“I’m voting Sam to stay I have to save my own a$$” – Kaitlyn

POV: Faysal Next POV: July 7th
POV Used No POV Ceremony July 9th
HOH: Tyler Next HOH: July 5th
Noms: Sam, Steve Have Nots ?

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler starts pulling Kaitlyn away using the knowledge of the power. Appears like she’s receptive. Foutte thinks they have the vast majority of the votes and haven’t really been doing much to guarantee that. Kaitlyn tells Haleigh and Rockstar she’s voting to Keep Sam. Chaos starts. The feeds go down while they are in HOH lockdown. I’m not sure if we’ll get an update before the Live eviction tonight.

8:00am Morning Steve

10:00am Houseguests getting ready for the first live eviction

10:10am JC and Tyler HOH
JC telling him about Swagz side always coming to him about the vote.
Tyler says the reason is Haleigh is going back to that side and telling them his voting for Sam to stay and they are trying to make sure you don’t
JC – how are you going to get Kaitlyn to vote

Tyler – I’m going to trick her into thinking I know who has the power and saying like she needs to vote Sam outta here or she;’ll be screwed
Tyler – and you need to vote SAM out 100%
JC – ohh no I’m voting Steve out
Tyler – 1 million percent
JC – Sam out
Tyler – no vote Steve out
JC – What.. I’m like w t f .. i’m like Dude
Tyler – you gotta stop with HAleigh dude
JC doesn’t think Haleigh is as tight with Swagz side
Tyler – she is so in with them.. she’s gone… she gone
JC shakes his head
JC – the times I spoke to Haleigh and stuff.. she’s not with them
Tyler – SHE’S with them
JC – She’s very weak minded if we really pull her and stuff
JC says right before the live show he’s going to try and get Haleighs vote
Tyler – that’s going to get a target on you
JC – if she asks me what are we doing
T – she’s not going to ask you
JC – the night before yesterday she asked me..
Tyler – Swaggy ROCKSTAR and Fez, whatever they do she’s going to do it’s too early for her to flip on them.. she is so in with them dude you gotta stop.. trust me
JC – you think KAitlyn is going to do it
T – i’m not 100% sure
Tyler – Stop with HAleigh..
Tyler says Swagz 4 will vote for Sam to go 100%
JC – I don’t trust Kaitlyn at all.. listen she has a boyfriend I caught her in that bed and she like cuddling with Brett and you’re on the other side and I’m like GIRL (picture is in the gallery below)
Tyler – don’t worry about KAitlyn don’t worry about Haleigh.. ROckstar has already thrown out your name.. I know Haleigh has already thrown out your name.
T – haleigh told them that you are voting to keep Sam that is why they corner you
Tyler warns him they are going to start cornering him again to get his vote
JC says the otehrside is confident “they think they have 8 votes’
JC – they thin kKaycee is voting for Steve to stay too
T – yeah..
JC – so .. yeah this is going to be a HUGE F***g BAcklash for them
Tyler – you gotta stop with Haleigh dude..

10:35am Haleigh and Brett
She asks him what he’s doing with the vote. Brett says he feels like he’s always changing his mind. Haleigh says she’s the same.

10:43am Kaitlyn and Tyler HOH
Tyler says Swaggy has been coming up to him asking him to solidify her vote because they think Kaitlyn is a cannonball

Kaitlyn – I’m voting Steve to stay
Tyler – you can’t do it I know who has the power.. its on that side.. Brett, Angela and Winston
Tyler – If you vote Steve to stay your f** you need to vote for Sam to stay
Kaitlyn – why
Tyler – the power is with that group and it’ll be used.. from what I got from Brett and Winston.. if you don’t vote for Steve to go you’re f**… I don’t know what they think about you but no one trusts you in the five.. people trust you here (with him)

Tyler – they guaranteed my safety and your safety.. they’ll cover for you on their side if you vote for sam to stay
Tyler – you need us..
Kaitlyn – I can’t even believe I’m considering this right now..
Tyler goes on about how swags side is telling him he needs to lock her vote down because they don’t trust her. He adds that swagz side is trying to pit him against her.
Kaitlyn – this is a big thing now.. if I vote to keep Sam.. they’ll put me up.. Fesss and all them
Tyler- no they won’t the power is on their side..
K – we don’t know what it is
T – It’s going to be covered. If we vote for Sam to go the power will be used and sh1ts going to pop off and you’ll be screwed
K – will I be on the block
T – yeah
K – tonight
T – maybe, you need to vote for Sam (to stay)
K – we have the numbers to keep Steve.. so Brett gets to replace someone.. you think he’ll put me up..
T – I don’t thin Brett gets to put someone up..
K – you do
T – NO, I don’t know .. all I know is it’s on that side..
K – they told me I would be f*** .. why would it be me.. I’m not a target.
T – you gotta trust me right now.. I’m not trying to freak out but I’m freaking out..

