“I’m pretty much the low man on everyone’s totem pole”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 18-40-58-708_jpg

6:26pm Steve alone
Steve – I’m safe by a comfortable margin
Steve thinks he’ll pick John to play in POV if he gets houseguest choice
Steve is questioning if he should let Vanessa go team up with Shelli, Jmac and Becky.
Steve – in my gut I want to let it happen
Steve – I don’t want to lose Vanessa.. sh1t.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 19-04-03-097_jpg

6:58pm Steve and James
James says Steve has his vote.
Steve lets out a giant sigh
Jame s- you missing home
Steve – ya
Steve – I’m pretty much the low man on everyone’s totem pole
James – what do you miss most from home
Steve says one part of the final HOH is always Endurance
James – I can’t wait
Steve – for another endurance
James – I do pretty good at those
Steve – you’ve won both of them
James – yup

James – would you consider yourself a reality TV star
Steve – No
Jame s- What is a reality TV star
Steve – I don’t know .. I’m a temporary reality TV Star
James says he wants to play with the most honour and dignity because at one point his daughter might watch it.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 19-42-36-507_jpg

7:22pm Austin, the Twins, Becky working out
Meg joins them for a bit.

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 19-32-53-213_jpg

7:31pm Storage room Meg and James
James – I talked to steve.. he’s hanging in there.. he’s worried he knows he has to put work in
He asked me about replacement nominee and if I know who would go up I told him I don’t know
James tells her they need to keep Steve in the loop as long as they can he might be the deciding vote this week.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 19-52-52-383_jpg

Austin “Cracking” people’s back says he’s more resetting their ribs than cracking the spine.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 19-59-12-382_jpg

Austin – Could be ipso lateral (Also known as grab you a$$)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 20-03-23-223_jpg

8:01pm James gets some cracks

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 20-18-58-959_jpg

8:07pm HAve nots Meg and JAmes
Agreeing the food is not going to be hard this week. James thanks Big Brother for letting me have bread.
They start studying but mostly just giggle

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 20-09-32-246_jpg

8:08pm HOH Steve and Becky
Steve thanks her and gives her a hug says he gets it what she’s doing.

8:38pm It’s slow 🙁 Jackie gets out of the knight outfit at midnight.

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This HOH is so hott @-;—-

the coreys

Liz needs to go. This bitch tonight said Jmac needs to go cause she can’t stand him.

She has said this about James too and of course austin as well.

She flows with the wind and negativity is the first thing always out her mouth.


Omg coreys I knooooowwwww……


So Vanessa is most likely leaving if Steve is going with Jmac and Becky. Shelli will probably not pick her as HG choice, at most she will pick Austin or a twin, so it all rides on Vanessa getting to play and also winning.

I guess is that if Producers want her back bad for her narration to continue they will have double eviction then one more elimination then the 3 HGs play. Or maybe double eviction then there is 50% chance of her coming back.


I don’t think Nessa is going any where. 1st the POV has to be used. Depending who wins that ends it right there. She has Austwins(3 votes) in the bag. If it’s Shelli still up versus Van you might get unanimous Shelli evicted. JJM still fuming Shelli didn’t go last week. Good news for Steve versus Shelli to a point there. The tighter race is Van versus Steve. Steve needs 4 but he’s moping around won’t bloody help. Shelli is certainly a 4th Van vote, she needs just 1. JJM plus Johnnie Mac and Steve needs the 4. One of these 4 geniuses will save Vanessa from a tie vote and a Becky eviction. I see Vanessa very safe even if she goes up.


Once Vanessa is up there she’s toast. Unless a certain flip in the diary room happens with James (hello America’s favorite houseguest… UGH). Jackie, Meg and Jmac hates Vanessa. Becky also sees her as this huge competition threat so she’ll vote to evict her. Also the underdogs being stupid is working for them for now because they think that Nessa is “alone” as she is broadcasting to the house and thinks that they will not piss Austwins if they get rid of her.


If Van is up and Shelli is down, Van has Shelli, Liz, Julia, Austin, and any swing vote available. She could stay and Steve go.


I wonder if James/Meg/Jackie question why Becky didn’t do a frontdoor and guarantee one of her noms go home. They know a Double Eviction is coming. Should make them wonder if Becky is playing both sides. I don’t get that at all!! (Dawg is still above Austin in the votes) <—– see what I did there, the brackets LOL

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

It would be so funny if James pulled a Lawon. Though in James case it wouldn’t be as asinine. Lawon based his foolish decision on a pipe dream, while James’ strategy would be based on foreknowledge from Julie Chen. And he probably would win his way back into the house! Not saying it’s the best strategy, I certainly wouldn’t try it if I were in his situation.


