Big Brother Spoilers – Dreams of Wikipedia Entries, Self help Book Sales and Shane proposing at the Finale

First HOH Dan Second HOH Ian
Third HOH  ? Final HOH ?
Last Evicted Houseguest SHANE

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9:37AM Cam 1-4 Everyone Still sleeping.. Ian dreaming of winning money and thinking to himself how awesome of a Big Brother player he is. Ian is now all about being the founder of the quackpack and how he is happy with 50K now that the quackpack has made it to final 3. Ian is also greatly looking forward to going into Wikipedia and under Big Brother 14 entering in “Founder of the the Quack Pack.. Ian Terry.. So John Blaze..So John Blaze ..So John Blaze “.

Dan is plugging his web ventures much more now and talking about his website and email mailing lists. He plugs his new book pump it as well as his other self help books about, coaching and reality TV. Right now he’s dreaming about writing a book about how to win Big Brother by taking a Memphis/Danielle type player and dragging them to the end.

Danielle dreaming about Shane proposing to her during the finale. (Dan was joking about this earlier.. she doesn’t actually think this but she did play along with Dan’s joke)

10:01AM Fish on the feeds.. must be their wake up call..

Final 3

There’s been a few questions abut how the final 3 works.. this is what they have done in the past.
1) Final HOH is played.
2) Final HOH winner makes their decision of who to send to the jury
3) Jury cast their vote
4) Big BRother 14 winner is awarded
5) America’s Player is awarded
6) Simon / Dawg take a week off

(Danielle really doesn’t have very much time to “taint” the jury)

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CAm 3-4 Dan being the only one up is getting ready for the day..
Cam 1-2 Ian sleeping.. Danielle is slowing getting out of bed.

Danielle walks by dan in the Kitchen on her way to the bathroom. Dan tells her how weak the morning wake up call was.

Dan singing as he prepares a drink “There’s ants in our ice ohh ya”

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10:21AM Cam 3-4 dan and Danielle talking about university football songs.

Dan: “Monday morning 10 AM familys at work.. ”
Dan starts doing Frank style shout-outs to people.. Saying his father is at trinity catholic private health care facility and he doesn’t even go to church.

Cams switch to Ian sleeping..

Cam’s back to Dan and Danielle. Danielle is talking about her job as a nurse she says she does medicine shots and wounds. She works 3 to 11pm and usually has to work 30 minutes overtime a day. dan jokes that Danielle hangs out in the Cafeteria and flirts with the Doctors. Danielle says sometimes she does most of the time.

Dan brings up Maggie from Season 6 and she was saying she gets annoyed when patient come in and they do not have insurance. Danielle thinks that is disgusting and wrong.

Dan asks if she’s ever used the paddles.. he asks her if it is fun to use them. Danielle looks horrified says it’s not fun at all Dan those people are DEAD!
Dan: “CLEAR and the whole body goes thud thud .. thud thud”
Danielle: “Dan it’s not fun you are in the moment trying to save somebody.. think about their family.. you think it’s fun telling a family someone is dead”
Dan: “I just think those paddles are the coolest things”
Danielle wants to change the subject.. Dan jokes says they are magic paddles like they use in Zelda to charge your health bar.

10:52AM Dan tells her that there is no way he will win this game it will either be Ian or Danielle. Danielle: “i will be over my dead body if that little sh!t wins.. you don’t know my vengeance” Danielle tells him if he throws the final HOH competition she will not vote for him but if he really tries she will try her best to get Dan the votes.
Dan assures her he will not throw the Final HOH but incase he losses she needs to be ready for a jury speech.
Dan: “I still think if He wins there is a chance he will take you”
Danielle doesn’t see that happening, if she leaves on Wednesday then at least she did better than she thought she would. Dan will not be happy if Danielle doesn’t make it to final 2, his goal all along was to take her to the end. Danielle says if he can accomplish that then he deserves the name as greatest Big Brother Players.

Dan mentions that Ian has become very obnoxious lately, he tunes out Ian now. Danielle wishes she could.

11:03Am Cam 3-4
Danielle claims she wasn’t being ugly with Ian last night and she doesn’t want to make his time in the house miserable she’s just done with him. Danielle goes on and on about how much she dislikes Ian.. (Flash Back if you want to hear it. 3 Day Free trial on the Big Brother 14 Live Feeds. They end on Wednesday)

11:21AM Danielle talking about the past boyfriends that have cheated on her and not once has she looked at the girls and thought something ugly about them. (I’m starting to think that all these ex-boyfriends that have cheated on Danielle didn’t know she was their girlfriend.. Like if Shane slept with Kara during finale night I get the feeling that Danielle will say he cheated on her)

11:31AM Danielle: “YES live feeders I do have fake boobs” Danielle says that Shane will be pissed at her now because she never told them.
(I don’t want to sound mean but unless Danielle wins the 500K Shane will be keep his distance from Danielle and be neck deep in hot girls/guys during the finale party and the weeks that follow)

Danielle starts talking about how lame and annoying Ian is when all he talks about is pokemon cards. Dan tells her he plays a game called “magic the gathering” it’s a lot like Pokemon. He likes it when Ian talks about Pokemon it’s one of the things that “makes him cool”. Danielle changes her tune says she doesn’t care what Dan plays, “I’m not a judgmental person you should know that by now”

11:46AM Cam 3-4 backyard Dan and Danielle Danielle is joking that she will tweet out his phone number.

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It makes no sense for Dan to want Danielle to get Ian frazzeled if Dan is planning on throwing it. I think that Dan knows that it will be him & Ian in F2 no matter what but wants Ian to be frazzeled so that he can be verbally superior to the jury when making his case. If Ian is in a compromised mental position when he makes his case to the jury – Dan will own him verbally and could very well gain a couple of swing votes. I don’t think there is any line Dan won’t cross.


Tim, that’s exactly why it DOES make perfect sense for Dan! Ethics? In BB, Dan has none. It’s 100% a game, and Dan’s playing to win. And if it’s not forbidden by AG’s BB Handbook, it’s then completely “legal” and “fair game” for Dan to employ such tactics.

Distant Observer

I’m sure the jury members pretty much have Dans BS figured out. I could see the jury members predicting Dans BS speech and making fun of him.
Especially They’ve had plenty of time to compare notes. Go Ian for the Win!

Distant Observer

Dan Throws HOH to Ian…..or Ian simply wins it.
Ians speech…
To be the best you have beat the best….Dan …. pop a squat!
Ian gets a standing ovation…and the win


Distant Observer, I’m rooting for Ian also. But Ian’s got as much chance of “out-speeching” Dan Wednesday night as the sun does trying to sneak past a rooster at dawn! The real magic of “Dan’s Mist” is the it STILL works, even though you know it’s coming. Britney already warned Ian about it, in the strongest possible terms. Yet Dan STILL later became Ian’s “Memphis/Renegade Partner” in the house. And one more thing that works against “our man Ian” here: he’s PERFECTLY happy winning the 50K 2nd place prize. You can hear him “quacking” about it when he’s alone in his hammock. Dan is TOTALLY in it for the first prize.

