea I’m not going to say anything”
MC: “You shut up.. “

Andy gives them Spencer’s riddle for Candice.
“A rat, a tattle tale and a Snitch are all things we call this b!tch”
Andy makes up his own “Even though you had no power you f!ngered yourself in the HOH shower” everyone howls..

Andy tells them to remind GM that Elissa said flat out said she doesn’t want to sit next to her, “GM f**** hated that”
MC: “She said they were freaks”
Andy says he was talking to Elissa and they were counting who plays in the next HOH. He screwed up and said Spencer was.


8:08pm Helen and Elissa

Helen says Amanda walks outside with her underwear one, ‘I don’t want her sitting on the outside couch with her underwear on.. put on some pants.. I know they look like bathing suits but really.. you know.. you know.. ”
Elissa: “Ya”
H: ‘Whatever I don’t care I’m over it.. i’ll be friends with her after the show but we are not the same type person”
Elissa thinks that everyone hates Amanda.
Helen: “There’s moments when she can be great and there’s moments where she’s awful… maybe outside of the house she is just great”

8:38pm Hammock Helen and Elissa
Helen says MC isn’t getting the entire Big Brother experience because he’s being dragged around by Amanda.
Helen says MC should want to be with someone that supports him and lets him do his own thing.
Elissa doesn’t think Amanda and MCCrae will get together after the show. She thinks Amanda Is just using him.
Helen: “MC loves this game more than that”
Helen gets called into the Diary room.

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


8:24pm HOH Amanda, Andy, Spencer and Aaryn

Amanda: “I’m so enraged tonight” (About Helen)
Andy: ‘You are so going to say something tonight”
Andy says he will bet 500 dollars Amanda will say something.
McCrae walks in “Don’t say anything”
Aaryn says she will bet her entire HOH basket that Amanda says something to helen tonight.
Amanda: “we got a bully in this house she’s evil.. she’s evil we got a bully in this house and she’s a mother f*** fox”
Gm joins them.. says Helen and Elissa never said anything bad they just said they trusted her. Amanda reminds her as long as Elissa doesn’t sit next to GM on the couch Elissa will be nice.
Amanda tells GM that Helen is going around telling everyone she is a bully. The only person Amanda considers she bullied is Jessie because she was after her man.

GM says the problem with Jessie was back at home where Jessie is from she is the good looking girl in her group of friends. Jessie goes to the clubs shaking her “Fat A$$” around and guys want to “Tap it” When Jessie came into the Big Brother 15 house she was surrounded by supermodels and wasn’t the centre of attention anymore.

CBS Interactive Inc.


8:43pm HOH GM, Andy, Aaryn, Amanda and McCrae
MC is saying they have to win the HOH this week. Tells GM she’s got to fight for it.
GM is telling them that. GM tells them she’s going to do whatever it takes. She starts to reenact the Bull in a china shop competition where she won. She points out that Elissa is always copying her when she went to using one hand in the comp Elissa went to using one hand.
Aaryn mentions how good Jessie did,
GM “Her ass was so fat it balanced her out on the log”

Elissa joins them..

Talk goes to a jury member coming back. Gm says if Candice came back she would end up in jail. Andy says Candice would be dead and GM would be in prison. GM replies just like the rest of Candice’s family.


8:57pm Backyard MC and Amanda

On Thursday MC is going to tell Elissa that him Helen and Andy had a three person alliance and that Helen told them Elissa was disposable. MC has to figure out a way to tell Spencer and GM that he’s goign to backdoor Elissa. Amanda thinks they should wait until they see who wins the HOH. McCrae hopes GM is fired up enough to win.

MC: “I pretty much have to tell Helen now I don’t want to play with her because she’s the bully.. I probably can’t tell her that until thursday so she doesn’t tell Elissa about our final three”

Amanda says Helen isn’t even campaigning against Spencer she’s campaigning against her.

MC: “You are the Evel Dick”
Amanda: “I’m not Evil”
MC: “It’s just how you play the game”
Amanda: “This is who I am i’m not playing any certain way.. this is my game but I’m who I am”

MC tells her if he goes up on the block with Amanda he will be the one going home because Amanda is the bigger target. “Thats how this game works.. there is no way you wouldn’t stay”
Amanda: “if I was up against Andy i wouldn’t stay”
MC: “YA probably not”

MC: “God I hope GM wins it.. “
Amanda:” Who would she put up”
MC explains that it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not one of 3am. They know Elissa will go up.

