“I’m so ready for tomorrow.. Just to get it done “

POV Holder: Steve POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Meg, James and Jackie

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 16-46-20-228_jpg

4:45pm James and Austin
Talking about the treasure of the titanic

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 16-49-38-235_jpg

5:02pm James goes to get Liz
Liz – Austin.. you’ve changed..
Austin – how did I change
Liz – we had our first fight last night
Austin – JAmes Started that
James- fights are important with relationships.. don’t hide your feelings.. Dr Phill told me that
Austin – I’ll make you a nice dinner tonight

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 17-06-47-702_jpg

5:00pm Meg swimming with the sharks

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 17-25-53-938_jpg

5:22pm Kitchen Austin, the twins and Vanessa
vanessa – tomorrow on track
Austin – yeah supposed to be.. that’s why i’m hanging out having fun
Vanessa wants them talk game soon. Austin – Tomorrow night

Vanessa tells the twins – I’ve really excited my skin is clearing up
Liz – that’s the best it’s looked
Austin heads to the back yard

Julia brings up James telling Steve she liked him, she wants to make it clear she doesn’t like Steve that way
When James asked her who does she like out of the guys, Julia said Steve – “I thought it was hilarious yeah whatever…”
Julia adds Steve told SHelli “I think Julia really likes me “
Vanessa – The maturity level of someone much younger.. you have to be careful.. like middle school.. he’s fine
Julia – James why did you do that’s so annoying.. I love Steve he’s like my friend my little brother.. I don’t date guys that are younger or the same age, just older.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 17-34-49-065_jpg

5:33pm Liz and Steve Hammock
Talking about James telling him about Julia. Liz says Julia likes Steve like a little brother and James is being James.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 17-39-32-071_jpg

5:33pm Julia and Vanessa
Vanessa talking like Johnnymac is going up against Shelli.
Julia – I’m questioning Steve.,., I see him and Johnnymac talk more.. Johnnymac is weird
Vanessa – you can’t get a read on him
Vanessa – you want to keep Shelli
Julia- Yesssssssss
Julia – I’m more scared of James than Jackie
vanessa- do you think Austin is trying to win.. or throwing HOH that means we’re just getting the blood on our hands.. I don’t understand why he’s doing so bad.. he’s so fit
Julia – He’ sa lot smarter than we thinks and it makes me mad you’ve won so many he doesn’t want to get the blood on his hands.
Julia – I don’t trust him I’ve never trusted him
Vanessa – will there be a point where he tried to sell you out, that point is rapidly approaching
Julia – I don’t think he’s going to put me up
Vanessa – work behind the scenes
Vanessa is pissed off she thinks Austin is throwing all the competitions.
Julia- he doesn’t give a f*** about anyone but Liz
Vanessa – when he says he goes up there and defends him does he..
Julia – I don’t know
Vanessa goes on about how much she’s done to protect Austin
Liz joins them.. “The deed is done.. steve deed”
Liz told Steve maybe when he’s rich and famous and not a virgin Julia would be interested
LIz – He’s like she doesn’t like virgins.. Umm NO
Julia – I want a man with Experience…

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 18-01-27-958_jpg

5:59pm James and Meg watching Austin and LIz fold sheets
Meg – I hope they are not mad tomorrow
James- we’re f*** if they are
Meg – I think becky should tell them, but whatever
James- I’m so ready for tomorrow.. just to get it done

6:09pm James tells them he was able to sneak a watch in the first day. Everyone was pointing it out so production took it from him.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 18-13-19-866_jpg

6:09pm Hot Tub Liz and Austin
They’re getting overwhelmed by Vanessa’s non stop game talk.
Austin says James is so gung ho with sticking to their final 8 strategy
Liz – Shelli is leaving this thursday there’s no question
Austin says Vanessa is going to try to get them to Flip the house and vote Johnny Mac out
They don’t want to do it they want to stick with their deal with James, Meg, Becky and Jackie.
Austin – I enjoy hanging out with them.. we have fun
Liz – I knowwwww I like themmnmnmm
They have noticed Vanessa acting really weird
Austin wonders if she knows something they don’t
Austin doesn’t think Johnnymac is working with the HOH but Vanessa thinks he is.
Austin thinks Johnnymac will put up Vanessa because of their fight earlier in the week.
Liz – that’s why she’s freaking out because she’s the most vulnerable out of the three

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-09 18-27-36-420_jpg

6:26pm Steve’s makeover from Vanessa

See what they can’t show you on TV!

