“If you put up one.. the other one that stays takes a shot at Jack and Christie or Jack and Tommy rather than Jackson and Holly”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Holly
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Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

Field Trip
America votes for 3 houseguests to go on a field trip that will put one houseguest’s game on the line

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12:42 pm Sam and Nick
They discuss talking to Michie in an attempt to get Jessica on the block.
Nick – they still got out one of our own. that’s the most depressing part of it it’s not even like they won and put up Bella. Cliff won and put up Bella
Nick – how dumb of a move is that. He literally just sealed his faith, he’s got to understand that especially leaving the power in the game. (Cliff is a clown)

Nick thinks the fans love Christie
Sam – she’s playing a great game
Nick – my only hope is Jackson talking to Holly

Sam – Holly did say the backdoor are options .. if we can get Jess backdoored.
Sam – you vote me out fine I go back to my wife and kids but if you go I will be more sad because I will be stuck in here (in jury) without seeing my kids
Nick says he has no power why vote him out

Nick – is there any chance Nicole will go up
Sam – you want Nicole up, SHe’s on our side
Nick – better than me and you
Nick – they tell Nicole a lot
Sam – yeah we’re going up, Its fair you both can play in the veto now a lot can chance no hard feelings good luck guys this ceremony is adjourned.
Nick – if I don’t win the veto I will go home this week next week will be Sam the 6 will walk to 6
Nick says he’ll be voted out by the alliance he created.

Sam says he sees Jess floating to the end.
Nick – the only one that has a chance is Kat at least we have a chance with Holly. Even Sis said I wouldn’t use the veto on you

Sam points out that jess is super confident right now.
Sam – she probably is sitting there thinking she’s playing a good game (She’s a mastermind)
Nick – they’ll pick her off
Nick – Christie literally doesn’t have to do anything. I don’t think anyone in the 6 will take a shot at her. her and jack should smooth cruise. The only one that will take a shot is Jackson
Sam – I’m going to be an a$$hole when we get to Jury. Someone will show up and I’ll be ohhh… you were voted out you weren’t part of the 6 ohh .. Didn’t I tell you this is going to happen. I remember a girl giving a speech ohh bella. Ohh I’m so shocked you didn’t make it jess.
Sam – ohh look at more of the bottom feeders .. you mean you weren’t part of teh six .. ohh (Jeepers it’s worth watching this season just to see that)
Sam – I’m going to be an a$$hole I don’t even care

Nick mentions once the 6 starts coming in one at a time until it’s just Jack and Christie
Nick – ohh ohh wait he’s going to win the game now. I didn’t say that day 30

Nick – I’m sick of her (Christie) manifesting dreams and sh1t ..
Nick says she had a dream that Holly was going to win. She’s like a gambler that only says her wins how about all the things you think of that don’t happen what about those

Sam – Cliff sucked last night bro .. (Snoring)

1:05 pm Jackson and Jack
Jack goes on about getting to the 6 and how once they get there they compete. He sprinkles in a dozen “DUDES” this seems to be Jack’s new thing (DR may be to go with his new look?) Jack pushes for Nick and Sam to be on the block right now not next week.
Jackson – we can’t push her in a direction, the more we push Nick and Sam the more she will question whether or not it’s a good idea
Jackson – Christie’s mouth is
Jack – fierce
Jackson – it’s just constant
Jack – yeah
Jackson – trust me I can talk just as much if not more than her in real life but she has to be careful of the fact .. she’s so vocal about things and so loud and aggressive
Jack – and stubborn
Jackson – Christie who has everyone wrapped around her little finger in this game if she wants Nick and Sam so bad why is that? (what’s this)
Jack – Yeah

1:52 pm Jackson and Holly
Jackson – I’m mighty proud of you
Holly – thanks
Jackson – you did great Holly
Holly – I want to do that again. I don’t think anybody was expecting that
they agree they thought Christie would have done better
Holly – Or Tommy I thought Tommy would do better
Holly – my whole purpose was to play a low key game and I wanted to fly under the radar as long as possible. I was starting to feel I was lacking value here I love that everyone underestimates me but I signed up to play big brother (more love island)
Jackson brings up a conversation he had with Tommy he told Tommy “I’m not pushing anything with her this is her HOH she’s a grown mature women and I’m in her corner”

Jackson – She (Holly) does have the objective to keep a low profile that is why I have brought up putting up a Nicole and Nick or a Nicole and Sam because one person will be staying home and by putting up Nick and Sam you are guaranteeing one of them will come after you potentially Holly and myself.
Jackson – if you put up one and they end up leaving just Nicole the other one that stays outta Nick or Sam win HOH they might be taking a shot at jack and Christie or jack and Tommy rather than Jackson and Holly
Jackson – All I’m doing is giving her food for thought ..

