Big Brother Spoilers – Caleb says there ain’t going to be no thieving on my watch!

POV Holder: Frankie Next POV Aug 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 18th
HOH Winner 1: FRANKIE HOH Winner 2: Derrick
Battle of the Block Winner Donny & Christine Next HOH Aug 21st
Original Nominations: Derrick’s Noms (Donny & Christine) Frankie’s Noms (Caleb & Cody)
Final Nominations: ?
Have Nots Christine & Victoria
POV Players Cody, Caleb, Frankie, Victoria, Donny, Christine

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 02-03-58-136

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1am – 3:10am Caleb asks Cody who do you think it could be if it wasn’t Zach. Cody says honestly we were outside all day. The only person that was inside was Victoria. I wish that I had noticed my hat missing earlier so that we would have noticed earlier on today. Victoria supposedly wears her necklace every single day … why did she not wear it today? Caleb says supposedly she took it off for the competition and forgot to put it on. Cody says there’s just a lot that’s suspicious. Caleb says we just have to keep a close eye on people. Cody says agrees. Caleb says and they waited till there weren’t that many people in the house to take things. Derrick joins them. Derrick says I am sitting up there all night. They’re going to dim the light soon. I’ll catch doing something. Caleb says I know the veto is being used on me, I don’t care. I am going to catch someone doing something wrong. Derrick says maybe he (Zach) won’t take any thing else because he thinks he’s going home now and that’s why they (production) were asking him if he was okay. Caleb says the most important thing is we need to win HOH. Derrick if Donny wins HOH he wouldn’t have to put up Victoria as a replacement nominee and then one of us is going home. Cody asks how late Derrick is staying up. Derrick says until 5am and then Donny is taking over. Frankie joins them and says to stay vigilant. Frankie says the next HOH is the wall I will coach. I will do motivational speaking. Frankie and Cody heads to bed in the HOH room. Caleb says there ain’t going to be no thieving on my watch! Victoria is up in the bathroom dry heaving. She comes out and is not feeling well. She goes to the diary room and when she comes out she says that they told her just not to eat. Derrick asks why Zach would try and steal the cue ball right in front of you. That’s like suicide. Victoria joins them. Derrick goes up to bring down the chess board for him and Caleb to play. Victoria goes and lays out on the hammock by herself. Derrick wins the game of chess.. they decide to play out the rest of the game given a different move.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 02-20-50-586
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1:35pm – 2:40am Up in the HOH room – Cody thinks they voted on the two biggest social people and have them interact. Frankie says it could have been pin us against each other. Cody says America always gets to vote on something. There’s been something that hasn’t been as obvious the last 8 weeks. Frankie says twist after twisted twist. He could be like the twistotour or something. Cody says we might not even know the less obvious things he’s done. They talk about the odd things that Zach’s done like nominating an alliance member. Getting nominated and saving himself. Pinning Caleb against Amber. Frankie says in an odd way I feel better now. Cody brings up how Victoria always wears her necklace why did she not have it on. Frankie says Zach could have grabbed his gator shirt to throw people off. They wonder why there were two things of Victoria’s. Cody and Frankie climb in bed. Cody says I feel like if I model and get my face out there enough maybe I could act. Frankie says coming into the house I wanted get more youtube follower and get paid to travel and do collaborations. I would say I am a C list or D list youtuber. I am really proud of my videos and I get a lot of views. Frankie says I trust everyone in this house except for Donny. And I don’t think Victoria would put me up since I kept her safe all week. Frankie and Cody says I love you and go to sleep.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 02-14-37-657

3:30am Derrick and Caleb do a patrol of the house. They head up to the HOH room and open the HOH room door waking up Cody and Frankie. Derrick says we’re just doing a patrol. You’re all clear. Caleb and Derrick head back to the living room. Caleb talks about what his speech will be to Frankie tomorrow during the Veto ceremony. I know we’ve had our up and downs but over football we fixed it. I hope you’ll use the veto on me. Caleb starts talking about his home town and he and his brothers are well know. He says that if the guy he knows has become sheriff he’s said he would hire me on the spot. Derrick says you would be perfect for it with your military back ground… carrying a gun, wearing a uniform. Caleb starts talking about how there are very few unattractive country singers. S*x sells. Caleb says that Taylor Swift might be the most unattractive girl that sings country music… Big Brother cuts the feeds. Victoria heads to bed. Caleb says in the military he would have to do guard shifts. The drill Sargent would walk up and ask are you looking at me? You think I’m ugly? No drill Sargent! Oh so you think I’m pretty?! Are you gay? Caleb says being in the military made me grow up real quick. Derrick asks Caleb if he feels the same way about police as he feels about other military.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 04-21-28-048