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this why i love liz she working every1 over but leaves other half in the dark!


Liz and Julia voices are so annoying


I knooooooooow I hat them toooooooooo

Canadian Bacon

Meg’s lipstick makes me think of Heath Ledger as the Joker.


thanks for saying that, i noticed it the other day in a pic, or after dark, she’s laying it on way too thick for whatever she might be wearing. on the other hand, i really dislike the ones who makeup all the way, but skin tone out their lips. it’s not attractive. 🙂

imo, that pic of Steve is very good, he looks really cute.

Yo Yo Yo

Steve looks great with his makeover via Vanessa! Love that he has a crush on Julia. No chance Steve.
But then again, Austin and Liz are a showmance, so you never know.


she might get with him if she can use him for the game. Her sister Liz is doing it to Austin.


I was just going to say that, he looks pretty good there..


I’m shocked that Vanessa’s makeover was so good, not sure why. Maybe because her clothing is kind of clashy. He has a nice face underneath his glasses and I think he’s got a lot to work with once he decides to spend more money/time on styling.

I actually think guys like him DO have chances with Julia, he’s just the wrong age for it.


Steve has a 90% chance w/Julia if he wins BB. 100% chance if he wins hoh.


This show sucks.


Go away, troll.


Becky= Fire Marshall Bill
Jackie= troll/dam doll
Meg= Golden Girl


Shut up. Watch some thing else.
Best season ever.



Have you watched every season? I have.


Omg I wanna play bongos with all the girls…up top and down low

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Bongos??? That is so 1960ish and 1970ish! Bongos started with the Beatniks in the 60s and moved on to the Flower Child Hippies of the 70s. You’re telling everyone your age! I learnt about that in my Civics class 🙂


Like How would you know

trying to hard

Thanks for the history lesson grandpa
Hippies and sensitive about hating Americans. What are you a Vietnam veteran.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Goodness gracious. Why am I getting all the thumbs down? I think it’s a bunch of mentally deficient well meaning idiots who don’t know what a bongo is! Hey haters, why don’t you look up the word “bongos” in the dictionary or wiki? My use of the word was not as a metaphor as the post that I originally responded to, my ref was to actual dictionary def!

Sizzling Wok

Confucius say…don’t sweat the petty stuff…and don’t pet the sweaty stuff

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Confucious funny, funny is not befitting for Confucious.


Ooooohh someone’s got their panties in a bunch tonight

Oh Lucyyyyyy!

How about-Ricky Ricardo 1950s babalu


Wow this plan is going over better than I thought it would. Steve will use his veto and then Vanessa is going to go apeshit when Becky tells her to have a seat. This is awesome.


but dont forget this is doubles week!

Becky's boobs

It’s going to be a freak out. But the polar opposite of Audrey’s. She won’t shut up and will harass everyone.


Vanessa is getting the very same thing done to her that she did to Jason … karma’s a b!t@h. When she gets all crazy Becky can say, well you had no problem betraying Jason.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

I would love to be a fly on the wall when Becky gives her speech and puts Vanessa on the hot seat!

Vanessa's strap on

Vanessa will come out swinging after the ceremony and pound it out all week! She’ll bang out those five vote for Thursday!

Becky's boobs

Not happening. Vanessa is out this week.


This is the best karma – the SAME blindside she did to Jason is going to happen to Vanessa; and the best thing is she doesn’t even see it coming! I feel bad for the other houseguest who has to deal with Vanessa until Thursday. She’s not even on the block yet and she is going insane! But it’s great entertainment for us so I’m all for it!


You are so right, I cannot wait for Vanessa to see just how Jason felt when she blindsided him and put him on the block instead of Austin. The look on her face is going to be priceless, and she and the twins are talking about how Austin does not win any comps, well what the hell are the Twins winning ? Vanessa as well, why didn’t she win the POV and take Shellie down and guarantee their safety ? I cannot wait to see Vanessa sitting the block, this is going to be sooooooooooo good as the Twins would say.


Can’t believe she didn’t trust herself, I thought she was pretty sure that she’s going to get nominated.
Steve’s believable lie burned her pretty good, since he told her it’s coming next week.

