“I’m telling you right now you [Gary] are the target… My one vote can’t save you”

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8:35pm Ika, Dre and Gary

Ika says she’s not going to Cassandra him she’ll tell him straight up he’s the target and if Dre goes home it’s because of some twist. Gary thought Dre was the target. Ika says Neda doesn’t like Gary that much. Ika says that Neda told her everyone is telling her Gary.
Gary bring sup his conversation with Neda where she said if he could convince the house he didn’t campaign to save Cassandra he’ll be OK
Ika – She said that to you.. That’s so EWE
Ika – that’s bullshit she’s coming after you guys, it’s either you, me and Dre.
Ika – look at me I’m not lying to you.. I’m telling you right now you are the target.. They will keep her and you will go .. My one vote can’t save you
Gary – I just can’t see me leaving like this
Ika – I’m telling you they want you out
Ika says she will vote for Gary over Dre, even if Dre has the votes she’ll throw one to Gary.
Ika tells him all he’s got is Ika and Demetres, “You don’t have Kevin he’s working with them”

Ika – you don’t have william he’s voting for Dre..
Gary – I’m not giving up
Ika – Don’t Cassandra yourself.

Gary mentions the backyard is closed for 2 days.
Ika – I really feel like the people on the block are not going home
Gary – I hope you’re right
Ika says Neda is not about making big moves. She brings up Season 3 where Neda didn’t do anything big.
Ika adds that Neda thinks she has an army that will go after each other before they go after her.
Gary – I have to try.. I’m not leaving here without a fight. There’s more that Arisa has to tell us.

Dre joins them.
Gary asks them who they are going after if they win the HOH, “Jackie/Emily?”
Ika says Dillon, blames it on Dillon that’s spreading around the house that Gary and Dre were campaigning for Cassandra.
Gary says he doesn’t like Jackie.
Ika says Emily and Dillon are soldiers for Neda.
Gary thinks jackie is a soldier as well.
Gary – Jackie is the reason Cass left
Ika doesn’t think so, “Neda already had her mind made up”

Ika really wants Dillon gone.
Ika – you guys are on the block because that’s what Neda wanted
Gary and Dre agree.
Gary – we’re going to have to go to work tonight.. I don’t know I don’t know what to do

9:05pm Dre and Ika whispering
Dre – I’ve told everyone William likes Jackie just so she’s blindsided when he takes her out
Dre says she’s putting everything on Gary. Ika says Demetres and her will be voting to keep Dre.
Ika warns that Dillon knows Jon in real life.

9:12pm Kevin and Demetres Storage room
Kevin says if Dillon and Emily get power next week they’ll probably go after whose left out of Gary and Dre.
Demetres mentions Neda getting pissy when he nominated Emily and Dillon.
Demetres says they all have different agendas but still are working together.
Demetres – I’ve never seen a group like this plow through
Kevin – I’m so into this
Kevin goes on about how the twist really benefited them.

9:23pm Ika and Demetres
Demetres says Kevin mentioned to him that they are going to start turning on Dillon and Emily
Ika – Liars
Ika – Neda does not want Dillon and Emily to go.
Ika says in Neda’s pecking order those two are at the very bottom because she knows they are not coming after her.
Demetres – honestly that f***g twist.. It’s bullshit
Ika – it screwed us
Demetres – like her f***g safety thing
Ika – it’s bullshit because she gets to play in HOH’s .. she shouldn’t have gotten a chance to vote and shouldn’t have been playing in HOH’s
Demetres – now she can do whatever the f** she wants and set up a F***g army
Iak – that’s what she’s doing
Demtres – gives us time so we can go after her later
Ika says Neda is getting out all the people that will go after her.
Demetres – she ain’t getting rid of us
Ika – but she’ll have votes
Demetres thinks they will be able to rally people on their side.
Demetres – don’t worry we got this.. we got this.. (No you don’t)
Demetres bring sup his conversation with Kevin.
Ika says Kevin is lying when he tells them that Emily and Dillon don’t care they nominated them. Neda nd Sindy both told her they are pissed.
Ika – I hate Jackie, Emily and Dillon.. Jackie is repulsive..
Demetres – I hate Jackie the most
They agree they want Dillon out first.
They talk about getting something for Ika to eat.
Ika – I hate bread

11:00pm Dillon and Emily
talking about taking out Ika/Demetres after Gary leaves.
Bruno joins them they talk about getting rid of Ika, Demetres followed by Dre.

11:30pm undercovers Demetres and Ika
Demetres says because of the twists nobody is in a good spot. They got each other
Demetres – we’re both very strong..
Demetres says Dillon and Emily are stupid.
Demetres – I just want want to f***g break his nose and make it look even worst than it is.. am I allowed to say shit like that..

12:00am Ika and Demetres
Ika says Canada probably regrets giving NEda the power “Based on how she’s behaving.. how she turned out.. umm right now they like Gary and Dre.. They Hate our alliance”

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omg Ika. Emily and Dillon don’t have much power in this game. Those are seriously your targets. You’d win HOH and your goal is collateral damage in Neda’s army. Cool


so Gary, Productions golden boy is in trouble because of a twist and isnt allowed to compete for hoh?