4:20am Caleb starts telling a story about when almost got arrested. He says he was out of it and near passing out at a bar and there was a whole table of Muslims beside him. He says that they were talking Arabic and I had just gotten back from Iraq. The last thing I wanted to hear was them talking that language. When I hear it I feel like they’re talking about me, like they’re laughing at me. I lost it. Hearing their words that they were saying I understood it because that’s what I was used to working in the prison over there. For the most part I just got pissed off because I felt like they were talking about me. I hear them laughing, joking and drinking. I’m a US soldier, I felt like they were making fun of me. So I just stood up and flipped their whole table and I just went off. I told them I was going to kill them and I was going to break their neck and bla bla bla. I just went crazy and then the bouncers came up and I knew a couple of the bouncers and they took me to the front and there were some police officers sitting on the outside of the rail and they didn’t like that too much. They said we need to take care of this right now. And my head was still trimmed down. I had my dog tags.. and by then I had pushed a few of them my dog tags had come out and when the bouncer grabbed me he shoved my dog tags in. And when the officer grabbed me he shoved the dog tags back in.

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Then the guy cop had my hands behind my back to control me and was asking me what happened. My buddy came out to say I had just gotten back from deployment, I’m drunk, go easy on me. The guy cop had a lady cop grab me and he went to talk to my friend. The lady cop had me and my knees were on the front of the car and she said something to me. I smarted off to her and she took me and slammed me on the front of the car hood. I looked up at her and said with all due respect if you do that again I’m going to beat the breaks off you and every officer around me. She leaned down to me and asked are you threatening a police officer? And I said no, I’m promising you! If you do that one more time, I’m going to smoke you basically. Caleb laughs. You know I ain’t having that! My buddy said I just got back from Iraq, we just wanted to have a good time and those guys started it. One of the chief dudes said I’ll take care of them and he came up to me and said I’ll take them. He told me I’m not arrested and asked me to sit in the car. He closed the car door and then got in the front seat. He looked straight the whole time and said son, I’ve been in your shoes and those boots are hard to fill. He just started talking and started to make me feel better to know that at least one guy thats in uniform understands how I feel right now. We started talking about my dad being an SF and how my older brother just left. He talked to me for maybe half an hour. He said I want to thank you for what you’ve done. We’re not going to take you to jail. He let me out and told my buddies to take care of me and take me home. The other police officers were looking like what?! Caleb says Police officers if they have been in service before we have a relationship. Like if they see my veteran plates they will pull me over just to thank me for my service. BUT for the most part I really don’t like police officers! (Derrick is a police officer) I like certain ones but ones that take their job way too serious and over do it sometimes we don’t get alone. Derrick says MMmmmHmm. Caleb says but when they see my veteran plate or dog tags or bracelet .. they ACT like they have a relationship with me. They don’t go overboard or ask a bunch of questions. Half the time they don’t even want to see my drivers licence. Derrick asks even the ones that aren’t prior military? Caleb says yeah even the ones with out prior military service treat us with a lot of respect. If you’re doing 150 in a 50 they probably pull you over and question you but more than likely they aren’t going to yank you out and slam you on the ground because they know you’re not afraid to use your hands. Some are really nice but for the most part I don’t like them too much. But I would be a very good police officer. Derrick says I believe it buddy. Caleb says when I’m in my uniform I play by the rules. If I caught kids smoking pot I would take it from them and tell them I better not catch them doing it again. I would be a good cop, a laid back cop. Derrick says I see it buddy, I saw it today when the stuff went missing and you were helping figure it out.

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Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 04-58-24-154

4:40am – 5:20am Caleb and Derrick talk about how if Donny wins HOH he will probably put up Christine and one of us. Derrick says or Christine and Victoria. Caleb says I’d like to stay close to Donny and if he wins HOH maybe I can suggest for him to put up Christine or Cody. Derrick says obviously Zach is going home. I would like to get down to you, me, Cody, Christine and Frankie. Then we get down to it. Donny isn’t much of a veto king like everyone things. He just won 3 back to back. They talk about how Frankie is a beast. Derrick says he is a beast, he’s playing for a charity. If he gets to the end he wins. What is your relationship with him? Caleb says he told me he would choose me in the end but I have not said the same to him. Caleb says the only person I am sure about is you. Derrick says you’ve got to ask yourself who else has he (Frankie) said it to (final 2). Derrick says Cody would get a lot of votes in the end. Caleb say he hasn’t won nothing. Derrick says it doesn’t matter, everyone likes him. Caleb heads to bed. Victoria joins Derrick in the living room and then she goes back to bed again.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 05-11-32-183

5:35am – 5:50am Derrick wakes up Donny for him to take over his shift for the neighbourhood watch (Team America Mission) making sure nothing else is taken. All the house guests are sleeping except Donny. He heats up coffee and takes his post in the living room.