MC says they know Spencer has their back. The only worry they have is if Aaryn is lying and she gets Gm to put them up.

Amanda is steamed at Helen. She mentions how Helen will tell you she loves you then be dedaming you behind your back to everyone in the house. MC points out that this has been Helen’s tactic since day one. To strong arm people.
MC: “Everything she says makes me want to vote her out more.. WTF is Helen’s problem”

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screw demanda, mcpussy and rat bastard andy!!

Stupid Gm

Ginamarie……WTF are you talking about, I don’t see one supermodel in this frikkken house . Jessie was the best looking girl there. Also can she please stop talking about Candice it’s getting annoying. It really pissing me of that Andy is always bring up her name to get a reaction from Gm


They just said all of Candace family is in prison ? And that they will do bodily harm to Candace if she comes back ?


No – THEY didn’t say that – Gina Marie said that. Get it straight ‘BLACK’ Lion – I wonder why you are on such a rampage to call out every little stupid remark GM said. Are you a black lawyer chasing down an ambulance?


“are u a black lawyer chasing down an ambulance?” …… and what are u trying to say? The ironic thing here is that the person might not even be black….ever thought of that? The beauty of the internet mask!


@Name – Don’t you have a cousin to marry or something?


Helen has to be the biggest fool to ever play the game ? She had all those chances to evict to vote Amanda out and she said every time wait . We must wait the time is not right ? Howard was right Amanda and Helen were the ones to get out of the house early on ? Evil Dick would have been took down Amanda ? Can you picture Doctor Will taking orders from Amanda ?


She never had the votes to evict Amanda


Helen never really tried. She tried to play like Amanda and tell other people how to vote. This I know ah will be what Hellen is finally going to realize… two chances too many to get Amanda out too late.

Roisin Dubh

She had the votes on Aaryn’s HOH that got rid of Howard. Instead of going to her and telling her that Amanda gone would be the best thing for her game( getting rid of her would’ve made her the Queen of the house overnight) and telling the girls to cut the shit out for 2 weeks, Helen talked Jessie, El and Candice down saying that it wasn’t the right time. Aaryn would’ve done it and that would’ve roped in Guttermouth. Spencer would’ve done it. that why Spencer is just sitting back now, he knew that was the perfect time to do it and now he’s sitting back watching everyone pay for that boneheaded move. Helen could’ve had that meeting before nominations and had Keychain and Ahandjob put up, but she never tried to convince Aaryn that the house would’ve jumped on that in a heartbeat. The only no votes would’ve been Andy and Judd.

Beg to Differ

Yes she did. Aaryn’s first HOH, Helen controlled the nominations, but instead of Amanda she chose to put up Howard. Howard who controlled nothing. Helen then went along with the Candice eviction, because it’s what the house wanted. Ok, apparently the house wants Helen out this week. I love how this democracy works.

This Season Blows

Spencer: “How much of a f**** loser are you to be in the brenchel army”

Spencer with the goods…. cue the meltdown from butthurt Brenchel fans.


Not as much of a f***** loser as anyone that is in
the Spencer Army


Didn’t you hear?? Elissa is gonna win HOH this week and go on a one woman mission to “rock the house” by nominating…..Aaryn and GM, with her replacement mom being Spencer.


BRENCHEL ARMY BRENCHEL ARMY . Elisa will win HOH thursday .


all she going to do next week is go home.

Keri Helen

If the Brenchel army are anything like Twilight fans you’ll feel the rage impact all around the world.


You guys……. the bitch does say you know a lot…..I wanna take q-tips and set them on fire and born my eyes and then stab my brain with it. Go cry again. Ya fuck.

John Doe

Nick if you read this remember JODIE ARIAS or Glen Close from Fatal Attraction . GM is ten times worse than them you must run or file a restraineing order or she will come after you . GM is nuts really really nuts crazy.

Not usually this digusting

I think all the boys gather around Amanda because they love that she is one of the boys and comes complete with all the required holes. McCrae likes her because he doesn’t have to do any work. Spencer likes her because she can out “nasty” him, and he would like to do all the work. And Andy likes her because, from behind, she looks like a man.


Why would people want Judd to come back? He will run right to Amanda because he thinks Helen & Elissa are to blame for his eviction. Amanda will come up with a lie why they all voted him out and blame it on Helen and Elissa. So then it will be Elissa against 7 instead of 6. Tell me how that is going to shake up the house. The only person who could shake up the house would be Helen provided she or Elissa win HOH.

