“I’m surprised she [Taylor] said she’s going to back door you [Monte]” ** Updated **

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Jasmine
Nominees: POOCH and Taylor
POV Players: POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael (Host Daniel)
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:
Havenots: Terrance, Nicole, Pooch, Daniel

Lock your ranks in before midnight


8:20 am Monte and Kyle
Monte – I told Jasmine I am voting for POOCH just to keep appearances with Turner and Joe so that next week they aren’t f**Ing confused about why we did that. That also take the pressure off our backs just in case. I let her know this is all about appearances.
Monte – I personally want POOCH staying because at the end of the day he shows his cards. You know exactly what the hell he’s going to do. Taylor if she stays and she wins HOH no f***ing idea.. Ameerah told me she wants to backdoor me.
Monte – Ameerah was like Yeah Taylor wants to backdoor you I think we should keep her and I’m like..
Kyle points out that Taylor will rally the girls to take out the big threats.
Monte – I don’t know why Ameerah has this unquestionable faith that she can control her but I don’t know
Monte – the girls want Taylor to say. Ameerah was saying the house already wants POOCH out. If we had plans to get Taylor out first week why are we changing those plans to keep somebody who has lied and been deceptive already. Just trying to get it through Ameerah’s head.
KYle – I think they bonded really well or something. POOCH is no threat to our game
Monte – exactly
Kyle says he’s open to opening POOCH out because “he’s a idiot”
Kyle – I think Taylor is all over the place she’s a threat and smart enough to play this game and know we have to break up the guys
Kyle adds that jasmine was playing him pretty hard saying they have enough votes for POOCH. “I was playing that neutral card”
Kyle – POOCH wants me to play in the veto if I win I’ll probably keep noms the dame.
Monte – yeah. He talked to me this morning said that’s fine.
Kyle – if you want to keep pooch you have. You, me, Turner, Joe, Daniel for sure. All we need is two more
Monte – Terrance could be one

Kyle – I don’t know about Terrance
Monte – he can’t stand Taylor. Every time about Taylor he’s like that b1tch has got to go
Kyle – Nicole could go either way.
Monte – we need to have a sit down with her. (Ameerah)
Monte – I know she feels comfortable but she can put any two of the alliance up (MAMBA)
Monte – POOCH is not putting two of us up
Kyle – And he’s not putting up either of the girls. He’s not putting up Ameerah, Alyssa. He’s going to put up Brittnay. I dunno
Monte says POOCH was foolish to attempt a big move this early in teh game.
Monte – If they get his ass out Turner and Joe if they get HOH it’s trouble for them (Ameearh/Alyssa) it’s not trouble for us. It’s only trouble for us if the votes come out then they’ll look at us and be like f*** bro

Kyle wants to call a meeting with Mamba “WE have to get on the same page”
Monte says no matter what the house is doing he thinks they should still vote POOCHIE to stay.
Kyle agrees. “I talked to Alyssa too, She’s super close to Jasmine. I think she’s got a level head about it she’s not for POOCH or Taylor right now. I haven’t talked to Ameerah”
Kyle – I can see Ameerah being so annoyed with POOCH
Monte – she’s like I can’t trust POOCH. You can’t trust him but at least you know what the f** he’s doing.

Kyle brings up Jasmine saying that “Taylor is going hard for a girls thing and she’s going to put up a BIG physical threat”
Kyle – I’m surprised she said she’s going to backdoor you. That Alone if we tell the alliance that you are trying to get backdoored that should be enough.. Immediate threat. POOCH is not a threat to anybody.
Monte – IF POOCH was telling me he was trying to backdoor Ameerah.. GONE
Kyle – Ameerah told you that Taylor wants to backdoor you.. This week?
Monte – no next week. It doesn’t make any sense.
Kyle – talk to ALyssa
Monte – she might be able to influence Alyssa
They agree if they win the veto they keep the nominations the same.

Monte – If Anybody is talking backdooring anybody in the alliance they need to get the f** out of here.
Kyle – she’s a strong competitor.
Monte – Ameerah was like ohh POOCH is a strong competitor.. what’s the evidence of that?

