“I’m protected and I still have my power for 2 weeks so whose really putting me up. I don’t have to worry”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson Bella
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson used the Veto on himself Cliff nominated Bella

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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5:16 pm backyard Bella, Nick and Nicole
Going over ways to campaign. Nick is going to push Holly/Michie that this is the only time they can get Jack out and there’s no blood on their hands.
Bella mentions that Cliff told her he would vote her way in a tie
Nicole says he knows they’re all f*ed
Bella – I get Cliff and his morale compass I can’t hold that against him
Nick – that was dumb
Nicole- game-wise we’re all f*ed
Bella – I’m going home that fine but you’re all f*ed ..
Nick – it’s going to be 8 on 4
Nick asks who they think Jess will put up
Nicole – I have no clue she scares me
They see Jessica putting up Nick and Sam
Nicole – because that’s what the house wants me to do
Nick – Cliff can’t compete so it’s 8 on 3 next week
Bella – perfect
Nick – they are going to make Jury

Nick mentions that Jackson told him he was debating to use the veto on Jack.
Bella being enthusiastic about trying to get Michie and Holly to flip.
Nick – getting them to flip is so unlikely
Bella – yeah it will be so amazing
Nick mentions that Nicole would have to get 100% certainty from Jackson and Holly and they never will give that
Nicole says Jess sees the other side the problem is Kat.
Nicole – there’s going to be like Guess what she said now
Bella – if I’m out I’m out at least I tried
Nick – try, shoot your shot, just don’t throw anyone under the bus
Bella – I hate Jack,

Nicole – I love you guys so much and I don’t know why .. I always thought I was a thinker but I’m a feeler and I just feel it in my gut

They talk about last week and Bella says they got caught up in the big alliance. Nicole says she had no idea she wasn’t getting evicted she thought she was.
Nick – when I heard 6 – 4 I thought ohh it flipped
Nick – Kat that little b1tch

Nicole – she thinks she is high up on their totem pole
Nick – I told her when they are going to get her out

Nick says once Bella goes that side will pick another person. “they pick one us because they can”
Nick – Christie does the same sh1t as us but they don’t point a finger at her, Jack does the same sh1t

Nick – they are too high to get picked off .. we do it and we get caught
Nicole – it’s so annoying
Nick – people play scared. I’m so annoyed at Kat.
Nick says he would rather goes back home to work than go to Jury
(they go over who they think will be evicted)
Nick – It’s going to be me, Cliff, Nicole, Jess then Kat
Bella – Holly, Sis
Nick – Tommy, Jackson
Nick – Christie and Jack final 2 and Christie thinks she’s going to win but Jack’s going to win. If you are the biggest threat in the house and you make it to the end you deserve to win
Nick – I would vote for him if he made it

Nick – the good news is if I win HOH next week they wouldn’t use the power to put you up they would use it to put Sam up
Bella – at least you made it to jury
Nicole – yeah
Nick – I’m not going to make a safe move and put up you and Jess like they want
Nicole – Cliff almost had it
Nick – that changed the whole game that stupid f*ing power
Bella – that’s what so annoying that she still has it
Bella – why didn’t he let her use it (Christie’s power)
Nicole – they made a deal
Nick – he’s going to be safe the next two weeks
Bella – he would have been safe regardless
Nick – the thing is .. he only secured himself two or three weeks he has no chance.
Nick – if he would have kept you (Bella) not only would he have a number he would have taken out the biggest threat in the house.
Nick says they only have jack, Christie, and Jackson on that side as competitors. The rest of them “hasn’t shown any promise”
Nick – he had a chance to get out the biggest player.. they just voted you out you owe them nothing that’s crazy .. just doesn’t make sense.

