It’s all good Frankie, I know you are putting me up.. I still might cause havoc these next 4 days

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

BB16-2014-08-17 21-26-15-269

9:25pm Christine and Frankie BFF’s again
Christine says COdy is really pissed he feels betrayed.
Frankie says Zach still thinks it’s Victoria. Caleb comes in holding his cowboy boots and hat says nobody is talking these again.
Frankie tells Caleb his speech for tomorrow will go something like – I don’t know if there’s a saboteur in this house but I do know someone who has sabotaged all of our games.
Christine and Frankie head to the Hot Tub

BB16-2014-08-17 21-36-52-980

9:36pm Bathroom
Zach comes by asks Caleb if she knows he’s going up
Caleb – I think it could be Victoria
Caleb thinks after all this drama today Zach might be nominated.
Caleb says after Zach tried to hide the cue ball he would put him up
Zach – really if you were in Frankie’s position would you put me up
Caleb – Ya
Zach – So i’m going home because I stole the cute ball..
Caleb – If he puts you up I will vote for Cody..
Caleb says Zach looks like the saboteur that is why he might go up.
Caleb – Frankie loves you to death
Zach – no he doesn’t..
Caleb – He might hate your guts. But Caleb doesn’t think so.
Zach – he does
Zach asks him how his game will be affected if he put Zach up.
Caleb says that isn’t being very loyal but right now Frankie has all the power.
Caleb says Zach has done things against him Cody hasn’t so he would vote to keep Cody over Zach.
Zach tells him about the detonators alliance, Caleb knew the detonators were all against him.
Zach – During Frankie’s HOH when Amber went home it was supposed to be you. Zach says it was Frankie’s idea
Caleb says it makes sense.
Zach knows Frankie told Caleb the plan this week, Zach wants him
Zach – What good have you done for us when you won HOH you went against the grain and put up Christine
Caleb – Everything Zach is involved in is negative to us
Caleb brings up Zach trying to pit Frankie and Christine and Derrick and Cody
Zach – I didn’t do that Frankie is lying
Zach – I know man i’m going home..
Caleb – He man you’re Zach attack..
Zach – I got nothing to lose.. I know he’s putting me up and I don’t have a chance against cody.. it’s going to be unanimous.
Zach – Victoria and Christine are voting to keep him and you are voting to keep him
Caleb – Game play that all it is.. and Frankie deep down believes you will put him up and one of us beasts up.
Caleb keeps deny he knows Zach is going to be nominated,
Caleb says Zach stole the cue ball put it in the trash Caleb is saying add this with Zach’s saboteur allegations and it’s not a big surprise is he goes up.
Zach – I’m going to laugh when you guys find out who it was”
Caleb says the best way to leave is like Nicole “Hey my game is over.. I can’t wait to see you guys outside this house… that is how I play my game “
Derrick walks in to use the can.
Zach – Well I made it to day 63.. I’m going home because I stole the cue ball
Derrick – why the f** would you do that
Zach – I dunno.. everyone thought it was me I’m, really going to f** sh1t up”
Zach – I did my best I have no regrets.. Damn why did I steal that Cue Ball Damn I have one regret”
Caleb – At the end of the day it’s a game
Derrick goes outside.

Zach says it’s been good like Caleb says he won as soon as he got that key. At the end of the day he got a trip to Germany.
Zach tells Caleb if Caleb is up against someone he doesn’t want to win he’s going to campaign like crazy fr Caleb. Caleb is one of his favorite people in the house.
Caleb – I have a feeling if i’m up against anyone other than Frankie i’ll win
Zach – you’re winning over Frankie.
Zach says he’s got a good life everything is fine. “born healthy got great parents have a 60” TV in my room, Have a great Bro, HAve a dog.. I’m going out head held high.. If I only hadn’t stolen that cue ball”
Frankie comes in
Zach – It’s all good Frankie dude I know you are putting me up..
Frankie – I love you
Zach – I love you to
They head to the HOH