Roisin Dubh

If Dan gets to jury, he has to pull a Will, they’re already mad at him and are expecting him to grovel for the win. Might as well cram it down thier throats, ” I scumbagged all of you, it’s a game get over it, no apologies” But he’s so greasy that he’ll just talk about coaching and that crap trying to make them smile.


Totally agree-Dan needs to just be upfront and honest about all of it come Wednesday and as Bobsky said, refrain from downplaying his actions.


Dan better “tell it straight and refrain from downplaying his actions” – Ryan is now apparently attempting to be Dan’s “coach”, and to insert both his (and Bobsky’s) wishes and words into Dan’s mouth for Dan’s Wednesday night speech. “Control freak”, much? Why would anybody on OBB ever think they have the right to tell any BB player what they should say, and how THEY should be playing BB? We don’t. None of us do. Dan and Ian are allowed to do or say WHATEVER they think gives them the best chance to win them BB on Wednesday night. This just in: they don’t need to “run it past Ryan and/or Bobsky first.” SO many posters get on the HGs (like Danielle) for “not playing their own game.” Well, both Ian and Dan ARE trying to play their own BB game. They’ve both earned that right. Ryan, you seem to want to make Dan play YOUR game. You make it sound that if Dan doesn’t utter your “Ryan-approved words” for him on finale night, you’re gonna send Dan into time-out, right after Wednesday’s finale! YOU want to control someone’s BB actions? Than YOU get on BB15. Otherwise, just root, hope, and watch it like the rest of us, because you’re sh*t out of luck trying it your way. Jeez……


Jim, this is going to piss you off, but I totally expected this-I will be completely honest. Initially I wasn’t going put Bobsky’s name there as the credited “only logical thinker of OBB”, but I seem to have a problem with comprehension-I am always wrong about my predictions, but he always clears it up for me, and your posts can be just as accurate. Remember when Simon told you guys as a duo your posts were awesomely detailed?? I developed the impression, as time passed and you started replying to Bobsky’s posts, you were a little jealous. Outraged? You don’t always agree with Bobsky, and jealousy sounds silly, but this proves it. I hesitated on this subconscious impression, but went ahead and put it just to see if you would lose your cool. And you got it all wrong about me!! Comprehending these conversations and actions are hard for me, I hate being wrong about anything, but you and Bobsky and others always clear it up-It’s just the other day I thought it was over for Dan-he couldn’t win-and I told someone to tell me I was wrong and that’s what he said, so under the thought I’m horrible at comprehension and always confuse everything, it didn’t feel right reading his post and acting like “Ohhh yeah, I knew this all along.” And then there were my suspicions a guy that always gives his detailed perception of this season and who sometimes disagrees with someone like him could resent someone like me always agreeing with them and not always you, even though I do. But this is ridiculous-My ego is not even THAT big that I think what I have to say is above all, that is FAR from the truth! I might be a tiny bit insecure about my predictions, actually, but that’s why I put them all here, so people like you and others can offer you’re insights into them. I mean, I don’t know if it’s jealously, but this did not catch me off guard because sometimes I think always agreeing with someone would make me sound kinda brainless, so those I nod my heads to don’t always know it. And no, no one here has to check by Bobsky for correcting themselves, you yourself have proved that. Everyone has their own opinion, it’s just I felt the need to credit where I got this idea from not thinking logically lately. I am not putting words in anyone’s mouth-Don’t even fucking act like Dan shouldn’t take the Dr.Will route and confess the truth. I know it kinda sounds bossy saying so and so should do this and do that, like I’m some BB expert, but I’m far from it. If I have trouble comprehending something I usually just put out my prediction and someone tells me I’m wrong or explains it better or there’s nothing at all. When it comes down to it, I don’t fucking care. I just need an answer.


Ryan, first allow me to apologize to you. I’m sorry if I upset you in any way. But “baiting” posters isn’t really a worthwhile activity, is it? You’re better than that. I just think that the BB players should be able to say and do whatever they think is best for their own game, and let the chips fall where they may. It’s a free country. And Bobsky? He is my FAVORITE poster on this board. Don’t get me wrong, now – I don’t want to be like him “when I grow up”. :) But he’s been on here a LOT longer than I have, is respected by many, and quite deservedly so. I mostly agree with him, but not always. He’s analytical. I am, too. I prefer to post “realistic/likely” game scenarios. And fave-wise, I’m much more “down the middle” than Bobsky is. I’m basically 50/50 on Dan/Ian; he was a big Frank fan. But I’ve learned that Bobsky has a different posting mindset than I do. He has his favorites. And he likes coming up with/posting his “Bobsky paths to success” for them, to get ahead in BB. Even if it’s fairly unrealistic at times, which he’s kindly the first to admit. Just for the FUN of it. (He’s right a lot, too!) Bobsky is a refreshingly humble guy. I admit it took me some time to comprehend that “posting subtlety” of his. Ryan, I don’t have a jealous bone in my body. I’m here to help clarify the “house pulse”, and cause absolutely no harm to anyone. The recent compliment Simon gave to both Bobsky and I was VERY much appreciated. Ryan, to finish up, you are 100% correct when you say that “current events” are hard to follow in BB, even with Simon’s/Dawg’s superhuman OBB efforts. SO much is said. Things change on a dime. Above all else, I DO try to help accurately keep the folks up to date, on the more subtle, daily game shifts. To me, I see FAR more certainty and far LESS uncertainty in the house than most, for some reason. Strategy-wise, I seem have a real knack for knowing what actually IS gonna happen next. And if I can help the many, hard working OBB folks, who can only check in briefly, that’s 100% my goal. Preiod. I TRULY have enjoyed your posts this season, Ryan! Peace!