Kaitlyn says she needs to hear from Brett that she’s protected.. “I’ll f*ing do it but I need to know that everyone is on my side.. ”
Tyler says they’ll all protect her but they’ll pull Brett and Winston up to the HOH.
K – you think Haleigh is against me
Tyler – Haleigh is against you and so is ROCKSTAR
K – you know that for a fact
T – I know that for a fact
K – really
T – I told you I would never lie to you.. they don’t trust you they told me you’re a cannonball

T – you know Swaggy straight up tells me he controls all of you
Fez comes in.. .

11:04am Bros and Kaitlyn 

Kaitlyn – what are we doing

Brett whispers to her you cannot vote to keep steve

11:07am Kaitlyn and Haleigh in the storage room 
Kaitlyn – I love you to death .. Swagz is telling Tyler that I’m at the bottom of the totem pole and i’m next.
Kaitlyn – Nobody in the group trust me and he runs all of us.. Sorry.. Tyler just told me..
Kaitlyn –  He’s going to Tyler saying that I’m a liability and how everyone has to
Kaitlyn – Love you like Love you..
Haleigh – whatever you are going to do I am going with you
KAitlyn – Whoever votes Steve to stay is f***.. .
Haleigh – what do you mean they’re f**
Kaiutlyn – don’t know just heard from Tyler..

They run off to the Have nots.. Haleigh says Swaggz is just getting nervous that is why he’s saying that.
Kaitlyn says Tyler was SHAKING when he told her that the the power will be used if they vote Steve to stay and nit’ll f** them.
Kaitlyn – F*ing Swaggy.. he ruined a good thing.. hew said I control everything this group does.. that’s literally gross..
Haleigh says she’s not welcome in the other group.
Kaitlyn counts that they would have a group of 10 if they join the other side.
Kaitlyn says she’s grateful the universe should this to her. They decide to always “Vote the same”

11:22am ROCKSTAR, Kaitlyn and Haleigh 
Kaitlyn fills ROCKSTAR in says there will be a power if they vote out Steve. Everyone who votes Steve out will get some penalty
Rockstar – are you sure Tyler isn’t pulling something
Kaitlyn – when I was up there he was shaking..
Haleigh – there’s a power in play that will put you in danger if  you vote Steve to stay
Kaitlyn – you guys can do whatever you want..
Kaitlyn says she’s loyal to ROCKSTAR and Haleigh but not Swaggyz
Kailtyn – I don’t trust Swaggy with a 9 foot pole I’ve had that Aura for him the second he walked into the house the second he made that decision the first day.. I don’t trust him..
Kaityln – I’m voting Sam to stay I have to save my own a$$
ROCKSTAR says if she votes Sam to stay she’s technically sticking to her word.
Haleigh and KAitlyn believe Tyler but Rockstar still isn’t sure.
Kaitlyn – I’m voting for Sam to stay and i’m going to lie abotu it until the day I die

Haleigh – I don’t want to vote the wrong way and have the power f* me up

Kailtyn – I know this is last minute but the universe was like b1tch you have to see this

11:31am ROCKSTAR and Haleigh
Rockstar – we’ve said the same thing about Kaitlyn..
Haleigh – I know but we didn’t go up to someone else and say it
Haleigh – what the f* was he thinking.. (swags)

1:25pm Storage room JC and Winston
Winston – we’re doing it right? Steve out
JC – yeah
JC isn’t going to give her time to think she’s going to talk to her right before the vote.
JC – you see how cocky they are
(they scare JC)

1:39pm Angela and Winston
Winston says Kaitlyn came in and told him “i just want to know that Swaggy is the target next”
Winston – I think SCottie is on to her flipping..
Angela says Tyler is pretending to float with Kaitlyn.
Rachel comes in Angela order Winston to talk to Tyler.
Rachel asks ANgela what is happening
Angela – KAitlyn opened her mouth
Angela – Scottie was pretending to sleep he knows that Winston just promise KAitlyn to go after Swaggy next
Rachel – Scottie heard that..
Angeal – that makes her a target .. everything is going to blow up tonight.. “BOOM”
RAchel – That’s not really bad for me.. my personal game
Angela is the same. says it exposes Kaitlyn as the one that flipped “it could be a good thing”

1:40pm Kaitlyn tells Tyler 
Kaitlyn “If we don’t win HOH I’m going home.. has anyone considered that.. no one is thinking about me”
Brett – there’s bigger things going on regardless

May be the last update before the show..
Tylers hair is down meaning voting Steve out is a go
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I’m loving this season! I’m in Arizona and I can’t watch the show until 8:00 MST so another hour! I actually have butterflies in my stomach lol

Ino Yamanaka

Tyler is going to get targeted very soon and out before jury.