5:26 pm Christie and Sam
(Sam 100% knows Christie bullsh1ts him)
Sam – I have a plan but right now my plan is not working.
Christie – I don’t know what my next step will be I feel like you have to feel everyone out
Christie – Everyone still gunning for JAck it just so happens that this week everyone wanted to help me out more than get him out
Christie – I haven’t thought any further than this week
Christie – I’m so grateful to Cliff I’m his B1tch for the next couple weeks until my powers done

Christie – everyone respect straight forward honesty
Christie says Bella said her name that was it there wasn’t a question, “To me at that moment you are so stupid if you let this person stay she told multiple people she wanted me out ” (how dare she)

Christie – she was coming after me and Nick jumped on board and literally lied to my face, lied to Sis’ face, lied to Tommy’s face. try to create this whole mastermind plan to get Cliff to dupe me

Christie – sorry failure.. better luck in the next plan
Christie says the game will completely change now “I know I have the boys back.. you know Holly, Sis, Jack, Michie because I didn’t use the power they got me now”
Sam – right
Christie – I don’t have to have a target right now because I’m protected and I still have my power for 2 weeks so whose really putting me up I don’t have to worry

Christie – straight up even if someone did put me up like me and everyone’s back I had this week would easily win the veto and I would use it and put who I wanted up
Sam – Right

Christie – I do know I’m going to have their backs going forward (the 6)
Christie – But I have no issue with you

5:40 pm Bella and Nick
Bella – I’m sure Cliff feels uncomfortable to .. I’m sorry Cliff’s family but Cliff is a duma$$.. I said it that’s it. But damn
Nick – he’s not a dumba$$ . it gives him 2 more week.. if people are targeting you what’s the difference now or in 2 weeks

6:18 pm Sam and Sis
Sam says he likes Bella’s compnay likes hanging out with her but he doesn’t like her game adds tahshe really hasn’t done anythgn for his game.

6:24 pm Bella and Nick

Bella – people need to all come out here look at the sky and remember we’re in a f*ing parking lot and we’re here to win 500 thousand dollars
Nick – it’s not even about the Bread BRO it’s about winning
Bella – they’re here to win
Nick – Apparently not
Bella -apparently here every one is here to suck jacks d****
Bella – even you are
Nick – I’m not really .. what am I supposed to do
Bella – I don’t know. bite it off..

Nick – I have nothing against him he’s just really good at the game and this was the chance to get him out. and they blew it. Cliff Blew it Christie blew it and I hope wins

6:28 pm Sis and CHrstiei
Christie says they should take out Sam before Nick because he’s going to win COmps. Next week both of them go on the block.
(of course)

6:33 pm Nick and Bella
Nick – you know how you can tell a lot about a person is how they act when they are in power.
Nick – I just can’t believe he’s still in the game.. Jack
Sam joins them
Sam – I am so f*ed .. my game is f*ed .. Sis does not trust me at all.
Sam – Kat said that you and I came up with the plan and my name was dragged into it ..
Nuxcik – when Did I ever say that.
Sam – did you drop my name
nick – swear to god
Sam – I’m going to talk to kat and see if you said my name if she says no I might call a house meeting ..
Nick – I made that whole plan up
Sam – do you mind if I call a house meeting
Nick – go ahead it was my plan bro. I literally made up the whole plan

Sam – I might as well call a house meeting I have nothing to lose

6:51 pm Kat, Christie and Jack
Christie’s talking about who they should get rid of next week.. sounds like it’s Nick again because he’s scrappy

Sam joins them.
Sam – When Nick came to you did he name drop me because he says no

Kat – I don’t want to get in the middle of it I purposely .. by the plan people knew the plan I did not say anything
Kat – I Want to say no but I can’t remember enough to say
Kat says she doesn’t remember Sam’s name getting put up.
They tell him it’s not about someone being name-dropped.
It was Sam spending time with Cifff leading up to the noms
Kat – I don’t think Nick name-dropped you
Sam – yeah that I can see
Sam – I almost want to call a house meeting and air it all out. I want to call Nick up next to be I want him to verbally admit I had nothing to do about it (LAst nights attempt to get Cliff to trick Christie)