Teri B

Totally agree. I don’t get why so many want Judd back in the house. Can someone enlighten me? Anyone…..anyone? I’d love to hear the logic behind this thought being a good idea.

No offense, just curious.


I’m no expert at this game but I think Judd would be the best choice to come back. When he left McCrae, Andy, and Aaryn felt so bad they were crying. Judd could play on the fact that they felt horrible for evicting them and could possibly finagle his way back into an alliance with one of them. Judd is the only one I see as having even a slight chance of staying longer than a week. He could shake things up if he’s been able to put the pieces together while gone. The other 3 evictees are too disliked to get anywhere with the people left in the house. Candice won’t be able to do it and neither will Jessie. Helen maybe? But Judd was also the comic relief in the house. People liked him they just were too scared of Amanda to go against her. Now it’s getting to the point where they need all the numbers they can get to try and get Amanda out. That’s just my opinion on it.


*felt horrible for evicting him.

Sorry about the typos.

Teri B

106, Don’t be sorry about typos. We’re reading the internet, it happens. LOL And thanks for your opinion! Cheers!


My apology for the typos gets 10 thumbs down? LOL. Tough crowd on this site. Jeez. :P


Oh, and thanks Teri B. cheers to you too :)


You gave your opinion as asked, and get ripped, sad, and yes this is tough crowd. Judd got taken out by Helens lies, it would be funny if her come back and she goes out. Of this group I think he was the funniest. Anyone else coming back would be a waste. Thanks again for your comment.


Judd got taken out by his own stupidity. He was warned 2 times he would be backdoored but he refused to listen. If he comes back he will go back to being a follower.

Teri B

I know you’re busy. Do you have time to elaborate on the reason for JUDD? (I get it about Hellen, drama, you know)

Teri B

Cool, thanks Simon.

Keri Helen

I never thought the day would come that I missed JUDDs wide eyed and stonefaced mumbles, but, here we are. It may not be entirely rational but that alone makes me want him back in the game.

helen is clueless

If the returning guest comes back without immunity or some dort of power, agree Judd has the best chance to stay awhile. That’s because he will probably replace Andy or Aaryn in the f4 with Mcranda.

About Judd...

If you remember, when Judd was evicted, during his interview with Julie, she asked him who he thought was running the house and he said “Amanda” and “maybe Helen”…I think if he does come back, Judd & Aaryn, with GM in tow, will compare notes to see what was said and done…Hopefully they proceed forward and not pull an Aaryn and back down once Amanda is present…or that Judd goes running back to Amanda & McPussy (I can’t deal with this guy anymore)…It’ll be interesting come Thursday…

Just my take…

Beg to Differ

They were crying with joy. Andy and McCrae don’t want to work with Judd. He’s a threat.

Hurley "the numbers are bad"

I don’t think any of the evicted house guests should come back . The production crew should be keeping their mouths shut and not hinting anything to anyone . The America’s vote was bullshit because you sure can’t believe the votes, there is not accountability to the accuracy. ” You can vote up to 10 times” what kind on nonsense is that ?( I guess that get that idea from Presidential Elections lol ) They(BB) let Elissa win MVP ( not America’s votes ) so that she was not tossed as soon as the other players figured out she was Rachel’s sister . I bet they change the rules as they go to create the most drama in the house and call it “expect the unexpected ” This show was good the first couple of years just like Survivor was and now it is just nonsense .


They think Judd is funny. They believe It’s not definite that he gets back in with Mcranda and Andy, it is only a 98% chance. Oh and the bear shirt.


Helen is the only one that could make a difference. Without Helen, Elissa will go after Aaryn and GM, but after being voted out by Amanda, Mcrae, and Andy; Helen would be after them! She could probably convince Elissa to do the same!


I think Elissa will go after McCranda before Aaryn and GM


No, screw you lurker 007. . . Its a game. And safety is everything…so at least call them by their real names instead of monikers like mcpussys and rat bastards. We know that they are ALL rats and disgusting. And also please, STFU instead of repeating the same diatribe over and over. Your opinion is old and boring now. Originality now please. . .yea, Helen, tell Andy more bullshit. Hahaha!!!!


Doesn’t Helen ever shut up, enough already with the fake tears. Waiting for Amanda the bully to pounce on Helen. Gina Marie is one delusional skank , her ass is as fat as Jessies. Helen please shut up. I can’t wait for her to leave.