Nah I think there’s bigger fish to fry.

The Beef

If Kaitlyn, Haleigh and Blockstar all flip, he shouldn’t worry too much because the Swaggz would be seriously down in numbers (11-4), plus they would still have Sam’s power after Steve is evicted. This is a seriously wonderful development!


Even if they don’t flip, the influence saggy claims takes a huge hit. Those girls will be looking for better opportunities and whoever gets the HoH next week will be able to pull them. Which means Saggy/Fez/Bayleigh will need to win to rebuild or they are scrambling and hoping to get pulled into someone else’s orbit.


I can’t believe Tyler got Kaitlyn at the last minute. That’s amazing. I’m so happy that it looks like Sam will be staying!


Honestly, this is the most BB excitement for me since BB10.


I was thinking the same thing. Can’t wait for tonight!

True Dat

I agree, this is indeed very exciting. Not just because the power may not have to be used, not just because the person I want to stay may actually be staying, but mostly because a long shot plan Tyler cooked up may actually work! When he said he was going to try and reel Kaitlyn in right before the vote, I had real serious doubts that it’d do anything more than paint a target on him. Although he’s doing it a little earlier than I was hoping, I think it’s ultimately a good thing that he made it come up organically through the course of a normal conversation with her rather than running up to her frantically at the last minute. I think it would have come off as pretty sketchy to her otherwise and gave her time to confirm this new info with Brett. This could still go haywire but Swaggy’s side knows they don’t have the power so it’s hard for them to say 100 percent that this information is bogus. It is very refreshing to be genuinely impressed by someone’s ability to play this game. I usually have high hopes for certain people going into the game and they quickly fall short of my expectations. Then someone like Tyler comes along, who I didn’t think much of either way, and he continually proves his shrewdness in several important areas of the game. It may seem like he’s sticking his neck out further than he needs to but I think he knows if it works he will be better off and if it doesn’t he can likely talk his way out of it.


Exactly…I didn’t feel one way or the other about him in the beginning and I definately didn’t take him as a major power player…unbelievable! Best BB season in my memory and has restored my faith in this show


Totally agree!


I agree Granny been a blast so far but tonight should be a very interesting eviction.


wow, I have to admit Tyler did pull this “convincing of Kaitlyn” off better that I ever imagined! Very impressive!
Only problem is that Kaitlyn told ROCKSTAR (ughhh) which means that Swag & co. will eventually hear all about it. If she tells them before the vote, and also that Kaitlyn thinks “whoever votes for Steve is f’ed (aka have a punishment / risk eviction)”, they might even end up ALL voting for Steve to GO because they realize they don’t have enough votes to save Steve, so there’s no benefit for them “risking being f’ed” by voting for Steve to stay in the event that Kaitlyn is right – even if they’re 90% sure she’s not. (we know 100% she’s wrong in assuming that “everybody who votes against Sam will be f’ed aka have a punishment / risk eviction)
There must be SO MUCH good stuff going on right now while the feeds are down! And we’ll only get to see a 30 second recap of it in the next show. Ugh.

This is some great stuff – I wish BB would
a) not block the feeds for hours before the show (don’t we all?) but at least
b) offer the opportunity to go back and see what happened through the feeds when they were down after the show…


this is nuts. first time in a loooooooooong time it’s unclear where the vote is before the show.


It’s actually pretty refreshing. I actually watched part of the televised show for the first time in ages last night. I was curious about the DR sessions. If Steve goes, I think some chaos will unfold and you’ll Saggy’s side realize the game is on and less lopsided than they thought. It could make for some entertaining fireworks.


Agreed! So exciting (FINALLY) This is what BB should be….not the crap that we had last season.


And it’s only week 1!


Can we get a summary of where the votes lie? Does it look like Steve will be going?


Before the feeds went down around 11:30, this is what was going on…

Votes to stay:

Tyler-can’t vote as HOH unless there is a tie
Sam-nominated so she can’t vote

JC- Sam
Angela- Sam
Rachel- Sam
Winston- Sam
Brett- Sam
Kaycee- Sam
Kaitlyn- Sam

Haleigh- likely Sam
Rockstar- this vote is an unknown

Scottie- Steve
Swaggy- Steve
Bayleigh- Steve
Faysal- Steve
Steve- nominated, so he can’t vote

But this is BB….expect the unexpected. LOL

3:44 Texas time: feeds are back, now. Maybe we will get more info before the live show.

