“At this point, I would like to see Joe and Indy sitting next to each other” **updated**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Taylor
Nominees: Indy and Terrance
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation

Taylor is telling the girls Monte is her target and she’s looking at a backdoor. The real plan is for her to nominate Indy and Terrance. Terrance is the target however if Veto is played Joe has volunteered to go up.

The twist

Wording from the Thursday night show
For the first time ever the game will completely change as the house splits into two groups. These two groups will have no interaction and in a Big Brother first, two completely separate games of Big Brother will play out simultaneously all week long all of it culminating with a double eviction like no other”

midnight Monte, Turner, Taylor, Brittany and Michael
They’re talking about Indy.
Turner – she was like I saw a few episodes of BB23 and it was too much to see BB12. I can’t even believe that
Taylor – At least I prepared..
Taylor mentions Claire from last season and the study guide she had. “I wish I could have seen it.. It worked for her sh1t.. ”

Taylor – Joe is down for this plan it takes so much blood off my hands. At this point, I would like to see Joe and Indy sitting next to each other
Turner – that would be funny.
Brittany – it will be interesting to see what the girls do. They needs Joe’s muscles but they should stick with INdy.. I bet they flip on her.
(Joe is in a “fake” alliance with the girls called the fly swatters)
Brittnay – if it was Alyssa maybe not if it was jasmine maybe not but Indy is the third one out of those three
Monte – we’re just going to grab our popcorn and watch them go at it.
Taylor – I’ll be up in the HOH room.
Brittnay – Alyssa is smart she might realize Joe is the bigger threat.
Taylor- you’ll have Terrance in their ear chirping
Monte – he’ll want to vote Joe out for sure. That’s all he talks about ‘we need to make a big move we need to make a big move’
Monte – yeah but you are not making the big move.. it’s easy for you to say.
Taylor – who’s we
Monte – who’s we, yeah..
Turner – people who yell and scream about a big move that needs to be made NEED a big move to stay in the game. If you are comfortable position and big move is not a smart move. All they have to bank on is if we f*** up
Monte – the POOCH move although it was a big move in their opinion was a really bad move because it backfired. The other side of the house US started to realize what is happening? We pieaced it toegther.
Taylor – did I tell you what Indy told me before noms? So Indy came up here was like ‘there are so many times I protected you in this game that you don’t know about”
Taylor – Ohh really? she goes ‘Yeah, Nicole and Daniel were going after Monte and Blaming you Iw as the one that told Monte’
Mont e- what?
Taylor – Indy is saying when Nicole and Daniel were coming for you and trying to pin it on me Indy is saying she was the one that told you Nicole and Daniel were really coming after you and she’s saying jasmine was sitting next to her when it was happening.
Monte – that is horseshit.. That never happened.

Taylor – she was like I just want you to know I protected you so many times I never told you because we just don’t have the relationship.
Taylor – so why are you protecting me.. I said ‘thank you for telling me thank you so much this changes so much for me’
Taylor – She walked out and Jasmine came in and she was like ‘I was going to lay down but I just had to tell you that speech was amazing. Do you think Monte knows he’s the target?
Taylor – I looked her in the eyes and said there’s no way he doesn’t think he’s the target.
Taylor impersonates jasmine “OHH MY GOD you think he really knows that”
Taylor – if he doesn’t know he’ll find out
Taylor – she did the five people game. she goes ‘This is just between us off the record.. what five people do you think will make it to the final 5?’
Taylor – I’m like wow that is so hard.. she was like ‘I know I know I wish we did it on the first day’
Taylor – So I go Me, you, Kyle, Alyssa and Michael
Taylor – she said “not Joe”
Taylor – why he never wins anything.. she was like ‘I had the same except for Joe I had Kyle’

Monte – let me know if I am short-sighted on this I just don’t see any need to entertain them anymore. I know where their heads are at with me. It’s hard for me to fake the funk.. ‘ohh you want to talk game with me, Terrance’
Michael – one thing that Jasmine said today she was talking about how she will never re-wear an outfit she posts on instagram.
Turner – YUP 300 of them.
Michael – over 300 outfits that she’s worn and will never wear again. That is appalling to me. How much are you spending on outfits?
Taylor – even if they are sponsored there are fun ways.. so many ways to repurpose the clothing you are using to have a functional wardrobe even if you want to be stylish.
Michael – I don’t care what people would do with the money if they win but to hear something like that and then talk about ‘ohh all the liposuction I want to get’ I know people are here that the money will really change their lives and she’s like ‘OHH I want to get more outfits so I can be an influencer’
Michael – I don’t want to judge but here I am judging.

Taylor – let’s run through it. One of my noms come down I put up Joe. The drama of that ensues.. let’s say it goes into a double eviction.. HOLY F**ING sh1t
Monte – we one have any time to think that is a good idea for us to get squared away who wins what happens For each case for each person.

