Indy “We can be Power Rangers & whenever someone messes up its going to be Teletubbies.”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Daniel
Nominees: Michael Taylor & Terrance
POV Players: Daniel, Michael, Terrance, Indy, Ameerah and Turner. Kyle is hosting
POV Winner: Michael
Veto Ceremony: Veto used. Taylor nominated
Havenots: Joe, Michael, Monte and Kyle

Michael used the Power of Veto on himself. Daniel nominated Taylor in his place.

Lock your ranks in before midnight


10:34pm Bedroom. Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy and Ameerah.
Ameerah – the ones that are going hard for it (HOH) are Pooch, Turner and Nicole. Alyssa – I don’t think any of them are aligned with me but alright. Ameerah – I think its going to be Brittany and Terrance because its less blood but they’re not going after Terrance. He’s not the target. Alyssa – poor Terrance he’s going to hit that block a couple weeks. Jasmine – sorry but at lease we love you enough to not send you home. Jasmine – I think its crazy that pretty much everyone I talked to wants to keep P (Paloma) protected. Alyssa – she is playing a really good social game. Jasmine – she is playing a good social game. She is doing so well that when me and Turner were talking game and he asked her if she wanted to get in on it and she said not I do not want to get in on it. She’s smart. I wish I could do that. I wish I could say no I don’t want to talk game. Turner said he wants Brittany and Terrance (nominees). Ameerah – oh yeah I think that’s what its probably going to be. Jasmine – why are people not thinking Michael? Alyssa – because he was just on the block. Jasmine – so was Terrance. Indy – and he’s sweet. Ameerah – seeing how he competed and won.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. They talk about being the power rangers. Indy – We can be Power Rangers.. and whenever someone messes up its going to be Teletubbies.

11:13pm HOH room. Daniel and Taylor.
Daniel – obviously I put you up and I’ve been chill with you. And Nicole’s mentioned being cool with you. I don’t know how much you guys have talked. When I do see you, you’re killing it and when I don’t see you I am thinking she’s probably killing it. Taylor – my body shut down on me so I was laying in bed a lot. The way I ended the speech was that I said something to offend people. And now that I’ve talked to everyone in the house .. it wasn’t that I insulted people in like race, ethnicity, creed or personally offended people. Its more like they just didn’t vibe with me or that they thought that I was going to buddy buddy up with the guys and make it a guys versus girls thing… when really I was just trying to tamp down anxiety between the two. And so I am just like well that was just a massive miscommunication .. that sucks! Daniel – if you stay sh*t is going to get wild because we have the two sides and I would roll. Taylor – lets go! Daniel – I am glad that you’re still doing your thing and fighting.

11:45pm Bedroom – Monte and Terrance.
Terrance – I do feel good that it was just me and her suitcase and not the other 3 girls (backstage) too. That made me feel a little bit better. Monte – right because then its a little more straight forward.

12:15am Bathroom talk about someone in the house that doesn’t flush #2.

12:24am Bedroom. Poorch, Nicole and Terrance.
Nicole – we were in the bathroom last night and Joe made a blanket statement .. I’m good with all the girls. And I looked at him and I was like oh yeah, how many of them have you talked game with? And he was like ah none of them. I go like this .. you feel safe with them? And he goes yeah. I say have you ever talked game with me? And he looked at me and I go no you haven’t. I wanted him to realize don’t get too cocky motherf**ker. Like there are eight people in this house that you have not spit game to. You’re like a little brother to me and I am going to give you a reality check! You know what I mean, like I am not going to play nice if I don’t have to and I’m also not going to sugar coat anything. Don’t be cocky in front of your boys just because I’m sitting here.

12:36am Bedroom Jasmine, Indy and Alyssa.
Jasmine – I will tell you this… if you’re in good with Pooch, you’re in good with Turner because whatever Pooch wants to do .. Turner wants to do. Turner said that his targets would be Terrance and Brittany. Ameerah joins them. Ameerah – are you b***hes conspiring against me?! They say no, we’re talking about Pooch and Turner. Alyssa tells Ameerah – Brittany said .. did I tell you this? Brittany said that no one will look her in the eye. She said I know that feeling. I can tell something is wrong. I said don’t be paranoid. Jasmine – I’m going to say something to her when backstage is done.

12:52am Big Brother blocks the feeds.

2am Still blocked..

