Heavens no If they don’t put Jmac up “They’re f****g over the double eviction deal”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 8th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 10th
HOH Becky Next HOH Aug 13th
Original Nominations: Shelli and Steve
After POV Nominations: ? and ?
Have Nots Austin, Liz, Julia

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 16-25-54-378_jpg

4:24pm Steve and Austin
Austin – You’re not the target
Steve – WHO Shelli
Austin – Ya … .or
Austin says Vanessa and him are worried she’s the target
Steve acts dumb – Why Vanessa
Austin – she was involved with all that Shelli and Clay stuff last week
Austin – that’s just her worry.. Vanessa is worried, I don’t know anything for sure I just know they want Shelli out
Steve – well we have votes

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 16-36-45-302_jpg

4:33pm Vanessa and Shelli
Vanessa saying JohnnyMac will vote with what Becky wants
Shelli – how has she ever turned on Johnny mac
Vanessa- she’s more loyal to them .. why would she put his two closest allies on the block
Shelli – that’s true.. we don’t need to spin that thought until after the POV
Vanessa – you’re close to Johnny Mac
Shelli – I am close to Johnny Mac
Vanessa – we gotta make some kinda deal with Johnny mac, you, me and him.
Vanessa saw how Jmac lied for Clay he’s so loyal Vanessa wants Jmac on her side.
Shelli and Vanessa agree the sides in the house are obvious now.
Vanessa says she’ll head to Jury before she sells Shelli out. Vanessa says she doesn’t need the money and doesn’t need to have played that type of game.
Shelli – once you get to jury the game is much scarier
Shelli says next week is double eviction. Vanessa points out Becky is blind if she doesn’t realize she’s at the bottom of a 4 person alliance. James, Meg and Jackie are tight.
Vanessa – I’m crossing my fingers I need to get f****g picked
Vanessa explains if she wins the veto Becky will have to put Johnny Mac up.
Vanessa adds even thought Becky is a flip flopper she’s working with James’ crew this week. She won’t put them up she won’t put Austin up because nobody wants all that blood on their hands.
Shelli says she will pick Vanessa if she gets houseguests choice

(Shelli is keeping Van being the target a secret for now)

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 17-10-13-196_jpg

4:53pm Have nots Meg, Jackie and James
Trying to talk game. what would happen deeper in the game and what if’s the nominations stay the same.
Meg – we gotta keep Steve and Johnny Mac on our side
James – johnny mac does good in competition too
Talking about the vote, Identify that Austin and his twins are notoriously unreliable.
Talking about Shelli or Vanessa who they should get rid of Pros and Cons.
Jackie brings up if they get Vanessa out they piss off Austin and the twins.
James says the twins are a lot closer to Shelli than they appear.

James – this is our last obstacle “Started from the bottom now we’re here.. I see day light”

Meg – we can’t let the twins win
Jacme – they’re sitting pretty right now
Jackie – sitting really pretty.. they’re names are the only one that haven’t come up
Jame s- they haven’t been on the block yet
Meg – that’s not true
Jackie – I put them up with you
James – oh ya

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 17-17-23-466_jpg

5:15pm Bathroom Vanessa and Austin
Austin – I really don’t think they are going after you
Austin – they approached me and asked me is it still on for double eviction

They agree to take out the other side during the double eviction. Vanessa wants to be the one to win the first HOH to take out Becky. Austin thinks they need to take out Jackie Becky will flip back to their side.
Vanessa disagrees.
Vanessa says says Becky told her how great it is for her to be in a “Open four person group”
Vanessa – I don’t know if they know she just told me that .. but she did
Austin – does she realize they were all voting her out for Jason.
Austin – we have a lot of ammo on her
Vanessa- I know

Austin says if Shelli comes down they have to put Johnny Mac up “If they don’t they’re f****g over the double eviction deal” (LOL heavens me breaking the double eviction deal)
Vanessa – if they do you have to have my back
Austin – we have your back

Vanessa saying they have to make sure the house know the 4 ot them are together so the other side knows if they turn on our double eviction deal they have 4 people against them.

Austin says everything has to be hunky dory until the veto is played.
Austin – hopefully they’re weakened from the slop

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 17-50-52-927_jpg

Meg, James and Jackie are sleeping in the have nots
The twins and Vanessa have been doing everyone’s dishes and cleaning up the kitchen.
Shelli has been hanging out with them, general chit chat.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-07 18-04-02-377_jpg
6:02pm Vanessa says there’s “bitters” in the tonic water that is why it’s so gross.

6:16pm They’ve been talking about Phones and relationships. Vanessa has caught three people cheating on her from reading their phones. Vanessa adds that Mel and her don’t have free access to their phones lately.