He wants to pull an Ozzy in Redemption Island or something. But those require skill.
For BB return from jury convos are most likely 30 second luck or reaction speed type comps.

After Vanessa, I wonder who is going home. I’ve sort of written her out of this game because at most she’s returning from jury. Shelli has turned on her, Steve is going to, so she has no chance of winning BB.

Say she gets to F2, four of Becky, Meg, John, James, Jackie are not voting for her. If she sits next to John, he gets Shelli and Steve’s vote as well, he wins. No chance against Shelli. Only if she sits next to Austin or Steve can she win. The chances of that are slim to none. She has slight chance against a twin but bitter jury most likely so no.

I think an underdog will win, just depends on who now. Girls will band together for at least a week soon to get out James or John after Vanessa is gone.

Sizzling Wok

Confucius say….man who scratches ass….should not chew finger nail

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

Meg actually made an effort to make herself look good. She put on some red lipstick so that she could lay down and eventually sleep most of the day.


If her family or friends condensed everything important she has done in the house, they would have a 5 minute clip so far. Including that Clay hug (that she did not deserve his bad comments for since it was mutual).


Basic Boring Becky hoh. Blah. I haven’t logged on the feeds once today. Wish I could fast forward to Thursday!


Steve is gonna think about that hug all night….he’s downstairs salivating at another chance…..


Becky is picking a side and making a big move. I respect that. And there was nothing basic about the way she dominated that HoH comp.


Becky is a Powerhouse….


I’m referring to the feeds. Becky is VERY BORING on there. Her constant stories bore everyone, even the houseguest. Why do you think she’s hoh and is sitting alone in her room?! She’s hoh for gods sake and no one is even hanging out up there.

Even the dr barely calls her, she’s brought that up several times. I mean yeah she did great in the comp. that’s awesome, but still doesn’t change the fact that people pay for and want entertainment on the feeds. And Becky is the worst hg in that regard. Even her noms are boring. She’ll need a miracle to pull off anything even remotely good for this hoh. Plus it’s annoying how desperate she is for shelli to like her. I do not get that at all.


Why is it that I feel so bad for Steve?! I feel like he’s really dying to play the game but no one will but Vanessa and she doesn’t even talk that much game with him. I’m really hoping he doesn’t go home this week. Steve has my heart!

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

James said that he wants to play the game with honor and dignity because his daughter might one day watch it. Really, really, why didn’t you think of that when you spewed out all of your perv remarks?


So one day he could tell his daughter all men are perv. Some just hide it better than others.

Who cares

My thoughts exactly!!! Should thought about that before he used the “C” when referring to a woman. I really don’t care who wins this season but if James was sent to jury and stayed, it wouldn’t bother me. He can be so disgusting.


Loving that the girls are ruling this house. Jackie is my fav! It’s a girls’ game to lose this year!


Becky needed to just put Shelli and Vanessa up together from the beginning!! I’m really hoping this backdoor works and Vanessa gets sent out the door this week!


James made a bold move that backfired. Give him credit for attempting. Take away all credit for being a PIG!!!!


James – what do you miss most from home
Steve says one part of the final HOH is always Endurance

I’m so lost how Steve started talking about the final HOH when James asked about his home life. There’s another example of him missing the mark, and not trying to create bridges and bonds with other HG. Luckily for him James/Jackie/Meg are thinking about using the Veto on him if they win.

I’m glad he’s finally realized he’s at the bottom of the totem pole, maybe he’ll pick up his gameplay. I just don’t get why he feels he needs Vanessa. Maybe he feels like she’s the only person he can connect with other than Jmac. He has a burning dislike of Becky for no apparent reason.

Since when did Liz and Austin start disliking Jmac? Because of the Vanessa/Clay/James thing?


I hate steve, and no it has nothing to do with him being awkward and “geeky” at all. He admitted that his strategy is to be like andy and sneaks and listens to conversations, he got caught and people got annoyed with him. Now he is acting mopey and victimizes himself. Granted some of them are fueled and twisted by Vanessa saying that it to him that it was because of “high school stuff” but Meg and Jackie even have a conversation that they are starting to like steve more. Seriously??? If he had not started with his sneaking and scampering around then he will not be “ostracized”, also had he made a solid connection more to a group and give out information from him then he will not be treated as the lowest man. JMac seems to trust him because he has been feeding JMac some information, he is in an “alliance” with Austwins but has not contributed at all. He’s one of those that is very tight lipped but with the house split up he is only seen as a viewer that hasn’t done anything in the game.