BB16-2014-08-17 22-21-32-499

10:13pm HOH Frankie, Caleb and Zach
Zach – why would you waste a HOH on Victoria.. when you can get out me or cody.. I kinda thought why the f** would he put up Victoria.. It’s starting to come time you are putting me up
Frankie – you are the one that gave me the idea honestly .. your name has been tossed to me from everyone in the house
Zach – including Cody and Derrick
Frankie- ya
Zach – Fair enough..
Frankie – I was going to tell you
Zach – no you weren’t
Frankie look at Caleb I was wasn’t I.. Caleb says yes
Zach looks at Caleb – You lied to me
Caleb says it was Frankie’s decisions
Frankie chimes in it was a group decision.
Frankie doesn’t think Zach has healed from what happened 2 weeks ago after the double eviction. Frankie says he’s healed but Zach hasn’t. Moving  forward it’s dangerous for him to have Zach in the game.. Frankie says again that Zach gave him the idea about putting him up.
Zach – I have a great life.. I have a 60” TV in my room a great bro and A puppy I love..
Zach doesn’t want Frankie to go around saying Zach gave him the idea about putting him up he knows it was a good game move for Frankie .
Frankie – are you gay
Zach – no
Frankie – dammit
Frankie – we gotta have fun this week..
Zach tells him he’s going home he’s got no reason to hide thing anymore ‘I swear to god I never hid your sh1t”
Frankie – you have played an unbelievable game..
Zach – I still might cause havoc these next 4 days
Zach says before he walks out that door he going to tell Donny they are all in an alliance.
Frankie laughs says 9 people have already done that… Adds that there’s no point to say sh1t to Donny.
Zach – I won’t say sh1t
Derrick joins them.. Frankie “we’ve had the conversation”
Frankie – Zach.. if there’s a buy back WIN
Derrick tells Zach the plan was to get Donny out it was never Zach. Only after the POV was won did they consider it.

BB16-2014-08-17 22-42-32-221

10:41pm POOL TABLE Zach and Derrick
Zach says Frankie told him all the guys wanted him out
Derrick thinks he meant vote Zach out not wanted Zach out.
Derrick – 6 people in here right now are walking away with the same thing you are.
Derrick says Zach’s demise was when he refused to throw the BOB.
Zach tells Derrick he’s going to win this season.
Derrick doesn’t think so he thinks he’ll says he hasn’t made any final 2 agreements in the house (Has final 2 with everyone but Christine and Donny)
Zach – I might say some bnullsh1t lies..
Derrick – you do what you have to do
Zach – I won the second I go that Key in my golf bag.. At least I’m going home sitting next to someone like Cody

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BB16-2014-08-17 22-58-07-162

11:00pm Derrick and Donny
Derrick tells him that Frankie it putting Zach up and he’s going home. They were just telling Zach that up in the HOH.

BB16-2014-08-17 22-59-38-652
11:09pm Christine and Cody HOH
talking about what production got them to say in the Diary room regarding their zings. Christine was very pissed at them when she first went in to talk to them, “They didn’t get one sound bite from me”

BB16-2014-08-17 23-24-05-829

11:24pm Frankie, Christine and Cody
Frankie’s rap for Zach’s nomination
Frankie – I’m nervous:
Frankie – “I’m gonna take a page from my friend ZachAttack but I’m gonna do it better cause his sh1t was kinda wacked i love you so much it would be great for you to stay but if I didn’t put you up it would be CRAY CRAY I’m not quite sure if you are the Saboteur but what I know for sure you’re going to walk out that door Zach my man please go have a seat it’s time for you and Julie Chen to finally meet.

BB16-2014-08-17 23-48-55-756

11:49pm POol in the backyard. Zach telling Frankie it’s ok and to not feel bad. Frankie says Zach is his best friends. Inside the neighborhood watch is going down(See image)

11:52pm FIREROOM Derrick and Donny
Derrick says he guarantees he’s staying up for 24 hours, I’m not losing 5 thousand dollars.

12:15AM Neighborhood watch.