At least Jessie was not putting her finger down her mouth like GM. She is bulimic she had purged her brains out! The little bit of pebbles she got.


I actually like Helen…her last hope is if Amanda screws up and says something….that may come to bite her in the rear!!!! She is a psychopathic delusional!!!!! If I knew I was going home Id blow her game and annoy Amanda just as much Helen is!


I like her now* All she needs is to publicly OUT Andy!


Bunch of punks man!! Why is everyone afraid of Amanda and McCrae?! GM was right they don’t win, they get everyone else to do the dirty work for them! Man this is the worse season by far!! Can stand Amanda! The whole house is paving the way for her to win!


Is it Thursday yet?

Damn gingers

Andy is the biggest floater to ever play this game. He’s sooooo 2 faced. When he votes Helen out I hope she ends up winning the re-entry competition and nominates his boring a** along with Amanda so they can take out one of the 2 most annoying big brother players ever. I do appreciate the fact Amanda is great at manipulation, I don’t agree with the fact all the garbage that comes out of her mouth about race and sex doesn’t get shown on TV cause of her friend Allison Grodner. Way to cover your friends a** Allison! (Cheater)!


Boy, I can’t stand that fool Andy. Of all people, he is calling Candice a rat and making fun of her. I hope he remembers when people pick on him and make fun of him when Big Brother is over and he is on the outside.


Spencer: “How much of a fucking loser do you have to be to be in the Brenchel army!” Lmao!!! Line of the season!


How can they talk about killing people and that is okay? Weeks of talking about murdering and hurting people. When did this become ok? I stopped watching weeks ago, but I do come to read….are they ever going to stop with the hurting Candace? It’s more than just disgusting and cruel now.


All of Candace family are in jail ? How would she know that ? Why would all of Candace family be in jail ? How does she think like that ?


She, GM, is a racist bitch. And she thinks like because she is delusional uneducated racist fool and Candice’s family is mostly black.

Roisin Dubh

Because that comment about her living at home at age 32 threw Guttermouth into a tailspin. Now Imagine if Candice started cracking on her about her education-remember when GM was crying because she couldn’t write a blog? That would’ve been classic. I’m glad El reeled her back in on that one because GM would’ve come out of it the sympathetic one if that went down.


GM truly is a terrible person, the way she talks about Candace is revolting.

Good bye Helen

I am so sick of hearing Helen (and seeing her on BBAD) cry like a little bitch about how unfair it is that she is on the block. And she is so deluded to think she is actually staying. Crawl up in a ball like Candice and Jesse did and just go away you pathetic loser. Your game is over. Nobody is afraid of your threats and everyone is so over your bullying. You have no cards left to play you dumb ass. Amanda outplayed you. Just disappear until your sorry annoying ass is evicted. God, Thursday night cannot get here fast enough!


So we will see Helen lay in bed all day tommorrow like all the rest have done ? Its over Helen you dug your own grave ? Poor Helen .


I love how even Clownie can’t stand these people. He keeps trying to kill himself just so he can be done with these people.

Each post is getting better and better Simon. Glad things finally started to pick up in the house. That conversation between Helen and McCrae was classic!

Just wondering?

Can we vote Clownie the $500,000.00?


Can anything more disgusting come out of GM’s mouth?! My god… she keeps shitting out of her mouth the most vile things… if there was EVER a slim rainbow of a chance that Nick would have even gone on that date with her.. there is no hell of a way now. Gl in life with that mentality!


Yes, people like Andy who egg her on and take pleasure in adding to her out of control comments. How would he like it if someone wanted to hurt him of his boyfriends and there were people egging them on. I would have thought that anyone who has experienced any form of discrimination would not ever want to add to someone threatening others. It is such a hateful act. Andy should be ashamed of himself.


completely agree!


I want whatever they’re taking in that house. Supermodels? LMAO


Is it me or is GM jealous of woman who have better asses than her? First, it was Candice and now Jesse. And what is wrong with that crazy bitch to believe she can take Candice in fight? She has no sense of self awareness.


So now GM has Said that ALL of Candices family is in Jail? Hmmmm….. ok! Keep it up GM, is see in your furture, “Would you like fries with that shake”


game over


Go to hell Helen, I am a mom and I want you out so BADLY!!! You are a bully, you are not better than Amanda because you are a mom, you are still a bully!!!!!!