Guy From Canada

I have been so far behind in keeping up with the updates, this looks like it ended up being an amazing feeds week for Simon and Dawg. Hopefully this keeps up and doesn’t get Kraken. I’m pleasantly surprised by Tyler, I expected a blonde dim Witt, but he seems to have a good social game.


It’s definitely started well and these people, even the social media fame seekers, seem to be interested in playing Big Brother and not just beg for followers.

Please note: I did not call them fame whores.


This may come across as mean, but am I the only one who thinks Kaitlyn in some pictures looks like Gollum from Lord Of The Rings #MYINTUITION #MYENERGY #MYOPINIONISTHEONLYONETHATMATTERS


You aren’t the first to make that comparison, but it’s her behavior that mimics Gollum, to me. I think she looks like Nicole Richie, as others have said.

Cat Nip

I think K looks exactly like Rachel Dratch, “Debbie Downer”, former SNL player.

Cat Nip

I think I screwed up my comment, or this will post twice. Anyway, I think K looks exactly like Rachel Dratch “Debbie Downer” former SNL player.


Looks like Tyler is a wizard ???? if katlin actually follows through. It will come out that he was behind the flip so L6 better win HOH or it’s going to be a cat fight this next week.

I have to say with no returning vet players this season so far has been awesome. Great job as always Simon and Dog.


Tyler is awesome !! If JC would freaking calm down. Geeezzz. I do believe now that everyone is going to vote Steve out. I don’t trust those girls at all. Swag will be informed soon enough. But great move by Tyler. I think Angela may be the only one who can keep her mouth shut and pull off something like this. Tyler and Angela need to do final 2 and take Sam for a final 3. Seems Tyler had said once that everyone knows when he lies. Like he can’t hide it. What I’ve seen. He’s prettt darn good at it.


Tyler looks to have finished doing his hair, and it is DOWN. 🙂

AND….it honestly seems like Rockstar will vote to keep Sam.


Soooo exciting to see an awesome plan working out beautifully! Tyler rocked as first HOH!!!


Oh. Question. Does anyone know if Sam is aware that Tyler was going to tell Kaitlyn. Just wondering if she will be upset that Tyler told once everyone in the house knows. Which I’m sure they will now


Tyler told Sam to tell Kaitlyn (she agreed), which I think was mostly to cover his ass since he had already told her. I’m not sure if Kaitlyn and Sam actually spoke about it, though. I didn’t see that conversation if it happened (could have been when feeds were down).


JC is one that could vote the wrong way as a mistake. Haha. I don’t 100% trust ever that he will get anything right. lol. Vote for Steve to go home. Drill that in his head before. “No I am voting for Sam to stay” Yes that is why you are voting to evict Steve!

Best season so far since 17. I know some didn’t like that season, but I feel it is underrated. Vanessa was one of the best players to ever play this game and I dnt care what the haters say. Ha.:-) She got Steve to the end and we all know that.


Can I just say that this is SSSSSOOOOOOOO much better than last season already?!?!



Tyler and Kaitlyn now have a final 2: The Rogue Warriors

Their #1 target is Swaggy, then Faysal


Clearly none of this matters until Paul tells them what to do.
Wait – sorry – wrong season.

Like Literally...

After the debacle of Paul & Minions I never dreamed we’d get a decent season. Reminds me of the good ol’ days (tear). AD was good last night.


I’m as anti-foutte as could be…although I think Chris could be ok if he was toned down a bit, I like Bayleigh and I saw in another posting somewhere that Haleigh is on the wrong side…totally agree. Scottie…hes aight…Steve…nope….Fiz…heck no….and Nasty Rockstar is disgusting. The bros and Angela are my faves…but Rachel, Tyler, and Kaycee are almost there. Robot Sam…I want her to stay TONIGHT…but not a huge fan.


Seeing all these updates. This is the first time I am actually considering getting the live feeds. I’m just so afraid my kids won’t remember me once BB is over and I re-emerge from livefeedland !!!!


The best thing Tyler could have done from the time he found out that sam had the power was get his team together and pull Sam in and they all work on saving Sam so they could be safe the next 3 weeks with Sam’s power…


Well, that’s what he did (maybe not right away, ’cause he is smart, like that)….so YAY

My 3 DachSons

If you notice Sam’s power only says a “CHANCE” to stay in the game & not “WILL” stay. I take that to mean they have to do/win something & earn the right to come back. Maybe win a comp against Steve or someone else.


Good Morning! lol

Eyes Wide Shut

If Kaitlyn and Haleigh fall for this crap, they will be branded as idiots and should get exactly what they deserve. An express train to Evictionville.


I can’t be only one who hates level 6 right and kaitlyn!