Christie warns him that everything will get aired during a house meeting

7:14 pm Jessica, Sam and Nicole
Jessica says none of them were part of the 8
Sam – we were at the bottom
Nicole -that’s what so scary is numbers. Right now it’s 6 and 2 of the 8 now 6 and 1
Jess – what are you talking about
Nicole – the way it’s split ..
Jess – I don’t think it’s six. we’re talking about showmances that’s four and tow.. technically they are 6 but the 6 broke into 4 and 2
Jessica – there’s still people outside .. out of that that are close to a few in that area.
Jessica doesn’t see there is a 6 “whos to say anybody out of that 6 will win HO next week and do exactly what Cliff did” (Something tells me the only person that would do anything is Nick, Sam, and Nicole the rest of you 6shooter wannabes_

Jessica – Sammy you telling me you are going to self evict
Sam – no
Jessica – I know how tough it is Beleive me I thought about it.. wanting to leave before jury so you don’t have to stay n the house by yourself
Sam – no I would never self evict
Jessica – I wouldn’t either

7:40 pm Family dinner minus Bella and Nick

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Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

I was so impressed with Cliff and Kat’s game play this past week until they both handed the game to the Sickshooters.


This is my hope. Nicole,jess,kat,sam and nick vote for wannabe aquaman and tommy,chris,sisi,holly and jackson vote for Bella-bully and cliff who has ruined this for us will get the tie to evicte aquaman wannabe and please lord let Sam or Jess win HOH


I’m with you on almost everything, but that’s a big no from me for a Jess win, Sam and Nicole yes, but not Jess. I’d be too scared she’d side with Christie, she’s the one who kept telling Cliff that Christie is so trustworthy last night. Yikes


Jess is an idiot. She has no idea what is going on in the house. If she spent half as much time talking game to everyone as she does caking on her make-up she would be trustworthy. You can’t depend on her she is nothing but a floater hoping someone will take her to the end.


I’m just feeling for the underdogs. And I sincerely dislike bullies. It’s one thing to play the game but how some of those people were speaking and treating their house mates was disgusting


I keep forgetting about Jess.


Jess is a waste of space. All she does is lay in bed, do her make-up OR scoff down all the carbs.
If she managed to win an HoH she would probably put cliff and Nicole up.

Franks fumes

Painful to watch Cliff try to fit in with the alleged cool kids…..yuck.

J e t s jets jets jets



Jess? Why? What will she do?

J e t s jets jets jets

How ignorant are they that they think Jackson and Holly will flip? Jackson would rather cut Holly loose, especially after last night, than get rid of Jack. It’s amazing how clueless they are. I would love to play poker with them as they can’t read anyone.


House meeting??? Sure let’s do this! Team Chaos all the way, let’s blow up some games and get crazy!


Yes I agree ??


Christie warning that everything will get aired in a house meeting, hahaha that’s right Christie everything will get aired, including you being the ring leader to get everyone to vote out Cliff, and you saying you won’t go to the finals with the couples. I hope christie’s game blows up in her face


Hahaha my exact thoughts! I also thought that if I was in the house or rather Sams position I would have responded with “Exactly! Are you afraid of anything coming out Christie?”


sadly cliff played it perfectly including convincing christie not to use her power then he folded like a lawn chair.. i could care less about bella and im not a huge fan of cliff but its hard to watch the old guy get played.. doesn’t say much for casting this season considering theres 13 players left and other than nicole i cant imaging myself rooting for a single one of them to win it all


Nicole is no better. She is now siding with the two people that wanted her out last week. I thought she was smarter than that.


The problem is the numbers dictate they need one of them. With Bella on the block they have to have one of that side or Bella is gone. Once she’s gone it’ll be a dull roll unless Sam/Nicole/Nick goes on a comp tear with back to back wins of HoH and veto for a couple weeks.