Girl’s Girls (Paloma, Jasmine, Alyssa, Ameerah, Indy, Brittany)
Motley Crew (POOCH, Turner, Daniel)
The Oasis (POOCH, Turner, Daniel, Kyle, Monte, Joe)
MAMBA (Paloma, ALyssa, Ameerah, Monte, Kyle, Michael)
Burner (Turner, Brittany)
TOOCH (Turner and Pooch)
PSL (Paloma, ALyssa)
Rouge Rats (Nicole, Daniel)
Smurfs (Jasmine, Paloma, Kyle, Monte)

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un autre nom

Alliance additions and queries:

  • Kyle / Michael…. MiKyle… would that be the appropriate shorthand for two guys that didn’t think of a name?
  • Terrance has pledged himself to the Men, to the Black houseguests, To the old people. In other words, Terrance will pledge himself to anyone that will protect Terrance…. and still doesn’t actually have any allies.
  • The new girls alliance minus Britt, Nicole, Taylor and Paloma thus far… but half of them know Indy is the next target and aren’t warning her, so let’s get real these bitches ain’t worth crap as allies. Where is the lie?
  • Ghandi, Des Cartes, Elon Musk, and Paloma with her cloak of invisibility have banded together to fight the simulation so that social media and telescopes can’t destroy the universe. Y’know that burning room dog sipping coffee gif… everything’s fine? THAT. Btw: isn’t UC Berkeley in… Berkeley? Why does Paloma say Berkeley is in Pallo Alto…. isn’t that Stanford? Confused.
  • 33 year old spoiler warning: Pooch does know the dog died in that movie… right?
  • Nicole still isn’t a member of an actual alliance, and she’s getting snippy with Joe for not talking game to some people. Looks to left, looks to right, rolls eyes. Go back to doing bupkis officer barbrady.

In front of Indy the girls say Terrence and Brittany are the targets. Indy out of the room different story (psst: it’s Indy).
When talking to men, Indy and Brittany are targets.
When talking to Turner, Michael and Brittany are targets.
When talking to Michael, Turner and Pooch are targets.
If you talk to Joe… every woman in the first ever septuplet eviction so the real game can be played the way it was intended (i exaggerate but honestly not by much in a couple of his bro talks).
Nobody is targeting Daniel, he had such a rough week bunkered in the HOH and having zero strategy or backbone to speak of, poor guy… it’s almost like 6’3″ is the new underprivileged. Blank stare.
Who is gunning for HOH? Almost nobody tbh. Unless Taylor somehow stays and then EVERYBODY…. Monte said so.