Big-Brother-16-2014-08-18 05-39-39-635

6am – 9am Donny reads the bible in the living room.

9am Big Brother wakes up the house guests.

“The HITMEN” – Cody & Derrick
Team America = Donny, Derrick, Frankie

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Frankie – Zack = Scumbag!


Yah!!! and now it’s Frankie + Cody = Conkie or Frady WTF!!!

As a gay dude...

…Here’s my issue with Frankie…well really CBS.
Everyone knows that the likes of Frankie are not representative of the gay community. He is an outlier in every sense of the word. So be it. People are free to be however they want to be. Let him dress up like in feminine clothes, wear glitter and makeup, scream and prance around etc etc. Some of it is funny… most of it obnoxious.
I do find his constant groping of these straight guys unseemly. I suppose they are allowing it for their own reasons but I always found it gross when gay guys get attracted to straight guys and then go after them. It’s like a form of self hatred. Maybe there is a lot of self hatred in gay community but I think that is more of a past generation issue and kids today are getting more and more support. Frankies behavior doesn’t help.

What I find offensive is that CBS specifically cast this type of flamboyant personality… in a way to mock or have people laugh at, not with. It paints the gay community with this old outdated stereotypical brush of what “gay” looks like. I just don’t know any people who dress or act like him. I have friends who are definitely effeminate in ways they speak I suppose but no where near the outrageous Frankie.

Please CBS… on your next season can you find an educated, masculine, employed (at a real job) guy for your ‘token’ gay?? Please.

One last thing… I think Zach is really the most evolved in the group. I don’t believe he is gay at all… I think he’s very secure in himself that he can joke and probe for fun about being “gay” but he doens’t do it in a vicious or self deprecating way. He’s more like “being gay can be pretty cool. I wish I was at times” I personally find that very cool.


You’ve written that beautifully!!


Very well said. They should find someone like Kenny from BBCan2


Nicely said. Like Kenny from bbcan


Zachattack will win the buyback!!! #fingerscross #goodluckZachattack


i hate to say it but if zach does leave and come back. he will only help his alliance again.

Victoria FTW

It looks like Derrick has successfully “pepper-sprayed” Frankie.
As much as I don’t like Frankie, I always thought that he would be the player that takes a shot at Derrick.
Hopefully the most “twisted season ever” will actually produce a twist that will change the present dynamic
in the house.


I wish Frankie was blindsiding Derrick and would put him on the block. It would be the biggest twist ever! However, I’m afraid Frankie is not that clever.


I was really shocked when Frankie said in his DR session in sunday’s episode that “the only person I trust 100% in this game is… DERRICK”
Shocked! I REALLY dislike Frankie a lot, but I still thought he’d be better at reading people.


I think there’s two main reasons for this. One, is that Frankie is a people pleaser and wants everyone’s love. After he realized everyone wanted him out of the house last week, he was desperate to get back into everyone’s good graces. This wasn’t only for his game, it was also for his ego. He’s wholeheartedly re-embraced the original alliance b/c he’s so happy to be back as one of the members. It’s always the HGs inner vulnerabilities that end up messing up their games. That’s why Dan was so lethal, b/c his game was all strategy and he had no emotionally sensitive buttons. And Will, he just thought everything was a joke. The other reason is TA. It skews Frankie’s perception every so slightly in Derrick’s favor, but again, I think it’s b/c Frankie just loves being part of any sort of network (the 3 man schemers, in this case, working for America; and Frankie is certain that America loves him).


I was surprised too . But he maybe he loves the type of game they are playing together where they can blame it on the group , deflect, and manipulate. So maybe with them being similar in the integrity department he trusts him?? But also Frankie seems to have some sort of underline personal motivation in his nomination choices and even his reasons for playing the game. So he probably has them in his Diary Room sessions too where you don’t know if he’s lying just like how Derrick thinks we can’t see him in there and even contradicted himself within the same episode about getting Donny out. As much as he says he trusts Derrick I have a hard time believing that especially after the last couple of weeks. But maybe he does as far as an alliance member (rolling eyes).