Feeds return the Power of veto players are – POOCH, Jasmine, Taylor, Ameerah, Terrance, Michael

9:16 am Terrance, Jasmine and Ameerah
Talking about leaving the nominations if they win Veto. Jasmine says she prayed for lord to put the people in place that have her back.
Terrance tells them Taylor has already locked Michael in a room.
Jasmine – it’s not going to happen

9:21 am Ameerah and Nicole
Ameerah isn’t happy with getting picked for the veto. She doesn’t want to be seen winning it.
Ameerah – I don’t want to win comps right now
Nciole – then don’t win
Ameerah – what if POOCH wins.. I got to. I gotta go for the gold baby
Nicole – you winning you are adding to your resume
Nicole says it’s 5 against 1 in the veto. The odds are POOCH is getting evicted.

Nicole – Ameerah, you have to win. You have to do it for your game.

9:36 am Monte, Ameerah and Nicole
Monte explains that POOCH has Joe’s and Turners vote. If Him and Kyle don’t vote for POOCH to stay they will lose face with Joe/Turner.
Monte – Turner and Joe will look at us like what the f* you didn’t vote for POOCH when there’s reason to vote out POOCH from our perspective. Right.
Ameerah – I was going to act like I voted for him. they think I’m on their side.
Monte – who POOCH?
Ameerah – POOCH and Joe
MOnte – it’s simple math all they have to do is see what the vote count is and they were the only two people.
Nicole – you’re saying you will vote the other way so JOE and Turner think that all of you guys god blindsided
Monte – YES
Nicole – that is what should happen
Monte – what that does fur us is at least is allows us to still have a hand in joe’s head and in Turner’s head next week so they don’t put TWO of us up.
Monte – do we feel comfortable if Taylor wins HOH she’s not putting two of us up
Ameerah – yes ..
Monte – how sure are you
Nicole – She hasn’t said anything to me
Monte – she didn’t say anything to you about Paloma coming up and saying that the girls are..
Ameerah – she’s not going to win she got like 6th place
Monte – she’s a good competitor
Ameerah – she got 6th place
Nicole – easy she’s right there. (room outside storage)
Monte – you don’t know what the comp is., Lets say POOCH stays. POOCH tells everybody what the hell he’s going to do
Nicole – she is going to listen to whatever I tell her to do
Monte – if she has a power she don’t got to listen to nobody If POOCH has the power he’s going to tell everybody what he’s going to do
Monte – didn’t she say she was going to backdoor me
Ameerah – she did say she was going to backdoor you
Monte – that is reason enough
Ameerah – what don’t you win HO next week Monte.. you’re not even trying
Ameerah and Nicole adamant that they’re not worried about Taylor.

Nicole – I want you to stop you will turn yourself into a crazy person. WE have her onboard so hard her target is Turner next week.
Ameerah – She already thinks her target’s Turner
Nicole- you are over thinking it
Monte holds his ground says they know what POOCH will do they don’t with Taylor.
Nicole – I don’t feel confident with keeping him here. I don’t feel safe.
Monte – he tells everybody what he’s going to do
Nicole – I don’t give a shit he tells me what he’s going to do I’m safe with her being here. I know she (Ameerah) is safe with her being here and I know my alliance is safe with her being here.
Monte mentions what if POOCH was coming to him saying he wants to take Nicole and Ameerah out. “He’s never said those words”
Nicole says they’ll take POOCH out this week and Taylor next week.
Monte – Next week
Nicole – if that’s what you want I got your back
Monte – compassions of threats. One person wants to take one of our alliance members out immediately that is her first plan
Ameerah – he wants to get Michael out he said last night. Michael is in our alliance.
Monte – He will put up Michael and BRittany. He would put up someone that isn’t in our alliance.
Monte says They have no idea who Taylor has allegiance with she could put up two of them. “Me and Kyle for all we know”
Nicole – she’s working with the girls
Ameerah – hardcore.