un autre nom


My usual channel is having audio issues… had to switch to another channel to get the program. I’m late joining.
How do they spin? They gonna spin. They gotta spin.
Post Noms:
Daniel and Michael meet. It’s the whole blowing smoke thing.
Alyssa exists to explain backstage yet again.
Terrance and Daniel meet. Terrance isn’t the target, Ed. so let’s make Terrance the back pocket card he wanted Taylor to be. Oh i’ve skipped ahead.
Taylor fashion show. One of the things they used against her. Who pushed for her to take a lap around the house??? Jasmine, and called her Miss Big Brother. Anyone hear Taylor call Jasmine fat? No? because it didn’t happen? Tell Daniel. He’s still mentioning it.
Paloma calls Taylor lacking in self awareness. Ed. I blame the signals coming from the interwebs and the inception simulation.
The house turns down Michael for veto help. Ed. He quickly forgets this feeling of being the house target shun victim.
Veto picks:
Michael fears blood… picks Indy. Michael picks Turner. Terrance picks Ameerah.
Michael gets a Janelle moment… oh. Wisconsin thing? If they were going to include Britt perhaps the psych Michael because they’re a duo moment would have been the time. Nope.
Kyle hosts… and can only read four words at a time without a pause. 3 extra points for the gold ring is the gyst. It’s head to head.
Turner vs. Indy. I expect excuses. Turner complains immediately….Indy wins.
Paloma upset Joe and Taylor play around. mmhmm.
Terrance vs. Ameerah… Terrance wishing his lance had a little blue pill. Ameerah wins.
Daniel vs. Michael. Michael wins.
Daniel hopes someone else can do his dirty work for him… he should get a shirt printed.
Indy vs. Ameerah. Ameerah wins. Indy got gold ring.
Ameerah vs. Michael.
Wait… Britt got a d/r…..
Tie breaker win by Michael and he does the hand wave uglycry.
Daniel is upset he has to get blood on his hands. Ed. he’ll have to ask his handlers who to put on the block.
Girls meet. Britt d/r again?
Taylor worries about gender split because it’s too early. The men and women made group alliances immediately. Uh. I have questions I’d get hate for asking.
Paloma says she’s not a girl’s girl d/r.
Taylor tells Monte.
Monte tells Paloma and Paloma lies in return.
Joe falls for it.
Ed. the boys already decided Taylor LONG before this. They told Daniel to get rid of Taylor starting immediately after veto. Taylorgate is just a justification for the decision that was already made. This is spin. Monte went to four people before he went to Paloma. He’d already told Daniel Taylor has to go before Taylor talked to him. The fear was another man going on the block so Taylor is the scapegoat.
Paloma goes to the women. She calls it random lies… that everyone knows she is lying. The women are delusional. The object of Girl’s Girls is to get rid of the havenot boys.
Monte… who knows Joseph was Paloma’s target, doesn’t believe Paloma is targeting men. mmkay. Taylor’s lying?
Nicole doesn’t believe it, but the groupthink does…. so Nicole does?
Monte again. Pushing Taylor… like he has from day 2. he pulls the blackman in the community card. mmkay.
This is the sanitized version.
Taylor talks to Daniel.
Daniel lies his ass off the whole time because of angry woman syndrome fear. Remember?
Taylor knows people have said her name in a post veto ceremony outfit d/r.
Taylor crying. They are using the crying after overhearing the women crying time.
Michael uses veto on himself.
Michael reveals one of backstage could be first to go home.
Daniel names Taylor.
hard to open up. rubbing house the wrong way. rally votes and apologize for what you’ve said.
Daniel lies in d/r. worries about backstage.
Taylor. don’t want to ruffle feathers, Daniel. hope backstage helps.
Terrance: I’ll be here. who cares.
Paloma… bitch d/r. what. it was.

2 episodes in a row with Paloma getting the closing note. we see you Grod.

No Name

Why does she like to puppet the crazies?

un autre nom

Why does Grod like keeping people that are outrageous enough to keep hype and buzz going around the program that is her bread and butter? oh. that’s why.

Just Sayin'

I find the fact that turner (a thrift shop owning, rug maker) is so cult-like obsessed with pooch (a meat head football coach). It’s so strange, like the weird drama kid in high school who gets obsessed with the football players. I honestly expected more from turner tbh


Why do all your posts have Donald trump advertisements? It’s a huge turn off

Paul Sucks

I don’t have a single Donald Trump advertisement, maybe it’s based off your search history!?!?


I get political ads. I just ignore the ones I don’t like. I support this site and if their listing ads generates revenue to keep this going, I am fine with it.


No. He’s RIGHT. There IS a buncha Donald TRUMP Ads on this sight. And After he Betrayed Our Country & Tried to Overthrow our Democracy , I TOO Find it Absolutely DISGUSTING for them to try and sell that Bastard who SHOULD BE Rotting in Federal Prison, to America ALL Over again. They must think we’re IDIOTS. I Agree seeing those ads All over this site is EXTREMELY Disturbing, as I’d hate to think there’s any affiliation between the “Criminal” Trump/Alt-Right Organizations, and my favorite On-Line Big Brother site.

Time will tell

Your comment tells me you have been spending a lot of time on the CNN website as well.
Back away from your computer & enjoy $5 gas & 9.1% inflation.


Ahhh, you crack me up. Thanks for the laugh!


Oh please. We were much better off with Trump. Biden is destroying our country.

Corn Pop

They have NO IDEA what is going on! They just regurgitate things they hear from propaganda sites. I hope they wake up because we are heading for some rough times thanks to the radical Dems! Everything they touch turns to S**T!