I know I set you off, Jim, but you don’t know how much your explainations and details have guided me through understanding this season so much better (I hardly tell you) and I really do appreciate it. You don’t owe me an apology, dude. Sometimes I get out of hand from keeping my thoughts (irrational sometimes, yes) bottled up when I know better. I didn’t want to say jealous, but there was something I could sense, but now I know it’s not something bad, it’s just appreciation and I shouldn’t have thrown it at you. I understand what you mean about telling the players what they should do, they can’t even hear us and it sounds really obnoxious after awhile-I’m sorry about that. You and the other posters have sparked some great discussions and the fact you can help some of us understand it all and keep up with them means a lot. Really. Besides Simon and Dawg working their asses off to provide these great updates posters like you make it all so much easier to understand I appreciate it-As I should have included about your posts, Jim, they really are awesome-Definitely a guide to the season. I’ll need them for next season, buddy!! Thanks :D


I think that everybody is forgetting that Ian can actually defend himself up against Dan…Remember the Goodbye to Boogie! Ian is a little OCD, but he is not Slow. He will surprise everybody if he speaks, but contrary to what you all believe, he is on to Dan… Last night when he looked so sad and pitiful when Danielle was talking and berating him, he just took it, and after she was gone…he got up smiled, and you could see that he was playing her. I was so glad. Danielle thinks that she and Dan are supposed to win, and Ian is in her way, that has been her picture all along,,she is delusional and psychotic, Ian is not stupid, he even told her that he found it odd that she blames him, and not Dan, and Dan has pulled crap on her 3 times……I think that Ian has got this.. I hope so anyway, My heart will hurt if Danielle gets one dime, I don’t want Dan to win either, but I would rather Dan than Danielle, the, Lying, delusional, sneaky, psychotic, needy, desparate, clingy, stupid …oh, i’m sorry, i was daydreaming .


Dan took hypocrisy to a whole different level, sacrificing your own morals and beliefs in the face of temptation and greed, Dan encouraging Danielle to bully Ian For the money, telling her to rattle Ian’s cage”, show a lot about him being a teacher, his job must be to spread ignorance, what a shame this guy has no self-respect, I have never seen someone play like this.

Shame on you Dan you are the lowest of the low, you showed your true colors last night, reading from the bible out loud doesn’t make you any better you are a hypocrite, lire and a manipulator, using Danielle’s emotions and her securities and asking her to bully Ian so you can Win the game shows a lot about your personality, this guy should be fired and not allowed in high school again he is a bad example, Shame on you Dan shame on you


This isn’t a game at summer church camp! All of the players have watched previous seasons and know that lying is part of the game! Don’t be mad at the player, be mad at the game =P


Aren’t you over your rantings yet? Who cares if he read from the bible???? It isn’t like most Christians don’t exploit their religion for their advantage anyway.


Who are most Chrisitians? Get your brain in gear before making any comments……….It’s really too too boring all this bashing of CHrisians when Gavin or anyone else speaks the truth about that his HOLY CREEPINESS DAN………and his equally creepty cheerleading squad……..Think before speaking or commentin in this case……………Dan might call himself a Christain but he’s anything but……..he completely insults the religion he professes t be a member of………Catholics unite and throw this jerk out of the church…………….

MU Tigers

And it’s attitudes and belief’s like yours that give organized religion a bad name. Asking for your other zealots to unite and throw Dan out of a religion. That part in the bible about not judging your fellow man, I’m pretty sure God meant that. To be honest with you, it’s people like you that keep me from joining a church.


LMFAO “Catholics unite and throw this jerk out of the church…” Drink some more koolaid. Maybe you should use your time more constructively and take care of what goes on in your own house instead of worrying about some guy on a reality TV show. Trust me dear, he is in a very very very long line of people that have shown the true colors of what a plague religion has been our society. Don’t believe me? Turn off the Christian Network for a minute and take a gander at the news.


…and u need to go to a mental institution after that, Dan didn’t kill anybody so chill out it’s a game


How’d I know this was gonna have a bunch of replies from butt-hurt Dan fans? I must be a psychic or something.

MU Tigers

Awww poor Gavin crying us a river over how Dan played the game. Gavin, stick to shows on Nicklodeon or Cartoon Network, clearly more your speed. Leave the discussions about Big Brother to the adults.

Go home Delusionelle

Hey MU Tigers- didn’t you, me, and Antman try to vote Gavin off the island the other night? Anybody else want to co-sign this now? Gavin STFU!!!

MU Tigers

Yes, and I vote to evict Gavin again.

Three's a crowd

To quote Gavin Aug 16, 2012 …. “I dont really know what you are talking , maybe you need to chill a bit and remember that these guys are locked in a house 24/7 so they might do or say crazy things , give them a break and stop beeing a hater.”
I would suggest YOU practice what you preach!

O Pity Me

It is called a game.


Wha type of soap bix do you stand on? I am think Irish Spring because after I read your post Istill have that residue in my mind. As a strong Christian for close to 20 years, going to church twice a week or more, I am OK whpith Dan’s behavior. He is playing to win and will still be friends with the other HG after the game. You need to take a chill pill, unless you like to cause trouble and argue with everyone…yep that is probably it….


Oh yeah this is sooooo rational. Gavin, I’ve noticed your last posts over the last few days, replied to one, and was told that any feelings against this is totally irrational, right. I understand everyone has his/her own opinion, but you, dude, are taking this waaaay over the top. The low of the low?? And you’ve never seen someone play like this??? Calm. The. Fuck. Down. There’s been liars and manipulators and backstabbers before, Dan admits what he’s done and continues to do it because the other houseguests, excluding those who’ve led onto to him somewhat, don’t register this and let him and are either in the JH or going to be. It’s a game, Gavin-A show about awarding half a million dollars to the best player left standing. What don’t you understand about this?? Dan has said various times the second time around he’ll do anything to make it to the end and has proved that loud and clear, you sound like you’re surprised a player is actually lying and backstabbing and manipulating their competitors to win and you make it sound like Dan is one of the worst human beings you’ve ever heard of or seen. You want to get really really upset and furious about something, look in the news and visit the most wanted websites.


100% agree, well said.

The Voices Inside Danielle's Head

OMG Y’all, Gavin is batshit crazy. He scares me.


Dude, he didn’t go in there to win a free sandwich at Subway…he went in there to win $$$$, AND this ain’t his first rodeo! He checked his morals at the door before he ever entered. It’s called BIG BROTHER, not SUNDAY SCHOOL WORSHIP HOUR! Who cares what he’s done in the house, or how he’s done it. They’ve ALL fell for it! Kudos to Dan for actually “playing” the game.


Dan is not forcing Danielle to bully Ian. She hates him and is loving putting him down, it’s what she does. The only difference this time is that it is not behind his back, as she has done to every single person in the house. She is a coward.


I don’t understand why Daniella is so mad at Ian and not Dan. She says we don’t know her vengance. Vengance over what? The fact Ian won the second HOH fair and square?


Time to see how much of Danielle’s Stench™ is spread through the house today.

O Pity Me

This picture od Dani is horrile.


No Danielle, you’re the one we can’t stand listening to anymore.


I love Dani, I think she is one of my favourite houseguests ever, after Jen (BB8), JoJo (BB14), and of course the best of them all, Keesha (BB10).


Ian wins I’m praying and Dan goes to HELL


Well that is a very Christianly thing to say.

Three's a crowd

A bit of an oxymoron wouldn’t you say…?


I run hell and no where is Dan’s name in the guest book….however…Judybooty I do see your name,see you soon.