Jackson mentions that Holly brought up one little thing and “Kat, Christie, and Sis hounded your a$$.. WHAT NO NO IT NEEDS TO BE NICK AND SAM”
Jackson – I was like ladies this is not y’alls HOH
Jackson – you already have taken over the bed that’s strike one
Jackson – kat you tried to take over breakfast that’s strike two. Now you are trying to take over noms strike three.

2:17 pm Holly and Jackson

Holly – I feel sick I don’t know what’ that is from (pregnant?)

Holly said every single person has come to her now to “Campaign”
Holly laughs when Sis, Christie, and Tommy “Campaigned to her”
Jackson – here’s my, please. I’m not going to screw you over

Holly – Back, rubs, foot, rubs, cuddle sessions (AKA sex in the shower)
Jackson – sure
Jackson says in order for that to happen he needs privacy she has to tell him when the sleepovers are over.

2:36 pm Jackson and Holly
ohh neat a showmance

2:52 pm Holly and Jackson
Jackson says let the girls sleep upstairs all week it would be best
Holly – why didn’t you sleep last night
Jackson – I just didn’t sleep well
Holly says she thinks it’ll be good for her game to reconnect with the girls
Jackson – if it’s good for your game to have them sleep up here. Do it
Holly says she was starting to become an outsider with Christie and Sis. Now that she won HOH and they spent the night in her room she’s able to reconnect.
Holly Says that sis and Christie have become really close. ]
Holly – it’s a weird dynamic with them because of the Jack jealousy stuff. it’s interesting

3:10 pm Jackson eating

3:24 pm Sam and Holly
Holly says she has no options other than Nick and Sam “I’m scrambling for reasons” to nominate someone else.
Sam says him and Nick will help her and Michie sort through the Jack/Sis and the Christie/Tommy problem.
Holly – I’ve thought of that
Sam – Nicole, Jess, and Cliff have nothing to offer you (Jess is a mastermind)
Sam – Cliff has a broken calf muscle (And no balls)

Holly – I don’t know what the f* to do
Sam – me and Nick have so much more to offer you in this game.
Sam says if Christie and Tommy love her so much then they need to respect her doing something that is best for her game.

Sam suggests putting up one of them and tells everyone the other one will be backdoored.
Holly says the house will vote Nick out

Sam says he worried that Nick wins the veto and sam is up there with a pawn.
Holly – Same
Sam pushing for Nick and one of the other three bottom feeders to go up. (this was nick’s and Sam’s plan to get one of them up at all costs)
Sam says he would go up if Nick wins the veto
Jackson joins them
Sam – do you think .. alright the three couples do you think you are above the christie Tommy couple.. if Jack and sis were ripping the people and doing good would you be next to go?
Sam is pushing him and Nick can offer Jackson and Holly a lot and help propel them through
Sam suggests Jess and Nicole as nominations.
Jackson – are you proposing one of you go up
Sam – yes

Jackson – can I ask a question. if you or Nick stayed .. one of you will stay in the event of double eviction or none double eviction who is in your crosshairs
Sam – I’ve never had issues with Holly I’ve never dropped her name you will see when you watch the show

Jackson – whos not in your crosshairs
Sam – I stay true with the bottom feeders (Bottom feeders turn on bottom feeders it’s what they do) .. you and Holly have never been in the crosshairs I thin I can beat you in the veto

they laugh

Jackson – if you won HOH would any of us see the block
Sam – 100% no on my kids no …
Sam says he’s serious about swearing on his family. I can almost swear on my Nicks wouldn’t put you guys up either

Sam suggests sticking true to the fake nine thinks they should just nominate two bottom feeders. “Jess and Nicole”
Sam frames it that one of those two surviving bottom feeders cannot come after them.
Sam – there’s a big friggin Big Brother condom on this.

Sam – Nick and I have a lot to offer. Are you more liked with Christie and Tommy if you are not more liked than Christie and Tommy will yo go before them
Sam goes biblical. starts quoting the scripture…

4:05 pm Poison Ivy
Christie complaining about her 1 month period (LOL I thought it was 10 years. either way it’s a lot)
Christie – My body is in the worst shape since I’ve been here.

4:14 pm Ohh wow poison Ivy

4:39 pm Kat, Sis, Holly, Christie
They’re talking about how last week Nicole was nervous that a rogue vote will be pinned on her

4:50 pm Holly, Kat, Sis, Christie
Christie – we’re running this game

Christie pushing for Nick and Sam “they are so dangerous in this game” (you’re dangerous in that outfit)
Holly – I’m getting really sick of Sam telling me he’s less annoying than Jess

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Franks fumes

Crusty last night with Holly and Sis defending herself after the revelation that Nick told Jackjaw that Crusty was targeting him….boy did she overreact and scramble. Me thinks thou protest too much…….and you know they (Holly/Sis) believe it….Nick and Sam need to keep the pressure on Crusty so there will be no doubt about her turning on Jackjaw. This is the first crack in Crusty ‘s armour…..exploit it now and all the other shit she’s been talking about Jack too. Work it while you can boys.