Oh i SEE, it seems I am OutNUMBERED here. There’s APPARENTLY a Lotta Clarence Thomas ReTRUMPLicans on this blog. PERHAPS that explains why there’s so many sick Trump ads all over this site. *FIRST of All, The economy IS BAD, But That’s not BIDEN’s fault. We were in a Poorly Managed PANDEMIC, BeFORE he even Took OFFICE. Made even WORST by the War in Ukraine. And with Everybody staying HOME for a Year At the START, We all KNEW and was TOLD before Biden even GOT here, that the Economy would Likely SUFFER as a Result. & THAT woulda
happened no matter WHO was the President. **But do you Know what WOULDNT’VE Happened?? ****U.S.
Capitol POLICE wouldn’ta Lost their LIVES on Jan. 6th because TRUMP is the ONLY President in U.S. HISTORY Wicked, Twisted, EVIL & DEMENTED Enough to Threaten our ENTIRE Democracy by bringing a Depraved Band of TERRORISTS to invade our nation’s Capitol JUST so he can Stay in Power like the NAZIS.** This man has Radicalized the G.O.P. and Tried to PUTINIZE America. He was EVEN willing 2 EXECUTE his Own Vice Pres
-ident & for THAT his Insurrectionist ass needs to be Thrown UP UNDER the dam jaiL.** So HELL NO, we were NOT Better off under TRUMP, Because NOW, Americans don’t have 2 WAKE UP Evry dam morning worrying that a Sadistic MADMAN’s Fat CROOKED Orange Finger is ANYwhere NEAR our Nuclear Codes. I’d rather STRUGGLE with a *BAD ECONOMY and REST wit the Blessed Assurance that our Rights are not being systematically STRIPPED AWAY from us, and that our Freedom AND Democracy Is STILL Intact.*** Cuz One thing you can be SURE of is that When the time COMES, If BIDEN IS Voted out, you can Count on HIM, (UNLIKE* his NUT-JOB Predecessor) 2 Step ASIDE & Allow for the American Tradition of “PEACEFUL Transfer of Power”. For God’s sake even Boris JOHNSON Understands THAT.***
**So GOOD RIDDANCE.** ..and ALL you MAGA-NUTS out there who STILL Actually want this Psychopath to Lead America, After ALL you’ve Seen & Heard ; after ALL the BIGOTRY he has Shown ; And the LIES & TREASON he has Committed, You should be ASHAMED of yourselves, AND to call yourselves *Americans.**

The Beef

People have had access to the internet for around 30 years now, and you haven’t learned yet that advertisers have abilities and algorithms that read your personal history and “interest” so that they can better “target” you with ads? If you’re getting political ads, it’s because of your own internet history, and nothing Dawg, Simon or Online Big Brother did to cause you to see them, so you might want to just calm down Francis, and get off of your high horse.

Not Jasons Holly

I get “side sleeper” ads. I haven’t had Trump ads. So, must be whatever the computer determines.


I get Lego and outdoor recreation stuff.


I get a variety of ads including so much be search history since I do this through my phone


I get gaming and car ads

un autre nom

Usually I get ads that relatively match my algorithm, but every once in a while I get this weird ad with angry faces, guns, fire, burning constitution and a really odd symbol that looks vaguely celtic mixed with soviet mixed with nazi… and i realize i looked at my search engine sponsored newsfeed right beforehand so the ad company has decided i must like anger hate and depression with my apocalypse.


Hey AM?! Just donated! Thank you for all the hard work that you do!
@GwynethJones on Twitter & on IG
Already kinda bummed how the season started, but with this site giving me the inside angle and the chuckles maybe I’ll make it through. Have watched every episode since the beginning and yeah…it’s kinda Love/Hate.

Queening Season

I am getting ads for clothing stores I shop at online.


Way to call yourself out for being obsess led with the guy. Lmao


No Trump ads for me, just online clothing stores


Poor Simon and Dawg. I can see why this would be so draining, the immaturity is outrageous.


I don’t think Indy is as innocent as she is making some of the houseguests think she is. She may have been the one to try and get out this week

un autre nom

Michael has dialed back his info sharing with Britt. He isn’t cutting ties, but he hasn’t told her she’s public enemy one now. Gotta protect the mob… okay not make waves so he can maintain his position at the cost of his first ally.
Paloma is back… feeds switch. Paloma is back. feeds switch again. Okay, proof of life established.
Taylor is convinced her only way of staying (and Terrance staying) is to get rid of Britt. Third time she’s said it.
So we’ve got a Sunday episode that is a Paloma vote boost ad for the non feeders, then we have the subject of the controversy saying Paloma isn’t an option if they want to save her, she has to get rid of Britt. Tinfoil hat and fear of d/r monkeys have me putting these together thinking Grod doesn’t want to lose her whackadoodle golden goose Paloma.

Why is there talk that Paloma has two weeks of safety? Where did THAT come from?