Zach is questioning the watch. Tells them if they are trying to catch someone they should set up a trap. What they are dong now nothing will happen. Christine says people are doing thing so more stuff doesn’t go missing.
12:21AM Living room Caleb and Frankie
Caleb – I really think the night watch is pointless..
Frankie says they will do it for tonight see if things stop

12:32AM Jenga, beastmode Sleeping like a boss and night watch

BB16-2014-08-18 00-49-08-146

12:46AM Caleb during the neighborhood watch
Caleb says Zach was laying down and whoever came over the intercom said, “Hey Zach you OK”
Caleb is staying up once he starts getting tired he’ll wake up Victoria to take over.
Caleb and Cody left alone in the living room Caleb whispers to Cody about the Veto speech tomorrow. “A the end of the day use the veto on me”

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Zach Attack

Twitter is blowing up. #savezach #renomrule
Not that hashtags work on here, but it’s great to see fans in action. Even if CBS doesn’t enforce their rules, this won’t be the last of Zach.

Hermione Cumberbatch

It’s blowing up in all the FB groups too..#renomrules..etc. people are saying Frankie needs a penalty nom. Him against Cody..I know it won’t happen but we can dream .


What did Frankie do that might earn him a penalty nom?


Can they tell some one they are being voted out?




no, you can’t tell b4 nominations. And, this rule has been enforced b4 in season 12 brendon and britney —> <—-

maybe we can make production do what we want and #renomrule
cause i think it would be great tv with the return of hayden to work with zac and donnie and take on the detonators


no, the hoh can’t tell. And, it has been enforced b4 in season 12 to save britney when brendon was going to put her up —>

let’s keep the #renomrule alive and hope that hayden comes back to fight with donnie and zac to take out the detonators


I think that the rules state you can’t even tell someone they are being nominated, but they’ve never been enforced.


the houseguests know they are handing derrick the game by letting victoria stay, they know derrick has her wrapped around his finger and still want to keep her over zack. Come on Big Brother we called it weeks ago that derrick was gonna win, this whole storyline of the undercover cop winning and the jurys jaws dropping when they find out is stupid, it all seems staged and is boring.


To make it look better, try to think this way: the twist of the season is that he is actually on an undercover assignment and will be arresting one of the HGs during the live finale.


“I won the second I got that Key in my golf bag.”

This one sentence sums up why I love this kid.


So now we will root for people who play the game to get known on social media rather than WIN Big Brother? I don’t like the direction the show is going in, to be honest. I love Zach as a contestant on Big Brother, but it is extremely disappointing to see how many people have no desire to actually win the game. “Just being in the house” is not good enough.


I’m watching this conversation.
Caleb is a long winded buffoon.


LOL!!! Agreed!! At the end of the day……. Or maybe Amber will jump into my arms if I win BB. At the end of the day.


Please Zach go out with a bang and blow up everyone’s game! Frankie Is an idiot saying oh I have to do what the house wants. Hello you’re HOH! Frankie you can put whoever you want and not who Derrick wants


Frankie is basically is the sole person who is sending Zach packing. Actually this time around Derrick doesn’t get any of the credit. Derrick is just like ok, sounds good.


Then it appears he has you misted too!


Actually Derrick has his hand in this one too… a couple nights ago he was telling Caleb how “harmless” Vic was. “she can’t win comps etc. etc.”He eventually laid Caleb down the Zach would be a better choice path. Caleb approached Derrick with the idea. Derrick answered “I’m ok with it…. ask Frankie.”
And that’s how we arrived here today. Derrick has great skills….that’s a fact.

Roisen Dubh

Dear God, these people are unreal. I’ve always known Lee Harvey wasn’t a sharp one, but he takes the cake now. They just suckered him into the 24hr patrol. This guy already had some issues, but when he got in that house, woo doggie, they really opened his head up, stuck the spoon in his head and really stirred up his soup.


Who is Lee Harvey?

Roisen Dubh



That’s what I though. Just wanted to make sure. But I thought Caleb was in the army and Oswald was a Marine.


Not sure what the thumbs down was for? Caleb was in the army and Lee Harvey Oswald was a marine. If anything the original comment makes no sense. Some people’s kids!!!!!


I suspect that the comment has more to do with the conspiracy theory that says Oswald was just the fall guy for the ones really responsible & nothing to do with military affiliation 🙂

Roien Dubh

Right you are NC. Funny how people look to far into it and end up looking dumb.

Teri B

SO SAD. ZakAttack you will be missed. Hoping with fingers crossed he gets to come back.