It won’t effect the vote but let’s hope it causes a huge problem for krusty going forward.


I wish Big Brother would allow the viewers to vote for a third nominee. I’m not sure how much that would help with things though.

Ken Manifesting

I had a dream that Tommy and Cliff fell in love and Cliff birthed-out Christie.

Tired bbfan

I wouldn’t be surprised if holly is pregnant since Jackson doesn’t know what condoms are.

David's Kitchen

Jackson squirts out pure cholesterol, no way she’s preggos with his baby.

Miss Conception

If Holey has even a hint of pregnancy,Jackhole Jackson will distance himself from her quicker than he tossed Kat. I wonder how the “peanut butter leg sisters”(Kat and Holey),are ever going to redeem themselves on the outside.BTW,Holey is not a misspell of Holly,it is just my perception of her. My reference to peanut butter is because it is very easy to spread!


I still can’t get over horse face holly calling other people ugly.

Franks fumes

She was miss Wyoming because their were only 4 other women vying for the crown.

Franks fumes

Slutty chicks this year for sure….not much dignity with this bunch…..

I just love Tyler from BB20

Why would they need to redeem themselves? For having sex?


One pallet full of kraken please

Roll Tide

I don’t drink, but tomorrow I am buying Kraken.


I hope Nick and Sam can talk some sense into Holly and Jackson. This would be a great opportunity to get rid of the dead weight (bottom feeders) and align with two guys who actually have some game in them.

Franks fumes

Jess is deadweight and a moron.

Big Bertha

Are the rashes on Tommy and Christie real? I’m lost where did that come from?


“Jessica self evicts.” hahahaha A guy can dream right?


She’s the most useless houseguest in the 7 season I’ve been watching. Biggest floater of all because at least others have had some personality.


She really is. I’m normally against goin for a floater at this point in the game…but I think there is a good case to be made that she should be evicted this week


Veronica had more game.


Indeed…at the very least…she attached herself to Cody and didn’t pretend to be all things to all people…she was a make-believe princess in her mind lol


there is really no one left to really like and root for


so predictable now its hard to watch.. at this point i’m fine with all the bottom feeders including cliff and nicole getting put up they completely deserve it for last week its gonna be a painfully boring few weeks watching it happen though


Bella was so rude to Nicole and Cliff during nicks HOH even banning them from entering HOH room, so its bellas attitude problem, not cliff and nicole to blame.

another name

… when does the push for evicting the peurto rican woman begin?
i’m kidding. but i’m not kidding. but i’m kidding.
wait… when did Tommy and Crusty hook up in the hoh shower? pretty advanced case from the looks of it.


@anothername- I think Tommy looney tunes & Crusty got together in the shower with Jack…ha ha ha


why are people so obsessed with backdooring? put up nick and sam, you guarantee one goes home. any other combination they both have the potential to stay.

another name

imo jackson secretly wants both to stay. So that they will take the shots and he can sit back eating showerpizza and getting the honorable guy edit. he honestly thinks if he didn’t volunteer he wouldn’t have been a nominee. He honestly doesn’t understand how any of the women in the house could find him demeaning and ignorant to them. He honestly thinks that in the game he’s the only one allowed to plot, and that everyone owes him. He honestly preached to others about people watching what they say so that the public doesn’t run with what comes out of their mouths.


Under normal circumstances it would be good he thought that and cliff and company could leverage that but they don’t so it means nothing.


haha well both the jackholes just got put up and neither of them went home so yeah theres that..


Maybe Nick should try the poor, wounded baby bird approach. It worked for Tyler last year, and Bayleigh didn’t put him up.

Memo to Holly: Team-up with Nick/Sam and the viewers may actually believe that you signed-up to play Big Brother like you claim.


OOMMGG I forgot about poorwoundedbabybird. I remember Tyler but totally forgot about that. Not a fan of Nick…but that is EXACTLY the approach I would take with Holly and Michie. As well as pitching that the 4 of them could join up to take out the others.


Poorwoundedbabybird and can’t even own it….are my 2 fave lines from last season…might be my 2 fave things from BB ever :p


ME TOOOOOOO! My brother asked if I was ok lol


Tyler was a great actor and player..Nick couldn’t pull it off

J e t s jets jets jets

We need to vote 3 of the sixSh$ttrs to the excursion. This way one of their games will be in trouble. And it can really but a rift between them.


Holly “I just want to do what the house wants”. So sick of these catchphrases these uneducated fools spout off. You are doing what the six shooters want.


At least we haven’t heard ‘I don’t want blood on my hands’ or any form of that as much this year. To me the point IS to have blood on your hands. It means you actually played! I don’t watch the feeds so maybe they do say it but it is the most overworked phrase in past years.


“Oh neat a showmance.” Hahahahahaha ?


Who says ‘I’m mighty proud of you?’ Maybe a dad in a badly written children’s book. Or maybe a condescending jerk.

J e t s jets jets jets

Definitely a condescending JERK!