Shelli shares a story about her Ex He wouldn’t let anyone touch his phone. she was with him for 4 years and not once did he leave it long enough for her to enter his password and look at it. Adds whenever someone had the phone in their hands he would “Itch” when he was showing pictures on it to people he would hold it an not let anyone touch it. (That’s serial killer sh1t right there)

Vanessa has created a new rule if you get caught creating a dirty dish and not cleaning it after you have to clean all the dishes in the sink.

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Please someone get Vanessa out. She’s has lost her mind. Its too much for her fragile mental state. She makes Audry look sane.

the coreys

Not really sure what deal they talking about being over but does it matter.

Anyone in the 6th sense will nominate those who aren’t and vice versa.

No need for deals anymore. They been useless all season anyway.


Lmao wonder how many times Vanessa cheated


She should at least step up and apologize to John. That’s pretty much minimal after that idiocy. How can she expect him to want to work with her if she doesn’t grovel???

I am not saying Johnny Mac can be swayed but he at least may not gun so hard for her, just target her.

kathie from canada

Woo Hoo! Dawg is ahead of Austin in the polls! ‘Bout time! Simon you crack me up. ‘Thats serial killer sh!t right there!’ My laugh for the day!


Agreed Kathie, the brackets are the funniest sh!t ever. I look forward to reading them as well 🙂

Chill this Town

good to see Vanessa has come back down to earth. I agree COMPLETELY

if you use a dish, clean the darn thing. its not hard, and I say that as someone who LOVES to watch HG’s stick other HG’s with brutal punishments. but this is really simple. there is no maid. clean your freaking dish

The Beaver

Gee Mom, why are you posting on this site? It’s Wally’s turn to do the creepy dishes.

Chill this Town

see, you would fit in very well in that house.

I really don’t think its being “mom” to want people to clean their own dish. the dish they are eating off of….to me that’s about as simple as it gets. If anything if you grew up in a Leave it to Beaver type situation, one would understand that it puts extra strain on the person running the household to have to deal with your mess. BB has no one running the house other than Vanessa evidently.

Kudos for her trying to stop the Ant Invasion.

The Ant Invasion

You’ll never stop us!First we eat your food and then we go after your RUBBER TREES!


Most of them are on vacation….you’re not suppose to do dishes.



Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

Meg does not do dishes! Her roommate takes care of that task!



Right on the money

Maybe the ants should do the dishes….

The Ants

Thanks for lunch baby! Gotta run!

Member of the Ant Farm

We’ll clean the dishes off real good!! It just may take awhile!!

Better Than Last Year

Lordy! I sooooooooooooo want to hear the words. “Vanessa take a seat” next Wednesday.

Yo Yo Yo

Really wanting to root for Becky…she just makes it so hard. Her game play isn’t that great. Why is she telling Shelli everything? Keep it quiet. And why is Steve on the block??? Put up one of the twins or Austin.
I think this week will backfire on her. 🙁


The only thing I can think of why she’s played it this way is because Becky really wants to believe Shelli will work with her. Becky just seems desperate to attach herself to Shelli. Maybe she’s after the Clay clone brother…

Chill this Town

to Shelli’s credit….she is waiting out the POV and isn’t telling Vanessa….

I know people hate Shelli and all, but she plays hard in competitions, and appears to understand the social dynamic in the house a lot better than Meg/James/Becky combined. I am not saying I want her to win the game, but she is playing a better game than most. I respect her keeping the Vanessa backdoor a secret.

Triangles of Love

Shelli is smart enough to realize she must win VETO and save herself. IF she does that, she knows NastyNesa will be put up on the block in her place. So for self preservation reasons, she cannot tell Nasty she is the backdoor target. This free’s Shelli to take herself off the block and act surprised when Nasty is the blindside replacement. “OMG what have you done Becky, you promised everyone JMAC is the replacement…. I am so sorry Vanessa…*crying* *sniffle* “

Ariana Grande stinks!

Oh I only hope the monstrous Vanessa will be kicked out of the house this week. Just praying she doesn’t get picked for the POV. GO BECKY!


I’m glad Shelli, and (surprisingly) Steve, haven’t spilled the beans on Vanessa being the real target! Keep her in the dark.

And Becky not telling Austin/Twins that Vanessa is the real target has paid off for now. Vanessa’s not as anxious right now, but still paranoid AF, and feels a little safer.