I feel a bit bad for her that her skin is clearing up and she’s going to the jury house. I wonder if she rather she went home last week to actually go home.

Ms Chiff

She just said on tv that she’s considered it a potential scenario – because she tried to offer Becky safety and Becky cut her off.

Think she probably hasn’t been trying to save herself because there’s just not much she can do at this point.


I dont agree.. Since BB started, the only time Becky gets mentioned is if its in the same sentence as johnny mac. I think Van is well aware she will get put up, but she doesn’t want to acknowledge it anymore for fear it may come true, or for better ratings. Whatever the case, she is definitely more aware than Jason was, so I don’t feel this is a true blindside. .


I just love Steve. He’s so awkward and sweet. Poor kid’s only knowledge about women seems to have come from frat boys and immature men like James. I hope he finds a good girl to get to know and date when the summer is over. Hopefully when his mom gets her hands on him she will have a lonnnng talk with that boy and teach him how to talk with and about women.


I’m sure Steve has a computer if he has any questions like that. Steve is Steve, can’t change him.

Jeff The Ladies Man

James needs to get coached up by Jeff on how to get the honeys….Jeff will have him dropping panties with the quickness.
That’s what’s up bro, seriously

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

Don’t forget the Andrew Jackson and a Trojan.


Steve is fine the way he is. There is someone for everyone but I gotta admit, the makeover helps. Can’t wait until Vanessa meets her doom


LOL James sneaking in a watch the first day, way to funny !


James comes off as an idiot, but he’s hilarious. I think all the “pervy” remarks are just his quirky sense of humor. Love you James.

Sizzling Wok

Confucius say….Dumb man climb tree to get cherry…..wise man spread limbs


He likes the shock value from women. He has no filter, and he probably has never been seriously disciplined by a woman. I would assume that his behavior is used and even encouraged in prison, even among guards. Although its not an excuse, but he comes by it honestly is what I am getting at.


I agree that Becky wanting Vanessa out is the correct play. But I am a bit surprised that Becky is not MORE upset with Shelli than she’s showing. When Shelli picked Vanessa (with the HG choice) it confirmed where Shelli stood. If I were Becky, I would be REALLY pissed. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t get that. At any rate, as long as Becky stands with JMac she is OK with me. If/when that changes, “Buh Bye” Beckey. Since Austin and Vanessa are trying to get JMac out, they are DEAD TO ME for the remainder of the game! For that reason ALONE, “Buh Bye” Vanessa. I am glad to see you go. Hope Austin is next.

Yo Yo Yo

JMac for the win! He is the most down to earth guy. If not him, then Steve.
Becky has been pro Shelli all season. Don’t get that.


If Vanessa had won the pov, Becky might be angry, but since everything worked out well there’s no need to be angry. I believe that Becky did file that away for future use though. I’m just amazed that Shelli hasn’t spilled the beans to Vanessa. Guess she is smart enough to know that would be a really bad move.


This is why I am so happy that Vanessa’s Ass is going on the block, did you read where Austin said Vanessa wants to flip the house and vote out Johnny Mac and keep Shellie. Whenever someone on the other side of the house is HOH, Vanessa always runs around and says that they do not have to vote how the HOH wants, they are being bullied.

But when Vanessa is HOH, she demands that everyone vote out her target, she expects everyone to do exactly what she wants. The last time she was HOH with Jackie, she was running around still trying to find out who was the person who voted for Jeff, Damn, who cares, Jeff had been gone for 2 weeks, but she was still holding onto that and questioning everyone who they voted for, who went against her wishes !!

This is going to be so great to see Vanessa sit her Ass on the Block, the look on her face will be priceless, now lets see how she feels if everyone votes to keep Shellie, because this is what Vanessa wanted remember, vote out Johnny Mac who is the replacement, and keep Shellie.

See how she likes it, or how she feels when she becomes the replacement nominee, I would love for Austin and the Twins to tell her, we are doing what you wanted, we are voting to keep Shellie. Austin and the Twins are now talking about Vanessa talking Game, nonstop, they are are getting tired of it, Vanessa has become just what she accused Audrey of, a person who constantly talks game.

I am so happy that Becky will be putting Vanessa up as the replacement Nominee, lets see how she enjoys being on the block. I am so over her and her constant reminding everyone that her WORD is good, she has no damn WORD, she is the biggest flip flop when it comes to keeping her word. So take your damn green beanie and sit your ass up on the block, and lets see how fast her alliance turns against her and votes her out.