Danielle's happy pills

5.1) Dani’s jaw drops to the floor because she feels backdoored for not being voted America’s Favorite Player.

My eye’s will be on her reaction when Julie announces the winner.


Dan is a total waste of a human flesh for all the shit he has put Danielle though this year and you call yourself a good cathlic, make no wonder the CAthlicchurch is so fucked up

MU Tigers

Danielle is a puppet.

Shane used her. Funny they got close once he was the last one on Brit’s team and he needed an ally. He doesn’t have true romantic feelings for her, but uses her feelings to his advantage. If he was smart enough to argue againist her using the Veto, he’d be here still and Ian wouldn’t. After the finale and the after party, Shane will probably never see Danielle again.

Dan used her. He has also kept her safe this whole game as well. But yeah, he used her to get himself in position to have a shot at winning this game.

Trey probably used her, and if not him sure there have been plenty before him that have.

At some point, it’s on the individual to make better choices and use better judgement on who to trust. She can keep playing the victim card or she can make a change.

Guess what, this is Big Brother. You can use people, you can lie, you can backstab. you can do all those things and still have a chance at winning the game.


Agreed. Nobody is a victim unless they allow themselves to become one.


Dani being used by this person, dani being used by that person, boyfriends using her…. What is she?? A roll of toilet paper.


The problem is, Dan’s true nature and character is being revealed. This is the problem with relgious people, who do not practice what they preach. Even if it is a game, you do not put your morals or ethics aside, if you were to be invited to play a game which calls for you to put all this aside, for money, then a person of true character, who truly believes in their morals and that God will provide, would not enter that game. They would not believe that God’s means, of helping them, would come through a reality show that requires you to play with other peoples emotion. Especially, when greed is very apparent, as he had already won a previous game.

Yes, this is a game, yes, there are no rules, yes you can leave your heart at the door, you can be ruthless, aggressive, lie and deceit, all that makes for great television. But you can not, be a man of God, and think this is ok, or justify playing.

I do think that he swore on Chelsea, and he put that out in the universe, and the law of attraction will respond. I predict, he will lose Chelsea, either through his arrogance, or greed. This will not end pretty for him. However, in their world, all is forgiven.


Just to clarify, before people get upset. I do not mean to say, that anyone who plays, is not a man of God, obviously, we have solidarity, and we are all created in his image. What i mean, is that you can not claim, to be a Man of God, a Bible Teacher, and think it is ok, to play this kind of game. Because, when you know better, you do better.

This game is not a sin, or immoral, when people are playing, as they do. However, you can not claim to be a Bible Reader and practice that, and play this game. That is my point. I enjoy the show, and other shows similar. I just found it disturbing to see people who are clear examples of what is wrong with religion, and why people are pushed away from the word of God.

MU Tigers

Actually it’s the judgemental religious people who try and say who is morale and who isn’t that keep me away from churches. That and the notion that God needs my money. No thanks. I’ll be spiritual and worship God in my own way, don’t need to go to a church to do that. God is everywhere, not just in select buildings of worship. I keep my money and am not subjected to being around people like yourself.


I’m not a relgious person. I was just stepping outside myself, to understand all the discontent with Dans game. A part of me was also bothered by it. I was relating it to the religious views of people.

I don’t go to church, and i dont give my money to them. Instead, Ill give my money to causes that I find need my support, so long as it doesnt go to their operations.

I actually believe that, everyone goes to Heaven, as absurd as that sounds. Yes, you might see Adolf Hitler and Osama Bin ladden up there, seems a bit extreme, but who am I say who goes and who doesn’t. Again this is not about religion. It was my interpretation with Dan’s Character being revealed.

big brother lover

I can tell you where you can find out who goes to Heaven and who doesn’t Jake. It’s called the BIBLE!! Sounds to me like you need to read it. For someone who doesn’t go to Church, to say they believe everyone goes to Heaven is scary. Where did you come up with that idea if you have nothing to base anything on? ( You have no idea how many times I have typed something and then erased it because it was not a nice thing to say. I will pray for your soul! Really, I will.


I no longer go to church, I have read the bible. Thank you for praying for my soul, as I will pray for yours. Its funny how religious people are bothered by the fact, that we all go to heaven. That the mere reason you do anything good is to go to Heaven. Eternity is in each one of us, God put that in us. But I am glad the biblical guilt, keeps you decent. Im glad it works for something. Though for some of us, the hypocrisy is apparent.

big brother lover

You are such a lost soul. First off Bible is always capitalized. Always!! If you have read the Bible, then you should know that everyone does not go to Heaven. Everyone that does good things does not go to Heaven. It is just a shame that someone would say they predict someone would lose thier wife. That is awful, and says a lot about the person saying it. Even if you think such terrible things, you should keep them to yourself so everyone doesn’t see your ignorance and I don’t mean that in an insulting way. I mean it in a ,”You are not aware of the facts way”. I go to Church and try to read my Bible daily but I will not say I am perfect in any way, shape or form. I have faults and I ask for forgiveness just as everyone does. I am not delusional though in thinking I am going to Heaven just by living here on earth and doing nothing. If you think that what you said is true, then you are reading from a different Bible than everyone else or you are not understanding what you are reading because NOWHERE in the Bible does it speak of what you are saying. I am going to work now…..bye bye.. P.S. Thanks for your prayers!!! I need them!!


You are perfect. You are created in his image, and he created you perfect, and you have his love in you. God is in you, and it is through him that we are all connected. Have fun at work.

I am not hoping he loses Chelsea, I am saying, he will if he does not step outside himself to see his character. I believe the universe provides, and I believe in law of attraction, and he has attracted it. Maybe through this, he will see his character, change, and not lose her. However, it is out there, in the universe already.

God Be with you.


Not worthy of a reply. Putting Dan, Hiler, and Bin Laden in the same sentence. What planet do you come from ???


Funny how I am not worthy a reply, because I put Hitler, Osama and Dan the same sentence, cause u find it so absurd, yet you ask what planet I am from? How absurd, to believe I am from another planet. I can put myself and you, in that same sentence. We are all humans. That is the common theme, and guess what, from the same planet.

Grammar Police

I’m not here to take sides on this one BBFAMILY, but where I come from sentences begin with a capital letter (often after a period) and end with a period. I think the writer is from a similar planet and as such didn’t put Dan’s name in the same sentence with Hitler nor Bin Laden. For the matter it’s not even in the immediately adjacent sentences.

MU Tigers

When comforting a Grammar Nazi, I pat them gently on the back and I say “They’re, Their, There”

big brother lover



I would have understood if someone like Russell from Survivor played this kind of game – I often like a good villain – but Dan, as a devoted Catholic and a person who was so liked before, doing this is shocking. It isn’t even as much about his game moves but his behavior. How he laughs and seemingly enjoys Danielle’s pain when she has tears in her eyes. This really has nothing to do with her. Like her or not, it doesn’t matter. This is about Dan and the kind of person he is. By far, the most despicable player I ever watched on BB. Even Dick who was so terrrible to Jen in their season somehow seems nicer.