If prod wants to screw things up like this with a silly “backwards week”, the final nominees ought to be allowed to play for the HOH and if one of them were to win, be allowed to choose their own replacement for the block.

another name

So, who wants to be the sole vote to decide which of Gary or Dre goes home? They’re going to be told before hoh that the winner is the only vote. Half of them would rather be in the next hoh comp to take out the other side, than be the sole vote to decide who goes. I expect the only people to be gunning for the opportunity would be William, and possibly Karen. Dillon and Emily will throw to go after Ika and Demetres. Ika and Demetres will throw to go after Dillon and Emily. Bruno, Sindy and Kevin will throw to line up the next targets as well.
So comedy of errors hoh unless they think the winner will be a carryover until next week (doubtful unless the show changes the rules… which sometimes happens).

Truth hurts

Demetres thinks he could break Dillons nose ? Dillons a pro boxer and 5 times his size lol could he even reach his nose ?


I was happy to see Neda being given another chance at BigBrother but she has turned this game into her own personal dictatorship. She says that Cass was so manipulative but that is exactly what she is like.( At least Cass was playing the game and gave us something to watch each week.) All Neda does is strut around like she owns the place and rule all the people in the house from her ivory tower known as the HOH room. The. “Safe ” option she received has gone to her head and she has become quite the little “b..ch”. I would like the powers that be to take her down a bit and put her ass on the block. Give Canada some voting rights and let’s teach her a lesson.
As for some of the other house guests like Bruno ( can’t understand why he is back) all he does is lie and not that well and grab onto the shirt tails of others. I can’t stand him! As for Kevin ( gay or not)??? It bothers me that he teases William into having him believe he is his friend when all KEVIN is doing is using him. This makes me sick and sad that a person can be so cruel to someone else. Now, William may be going along with this charade but I find it disgusting on Kevins part to play this kind of game.
This show is so typical where the house votes as one and no one has the whereforeall to stand up and be counted. Losing Cass (although she was a pain ) was a detriment to the show because at least you had an interesting program. Now all you have is a bunch of lemmings following Neda around to the slaughter and bending to her wishes. When will this program become less typical, boring, and less follow the leader attitude and give us something to watch. As for the other houseguest they are so dull and at times inconsequential to be mentioned in this post . Aughht!!! Rant over !!!!


Guarantee it if Neda and Gary are evicted back-to-back, then production will have Canada vote to bring them back. They are setting up Neda to win though.


I liked the old format on this site. Cheers to you Simon and Dawg.
Prob I’m just losing interest in the game.
All the best


Easier to navigate


Also, you were able to go to next article without going through all the comments.


Neda must be the golden girl from production

Juno the pup

Neda will have quite a surprise when her safety is over. Can’t wait to see her evicted…

BooNeda! Boo Productions!

It does make sense that production wants Neda to win for a number of reasons :
1. They want to change the outcome of her BB loss(even though Jon won fair and square) and give this win to Neda
2. Why would they make the last competition the same spelling comp that Neda did if there was no bias on productions part ( even Neda said that she knew what the competition was because they wore the same costumes as on her season)
3. If production wasn’t pro-Neda then they would have done something different to get her out of prolonged power ( like a possible viewer vote or something to keep Cass or Gary in the game). Is production afraid what a head-head-head game with these three would bring ? Possibly a Neda loss again? Oh no what a disaster this would be (sarcasm)
4. production seems to be pushing things Neda’s way because both Cass and Gary will be out of the house leaving a clear path for a Neda win
5. If production suspected a Neda “safe” win why allow her to still have HOH and PO V power. Production knew the outcome of the votes before televising the outcome why not change the rules and not give Neda so much leeway in the house?
6. It just seems suspect that Neda is in the position to bully people around and production is doing nothing to stop it. On past shows where one side was in control and it seemed like the other side was going to get run over by the ones in power production threw a wrench into the situation to make the viewers happier and more interested in the show. Why not now? Oh wait it is not The BigBrother show anymore! It is the BigNeda show!!!!!!
7. I suspect a Jackie / Neda final 2 with a Neda win . Right production???
8. Don’t expect that when Neda loses her safety that anything will change. She will still be a dictator, still be given emense amount of power by production in one way or the other and she will still strut around like she owns the big brother house which production is allowing her to do! She will tell the viewers that she deserves to win this season because she got out the stronger players and then forced the weaker players to follow her or be evicted. This may be true but she will have only done this because production set up this entire season for her and only her to win! I say shame on you BigBrother production!!!!!!!


Neda has completely ruined her reputation coming on BB for a second time. She’s in for a serious wake up call when she gets out


PPL may not get why karen is doing what she;s doing.. but i do.. she knows that she wont win over anyone.. let’s be honest.. she knows she’s gonna be dragged as a weak player to secure someone’s win…she is an avid lover of bb and so am i…as an avid lover of the game since bbuk season 1 and the other bbs in other countries i’ve watched over the years, as a fan i always wanted the strongest to make it and it was always annoying watching weak ppl be carried to f2. She also wants this to be the case.. as a fan knowing she wont win…and at the same time wants at least to make one big mark on the house.. and ensuring kevin goes is her big mark… tbh.. if she did make it to f2 ppl would respect how she manipulated kevin.. freaking kevin who knows he needs ot get rid of one of demika.. she just got him to use the veto and ensure they’re safe.. i’m sry.. that move was even better than the neda evicted move.. bravo karen.. bravo. GREAT TV!! This season is *cues dre’s voice* “LIT!”