Let’s hope he wins the buyback.


Only way this game gets interesting or level is if two come back. They could do 2 doubles, if it means getting this game fun to watch.


Yeah, I think unless it’s 2 (which it’s not to my understanding) the march will continue along as it has.


It’s been a tough few weeks for the favourites. Hayden, Nicole, and Zach back-to-back-to-back.

I absolutely hope Zach blows up everyone’s games, calls everyone out, and indeed wreaks some havoc before he goes. I think there’s no way Cody is going to be packing next to Zach. Frankie/Caleb/Derrick all know that Cody is an easy win in the F2 in case Victoria is sent packing.

I just hope that whoever comes back aligns with Donny and does their best to take out the trash. With BOB dying, a few weeks back to back with the Returning HG and Donny winning HOHs will make for exceptional television to see the remnants of the Bomb Squad scramble.

I think Hayden will have the most balls when he returns. The best competitor too who could probably hold his own in the HOH challenges. Also the most likely to return back with Donny and not get swindled by the others. Nicole would be swayed by Derrick/Cody probably; Zach might still fall back to Frankie.

If Hayden comes in, strikes first at Derrick/Cody next week — with a Donny veto win and not using it on Derrick despite his begging… the past three weeks will all be worth it!

I’ll miss Zach, but without him the bomb squad no longer has any fodder. Let the games begin.


Frankie is now “Fakie”. The most fakest untrustworthy person.


Go Zach go! Wreak havoc and chaos before you leave and if you come back in. Let everyone in jury house know what’s what so that if you don’t come back, hayden or Nicole can team up with Donny and take down and take out the trash.

Fakie is such a lying prima Donna. He’s got nerve to think he would be able to brokeback Zach after the show is over.

I really can’t stand fakie….he’s gotta go!!!!!


Zach is too calm right now about Frankie putting him up. either Zach thinks everyone is pulling is leg, or Zach has a DPOV up his sleeve.


Nope he has nothing. That is just his personality, he gets defeated easily and gives up. But in reality there is nothing he can do and knows it. He truly is grateful for just being on the show.

Zackattack over?!

No Frankie put Derrick up don’t tell me all that hair dye as affecting your brain


He said in DR Derrick is the only person he trusts 100%! Who trusts anyone 100% in this game. His brain was affected way before this game.


Frankie is now “Fakie”. The most fakest untrustworthy person in the game. Team ZachAttack !


Poor Zach, if he’s going on thursday , let’s wait and see what will happens next in the buyback…goodluck Zachattach…


No worries! Zach will be going and rejoining on Thursday! These people forget that one will be rejoining the house…


Frankie your not a rapper! You also are not going to get $500,000. It sounds from the conversations, the money will be given to him or her that needs it personally.


This season got real stupid, real fast.


That happened a long time ago.


Wow…way to be unique and original, Spankie. No, you aren’t jealous of Zach at all…you are only sending him out the door cause it’s best for your game. The fact that you are copying him during the veto meeting (and poorly at that) isn’t your attempt at gaining some of his popularity…it is only a coincidence. Of course you would think his poems are what the public must like…good luck with that…

Donny FTW

#ReNomRule is trending on twitter. Big brother rule states you can’t tell a nominee they’re going up. Get the networks attention and help reinforce this rule to save Zach!!


well, how many have really been following that rule? They picked skittles and everyone picked knew they’d be nominated, and there is a pretty long running standard of letting someone know when they are going to be a replacement nominee or a pawn.

I always thought that the feeds go out whenever anyone is telling someone else who they are going to vote for, like an absolute claim of what they are going to do . Which is kind of ridiculous because part of the game is to lie to someone’s face who is a nominee and tell them that you will vote for them to stay.


If that were actually true, that would have been enforced earlier.


I honestly didn’t understand why people hated Frankie so much, I thought it was because they were maybe Zach fans, but tonight on BBAD, I saw a glimpse of who Frankie really is. He is honestly fake and manipulative. That has nothing to do with his game, that’s his personality. Also, why the hell is Zach saying that he is happy to be up with Cody because he is a competitor, rather than Victoria. WHAT?! Cody hasn’t don’t SPIT allllllll summer. Victoria, even in her annoying ways has won and competed in more comps than Princess Cody! I would rather go home to someone who actually competed.