I think it’s because of TA. He know Derrick wants the money just as bad as him and especially with Derrick being upset about Donny not wanting to complete a mission for money. If it hadn’t been for TA I don’t think he would trust Derrick like that.
Then again, you have to ask yourself why is everyone in the house protecting Derrick? Could it be production told them not to say anything about Derrick? No one goes back to an alliance member and repeats the things Derrick say. To this this day no one knows Derrick initiated getting Frankie out and Nicole out. Zach told Victoria, and Nicole confirmed it to Victoria, but when Derrick had them in the HOH together, Nicole didn’t back Zach up and said it was true, leaving everyone to think Zach was a liar. Even the night in the FR when Frankie made his big reveal about his sister. Frankie clearly said everyone in the alliance wanted Zach out, but Derrick made him correct that saying “You have millions of dollars we don’t, so if you’re going to be truthful tell the whole truth”. Then he looked at Zach said, “You know I was never going to vote you out because I told you I wouldn’t”. Donny is the only one that knows Derrick is behind it all, and has hinted at it to Caleb, Nicole, and Zach, and even Frankie but no one says anything or question it, and I don’t get why.
The only thing I would say about Frankie is he is ruining his game getting rid of Zach the one person who has been 100% loyal to him. Regardless of all his antics, he’s been loyal to Frankie. He gets on everyone else nerves, but why is Frankie helping everyone else out just because Zach gets on their nerves. He is not thinking that Derrick is telling him to get rid of Zach, but yet Derrick will have two people in his back pocket (Cody and Victoria). He has not realized he is getting rid of his one person and maybe he has Caleb and Christine, but Derrick for sure has Cody and Vic. I think if Donny wins HOH this week, he is going to team with Frankie and whoever comes back into the house to get Derrick out. It really is his only way, because he (Donny) is going to need someone in that alliance to help him. And at the end of the day of the remaining people left Frankie is the only one he would be able to trust the most, because Caleb Cody, Vic does whatever anyone tells them, and He (Donny) just don’t care for Christine. So that leaves Frankie. He knows Frankie is a snake, but for his game he would stand a better chance with Frankie’s help to get Derrick out.


Because Fakie is an egotistical idiot!


This is such a childish game.
BB should be called LT (little tots)


SO then why are you watching it …. and reading up on the feeds stuff …. and commenting on it?


Frankie and Derrick are pussies. Neither one of them will make a big move in this house because they don’t want to get “blood on their hands”. Yeah, that’s a good argument why you deserve 500K. I didn’t make any big moves, just lied to everyone.

Sting eaters

Wouldn’t it be awesome if more than 1 person came back like Nicole and Zach and they both got immunity that week ! One can only hope

Least Mode Cowboy

Anyone notice how when Julie Chen teased the 4th person buyback that it was Zach’s profile exactly?


I have always thought production played a huge part in who goes and who stays. Final two will be Donny, America loves him and Frankie. They want Frankie because he is a pop stars brother. That will bring the pop stars teeny boppers fans to watch the final show, big ratings.
The show is fixed.
It was much better when it first came on the air. Now the guest, except Donny, just want to be stars, what can this show do for me.
Have nots have good food when Frankie is a have not. Favortisim at it’s finest.


As much as I would LOVE for Donny to be F2, I don’t see that happening. He’s on an island and you can’t win that way in this game. Name one other player who has been completely alone and got to F2. I don’t think there is one.

I believe production plays a hand as well, but they can only control so much. If they had as much control as people seem to think, Jeff Schroeder would have made it to F2.


And if this doesn’t happen will you finally admit that the show isn’t rigged? Last reason the show was supposedly rigged for Elissa/Amanda and neither of them won.


It may not be “rigged” in the sense that every action is planned & the winner preordained, but it is highly manipulated to attempt to make it more entertaining. I don’t have a problem with that personally. Every attempt is made to keep the people in the BB thinks are popular and/or entertaining, but obviously they can only work with the scenarios that present themselves. They’ve had a really hard time this year making it interesting because of the huge alliance & the BOB fail.


Watching the BB Live Feeds and the show, everything regarding Zach’s backdoor, blaming him for the items going missing, seems somewhat staged and scripted. During the BB live feeds yesterday as the guests were blaming Zack some seemed to be laughing and looking at the cameras. I wonder that for dramatic effect they will kick Zach out and then he will come back. Just a conspiracy theory.

Team America

If Derrick wasn’t on TA do you think he would have made it this far or would Framkie be taking him out this week?
It would be so effin cool of Frankie did flip and put Sargent Stedenko up…. Hope Donny wins HoH and gets him out.
Team Drama FTMFW!!


Given the fact that D and F have wanted to Donny out pretty much since TA started, there’s no way I believe either one of them are loyal to TA. I’m not even sure why they say it to each other at this point. They have to know evicting Donny means the end of TA.


After the last two seasons I think CBS really does not care about the BB franchise. They could keep it interesting by throwing out more obstacles instead of letting one person or group coast to the money but they don’t. The people on the block no longer have the tools of the past to possibly aid them in the game and foil the majority (“House Vote:(). Where is the DPOV? Pandora’s Box? Where is the “twistyest twist twist twist?!!!! And finally what happened to luxury comps and have/have not comps. I just think they don’t care.