Plastic Pool Shark aka PPS

Austin is so incredibly creepy-gross. Creepy-gross.

Plastic Pool Shark for President

PPS gets more play than any of the other male houseguests.

Straight Shooter

Loves Steve’s makeover. Adorable.

Crying Game

that boys gonna be askin for lipstick and a purse in minute


van has played the game james and Shelli have played the game with dignity this is a game made to be cut throat but the name calling and remarks are childish becky jackie meg a bunch of kids that dont deserve to be in the game they talk about van making deals and breaking them what about them with steve and shellie they didnt know his name last week when van is gone the rest of the season will be borrring and ive been watching since the first episode ill check in every once in awhile but the rest of this season is a bust and way to go van you gave the kid confidence what the three girls b j m will hurt that kids feelings if i was in jury i wouldnt vote for any of them


Hey, how you doing?


Well Hello there, I am absolutely fabulous darling, thank you for asking…..and how are you, hows your evening going…oh do tell


Steve kind of looks like Matthew Lewis after the makeover.

urban dictionary

Showmance – reality show romance (Jeff & Jordan; Brendan & Rachel)
No-mance – One sided reality show romance (Austin:Liz; Caleb:Amber)
Mono-mance – in love with yourself (Vanessa, Frankie)

Becky's boobs

To be fair, Amber continually told Caleb she wasn’t interested. Liz had never told Austin that.

But yes he’s still creepy.


No ones talking Shelli…………….
Or specifically Shelli is not talking. She gets a heads up from Becks after noms and keeps it to herself. Rarity of rarities this season. Doing nothing to stir the pot or causing any upset. We have been discussing Van and her reaction tomorrow what about Shelli after the renom?

You don’t have to like her but she is doing every thing right so far to stay. I think it’s always fun watching HG’s on the block and how they react especially the target. I think most here are hoping for a Van melt down and some good entertainment, me too. But just watch Shelli and hope she doesn’t screw it up and Van stay. Lastly I really hope Becks gives some form of the speech she has been talking about. It would be BB gold potentially.
1) You switched targets to get out Jason. Ditto
2) Your word is worth nothing
3) You were all for voting out Shelli with our 8 HG deal
4) Steve and Johnnie weren’t included either
5) you get the drift set up the next 3 days off of the speech….tasty


I am sad to see Vanessa go. She played a soild game until a couple weeks ago. Once she got paranoid over everything, it ruined her game. If she can pull off the upset this week and get Shelli voted out, this would put her right up there with Dan.


Can someone please explain how meg and jackie are being like mean girls from high school?

Meg's Twig Legs

Do you have the feeds?


I’m not seeing that. I think the Pro-Vanessa people are saying that.


Wrong! I wasn’t pro vanessa in the slightest before this happened.


Agreed. Nothing any different from when clelli/van were in power.. Same type of stuff.


I really like the James Meg and Jackie and Becky are working together to go against the other side ! This season is really good because we are getting lies , backstabbing everything we love in big brother

Becky's boobs

They should officially bring in JMac and make final 5.

Meg's Twig Legs

Then you will root for the other side…right? Because a big 5 alliance will be boring…right?

Becky's boobs

Incorrect. I’ve picked my favorites and am comfortable with my choice.


No. Not going to happen

At the End of the Day...

I feel sorry for the people in the room whenever Vanessa walks in. She really sucks the fun out of everyone. I really hope she goes home; I’m tired of looking at her raccoon bugged-eyed stares at people. Also, I can’t believe James hasn’t tried to hide her ugly green hat. Those beanies are not a good look.


i don’t understand the purpose of wearing the hat all the time. i figure it must be significant or useful for some reason, but can’t figure it out. Is she dressing as a character and doesn’t want to look like a regular person?