Roisen Dubh

The sad part is that Frankie name drops his sister and it makes him look like 13 year old. You know that guy is picking up teen boys, look at the way he treats Zach and plays grab ass with all the dudes in the house. Frankie is the worst representation of the gay community and this is coming from a straight guy.


I agree he’s not a good representation of gay people but the teenage boys comments is outline and wrongly associates homosexuality with pedophilia.

Roisen Dubh

I have to disagree with that last part. It’s Frankie’s behavior( an individual) that makes him look like a pedo. Look at the way he plays the manipulation game. Do I think or anyone with half a brain thinks that being gay automatically makes you a chickenhawk? That’s asinine. The only thing I see different with gay people from myself is that they are attracted to the same sex. A pedo loves the underage kids no matter if it’s hetero or gay. Do I think Andy is a pedo? No. Do I think Reagan is a Pedo? No. Do I think Frankie is a Pedo? Hell to the yeah. He’s a creepy man with some serious arrested development issues who happens to be gay.


Totally agree with you, Roisen. Frankie’s actions really look like a creepy pedo trying to manipulate younger boys for his own devious pleasure. As a gay man that have seen different gay men compete on BB, Frankie really creeps me the fuck out; and believe when I say, if Jeff Schroeder was there, Fakie, Crustine, and Derprick would’ve been out of there in a heartbeat!


Have you forgotten that zack is in his twenties and he flirts just as much with Frankie as Frankie does with him if not more? Remember the conversation about “I want to eff Frankie?” It’s on YouTube. Cody and Brittany were talking about it. The pedo comments are outrageous really. People , get a life and stop slandering others. I don’t like Frankie as a game player, but I would never say that about someone. Yeesh.


Oh please, we all have the right to say what we want on here, so stop with the soapbox routine! Go Roisen, Go BigKenny, Go Donny!! WOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


Lol. Big man behind a computer. I’d say you’re all the same person lol


The biggest manipulator in the entire BB 16 house is Derrick, even those who are not fans of his would agree. In fact most people who watch and those who are on other BB sites would agree to that as well… Does that make Derrick a pedophile??? Why not? If you are going lump manipulation in the same realm as pedophilia… Then why are none of you making that comparison with Derrick? I tell you why, because that entire discussion is so ridiculous that you have one hand homophobics and on the other self hating gays(supposedly) saying that manipulation ( which is a BB staple) is a tell tell sign of pedophilia. Instead of stating like the rest of us who can think clearly, that manipulation is part of the game, along with lying, backstabbing, friendships shattered and made along with many other aspects that make up Big Brother.

Roien Dubh

Are you really that dumb? You aren’t even worth a response, knucklehead.


finally someone with common sense on here!!!


The majority of pedophiles are in fact straight. Frankie is gay and obviously attracted to adult men. I think you need to join 2014 before the year is up or you will continue to fall further behind the times.


And the majority of idiots are “Branded”.


today i dislike him because he’s bought right into Derrick/Cody/Christine telling him that this is the time for Zach to go. Zach is an ally for Frankie, not Derrick/Cody/Christine or Caleb for that matter. the only person who benefits from him staying is Frankie. Derrick/Cody have been angling for a way to reduce Frankie’s supports. The problem with Frankie today is that he believes them and is doing something that will hurt him in the long run, and he should have put up Derrick and get Donny, and Zach to vote Derrick out. Bets on Christine keeping Cody over Derrick, and Caleb doing what Frankie wants him to do. Easy to get derrick out. but no one is doing it.


Big Brother needs to stop the backdoor… This whole season has been backdoors.. It’s bad TV since the person cannot fight to stay in the game..
They need to have the HOH make 3 nominations instead of 2 and if one of them wins the POV, then the other two stay on the block and one of them gets voted out..
All 3 to get to play in the POV

Roisen Dubh

The overuse of the backdoor this season only happened because these guys couldn’t take being put on blast. And the other effect it had on the game is that is kept people from putting them on blast. What good would it do at this point? The real culprit is the BOB. That decided who went home. Throw the comp and whammo! Back door. The only way to mke BOB was to put the two people with the worst performace on both sides up on the block. That would’ve mad everything a crapshoot, just like the original intention if the BD.