Agreed Name! problem lies with these people, don’t see that she has played a bad game and it is catching up to her now. She going Thursday and no one can change that. They can only cry….. and you know you know you know.:)

Eazy E


Dr. Will Kirby

Judd comes back in and clears the air with Aaryn, they get past the misunderstanding that got him nominated, he sees it was all amanda. They work together and run the table to the end and Aaryn wins the game. That’s why its great judd comes back. No other scenario salvages this nightmare cast and season.


I don’t want Aaryn to win but I could definitely see that happening. I believe it’s either going to be her or Amands who wins this game. Sucks to say that but I’ll be surprised if its anyone else.


Judd would play EXACTLY as he played before.. he was a scared player and he will play scared again.. he’s gonna go with the pack.. hw won’t make the moves that need to be made.


He definitely won’t dont anything. In order to even think about salvaging this boring season, big brother better hope the returning jury member will be someone that will shake this house up. Too boring and predictable so far.

Randomly Thinking

GM said that Jessie was jealous because she was used to getting attention in her town but when she came to the BB house she didnt get any attention because they were “Super Models” in the house.

I missed the episode when the Super Models visited the house?!? Is this chick (GM) for real? Please tell me this is scripted because if not…Somebody needs a straight jacket waiting upon completion of this show. That chick is DELUSIONAL X 1000.


LMAOOOOO surrounded by supermodels. The only person that looked better than Jessie is Aaryn. Speaking of Aaryn is wrong that im starting to like her since she had the epiphany that this in the Amanda show?

Big Cat

The irony of Raggedy Andy calling somebody a “rat”.

….when did Candice rat out her friends and alllies?


i really hope candice doesnt come back for her own sake. shes out of the house and these people still talk trash about her. imagine if shes back in. poor girl :(

and not judd either. hes just gonna be whipped like mcpussy and ginger rat boy.


OMG, Helen saying if Andy doesn’t keep her he’s a traitor. She got Jessie and Judd out for no reason, and she was pulling shi#/lying and she didn’t want it to come back on her, so she lied big time/bullied and got them out. She is a queen of being a traitor. I will be so glad when she walks out the door this week, and then Amanda and Elissa can go. Elissa is crazy and she so fu#$ing nuts and just off/strange!!! Still don’t like any of these people, and I kinda think/hope Judd comes back.


OHHH LOL, touched a nerve, did I. Sorry but the truth hurts. Helen has bullied and lied with the best of them, if not more. Then covers it up with crying at the drop of a hat and then goes into her you know you know, then finishes with I love you. Her game play stinks. And Elissa talks and acts like a 10 year old. She can’t carry on a normal conversation….HHMMM YYAAAEEEHHH, HHHMMMM.


Honestly, I can’t stand this people, for some reason I still read about them though, I have boycotted big brother, I mean what is all this bs with targeting Candace and as someone pointed earlier how is it ok for GM to threaten Candace like this? And how dare she make that prison comment, can she please be re-fired from her job? I can’t wait till these bitches come out and find out they are fired, amanda Mc, GM, aryan, Spencer, andy…. they are all a bunch of classless jerks and none of them should win… neither should Helen bc y would she choose to be with these rat pack over people like Candace and Howard? Who were not even coming after….
At this point I want Judd and Elisa to win just to laugh at these foolish people
And they have basically all doing amanda’s dirty work… COCKROACHES!
Also can someone please tape David rejecting GM? Cause I kno it’s coming, the stalkermance is too much


Oo and i mean *david rejecting GM


Gm: “like the rest of her family”

That was such obvious stereotyping racism, its sad they let this bitch on the show.

I dont understand how people like her exist.


“If they keep Helen here, they’re going against jews.” Amanda (right after the Brenchal army comments. Flashback to catch it. 7:17PM)


“Talk goes to a jury member coming back. Gm says if Candice came back she would end up in jail. Andy says Candice would be dead and GM would be in prison. GM replies just like the rest of Candice’s family.”

Candice’s family would be in prison because according to GM that seems to be where all Black ( because we damn well know which side of the family this comment was directed towards) people reside.
This LOON is a straight up Racist !!! BB needs to have psychiatrists on standby when she scurries right out of that house. Real catch, this one.


Weeks ago I wished there was someone we could root for. Now I are these people would just stop making me dislike them so much. There was a point when I was at least neutral about McCrea but now I dislike him as much as the rest of them. This is the first season I have no one I want to win.


“Talk goes to a jury member coming back. Gm says if Candice came back she would end up in jail. Andy says Candice would be dead and GM would be in prison. GM replies just like the rest of Candice’s family.”