Ameerah – Monte you think you can flip this house right now to keep POOCH?
Monte – No I want to have a open conversation
Monte doesn’t believe that Nicole and Ameerah can know what Taylor will do, “she’s lied to me directly to my face”

Nicole – this is crazy we’re having this conversation. We’re at the point where we have the majority of the house wants to get POOCH out
Monte – ok that’s fair. I just want you to understand where I am coming from. Risk and Reward.
Ameerah – it’s going to be hard to get POOCH out
Nicole – if she goes home this week and you put POOCH on the block next week we don’t have the numbers to get him out
Monte – how do you not have the numbers
Nicole – you’re going to send another girl home?
Monte – I’m talking about RISKS in the game. I’m not talking about gender. If there was a dude in the house that looked me in teh eyes and tells me all his plans not once has he mentioned Okay we gotta get Nicole outta here. not once we gotta get Ameerah outta here. Never mentioned you’re names.

Nicole about POOCH – he’s got a GOD complex right now where he thinks he’s untouchable
Ameerah says she gets what he’s trying to say but she isn’t worried about what Taylor will do.
Nicole – I hear you..

Kyle joins them and the conversation continues
Ameerah and Nicole says they will take out Taylor out next week.
Nicole – we are not safe with Pooch in this house. You boys are fine. I do not trust him with my game and her game period end of story.

10:04 am Terrance and Nicole
Nicole – are you onboard?
Terrance – it’s Taylor right? I want things to stay the same I want her the f* outta here Brio
Nicole- NO it’s POOCH we’re trying to get POOCH out
They laugh
Terrance – I’m going to need more memo’s sent out.
Nicole – I’m giving you the memo
Nicole – I’m telling you right now though. Monte is going to try and get you to vote Taylor out. I suggest you respond with whatever JASmine wants to do.
Nicole leaves.
Terrance – ohh we get to play Big BRother I see. we’re playing Big BRother today.

10:08 am Terrance and Kyle
Terrance says Jasmine told him to leave the noms the same which he will do, “I’m fresh off the block I don’t want to rock no boats”
Kyle – as far as votes are you leaning one way or the other? I’m kinda on the fence at this point.
Terrance – I’m n the fence to. I gotta do whatever the house wants to do.
Terrance – I don’t want to rock the boat if you’ve said my name once it’s easy to say it again. So I’m nervous about that point.

10:14 am Ameerah and Terrance. Getting pumped for the Veto competition

10:27 am Brittany and Ameerah
Brittany says Taylor is targeting MOnte.
Brittany – I know if she pulls herself off the block she’ll be in Jasmine’s ear to get out Monte.

10:30 am Taylor and Michael
Michael is saying if he wins Veto he’ll need to talk to Jasmine
Taylor – there’s a way we can get someone that is not a threat or DO something MASSIVE
Michael – best case scenario is if you win. I don’t know if she will do something bigger but she would have to think of a replacement then.
Michael – I don’t want to win I want to keep HIM from winning. If there is anything I can do to help him out
Taylor – knock him out early that’s everybody’s goal. You might take me down. I’m the only one that will take me down..


10:38 pm Michael and POOCH
(Pooch is swearing a lot more in conversations)
Pooch says he’s nervous that the house could change.
Pooch – I was the one that put myself up to help take Taylor out.
Pooch goes on about not knowing what Taylor will do if she wins HOH.
Michael she’s on the bottom

Pooch – she might not come after me she could go F*** after Kyle and somebody else in the house F*** my game up. Anybody who is a f***ing wildcard and wins HOH for one we she might F***Ing put up two people and F****ing ok she’ll get one out. Next week she’ll go home but she still hurt my game that one week getting somebody out.
POOCh – get Taylor the F*** out. I’m going for the veto you’re going for the veto just make sure Taylor doesn’t win
Michael – I think that’s what everyone is doing