They go on speculating what the veto competition will be.
Turner says “this might be a HOT TAKE but birthday weeks shouldn’t exist.. what is that?”
Taylor says she might pick Joe to play in the veto. He’ll throw it then she’ll put him up
Taylor – At the very least I chose him to play for me he didn’t follow through. he failed me.. Get out of here. you are useless to me and I am the cold b1tch the other side thinks I am.
Monte – and they love to work with that one.

They head to bed.. Leaving Taylor alone in the HOH “Love you guys good night”

Taylor – people really don’t understand this game at all.
She starts her family and friend shoutouts..

12:27 am Monte and Turner
Monte – what do you think of the conversation?
Turner – Taylor has worked her way quite a bit into the right direction
Monte – yeah yeah ..

12:44 am Shoutouts

1:00 am Zzzzz
4:00 am Zzzzz

8:54 am everyone is up. Feeds cut to pound puppies for veto player picks.

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The question is if Taylor sees the multiverse scenario that Joseph isn’t thinking of will Taylor save him if Taylor realizes that Michael and Brittany are not on board with keeping him. Monte wouldn’t vote him out because that would be shooting himself in the foot (since Joseph has been doing most of the actions to benefit Monte’s plans)


I think Taylor is smarter than people are thinking. Unless she is really that clueless.

I agree that Jaba the boot should have been put up instead of Indy. Loved Turner calling out “birthday weeks should not exist “. Basically letting Taylor know that should not have influenced her nomination.

also Monte letting the group know he really is wanting spy roles gone “don’t need to entertain them anymore “ basically we have numbers get away from me.

I think if Joe had not been in her ear, she could have set up a back door of anyone if she had simply nominated Jaba and monte, both put her on block and could have said just returning the favor. so no real blood and if veto was won and used put up terrace.

it would also have been fun if Joe won veto under that scenario he would have to show his cards and where he really stood.

so on with the show can’t wait till veto comp and see if she follows through on putting Joe up.


Part of the issue was how she made promises and how those promises to the girls would inevitably have to be broken; I honestly like how everyone in her group said “you are being more honorable to them than they were/would be to you” because (with the exception of maybe Alyssa that is true ) I hope Terrence is the 1st juror because he needs a week of solitude for reflection


Yes, although I would love to see two-timing Joe leave…


taylor is way overthinking her hoh. unless jasmine wins veto, she should just be content to take out whoever the house wants of jasmine/terrance/indy. no reason to get fancy or even push for a specific choice among those three. they’re all roughly equally bad for her game.


Her HOH is turning into a train wreck or a bag of crushed Lays!

Big Brother Fan

So I don’t get it…Daniel outed the Leftover alliance to the other side, all seven members by name. Julie confirmed Thursday night that the Leftovers had been outed. The Leftovers have been seen on many occasions in the HOH together. And yet the other side acts like there’s no Leftover alliance??? Every week the house “flips” to get out a non Leftover person, and not one person acknowledges it?? I know Joseph and Kyle play both sides but they never vote with the people who seem to be refusing to see what’s right in front of their faces! Every time when the vote flipped, I’ve never heard anyone ask “Who started the flip?” “Why we flipping?” It’s just, the house wants this person out. Don’t they see that they aren’t the house?? Lol

Also the fact that Taylor “can’t” put Jasmine on the block bc she’s black makes me want to vomit. I’m so tired of hearing it. It’s been years now that this type of racism has been allowed, accepted, and celebrated. With half the house POC, it’s a very even “playing field” so race needs to finally be put aside! Jasmine has been the worst to Taylor and she refuses to put her up??? Racism in any form should never be allowed in this game as now we have to deal with and hear Jasmine for how long? It’s viewer cruelty is what it is!!

Just a viewer

As a person of mixed race, I have to agree. I would put that big rude, hateful mouth woman on the block, with a quickness.


The “Leftover” alliance has been playing well so far. However this “putting Joe on the block” plan is their worse move. Why risk a member when you have the numbers? This plan will backfire.

Paul Sucks

Other than the “birthday” BS, why isn’t Jasmine next on the leftover boot list? If they agree to keep Alyssa for Kyle, she arguably is their next strongest player which ain’t saying much!

Plus production gives her waaaaaaay to much airtime. Who in that booth thinks that is entertaining? Who?

Boot the Boot

I think Taylor would love to put Jasmine up big time, but is saying she could never put up a black woman as a strategy in hope and expectation that Jasmine will return the favor should Jasmine win HOH. She sees Jasmine as the biggest threat of the mean girls. It’s a good move for her game. Taylor sees right through Jasmine, everyone does but they are afraid to push telling Taylor to give her the boot for fear of being politically incorrect and being perceived poorly to the public.

Just a viewer

Which is crap because she voted out Ameerah. I think she knows Jasmine has rubbed people the wrong way and she can easily beat her in a F2. Plus Jasmine’s game is horrible.

Just a viewer

A horndog camera man.


dont do it. just keep noms same or put up jasmine. nothing else.