I think the BoB backfired on production. I think they thought it would be a good way to reduce the ‘get the weak ones out’ approach that has dominated the show from the beginning. Everyone afraid to put up strong players in the past for fear they win POV or come gunning for them. So the BoB was supposed to let 2 HOHs have to put up strong players because there aren’t enough weak ones. Of course they don’t do that, they just put up all females, from day one until they are all gone, and when they are too few to be 4, then they put up a strong guy with one female so he’s supposed to win it to ensure the same old weak ones are left up on the block.

It has pretty much ensured that the only way to get a strong player out is by the back door. Which isn’t actually as interesting as having 2 nominated and both have to win to get taken down. That usually meant someone was willing to put up the guys and stronger players. with BoB i think this is the first time they’ve deliberately had two ‘strong’ ones. Of course they aren’t strong cuz they usually lose most of the time anyway.


The backdoor used to be a last-resort and brilliant way to keep huge competitors (who keep winning POV) like Jase and James and Janelle out of the POV competition. This season, these huge formidable, “beast-mode”, strong guys like Cody, Frankie, Derrick just couldn’t even stand a bit of competition during the POVs. The backdoor lost its strategic significance, because this season it’s used or being attempted to get rid of almost every target. I’m so pissed when they wouldn’t even dare to challenge Amber straight up, choosing to backdoor her instead.


Agreed! It’s been the crutch for this cowardly cast. The BoB just amplified it.


Dear Cbs, please help America to remove fakie from the bb house. We can’t stomach watching and hearing his bullcrap one more second. It’s beyond unbearable. Don’t alienate us further.

There was nothing twisted about this season. You have been much more creative in past seasons. If you really want to do something twisted, let two jurors return next week. One as an automatic HOH and the second can battle it out with the remaining HGs.

It’s boring watching the same two people running the house. We need a major shake up and return balance to the game.




What is the renom rule?


It’s the #2 trend.
The BB rules say that you’re not allowed to tell someone when they’re being nominated, or else you’re forced to nominate someone else, based on previous BB Season


Yeah, Brendon got caught doing it and had to nominate someone else. We will see how much production wants Frankie to win if they let him get away with it.


Hold up now. Christine, Caleb, and Cody knew they were going to be nominated. Caleb knew was going on to be nominated early in the game, three times actually.


They were told they were basically pawns, so yes technically that is telling someone they are going to be nominated in advance.. But how many years has the pawn been used on BB? Too many to count unless someone here decides to research every single BB season to count them. Maybe there is a unwritten rule that says you can nominate someone as a pawn and tell them ahead of time. But why would there be a separate rule stating you can’t tell someone that they are going to be nominated and be sent home?

Roisen Dubh

Keep making noise, they might do that if enough people scream bloody murder and throw the rules in their face. If Frankie is BB smart as he claims he is, maybe he knew about the rule –forget it, there I go again, giving these morons some credit for thinking.


Being told that you are going up as a pawn is something that is regularly done on BB… That is technically telling a player that they are going to be nominated. So it’s apparent that the rule about not telling a player that they are going to be nominated has long gone to the wayside.. Being told you are going home is not unheard of either. This happened to Ika from BB Canada 2 for example and she accepted it. As for the U.S. version of BB there has to have been instances where a player was told they were going home before they were nominated.. I just can’t think off hand who they were.


#1 now…4AM EST


#renomrule is tending on twitter big time and it’s 4AM EST. copy @CBSBigBrother if you are going to tweet about it.


Why is it that every sentence that comes out of Cody’s mouth is “Dude, I’m so pissed…” Cody, what the hell do you have to be pissed about? You have been carried all the way through the game by everyone at one point in time. He has no story line AT ALL. The best shot that CBS could get of him was him hitting himself in the face. He was to be one of my least favorite houseguest of all time. More than Natalie(bb11), more than Chima(bb11), even more than MAGGIE(bb6)!