Retired teacher

I totally agree – last year & this year have been two of the worst seasons. I think the show started with a cute, original idea of an ‘experiment’ but now there’s no excitement and far too much manipulation by production. What a waste of time!


101% agree


Plus most of the HGs view playing the game as secondary (instead of it being the primary focus). They are all wannabe stars. They really need to re-think the comps and when they occur. Each season the HGs all know what to expect and when to expect it.

I think CBS is satisfied with the ratings,so they really have no incentive to invest too much time/money/energy in re-tooling the show.


Well they are down 1 rating here.
I read the blogs and keep moving. I stop watching and taping the show last season after 2 episodes. Same this year. I enjoy the comments here more then the watching the show.
Now that’s and idea, wonder how it would affect their game if the hoh had 3 mins internet blog access to see what people were saying about the game.


The twist will come into effect when Frankie is in trouble. Wakeup guys!


All that glitters is not gold. I’m looking at you GRANDE a-hole.


All the cuddling in the HoH room — Cody’s play for the Veto by accepting Frankie’s affection? Hmm… We know who’s loyal in the house, and Frankie is not on that list.


Frankie, you aren’t a C or D-list youtuber, you are a Z-list youtuber. Even my teen thinks you are annoying!

“Frankie says Zach isn’t going home because he’s the saboteur he’s going home for other things he’s done, All this happening makes it easier “it makes my soul feel better.. all the reason why we’re voting him out they could be saboteur missions” ………Frankie, you have no Soul! How many times are you going to screw over Zach because you can’t literally screw him?


Renom Rule ~ According to Big Brother rules, the HOH is forbidden from telling a nominee that they are definitively going on the block BB12 Brandon told Britney therefore she couldn’t go on the block


Very interesting, will check that one out. Thanks for the info


According to Big Brother rules, the HOH is forbidden from telling a nominee that they are definitively going on the block. While it is rumored that the show cancelled this rule, this didn’t prevent hoards of fans from using the “RenomRule” hashtag on Twitter in an effort to get the show’s producers attention and to save Zach from being nominated. The topic started trending worldwide and still is at the time of this writing.

Oddly, Frankie’s superstar sister, Ariana Grande also tweeted “RenomRule” and said that she thought Frankie knew about the rule and could be doing it as a master plan to save Zach while still keeping the trust of the rest of the Bomb Squad.

No word on whether the campaign is working


There is no way Frankie is that smart! But interesting theory.


Time for a Pandora’s box because we all know Frankie would/could not pass that up. Make Frankie’s a punishment and have the other people win prizes and one being the DPOV for Zach or Donny. I’m not ready to see Zach leave the house. If he does leave for jury, I hope he gets himself back in! ZachAttack, but Team Fear The Beard 1st.


I had hoped the BOB would be a part of the returning juror.
Allow 2 jurors to fight in BOB against the 2 nominated and if they win they get back in the house and the 2 losers remain on the block. Thus Zack/Hayden/Niocle would have a chance of coming in and actually doing something instead of one juror coming in and being voted right back out the revolving door… Now that would be a TWIST the followers would love!

Irked by the stupidity!

Is that a shot of slimy and the cockatoo cuddling? Do these men not reaalize how this man on man fondling will look to their families and friends when they leave the house? When it comes down to it, I’m a “do you” type of person so being gay isn’t the issue but if you are not, why would you allow a gay man to handle you that way? As a female with gay friends of both sexes, I would cuddle a gay man in a heartbeat but never a lesbian. I’m sorry…I just don’t understand the behavior of a “straight” man being all hugged up with another man who would gladly stick it to him if given the chance…literally. Further, I would have to tell slimy to back off and take issue with CBS if my not wanting to be sexually harassed by a gay man affected my ability to play the game. Slimy is not cute and neither are his antics. Geez…get some dignity. He is a disgrace on so many levels and an embarrassment to many viewers. He is definitely not the favorite he thinks he is and for Pete’s sake…why didn’t he ask for some hair dye in his HOH basket. That three-tone in NOT a good look.

Good morning everybody. Happy Monday. Lol


We can all agree that Frankie is a slime ball. The fact that some of the guys in the house cuddle with him is another issue. If a guy is confident in his sexuality cuddling with a gay guy you know and lived with for 60 days or so wouldn’t be an issue.


You are absolutely right Ms. Jessica, it is not an issue if a straight guy cuddles a gay or BI as long as he knows his real sexuality, in Cody’s case – what do you think my dear friends


They probably snuggle up with him because he’s Ariana Grande’s sister and will have more fans because they’re friends with Frankie “the media mogul.” Frankie used that to his advantage and can now take advantage of them. Really a slimeball.