Because according to GM prisons are where all Black ( we damn well know what side of the FAMILY this comment was directed at) reside.
Julie Chen better have some psychiatrists on standby when this LOON scurries on out of the house. Real catch, this one.


All you thumb downers can go fu999k yourself…along with BB15. Bye meow.

Houdini HuDooDoo DontStank

GinnaMarie has positioned herself to the point where she will never be able to work in a professional environment for a reputable business/company.

Her psychotic persona, bi-polar disorder, eating-disorder, obsessive-attatchment disorder and overall mental illness will prevent any serious employer from allowing her on their premises.

It’s highly abnormal for a person to constantly fantasize about harming another human being especially when that human being has done nothing to harm them or give them a reason to hate them.

No 32 year old woman should be behaving like an animal; farting, vomiting, swearing, and fantasizing about marrying a man she knew for 3 weeks.

I have never seen a more delusional and disgusting woman on reality television….Bad Girls Club may have some crazy chicks but they aren’t weird and obsessed like this chick.


Houdini, you’re right on with your assessment of GM. It’s one thing to be uneducated and crass, but this woman appears to be mentally unstable. It’s sad, but she should have never been picked to be on BB15. She really could become a physical danger to the others.

the last word



Everyone who gets airtime on bbad makes me cringe. Mcrae eats his hand ALL the tome, Aaryn tlks about herself all the time, gm is a physco, amandas “woe is me” act, ellisa is just a stupid duck face on a hot body, helen sounds like a scratched motivational cd that someones personal assistant would listen to tht hates their life, andy is a 13 year old girl, and spencer is the only sane person in that house


Spencer is a PIG!


Team mcpussy and amanduh and ginger rat all the way baby. Win this game already…. and show haters the true meaning of hate. Awwww yeeaaaaaah.


sounds just like something a bigbootyho would say!!!


sounds like something a bigbootyho would say!!!!!


These are some of the most pathetic and perverse degenerate ingrates that I have ever seen on BB


Candice had a big mouth, no game, lack of intellect. If you can’t pronounce ‘ask’, how can you be a speech therapist. Liar too.
Gold-digging trash who’s only talent was popping her pussy.


Id agree with that, but shes still no better than gm

the last word

WTF? Sounds like you’re describing Ginamarie not Candace… get it right idiot!!! Candace carried herself with class. She had EVERY RIGHT to mouth off on those animals that disrespected her in that house. Pfffft!!!!!!

the last word



Hey Simon and Dawg.. At this point I think clownie definitely deserves a spot in these polls! Great site BTW!


Elissa is going to win $500, 000!!!!!!!!


WHY??? and for what??

the last word


the last word



Wow seriously Elissa! All she cares about is how she looks. Nothing more! She can’t hold a normal conversation, and is off the wall. And she has had the worst game play out of all these BB cast members, hands down… well maybe not as much as GM. But she has done NOTHING to earn or win this game. Rachel at least played a harder game even though I hated her, I do at least respect she played the game. She is in no way like her sister, and I don’t expect her to be, but they brought her on her because she is Rachel’s sister. Elisa is a waste of space, plain and simple, she acts like a bimbo.

Beg To Differ

I think Elissa is great comic relief – the statements that she comes up with are out there and mindless. She knows what she’s doing and I think it’s priceless.


They should vote out Helen this week so it will expose Andy and then I hope she wins the comp to come back and wins hoh then puts up Amanda and McRae and if veto is used put up Andy so that it is guaranteed one of them will go home!!!


That would be great. I hope McCrae goes to the jury house and Commanda worries everyday he is hooking up with Jessie. LOL


I really hope they take Helen out then she comes back in the game that would be so funny, just the look on Amanda’s face would be priceless lol!


I think the eloquent GM meant she’d be in jail for getting (i.e. harm) Candice and the rest of Candice’s family as in hurting Candice’s family??? Not sure. She doesn’t really form sentences. Either way, even “joking”, she injects hatred and I don’t see how either is acceptable… never mind that they all love her rants, too. Just really angers me that all of them find these comments enjoyable and satisfying. Narcissistic much?


The hypocrisy in this BB house is unparalleled!! Are any of them capable of looking inward? None of them seem to ever admit wrong or even accept constructive criticism! So…how could they ever improve themselves? So much for any personal growth… Just sayin’…


What does a Brenchel army look like? Are they pasty red haired weave wearing, puffy girls with vomit down the front of their clothes? They must be kick-ass.