Am I the only one who thinks this have not rotation is retarded. Becky just made her alliance have nots when she should be making the people she doesn’t want to win comps on slop to weaken them.


I KNOW! I hate the “rotation” have nots. I miss the old days of people putting their enemies on slop and people being stuck on it for weeks. Or even a have not competition would be a nice change. This taking turns crap is way to polite and so booring.


… and, oh so, very, very lame!


Unless (fat chance) Becky is playing The Generals and is really going to make Steve the target after all because she secretly is in with Vanessa and Shelli. Vanessa did take her to steak dinner didn’t she?


I really hope during double eviction that shelli/vanessa both go to jury that would be awesome…. I hope thursday during double eviction james wins HOH…..

I am hoping James wins the POV this week and takes steve off the block…..


I really think that Becky wants to isolate Shelli and work with her. She knows that won’t happen until Vanessa is gone. They seem the most similar in personality and they could kill the game if they teamed up. That’s why she isn’t telling James and his people the whole story of her conversation with Shelli, because she is willing to flip on them if her dream alliance happens. A few weeks ago she was hoping to work with Clay, Shelli and JMac.


Lmao! Jackie and Meg are cracking me up.

Their talking about how the Gamers have gone out one after the other (and yet their are still so many strong players left) and the possibly of Steve and Jmac being the Final 2 or the Twins making it there. Those would be disappointing final 2’s considering those 4 players have done the least other than follow stronger players.

Meg talking about needing to watch the show to understand what’s going on. *rolls eyes* You know what, I just have to remember the HG aren’t clairvoyants, and can’t see everything going on, but come on girl. Put two and two together. Vanessa/Shelli/Clay have been at the center of all the lying and backstabbing since before Audrey left.


Vanessa ”why is Becky targeting our side, that is really stupid”.Lol


My Favorite Big Brother Seasons have always been having 1 side of the House go against the other and each week it switches back and forth and makes other House Guest choose sides or swap….

That is the Perfect BB and it seems this season is being one of the better ones…

Meg's Twig Legs

Ba…ba….ba….booooring feeds!


Hey Simon! Been gone awhile – so I’m not trying to be funny here or anything – just curious- at 7:31 p.m. in the storage room with Meg & James: James tells her they need to keep “Ian” in the loop as long as they can – he might be the deciding vote this week. Is Ian back this season or is this just a typo? Who are they talking about? Maybe Steve? He is the closest to Ian I can think of! LOL!


Thanks Simon – I appreciate it! I figured it was Steve – but hey – ya never know with Big Brother! LOL!! You & Dawg do a terrific job! Heck, if it was me, it’s hard to tell who I would be saying was in that house! LOL!


When watching BBAD I fast forward through all the Vanessa moments. Then I fast forward through all the Austwin moments. Then Becky and Shelli get boring so I’m watching half the show. Halfway through the actual show I usually delete it and say f it I’ll just read what Simon and Dawg post so thanks for making it so easy!!

I also want to give a big fu to McCranda from season 15. You were both so filthy and disgusting thing get since then everybody has been so self conscious and conservative about showmance and sexual interaction of any kind.


you are right. Bloody condom ruined it all. Disgusting !

Ash J Williams

I agree, I think Steve is doing very well. Esp since he has that “I don’t like to talk to people” thing going on lols. I think he wants to play also but I think he gets a little scared which brings on some anxiety. I feel that even though Jmac is doing well also and is a huge fan, I feel he is out of his element a little bit too.
My friends say I would be good in BB. I laugh and say “Yes if I kept my mouth shut”…hmmmm :)(Ya I would be out first week 😛 )
Beckys plan could still go smoothly if she can convince Vanessa she isn’t the backdoor? I also thought it was funny that Becky tells Jmac to pretend their not close and to try to be distant this week then tells him to let Steve know hes a pawn for sure and is safe. Now how the hell is he going to do that if he has to pretend him and Becky don’t talk? How will Steve beable to trust that by not asking.”Did Becky tell you that”….Jmac:”Yes, she did, but we are not close so lets trust her”????
What the What!