I don’t think that is factoring into the guys cuddling. Bc they all cuddled with him before his big reveal. I’m very comfortable with homosexuality but I really have never seen so many “straight” men cuddle with a gay man like this. It’s very odd. And I question some of their sexuality particularly Cody. I feel like he tries too hard with women and always wants female attention. It’s like he’s trying to prove something to himself and everyone else.


Let’s not forget all the modeling pictures you can google up that look to be right out of a gay publication/campaign. Not judging, just saying the guy isn’t 100% straight.

Irked by the stupidity!

When is the last time your man cuddled up in bed with one of his buddies? Being in the house for 60 days or more is not reason enough or even reasonable to start cuddling with men…in bed.


To Dawg/Simon or anyone
Here’s a dumb question for you guys: Didn’t Caleb take/steal “Amber’s” bunny house-shoes? isn’t that considered stealing, isn’t that against the rules? Please explain, thanks


I was watching Amber’s interview on youtube (Judd Nation) and she said she really wants those slippers back. Well, after Caleb’s smelly feet have been in there for so long I think I’d rather buy new ones (Judd’s co-host said she just bought hers on ebay, I think).

Love BB

Is there really such a thing as a “nomination rule”? Where you can’t tell someone that they’re being nominated? Seems like they’ve been doing that all through the season…

Love BB

Thanks Dawg


I’ve never seen so many men say they love one another, what’s that all about? is that what they’re suppose to say on BB. I’m sorry I’m not loving anyone who is screwing/or trying to screw over me.

What’s up with Cody holding Frankie while they’re in bed? What kind of shiga-dy is that?


To quote Frankie’s DR session, Cody flirts with anything that moves


“(Caleb) says that they were talking Arabic and I had just gotten back from Iraq. The last thing I wanted to hear was them talking that language. When I hear it I feel like they’re talking about me, like they’re laughing at me. I lost it. (…) So I just stood up and flipped their whole table and I just went off. I told them I was going to kill them and I was going to break their neck and bla bla bla.”

What a pity. With Amber gone for so long, I had almost forgotten what a pathetic narrow-minded moron Caleb is. Sorry, I mean Beast Mode Cowboy.
If a US soldier comes back from Iraq and re-enters society thinking that all Arabs are his mortal enemy, I blame the US Army. Either they don’t give a f*ck about handling their soldiers’ psyche after their tour, or they don’t give a f*ck about selecting people who are mentally stable enough to carry a weapon and represent the USA allover the world in the first place.
“If you give a monkey a gun and the monkey shoots someone, don’t blame the monkey.”
I sincerely hope Caleb gets the help he desperately needs.
Rant over. Peace.


I agree with you. It really unnerved me when I read that. I love the military but I hate reading things like that and Caleb’s type of thinking is actually the minority in the military. I think it has more to do with his upbringing and type of community he lives in than anything. From everything he has said it sounds like he comes from a narrow minded backwoods kind of place that encourages that kind of thinking. Basically a town I would ever want to step foot in. Caleb is also insecure and a narcissist who is likely to think a lot of irrelevant comments or laughter are directed at him. He needs help


Caleb talked earlier in the season that he was hospitalized or had medical help for PTSD once he got back the the states. Yeah, he can be a bit of a fool but give the guy some credit for serving in Iraq. I am not trying to excuse beast modes bad behavior but PTSD is some serious and real $hit.


I don’t get all the cuddling and fondling this season. And I’m not just saying that with just the man on man cuddling even though Frankie is the worst defender along side Kotex Cody. Because frankly I don’t think it’s a gay thing but maybe a Frankie thing with how he jumps on people, leads into people’s chest to hug them, tells people he loves them. But also how Victoria was aggressively cuddling at first or had to sleep with someone and touch them when they were strangers at the point. Christine and Cody etc. It’s seems to give a false sense of some sort of familiarity. Whether sexual or not it’s really just quite childish and that’s why certain people aren’t involved in it.


what exactly is a “D” list youtuber? Is that what Frankie writes as his occupation on his 1040? LOL
He can’t compete with the cleverness of “The Duck Song”, hilarity of “Double Rainbow” and utter adorableness of “Baby Monkey”…..


I wonder how Derrick felt about Caleb saying he doesn’t like most cops? Hahaha, I’m going to have to go back and watch to see what his face looks like. I’m sure he was less than thrilled, hahahaha!


Derrick doesn’t look too thrilled, hahaha. They didn’t show his fast during most if it though, his troll hood was hiding his face. Not like this is news to him, many people don’t like the police.


Exactly, he knows lots of people don’t like or trust the police. Why else hide his profession.


He would have been target #1 if they knew he was a cop.