Does Vanessa really think Becky would put up Jmac? Becky could always through up a Twin or Austin, and if Vanessa pulled Shelli down then Steve would be pi**ed at her. And why are Vanessa and Austin yet again acting like they have never gone back on a deal with the other side of the house? Did you forget that Becky wanted no deals with you Vanessa? I’m so over this girl. Own up to something. I though Austin was suppose to

James/Jackie/Meg are finally starting to make more sense in their strategy (James better not try and pull a Lawon). Glad they do notice how the twins are really on nobody’s radar at the moment. It’s dangerous to leave Shelli in the game, but attacking Austwins might be better for the DE.

Simon were you saying the Ex was on some serial killer s**t or that Van/Shelli were?

kathie from canada

If James really is Americas Player I’m hoping this is not a dumb challenge he has been given. He passed on the money last week but he might be reluctant to turn it down twice in a row. Things are dicey enough with Becky being able to pull off her plan. Hoping production isn’t trying to rattle her cage via James.


Rattle who’s cage? Becky’s? Or Vanessa’s?

walt kowalski

Stfu Vanessa! So, Becky is # 4 over there, but what #6/#7 on your side. SMH. This bitch thinks she is the only one who should be trying to play. Is the DE deal they’re spewing now the one that Jackie said was contingent on Shelli being evicted last night? Get her out. I’m so sick of the entitled players with the “how dare you” attitude.


That is my biggest issue with Van, besides her constant crazy paranoia. It’s her hypocritical,bs double standard,two faced, cry baby nonsense. James is a bully,Becky is a flip flopper, they don’t stay true too their deals-all the stuff Van is the #1 offender & title holder of doing. She is a great con, master manipulator,bullshitter, but OWN your stuff & stop pointing fingers you hypocrite cry baby! It’s obnoxious & annoying the self entitlement she feels she is owed.
Seriously hope POV works in Becky & JJM favor. Hoping JMAC will not be fooled by Shelli,to the point where he refuses to get rid of her/keep her around. Last thing: Van had no prob jeopardizing JMAC on the block or willing to put him up during DE,but now that she learns that Shelli is close to JMAC she wants to work with him. Or hey what about that side deal she offered Becky & Becky turned down? She would sell out every last one of her team mates if necessary because Van is the ultimate flip flopper & hypocrite-seriously want her gone!


I love it….. Vanessa and Austin want to hold the outsiders to their agreement. { LOL, Shelli is still in the HOH from their last agreement.} Normally in BB I think if you give your word you keep it. But with Vanessa and Austin their word mean less then the time it takes to give it. If you can’t get Vanessa you get rid of Shelli, or Austin. You have to take the snake on sometime.


The agreement was only good if Shelli left, as Jackie stated. Austin and Vanessa must not remember that part of the deal!

canadian bacon

watching Charlie Rose. Salma Hayak is the prettiest nonAsian woman in the world.

reality check



I am not a Vanessa fan BUT I have to feel sorry for her now that her alliance is showing absolutely no loyalty to her. She screwed her game for Shelly (whom I can not listen to any more) and is getting nothing from her. It’s everyone for themselves. Becky (the rat) also has the “HOHitis” bug and good ole Meg is going to get the floaters out??? James is vulgar and Steve is disappointing, so far. Jackie just drives me crazy with all her primping. Austin and the twins are on vacation while John is still finding his way. I can’t really find a player I like this year. I honestly don’t care who goes each week, I just watch to find out who goes and who wins.


Pretty sure there’s only 1 half a million dollar prize. At some point everyone should be playing for themselves. Except Victoria and Cody…


Van wins veto…takes Shelli down..Shelli tells Van everything Becki said…LOL…is Becki just plain dumb?
Why why why ? ???

I don't know

i don’t think Shellis gonna talk a lot, probably stay more tight lipped from now on, especially with double coming up, don’t want to ruin her chances. I think she’s gonna teeter for awhile bc she probably feels like she can’t fully trust anyone. Which in that case could work out much better for her game. Especially when anything can happen at this point.

Chill this Town

love it, everyone wants J-Mac on their side now.

the game has just begun for MAC ATTACK. Vanessa thinks he is loyal because of a “lie” he told for Clay(truth is Clay is a really legit guy for taking the fall there) and J-MAC wants Vanessa out.

this could get really ugly, I want to see how he slithers his way out of this mess. he may get caught up this week. good to see Steve has picked his side.


he’s not in any danger of going up, since becky isn’t putting him up at all even if she needs a replacement that is not vanessa. I imagine she will put someone up she hopes shelli goes out, and that will backfire in some way. if she puts up austin, even the twins will vote him out to keep shelli lol. if shelli is down and vanessa can’t go up, she will hope/expect steve to go out, and i don’t think that will happen either, so she will have wasted her entire HOH too focused on trying to backdoor vanessa, when she could just so easily have focused on getting shelli out the door and everyone would be ok with that, even shelli.

but becky shoots off her mouth, so now all shelli has to do if she is up there with steve is expose what becky’s original plan was to others.,

if you had a relationship with someone who wins comps or gets close to a win, or steve, which would you keep if that person and steve were on the block. it isn’t even a contest, you save the one who can win and evict steve.