Dan is a teacher. In a Catholic school. I would immediately fire the guy.


I think you all are lucky I don’t run this site cos I’d boot the first moron to bring up religion concerning a damn game.You Holy rollers need to get a grip,its a fookin game and for being so called religious…awful funny how you wanna preach the bible and talk shit about Dan’s actions….Judge not less thee be judged….fookin hyprocrites!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tell me if I’m wrong

Dan’s in the final two whether Ian throws the comp to him, wins it outright or Ian wins it

Ian was willing to throw himself on the sword for the quack pack and will do the same for the Renegades even if he doesn’t trust Dan. Money is important but secondary. He’s loyal to the Renegades, the game, and how he’s written up in Wikipedia. He may feel a little obligated to Dan for keeping him in the game. If he’s to lose, he wants it to be against a great player. He will not throw the 3rd comp. Dan surely knows this. Neither Dan nor Danielle will change Ian’s mind.

Dan has allegiance to neither. If he gets to choose, then he will take whomever he thinks he has the best chance of winning against. Only Dan knows at this time.


Lurker, your “only Dan knows at this time” assessment of who Dan wants in the final two is NOT correct. Dan has already decided who that is. Both Ian and Dan are certain that Danielle will beat EITHER of them in the final. Dan told the cameras on Sat PM that if HE won HOH Part 3, his conscience would FORCE him to take Danielle, even though he knows he’d lose 1st place to her in jury. Therefore, Dan sees just ONE way for HIM to win the 500K. Throw HOH Part 3 to Ian. Then have IAN evict Danielle. That now means that IAN has the “blood on his hands” for Danielle’s ouster. Dan wants that. That way, Dan gets Danielle’s vote in jury on Wednesday, and Ian doesn’t.


Thanks. Missed that one. Hope it’s true.

Danielle's Orange Dress

I loved “Squabble’s posts” last year. This year, Gavin takes the cake.

I’ll still be a fan whoever wins: Dan or Ian. It looks to me that my best finish would be as runner-up. I don’t take the BB crown but I get to take my man, Shane, y’all. I’m so ready to say, “YES,” y’all.


Dan and Danielle are both psychotic in different ways, geez Dan talks about the strangest things, and Danielle….well, that’s all been covered before on here. When is the final HOH competition?

O Pity Me

Wednesday night.


doesn’t matter who wins Dan or Ian.
Dani is going home empty handed financially but, Dan is going home fully bankrupt of any human qualities what so ever….don’t get me wrong, although he played a dirty backstabbing game…that is the game and nobody played it better problem with Dan is he seems to take to much pleasure in hurting people personally and his eyes clearly show deep down he’s one sick person. I wouldn’t let him coach or teach my child, he has said many times this is how he treats his players…parents take note and get your kids away from this guy he is clearly not playing with a full deck or power makes him blind to any human feelings

Ian ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!


Dan worked at the same school the first time he played Big Brother, and has worked there ever since. Don’t you think that if he used the same tactics in teaching and coaching that it would have become a problem a long time ago? Obviously the school understands that Big Brother is a game SHOW, they have years of history to know who he really is.

It amazes me when people say things like this. Would you be afraid if you saw Anthony Hopkins on the street? Do you believe that he is really a serial killer like he portrayed in Silence of the Lambs?



“Tainting the jury”. Is that anything like tossing their salad?

MU Tigers

Doesn’t the jury instantly becomed “tainted” when she joins it?




Not really…but in both cases there is a “taint” involved :)

MU Tigers

And poof, with a few wipes of a kleenex and any “beauty” Danielle might have had, is gone.


She must use silly putty to cover all those holes she digs in her face.

Ian for the win

i don’t think Ian will throw the comp. I do think Ian can win against either Dan or Danielle. Dan has just backstabbed every one in the jury.


Not everyone:

Ashley — No, she’s a casualty of circumstance (it was suppose to be Frank)
Britney — Not really, Dan didn’t have a choice (it was either him or her –he had to choose which would be the next best target aside from him. And it’s not going to be Joe or Jenn)
Frank — Yes
Joe — No, they never had an alliance so not really (but Joe will not vote for Dan since he doesn’t want a coach to win)
Jenn — Eh, possibly but between her and Danielle and Shane winning the veto, she should’ve known that she would be gone over Danielle
Shane — Definitely (I truly feel bad for Shane. I think he would’ve understood if it was between him and Danielle, but not between him and Ian.)
Ian/Danielle — Not really –but if Dan doesn’t pick Danielle, she’d be devastated. As for Ian, I think that he’ll understand that Dan has a better chance of winning against Danielle since she was coached by Dan throughout the game even after the reset.


Then as Christian dont spread your hater only taking what you want out of the bible the suit you and your cause. Like Abortion, gay marriage, please most of them acted just like Dan. If you look now all over the world you will see christain + muslim all have one thing in common HATE

Honey Boo Boo Child

Sounds like you got more hate in you than either of them.

Don’t be a hater, accept and tolerate!!!


Wow… it’s a great day to be Pagan!


As for me I hate your f@@king guts.


It’s when faced with adversity that a person’s true character is seen. When Frank left the house, Shane agreed with the other House Guests that the way Frank left was classless. Oh Shane, if Frank had no class by the way he acted, what does that say about you ….. how you were reduced to tears and couldn’t sleep the next 24 hours. Britney, oh baby faced Brit, Janelle was blindsided. No one came up to Janelle and said its over, just relax. However, when Brit is on the block, it boo hoo, Shane please just tell me if I am going. Its amazing how Brit wanted that courtesy from Shane that she could ill afford to give Janelle. Dani and Jenn criticized Brit how she acted when she was on the block. According to Dani, Brit was a real downer, Brit was so depressing. Dani couldn’t stand being around Brit that week because she was such a drag. Now its Dani’s turn. Her game is in the hands of Dan. Dani who criticized Brit, is making much more of an ass of herself then Brit ever did.

Yep, its so easy to pile on someone. However, when its your turn to face adversity, very few of these House Guests talk the talk and walk the walk.

As a side note. I have to agree with Frank on something he said in the jury house. Many of you defend Dan’s actions as saying its only game play, anything goes, its just a game. However, when is the line crossed in game play? Frank asked Brit, so if you cheated on your husband is that OK. I would like to rephrase that statement. If Brit cheated on her husband in order to advance her game during her Big Brother stay …. would that be ok? According to Dan, the bible that he reads daily, that he holds so dear, its ok to swear on the bible ….because you know … was to advance his game and he took that action so he could bring the money home for Chelsea. Oh my, with that type of thinking ……. I have to agree with Frank, so when does it stop being game play!