Cody could totally be an actor, if the part is a tree that doesn’t speak.


Right now I’m guessing the twist is there is no twist. Boo CBS! #SaveZachAttack!

Boreal Bag Lady

This is the kind of dreck that Frankie and his sister do on YouTube? omglmao…it’s ridiculous!! She was a Nickolodeon “star” and she sang something like this for kids to see? I’m still laughing, and not because it was funny….at all.


By: Matthew Boyer | August 18, 2014 at 9:00 AM EDT

Later today on Big Brother 16 Live Feeds the Veto Ceremony will be held and sadly for the fans of one particular HG, the same target from earlier this weekend has remained the top candidate and things are only making it worse as the days progress. And the Renom Rule? Forget about it.


So Frankie is saving Caleb? It’s just a good thing Caleb didn’t leave him “high and dry” in the lasr BOB competition (like throwing it), good thing he wants to keep Victoria… WHY? Oh, because Derrick says so. Oh Yeah!
Is anyone else playing Big Brother besides Derrick and Donnie? When will Frankie fall in love with Derrick? Pink Hair, Fake Eyeglasses, Tatooed Women… HA HA HA HA


production what gets me is throwing comp its not right to the fans cause
people that want to be on the show didn’t get a chance to play big brother
but you did in you going to throw cause you want somebody out so that
means you not confindence in yourself to get that person out that just make us fans mad throwing comp
that’s take away the fun of the game that’s the other reason I want Donny to win hoh this week in hyden or Nicole or zack comes back to help


I don’t get why people keep saying they want Nicole back. Why??? What did she do that was so great and/or interesting? Her voice is incredibly annoying and she’s completely gullible and ignorant. How many times did her “best friend” betray her and she still kept trusting her. In her interviews she said she wants to align herself with Frankie if she goes back in, so for all you people who hate Frankie, I’m not sure why you would want her back in the house.


Seriously, celeb is so stupid like shut the fuck you dumbass. I speak a different language and I hate when people think that you talking about them. People have better things to talk about celab!


Best case scenario

1. zach freaks out
2. he gets voted out
3. he comes back wins hoh nominates frankie and derrick
4. donny wins pov
5. promises to use it for team america then dosnt
6.frankie walks out the door crying the he pees his pants in front of julie and the audiance
7.Donny wins hoh


Derrick needs to leave sooner rather than later….at this point I don’t see him NOT in the F2.


Did anyone catch Frankie giving his real reason for being on the show? I didn’t read anything about building schools in Africa. Would a media mogul be a C or a D list celebrity? He is obviously jealous of his little sister actually having talent and sees no problem riding her coat tails! I started the season liking him…then his true colors came out. Caleb needs to get off his d1ck…his sister isn’t going to be interested! Stalk much?


Yeah, she is blowing up right now. Probably driving him crazy compared to as when he gets out of BB he will have a rude awakening on how much he is disliked.


Boy I just hope Frankie is out soon and Derick follows.

However, if Zach is voted back in, he BETTER tear that house apart. No more love…just war! Otherwise it will be a waste.

Jesus & Nem

Caleb has serious little man syndrome / Napolian complex. @ 6:18pm is screaming in Victorias face like an ass. I guess yelling at little girls makes you tough.

Donny was the only real Man in the house to check Caleb on the BS.
@6:18:40pm – Donny “Caleb dont scream that close to her face”.
Caleb “but I want my boots”.. what a little punk..


Oh it goes beyond little man syndrome! You won’t catch him talking to the guys like that because he truly is a pussy! That’s why he has to make up story after story trying to get their respect.


We all say it, the Napoleon complex, but in reality, he was average height for his day. I think he has small peni$ syndrome. He’s always trying to one up everyone and be the bigger, better man. Too much overcompensating going on!




That would make me as happy as Donny winning HOH! Cody or Derrick would go home. Ahhh, that would be awesome….. Too bad Frankie does have the spine to make a real big move. Getting Zach out is too easy, but not as easy as evicting Victoria.


I think if Frankie were reading all the comments here he’d say….”It’s just a GAME, I’m playing a game!”. However I think he’s stepped over the line and it has become personal for him. It’s very apparent he’s extremely jealous of Zach. As far as Frankie is concerned there’s only room for one “character” in the house so Zach has to go. Frankie, you ignorant slut, this has nothing to do with game play….


I think Frankie is worried about Zack being America’s Favorite because he heard someone or several people yell over the Big Brother wall “We love you Zack”. It really upset Frankie.
Frankie seems to be seeking love from anyone. It has to be super hard to have a super star little sister when you are so desperate to be a star.

Derrick's skittle head

You don’t see derrick playing the gay cop roll. What kind of under cover cop is he anyway?