Chill this Town

getting in trouble this week would have huge implications for his game.

its not about going home this week, its about his entire game getting destroyed this week, with all that’s left is him and a competition weak steve on his side(Becky out of power during double eviction HOH)


Forest Gump is smarter than Becki…!


Was Steve told about the plan to get Vanessa backdoored?

Call me slow

I just realized the real reason Clay wanted everyone to vote him out. It wasn’t because Shelli was a super fan. It was so he wouldn’t have to go to jury WITH Shelli!


Simon I’ve enjoyed your site for many seasons…I love and appreciate all you do. Just saw your picture for the first time…you’re adorable:)


Great commentary tonight, or as the twins would say “Great coommmmmmmentary. I looooooooooved it.”


I hope that Vanessa doesn’t get picked for the Veto and Becky gets her to host it. Then it turns out to be the hold or stay comp. I am pretty confident that if a player is coming back, chances are good it will be Vanessa or Shelli.


Everything is speculation. Won’t know what happens until it happens. Can’t wait til coming Thursday. Already snoring.




It seems the only one with courage and guts is James. He put Clay and Shelli up front door style. Why can’t people put their targets up that way. Why all this backdoor business. What is the deal. Many, many things can go wrong. Just plane dumb!!! Maybe it’s just me but I just don’t get taking a gamble on backdoor as compared to putting the person straight up.


Why does everyone hate Austin? He is a big dumb guy. For all of his ‘brains’ and brawn, he has not won anything- not even Liz’s heart. Why does he score so low?


No ones likes him because he is nasty and a floater. Have you not been listening to Liz describing his nasty characteristics and filthy habits? Except for the two or three thumbs down folks.

Yo Yo Yo

Austin is useless….just runs to Vanessa with any and all information he gets.
He’s creepy. This showmance ruined his brain in the game. Liz doesn’t even like him.

Furless Bat

If Van wins POV, she needs to pull Shelli down, as she is a bigger target. Becky then can put Jmac up to target Steve, or Austwins to hurt Van. If she goes that way, it’s Austin first. If she’s going to piss off those three, she’ll want to take out the head of the snake, as they say. After the flip flopping on the Shelli/Clay vote last week, Van probably wouldn’t mind getting direct control of the twins, best case scenario for her. If it’s Jmac cause Becky thinks her alliance will back her to vote out Steve, they blow up her playing both sides and Jmac goes out the door. They might not even need to blow up Becky (but I hope they do soon) as James is starting to trust Steve and he may see Jmac as a potential ally of Shelli.

Eddie Haskell

You’re so right Mrs. Cleaver. I’d be happy to help Wallace and young Theodore here to clean the dishes.


I am tred of all the backdooring going on. The one being backdoored has NO chance to try to save themselves. How about a competition played by the backdoored house guest, say, against the clock.. If they loose, they stay on the block, but if they win, THEY get to pick their replacement. That may place a little more pressure on the. HOH before backdooring somone.

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

“backdoor” is really an illusional term in BB. Some put up on the block as a replacement
1. had a chance to win the HOH
2. had a chance to make alliances (fake or real), and deals to avoid going on the block
3. had a chance to either win the VETO or use their social charm on the HOH to not be put up as a replacement
4. use puppet mastery like the good ole Dr Will who was in this situation many times (one of two players on the hot seat) to mentally manipulate the votes by either reverse psychology or with irresistible charm.
backdoor is a term that would be best served to describe the situation by using the term “sidedoor”


I think everyone should be aware that they could go up. Maybe players like Meg need to be told, but everyone should know there is a chance especially during Jury stage.


The point of the backdoor is to make it difficult to save yourself. They have to have a social game to persuade the other Hg’s to save them. If there was always a comp to get you off the block, then you wouldn’t need a social game.

oh well

I don’t know what all the hate for Austin is about either. A lot of guys are tall and have beards/tattoos. He has not been in fights in the house. He has not talked badly about the women. He likes a girl that does not like him but she lead s him on. I think people are biased. Cause I don’t get the anger and hate.


I can’t speak for the others but I dislike Austin intensely for a couple of reasons. First, he’s the male Meg…..done nothing but talks like he is running the show with all his “we” crap. Second, he has tried twice to use that fake wrestler intimidation stance on Steve. Third, he just looks like he smells like a homeless person.