Anxiously awaiting this day: Steve will use the veto, take himself off the block, & JMAC’s name will not even be whispered as the replacement nom. 3..2..1 Blindside! Austin & the twins will have their mouths wide open in utter blindside shock & disbelief. Van will be told to have a seat on the block. She will be like a deer in the headlights, then her panic will cause her to start yelling at Becky & others even making threats & denying them votes. She will throw her green beanie to the ground & go stomping off. She will come at people in such an irrational manner & things will get scary for the HG, to the point her own alliance members will think twice. Then anger will set in & let the scampering begin.
She will try desperately to make deals, have Austin & the twins go to Becky & offer her fake deals. Once Austin & the twins come back from their talk with Becky, the twins will make Austin tell her it was no good-Becky isn’t buying what we are trying to sell her.
Van will tell them all the sacrifice & blood she got on her hands for them. She will tell them what a total disappointment they all are & how Austin is the worst! Then the back stabbing,& throwing of Shelli under the bus will happen. When that fails, the anxiety will have set so deep, that she may have a scary Audrey melt down. All I can say is I got my popcorn ready for the bag full of crazy Van is about to unleash! Let the melt down begin…Let me just say I am having fun with this but I am sure many of my play by play of events will actually happen.


Loooove it when Austwins say “Vanessa is acting weird”, “We’re not changing the plan again, keep JMac, Shelli’s out” and best, the “we’re not breaking our deal with the underdogs, I like hanging out with them they’re sooo fuuuunnn!”

We have to add Ho-mance to the list like how Liz & Julia sell their bodies for protection while humiliating their human sheilds as undesirable, weak, smelly, ugly and stupid…

And add Bro-Mance for Steve and JMac and Little-Bro-Mance like when Julia Shelli flirt with boys that remind them off their little brother eeeewwww

Steve is tearing Vans clothes off complaining how she’s campaigning him too hard and it’s going nowhere. Hope Becky squad don’t tell Austin about Vanessa’s backdoor she might find out or figure it out soon. Duck she’s gonna blow!

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

And when she does blow, all of Lady Maverick’s lost strap-ons will be powerfully ejected towards Becky!


Omg please make Becky shut up! She’s so in love with herself. On the show talking about Vanessa being dumb. Hahahaaaaa ok Becky you go back to folding clothes at Ambercrombe while Vanessa drives off in her Lamborghini to her Mansion in Vegas…yeah Vanessa became successful by being dumb…hahaaaa Cant wait for her to realize what an idiot she sounds like.

She Needs The Money

Vanessa sold her mansion in Vegas, Lambo was a rental and works as a DJ in Miami applying to game shows when she can’t score a gig. Read her Facebook page. Do you know how much beanies cost? If she could afford them would she be wearing the same one for 3 months? BOOM!


This is why I love Simon and Dawg, Only here will you get the true real capsules of the days events including the dialect of the House Guest…

“Liz – I knowwwww I like themmnmnmm” 😀


Kinda amazing how fake Becky is being to Vanessa right now. That would throw up a giant red flag if I was another house guest, watch out for her. She has done a complete 180 from her persona prior to this week. For now I like Becky, because she is working with Meg, Jackie, James. But hey need to get her out as soon as possible. Becky is dangerous she could go far in this game. James should realize she is the only other physical threat in the house to win endurance comps.


Well shelli was good in endurance on the wall. She was the last female standing.


LOL is vanessa already campaigning to the twins to keep shelli? she’s in for a rude awakening tomorrow morning.


Have you seen the second smurfs movie? Vanessa looks jooks just like the Smurfette.


I cant believe Vanessa said “Their either gay lovers or brothers” haha omg what an arse. Look at Johnny playing the game and thinking ahead, awesome.It seems like he thinks more strategic then Steve yet Steve knows how many minutes longer he was in a game then another player on a different season, Damn!
It was sad though when Jmac said “people don’t tell me anything”. I don’t know, it was just sad. lols
Love Vanessa’s turn to panic. This is what it is like Vanessa, when the HOH does what she wants. Remember when you were HOH.

Im really and truly sick of the term “Blood and more blood on my hands”…cant they come up with something else,like syrup.:P

Team JMac

They need to go after Liz hard before they go after Austin. Austin will be begging to get to jury if Liz is there. If Austin goes before Liz, she won’t care but rather fight all the harder to keep away from him longer. Austin would probably promise his jury vote to whoever unites him and Liz.

About Time

Don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready to see a girl win. It’s been too long.


No. I want a good player, who is also likeable, to win. Their gender is irrelevant.
No quotas.
No affirmative action.

I knoooooooowwwwww

Can’t wait until Vanessa and shelli are gone. Not because I don’t like them but just want to see how Austin and the twins will play.