He pissed because he has no balls…he knows it…and he knows that we all know it now too. And he knows when he gets out, he is going to be faced with nicknames like Walking Vagina and Sniveling Snatch…

Brad H

I’m hoping that the twist will be to bring back 2 people on thursday instead of 1 so Hayden & Zach can work with Donny!!! Please save this season production!!! #RenomRule


Same here but I would be more into Zach and Nicole returning. I wouldn’t be disappointed if it were Hayden though. Either way I want TWO!


If the renom rule applies, Frankie should not be told about it until the time of the eviction. Only then should JC say, “Sorry, Frankie. You will need to nominate another person…,” so he is forced to nominate someone else right on the spot without giving them time to hash it out.


lol Even Arianna Grande is begging Frankie not to put Zach up on Twitter!

FAKIE sucks

That’s because she knows her brother is turning into a public relations nightmare….even the kids (including) mine who watched big brother because of him, think he is a huge douche bag.
Her PR people are telling her right now to distance herself from him as much as possible. Family means nothing if they are effing with your career.

Arianna says

Actually I am getting my lawyer to send a cease and desist order order to CBS to get Fakie to stop using my name. I want everyone to forget I am related to that little bitch. HE IS AN EMBARRASSMENT


Celab is just dumb as f*ck. although he was told about the detonators, he doesn’t believe or isn’t even listening to Zach. I can’t wait until celab is evicted.

Roisen Dubh

D-U-M-B… That spells MOON. At the end of the day, that pretty much sums up Caleb minus the likability factor.


Frankies mom and sister are #renom rule on Twitter and his mom thinks he did it on purpose and he knows the rules…wonder if it’s true
Also its funny seeing derrick freak out hearing that zach is telling everyone that he’s gonna vote for him in the f2 cuz he knows that can make him a target. He even lies to Cody and said Zach said he would vote for Donny and not him


Frankie’s mom tweeted: “Frankie is so smart. He knew it. He absolutely knew #RenomRule”. Could this have been Frankie’s plan so he can now put Derrick up?


If the rules state you cannot tell someone they are being nominated and CBS lets Frankie go ahead with putting up Zach, then its a SLAM DUNK they want Frankie to win. They will bend and break the rules for their “queen of social media”. What most of us thought is true, this $hit is fake and pre determined. CBS fu##ed up a good show and let their production team determine who stays and who goes.

Hate Cody and Der

Frankie called to DR. Can anyone say renom? LOL


I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Fakie has to renom and ZachAttack is safe. I hear karma knocking at fakie’s door.

If BB can’t abide and enforce their own rules….what’s the point of this game and putting so many people through the hell? Sighhhhhhhh


Didn’t every player of this season tell the houseguests the nominations beforehand to soften the blow and to ensure a jury vote? I thought they have been doing that for years. And remember , zack being on the house is Actually helping Frankie’s game. So by saving your fave player you are helping your most hated player. Ever think about that?

Chilltown 4 Life

These people are going to be in for shock when they get out of the house, and realize how popular Zach and Donny are. Only Christine gets it, that her, and possibly her alliance is not very well received by the general public. Derrick, I can tell, is also having reservations about whether he is liked or not.


damn production is really pro Zach, I hope they can pull something off and save Zach for tv… getting rid of caleb or cody really wont affect things for tv… heck cody is not even shown on tv anymore…


Actually early on someone in production was heard saying “Zachs a tool”


Maybe production doesn’t like Zach, so they encourage Frankie to put him up. We all know that Frankie needs to be everyone’s favorite.


I don’t care to watch anymore when Zach goes.
The other characters are boring including Donny even though I think Donny is
the TA favorite.


Cody is already cuddling Frankie in the HOH room both are sleeping


Umm, this isn’t the first someone knew they were being nominated.

Christine, Cody, Caleb all knew they were going to be nominated. Even Donny was told prior to nom ceremony.

Chilltown 4 Life

I’ve essentially pegged Zach down as having the personality of Dr. Will, but minus good game play. He likes chaos, and just let the chips fall where they may. I fully expect to see Zach back on Big Brother again, either as the returnee next week or on a future season. A real dynamic character to the show.


Lmao at Caleb with the 2 flashlight on his cowboy hat he really think he a night watchman. Production has their ass looking like a Fruit Loop Dingus. Zach getting his rest why Cody,Victoria and Caleb up prowling like they are on a mission.