Yep Dan, you will probably win. Enjoy it ! Its just that for some us, there is a line that we won’t cross.


Stop that bullshit talk, like you wouldn’t do whatever it takes to win big money, you can claim how you would never do this or that, but you’ll never have the chance at the type of money in your life so it’s OK to make bold claims.


Ah, first I wouldn’t had injected God into my gameplay. I know that for a fact!. You know why I wouldn’t have done it? Because I actually believe! Let me phrase that again ….. I actually believe! You can be an agnostic, atheist or whatever beliefs you hold dear, that’s on you.However, don’t tell me you are a Catholic, and you can rationalize away “bearing false witness before god”! If you are a practicing catholic or christian, you understand that the teachings of our savior are contained in the bible. The bible is supposed to be something sacred and guide us in our faith.

Dan, who wants us to believe he is this good christian …I read my bible everyday. Reading a bible doesn’t mean jack! Its your actions and decisions that count. So for a few gold pieces Dan would sell his soul! Say dude, right back at you, stop the bullshit! I wouldn’t have done it, its obvious you would. Hence, that’s the difference between me, Dan, and these Dan wannabes.


yeah agree 100% about the line that can’t be crossed…
maybe people thinks it’s okay because it’s God you know. You never meet him or talk to him so it’s like you don’t know him, or maybe even think that God does not exist
people here get so UPSET when someone’s cheating on their partner, but care less when someone’s cheating on God? WOW! You know I gotta say, just prepare yourself. It’s 2012, might be Doomsday!


You know the funny thing (or not funny) think about Danielle? Even after her acting like a spoiled brat the last couple of days she would still swear she’s a better person than Frank. I don’t know what type of world she’s living in that sad little brain of hers but she is delusional to say the least.


I’m married and if I was in the BB house the only line I wouldn’t cross is cheating on my wife. Besides that all is fair and okay in BB. It’s a game. Everyone has a diffe


It stops being a game when the game is over?


, wasn’t it part one on the HOH for the final three that the houseguests were put
in harnesses and dunked up in the aire in the water and hit the wall not part two?

Carol & Steve

Only part one was shown on Sunday’s show. They also showed their special breakfast before showing the 1st HOH comp – so out of order. Not sure why they didn’t show the 2nd past since it was done, but whatever. :)

Ians Beer

Dan’s mist is so strong that it *ucked up AG and the CBS team so they got the airings all wrong… :)

Trey Gorman

Danielle must be suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Dan has done everything but rape her (and he’s done that psychologically) and she can’t wait for him to throw the final comp so she can get to the jury and make the case against Ian. Her complete lack of identity and dignity is almost as disturbing as his pathological indifference to her destruction.


Danielle is no innocent victim, no pathological liar who shows signs of NPD is.
Imagine the damage she does in the world to others lives before you paint her as ‘innocent’ and only Dan as the ‘bad guy.”


What kind of HOH will they have for the final one?


Dan’s self tanner is horrible… Maybe he belongs in Oz rather than the big brother house!


man i’m disgusted by Ians political views. what a loser to want romney to win. wake up kid. bunch of right wing lunatic closed minded backward thinkin clowns left in this house Yo. you would expect tha from rednecks like danielle and dan. sad

Bullies Rule !!

LOL…Like the country is in such great shape now genius.. Do us a favor and leave your political and religous views in your trailer park..


this country is one million times better than the shape we were in 4 years ago about to fall off a cliff in to complete financial ruin. remember the trillions of dollars lost in the market in seconds? remember the preceeding 8 yrs?? lol umust be another uneducated redneck stuck in the 1950s….clown. enjoy every day of obamas next 4 yrs, every second brother


Your nuts if you think that the country is in any better shape than it was four years ago. Only a clown would make a comment like this. Were in more debt than ever, the stimulus package was a waste of time and money, and the value of our dollar keeps falling with our nation’s credit rating. Four more years of Obama is a scarey thought.


Obama has failed our country. His leadership is the worst performance of
any President. Here is a list of Obama accomplishments:
1. Federal debt has increased by 43% from $10.6 trillion to $15 trillion.
2. Americans living in poverty have increased by 16% from 39.8 million to 46.2 million.
3. Total unemployment (U6) has increased by 68% from 13.7 million to 23 million.
4. Price of gasoline has DOU…BLED from $1.86/gal to $3.75/gal.
5. Americans on food stamps have increased 42% from 31.8 million to 45.2 million.
6. Home foreclosures per year have increased by 34% from 850,000 to 1,140,000.
7. Total bankruptcy filings per year have increased by 42% from 1,117,641 to 1,593,081.
8. Median Household incomes have declined by 4%.
9. Average selling price of new homes has declined by 10%.
10. US dollar compared to foreign currencies has declined by 8.7%. [US dollar index of 85.9 in Jan 2009 to 78.5 in Dec 2011.]
11. US dollar compared to gold has declined 105%. [ $855/ounce to $1750/ounce].

Yeah, that doesn’t sound like a 100 million times better than 4 years ago. But it’s cute that you think so. Sad and pathetic, but cute. The naive and uninformed, their like children.


why does she feel she is entitled to win this game or at least get 2nd? why???? what a spoiled brat redneck piglet, go home and shut that trap for good. redneck trash hillbilly


why does she feel she is entitled to win this game or at least get 2nd? why???? what a spoiled brat redneck piglet, go home and shut that trap for good. redneck trash hillbilly


So what government funding are you receiving, I mean, what part of hard working tax payers money are you stealing?

The only people in support of Obama are either completely ignorant and clueless, voting for him because of his color, on the take or just downright stupid.

Which are you?


Shane should get a restraining order on Danielle she seems a little unstable to say the least

Daniele's zit crator......

someone use those shock paddles on danielle and wake her up. She is ruining her life at a rapid rate. Vengence?? More like Psycho….


“Dan singing as he prepares a drink “There’s ants in our ice ohh ya” ”

Better to have Ants in your ice than Joe’s nut babies




Speaking of Joe what was his gameplan …I guess to float and cook

Aqua Bernie

Draw lines in the sand! Your killing me Simon, that was hysterical! LMAO!


Lol, it was a much better strategy than ?, don’t you think?


Very true.


Ok, clearly Dan didn’t just develop his lying, deceitful and manipulating ways in the bb house. These traits are part of his personality. PERIOD. The bb house only brings out what is already there. This guy is a master manipulator at that. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in business with this guy or married to him. What he has done is played on Dani’s insecurities to further his own game. Like I tweeted to his wife, swearing on the bible and her while lying the whole time is inexcusable! All for greed! I don’t want to hear from those of you who don’t believe. Dan is a christian. Oh, and not to mention he helps to shape young minds. Are you kidding me?!