I’m thinking Caleb and Zack might be closet gays to be honest. No matter what they say on national TV. The way they have treated the girls in the house should be very telling. If Caleb keeps stalking women the way he does or stealing from them, there is no lady in their right mind going to want that woman beating kind of a man around them. What kind of a threat did he make to a woman cop again? It’s pretty apparent they abuse and maybe even hate women. Zack hasn’t exactly been charming with the ladies either. Cody I am guessing he is just a man whore. He doesn’t care who he flops with.


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pants on fire

Caleb…Taylor Swift is unattractive?????????????? I think this dude has smoked one too many cow patties!!

Derick's skittle head

Caleb is the Beast Mode Cowboy. He lilies Farm Animals way more than Taylor Swift.

Staight Guy

If Frankie violated the renom rule flagrantly on purpose because he didn’t want Zach to go on the block, but was to sissified to go against the house. Shouldn’t he be put up on the block? He’s violating rules to his advantage. Just like taking advantage of Cody’s fear of being sent packing and spooning with him.


Well if CBS is really all about Frankie’s sister than they will notice she tweeted about #renomrule as well and wants Zach to not go home. That may be the only reason they would enforce a rule they never enforce.


Frankie will either be a a BB legend (back doors Derrick) or is a fallen piece of glitter (renoms Zack).
If Zack gets evicted, watch him or Hayden return in the buy back and then go after Derrick based on the extra knowledge they all gain in jury house. The only reason for me to watch this show after this coming week would be to see Derrick cry.
Is it bad I want to see that smarmy smirk washed off that egotistical posers face?


The problem is Nicole still thinks Frankie is running the show and that means Hayden does too. Jocasta is a joke and I’m sure Zach will go into thenjurynhouse full blast over what Frankie did. Even with Donny telling them the only two (now one) people who haven’t gone up and those nimrods still think frankie is running things.


Disagree – Hayden will straighten her out & when they sit & think objectively outside of the house they will have figured a lot of it out. Problem is, one person coming back doesn’t change anything unless the big alliance finally picks this weak to fracture.


Get to packing Zack…also if you come back don’t unpack…no need too

Relationship before entering the BB House

I am almost certain that Fakie and Pee Pee sitter knew each other before BB 16 started.

Fakie is from NYC and Pee sitter is from NJ

At some point I bet Fakie hired Pee Pee as a male escort since Fakie couldn’t get laid with a fist full of twenties, and as we know Pee Pee has zero scruples.

Relationship before entering the BB House

Actually Fakie would only need a fist full of tens, I am sure that is all Pee Sitter could command as gay for pay


Who is Pee Sitter?

The Buyback

FYI I know many are hoping 2 people come back in the game this Thursday, but I remember Julie Chin saying that there would be 1 person returning,


Hey “Relationship before entering BB House”.There’s an app for that : Grander.


Everyone trust Derrick how many people now have said I trust Derrick 100 percent. Not one person has even suggested putting him on the block, the only person who has even come close to that was Donny when he said “Derrick controls a lot” he seems to know what’s up. But Donny will never put him up because he is Team America. I don’t really see anyone putting Derrick up and thats why I see him as the only one winning this game


I agree Nicole. I don’t see any scenario where Donny can win. He ones who are likely to get to the end (Derrick and Frankie) would never take Donny. Especially not now that they know America and the jury loves him. He would have to take himself the whole way and the chances are slim to none. The three part competition in the finale would definitely feature comps that would be difficult for him (I can’t see Donny doing well with endurance, let’s face it). I hope more than anyone that he wins but I can’t see it happening, sadly.


Tiny feet tiny brain : racist Caleb!
Sick pig frankinprik
The only real prople in the house
Sweet handsom kind Donny
Cute funny kid Zach.


Listening to Caleb talk to zach last night was maddening.. Zach already knew and Caleb is beating around the bush. I just don’t understand why zach wasn’t standing up for himself.. Because a lot of Caleb’s reasons for wanting zach out are things he’s done too.. I mean he left Frankie to do the pov by himself.. At least Frankie toned down and he realizes he’s not this mega celebrity.. But dude you need zach.. Get Derrick out!! Argh.. It’s going to be predictable till he’s gone..


As a woman I’m sad I can’t cheer for either of the two women left standing at this point. Christine has been a strong competitor but she is vicious and nasty and has broken all the womanhood codes. Should Victoria make it to the final two she will have Derrick to thank + she’s been a horrible competitor. If these girls had teamed up 2 women could easily have been in the final 2. They had the perfect balance of smarts, physical toughness and social game. Real shame how things turned out.


Wow Caleb is a hot head after hearing his story I’ve seen a ugly side of him, not impressed , no self control


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