I agree but if push came to shove she would chose Jack. (Maybe lol)


Actually that is smart because they will target the six shooters. The enemy of my enemy…


I’m right there with you Fuzzy, this week had so much potential- there’s no way Nicole wouldn’t have pulled the trigger to get the job done, she would’ve taken one of the 6 out guaranteed. Cliff really did fold and it’s so disheartening

Feeds Gold

christie: “I’m protected and I still have my power for 2 weeks so whose really putting me up. I don’t have to worry”

i cant wait for that arrogance to be met with her being on the block

i want to see how she handles being on defense

a nick or sam hoh and veto win would be awesome


And to think, we could’ve had that this week, smh

Feeds Gold

it would have been hilarious but i dont think that was ever an option for cliff, he was either doing bella or holly/sis/tommy

he didnt want to dupe or put christie up

but christies time will come, she will see the block at some stage



Franks fumes

Yep final 3.


Cliff preaches honor and integrity, yet he throws Bella up and screws over his entire side of the house. Bella was their meat shield! None of them were going home before Bella. Cliff is a delusional traitor and if I were Nick or Sam I would put him up next week. Cliffs move reminds me of BB19 when Cody beat Paul to come back into the game and Jessica wins hoh then they decide to make a deal with Paul like idiots and the very next week he does not keep the deal and they get put on the block and Jessica goes home. Cliff made one of the worst moves in BB history imo. Will,Dan and any of the all time greats(or anyone with a brain) would of back doored Crusty.

Franks fumes

Yeah Cliff is crossed off my Christmas list too…..what a wet noodle he turned out to be.


Or at least put her up to possibly get rid of Jack.


“if he would have kept you (Bella) not only would he have a number..” (Says Nick). The real problem is Bella is such a two face sneaky liar that no one would ever know if they could depend on her. You cannot count on her in the slightest. I thought even the Hamsters knew that by now and that’s part of why they want her out.

Summer Gowen

Is Jackson no longer a have not, he is taking a hot shower?


he should be penalized

Roll Tide

Apparently he is also one of Allison Grodner/CBS’s darlings. Seems like there are three. Christy is friends with one of the production staff, Jack and now Jackson. Didn’t Amanda get in trouble for eating when a have not?
I wish they would go back to peanut butter and jelly. Plus the competition for food for the week.

Mama Wang

Total douche! Not surprised….. can’t wait to see him go either. Something tells me that the vote thus Thursday will be tied…….Cliff will manifest his testicles and boot Jack ….Nicole wins next HOH, but could be wasted because of the Chrust power


House too dumb. Kat too dumb. Jess to dumb. Bella going. Hate when people are loyal to people who aren’t loyal to them. If jack and Christie were evicted we might have a game. A game of idiots scrambling but at least a game .


It won’t be a waste though if they get her to use her power…if that wasn’t in play it might give the other side more guts to actually follow through when they get the power….AND….I think it would be an eye opener for Christie to see how little “her side” backs her without it!


He’s also smuggling food into the shower out of sight and eating.


At this point, Bella’s going home and then it’s only time before the alliance of 6 (now 8, silly Kat and Jess) pick off the others. Do Kat and Jess not realize they are at the bottom of that alliance? Do they not realize that same alliance blindsided members of their own alliance last week?

Short term I sort of get why Cliff did what he did but long term, he pretty much killed his chances of making it to the end. He’s going to need a lot of things to go right for him in order to get there.

I’m not sure there’s really much the misfits can do to convince anybody to flip. Try to convince Tommy he’ll be AFP if he flips and votes out Jack? Threaten Christie that she’s going to lose all of their votes at the end (if she gets there) for not taking out the biggest threat in the house? Tell Kat and Jess that they’re going to be the targets next week? Nope, nope, and nope.