10:45 am Ameerah and Nicole
Ameerah – he was getting mad
Nicole – I was about to go off and walk out.
Ameerah – we’re both getting mad
Nicole – if you want to see that side of me come out do that.
Ameerah – Why was he so aggressive about that
Nicole – cause I was bntting heads with him
Ameerah – he was getting aggressive (Felt like Nicole was the aggressive one)
Ameerah – it’s too late teh whole house is voting out POOCH it’s too late.
Nicole – if you want it to change you go talk to Jazz
Ameerah – you go talk to her and I’ll switch but right now I’ aligned with the HOH and the house.
Ameerah – I can’t believe he’s gunning so hard for POOCH
Nicole – he’s scared of Taylor.
Ameerah – he’s sacred of her
Nicole laughs – Yeah.. he should be
Ameerah – he can beat her he just wants us to be his pawns. If you want her out get her out.
Nicole – I’m also not going to play some MANS game EVER EVER. Reason number one why I get along with Daniel is he’s all about the ladies. Girl power. Not just like I love girls.
Ameerah – We need to stay good with Monte I don’t want him to FLIP on us
Nicole – I don’t want him to flip o us either.
Ameerah – that will be a problem. We’ll just keep him in our back pocket for now. I’m not going to get out who he wants me to get out.
Ameerah doesn’t believe MOnte’s reason to keep POOCH isn’t about gender, “You guys want to overpower us.. it’s not happening I’m not playing his game”
Nicole – I can tell Kyle doesn’t 100% agree with him
Nicole – you’re a idiot for not seeing the writing on teh wall. Why didn’t you talk your boy out of going up as a pawn. Who does that?
Nicole – last night in the HOH room. Daniel told us POOCH told him hey I’m going to put myself up as a pawn. Daniel was like OKAY.. you moron
They chuckle
Ameerah – yeah I’m getting him out. He’s going home.
Nicole – he’s going home for sure. I even talked to Indy.

Kyle joins them.
Kyle – I think we’re good.
Nicole – I’m 9 million percent onboard with this alliance
Kyle – yesterday about POOCH I was feeling I don’t want to be his number one
Ameerah – I don’t trust POOCH long term
Kyle – I don’t either. I don’t trust him long term .
Nicole – he’s a guys club kinda guy
Kyle – it’s just the variable with Taylor. I think we’re good as long as she doesn’t win HOH
Ameerah says next week they’ll put Tylor up against a pawn like Terrance.

10:20 am Bros get to lifting

11:24 am Britany and Taylor (hard to hear)
Britany says her gut is telling her nobody will use the veto
Britany asks her who she would put up next week
Taylor – my target is a guy
Britany – make that increasingly known to the rest of the girls.
Taylor – put two guys up. I wouldn’t put Michael up. The guys would get him that would be a big blow

11:35 am BAthroom crew is getting ready to watch the veto competition
Joking around about saying things that the “Bro Dudes” would say
Daniel – like When I say shit like ‘you getting it in’ I don’t f***ing care it’s just what like some BRO DUDE would say
Alyssa – you hyping them up. They’re like YEAH YEAH WE ARE
Daniel – just screaming

11:44 am Indy, Joe, Brittany, Jasmine, Ameerah
Jasmine says she’s getting a “cast boot” they requested a xray.
Jasmine – I’m just glad it’s hear I don’t have to leave and go.
Brittany – ohh good they can do that here
Brittany goes on about a story where her husband thought he just sprained his ankle then got a x-ray and found out it was broken.
Feeds flip
(Ohh great BB19 )

11:55 am Kyle and Michael

Kyle – jasmine and them are all gung-ho there was a blow up with Nicole, Ameerah and Monte in teh storage room. I walked in
Michael – Monte wants Taylor gone
Kyle – So Taylor tells Ameerah. Taylor says I want to backdoor Monte next week. Ameerah tells Monte and Monte says OK simple that’s a clear threat to our alliance.
Kyle – Monte was like POOCh is the village idiot and Ameerah was like NO I CAN CONTROL TAYLOR
Kyle – Ameerah was like NO it has to be POOCH. I think they were yelling at each other it got heated.

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Ha! I am hoping Pooch wins the Veto just to screw all their plans. Don’t like a single one of them at this point.


I’m really starting NOT to like Nicole…..maybe it’s the name!