Wolves in sheep’s clothing and sheep in wolves clothing.


Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope she gets evicted.

Vanessa's Flip Flops

If anyone’s flip-flopped time and again it’s Vanessa! Her plans continously change and she concocts unintelligible conspiracies and straight up lies to put everyone up on the block then backdoor Audrey Jeff & Jason. Her holier-than-thou, victimized martyr routine is so tired. Her threats to smack Becky with her flip flop if she doesn’t put up JMac is rediculous and proves she’s no “honest” player, honestly crazy maybe, unstable definitely. Even Shelli tells her she can’t demonize Becky for choosing a side while she threatens to put up anyone who plays both sides and simultaneously calls herself (and her 18 alliances) the most isolated in the house.

That convo between Vanelli about their various lovers caught cheating on cell phones might explain their extreme paranoia and inability to form lasting relationships in the house without being so controlling and grasping. You know it’s bad when Vanessa makes Shelli look good…ugh! Love the serial killer comment! It took Shelli 4 years to break up with that cheater?! It’s that kind of denial & delusion makes her think Clay’s age isn’t a problem for someone whose ready for kids.

Peggy Sue

None of these HG are real smart! And I don’t know who the creators of the show are but they need to be fired! Using the someone coming back deal is sooooo lame! Can’t think of something new then get a box and clean out your desk! And who ever does casting fire them as well and give me a job. I can pick a better cast!

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

You’re hired.
Choose real men and real women for next year’s cast. Like Dr. Will, Janelle, Danielle Reyes. How about Rob Mariano of Survivor? I bet he could easily win the 500k.


I was a Vanessa fan but yesterday burnt me out a bit. That being said, I’m terrified this season is going the way of BB15. The Andy is a little difficult to fit (Becky, JohnnyMac?) but definitely Meg is the Spencer, Jackie is the Gina Marie, and James is the Judd who gets thrown out on double eviction. The power players have to figure out how to get these do-nothings (mainly Meg & Jackie) gone so the season will stay entertaining. Sidenote: Every time I read about Meg the floozie talking game (we gotta keep the twins, need Steve, blah, blah, blah) my eyes bleed – it doesn’t help that she says all this while laying down, which is about 22 hours of every day.

Ariana Grande licks doNUTS and hates Americans

Meg is about as useful as the whitehead on Vanessa’s crotch.

bla bla bla

Heck if things hadn’t turned out they way they did. We’d be bored like last season. At least I was.

Ash J Williams

Not sure what Becky was thinking by telling Shelli about Vanessa. I know she thinks it was a good game move but it was a stupid move. Why not just say its Jmac and leave it at that until its time to fill her in.
How is Van saying how she (becky) “Slipped” about the 4 person alliance YET she “slips” about Freaks&Geeks and that’s okay.
She keeps playing the hand she was dealt YET shes forgetting shes not playing with cards, its people and they change quicker than your card hand honey.

How about this….STFU Austin. I wish the twins would dump him already. Protection? HOW??? By being the target. Not really and he doesn’t win shite. Protection if he needed to jump on you to protect you from a bomb, other wise, the sisters have each other and don’t need his slack arse.

Even though they say Steve is safe, I hope he is and so is Johnny. Poor Meg lols.


Vanessa has had three different people cheat on her? I wonder if they even knew they were in a relationship with her.


😉 no just the ones she found out by phone.
It’s an embarrassing stat to offer on TV but I guess pretty common nowadays. Every friend seems to have a similar story.

Her gf gave a cute interview so at least she has her.


My vote for best comment this season!!!!


That was great to see Derek Thursday night! He’s the best that ever played! Maybe he needs to come back next year as a coach or all-star. Maybe take Jeff’s lame spot and spice things up


I liked the point he made about Caleb too. As much sh*t as he got last year he was never as weak as Clay and Austin.


Am I wrong or does Becky control who goes home next week. Way I see it, no matter who comes down, if she puts up someone from the other side, the vote will always be 4-4 and she will be the tiebreaker. If she cant put up Vanessa, she can pick Austin, Liz or Julia and and vote them out to break the tie. Or am I missing something?

Ugh Vanessa

Van thinks she has astwins, Shelli, and Steve =5


Shelli or Steve will be on the block and not vote.

What's going on?!?

Why are James, Meg and Jackie Have Nots? Did BB pick them or did Becky?
Seems foolish for Becky to make her team weak for veto and the next HOH?


They’ve basically decided to rotate the have-nots, so they’ve queued up and take their turn.