Daniel: i want to sleep in the girl’s room.
Indy: we silent fart.
I just thought it was a funny way to say we’d rather if you didn’t sleep here.

un autre nom

Further on the Michael train, because.
Talks to Nicole. They discuss alignment with Daniel and Terrance and leaving Britt out because the house is going to turn on her and they can’t do anything to help her.
Talks to Britt. She tells him his name isn’t being mentioned as a target by anyone that she’s aware of. Silence in return.
They could win HOH and NOT nominate her… or they could inform her she’s public enemy… it’s not that they CAN’T do anything. It’s that they WON’T. Hell Nicole was going to nominate her before the Pooch reveal to Ameerah because it was the easy nom.
After the season I fear Michael’s going to be one of the ones that sticks to the ‘just following orders, didn’t have a choice’ routine we’ve seen in past mob seasons.
Sorry, i find hypocrites piss me off when they preach about principles they drop in order to fit in.

un autre nom

Not because I have any faves.
I’m thinking chaos factor:
I sort of want to see what happens if Britt is saved by the viewer vote.
Does this cast give heightened profile to a viewer pick, or do they punish a viewer pick.
I want to see that.
So if the big numero uno name as a nominee is saved, does that change this casts plan, or does that solidify it.
That will tell us a lot actually.

I’m still of the mind that Grod wants Paloma saved btw.

un autre nom

Wait a second.
So Pooch, Joe, Britt, Nicole, Alyssa are all currently living in Florida, most of them in the West Palm Beach zone ( except Alyssa: closer to Sarasota)?

Now that Taylor has said her best chance is against Britt, twitter has joined the mob mentality it appears with regret that they’ve been voting to save Britt due to the fact she didn’t lose her round in the HOH. That’s twitter for you highly principled mob until a new principle comes along.

No Name

West Palm Beach.That explains everything.

un autre nom

I admit this freely, I’ve never actually been to Florida.


Palm Beach County (and some of the surrounding areas of south FL) are actually known as the parts of FL whose citizens are the *least* likely to be, um…”Florida-esque” in terms of their ideologies, lifestyles, articulation, education levels, life experiences, emotional intelligence, and quick-wittedness.

Palm Beach County itself is replete with transplants from New York, New Jersey, and CT. Ask any New Yorker; they’ll tell you they have family or friends in southeast FL. Always.

The city of Palm Beach County I visit often is Boynton Beach, which is a neighbor of West Palm Beach. My friends and family call the area “NYC 2.0”, and it’s a perfect nickname. Whenever you go to a store like Target or similar in Boynton Beach, Lantana, Lake Worth, or West Palm Beach, your cashier is ALWAYS from New “YAWK”. You’ll hear store workers talk about needing a “CAWfee” break, pronouncing the word “her” as “huh”, or discussing the cute thing their “dawg” just did. ? For this reason (and others), southeast FL is my favorite part of FL to visit! Isn’t “Pooch” originally from Staten Island, even though he now lives/coaches in south Florida?

To be fair, I will agree with your previous stereotype of Florida ppl and will apply them to Pooch. But I’ll say his “ness” is much less about living in FL than it is about being from Staten Island. As I repeat the factoid that southeast FL is “NYC 2.0”, remember that Pooch grew up on Staten Island. Staten Island, NY, is the most looked-down-upon, most joked-about, most ridiculed, and most disparaged borough of NYC. The reason? Generally speaking, the average Staten Islander comes across as ignorant, uncultured, under-educated, prejudiced, and close-minded.

un autre nom

I didn’t think I’d made a stereotype…. I’ve never been to Florida so don’t have a judgement for every person living there.
I walked into that post thinking it would be seen as a casting oddity that 5 houseguests live in the same area in the same state. I mean a third of the cast all living in the same area… that’s bbcan level odd.


I was actually attempting to respond to “No Name”, who said, “West Palm Beach. That explains everything”. Sorry; I guess I replied to the wrong post!


I forget. What time do the feeds normally go down tomorrow, 3PM

un autre nom

It appears as though Paloma is under care of the show psych department? A guess.
She’s been put to bed in the HOH.
Last time they did this was for Jackhole when his withdrawal was getting especially wicked.
There’s definitely an issue, but it’s being just as hushed. Mention of last night or Paloma gets a feed block.
I STILL say the production team decided or screwed up her medication schedule and she’s had a manic episode.

I’m in a pretty big dislike mode. When the least offensive to your senses is Kyle…. ooohboy.


Paloma exhibits manic behavior.