Why don’t people ever learn to call a house meeting equates to bb death? Yet every year someone inevitably calls one smh


Well to be fair Sam is dead to the 6 anyway, what’s he got to lose, why not air everyone’s dirty laundry and cause some chaos

another name

If Jackson isn’t cheat-eating in the shower, why did he immediately leave the shower and pull wrapping of some kind out of his pockets and throw them in the garbage? It’s not the first time in the last 2 days. showers, ducks down in shower, immediately goes to garbage in the kitchen after shower.
Mind you, he’s in the hot shower not the cold shower while he is eating this time.

clearly chewing thinking he’s alone when he pops back up. turns his head away when he sees sam. Noticeably. to Sam.
d/r call. what, to give him the pizza he ordered?
725 bb time cam 1. Jackson is in the fridge right before he heads to the shower.


He should be punished, they should void his veto and put him back on the block. Hahaha, that’d be glorious, of course that’ll never happen though. What’s the point of have nots if they don’t enforce it

another name

Jackson is getting the Grodner Golden Treatment. I’m thnking his third warning.
This isn’t the first case of have not eating. Remember Josh in 19? Remember foutte helping Fes cheat eat… really poorly in the hoh room while studying for a comp?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

How many warning can you get?Do they mean anything?

another name

If you are not a Grodner Golden Treatment recipient you might get as many as two. One warning, then punishment.
Punishments i’ve seen in the past: another week on slop. whole house on slop. a penalty nom. a penalty vote against you if you are on the block.
Punishments I’ve seen to Grodner pets: a not as nice edit for an episode, a naughty boy in d/r. and then back to normal coddled treatment.


Voiding his eviction vote would be nice.

another name

That’s not a punishment i’ve seen before. But it would be pretty good to see him be the cause of a vote flip because of his rule breaking. Don’t think it will happen because of the whole edit.


They should block his vote or strip his veto power.

another name

Jackson wants the portapotty key. gee. no cameras in there. they’ll set up his buffet. eyeroll.
He’s pretty serious about wanting that key. Right after his d/r meeting, that interrupted his shower snack.


Trying really hard to understand why Cliff wouldn’t flush out Christie’s power since it was Bella going up regardless.

Feeds Gold

it bought good faith with the most influential player in the game


who Alison Grodner?

Franks fumes

And screwed the 4 people that voted for him to stay…….,you know his side of the house.

another name

This house meeting blows.
Nick crying like he saw a butterfly.
Nobody spitting blood.
20 minutes in… and i think they’re going to have an intermission for an interpretive dance about gratitude.


Bwahahahaha, oh no, well that sucks- I wanted blood, it looks like it’ll just be tears. Dang it


Nick crying and apologizing for his gameplay and 6s trying to pep talk him not to give up…. BARF. We want a real house meeting, not this fake bullshit. Nick/Sam you know they’re still putting you up next week. Get your heads outta their ass! Cmon!!

another name

What i want from a house meeting: Some moron thinking ‘this will save me’ and ‘let’s set the record straight’ that proceeds to practically hand popcorn to feed watchers as they shovel themselves to the centre of the earth. People crying, screaming, running from room to room like Christie on a Friday morning. Every Friday morning. Some idiot saying ‘I don’t know what’s going on’ (cough cough not saying just saying… Jessica). Half the room trying to turn invisible. The other half of the room trying to pile every sin on earth on the moron that called the house meeting.
Is that too much to ask?
Like a nice normal Family Thanksgiving. 🙂

Franks fumes

I know they need to lower Evel Dick in on a rope in a devil costume…….somebody has to do something this is unbearable lol.


Jessica is just a giant POS. I don’t ever remember hating a houseguest this much. She is so clueless and worthless. Honestly, who cast her and how did they find her? No way she’s seen the show before. What a dumba**.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

There should be a “word quota”. You go over your “word quota” and they dock your Stipen for each extra word spoken (double dock for each time they use “like”, “literally”, and “F***”). “Christie, you owe us $37,500.”

Roll Tide

How did Christy’s ex girlfriend put up with non stop talking for 7 years? The woman deserves a metal. She is every where, maybe a camera hog, being sure she gets her 15 minutes.