You tweeted his wife that? WOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! smfh


Another example of someone who can’t seperate a game from reality. You think Chelsea gives a damn what you have to say about her husband outside of the house? And Dan is Catholic-WTF???


**WTF does religion come into deciding this game and sending messages to his wife about outside of it???


I agree, sending a house guest’s wife a message is very disturbing. It seems like many of the people attacking Dan are filled with so much rage, I pray that he and his family are safe once the show is one deserves to be scared of their own safety.


“judge not lest be judged” it’s not your job to judge Dan, your hateage is very childish and very unchristian like. If big brother bothers you that much don’t watch it. Go be happy do some community service, its not worth letting something eat you inside.

MU Tigers

Tweeting to Dan’s wife? What kind of pathetic fucking loser are you that you get so worked up over a show that you feel the need to talk to his wife. It’s people like you that could drop off the face of the planet and this world would be a better place for it. So Jen, own any cats? I laugh at how sorry and alone you must be. Only a COMPLETE LOSER would send tweets to a players wife. What’s next psycho, you gonna send her death threats? You need help, big time. I hope God judges you less harshly than you judge others.


You sent a message to his wife?

That was so unbelievable nice and thoughtful of you.

I mean, really, it is obvious that you, the Big Brother, viewer obviously knows much more about Dan than Chelsea does. I am certain she gave your tweet the attention it deserved.

Well done.


Danielle lied about people the whole game, she is not innocent.


Dan laughing and toying with Danielle is great!
I think I’ve turned into a Dan fan!
He deserves the title!

Ian deserves about 50k unless he has enough wit to vote Dan out!



Ian wins against Danielle if he evicts Dan-Dan has cut the holes on the bottom of all of their easter baskets. But there is no way Ian will, on last nights taping he kept repeating “To be the best you have to beat the best,” and he’s become sour toward Danielle. Danielle won’t either, I think. If they do, I’ll be shocked.
Danielle has been under Dan’s instruction to rattle Ian’s cage, but really does show dislike toward him from paranoia having lost the 2nd HOH and under the impression Dan is still lying to her. She fears Ian can beat her, but is determined to win over the jury: “I will be over my dead body if that little shit wins.. you don’t know my vengeance.”
Dan frets Dani can beat him and contemplates taking Ian and owning him before the JH, but there’s no doubt he can win over in either scenario if that final Q and A + speech goes as he plans, possibly. Danielle vs Ian is a toss up unless either of them evict Dan. Evicting Dan is like becoming the JH hero….


Excuse me all you great righteous holy perfect beings out there. I thought Dan swore on the bible that what he was telling Frank about the Quack pack was true. And it was true…Besides, this not a court of law or church. It’s Big Brother…I think it just drives religious people nuts when their theories don’t pan out..So they put people down to raise themself back up. Judge not or you will be judged……


Well Said

or all these posts of “I’d NEVER do what Dan did, I’m so much better than that” , BITCH PLEASE. Let somebody give any of us the opportunity to win HUGE money and watch our morals fly right out the door. We all would do tons worst than what Dan did to win 500k.

Producers did good picking total idiots for the Coaches to control.

Boogie,Dan,Janelle, and Britney gave every thought their team had that had anything to do with the game… Frank,Shane all of Janelle’s team became totally brainless without their coach telling them what to do next. All Dan had to do was pull the trigger on each coach-less HG, they were already brain-dead.

Imagine how hard the coaches job would be, if the other HGs were smart??? None of the HGs would listen to a word the coaches had to say, they would tell them all to go fuck themselves, and play their own game.

Just Some Facts

Here’s my issue with what Dan swore on and about, I don’t have a problem with the backstabbing or the lying, it’s all part of the game. But it seems people aren’t looking at all the evidence when they make the statement about what he swore.

I am fully aware that on the CBS Sunday show following that moment the opening was a re-edit of the order in which Dan made comments; so it looked like all his swearing was in direct response to Frank’s questioning Dan’s allegiance to him. Most of us also know all those clips did come from one 30 minute conversation. So it might be fair to call bullsh*t on CBS and also those that prescribe to that view, even chastising them for putting Dan in a poor light.

But when about 20 minutes into the that Sunday CBS telecast Dan is shown saying the following in the DR:

“Last week I swore on EVERYTHING to Frank and pledged my allegiance to him …sorry Frank I’m going to join my former team because I like them better.”

The emphasis on EVERYTHING came from Dan’s voice and we have all debated if that ‘swearing’ was just about ratting out Ian or his whole conversation. Looks like in Dan’s mind, which is where it really matters, it was EVERYTHING (on the Bible, his wedding ring: thus his wife & the sanctity of their marriage and his Grandfather: via the chain & cross he had given him) on which he swore and it covered everything including his allegiance to Frank.

Let’s just say that we can all presume what is what…but Dan has told us flat out and shouldn’t we believe him? Or was he just lying to himself?


Sorry, I haven’t been following for the last couple of days –Why is Danielle so mad at Ian? (Is she pretending or is she really mad at him?)


wow, kids a right wing lunatic sara palin lovin 1920s mindset gun lovin fool like dan. these kids are a joke Yo, bounce em all


Yeah Dan! Your the man alright! Wait till Ian will screw you over.


Welcome back captain, we missed you!!!!! Still clueless I see, but why should that change?? I would like to thank you, I booked with Vegas the exact opposite of all your predictions for the year, and I’m happy to say I made more than the winner of BB will make. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!


Dan is very insecure. Period. Right from the get go, when the coaches reset the button, ( minus Boogers) Dan sprinted to throw his alliance under the bus ( including Dani………there goes the good coach theory, btw)…and begs Boogers to be in an alliance with him. Why? Because Dan knew Boogers was a superior player, and Dan wanted to ride on his coattails. Dan was prepared to cut loose Danielle. Boogers, however, was having none of it. Why? Because he kew Frank could win comps, and at that time, Frank had a good social game going.

Dan wanted Frank gone, because he wanted Boogers and him going forward. I knew then, that Dan was going to have to *followeres*. He manipulated weak Dani, who is really not smart at all.

1) Why hasn’t she accepted the fact that when the button was reset, there were no more coaches. Every man/woman for them selves. The point here, is that clingy, needy, self obsesses Dani wanted Dan in the position of coach. That’s her insecurity, and holding him close to her.

2) When will Dani click, that Dan wanted Shane gone, because he couldn’t win against him in jury? And, that Shane would never take Dan to jury, if it was the 3 of them?

3) Dan got rid of all of Dan’s allies, because he was so scaaaaared..that he wouldn’t be able to control her completely?

Fine, call it gameplay. What’s not gameplay, is the fact that Dan is macabre. He’s sick and a psycho. He chuffs himself about being a gifted liar. A manipulator. He’s like that in real life.