Love BB

Is there really such a thing as a “nomination rule”? Where you can’t tell someone that they’re being nominated? Seems like they’ve been doing that all through the season…


That’s what I though. Just wanted to make sure. But I thought Caleb was in the army and Oswald was a Marine.


too bad that during the hunt for missing items, Donny could not have taken some from hiding spot and placed them in with other hgs belongings. We know that other hgs don’t pay any attention to Donny so they would not have noticed and Donny would have still been acting as part of TA mission.
BTW, can someone explain what is meant when Caleb said they are tied to CBS for one year after BB?


I was always under the impression that former players were contracted to make public appearances and do other promo work for CBS/Big Brother for a year afterwards. Same thing applied in Canada with BB Canada and the networks that showed it like Global and Slice.. Speaking of Slice, BB Canada 2 highlight show is being shown now before BB After Dark 16 airs for those who want to catch highlights of BB Canada 2. I watch it just to remember how insane Sabrina really was, she makes Caleb look positively normal in comparison… LOL


While searching for the hidden items they find an open pack of pop tarts in with Vic’s clothes. Anyone want to bet she is or was planning to cheat on her HaveNot?


Frankie is so fake it makes me cringe. But Derrick is the worst On bbad they were trying to tell him they let Zach know he was going home he had a bad reaction and no one picked up on him. As behind as Victoria may be she’s prob the only one in the house (besides Donnie) that saw a different side to Derrick and can’t really trust him as much. they all talk about derrick like he’s the winner. I hope he doesn’t win just for saying to Zach that he’s taking food out of his daughters mouth… That’s just sick to say when they’re all playing a game and are there bec they all need/want the money.. Besides Frankie. And I can’t stand watching Cody he’s so boring he acts like a spoiled little girl he does nothing and has the nerve to try to call anyone out on what they do or don’t do I thought he’d be my fav from the beginning but his personality has really made him unattractive..

I’d much rather go in a date with Donnie than Cody


I would love for Cody or Caleb to stay on the block and either of the twats to go this week. They are both pathetic. I kinda get why Caleb is still in the house.. He’s so dense and easily manipulated. Cody staying only helps derrick and if they made it to final 2 derrick knows he would win BC he carried Cody all the way through. I love zach he’s hilarious and actually adds some form of entertainment to the show. I want the detonators out I want a zonny final 2. If Zach is voted out I hope he comes right back in. I would love if Hayden got brought back too.

Animal Farm reenact in big brother

Current situation in the house reminds me of the book ‘Animal Farm.’

Napoleon (Derrick/Frankie) dominating his herd of sheep (all remaining house guests without any minds of their own.)

So Sad and yes, so very ill!!!

*I feel for Zach!!*


You are so right. I feel for Zach I think its because no matter how great his game play was
he didn’t really stand a chance with the three TA favorites. I really feel it was unfair this year to bring that part
in and to have them earn 5k each week when the other guests were not given that opportunity. BS

keep the noms

caleb is the biggest waste of space left on the show he doesn’t listen to anyone he doesn’t actually play the game and all he is is a puppet for someone else we need Cody or Caleb to be voted out this week we need the renom rule to be put into effect and Zach needs to stay


“Frankie tells Caleb his speech for tomorrow will go something like – I don’t know if there’s a saboteur in this house but I do know someone who has sabotaged all of our games.”

You mean Derrick and Cody right?


People are grasping at straws with this renom rule scandal, but CBS appreciates all the interest on social media for the show.

Brad H

If I was Donny, I would go to Caleb and tell him that I’m in an alliance with Frankie & Derrick, but don’t trust them anymore…I would say it’s team America, but I’m not sure if BB would allow that. I would have him go to Frankie so Caleb could say he overheard Derrick & me talking about our alliance when he was creepin around. Frankie would probably give it away… Donny has nothing to lose so he might as well try anything he can to get someone to work with him. Sounds crazy, but it could work especially since Caleb is already skeptical from what Zach told him about the Detanators!!


Please tell me Frankie didn’t really say Cray Cray. What is he, a 13 year old girl?