another name

some of the hg’s already mentioned that it was weird that only four men remain. that got me thinking a bit.
if ever there was a time for a women’s alliance to pick off the men, it would be this season.
Won’t happen. but if they were ever going to do it, it should be while they double the men in numbers. Considering no woman has ever beat a man in bbus final two, they are missing a golden opportunity to increase their odds in winning 500k.
They really are missing an opportunity. Where’s all that talk of women aligning that shelli was talking about at the beginning of the game? oh right, she already had her showmance to cover her complicity in such a thing last time she mentioned it (three weeks ago).
I know it’s important to the hg’s and the fans to get Vanessa out. But everyone is on to her game. She’s dead in the water without the ability to play everyone. But is she any less dangerous than James? They’ve won approximately the same number of comps. They’ve both made deals each of their hoh’s and went back on their word. They both use words they shouldn’t like loyalty and integrity (because neither apparently practices what they preach). Sorry James fans, I wouldn’t include that if James hadn’t just talked about playing the game with honour and integrity in case his daughter ever sees it. Maybe he should think about that before calling women c#nts, or any one of the other lowbrow things he’s said about women. Good thing the editing staff does such a great job sanitizing him.
I just keep coming back to the fact that a woman hasn’t won sitting next to a man in bbus. So if you’re a woman and cognizant of the fact that there are more women than men… why wouldn’t you wipe them out? Loyalty friendship and allegiance? that’s nice. it’s not winning the money, but maybe they’ll crown miss congeniality after they give one of the men the prize money.
I know, women alliances don’t work out historically. but on paper, if ever it had a chance of working statistically, this would be the season and the time. The fact that none of them seems to consider this is puzzling.

Bored Man

8 of the 11 people in the house are floaters to varying degrees. That’s why they haven’t realized they could get the dudes out. That’s why they are in the dark and play the victim when something doesn’t just fall into place in their favor. That’s why they keep taking about being in the original alliance as recent as 1 1/2 weeks ago, that hasn’t existed since the second week. They are more interested in giggling, being catty, cleaning, and going to bed at 9pm to figure anything out or put in leg work to assure things go as planned. There is no strategy involved in the thought processes of 75%+ of the house guests.


Because most younger women are catty, jealous, competitive bitches to one another. They would rather stab one another in the back than work together and get along for a common purpose.


Jackie and Meg would not want to lose to a woman, there is something about them that prevents an all girls alliance in any house.
Shelli wouldn’t mind at this point but obviously a girls alliance is not her choice/preference.
Twins – they’d do it, they like Shelli and Vanessa more than Austin and those have been their loyalties.
Becky would if Shelli asked.
Vanessa wanted it with Shelli and Twins, and thinks she still has it. Austin is just extra.


Shelli, Becky, Jackie are idiots if they think they will win sitting next to either James or John.
If they could somehow understand that, they would eliminate either one during DE.

Becky and Shelli especially should remove physical threats because she can dominate those with James and John.

But they will probably eliminate a twin to clear way for another guy win this year. Which shouldn’t matter, but last year the guys were smart enough to see the numbers.

Bored Man

They should rename the show Big Floater. 11 people in the house with the season in full swing and all they can do is ‘mostly just giggle.’ Zzzzzzzzz

When someone says I like my game to be organic, that means I like to be a floater. When another person says, we’ve done a good job of not giving them anything to pin on us, that means, we’ve done a really good job of floating.

Hopefully one of the 3 people who have actually played the game this season wins. To see someone like JohnnyMac collect a check at the end would be a joke. Grunting in the DR and going to bed at 9pm isn’t worthy of $500k.


For the first time I watched and listened to the Live Feeds in depth for about a hour and I have to admit that Jackie intellectually is much higher then I thought her game was. I just listened to her with James and Meg and her knowledge of the game was spot on with dates and people..

I guess people are right too never judge a book by it’s cover…

Go Team Jackie/james/Meg and Becky…


It really is pretty awesome the underdogs have no clue Austin and the twins have been together with Vanessa and Shelli. They really think poor Shelli is alone as well as Vanessa. Their eyes will be opened when they watch the show back.


Isn’t it hilarious how the Vanessa haters are saying “if Vanessa stays this week it has to be that production had a hand in it” They know she is the best player by far in the game but they just can’t bare to admit it.

Stay tuned next week when the haters see their favs getting bitch slapped out the door by Nessa and go back to their go to “This season sucks. I am going to stop watching”

This is a great season but what makes it even better is watching the haters scramble to find new ways to spin things in their head as to why they still see Vanessa in the house when they have said “she sucks” and is “going home” since day one. 🙂

#Laughing at the haters as they see Vanessa still in the house.

Team J Mac!!

Just some observations. Is it just me or does Steve have some Autistic characteristics. My son has Autism and I am really getting and autism/aspergers syndrome vibe from some of his behaviors and his social awkwardness. I am impressed with how far he’s come in the game but keepin it real he’s a floater. I have had enough of Vanessa and her beanies, that girls paranoia is on my last nerve. Just on and on her mind is just spinning out all the time. Poor Austin is just another example of a fool, getting used as a meat shield by Liz.

Anyhow great coverage as always, lover your site~!