Even, as per last night on BBAD, jealous of his wife’s dog. So, he’s been controlling the dog, making a deal with Chelsea, and then going back on his word.

This year, we’s seeing the REAL DAN. No remorse, no empathy for the way other people feel. Just proud and smug..and conniving. He’s pretty high on himself.

He just can’t stop giggling and laughing. His enjoyment comes from hurting people. That’s why I despise him. Not that he’s a liar, or playing a game. He’s sadistic and very, very cold and cruel.

At least, last night, when Dani was begging him to be sweet to her, and telling him that through all the lies and backstabbing, she’s attached to him, and has emotions……..

DAN THE *MAN* ( insert coward) says : That’s the difference between you and me*.

That’s right, Dani. Get a clue. Dan has no emotions, except for himself. In the game and out.

hotbutton topic

So Dan throws it, Ian takes Dan, Danielle throws a pity party to the jury and they just stare at her like….are you serious!!!

That is the moment I wait for on Wednesday. I am ALL THE WAY tired of hearing her mouth and to be honest I hate the way she was speaking to Ian last night….there was a moment where I wished I could step into his body and tell her off one good time, call her a bully and make her cry for the rest of the time there….I DO NOT RESPOND TO THREATS you ugly pimple infested witch! Go eat the ants!




The fact that Jodi beat out 7 other house guests, and ALMOST Boogie !!, in the America’s Favorite Poll…does my heart good. That would be SO awesome if some chick who was barely on the show for one episode won America’s Favorite! Annnnnd no, I’m not talking about Jenn. Ha!!


If I were to tell any one of you at the beginning of the season that Ian would (a) be in the final three and (b) would be the least psychotic of the three, would anyone have believed me? I wouldn’t have believed myself.

Honey Boo Boo Child

If Ian wins final comp and picks Danielle,

Just before the live show in front of audience,

Ian opens up Pandora’s box and out pops

Jessie Godderz, he now competes for votes

against Ian and Dani and takes home the

500k. Rather he get the money than Dani,

or Ian and his pompous whiny ass.


Ian vs Dan

Ian: Brit, Shane, Joe, Ashley, Frank

Dan: Danielle, Jenn


does anyone like danielle even a tiny lil bit? anyone??????? crickets
what a nasty delusion spoiled redneck piglet. go home!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn she is nasty gross


I feel really bad for her, I’m not a fan of hers but I’m not mean spirited like a lot of people here, she has a lot of issues she needs to deal with when she gets off this show. The girl needs professional help….


Is it just me, or does Dan look like Gargamel from the Smurfs cartoon? I’m not sure if it’s his look or his game play, but that image popped into my head when he broke up Ken and Barbie.

amateur shrink

Dan in a high functioning sociopath. Danielle is a total narcissist. Ian seems to have either OCD, OCPD or Asperger’s. It is definitely and interesting final 3.


if shane hooked up with frank after the fianle party would Danielle still consider that a boyfriend cheating on her or only if he bangs kara or jojo??
shane: 99% straight, 1% bi but prefers women…..i think, maybe?


OMG I can’t stand Danielle

Aqua Bernie

I hope ? tells Shane what Danielle said about him, and what she said about Britney,and Ashley. Would’nt she be surprised when she’s voted out of the house and finds that she has no friends outside.


No, Dan did things to Danielle and explained them to her later, which she said she understood. the funeral and Danielle being dead to him was to protect his alliance with her. they knew they needed each other but had to make like they were on the outs to protect them both. I remember when that happened and everyone wanted to know if she was alright and needed to be alone, she responded, I only want Shane. I think Shane knew being a showmance is never good in anyones game, but feel into more towards the end of the game …. especailly if Dani was in power. Dumb ass should have distanced himself like Dan did. Dani, enjoys playing the victim …. she knew what Dan was doing and played to the HGs. Really hope no matter who win the final HOH they don’t take Dani. So scrared if Ian wins he will decided to take Dani. This is a long shot but you are never safe if your not in power. If Dan takes Dani I will feel so bad for Ian, he really needs the money and was just content on playing the game. WHO WOULD HAVE THUNK …. oh, ya Dr. Will did. Doesn’t anyone eles think Boogie was the worst playing that girl right to end!! Way worst than what Dan is doing. Dainelle wouldn’t have made this far without Dan’s alliance.


some online researhc shows Mike Boogie Malin is worth over 20 million dollars. Damn, yo. these pathetic kids and rednecks were in the house with a true legend baller Yo


Bankruptcy id plaguing him… I don’t think he got 20mil anymore


Wait I think he’s getting sued, not bankruptcy


I have really enjoyed this game that past few weeks, and i thought last Thursday’s eviction show was awesome, but then after the second HOH on Saturday night…i just am not enjoying the mental abuse that Dan is inflicitng on Dani and Ian….and i want him to get CUT on Wednesday and leave with nothing! because he has just gone over the line for me these past couple days, he doesnt need to be torturing these two anymore…. its awful.

thank you Simon & Dawg for another brilliant season!! i am addicted to your site, and your iphone app! :)


Thanks, glad you love the site and the app! Please rate the app when you get a chance :)


worst season ever. they really cast a group of rednecks, hillbilies, nerds and 1 Baller Legend…next season please and cast way more carefully…no more redneck trash, thanks


I agree 100%! It is so bad that they did an entire “highlights” episode. When have they ever done that? This season sucked.


Danielle: “You should know by now I”m not judgmental?” She is in a total and complete delusion!


Simon/Dawg – taking a week off. Awwweeeeeee, I’m gonna miss you!! <3 <3 <3


Much needed rest after 3 months of working every day and getting only 4 or 5 hours of sleep a night ..


In the very beginning, when Ian was creeping around, I was….ugh. Not the stimming, or tippytoes, ( which was kind of fascinating, as I had never seen that walk before)…or talking to himself. No, it was the way he was before the cameras, the gestures.

However, he grew on me. No question, very smart, and very endearing. His puppy do eyes are charming. Then, after the first week, he started to play. Doing slop with no complaints, taking the dog suit. Then…playing a really good game. He knew he was expendable with Boogers.

When it was the reset, he knew it was every player for themselves. That’s when he made HIS alliance. Not the coaches alliance. All bets were off on the reset button.

Ian has played an excellent game. He threw the first HOH to San..( the final 3 one) for saving him. Now, he’s in to the death. He wants the $500,000. He’s just not letting on to Dan about that. Smart.

And, of course, weirdo Dan is telling Dani the money is not important. Just being a winning coach. Wink wink wink wink wink wink wink.


I can’t believe how much I want Ian to win this thing — political views and all. He may have immaturity issues, but when all is said and done, he really is in this thing for the love of the game and not for motives of greed. Plus, he’s played very well, despite the pervasive misting.